“we’ll take out the tail of the snake, NicoleA.. Let him go after David”

Head of Household Winner – Memphis
Have nots – Kaysar, NicoleF, Christmas, David
Power of Veto Players are
Power of Veto holder
Power of Veto Ceremony
Safety Suite –
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Memphis picked the have nots. Kaysar, NicoleF, Christmas, David

6:16 pm Feeds come back

6:20 pm Kevin and Bayleigh
Kevin is worried about what Memphis will do. He thinks he might go up.

6:25 pm They get alcohol, Two bottles off wine and 4 beers

6:35 pm Christmas and NicoleF
NicF tells Christmas that she’s Janelle’s target.
Christmas – if I’m their target because they see me a threat .. they better be
NicF – We have to make sure Ian stays in the house this week I have a very close relationship with him.
NicF – Out of all the people from their side.. Ian is a number for us
Sh1Tmas – I agree with that 100%
Sh1Tmas – Janelle f***ing pisses me off man
Sh1Tmas – that kind of player makes me so mad
Christmas – I wanted to win HOH and I was going to f**ing put her up
NicF – NicoleA is close to her she pretends to be your friend she’s not. She talks to you
Sh1Tmas – no
NicF is going to sit back and wait for people to get drunk then she’ll talk to them. “Out of sight out of mind”
Christmas – She didn’t even wear her costume the whole time why didn’t she get a penalty vote
Nicole says Janelle never wore the bottom part of her costume because she complained her feet are small
Feeds cut

Nicf – you’re so easy to get along with
Sh1Tmas – I love this game but I don’t f*ing need the drama I’m not like that

NicF – Memphis will do what he wants to anyway .. I’m a little nervous
Sh1Tmas – he’s not going to have the balls to do what he needs to do
NicF – he’s not going to do what he needs to do
NicF – It’s going to take a couple of shots. we can’t push for this week.. we can get her next week.. If someone catches wind they will save her in the safety suite
NicF – don’t tell anyone you don’t like her. I’m pretending to like her
NicF – Kiss her butt, I hate doing it but, I just hide.

NicF – It’s not going to be this week. that’s alright we’ll take out the tail of the snake, NicoleA. we’ll deal with this week. NicoleA
NicF – I think he’ll go after David, Let him go after David
NicF says they can tell Memphis not to waste his HOH on David he’s someone they can use as a pawn

Christmas goes on about Janelle twisting her words trying to turn people against her.
NicF – She’s trying to get more people against you. Holy crap
Christmas – that is the story of my life people get mad they get intimidated
NicF – the whole other side of the house has to go
Sh1Tmas – I don’t know what you feel about Da’vonne but I don’t feel comfortable with her
NicF- I like her the best out of the other side. I trust her the most out of the other side
NicF suggests they get real comfortable with Kaysar.
NicF – it’s us Vs them
Sh1Tmas – we got one of them out already and we’re in power
NicoleF says if one from the other side gets power they’ll pick them off.
Sh1Tmas gets excited that the next HOH will be an endurance competition.
Nicolef – I told Keesha straight up that she didn’t have my vote.
NicF – I can’t play dirty this year you get what I’m saying. I’m not gunna It’s not worth it

7:05 pm David
D – lets play it, lets play this game.. let’s play this game. before I tell you more give me one second
D – first off. Shoutout to OVI ..
D – this is where you toughen up. YOu have to go through some hardships to toughen this out I want to be up here. I want to be right here. I’m happy to be here I really want to play I really want to game now. I want to grind from a tough spot I want to play from a tough spot
D – I will not be going on the block in this game I got two chances to get out of it. I’m putting a team together

7:25 pm Christmas and Kaysar
Talking about being have nots this week.
Christmas asks who he thinks he would work well with
Kaysar – Bayleigh, Da’vonne, you
Kaysar – I like NicoleA she’s so sweet.. she’s just a sweet person
Christmas – I like those people too
Kaysar – I like Dani
Christmas – she’s so dry
Kaysar – what about you
Christmas – I really like bayleigh and me and Da’vonne connected early on I feel like it hasn’t been fostered.
Christmas – I really like those girls
Christmas – I think Janelle is a riot
Kaysar – I know Janelle likes you she told me
Christmas – we had so much fun last night
Christmas – I like Memphis I just don’t know
They talk about the guys “broing out”
Kaysar says they don’t talk to him “out of all those guys it’s Memphis”
Kaysar says he hasn’t talked game with any of those guys. (Cody et.al)
feeds flip

