NicoleF “Cody is going to tell Kevin about the votes.. about how Janelle was trying to flip it.”

Head of Household Winner – Memphis
Have nots – Kaysar, NicoleF, Christmas, David
Power of Veto Players are
Power of Veto holder
Power of Veto Ceremony
Safety Suite –
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Memphis picked the have nots. Kaysar, NicoleF, Christmas, David

9:25pm Bedroom. Dani, Cody and Enzo.
Enzo – what happened with Christmas and DaVonne? Dani – I don’t know what happened after. Enzo – DaVonne was mad at Christmas. Cody – that is all stemming from Janelle… Janelle is causing so much sh*t. DaVonne was mad because Christmas was keeping sh*t from DaVonne. Enzo – Janelle is with Memphis? Dani – I don’t know.. Enzo – yeah Janelle is with Memphis. Enzo – if one of us gets put on the block we have the votes to stay. Dani – yeah. Enzo – a good portion of the votes. Cody – I don’t think any of us are going on the block. Its a matter of someone staying that is going to help us. Like David should not be someone that is up there. Dani and Enzo – I think he will be. Enzo – but then who does he put up with David? Cody – Yo! Deada$$ if she is sitting on the block, I am sending her home.. she is too tight with Janelle. Dani – and they’re about to get even closer. Enzo – because they’re in the same room. Dani – she’s going on Rikki Lake again. Enzo – I don’t think Memphis is trying to get crazy. Maybe like Ian. Cody – its possible. Dani – I bet you anything .. look at him he isn’t going to get a NicoleF out. He is going to backdoor someone. 100%! Cody – the problem is what benefits us is clipping people that are tight to Janelle. Because if he (Memphis) isn’t going to go after her.. we have to make her weaker. That is the best option. And if NicoleA is the best option.. then see you later NicoleA. I love you but.. Janelle is causing too much sh*t at the end of the week. She won the numbers with Keesha, Nicole .. she started getting ground. Enzo – are you playing in this comp (Safety Suite)? Cody – I don’t want to. Enzo – she is going to play. Cody – who is? Enzo – DaVonne. Cody – cool. Dani – Are you? Enzo – I want to see where his head is at first. Cody – I would rather wait. Enzo – it gives him a reason to put you up. What if Memphis asks you who you would put up? Cody – maybe we send Dani up there to find out who he wants up and then we just hammer it home.

9:50pm Memphis comes out of the Diary Room and screams WHO WANTS TO SEE MY HOH ROOM!!!!! He scares NicoleF. All the house guests run up to the HOH room to see his room / basket and hear his HOH letter. His letter is from his son. Enzo – I don’t want to win HOH now.. I’m going to be a mess!

10:05pm HOH room. Everyone heads out except for Janelle. Janelle to Memphis – I’m so excited. That was awesome! Memphis – that was heavy. Janelle – it was such a horrible day. Keesha almost had the votes too. She had five. Memphis – you know I almost voted for her. Janelle – I feel embarrassed for her .. 13-0 is really bad. Memphis – unfortunately when you find yourself on the block that early .. it is what it is. Janelle – there were 5 people including you ..but then Christmas was so wishy washy. Memphis – it would have been more beneficial for her to be here at least for the next few weeks. Janelle – me too. Kaysar is convinced that his (Cody) target was her and that he was pushing for her to go. Janelle – Kevin said he had 5 handshakes to keep him. Memphis – I believe it. He straight up asked me this morning. Janelle – he did?! Memphis – he made some comment about maybe I won’t be here tomorrow and I said don’t say that .. I think you’re good. And he said he wasn’t going to talk to me because I was friends with Keesha. I’m like its a game.

10:08pm NicoleF and Christmas.
Nicole – Don’t tell anyone .. but Cody is going to tell Kevin about the votes. What was going on. Christmas – about the votes? Nicole – about how Janelle was trying to flip it. Christmas – Kaysar came up to me after and I think he was trying to feel me out .. to work with me. And I was like .. he was asking me .. I wasn’t feeling well but I didn’t know at the time that I was starting to get a cold sore. And that just makes me feel like sh*t and so like its a little embarrassing but whatever.

