“I don’t know if I should talk to Memphis or not I wish I would have watched the show. “

Head of Household Winner – Memphis
Have nots – Kaysar, NicoleF, Christmas, David
Power of Veto Players are
Power of Veto holder
Power of Veto Ceremony
Safety Suite –
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7:56 am David
David – I feel like my game is at risk right now
David – these players are good … My social game I don’t think I played it right
D – just need to survive this week and see if some people in my alliance will keep me safe either safety suite or veto but I have to make sure I’m not put up on the block with someone else in my alliance. I don’t know if I should talk to Memphis or not I wish I would have watched the show.

David – People you don’t feel comfortable with and how do you go about having a conversation
David -I’ve never had to talk to the HOH before that I wasn’t cool with. What’s the point of talking if you know? Can I talk my way out of it?. No
David says all Memphis will want is information and if he gives information he won’t have an alliance anymore

(ohh dear)

David – one thing I’m not doing is the dishes.. Jesus Christ. I want to. I want to be nice and do them but…

8:14 am David Meditating

8:40 am Kevin and David
K – have you talked to Memphis yet?
Kevin says David being have not gives him the advantage because he has to walk by the HOH room on his way up. Points out that last week he noticed Memphis would hang out on the sky bridge on one of the two seats waiting for Cody.
K – I’m a have not I’m hanging out over theere and you can catch him
D – I just, I dont’ want to give him something if it’s inevitable
K – what do you mean
D – I feel like ..
K – what is this inevitable crap
David says based on Memphis not really talking to him, and how last week went and how “my dumb a$$ said I wanted to experience the game” David thinks he’s going up “To save him (Cody) the blood”

David – just reading the situation., I don’t want to go up there and give promises I need to play differently. I want to do that believe me.
David says he has tried to break the ice with Memphis but it doesn’t go anywhere
Kevin – same here
David – that being said they’re people that want me to be here
Kevin – this season has 3 ways to save yourself, Play HOH, Safety suite .. wait there’s four ways.
K – HOH, Safety Suite, Veto and the last one is votes.
Kevin says David has to be careful that Memphis doesn’t put him up with someone that is a guaranteed vote for him. He’ll try to split it.
David – if I am going up against someone I like that is in the same circle.. that will be tough choices.

Kevin puts Ian’s sunglasses on the bathroom snowman.
They talk about Memphis having a “little grump” in him
Kevin says he feels like he’s on a delay in the game of about 5 days.
D – I trust you
K – You are in my circle in the bullseye
D – we got blood together. it’s different. Me Da’Vonne and Bayleigh are all like Kevin’s got to stay that was from the very beginning.
D – I don’t want to be put up on the block with you, Bayleigh or Da’Vonne that’s my fear.
David – I feel like I am going up
Kevin – don’t put that energy out there
Kevin says he’s playing in the safety Suite he can’t risk going on the block this week.

K – that guy (memphis) is smart.. he’s always to find a real angle.
K – Janelle nad Kaysar acted like they weren’t going to play up until the last second
David – the game is getting fun. I’m not going nowhere hell no.

Kevin – A person of colour does have a shot this season.. it’s an even playing field
Kevin doesn’t think there’s anyone problematic with race this year
David agrees

David – the nature of the country and our training leading up to walking into the house definitely. It’s hard to .. at least for me being in the same place where it was going down.
David – It was a year ago, I’m here and someone was doing the monkey dance in the top room. That happened and I was oblivious to it.
Kevin – In reference to you
D – yeah
K – Ohh I didn’t know that
D – that was disgusting. And I was nice walking around the house like a dumb a$$. I don’t want to feel that way again
D – I want history to be made that is really what I want.
K – Has a black person?
D – never won
K – Danielle Reyes was the closest
D – that’s the reason I did it last year. I looked up all the winners and was like perfect.
D – I wasn’t really nice to Lemi last year. She dealt with the same thing on a greater scale.
K – How did she feel about the whole situation
D – She doesn’t talk to me she just talks to NicoleA and Ovi I think
D – me and her we don’t talk we’ve reached a better place. Me and Da’Vonne had a conversation about that. It was tough
K – I didn’t anticipate our previous experiences in the house trigger us in here..

9:15 am
Houseguests getting up

9:23 am Emperor Palpatine is up enjoying his coffee but soon gets called to the Diary room.

9:29 am Feeds are on stars someone must have mentioned evil Dick’s name.

