Big Brother 18 Countdown to the LIVE FEEDS and Rumor Roundup

Big Brother 18 is almost here and like every year twitter accounts emerge claiming twists and casting rumors galore. This year the main ones seem to be focused on returning house guests and coaches. There’s also a healthy dose of villains and heroes type rumors, but this is usually the most common one. The returning houseguests one is being repeated by many sources. However I suspect it’s people just having fun. As for scheduling we find out tomorrow about the cast and probably withing the next couple days Julie Chen will go on a tour with ET showing us the house. At which point buckle up, I hope you are ready. Here’s how the start will go down.

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Big Brother 16 Spoilers: The CLUES Leaning Towards the Second ALL-STARS Season!

With so many rumors and speculation circulating the internet through different forms of social media its hard not to see the clues leaning towards this the 16th season of Big Brother being an All-Star season. This would be the second All-Stars season since Big Brother began back in 2000. The first Big Brother All-Stars was back in 2006 with Big Brother 7 where we truly had an all-star line-up of the best big brother alumni. The speculation about the 16th season being an all-stars season started a couple years ago but nothing has yet been publicly released or confirmed.

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Post Big Brother 14 Interview List

Big Brother 14 finally comes to a end. It was a great season with some of the better Players we’ve seen in a while. Ian Terry finally defeats the DAn Gheesling and the fabled Dan “Mist” is gone. The Vote was a shocking 6-1 with Danielle being the only vote for Dan. The image above was taken from the superpass interviews where Danielle was told Dan said said to Shane right before Shane left that Danielle was playing him from the beginning. It’s sad to say that for the most part these interviews are filled with fluff and really do not get to some core questions. We’ll need to wait for Evel Dick’s interviews for that.

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Big Brother 14 FINALE Results! Controversial Coach Vs. Naughty Nurse Vs. Boy Genius

Final 3 Results DAN Vs. IAN Vs. DANIELLE
The final three Big Brother 14 house guests have battled their way through the game over the last 75 days to make it to the Finale. Each of the final three used a different strategy to make it to the end. Dan is described as the controversial coach, Danielle the naughty nurse and Ian the boy genius. Tonight one of these three will be crowned the winner of Big Brother 14!

Final HOH Competition:

PART 1 of 3: Dan, Ian and Danielle faced off in the Fishing lure Endurance Competition. Dan won.
PART 2 of 3: Ian and Danielle faced off in the skyscraper competition. Ian won.
PART 3 of 3: Dan and Ian now face off for the 3rd part in the final competition of the season. The winner of this HOH competition ultimately gets to decide who they want to take to the final 2 with them.

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Dan’s Jury Speech: I knew if I was hated, you would want to sit next to me and I would have a chance to explain myself like right now..

1:30am Dan is unable to sleep and leaves the kicks room. He heads out into the backyard and starts practicing his jury speech. He talks about how he had to play a different game this season. He says that he had to play a ruthless game. He starts running through some of the points he will say to the jury but realizes that he is over the time limit and has to cut it down to a minute and thirty seconds. He talks about how he will kiss the jury`s a** by complimenting Frank and Shane on their physical game, Joe and Jenn on their social game, Ashley on being a wild card that he was unable to read and wasn`t sure what she would do, and how he underestimated Britney as a coach. He comments on how Ian and Danielle were his loyal soldiers.

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Last Night in the Big Brother 14 House and Danielle “Milks a Beer”

9:10pm Kitchen Dan, Ian and Danielle They are drinking beers and playing cards. Discussion is on how boring they are. Dan comments how strange it feels to have people watching them right now on TV. Dan: “what if us three are the reasons why Showtime cancels Big Brother after dark” Ian says that would be horrible.
Ian: “Tomorrow night will we be allowed to watch TV”
Dan: “Dude you will not want to watch us TV Tomorrow”
Dan explains that there will be a security guard in his room and they have a full day of press interviews on the Thursday.

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Ian says Boogie said you were whiny, had a pouty face, you didn’t clean up, and you complained about everything.