10:15pm Memphis, NicoleF and Christmas.
Memphis – my concern is that the five people in our group are not going to play in the safety suite. Christmas – no, no we can work through all that. Memphis – if those five people don’t play then those people are going to be like wait a minute! Christmas – I can play it .. let me play it. And that will give them more reassurance that this isn’t happening. Nicole – at least 2 or 3 of us have to play. Christmas – not all of us .. maybe 2. Memphis – lets figure that out because its tomorrow. Nicole – what are you thinking. Memphis – I have no idea. If you can win it .. obviously that makes my life easier. And then obviously I am going to play next week because why wouldn’t I. Dani joins them. Christmas – if you (Memphis) gets house guest choice will you pick me? NicoleF – what’s our name? Memphis – they’re (production) checking “The Usual Suspects”. Nicole and Christmas leave. Dani talk to Memphis and asks who he will put up. Memphis doesn’t know yet. Dani asks if he will backdoor someone. Memphis – its too early for that.

Havenot room. NicoleF and Christmas.
They head into the havenot room to celebrate. Nicole – Janelle can’t play in it (safety suite).. probably NicoleA. Christmas – I am going to f**king smash her! They wonder who Memphis will put up and how he might put up Ian. Christmas – tell him (Memphis) that you have Ian in your pocket and that he’s a vote for us. Christmas – the only way that Janelle is safe is if she wins the veto. Nicole – and that’s if she is even picked.

10:32pm – 11:05pm HOH room. Cody and Memphis.
Memphis – I already told the girls that at least two people have to play in the safety suite tomorrow. Cody – what do you think I should do because we have other stuff going on too. Memphis – if you don’t have to play and you can convince Tyler to play then don’t do it. Cody – and then wait till week 3. Memphis – I am definitely going to play next week. Don’t play this week but we need to convince two people to play.

HOH room Kaysar and Memphis.
Kaysar – what are your thoughts? Memphis – I have some people in mind. There are two options. Make an easy week like last week. Or pull the trigger on someone that I think is a threat. Kayar – is someone coming after you? Memphis – I could pick four players that would be a pain in the a$$. Obviously you already used your safety suite .. but I am telling everyone that comes in here that they should too. I not saying that I am going to put you up, just that I don’t know who I am going to put up. You and I have a good dialect and I trust you to a certain extent. Kaysar – I trust you. Memphis – and whoever wins the safety suite ..whoever they pick (as their plus one) shows a lot too. Memphis – we will see what happens and see who plays and then go from there.

12:30am Bedroom. Janelle, Kevin, NicoleA
Kevin – people didn’t trust me. Janelle – No, that didn’t have anything to do with it. They wanted Keesha gone. That is it. It had nothing to do with you. They just wanted her gone. They all voted together. There are certain people that didn’t even ask me my vote. Nicole – I wonder if the five includes Enzo. Three guys and two girls. Kevin – I got the vibe that Enzo is the straight shooter type. Tit for tat type. Janelle – I don’t think Enzo is part of it. Nicole – I’ve wanted into pow wows. Minus the person that used to be on the day bed, plus the person that is now on the day bed. Janelle – yes! Yes! Kevin – I wonder if they associate me with.. Janelle – they associate you with us.. that’s why you were kept out of the loop. Nicole – what about the three girls? Janelle – they’re not with them. Kevin – I am f**king lost. Nicole – I legit walked in before the vote and they were having a pow wow. Janelle – are you serious, the four? Which four? Nicole – Cody, NicoleF, Dani, and Tyler. Janelle – I always see those four. I busted them. Nicole – that is a scary four. Janelle – yeah! Nicole – we need to band together. I wish he would just put up two of the four. Janelle – one of them has to go this week. Nicole – do you think David is a part of them? Janelle – yes, or a hanger on or something. The four are definitely together. Nicole – one wins safety suite, put up the other two, one comes down, put up the hanger on. If you were to talk to Memphis and mention what you’re seeing .. and Kaysar would do the same. If I were to do it he would be like who the f**k are you. Kevin – I’m going to talk to him tomorrow morning ..early.