9:31 am Tyler and David
Tyler says he’ll save David with the safety suite if he wins it.
Tyler – or talk Memphis out of putting you up. It’ll be easy for him he already kinda pissed you off. I haven’t talked to him so I don’t know where his head is ay
David doesn’t want to be on the block with Enzo or Tyler that would make it tough.

9:34 am Tyler and Kevin
Kevin says he’s playing in the safety suite “if my mom was HOH I would play”
Kevin leaves. Da’Vonne comes in
Tyler – yo about to play today
Da – yeah
Tyler – I think Memphis is trying to scare the f** out of everybody so and not say anything so to get as many people to play as possible make it easy next week.. It’s working.
Tyler – it’s pissing me off

9:45 pm Tyler and Danielle
Tyler says Cody and Christmas are playing
Tyler – if David doesn’t there’s something weird going on
Dani – I wonder what he wants to do it sounds like he doesn’t want to touch KAysar and Janelle at all, Nobody does.
Tyler – our six is five
Dani – our Enzo six
Dani – Enzo is cool too .. I don’t want him to go and if David goes up we shouldn’t vote him out he’s cool with us
They wonder who possible nominations would be. Da’Vonne, NicoleA, David…
Dani says David is a vote for them week after week
Dani says they are supposed to be in an alliance with Memphis and he doesn’t shoot out any scenarios with them “He told me why bother talking about it until someone wins HOH”
Dani – and now that he did he’s saying he doesn’t want to talk about it until after the safety Suite thing.. It’s weird right
Tyler says Memphis is playing both sides. He’s playing Janelle and Kaysar. He slipped up when he told us that.
Dani – I don’t even care about that like you (Memphis) are the one that came to us about the alliance. It’s weird to me

10:07 am Feeds down for safety suite?

11:34 am Feeds still down
12:39 pm Feeds still down
1:27 pm Feeds still down
3:00 pm Feeds still down YO

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STOP Skin Color Division

David to Kevin in the bathroom a few minutes ago: “I trust you. We got blood together. We saw you from the very beginning. Me, Davonne, Bayleigh… it’s obvious, but I don’t want it to be obvious.” Kevin is trying to redirect David’s hurts from the “Dance monkey” of last season (he was on the receiving end of) insensitivities to a place of we’re all just people in this house and refers to their pre-game bias training.

Way to go Kevin.

This is bias and racism too folks. Stop judging people by the color of the vehicle your soul was assigned to drive around in at birth, with NO choice, to get around. We all need to STOP being so skin colored tribal and move on to we are all HUMANS with different superpowers and shortcomings, no matter our exterior shell.

THIS is how we honor the hard fights and injustices of the past. Judging ONLY by content of character, NOT skin color.


I’m just going to say there is so much to unpack and address with this comment, but online big brother is definitely not the place for this sort of convo

Just a game

David is a waste of space!!
You were out last time cause you didn’t talk to the hoh!!
Why are you making that big of a deal to *talk* with a *player* who is hoh !!! In a *social* game? God!


Say it ain’t so, but does that mean Cody is Darth Maul? He definitely is no Vader.

Golden Gate Granny

That’s first day of feeds Enzo on the right, right? Haha.

Feeds Gold

memphis noms speech wearing the hoodie: “nominees, feel the hate flow through you and go out and win that veto”

Golden Gate Granny

The exiting HG’s are apparently being sequestered until mid Sept. (multiple DR asks) and fueling the “Battle Back” comments we’ve heard by several of them. Keesha was pretty upset she doesn’t get to go straight home to her lil furbaby. Julie stayed tightlipped about this with Keesha on camera, but “Expect the Unexpected.” (That is sooo expected.)


I can almost promise they’ll have some sort of battle back…if Nicole F. gets tossed will Victor win his way back into the game?

Golden Gate Granny

Kevin was sooo overly cocky when he last played and now he has the confidence of faded wallpaper. He annoyed the p*ss outta me last time he played and now he just looks constipated and beat down all the time. It’s really sad. I sure hope he finds his confidence again, without the cockiness. I am glad I caught his lil talk with David though, he spoke up in a way that was so astute and admirable.


As a gay man myself. I really hate his ” I’m the victim ” attitude. And hanging with NicoleA does not help

another name

Kevin really needs a hag. Someone to be catty with. ANY of Dani, Jani, Day would easily cover that.
NicA barely if even meets the requirements of fruitfly.
The little eeyore crap is only going to get worse the longer he spends with nicA.


