“I think Social media has kinda ruined this game”

Head of Household Winner – Cody
Have nots – Ian, Kevin, Memphis, NicoleA
Nominations -Keesha and Kevin
Power of Veto Players are – Cody, Kevin, Keesha, Enzo, Kaysar, Ian
Power of Veto holder -Enzo
Power of Veto Ceremony – Enzo doesn’t use it. Nominations stay the same.
Safety Suite – Kaysar & Janelle
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Kevin is staying as of 4:30 pm.

2:40 pm Dani and Da’Vonne
Dani – who else are we feeling
Da – I like Cody I want to get to know Tyler
Da says everyone is kissing Cody’s a$$ because of his “position”
Feeds flip to Storge room below.

2:42 pm Janelle NicA
J – who did you speak to
Nic – Haven’t talked to Nicole yet, Christmas yet, I really didn’t talk to Tyler and Enzo yet. Everyone is leaning the one way
J – Keeping Kevin
NicA – Keeping Kevin, How do you feel
Janelle says she doesn’t care, “Either one I’m fine”
J – I heard Cody wants Keesha out
NicA says she didn’t hear he wants her gone she heard from him he would rather Kevin stays.

2:50 pm Enzo and NicA
Enzo says he saw Bayleigh and Tyler were talking later she was up in the HOH room crying
Enzo explains she was talking to Tyler about their past season together. Tyler started crying she started crying. She ran up to the HOH.
Enzo – I put my shade on I think of my kids I tear up yo.
NicA – I thought it was because of Angela.
Enzo – don’t f**ing cry it’s too early to cry yo
NicA – don’t show it
Enzo – are we good with Keeping Kevin.
NicA – I say keeping Kevin
Feeds cut.. (WTF)

3:00 pm Feeds go to pound puppies
3:40 pm Feeds back up

3:55 pm NicF and Tyler
N – Has anyone else tried to talk game with you
tyler – Nah
N – Same
T – I felt good about Christmas but then Memphis brought their names up.
N – it’s going to be 2 sides next week. It’ll be Nicole, JAebnlle, Kaysar possibly Kevin, Bayleigh and Da’Vonne
T – that’s a lot
N – David is like.. I don’t know where he is
Tyler suggests that David is with Enzo
NF says Cody is close to Enzo
Nicole says she wishes she just play but there’s “So much outside stuff to think about, I never thought about it before”
Tyler says his mind use to be 100% in the house but now it’s not even 50/50
NF – the stress dealing with the outside stuff I can’t handle it.
NF – Big Brother has made my life so great and I’m so excited to be here. I told them I would have been married with 5 kids to a farmer been a housewife and been content. I didn’t know what I was missing.
NF – my Job is so awesome now.. I can’t let myself get like.. let a couple people ruin this for me. This is so awesome. I owe them everything and my parents everything.
NF – I’m so worried about making someone mad going after a person they like. I don’t want them to get harassed (her family back home)
Nf – I saw it before I entered the house people hating me
Tyler – I think Social media has kinda ruined this game
NicoleF agrees.
Tyler – last time it was a clean slate.
NicoleF says she worked hard to not start twitter battles, “I sat there and took it and I took notes”
NF – I really don’t want to go after Janelle but I have a lot of Notes she wrote an article after my win and was like how I didn’t deserve it I remember it. I’m not going to make it personal.
NF – I read it recently too. I just don’t like fake people
Nicole – I turned down interviews because I didn’t want to be asked about certain people.. If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all.
They agree after this season they are walking away from Big Brother
NF – I love the people that are following me I’m so blessed to have them they are the ones that help me make the living I make.
Tyler – those are the ones that actually like you.
Tyler – the big brother fans will follow whoever just because they are on the show even if they hate them.
NicoleF – I think the hate I get is from the success that I’ve had they’re just annoyed.
NF – we have so long to go.
T – I want to do a 20 day game I feel like it’s day 80
T – I don’t know how I will last in here
NF – it’s the last time we’ll be doing this
T – make it count

4:09 pm Ian and Kevin
Kevin – I want to keep things between you and I lets keep that going
Ian – you have my vote I don’t care if it’s 12-1, I don’t care if it’s 7-6, I don’t care if its 13-0
Ian – just look out for me right
Kevin – I’ll look out for you

4:26 pm Kaysar and Keesha
Kaysar saying that Cody wants her out
Keesha – dammit.
Kaysar suggests she goes to Cody and say she’s a bigger target than Kevin. “I have no bad blood with you”
Adds if Cody asks where she found out to say people are treating her differently
Keesha – they are

