“Houseguests, Congratulations there will be no have nots this week except for Elena”

Big BRother Spoilers 10:07am Have nots..

Paul – you guys really outdid yourself this time.. (LOL there’s no slop display)
Josh – Houseguests, congratulations there will be no have nots this week expect for Elena.. Elena you will be the only have not this week.

Cody frantically grabs his stuff out of the have nots. They assumed they would be have nots this week. (LOL)

Cody – Thanks Big Brother.. we needed
Cody – I love this HOH..
Jessica – not yet..
Cody – not yet..

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Havenots and POV players picked! “ME F*** FACE”

Big Brother Spoilers Havenots = Alex, Christmas and Elena
Mark is also a have not as he went for the have not temptation and picked the wrong door cursing him a Have not for 2 weeks

Paul – as head of household I must choose 3 have nots for the week
Paul – which three haven’t been havenots yet
zmas – me.. f*face
Paul – you three beautiful ladies are now have nots
Paul adds that mark is also a Have not having gone for the have not temptation but picking the wrong door.
Paul – the have not temptation is back in play only the first persons to claim the key in the Diary room can accept the temptation Mark because you received the have not temptation last week you are not eligible this week

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Havenot Temptation – Jason picks the purple box and gets 2 weeks as a havenot!

Paul – have you talked to Ramses? Kevin – no. Paul – can you give him a little word and be like.. Kevin – oh today? He isn’t going to f**k around. I’m sure of that. Paul – do mind going down there and be like man everyone is in on it. Everything is going good. Kevin – yeah. Paul – can
Mark – I’ll even be like Ramses, take it easy. Really stick it to Cody. Paul – Cody got called in already so just it might be soon. Mark – the environment is so much better than last week. Paul – he won’t even look at me. He just looks down. Kevin heads downstairs. Paul – I can’t wait to find out more about Kevin. There’s something more to him.

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Have nots / Veto Players Picked “This is a good veto to be in because I don’t even care”

9:34am Corey and Nicole
Nicole – I gotta get on your good side in case you win a prize
Corey – I really hope it’s a luxury comp.. I don’t think it will be though
Nicole – I think it will be .. that is why they are doing it early cause you always get your costume tonight…
Nicole – and all the punishments tonight when the backyard opens..
Corey – I Hope so.. I’ll take anything at this point ..

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Have Nots and Veto Players “British baked beans, french baguettes and Italian basil”

9:13am HAve nots are picked..
Basil and Beans..
James- I feel sorry for the rest of the houseguests that have to put up with us..

PAulie – This week have nots are the first team completely eliminated from the head of household competitions that means James and Natalie are have nots

British baked beans, french baguettes and Italian basil
NAtalie – we’re going to be shitting our brains out with this.. I’m not mad about it it could be worse

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Big Brother 18 Week 2 Have Not Results “All the berries you can eat”

10:03am .. The houseguets think there’s a catch the have nots food looks too good, Blueberries, Strawberries, Coconut, ast berries.. .
Paulie reads the HAve nots card – “at the end of this weeks head of household competitions the team Big sister had the lease number of Berries this mean Da’Vonne, Paul and Zakiyah are have nots”
Paulie adds they get to have “All the berries you can eat” on top of slop. (WOW! havenots ain’t what it used to be)

Paul – PISSED so PISSED.. guess we’re dieting again
James- sorry guys..

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