I am gay too.. and I don’t like Kevin or most of the BB gay men. There are gay men in the USA that want to be on Big Brother than can compete and have a good social game… but Allison mostly casts whiney and bitchy gays. She goes for the stereotype. It does not represent all gay men. Kevin is exactly like he was on BB 11… whiney and in an alliance with the other disposables. He benefited from the jocks turning on each other and there always being a bigger target… then it got down to other weak players… because the others took each other out for him…. he is just another Bunky. Utterly useless and embarrassing to watch. Kevin will only get far if the other cast members turn on each other… and someone decides to carry him or Nicole A to the end.


Could it be that he is playing this way to fill a role…former HGs speak about how production will influence you to be a specific character.
Dr Will (years ago on D@N) said how for season 2, they weren’t going to cast him originally. He had to sell them on his character of the evil doctor. They thought he should be more hero as a good looking doctor, but he showed them that he’s someone they can’t refuse.
Could Kevin being playing up the victim role, as that, a role?


Nope… that is a Kevin. It is too consistent with NO irony for it be an act… production might ask question to make him paranoid… but that is Kevin. Regan and Will Wilke are the only gays I ever liked on BB. They cast some great lesbians but the gay men suck.


Floaters and possible evicts: I haven’t talked to the HOH yet

HOH: sorry I gotta put you up cause you haven’t approach me to know you better.

why we haven’t seen an african american win the big brother? cause It’s not about race issues it’s about social game and strategy.

Golden Gate Granny

Agreed. Kaycee isn’t touting herself as being the first Filipino winner. Or Jun as Asian. Or anyone else who has won. They’re just Big Brother WINNERS. Race does NOT matter and should not matter. In or out of this “social experiment” game.

another name

I really wish we lived in a state of consciousness where differences weren’t a factor. However, race does matter. So does gender. So does sexuality. In terms of “is there a different set of rules and parameters that govern different people” in this social experiment game. I wish there wasn’t a separate perception. I wish everyone was just seen as a person. That’s not where we are at yet.
Kaycee did site one of her reasons for wanting to win was because nobody that looks like her had won.
Jun has mentioned being the first poc winner. Many times in tweets. During her season, there was some negative talk about Jun beyond her conniving social game, that included race in the fan community. It happened. Mostly because she and Jee would throw in Korean when talking to each other.
Last year. The excuse given for the reasons for evictions was they stood out from the crowd. yeah. funny how a dot of darker skin tone stands out in a crowd of white.
This year: Many made the blanket assumption that the three black people were already in an alliance once all the houseguests were introduced to each other. It’s possible with the level of pregaming that went on, but it was more of an assumption that they must have.
There seems to be the notion that if you tell one black person in the game something, you are speaking to all of them. Ie/ nobody tried to get Da to convince Nicf or Dani to keep Keesha. They wanted her to convince Bay. You can’t include Bay in your alliance unless you include Da too. That was another one.
The feeds cut in and out A LOT any time black house guests were talking about their perception of their past experiences in their seasons. Last week.
Ian told Kevin he was voting to keep him because he didn’t want the first evictee to be a poc.
They increased bias training this year. If it’s not an issue, the training wouldn’t be required at all.
Multiple years. A woman plays the game in the same way as her male counterpart. He is viewed as someone everyone wants to be good with. She is viewed as ‘she scares me.’ For some odd reason, it’s usually other women that pull the ‘scares me, makes me uncomfortable’ line. Aggressive game seems to be a men only sport? I’ve wondered. Is that a perception? Or a gender role bias that continues to exist in the world.
Sexuality? they told the guy not to show his drag persona to the house because it might shift the vote. Two days ago.
It SHOULDN’T matter. IT DOES. That SUCKS. If we pretend that such things aren’t occurring, we are only putting blinders on ourselves instead of working to change.
I’d love it if we didn’t have a question mark at all about whether someone is a target or excluded from an alliance because of these factors. But we still have those question marks.
I so WANT to see a season where there are no question marks. I hope i’m still around when it happens.

Golden Gate Granny

We have the same end goal. Thanks for your opinions and facts. Wish we could all have a universal alliance on this very basic human concept of true equality and bury inequalities (we are born with) DEEP once and for all. Globally. While I’m dreaming big… eradicate this f*cking virus too.

All Stars???

A couple of seasons it was definitely about race.

Golden Gate Granny

For many, many, centuries too. It’s just gotta stop. All around, just stop. It’s ridiculous.

Backseat Driver

Simon…..your “Good morning Emperor Palpatine” was awesome….I’m still laughing!

