Safety Suite results “I’m a sharpshooter baby I am a sharpshooter I’m here to dominate”

Head of Household Winner – Memphis
Have nots – Kaysar, NicoleF, Christmas, David
Power of Veto Players are
Power of Veto holder
Power of Veto Ceremony
Safety Suite – Chritsmas wins. Ian is her Plus One
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Safety suite players – Kevin, Ian, Da’vonne, Christmas, Bayleigh, Cody, David. Christmas won and gave Ian the plus one.

3:30 pm Feeds back
Tyler – you guys both CRUSHED it..
Da’Vonne – thank you

3:30 pm Dani and NicF
Dani – Memphis won’t tell me jack crap
They’re both really surprised Christmas saved Ian
NicF says she told Memphis that Ian was on their side so now he’s going to think this was her idea.
NicF – If he puts me up that’s pretty stupid
Nif goes on about her going up because Memphis is pissed about the Ian have not thing.
Dani thinks she’s being ridiculous
NicF – do you thin khe has enough options
Dani – YES
They agree Memphis looked pissed after Christmas saved Ian
Dani – we gotta keep Da’Vonne here at all costs..
Nif – I know ..

3:32 pm Tyle and Memphis

Tyler – what do you think about that? Christmas doing Ian si that cool
Memphis – I don’t know about that. I thought that was really weird. I even think Nicole picking Ian’s choice to be a have-not was weird
Tyler – you mean volunteering
Memphis – get the f** outta here
Tyle r- did you tell Christmas that Ian was your target
Memphis – no
Tyle r- ok.. well if you did and she did that then that’s really weird.
Memphis – I just find it odd.
Cody comes in
Memphis – I find it odd that NicoleF basically saved Ian from choosing no blood on his hands by not being a have not that was weird to me.
Memphis – It’s weird that Christmas is going to save him. I’m less worried about that
Cody – did you talk to Christmas
Memphis – no
Cody – why the f** did they save him
Cody – I was blown away.. she was looking my way I was like Please don’t save me
Memphis – the NicoleF thing I find really weird
Cody – nobody is protecting Ian dude
Memphis – I just find it odd within two days that are like..

3:38 pm Sh!tmas
Christmas – I just smashed this competition let the whole house know I’m here to play I’m here to dominate if you are coming after me you better have your targets and sights dialed in I’m a sharpshooter baby I am a sharpshooter”
Christmas – I just confirmed 2 sides of the house, Janelle, NicoleA, Bayleigh, Da’Vonne, KAysar.. Kaysar I love him
Christmas – floaters are David, Ian, Enzo, Kevin,
Christmas – The other side of the house, Dani, NcioleF, Cody, Tyler and he’s sayig Memohius is playing for himself.
Christmas brags about being in a great spot. She’ is locked into the 6 person alliance and she just won safety. (isn’t a member.. the founder of the 6 person alliance the HOH right now so why race to get safety?)
Christmas explains that by her winning safety for no reason it helps her alliance by not outing them.
Christmas – right now I feel so good about my social game my competition game on both sides..
Sh!tmas – I really trust Tyler, NicoleF and I trust Kaysar.. I want to keep kaysar in this game I don’t want him to know my alliance..
Sh!tmas goes on about being loyal to her super 6 person alliance first shes not working both sides. She’s just trying to get embedded in the other side.
Christmas – I don’t think Memphis will put me up… But I know I’m safe and I did that on MY TERMS
Christmas – I’m really curious who Memphis puts up? I hope he goes on a heavy shot on the other side.
Christmas – he has to.. Janelle is an option, NicoleA is an option.
Sh!tmas – we need to get Janelle out..