1:30am – 3:15am Bathroom. NicoleA, Janelle, Kaysar.
Janelle – I think Dani has been double dealing. Heavily! And like I love her like a sister but.. Kaysar – yup, I haven’t been able to place her in the game. Janelle – she is in that four. She’s got NicoleF, Cody has Nicole and they have Tyler. Nicole – and I think Enzo is on the outskirts of that. Enzo is the low man on the totem pole. Like they just use him for information and as a number. He is Enzo. Janelle – yeah. They’re scared sh*tless because they don’t know what he (Memphis) is going to do. They are really obviously together. Kaysar – interesting so David is not a part of it. Nicole – I don’t see them having Bay, Day, Christmas.. they don’t have me. They don’t even talk to me. Janelle – who cares. Nicole – that hurts my feelings. Kaysar – you have to be careful .. as soon as you tip people off you lose control. Right now you want them to feel secure so they continue to do what they were doing so you can collect information. We need to confirm that those four are working together. Janelle – its confirmed. Nicole – the guys are better at hiding it than the girls. Kaysar – I don’t give them shit. Nicole – I go in circles with them. Janelle – I think he (Memphis) wants David out. Kaysar – as you start to listening to their pitches remember this bit of information because that’s what their agendas are. Janelle – that they’re going to target floaters. If he says Christmas’s name or David .. you know that is it. They’re not bold enough to say Kaysar or Janelle. Nicole – does this mean we have a final three? Kaysar – sure. Janelle – we have to get through week two first. If we could make it further ..sure. I have one goal .. we can’t let them have any more power. This is embarrassing. Janelle – we need more people than three in our alliance. Nicole – this is our core. Janelle – I want Bay, Day in our alliance. And Christmas. Nicole – and Kevin. Kaysar – no. Nicole – why not? Kaysar – he is unstable. Nicole – so us three, Day, Bay, Memphis and Christmas. Janelle – and we have to convince Memphis to work with us while he is HOH and while he doesn’t want an alliance.. Janelle – if we float around the idea of the two winners .. that’s a pretty good idea. Janelle heads to bed. Kaysar – I feel good about everyone else .. its just a matter of getting Kaysar on the same page. Nicole – okay, well you know I’m on board. Nicole and Kaysar head to bed.

6:48 am They’ve been sleeping since that Conversation ended above.

7:50 am David is up making coffee.

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So Janelle appears to be the main target this week. Hey Davonne wake up and smell the coffee… all does not appear as it seems!!!


Davonne better watch out because she is going to be 0-3 in the game of Big Brother, which is at least better
than saying I got evicted week 2 and yea that makes me an All-Star – she can’t win any competitions and her social game is treacherous!!!

Miss Impression

My impression is that Memphis won’t target Janelle or Kaysar because it would expose him and turn 2 pretend allies into enemies.Then you will have Cody trying to keep all his secret allies off the block.So who does that leave?My Ian would be the big target.Hopefully he’ll go for an easy target and play safe,so that only leaves Kevin and NicoleA.


I agree.. At first I was thinking he would put them up because his 40 person alliance would want him to but now not so much.

My take now is he’s considering David, Bayleign, Da’Vonne and Ian

Dunno if we’ll need the shrine this week but keep the kraken close at hand we’ll need that.


I’m leaning on him placating Dan by targeting Ian. Wonder if Ian can play the wounded baby bird…


Wow, Cody still acting like he’s in charge, so is X-mess. Enzo’s stupid meow meow is running thin. Memphis Jani and Kaysar are your friends


LOL @ X-Mess , love that name.

Kats Alien Bitch

As of this moment the main alliance is full of people I do not like. I hope those not in it wake up fast or this is going to get boring.

I am struggling with the age of the cast a bit. It never bothered me on Survivor, but somehow seeing people with families play this game seems a bit off. This is a game for 20 somethings.


I like the older crowd for a change but I am worried about how boring it seems to have gotten This big alliance smells.