4:30 pm Janelle, Enzo and Bayleigh
Talking about their beefs with players outside the house. Feeds keep blocking every few seconds.
Enzo says people still come to him saying they hate the brigade. He sent everyone in his season a friend request but 1/2 replied.
Bayleigh brings up her and Tyler’s beef and how they’re cool now.
Enzo – Ragan never talked any game with me. He hated me after the season. whatever like that is going to affect me
Janelle – Ragan seems like he takes everything personally like if you once say the wrong thing

They talk about Ragan’s teardown of Rachel.
Janelle says she hated being on season 14, “It was a really weird cast”
Janelle says she’s not going to talk to any of that cast again, “Everyone else can ki$$ my ass” (Except for that season’s coaches, Dani, and Frank)
Enzo – I’m not A Dan Goosling fan I’m like whatever.
Janelle – sometimes he takes it too far.
Enzo goes on about wanting this season to be remembered.
Enzo says his biggest mistake season 12 was not cutting Lane and keeping Brittney final 4.

4:41 pm Keesha and Da’vonne
Da – Janelle, Enzo, and Bayleigh are in this room right here.
Keesha – where’s kevin
Da – upstairs
Keesha says she thinks Cody wants her out.
da – talk to him.
Keesha – why keep Kevin over me.. WHY
Da – what would people gain
Da’Vonne – everyone is trying to be a floater this season
Da’Vonen suggests she goes and mingle. “never give the house time to notice what it’s like when you are gone”

4:48 pm Keesha and Kaysar
Keesha thinks Kevin is staying because he doesn’t have anybody and they all know that.
Kaysar – people are going to make up their own stories and that becomes their truth.
Keesha – I’m going to talk to Cody because I think Cody is going to control the votes.
Kaysar – offer him the world so he can sway the vote.

Kaysar – say you’re the bigger target than Kevin keeps the eye off him.
Keesha – everybody loves Kevin.
Kaysar – that’s your only move
Keesha – there are plusses to me leaving.. Oh my god I get to see my dogs
Kaysar – don’t give up

4:52 pm Janelle and Bayleigh
Janelle – Kevin staying?
Bayleigh – yes, I really think. last night when I checked in with Christmas. NicA I know she’s sure, I know David’s sure.
Janelle – he told me Enzo
B – I wouldn’t be surprised it’s Ian
J – Is enzso and Christmas workign toegether
B – Hell no. I don’t think they will mesh gamewise.
Neither of them knows who Christmas is “solidified” with.
B – Christmas might be a little nervous, She complains that there’s no one from her season.
J – that’s what Cody said..
B – Cody has NicoleF
J – He acts like he doesn’t… they’re always together and his brother was her number 1 allyu.. she worked with Paulie till the end Paulie voted for her
Bayleigh – even on his season they weren’t enemies
J – they worked together
Bayleigh doesn’t think NicF will come after Janelle. Says she might go after David or someone that she doesn’t hang out with very much.
Janelle asks why does everyone want to do what the HOH wants.
Bayleigh says it’s a new thing “It’s a sort of a cope out”
Janelle – I don’t get it.
Janelle adds that in her time they would do the opposite of what the HOH wants.

6:00 pm Nf and Da’Vonne
Da says that it seems like Keesha has checked out.
Da – Janelle I don’t’ know I thought you and her would-be close because you share a room
NF – you guys close
Da – No, We’ve been taking baby steps trying to build a relationship but it’s not game. Maybe this HO people start playing.
NF says she never talks game to Janelle.
Da – Never question that we’re good
NF – I feel it.
Da – If Bif Brother works like it works Kevin is going to win this HOH
Da – he’s is going to be on the hunt WHO IS RESPONSIBLE
Da adds that Kevin isn’t going over Cody he likes Cody Kevin thinks someone got in Cody’s head and that is who he’ll hunt down.
NF says she’s just happy Cody didn’t put her up. says that she put Paulie up the first week.
Da – that was planed though
NF says from here on it’ll be all about a personal relationship who do you not talk to that is why she needs to talk to more people.
They talk about playing up their feud from their season together. (Feeds cut)
NF goes on about they never put two friends on from the same season.

6:08 pm Enzo, David and Kaysar
Enzo – do you know who they’re voting for

Enzo – I’ve been running away from everyone today
Kaysar – she cornered me. I think there was a conversation last night in the backyard that was swaying. I heard this thrid hand though.
Enzo says he heard they want Kevin to stay
Kaysar – I’m just going to vote for whoever
Enzo – I don’t give the f** who. I’m worried about what I’m wearing tomorrow I’m not going against the house
Kasyar says if the house is swaying in one direction he’s not going against it
Kasyar – you guys doing the same thing
Enzo – Kevin to stay .. Kessha hasn’t even talked to me I’ve been running around today I don’t want to get cornered and shit yo
Enzo leaves
Kaysar goes into the freezer “Holy sh1t this fish is $120 bucks”

Kaysar – I wasn’t there for the conversation last night but once I heard it I was whatever
David – I saw it that’s what I suspected.