7:38 pm Kevin, Bayleigh and NicA
Kevin says he was angry he was on the block because he never played in the veto
Bayleigh – I like Memphis but we don’t talk game
Kevin – I barely had a conversation with him this morning. He told me flat out he would vote for me to stay. He was the first one to stay I know he was campaigning to keep Keesha
Bayleigh – He wasn’t campaigning to keep Keesha but he was one of the votes they ere counting on to keep Keesha
Kevin says the first time he ever talked to Memphis was this morning.
Kevin thinks Memphis will get help from Janelle and Kaysar in planning his HOH. This is why Kevin wanted to sleep in this room.

Kevin leaves… Bayleigh and NicA chit chat … The camera zooms in on NicA


Feeds flip

7:44 pm Enzo and Kevin
Enzo – The game just started bro yo.. I hated that competition today I f***ing hated it. I just didn’t know what the f***
Enzo – I never did that sh1t on my season I never did that
Kevin – it was a crapshoot

7:49 pm Kevin, NicA and Ian
Kevin going on about how Memphis and Kaysar talk game alot every morning he’s walked in on them
Kevin – they could also be talking like we’re talking
Ian – I’ve been up with them early before too and they don’t talk game much
Kevin says he was stuck in a room for a whole month to get on this show.

Kevin – do you think you’ll play in the safety suite
Ian – not sure yet have to think
Kevin complains that this season they have a smaller house because the backyard is always closed.

8:14 pm Bayleigh and Cody
Cody talking about how they loves Ian but he’s already won the game. says that Memphis has mentioned his name.

Ian comes in.. (Cody sounds like a douche)
More people trickle in chit chat….

8:30 pm NicA and Janelle
NicA – asks if Memphis has plans
Janelle – I have no idea literally none.. I was good wit Keesha so I’m probably okay. Anyone that crossed her would probably be in trouble don’t you think
Nic – Who are those people
J – the people that we’re pushing for her to go. You know what I’m saying
NA – I hear you make sense
J – I’m really happy you are in my room.. it’s great
Na – i’m really happy i’m in your room too
NicF slithers in
NicA – I feel bad I’m stealing your bed
NicF – that’s ok I’m a have not
Nic laughs “you’re stealing my bed”

8:30 pm Dani and Christmas
Christmas is talking about using David as leverage in the house because he’s alone.
Dani isn’t sure he’s as alone as Christmas thinks
Christmas – I don’t think he’s…. not much of a threat. He’s never played the game
Dani – makes him an easy pawn.. I feel Memphis will backdoor someone that ‘s the type of player he’ll be. Are we playing in safety suite?
Christmas – none on our team gets to be a pawn
Dani – hell no
Dani says every season that is the dumbest move putting your own people on the block.
Dani – what about the safety suite
Christmas – I think some of us need to go for it.

8:43 pm Cody, Tyler and NicF
NicF doesn’t think Memphis will put up Bayleigh “he loves Bayleigh”
Cody – I’ll be honest he might target Ian
NicF – I know it sucks
Cody – I gotta be honest with you I talked to Da’Vonne she’s not a huge van of Janelle.. Janelle came to ma and dragged Da’s name.
Cody says if Nicole saves Janelle with the safety suite he’ll win HOH week three and put them both up. Says he’ll “Clip” Nicole
(Shoot me now this is season 16 he’s already saying Clip f***ing clip)
Cody goes on about bayoleigh and Janelle being tight
NicF – I would love to get Da’vonne on our side there’s just too many people
Tyler – we can get David on our side
Cody – 100%
Tyler – we can’t let David or Ian go
NicF – Kaysar and Janelle will try to make a deal with him
Tyler – they already have
NicF now saying that Memphis is goign after David
Tyler – that’s such a waste
NicF – I want to put him up as a pawn.. he’s a pawn
For some reason feeds flip … (this is troubling feed editing)

8:54 pm when we’re back. NicF going on about sealing the deal with Memphis tonight.
Tyler – are you playing safety suite tomorrow
Cody – I kinda want to I’ll have to talk to him first.
Tyler leaves..
Nicole says they can’t burn all their safety suites because that would only leave NicA holding one for the last week so she would win and save Janelle.
Cody says that Memphis is going to put up Ian
NicF they can’t vote Ian out “He’s going to freak out”

Ian walks in …

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David is the new age Dr. Will. His talk into the camera in the have not room was the stuff of legends. Stellar gameplay. He will be gone this week

  1. David doesn’t compare to Dr. Will in the slightest. Lol

I was joking around lol.