3:57 pm Dani and Da’Vonne
Dani says the priority is to make sure both Da and bayleigh go up.
Dani – the only options in his mind are David, Kevin, You, Bayleigh, Cody and NicoleA
Da – are you warm enough to Janelle
Dani – I don’t think she likes me

4:00 pm Memphis and Enzo
Enzo – what the F*** .. Christmas has something YO… between me and you I don’t trust Ian
Enzo suggests NicoleF and Christmas have a deal with Ian.
Enzo says he’ll be embarrassed if a champion wins twice.
Enzo says getting the two champions out should be on everyone’s mind
Enzo – they’re scared down there yo
Memphis – I still don’t know who I will put up
Enzo – Kevin will be the pawn of the season
Memphis – in one day you get saved twice?
Enzo – he’s a champion
Enzo says he saw Ian and Christmas chatting in the bathroom after she won the safety suite..
Enzo – I’m like a telescope in this house
Memphis – if someone can get him on the block it’s an easy out.. we’ll have to address that next week
Memphis says he put David in as a have-not because he thinks he’ll lose it.
Enzo says he was a have not for three weeks straight on his season

Enzo – this season the girls are way stronger than the guys
Memphis – Janelle, Christmas, and Bayleigh.. those three are tough.
Memphis laughs says his goodbye message to Keesha was at least you didn’t have as many tears this time..
Memphis – it’s funny to me and if you don’t think it’s funny I don’t give a sh1t
Enzo offers to win Veto if Memphis wants a backdoor plan.
Memphis says the only person he would backdoor was Ian.
Enzo says he wanted Cody to backdoor Ian but he was too scared.
Memphis says he thinks he knows who he’ll put up.

4:22 pm Feeds down. Ian will get his punishment then the nominations happen. Nothing Concrete from Memphis on who he is putting up.

4:28 pm Christmas and Dani
trying to figure out what Memphis is doing
Dani – he doesn’t want us up there it’s so weird.
Dani thinks their group should talk about it. If Memphis throws someone on the block that is clearly not after him or the alliance then that is a stupid move.
Christmas – I trust everyone in our alliance
Dani – I do to as long as we talk
Dani laughs says maybe they aren’t in an alliance maybe they misunderstood Memphis.
Christmas – Sorry I took one of the safe bets off the table
Janelle joins them..
Christmas assumed Josh was coming on this season.
Dani – I heard Donny didn’t get a call.. (Donny was only great because that season was so bad)

4:38 pm Memphis and NicoleF
Memphis explaining his idea of the alliance where they don’t talk. Says that Christmas will need more reassurance.
NicF says that on her season Christmas’ alliance talked every day.
Memphis – Ian wasn’t my first target.
Memphis says he was going to go after Ian week 4 or 5 but if Ian is in the house after week 6 he’s gotta go
Memphis brings up that next week the only person that is not in their group playing in the safety suite is NicoleA
Memphis sounds like he’s planning on putting her up Says me, you, Dani, Tyler, and Enzo playing in next week’s Safety Suite.
Memphis’ reasoning that NicA is the target because she’s the only person to play in the safety sweet next week they are not in their group is a good enough reason.
NicF is happy with this says she’s never talked to NicA

4:43 pm NicA and Memphis
Memphis says he doesn’t know who he is putting up
NicA – do what is best for you don’t let people tell you what to do hopefully it’s not me
Memphis – there’s so many people in this house right now there’s a big chance it’s not going to be you but there’s always a chance it could be you

4:46 pm Beefcake and Memphis
Memphis going on about Ian being saved twice in one day (huh)
Going on about Christmas saving ian who was the easy option to backdoor.
Memphis – there’s 5 people.. I’m trying to figure out which one of those is the best
Memphis – Bayleigh, Da’Vonne, David, NicoleA
Cody – Bayelihg, David, and Da they all tried to..
Cody says NicA is the option

Memphis -t here’s also the option ripping the ripcord for Janelle
Cody – keep that on the table but wait until the veto plays out.. You don’t want Janelle snapping into game mode
Memphis – I have a good rapport with her I just don’t trust her
Cody says if they cut Janelle kaysar will gravitate to them.
Cody getting excited about backdooring Janelle, “We have the numbers” .