I think the Derrick/Dan influence plus the ill timed Cody HoH has set the stage for a boring slog unless something shakes up with the clueless wonders in the cast.

Just a game

Such a stupid statement


The 20 something’s are what have been wrong with the past number seasons.
They are the reason for the safety in numbers and play weak and lame as a huge alliance and then be scared to do anything. Many of them are still looking for their participation trophies. Next season there will be safe rooms for every player to go to, to hear lullabies and soothing sounds.

You can’t be serious…please, can we have more Sis or Smackdown (why did they bring have nots back for AS but not do anything about him and then “mysteriously” end it. At least he said that he volunteered to live the struggle and grow from it. What a joke.


I dont completely disagree but its not the 20 somethings. Janelle was a 20 something Dr Will was 20 something Dan was 20 something Dani D was literally 20 the first time. They played amazing and smart. Its the social media culture. Im going to be a hollywood star now and have so many instagram followers yeah! Its a different game from what we fell in love with no matter who comes back. Video killed the radio star and twitter killed big brother


True- Kyle14. Plus the bullying….ridiculous.


I am happy with just the older ones – they were on when it was real gameplay…not bullying and crud like that. These last few years have been awful.

The Beef

“I not saying that I am going to put you up, just that I don’t know who I am going to put up. You and I have a good dialect and I trust you to a certain extent.” LOL – Wow! What reassuring words to hear from the new HOH! I trust you to a “certain” extent. If Kaysar didn’t know before that he may be in trouble this week, he should certainly know it now.


Ugh…..pls. Memphis, don’t be an asshole & put up Kaysar /Janelle. I cannot wait for Ratcole to be otb…..can’t stand her…. like, WTF Victor?


Memphis will do the worst thing for all us OBB fans I swear it always happens.


He needs to get Ian out

Linguini Pants

I’m right there with you! Biased, or not, I have a visceral reaction every time I hear that whiny, nasally woe-is-me voice of hers, ugh! And the crying (eye roll). Victor knows what he’s getting. Bet a million dollars he’s glued to the feeds biting his nails down to stubs waiting for her betrayal. If it doesn’t happen, I’ll be surprised. Someone here used the term “Janellous” (brilliant!) and that describes her perfectly. I so hope she leaves before Janelle so we don’t have to see her gloating, thinking she outplayed the Queen.

Feeds Gold

im enjoying this janelle, nicole a, kevin convo sharing some laughs, frustrations with the low energy talking in circles style play, discussing where theyve travelled, also saying they should probably work together, and sharing who they think is working together…nicole a and janelle think its the same 4 or 5…cody, tyler, dani, snakeole, and maybe enzo

is ian listening in or sleeping during this convo?

Golden Gate Granny

I think Ian was awake. The feeds showed him laying there open-eyed soon after – while Jani, Kaysar and NicA had their lil pow wow in the bathroom.


I’m wondering where this info came from? Cody,Tyler, Dani and Ratcole? Have they been talking about this or did production get involved to stir the house up. I must have missed Janelle talking about this before and now she is positive of this foursome. I know they are an “alliance” but something seems fishy.

another name

nicole A walked in on a mini alliance meeting. Ty, Cod, Dan, Nicf. Discussing the possible vote flip and future plans / targets. They all looked up like deer in headlights and didn’t cover the convo well.
nicole A walked into HOH and sat there listening to some of the plotting yesterday.
They acted like she could stay because… her presence didn’t seem to matter one way or another since she brought them cookies. I think (don’t quote me, it was Cody,someone else and Dani) and the subject was evil Janelle (totally waking NicA up to the fact that Janelle isn’t running a 13 person alliance targeting Kevin and NicA).


Uggh… I hate this part.

It is going to be a pick off Summer this year. Until it gets fun.

The disposable pawns are:
Nicole A
(Even though Bay & David think they are in… They’re disposables.)

Memphis (Memphis a target… even though he thinks he is an in.)