Linguini Pants

Agree! Hahaha!


imagine being cast to be on a television game show where you could win $$$ and not even watching the show

All Stars???

Doesn’t deserve to win All Stars if he couldn’t be bothered to watch at least some of the seasons.


Early comps should have to do with trivia from former seasons….gear it towards the HGs that know the game and history….that’s what All-Stars should be about, BB history and legacy. Even questions like, T or F: the veto was introduced in season 3….


imagine being cast to be on a television game show TWICE where you could win $$$ and not even watching the show EITHER TIME. Go Home David.

Linguini Pants

Doesn’t deserve TO BE on All Stars. I think being a fan of the show, having watched a few seasons, at least, should be a prerequisite to being able to play the game. But that’s just me.


….and be an all-star with a guaranteed 40k pay…wow!

Golden Gate Granny

I bet Janelle’s contract is much higher than that. Kaysar too.

* Team Janelle*

That alone is reason for eviction.


People are just forgetting…there’s no weak player with the exception for David.

Kessha 4th place
Kevin and NicoleA 3rd place.


David is not a weak player. He is essentially a new player because He got screwed the 1st go round


Except he could have at least watched the show. He is a weak player

another name

For all of his play acting that he doesn’t know how the veto works, David’s still not sure if he should speak to the new HOH.
Even if it’s just to gauge how the new HOH acts around you, you should at least take a pop in moment with a new HOH.


He’s mentioned before he’s acting dumb to avoid getting targeted. He’s doing great at the acting, if it’s acting…


I’d of told David that you vote for who you want to keep, see what he does.
If Janelle didn’t like him, she could have a lot of fun setting him up for failure.


David was targeted by the Bros and Cliff, if he survived the blackout challenge he still would have been the first evicted houseguest. People forget Cliff did not like David neither did the Jacksons.


Yeah, remember how bad David was in that and the Camp Comeback that Cliff beat him at…how is he an all-star? Should’ve been given a second chance, but next season against newbies.


He’s not an “All-Star” though. Yes, he is this season, but…WTH?

another name

Kaysar has never made jury.
Da’vonne was i think 16th and 11th.


I agree 1000000000% on this comment. Da in know way is an all star either. She has never won a comp and was the first evicted in her first season and 1st juror in second. GROD doesn’t know what All Star means. David and Da should not be here. Bay and a few others are not deserving either.


This is a game where winning does not make you a strong player. You might have just been less hated by the person beside you, or brought to the end because you did nothing and were useless.


Davonne shouldn’t Be an All Star.

0 comp wins in 3 seasons and tries to come off as a hard comp beast.

Her social game is so horrific that it kills off any chance to use her intition to her advantage!!! Especially with the wrong people in the house to get good with.
When she gets in the line of Fire she will be a sinking ship.

Her lack of ability to play this game will only help out the other side of the house that much easier!!


She got evicted week 2 in her original season because of her social game.

In both seasons 17 and 18 her inability to keep her emotions and self in check costed her.

Her second season she was a huge reason why the eight pack fall alliances apart. Her inability to work with Frank and Tiffany made that Alliance completely implode because she then made other people in the alliance want turn against each other when she was part of the reason there was drama being started. She got completely awkward with Tiffany when tiffany told davonne and davonne knew tiffanf had won the roadkill and in yet she completely acted awkward and that’s why Tiffany put her up as renom. When outside of telling Bridget and Frank- Davonne was the only one on the other side to know that Tiffany won the roadkill competition.
And her awkwardness going into the bumper car have not room
Just for 5 to 10 seconds only to ask Tiffany am I going on the block are you gonna nominate me was the reason why she got put on the block!!

And Just like Frank, she was exposing secret alliances. After Zakiyah told Davonne about the fatal 5 She Immediately told James and Tiffany when there was 14 people left about the fatal 5. Davonne even told James in the same room right after. I mean James even voted her out of the house. Because she out right told James she wanted to break up the couples!!!
When James was in a showmance himself!!! It doesn’t get more oblivious than that. Davonne shows herself to be very suspicious especially with how she uses information at the wrong time!!

She can’t win competitions and her social game makes people not want to trust and align with her.


Da is an all-star because she does have a larger fanbase and has been on other shows. Is Bay really an all-star? Not in the sense of the gameplay, more just a popular vote from the newer fans.
Even in sports, players get voted as All-Stars who shouldn’t be there.
We need Hall of Fame BB.