4:50 pm Christmas and Memphis
Memphis – I’m glad you got to compete
Christmas – that does so much for us
Memphis – I know it’s awesome
Christmas – our alliance is good
Memphis – I don’t like Ian getting saved twice in one day .. Nicole saves his a$$ this morning and you save his a$$ this afternoon..
Memphis says he understands why she picked ian, “I’m with you”
Memphis goes on that he wasn’t going to put Ian up anyways.
Christmas – David doesn’t know what the f* he’s doing if someone sweet talks him enough..
Memphis tells her that nobody is looking at sh1tmas weird for what she did.
Memphis – at this point I’m not going to make a crazy move. I have some people in mind but I can’t make that move until the POV.

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I like Christmas better now that she saved Ian. The question is does Memphis not like Ian on his own or did Dan give him marching orders to get Ian out?

Miss Impression

Never thought I’d say this but MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!


Shitmas, i-


Not happy that she won but at least she took Memphis’s target out of play


Has Memphis given any indication who he is putting up?

* Team Janelle*

It would save the week if he puts up NicF but I’m not holding my breath. It will prob be incredibly lame picks ie nicA/David


Please pretty please!!!! Since Shitmas can go up .. it would bring me pure joy I’d NicoleF was nominated…


HaHa 🙂

* Team Janelle*

Well then shoot me now


You monster! You had my hopes up…the impact from such lofty heights is painful.

Feeds Gold

so memphis, tyler, enzo, snakeole, nic a, dani still eligible for safety suite next week?



Feeds Gold

i bet tyler wins that one

All Stars???

Maybe Enzo will keep in Memphis’ ear about Nicole F and Ian, and how they cannot let someone win twice. Is it too much to hope her whiny butt ends up on the block?


If that fully happens I will be happy

another name

Hey Simon,
Is my read off here?
NicA pre-veto target plus a pawn.
Janelle possible post veto target?

in other words: Nicf’s dream come true?

another name

Ah. For HIS game, not overly smart, but for Cody and Nicf it would free up 12 hours a day of conversation.
I swear, for a 40 year old woman spending hours pretty much laying around, they’ve got her doing a get around game like she’s got a motorized xmas scooter attached to her bed.


Memphis seems borderline obsessed about Ian in this game; in such a way that he will probably miss better targets


I say put NicoleF and NicoleA on the block! I hope Memphis knows it’s not just a random thing Christmas saving Ian. Come on that house knew he was going after him and NicoleF had influence to save Ian


It looks like Nicole A is going on the block. Don’t know who the other person will be. Right now I am laughing at the randomness of the Dani/Cody/Christmas/Nicole F conversation

another name

At this point any time Memphistopheles in talking to the Janellous alliance members I sort of roll my eyes.

Okay buddy. An alliance that doesn’t meet, doesn’t discuss targets, and doesn’t talk game plans is just a bunch of people not putting each other on the block for a few weeks.
Is this whole thing because Memphis would rather not talk to any of them? Like ever? Or so he can play dumb?

Nobody even remembers who is in and not in the alliance. Even Memphis.

As someone that requires charting to figure out who stands where in the game… this week is going to be murder.

My 2 cents

What a great idea! Tell people you don’t like that you’re in an alliance with them but they must never talk to you! I love it!!

Kats Alien Bitch

 Bayleigh, Da’Vonne, David, NicoleA are the options.

Hmmm. Something in common there with 3 of those.

Is this reasonably accurate? Enzo is aligned with the “other side of the house”
Christmas – I just confirmed 2 sides of the house, Janelle, NicoleA, Bayleigh, Da’Vonne, KAysar.. Kaysar I love him
Christmas – floaters are David, Ian, Enzo, Kevin,
Christmas – The other side of the house, Dani, NcioleF, Cody, Tyler and he’s sayig Memohius is playing for himself

Why does it seem like NicaF is in a decent spot (though Enzo/Memphis are suspicious about her and Ian)

Sounds like NICA is the one most likely to go home – which sucks because I am cheering for her.

another name

She asked Kaysar who he likes.
She now considers it an alliance.
She has watched Enzo and Cody buddy buddy. Doesn’t make a dent.
She has watched Enzo and Dani buddy buddy. Still no dents in the helmet.
She’s mentioned these things in previous days. Nope, short term memory is not her friend.


GET RATCOLE ON THE BLOCK……manifestmanifestmanifestmanifestmanifestmanifestmanifestmanifestmanifest