I’m pretty sure they were being sarcastic haha

The Beef

LOL – I think that was his point.


It did not go well for Swaggy C or Cliff… it’s stupid.

* Team Janelle*

Christmas says she was going to put janelle on the block but yet wonders why Janelle may go after her?

Yes, Christmas she’s jealous and intimidated by you. Haha Christmas is delusional.


Exactly. Christmas – Janelle barely knows your name.

All Stars???

Janelle is a BB queen and Xmas knows she doesn’t even come close.


I can’t believe how blatantly insecure and jealous of Janelle these girls are. It’s hilarious. Unfortunately I think it’s going to be the reason Janelle leaves relatively early in this game.

Feeds Gold

they are janellous


It is like that every season Janelle is on. She doesn’t talk much game, she is loyal when she gives her word… and she doesn’t lie to people. Something about Janelle unnerves other women… could be because she is gorgeous and not insecure.

The Beef

Or maybe it’s because she knows how to play the game, WINS comps, and is excellent at strategy as well! Yes she’s a beautiful woman, but I don’t think that’s what unnerves them. It’s her game playing abilities and the fact she is able to WIN inside that house that makes them nervous.


Girl has been on tv since 2005, and she’s still relevant in this game. She is for sure the biggest star there this season, And Janelle is a stellar player. She needs to light that spark she used to play with if she wants to stay in the game. And if anyone has it in them, it’s her


IMO jealously is a young persons disease. As most people mature and become more confident the jealousy will fade. At least that is how it was with me. But unfortunately some people never mature.

Feeds Gold

this weeks room changes sounds like janelles room will feature janelle, ian, kevin, nic a

with snakeole outta the room it should help janelle bond and patch things up with kevin/nic a after janelles campaigning for keesha and against kevin

Michele Smith

Unfortunately, Christmas took NicF bed & has inserted herself right next to Janelle.

Feeds Gold

no its nic a next to janelle with kevin in keeshas bed, ian in kaysars bed

All Stars???

I hope Ian works with Janelle and Kayser.


Who gets nominated and evicted this week… Nicole A, Ian, Bay, Kevin, David Janelle, or Kaysar


You can tell he is holding a grudge for Ian because he beat Dan. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dan didn’t encourage Memphis if he went on to take him out

another name

Dani to Cody late wed night, early thurs morning:
you just know Memphis was talking to Derrick about what to do this time.

Victoria Spevak

I like Ian, I know he won already. Otherwise I like Nicole A

The Beef

I don’t know why. I mean I understand she is a very likeable person, but her game play is…….UGH! She is clueless inside that house!

All Stars???

NicA is a great person… horrible BB player.

Feeds Gold

i could see ian winning veto

who is likely to play safety suite? perhaps david, ian, nic a, kevin, enzo, bay, day

(memphis is hoh, kaysar/jani already played)

then the rest play the following 3rd and final week?…tyler, cody, memphis, dani, snakeole, xmas (all of memphis crew)

or would this be too obvious those 5 are good with memphis? any of the 5 in memphis crew playing in safety this week would pretty much be wasting it

All Stars???

Someone playing with Memphis could try to win the Safety Suite and name someone else playing with them as the plus 1… just to make sure Ian doesn’t get Safety.


If Ian gets safety suite, who are the other two Memphis would aim for heavily?

The Beef

I agree Ian is high on Memphis’ list of likely nominees, and that’s as good of a reason as any (also just because he won before). I also think he may put Kaysar or Janelle up beside him, or a pawn like David, Nic A. or Kevin. I think the rest are safe and would be wasting their VIP card if they play for the safety suite.