Who should be Targets:

Enzo (He is a comp cheater. His only wins came from cheating.)
Nicole F (WTF are they thinking, get her out.)
Tyler (500 final 2s in a house of 13 people.)
Dani (She is shady as hell.)
Christmas (obvious)
and you would think they would notice…
Cody is the leader of the house which should make him a target.

I need a stir up… Christmas, NicoleF, or Dami will sell those boys out to save their own asses… I want the alliance to fail ASAP. Or it will be a boring predictable Summer.

Prediction for the week:
Nicole A goes up against David… Janelle wins PoV saves Nicole A and Da’vonne goes on the block… Da’vonne goes home. You could replace Da’Vonne with Ian… iIt is still a waste of a week.

If Janelle looses PoV it will still be used on Nicole A and then Janelle goes home.

Boring Summer.


All the worst players teamed up and are running the season great luck we have here…

Feeds Gold

janelle/nic a ask xmas to wake up kaysar and send him down from havenots for a late night chat re whos working together

he saunters down and says “youre so annoying” and the girls laugh haha

Feeds Gold

it was a decent late night game chat for nic a, kaysar and janelle in bathroom…they have most of codys main allies clocked other than memphis as hes been so successfully stealthy(they dont see codys bottom of the totem pole/side piece extra numbers xmas, bay, day)

if bay/day are told this, do they closely watch cody and co’s interactions to see if its a possibility hes cheating on them, or will they just run the info straight to cody like good little minions?

im hoping jani/kaysar dont put their theory to memphis/xmas as it could send them out the door

it would be good to see jani/kaysar move forward with nic a/kevin…but theyve gotta win an hoh


it’s going to be a busy day, Nominations and safety suite

Just a game

Everyone is working with Christmas , she is actually very good . She might win


If they let Christmas win the kraken will consume the show

* Team Janelle*



I don’t drink and I would buy Kraken & drink the whole bottle. Don’t scare me Shitmas & NF are my worst fears:-0

My 2 cents

In the late night bathroom convo, Kaysar said when Christmas is in a good mood, she’s fine. When she’s not, God help us all!

Just a game

Would be so funny for day to be voted out this week.


Could this be the final season of BB? Has all the years of terrible Lasting caught up with them?

NicA is out of her League and is playing as an even more clueless fan.

Xmas – no one wanted her back….see her rampage and conviction, and how she played BB19 – she was one who wanted to get Cody and Mark out by having them physically assault another HG. Like I really hope she blows up soon, embarrasses herself, and finally feels the wrath of her being such an ugly human being.

NicF, she made BB into an HJ competition. Do her and Vic watch BB18? She said they can’t; why not? You talk yourself up about being the best to play the game, why would you not want to rewatch your amazing level of gameplay? What do you feel shame for? Are you embarrasses? Why? You played fantastic, hell you played doctor in bed all season, so it must rank you with Dr Will. I still can’t believe she’s a former champ based on how she carries herself.

David – bring him back on any other season, not All-Stars…here’s David with his first ever vote, in All-Stars! Does this mean we can vote AFP for someone not in the house? Let’s vote BB19 Cody again, it should send a message as to how bad this is going.

Bayleigh – seeing her on the Challenge, I thought it should be obvious to keep her off tv, but no…how does she seem to think she’s some kind of BB Queen?

As much as she is trying to separate from this, Dani you will always be remembered as eveldick’s daughter. If he doesn’t look play in 8, she goes home early. He leaves 13, she showed she has no sense in the game. She won stuff, yes, but was just a big baby ( still is) and makes horrid decisions. Dick was her safety and would carry the shield, sword, target, while driving a tank combined with a helicopter, just to keep her safe.

Cody – BB19 Cody would be better, he eliminates beta players. Cody16 is just a big beta and can’t think for himself.


Do you realize Janelle has no idea Dani is working with the guys? She even laughed when NicoleA mentioned that Dani was part of the big alliance. And Janelle believes Dani is working with LOL…

Dani is outplaying Janelle from head to toe.


When others come to you and offer, it does not mean that you are playing a better game…it just makes your path easier, and yes she is sitting in a nice spot.