6:23 pm Enzo and Tyler
Enzo tells him that they are good if they win HOH and “if someone we’re friends with wins HOH we’re good”

6:26 pm Janelle and Enzo
Enzo – Someone we’re friends with wins HOH we’re good
Enzo says he’s terrified if Ian wins HOH
J – Ther’es 5 people I’m terrified
Janelle and Enzo agreeing that Christmas is a wild card.
Janelle brings up Memphis “where’s his head at”
Enzo – I like Bay, Da’Vonne you know what I’m saying if they win we’re good f* it
Enzo – I’m a big personality you’re a f*ing superstar we have to
J – I love you Enzo you’re good with me
Enzo – we have to build decoys that will get us to final 8 then we’ll figure out what the f* we’ll do
Janelle asks him about Cody and Tyler
Enzo goes on about Cody not wanting to nominate Janelle they were wondering why “She played in that thing”
Enzo – I was like did you say something to her and he said I probably should have worded what I was saying better..
Janelle – I asked him Am I safe and he said well you know..
Enzo – Bro what a dodo he doesn’t know the f* he’s doing..
Janelle – what about Tyler
Enzo – I think I have him because I sleep next to him.
Enzo – today he was crying because of Bayleigh. If he wins HOH I think we’re good.
Janelle – who is he targeting Ian
Enzo doesn’t know but knows he’s friendly enough with Tyler so if he does HOH he can go “bro who you thinking about I like Janelle. I can protect us if he wins HOH”

Enzo – but David what is he doing.. he’s like a deer in the headlights
Enzo – does the nerd herd have an alliance right now I don’t know (Ian, NicA, daivd? )

6:40 pm Yoga
7:00 pm Still yoga yo

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Just seeing the POV competition and it seems so many ways of wrong Lol

Eric L

Enzo called it, “slow motion with music'” lol

another name

Episode 3.
not a full review. Sorry. Divided attention.
quick notes:
-Nicole d/r doesn’t like Janelle. Crying post safety suite sorta cemented that, but thanks for playing.
-Edit disregarding some of the pre veto alliances that existed: core 4, branching out to connect 4, three guys brodown black girl magic million club the false old school alliance.
*d/r cody says nicf priority over enzo. still question whats for story and what’s for game.
-Making light of Tyler’s deals like he had no involvement. And apparently he does have one with everyone, because they added a few i didn’t see on feeds.
-Keesha d/r is a lot more cognizant than Keesha game. Just saying.
Kevin looking for a veto partner… they’ve already given him tinkly piano once. now they edit the sniffling. oh. they’re trying it. 22 minutes in and they’re going for the third sympathy shot. For the already announced non target. okay.
-Memphis face shot at veto picks meeting. I actually said who’s that. Is that a crew worker that didn’t get out in time?
-Enzo was NEVER using that veto. bad d/r. bad.
veto. 20 reps. 90 seconds. 1/2 hour comp. feeds off for what… 4?
note: Cody says he threw it post comp. so bad d/r or bad Cody.
Enzo feet on the ground rocking it. hmm. the others seemed feet off. hmm. questions.
no mention that the floor shook yet. that others lead footing made the stacks of other players fall? Kevin times out with 19.
They act like they didn’t know the veto wouldn’t be used. uhgain. bad d/r.
-Nicole Ian alliance. from what.. day2? Nicf also saying 2 with Cody is priority.
-Kevin thinks Enzo will use Veto. uh. oh. so weak and apologetic in everything. Annoying me. Cut Kevin figuring out Enzo isn’t using veto. The only time he’s had a good read and they cut it.
-Cody was NEVER removing Kevin. Another for tv drama bad d/r.
-Black Girl Magic alliance. from days ago. like night one?
-Enzo catches Nicf/Ian. bathroom (later hammock). Enzo is not a fan of Ian. c’mon.
Cody d/r says Ian was an option. Note if any episode only ever read this: Ian was NOT a target.
Final D/R-Kevin hope cries. Keesha calls on her.. social… game. Da’vonne cus reasons?

another name

my question about the d/r comments putting perspective on priorities in their final 2 deals: is that their game perspective, or the show perspective.
I still think they are pushing a weird edit parity of nicole cody being the new school janelle kaysar. For the sake of dramatic foreshadow.


Janelle: Why does everyone want to do what the HOH wants?
Everyone in America: That’s exactly what’s wrong with Big Brother these later seasons.

Oh, and the social media ruining BB is right on target, but only because the players are trying harder to be social media stars than actually play the freaking game.