Janelle is my #1 this season and has been every season she’s played. I’m going Kaysar or Memphis next, and I can deal with Tyler nabbing the win just cause everyone will feel stupid that they befriended him again, only to have him make it to final 2. Plus Tyler is smart enough to know he needs to take one of the past winners to guarantee a win as they won’t probably give it to someone twice. Just my .02


Cody don’t sound like a douche I think they should eliminate the winners someone who hasn’t won should win I’m with Cody ! Get him and Nicole F our!

The Beef

Pshhh! Let the best player WIN! I don’t care who won before or didn’t win before. This is All-Stars and let the damn chips fall where they may. Let’s see who can play this damn game baby!


Has Memphis gotten his HoH key yet?

Feeds Gold

8:30 pm NicA and Janelle

J – I’m really happy you are in my room.. it’s great
Na – i’m really happy i’m in your room too
NicF slithers in



They need to learn from NicoleF
unfortunately. Because thus far it is not looking good for there side of the house. NicoleA could be a real option to leave this week if Ian is able to save himself.

The Beef

Learn what? How to align yourself with good meat shields? How to cry on cue to illicit sympathy from the other players? How to talk about people behind their backs in order to tear down their games (okay, everybody does that)? You know, when I first started watching that girl, I really thought she was great and the “girl next door” type. But now, I agree with “Feeds Gold”, although I don’t like his spelling, I think she is “Snakeoil”, unless there is some meaning behind Snakeole I don’t know about.

Feeds Gold

in bb18 jury segment, they did some drawings, big meech drew a snake and combined the snake with nicole and said, “look, its a snakeole”

The Beef

Gotcha! Makes sense to me now! Can’t believe I forgot about that. Thanks for explaining that to me.

All Stars???

Learn what from NicF? How to jack someone off? Cry and whine?

another name

Nicf’s game philosophy:
complain about women.
complain more about women.
and there’s no problem too big that you can’t shake a sausage at.


Love Janelle & Kaysar. I absolutely can’t stand listening to Nicole F. Not only a jealous little snot but her whinny attitude is beyond annoying. She’s pulling crap out her ass about Janelle. Then there’s Christmas. Another snot filled with the green eyed monster. She’s delusional about herself. I just hope they are gone soon!!!

* Team Janelle*

Yes, yes, and yes to all of this.


Well, Derrick said…


How is it after all these years of having Steel Cut Oats in Slop do they not know how to make Steel Cut Oats… you have to soak them overnight like corn meal or they are a B*** to digest.

If they want it to be like oat meal or creamy soak in milk/ water mixture overnight.

How do they not know this… the thing they are doing is stupid.


How Much longer until the Nichole F picture at the top of the home page is a snake like bb18s end


What about Davonne, she’s far from innocent. She’s done a lot of no good in the big brother house as a matter of fact especially when you look at her competition wins (0 wins in 3 seasons) and the fact that her social game has burned her every time!!!


Who is Memphis even working with? I’m so confused on the alliances. Can anyone break them down for me

All Stars???

He’s working with Dan, Derrick & Cody.


Along side Nicole F. beyond that is starts to get hazy but Tyler is in the orbit of that main group as well.


Memphis wont turn on his alliance. Perfect week to get Ian out.




Fans love Janelle so much. But she has terrible social game

* Team Janelle*

Then I would say you have a terrible idea of what a social game is.

Golden Gate Granny

You must be new ’round here.

Golden Gate Granny

There is just too much WTF surrounding this season already. From the HG’s behind-the-scene info. feed slips outing cheating strategies and absurd production practices to outrageous feed censoring and now regularly obvious production mic tampering (those whispers you can’t hear… you COULD hear – fact). I’ve been watching BB since it’s very first episode and this is not at all what anyone fell in love with.

I usually roll my eyes and scoff at people who say they’re gonna stop watching. Today, I actually considered just binging on past seasons. That’s a first. * sigh *

Grodner & Meehan are the slow eating acid of Shapiro’s solid work of art. Assholes.


I’m repeating myself but I really really hate not having the POP after dark. It changed my whole summer when I couldn’t find it. I will no doubt keep watching the network shows and these blogs help a lot to making me feel included in the summer fun.


Derrick and Dan have set him up with Nicole F. Dan/Memphis have a lot of jealousy towards Ian. So Ian’s in trouble unless he saves himself but Nicole is totally safe this week.