Big Brother 14 FINALE Results! Controversial Coach Vs. Naughty Nurse Vs. Boy Genius

First HOH Dan Second HOH Ian
Third HOH  IAN Final HOH IAN
Last Evicted Houseguest Danielle

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Final 3 Results DAN Vs. IAN Vs. DANIELLE

The final three Big Brother 14 house guests have battled their way through the game over the last 75 days to make it to the Finale. Each of the final three used a different strategy to make it to the end. Dan is described as the controversial coach, Danielle the naughty nurse and Ian the boy genius. Tonight one of these three will be crowned the winner of Big Brother 14!

Final HOH Competition:

PART 1 of 3: Dan, Ian and Danielle faced off in the Fishing lure Endurance Competition. Dan won.
PART 2 of 3: Ian and Danielle faced off in the skyscraper competition. Ian won.
PART 3 of 3: Dan and Ian now face off for the 3rd part in the final competition of the season. The winner of this HOH competition ultimately gets to decide who they want to take to the final 2 with them.

Final HOH winner is IAN

The Final 2 Big Brother 14 House Guests are: Ian AND Dan

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The Winner of Big Brother 14 is IAN

Ian Wins by a vote of 6 – 1

Jury Votes:
Frank votes for IAN
Ashley votes for IAN
Joe votes for IAN
Britney votes for IAN
Shane votes for IAN
Jenn votes for IAN
7th jury member Danielle votes for DAN

America’s Favorite House Guest is FRANK

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592 thoughts on “Big Brother 14 FINALE Results! Controversial Coach Vs. Naughty Nurse Vs. Boy Genius

  1. Dan is very good at games like rummy, and pokemon, and chess.

    But, I can beat Dan at chess. When playing chess, Dan has very good pawn structure, but he tends to over value his queen. Near the end of the game, Dan needs to be careful that his opponent doesn’t promote their pawn turning the pawn into the most powerful chess piece in the game.

    1. In the great words of Britney. “I can’t believe I’m saying this. QUACK!”

      From BB dog house – To the penthouse.

      Congrats – IAN!

      1. Definitely, congrats go Ian. Little guy deserved it. After giving him some grief this year, I am genuinely happy for him.

        I know I suggested that it could be a sweep for Ian a week ago and my reasoning was just as we saw things go down tonight. The jury talked. Got to the botton of everything Dan did. Dan actually did himself in tonight in his speech, too, making himself look like more of an ass that even they probably realized.

        See, some people are under the impression that Dan had a great season, but here is something to consider. Dan forgot about the social aspect. And the competitions aspect. He only had the strategy going for him. You can’t play like Russell Hantz, piss everyone off, and expect to win in the end. Dan’s no genius. More like a dumbass for having possibly the worst social game in BB history.

        One more thing. Dan said he couldn’t win competitions against guys like Shane or Frank. Little, 5’3, screwed up in a way, Ian could and did… both physical and mental. Magnifies just how badly Dan played. Not able to win competitions. Worst social game, maybe ever. His strategy was brilliant, but it didn’t matter in the end. Ruined his reputation. Made a nice girl cry a bunch of times. That’s a terrible season. :-)

        Again, congrats Ian, if you ever read this.

        1. You summed up what I’ve been saying for about a week now: EVERY part of the game is part of the social game. Voting on a social game and telling people to leave their feelings out of it is total poppycock. Who socializes with other people and ignores how they feel about that person? Dan burned too many bridges.

          All that being said, this season was a helluva fun season. I’ve enjoyed the interaction, even with those of you who got on my case for no reason other than me being on Team Frank. I look forward to rooting for the next houseguest that’s irrationally hated next year.

        2. I also want to give Ian credit for part three of the HOH last night. With all the pressure on he destroyed Dan so bad that
          Julie didn’t even have to ask all six questions. Bravo little guy!

          1. Dan threw the comp so he didn’t have to get Dani’s blood on his hands. I knew the answers….the questions were very easy.
            He knew Ian would take him to the final and he also knew either one would beat him. He decided to give the superfan with student loan debt
            the money.

            Only my opinion……

        3. Huge credit goes out to the little guy with the season in the balance and all that pressure on him he destroyed Dan so bad in part three of the HOH that Julie didn’t even have to read all six questions. Ian earned this win.

