Janelle “I asked.. I said if I’m done week 1 or 2 do I go home to my family. They said no, we go back mid-September.”

Head of Household Winner – Cody
Have nots – Ian, Kevin, Memphis, NicoleA
Nominations -Keesha and Kevin
Power of Veto Players are – Cody, Kevin, Keesha, Enzo, Kaysar, Ian
Power of Veto holder -Enzo
Power of Veto Ceremony – Enzo doesn’t use it. Nominations stay the same.
Safety Suite – Kaysar & Janelle
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Rank the houseguests —-> Big Brother 22 Ranking

Kevin is staying as of 4:30 pm.

7pm Bay is leading a yoga class in the living room. Cody and Ian are playing backgammon.

7:33pm Bathroom. Christmas and DaVonne.
DaVonne – I definitely want us to vote together whoever it is. Christmas – I haven’t even talked to Keesha. She is funny. DaVonne – she’s amazing. And I feel like she deserves to be here. I just know that Keesha is somebody that I feel like.. Christmas – trustworthy. DaVonne – yes! Christmas – did Kevin play a good game? DaVonne – they both did .. that’s the problem. Christmas – somebody mentioned that because he (Kevin) was so close at winning the veto ..that’s what they had in mind. That’s almost like drawing sticks .. you know?! Like he was almost there. Not because of social. Social they’re both spot on. DaVonne – wait.. I’m confused .. people are saying to keep him? Christmas – right? DaVonne – which one? Christmas – to keep him (Kevin) because he was further in the veto? If we don’t decide to keep him that’s fine. DaVonne – I just don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb. Christmas – I don’t think anyone does. That is like the only ..can stick to the wall sort of. I am down either way. DaVonne – I don’t want the girls to get picked off. Christmas – and the all girl alliance never works. Like just chill out .. be cool! DaVonne – everything will get defined tomorrow for sure. Its just hard because Keesha is my girl ..like on a personal level and I don’t want to see her go but if this house is deciding to let her go.. I don’t want to be the only one.

7:45pm HOH room. Tyler and Bay are talking.
Bay – I feel a lot better. You know how I was when I felt everyone hates me. It makes me feel so much better. Tyler – I’m sorry. Bay – what if you came back to me and said yeah I am not going to lie .. I had malicious intent. That could be bad. You know what I mean. Tyler – thank you. I’m glad you feel that way. Bay – I am not trying to make you feel bad. This is good. We’re all-stars. This time its already better ..we already have the ultimate prize. Pre-jury or all the way I refuse to be sucked in.

8:30pm Bedroom. NicoleF and Cody.
Cody – there is word that there is a girl thing forming and if a girl thing is really forming and they want Keesha to stay .. you, Dani and I are good.. and I am pretty tight with Bay. NicoleF – well Day came up to me a few days ago to say that. Cody – yeah and I think its her, Day, Bay. Nicole – Dani didn’t tell me about it. Dani told me that Janelle doesn’t trust me and then all of a sudden it flipped because I wanted her out. She doesn’t want me to want her (Janelle) out. Cody – I say sh*t to Dani about being positive about Janelle .. like not like I am gunning for her purely because I know they’re tighter than she tries to let on. Nicole – okay. Cody – so I don’t say oh I want Janelle out to Dani because I know it will get back and it will cause sh*t with me. I bullsh*t Dani about how I feel about Janelle because I know. I am trying to figure out what I can say to her that might cause something. Nicole – I wanted to ask because you and I need a name. Cody – oh I know. Nicole – so come up with a name. I want to tweet. Cody – something like from where you’re from and I’m from.. that’s my part so you figure it out. Nicole – okay. Cody – I like Christmas and I trust Christmas more than I like Janelle. Nicole – yeah I am tight with Christmas. Ian said he perceived me as sweet. I am in trouble because I think Christmas wants me to save her and Ian wants me to save him. I think me saving Ian will make me more of a target. Cody – you liked to another winner ..that will make you a target because that conversation is already happening.

8:57pm Bedroom. Janelle, Tyler, Dani, Enzo and NicoleF.
Dani – we were just saying do you think someone is going to come back pre-jury or jury? Janelle – pre-jury. Tyler – that would be much better if it was jury because you’re already there. You’re already stuck. Dani – that was my thought .. they’re already suck here anyway. Janelle – but if they’re already paying us our guarantee .. they’re going to want to make us.. Its not going to happen. No way. Dani – what I was going to say Janelle is .. imagine going back to one of those dumb houses for four weeks. Janelle Its definitely pre-jury.. I asked.. I said if I am done week 1 or 2 do I go home to my family. Tyler – and they said? Janelle – no. They said we go back mid-September. Dani – they straight up said that? Big Brother switches the feed.