Anita Veto

Man I hope Jaysar doesn’t cause “The Red Wedding” and expose everything before the veto is played. They’re back in good graces with Memphis. Who would’ve thought a Memphis HOH would finally make this house squirm and start playing. It sucks because I like NicA but she’s a mouse (Nasal is the rat so A can be the mouse) and the way she was trying to make Jaysar do all the work and expose themselves for her- NOPE! As long as Ian and Jaysar are safe anyone else can go.

another name

If Tyler didn’t pick up HUGE clues in his conversations with Cody and Dani over the past 18 hours… he deserves what he gets.
It seems to me Cody was trying to get Tyler to play in the Suite. Like trying to push someone in your alliance to not feel safe kind of way.
It seems to me Dani’s slip about which 6 they are talking about? If she has to clarify which six, there’s multiple alliances.
OH. an idiot could see there’s something up there.
And idiot is not one of the words i’ve used to describe Tyler. I’ve used lots of words. Idiot wasn’t one of them.
These things HAVE to have registered.


Dani begins to unravel, it’s just a matter of time before these players get confused as to who they told what and who is with who….only the outsiders keep trying to remember the lines in the sand.


Honestly, I think the highlight of this season so far is Insta Granny! The guy who plays these characters is the best. He was funny last night. They should put that guy in the game!


Really? Why all the down thumbs?


i didn’t give you a thumbs down but i didn’t think he was funny at all.

Golden Gate Granny

Doing some flashbacking… I really wish I had tallied how many times I heard “I told Cody” by so many to so many. Dude’s on everyone’s lips. I want him in crosshairs.

another name

Over Grod’s dead body.
I wish he would be in the crosshairs.
He won’t be until well into jury.

Golden Gate Granny

Nozzcole and Bragleigh too. Rawr.

Feeds Gold

10:07 am Feeds down for safety suite?
11:34 am Feeds still down
12:39 pm Feeds still down
1:27 pm Feeds still down yo
2:07 pm NO FEEDS FOR YOU…come back in 1 year! haha


We need a shake-up. Not a production calls Derrick for directions on how to devise some Grod-awful twist shake-up, but the HGs realize they are on “all stars” and start making some real moves kind of shake-up.

Meanwhile, I am happy to say that I haven’t heard one person say “I just want to make it to jury” this season.

another name

Well, Kaysar did say I don’t want to be evicted before jury AGAIN.


How about they take a segment from the show “Don’t “ and for One of the competitions the winner is the one who can eat who can eat the hottest pepper put in front of them without drinking anything (eliminating a houseguest potentially each round until only 1 remains(


Another Hours of Puppies and Kitties day… They Safety Room should be over by now and Nominations were never an all day affair. They made it so they don’t sleep all day now they do puppies all day. It is getting annoying. Why pay for feeds if you don’t get any feeds?


Could the feeds still being down mean more than 2 went for safety this time?

another name

My recreation of what is going on while feeds are down:
Intern One:
Easter, you can go first in the Safety Suite.
Intern Two:
You have to mix drinks. NOOOOO National Civic Holiday stop drinking the props…
They aren’t real hooch… they’ll mix badly with your meds….. oh crap she’s fallen down.
dust off the scooter, she’s broken her foot again.
Intern One to Intern Two:
I told you when Tyler tripped in the d/r that Black Friday would take it as a challenge and end up breaking something…..
Intern Two:
Somebody call Derrick, we’ve got a problem here.


Lol. We are quite the pair. You are imagining what is going on behind the scenes and I am coming up with possible sadistic competitions for the houseguests


I hope one of them is Ian and he wins just because his name was thrown around by Memphis and Enzo


It would be amazing if Nicole F. plays safety suite… Walks in… And finds out Meech is judging the safety suite competition.

Not gonna happen, but it would be amazing. :-)

Golden Gate Granny

They’re BACKKKK!

Golden Gate Granny

A down vote for letting y’all know the feeds were back? How kind. Oy.


Can someone explain the Kaysar lovefest? I don’t get it, I really don’t. At times he seems clueless, other times Kevin seems more manly than he does. What is it that people like about him?


Did you watch his seasons?


Looks like x-mess won the safety suite and added Ian as her +1.


Christmas won the Safety Suite. Takes Ian.


Feeds are back. Looks like Christmas won safety :(

another name

Safety Suite Immunity Winner:

Well. Nicf should be happy like they just took a visit to a linked sausage factory.
Betting she’ll still whine.
The others… why Ian????


Apparently Christmas won the safety comp.