    2. ..and that is exactly what transpired. Ian promoted a pawn to queen, and checkmated Dan. I have to hand it to Dan as he played a ruthless game, but he forgot the one aspect of the game that Ian spanked him in: competitions. To all those that think Dan should have won I say better take a cold shower tonight and wash that mist off yourself.. .

      1. Heartless people like Dan will never the the greatest. Not only did he fail at the competitions, his social game sucked in the end.

        Did you know that people with Botox also experience less emotion?

        1. 2 full seasons and never evicted!! What mist? If I recall correctly, he is the ONLY person ever to do that, Ian would not stand a chance a 2nd time!! You’re confused about what social game is, its game strategy! Frank got miss congeniality with his America’s player win, that is not social game. Ian did probably deserve this one, but its a 1 time thing, and Frank/Shane were just mad that they lost! I think its also funny how Joe called Dan out about comps., he won NOTHING, and made absolutely no game moves, even piggybacking Adam from 13 had him beat!

  2. Dan spells out Drama, Arrogance and Narcissism.

    Jury won’t vote for Father Dan even if he was sitting next to the devil himself.

    Tonight’s results will be a lesson for Father Dan using religion swearing on loved ones manipulating people will bite u back BAD KARMA

    1. Here we go again dipshit. Hopefully tonight after Dan wins, you’ll stfu and never watch this show again so the real fans don’t have to deal with your crazy ass sending death threats to house-guests. Team Mist all the way!

      P.S. Get a life psycho.

      P.P.S. Simon and/or Dawg, please get rid of this douchebag next year. :P

      P.P.P.S. It’s been wonderful real big brother fans. See you all next year. Thanks Simon and Dawg to all the hard work you’ve put in. Much appreciated.

      1. Man, you must be so upset, First the amoral anything goes Dan loses and then Frank wins America’s Choice. Wait I got a phone call …Ring! Ring! Ring! “Hello.” “Is Dan there?” “Well I am sorry, Dan is gone. Big Brother Season 14 is over with. However, who should I say is calling?” “Hell!” LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL!

    2. And this is what happens everybody when u become money hungry , dont be greedy or life will teach u a hard lesson

      This is what you get Father Dan, for being greedy and ruthless using the bible to advance in the game cowardly move you got humiliated #bb14

      Shame on you Dan for taking advantage of Danielle , and she still voted for you because she is a better person than you are

      Shame on you

      1. dan’s biggest challenge has yet to come…how to explain everything he did to anyone other than bb. he actually thinks one trip to a confessional will fix it all up. hope he’s right, but i doubt it.

        he will get his real prize in the coming weeks…he won’t be happy, and it won’t be money.

      2. You do realize he just won $50,000, already won the game before, will go down as one of the greatest players ever and goes home to a smoking hot wife. What’s
        the lesson?

        1. Absolutely!! List of people who have played 2 full seasons: Janelle, Dan! List of people who made it to finale twice and never got evicted: DAN! Short list, case closed!! I wonder how Bb 13 would have played out if Dick stayed?? So much crap talking about Dan’s strategy, did anyone watch Bb 8? Dan made it to the finale again, and NO ONE would be talking about how great a season it was had it not been for his antics!! All pouters, and people in denial should watch a different show, they just don’t have the resolve for this one! Having said that, I’m still happy for Ian, he came out of nowhere, but he would go early if he entered again, guaranteed…….

  3. I think the BEST thing would be for Dan to throw the competition to Ian (because he wants Danielle’s vote in the jury), and then Ian, in a brilliant “Dan-like” manner, turn around and take Danielle to the final 2. I hate the idea of Danielle getting even 2nd place, but I like Dan getting anything even less. Not because I think he’s rotten, I just think Ian played a great game, overcame some serious disabilities and awkwardness and if he evicted Dan, that totally pads his resume for the win! Boogie, Frank AND Dan, out by his hand. AND he never had to mess with people’s minds to do it.

  4. My OBB family it’s been a hell of a summer I must say! Much more eventful than last year. I’m really pulling for a Ian and Dan final two because I think they both deserve a spot in the final two and at this point I really wouldn’t care who took the grand prize between the both of them because I think they both deserve it. I’m just PRAYING Danielle isn’t in the final two because I think she is way less deserving, I mean essentially Dan played HER game for her. So cheers to the ending of a pretty good season and here’s to hoping for an even better season next summer!