9pm Bathroom. Bay and Day.
Day – I just want to make it to where none of them know about the four. Bay – yes. Bay – what happened with you trying to work Ian? Day – That sh*t is not happening. He will not crack. Bay – One thing I will say.. I am not letting NicoleF get close to her second win. Day – hell no! Bay – and the relationship that I’m building with Tyler .. I don’t want to be in the position where I put him up and it looks like I played him. Bay – I think he feels bad and I know that’s how NicoleF feels about me… so I think we can work those two angles. Bay – and they will both be grateful to be brought in. Day – I think we need to set a time to talk to them two .. to talk about those name. See how they feel about those names. Cody keeps bringing up Christmas stuff. Bay – we will give him a reason why that is a no. I genuinely really do like her but within the group she will clash. Day – I can’t play with someone that wants to be the only girl standing. Bay – that is actually really solid. Day – I think David will be someone we will continue to have to tell him its not a good idea. Less information is better. Bay – just protect him but not bring him into the fold.

9:15pm Havenot room. There’s a new girl in the house.. Talk of showing the others Kevin’s alter ego. Nicole – keep it in mind that it might affect people’s decision tomorrow. I would like to think it won’t .. but it could..

9:30pm – 9:40pm Havenot room. NicoleA, Kevin and Day.
Nicole – I think it was Janelle in the storage room yesterday that told me that .. no offense but he doesn’t really have anybody. Kevin – yes, that was a talking point that I gave Janelle. Day – she is acting like a fish out of water. She is acting like she doesn’t know sh*t. Kevin – she is not .. she is sophisticated as f**k! She is linked up with Cody and Tyler and I can bet my entire game on it. She was trying to get a majority but couldn’t get it to happen. I told her that I have Enzo on my side. And then I went to tell Enzo I told her. And he was like I got you! And Ian pulled me aside and told me that he is going to vote for me and said he doesn’t care if he is in the minority. Cody and Memphis talk all the time. Nicole – Cody, Tyler, David, Nicole.. that’s a four.. and they have their side people of course. Kevin – how are you (Day) going to back out because Keesha is going to be telling Janelle and them that you’re voting for her. Day – I think I will just tell Keesha right before .. like hey you don’t have the votes and I can’t stick out like a sore thumb. That will have to be Thursday right before so that she doesn’t have a chance to talk to anyone. Nicole – I told her I would vote for her too. I’m going to tell her that I am shifting now.

9:40pm – 10am HOH room. Menphis and Cody.
Memphis – I don’t think she will get the votes. Cody – she won’t. Memphis – I just want to make it be the right position .. like is he a better position. Cody – its like people saying that I’m close with NicoleF.. it couldn’t be further from the truth. If I go up next to NicoleF .. she is going home. Who would vote out a non-winner over a winner!? If Kevin stays .. he is going to love me. Memphis – I know definitely for a fact that Janelle is pushing for Keesha to say. Cody – NicoleA told me that she thinks it would be better for me to keep Kevin. You know what I am hearing ..that people are linking Tyler and I together. Memphis – that is good for us.

10:40pm Lounge room. Cody and Kevin.
Cody – I just had a conversation with Keesha and I kind of told her that I was just holding back and not saying anything to anybody but I am .. if people actually say anything to anybody it could bite me in the a$$ because I am saying you. I had a conversation with NicoleA and she said yeah I really like Kevin and I think it would really benefit you if you kept Kevin. Kevin – If it does happen and I stay .. I will definitely follow through with my promise. I will not put you up if I win HOH, backdoor or any of that situation. And I do like the idea of paying you back with a plus one if need it. Cody – Its just the first week and you’re feeling each other out.. you’re definitely getting close to people but when is stuff actually going to be happening. If you don’t stay then people directly lied to me because they’ve said I feel good about Kevin. Kevin – if I do stay I do want to pay you back because you did influence it. Cody tells Kevin that if Kevin were to play in the safety suite to try and win it to use the plus one on Cody it would put a target on them. Kevin – but I would want to pay you back. Cody – it would be justifiable you wanting to repay me. We would just have to know it wasn’t looked as the other way.