?? ??….100% true! Big Brother today is nowhere near what it used to be. It seems to me as the years go on, the more they use recruits (because of their looks) who want to be famous and not actual fans of the show. Many of these recruits don’t even know how to play when they get on the show. I had high hopes for this season because of all of the old school players but I have a feeling it is going to be like Survivor Winners at War where they pick off all the old school players first. Ugh!! Go back to fan casts!! Playing would be much better! MAKE BOLF MOVES PEOPLE!!!!!


Is this really going to be a Unanimous vote for Keesha to leave?

If so what a terrible way to start off
Big Brother all stars

After 12 years Keesha deserved much more of a second chance than Davonne or NicoleA ever did!!!


Who are two players this season that you think those four look like real contenders to win this season?

And may I remind people this is not necessarily who I’m rooting for but more so who looks like those for to be in a good position to get to the end….

Thus far I will have to go with Danielle and Tyler. At this point I wouldn’t be suprised if either of them got to the final 2


I was going to give a thoughtful, indepth analysis of the state of the house…but my read is as good as some of the cast because it seems my connection to the BB feeds is wonky. Surely that can be the only explanation as to the frequent drops and camera swaps. I wonder if they are trying to keep anything of substance for the televised shows or just trying to bury any hint of the game not being on the level this season. Only problem is the more it cuts the more the tinfoil hat people get excited.


Tin foil has many uses besides hats……I use it on my rabbit ears to improve reception.


They aren’t even doing POP this year. Clearly a communist conspiracy.


I’m so bummed Keesha’s leaving. They are dumb for keeping Kevin. Also, Keesha looks like Dani’s older sister.

Bb girl

At times, I can’t tell them apart.

Big mother

Not a fan, but I have to admit Dani’s doing a real good job at staying under the radar


She`s doing amazing so far.

another name

Agreed. However, in the last 2 days she has let it slip 4 times as snark in new school crowd “i don’t like any of you here.” Twice tonight in a short time window.
These little love me praise me primadonna new schoolers are going to start thinking she doesn’t like them if she doesn’t knock that off.


I can`t believe Keesha is going home. This sucks really bad.

another name

It’s not odd at all that the initial targets are the guy nobody knew was even in the country, so didn’t think to contact ahead of the season (Kaysar… except Janelle so far) and the woman that was a stunt cast replacement last minute, so nobody thought to contact… are the first HOH’s first mentioned targets? Kevin as pawn nom? who the heck knows.
That’s been making me side eye even without all the talk of pregaming.
It’s not odd. Nope. Nothing to see there.

another name

So, does it show that Keesha never really had to campaign much in season 10?
By the time she was on the block, she was cemented with a majority group, and faced fringe players or minority group targets.
Yeah. I think it shows.

another name

The scramble.
It’s on.
All of it is based on fiction.
But the scramble is going on.
Kevin thinks janelle kaysar and memphis are pulling in franzel, tyler, christmas and some unkown to vote him out.
Franzel is trying to sell the guys with Dani present, that ALL of the women, led by Janelle and NicoleA have formed an alliance… excluding Nicolef. And Dani. riiight. make some sense out of this. Anybody?
I’m starting to think Nicole’s entire cranium is owned outright by Janelle, and NicoleA is living in a condo there rent free.
They’ve all decided that Kevin has promised EVERYONE safety for their vote.

Honestly, I don’t see this scramble changing the vote right now.
I see this scramble as the reason why feeds were down leading into week two.

Wait. NicA and Da’ convince Kevin not to walk Anita through the house after he got into character.
Because… it might shift… the vote? What?
It’s the only interesting thing Kevin has DONE.
They tell Da about catching Nicolef Cody Tyler and Dani conspiring. Somehow it convolutes into being part of Janelle’s evil plot 13 person alliance whose only mission is to target NicoleA and Kevin… and they left Da out. Okay. I’ve exaggerated that. but it’s getting there. They eventually get close to figuring out the four with side people deal. it will be discarded for another Janelle twist i think.
So. After Memphis and Cody talk about how Dani is saying some off things (that have come directly after her conversations with Nicolef), they wonder who is stirring the pot.
Three guesses first two don’t count: Janellagain.

another name

i thought it meant evicted houseguests will be in 14 – 21 day quarnatine before being sent back home. Just like entry this season was supposed to be.
I need to pay better attention. Thanks.


There’s no reason for CBS to keep them quarantined after they leave. They can self isolate if that was the case. I’m pretty sure they’ll have some type of re-entry competition and that’s why they’ll keep them. May also pull a Survivor and keep a giant jury.

another name

She said to mid September. Finale is end October. So I doubt big ass jury for that reason only.