    1. Thanks to Simon and Dawg for an awesome season, this board made it tons more entertaining than the actual season itself. It’s a shame that some punk like Ian is going to win the game. I can’t watch the finale anymore, it was predictable what was going to happen the moment he won the 2nd HoH, funny how it was timed too, I bet Danielle could have done it in 3:45 seconds and somehow Ian still would have been listed as 2:05. I’m out till next year.

  5. I’ve really enjoyed this season and OBB has helped to make it even better! Simon and Dawg, thank you for what you do. I’m already looking forward to next year and wondering what I’m going to do with all of my free time from not being on here 24/7.

    And Bobsky- from one fellow Frank fan to another- you are the Dr.Will of OBB :-)
    (Greatest of all time!!)

  6. I dont love alot of things but I love Big Brother. With a passion. It used to weird me out, how I felt about this game. But now I embrace it. Ive watched Big Brother intensely now for 9 years. Im only 22. So without Big Brother I wouldnt be the man I am today. Is that a bad thing or a good thing? I dont know. But while my love has grown for this game, I sometimes suffer heartbreak. I love this game so much that it breaks my heart when the best player of the season doesnt win. I know its not always gonna happen, but I would love it if it did. Season 6, I had to see Maggie crowned winner. All Star season I had to see Robin win rather then Batman. Season 11 saw a very sweet girl win, but not the best player. But sometimes the best player DOES win. Like Will, Dick and Dan. And now its season 14 and my love for the game is higher then ever before.

    For any other result then for Dan to win, is a crime. Now I get it, lots of people love Ian. Hes the nerdy loveable innocent kid. But the best player HAS to win. And thats not Ian. He didnt create the quack pack. He was brought into an alliance of 4 that had been going for over a week prior. Did Ian play a good game? Yes. But Dan has quarterbacked this season, and thats the bottom line. I have never in 9 seasons, seen one person control everything and everyone like what Dan did this season. Did he lie? Yes. Did he backstab? Yes. Did he swear on things that many people dont agree with? Yes. Is Dan playing the game of Big Brother? Fuck yes. He doesnt owe the truth to any of these strangers hes playing with. He owes it to himself and his family to do whatever possible to win.

    I love Big Brother. And I want to see the best player win. And thats Dan hands down. Even Ian’s biggest fan, and Dan’s biggest hater need to see that. If you have moral issues with the things Dan has done, maybe Big Brother aint the show for you. Im sure 7th Heaven reruns are on somewhere.

    1. Len, it’s great to read a post that focuses on the fact that it’s a game, and that Dan has played a great game. All the pearl-clutching by people who are oh-so-offended by Dan’s tactics is absolutely hilarious. ‘Big Brother’ is a cutthroat competition designed to see what people will do to win the game. Lies, manipulations, betrayals, etc. have always been a part of the game, and that’s what fans expect to see.

      It’s amazing how some people are so quick to use people’s gameplay to judge what they’re like in non-game life, as if the pressure-cooker stress environment has nothing to do with their actions. There’s been so much ‘holier-than-thou’ on the boards this year, it’s a shame.

    2. @Len
      Did u juss crawl inside my head and plant a chip or something because what you said is EXACTLY what I think…spookie

    3. Great comments and I agree to a degree (accidental rhyming!). I do consider the game to be more than just who’s the best lier, or who can get away with cutting the most throats without getting evicted. To me the key part is, at the end of the day, still getting that jury to vote for you

      Dr Will did it by simply not making people bitter with him, it was more ‘oh ha ha, that Dr Will, he got me again, that rapscallion’

      Evel Dick did it by bringing someone even more disliked than him to final 2

      Dan in his first season did the same thing, brought someone who the jury liked less.

      This year? People say Dan deserves to win because of his very inspired cutthroat game. But he’s left a jury filled with potentially bitter people. That’s not a perfect game by any means and certainly not an automatic ‘deserves to win’. I think Ian played a different kind of game, but one that’s not less deserving. I’m happy if either wins to be honest. Just as long as it’s not Dani.

    4. LOL @ Len…I love Dan albeit I watch reruns of 7th heaven. Big Brother is a show I’m quite passionate about and can only hope against all odds that the jury members vote for the person they feel has played the game the best…aka Dan. Unfortunately, it seems that Britney is the only one choosing to respect the game for what it is. Ultimately, I wouldn’t mind seeing Ian win either…

      To Simon and Dawg…once again, a big thank you for making Big Brother more interesting, and for all your hard work.