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Omg Kevin.


Oh goodness lol


Do you think this will really affect Kevin‘s chances of staying ???


Cody might end up in a final 2 with Tyler, Enzo and Memphis. Potentially another one with Dani as well.

another name

Cody already has deals with each of them individually. And NicF. And Kevin. And I think secretly with Ian he has a little understanding.

another name

A message i got from a once co-worker / former drag queen (used with permission)

“chile stubble deeper than her eye emoji on house emoji.
get a load of the declawed emojiemojiemoji {oh i’m not saying what that one is.}
like the shoes
shoulda b use em 2 walk ur ass
out door emoji 2morrow gurrl.”
and some more emojis i don’t know how to do. 12 of them. i don’t think i’ve ever seen that one before… what is it? can’t even. and a rainbow.
Apparently a 50 year old drag queen texts like a 12 year old. Who knew?

My translation: nails and a shave would have been Kiki’s preference for Anita?

Meanwhile on feeds Cody is locking in his Kevtoria.
Da is taking NicA / Kevin’s Janelle angst to Enzo as her own new project.
(Da knows darn well Janelle says allll the words to Bayleigh, this is making way too little sense). Enzo confirms that Kevin is the pawn every week in his mind.
Didn’t Enzo lock down his own downlow with Janelle today?
There’s signs of Tyler and Dani angst.
and Ian fear is beginning to spread….
Is Da’vonne intentionally trying to cause a split vote?
After her talk with Enzo she’s gone to Janelle. I think to get all the info on who Janelle has in the game after the NicA / Kevin paranoia spooked her. She’s pumping dani, tyler and ian and franzel at janelle (who honestly doesn’t have any real useful info about them). Janelle is giving her back Christmas and her assumptions. Including Nicole A. kaysar and Memphis
Is Da’vonne going to buy the truth that Janelle doesn’t possess a clue about this vote?

This late hour waffling depends on Christmas, Memphis, and Kaysar. And Nic A?
Um. This is not a vote flip that i am currently seeing manifest. This is….drama but pointless drama.

yeah, Da ran straight to Cody after getting Janelle juiced up. Cody all Janelle was pregaming… oh sit down Cody, you’ve already spilled you pregamed, and then tried to cover it.

Christmas and Janelle putting it together that Da’vonne threw a chaos bomb at them… not sure if they’ll get the full conclusion, but they’ve both gotten suspicious.

another name

so. wait.
we get hyper chaos for a half hour. Brought to you by Da.
we get whining about said hyper chaos. By Da Cody and Ba (who doesn’t know this was a Da created chaos bomb).
then we get…
that was anticlimactic.
How does Janelle explain the dervish to Kaysar? He walked in on it.
How does Christmas explain her switch and switch back to Tyler? He was there with Cody when they said she was being emotional in questioning his plan.
Does this somehow bring Christmas closer to Janelle and vice versa?
Does Da’ own the chaosbombing to Bayleigh?
So… they don’t resolve any of this… it’s just dropped on a dime?
And where was Keesha. As the nom, shouldn’t she at least have been present in the background… looking on in silence while someone else says anyone want cake?
Did someone yell in “aaaand…. scene.”

Sure an hour later there’s a little rehash. Dani deflects a bit of it. Cody says Janelle was never his target (remember when he said the words backdoor Janelle before the safety suite. three times). Da is pushing the Janelle crazy angle (that she’s heard from Nicf and her bad read society alliance). Ba says she spends most of her day with Janelle, she doesn’t know why she went off like that. (cough cough Da’vonne).
Dani exposes some of her Janelle envy (Queen of BB).
Cody goes into yet another Derrick said this Derrick said that, Derrick said Dani R. wasn’t coming back. Okay. That’s enough with feed, i’ll just finish up my thought before sleep.

It’s so weird.
So. the kumbaya that was Ba and Janelle is over.
Da has her number one back, and her number one no longer has a number 2, while she has a backup alliance and another backup alliance.
Spotlight off Kaysar. Janelle lives as the Ringleader… that has no circus and no monkeys.

So, the night before the HOH gives Nicolef everything she has been whining about since day one? The whole house against Janelle? Oh don’t tell me she hasn’t been pushing the same in d/r. I wouldn’t buy that for a moment. You know she’s right up in there complaining.