4:30pm – 4:45pm They start talking about Frank and Ashley and what they have done in the jury house. Dan says if we were talking baseball, how far would they have gone? Danielle says oh third base for sure by now. Danielle says that she thinks Ashley and Jenn have done something too. Dan asks like what? Danielle says that she can’t prove it but thinks they kissed or something. Ian comments that’s a really hot image isn’t it? Dan asks what? Ian says them going half log. Dan says that’s gross. They continue to talk about that sexu*l conversation that Frank, Ashley, Britney, Shane and Danielle had in the bathroom earlier in the season. The conversation turns to talking about Hooters. Danielle says that she would never work there because she cares about her reputation. The conversation turns to Danielle asking Ian about the nasty things Boogie said about the others. Ian talks about how Boogie told him he needs to hate these people. Danielle asks what he said about Shane. Ian says that he mostly just insulted his intelligence.

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Dan says production is stirring s**t up, don’t tell me what to say. Danielle says they got you pretty heated. Dan says yeah!

11:50am – 12:10pm Danielle is out by the pool tanning. Ian is rocking in the hammock. Dan joins them. They start talking about past competitions. Danielle comments on how in the one POV she had to say congrats Frank and production told her in her ear that she had to say it with more enthusiasm. Ian comments on how he hated having to tell Frank congrats on winning HOH. Danielle starts talking about The Talk interview this morning and says that she wished Julie Chen would have told us that we were well liked. Danielle asks if in this next round it means she gets automatically nominated? Ian says yes. Danielle says that means I just tied Frank for 5 nominations. Dan says no, Frank was nominated 6 times. Ian agrees. Danielle says that means I tied Joe.

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Big Brother Spoilage – Early Wake up for the Houseguests

8:29AM Cam 3-4 Ian Rocking the Dinning room chair
8:31AM CAm 1-2 Danielle and Dan getting Ready for something..

8:36am Ian’ snow in the shower.. everyone is getting ready for something today. (I have no idea what)
8:43am Dan ironing a shirt in the storage room.
8:51AM Cam 3-4 Kitchen Dan Eating the breakfast of champions and super heroes the world over, Pop tarts. Dan yells out to Ian to watch out in the storage room the iron is plugged in. (I have no idea what is going on today.. they are getting ready for something formal)
9:05AM Backyard Cam 1-2 Dan and Ian
Ian: “Today is the 18th yes.. ”
Dan: “Ya almost done”

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Danielle SUPER MISTED – I could write 2 books with the knowledge Dan’s given me

9:24pm Cam 3-4 Dan and Danielle Bedroom

Danielle: ‘What’s wrong”
Dan: “I don’t want to talk about it”
Danielle: “Did I upset you”
Dan: “No”
Danielle: “are you lying.. I’m sorry if I did something”
Dan says his social game was a joke. Danielle disagrees says he’s played a phenomenal game. Dan mentions how he feels like people carried him. Danielle: “I never once thought I carried you” Dan says he played a horrible game he sucked at everything. danielle says that right now dan is carrying her. Danielle: “You are a great coach and a great player.. you didn’t play a sh!tty game.. you survived your own funeral.. I have never seen a player pull off the shit that you do”

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Danielle asks what do you think Chelsea thinks about me? Dan says she probably hate you.

6:45pm – 7:15pm Danielle asks what do you think Chelsea thinks about me? Dan says she probably hate you. Danielle asks really?! Dan says just kidding. Danielle asks what do you think she thinks of me having to put up with your antics? Dan says she probably feels sorry for you. Ian joins them. He asks Dan what kind of bread he is using to bread the chicken. Dan says homemade bread, pretty john blaze. Ian says that’s so john blaze. Dan says so john blaze. Daneille says if you two say that one more time I am going to pop! Dan says that’s what she said. Ian tells Dan that we can’t have any more pool tournaments because we are both too weak to lift it to level it out. Dan says Danielle can lift it.

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Dan says Ian will probably be out-chicked. Ian asks what that means? Dan says like Chelsea and I, out-chicked.

2pm – 2:45pm Dan and Danielle talk in the pool. Danielle asks Dan what type of guy do you see me marrying? Dan says one that doesn’t wear the pants. Dan tells Danielle that she would be the passive aggressive one in the relationship. Dan continues to talk about the type of guy Danielle would marry. Dan then tells Ian the type of girl he would end up with. Dan says someone that likes the internet, Pokémon, she would be super skinny, and a little nebbish, just a little nebbish. Ian says okay. Dan says that Ian will probably be out-chicked. Ian asks what that means? Dan says like Chelsea and I, out-chicked. Dan grabs his salsa ball bowl, fills it with water and dumps it on Danielle’s back.

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