If many players were looking to reach out to Janelle and her loyal play, she would be in an amazing spot. Unfortunately, no one wanted to work with her.

Dani will be Dani, get paranoid, sell out teammates and get confused between what she has said to who. Sometimes sitting in a number of connections can incinerate you in seconds, especially when you’re not at the top of any of them. Each group will cut her, her best ally is Cody. Everyone else would keep Cody, and he would “clip” her and stay with Enzo or Tyler or Memphis or NicF. Dani’s biggest ally would have been Janelle, but she too has Janellousy, and of course because she’s a friend of Dick’s, she won’t work with her.

Dani works to be the opposite of her father, but everything in this game that he has ever done for her was to help her get to the end and win, yet she never wants to work his advice. Her thought process is WWDD (What Would Dick Do) and then do the opposite; not because it’s a better move, just because she still has teen angst.

another name

Ja/NicA/Kay convo last night:
they figured out Dani is running multiple angles.


Ok I am not a clean freak, but i saw Nicolef on you tube wash her hands for 2 seconds , and she was a nurse. Winny worm and shitless are my two that I want gone the most. UGGG,


Janelle is in this position because she put herself in. She has talked game mostly with Kaysar only and made it obviously they are a duo.

She never even asked Dani is she wanted to work together, Right now she just assume they are. When NicoleA brought up that Dani might working with the guys to Janelle and Kaysar, they both laughed and said NO WAY…….so yeah

When Dani walked in season 13 she was target with the vets, but she started talked and creating connections with the newbies right way. Same thing she has done here, she went for the people that normally would be targeting her. This is how you play the game.


I remember Dani bonded with the Newbies because Dick told her to.Dick and Dani developed an idea that Vets would be the targets so they needed to get newbs on their side. Dick also knew Jeff & Jordan were Americas sweethearts and would get the advantage from America over the Season. Dani attempted to brake up Jeff and Jordan/ Brenchel…. but Dick left so all of that went down in flames…. because without Dick… Dani sucks at BB.


U just forgot Dick left in the first week. Dani went against Jeff all on her own. Dick was not in the house anymore.

And she went against Jeff Jordan only. But Rachael and Brendon were the ones the turned and exposed her.


If Janelle would look around, she has an Alliance waiting for her, but I think she is fixated on working with the “cool kids”. Nicole A. Asked for an alliance and Janelle said let’s wait a week. She could lock up Kaysar, Nicole A., Ian, Kevin, David. They would have 6. She could also get Memphis on her side ( not in the alliance) cuz he wants to play with the cool kids too and won’t put her or Kaysar up.


Janelle and Kaysar were obviously going to be a duo from the very beginning. It doesn’t take a whole lot of gameplay to see that. And to act like Dani was brilliant because the newbies liked her on another season, just means that the newbies weren’t afraid of her like they were of Janelle. Janelle’s reputation as the best ever woman who never won, is what hurts her in these games.


Memphis is a smart player. He knows it’s too early to align with Cody or Kayzar. My guess he will nominate two floaters. I don’t see Nicole going to the end. . she was already caught talking to both sides. Cody is not a fool neither Janelle. Cody should align with menphis and kaysar. That would be a powerful trio.


What shows are you watching? Cody and Memphis are already working together


menphis is working with both sides


Cody and Memphis have been working together for several months now.

STOP Skin Color Division

David to Kevin in the bathroom a few minutes ago: “I trust you. We got blood together. We saw you from the very beginning. Me, Davonne, Bayleigh… it’s obvious, but I don’t want it to be obvious.” Kevin is trying to redirect David’s hurts from the “Dance monkey” of last season (he was on the receiving end of) insensitivities to a place of we’re all just people in this house and refers to their pre-game bias training.

Way to go Kevin.

This is bias and racism too folks. Stop judging people by the color of the vehicle your soul was assigned to drive around in at birth, with NO choice, to get around. We all need to STOP being so skin colored tribal and move on to we are all HUMANS with different superpowers and shortcomings, no matter our exterior shell.

THIS is how we honor the hard fights and injustices of the past. Judging ONLY by content of character, NOT skin color.