So Janelle’s the cheese now with no rhyme or reason in terms of the fluidity and congruity of it’s occurrence?
What was that?
I’m thinking that felt odd. Not totally tinfoil hat odd. but… odd.

Jets Jets Jets

Damn dude you’re all over the place. I didn’t understand a single thing you rambled on about with that emoji thing. Usually you’re making a point. I’ve been reading you now for 4 years but these 2 posts make me think you’ve been overdoing the MJ a little.


Shane from big brother 14 deserved to be an all star over Nicole A and Davonne.

Especially considering Shane never even watched the show before he entered the game and Had one of his HOH canceled when he was backdooring Frank And HOH who took out Mike BOOGIE and considering how far he got and he lost to the greatest player ever be in the Big Brother House In Dan!!!

I think Shane undoubtedly deserved a second chance over some of these players Grodner decided to put in this house just to roll over and die for that sweet love of hers Cody- Davonne is completely blinded by Cody. Her and Nicole A have been completely disappointing!!!

I swear if you would’ve told me at the end of big brother 17 that a week 2 Evictee in Davonne would been Called back for All-Stars to play for her third chance to play big brother in three separate seasons while we’ve never seen Johnny Mac will never big brother again I would have told would be a terrible decision and that is exactly what we are getting NOW as a result of it!!!

Jets Jets Jets

Man 14 was sh!t. Even Janelle was saying how bad the cast was. I agree with you that Da might not have deserved to come NA was a shoo in for me and my pick to win. Also and this is not speaking bad about the racism thing so don’t start killing me. But I think they needed some diversity and when Daniele Reyes turned them down they had to turn elsewhere. That’s the same with David. If Josh had passed C19 protocol he wouldn’t be there.

Feeds Gold

bay to christmas: “im not doing that minion shit”


she is one of many of codys minions

Feeds Gold

cody has his many minions dancing to his tune and following orders obediently

bay thinks shes such a hot shot being the fake friend to rat out every convo she has with fan fave janelle to cody and co, but bay(and day) are just another disposable side piece to be used by cody and his more important allies…looking forward to seeing bay/day reaction when they find out theyre in a fake alliance

kaysar/janelle this week going for safety comp, and attempting to sway a vote to save an ally is sacrilege in the “i dont know, i like them both, nobody is playing/talking” house vibe…campaigning is frowned upon, going against codys narrative is not ok

day did not like hearing dani call janelle the queen of bb (every girl in the house other than keesha is either jealous of janelle or ratting her out or both, and i dont blame janelle for wanting to keep loyal keesha even though its hurting her game)

this hoh is absolutely critical to try to turn the tide of the cody and co steamroll (bb16 2.0 proudly brought to you by derrick in preseason)

some resistance fire is needed with an hoh win for kaysar or janelle(hopefully many will throw the comp maximising the chance this happens), then see the cockroaches scatter

another name

I think (don’t quote me) Cody and Dani later decided the Bay Day alliance is a better fit than the Core4 alliance because Enzo doesn’t like Nicf.
But then, Cody questioned Dani’s loyalty.
Dani gave him every card she has in the game.
Cody gave her…. nothing.
Q: Wasn’t it Dani that was telling everyone Da and Bay are close friends in real life, and that they were for sure working together? In a conversation with nicf? and beyond?
When Bay & Da complain they are sick of everyone assuming they are working together because they are both black (the alliance is called black girl magic mind you), Dani says people assume you are friends out of the house, it’s not race it’s relationship.

BB girl

I agree with why everyone automatically thought they were together just because they are both black. People assume that people of the same race will be more comfortable together and work together if they are a minority race in a group. I did an observation on this at one point. There are always a few outliers, but typically in a group of mostly one race, the other races will sit together. I found myself doing it without even thinking about it. It is very noticeable in college settings.

another name

Many of these people know each other real world. It’s not strangers.
So if they know who is real world tight with whom, it blurs the usual assumption that it’s race alone definining the usual ‘oh they have to be together’ reason.
This is why Dani went to pains to tell people she only went to NicF’s engagement party because NicF doesn’t have many female friends. Truth is they are friends.

I think there is an assumption on HG part that two former bb houseguests that are black are working together on some level: but i thinkthere is an assumption on HG part that two former bb houseguests that are real world friends are working together.
That is why i asked if anyone remembers Dani telling people that Da and Bay are real world tight.