    5. Len,

      From one Big Brother lover to another, I could not have said it better. It’s a travesty that Dan lost tonight. This jury was so self-righteous it was sickening. I’m a Muslim and even I know that morals don’t belong in the Big Brother house.

      Dan was the best player. He ran circles around everyone. Too bad he didn’t win.

      1. I agree with you Dan has the best game plan to survive and pick apart his housemates. But he overlooked the one important thing to get the check and win it all — not to be hated by the jury.

        If the jurors are all computers with no feelings then Dan would win hands down.

      2. Ian just kept saying the same thing to answer every question. Dan so deserved the win, the jury messed up. I think dans problem was that he spoke way too quickly, pretty sure he was nervous because he could tell the jury was against him.. And Frank for americas choice.. yeah right, that one was rigged again by production, cause there favorite didn’t win.. I don’t know a single person who voted for Frank to win that..

        1. Well now you know someone who opened five CBS accounts and had 2 room mates do the same to give him well lets just say a lot of votes for one household

    6. @Len I agree with you. Dan has more skills than Ian, and probably played a better game than Ian. I’m sure the jury knows how good Dan is.

      However, the members of the jury are not fans like you or like the people watching at home. They are the people whom they lived with together for most of the summer, and they may not be as objective as you. Some of them are bitter, hurt or just plain dumb like Danielle.

      Dan is the one of the best in the history of the game but they LIKE Ian better than Dan this season.

      There’s no rule on how to play the game, and there’s no rule on how you vote to win it all.

    7. As I said last week, Dan was playing for 50 grand. I knew this jury wouldn’t vote without emotion. Dan was a selfish asshole all season, and it got him to the final, but that’s as far as he could go with the game he played. He actually thought that complimenting the jury members would be enough to put aside their hurt feelings and vote for him. That’s not a well thought out game plan. He may have made great moves to survive to the end, but he didn’t have the end game figured out. That’s why he’s not a great player.
      the only surprise was that even Britney didn’t vote for him.

      And congrats to Frank winning America’s favorite player. He was the best player all season.


    The Winner of Big Brother 14 is ?

    Jury Votes:
    Frank votes for ?
    Ashley votes for ?
    Joe votes for ?
    Britney votes for ?
    Shane votes for ?
    Jenn votes for ?
    7th jury member ? votes for ?

    America’s Favorite House Guest is ?


  8. If you look online at the Alabama Nurse’s Registry and Type in Danielle Alexis Murphree you will see she is only a LPN not a RN or whatever she claims to say she is. All she has done is lied to everyone make herself seem bigger than what she is …… I really hope she doesn’t win, she doesn’t deserve it. I really hope Shane doesn’t continue having anything to do with her after the show, he needs to run and run fast…..

  9. If 3rd HoH is a pokemon game between Dan & Ian. Hands down for Dan. Dan will pick Charizard & Ian will pick Infernape.

  10. They sell spray bottles/cans of rose water called “GUILT AWAY” marketed for Catholics in novelty shops. Dan could market his own brand of guilt-away and call it “Mr. Mister’s Guilt-Away.”

    Good job and thanks for the distraction from chemo this summer!

    1. I’ll take it if you want to hate on Dan for playing one of the best games in BB history, but please I don’t mock your religion, please don’t mock mine.

      1. Mike, no hate here…..not for Dan playing a great game and doing what it takes to win……..not for ANY religion, I recognize most people look to some greater power……and not for you, although you read in your own “stuff” and ass-u-me-d that I was mocking your religion which is clearly not the case here. We are all just having fun. If you knew someone going through chemo you would know that we are just glad to be alive and have an attitude of gratitude, that meanness and small thinking just doesn’t fit to our way of thinking. For the record, I hope Dan wins, followed by Ian, but it doesn’t really matter in my life.

  11. You Think dans mist is John blaze enough that he can get this jenn chick he misted into the jury house to give him the winning vote?

  12. GO DAN!!!!!! Hands down a great game, maybe the best. Biggest target on him when reset hit, he and Boogie. As a former winner, not in an all star show, and he makes it to end…….he deserves it. Regardless of how he got there, he played within the rules of the game, did what was needed to succeed, and placed himself in the finale again. All the haters that want to bandwagon on how he lied, how he swore on this or that, every single one of you would do the same for 500K. If you say otherwise you are lying, even to yourself. I hope he wins and becomes the first 2 time winner!

  13. Thanks for a great season guys! The show would suck without this website. See you all again next summer and I’ll check out the Survivor blog in the meantime.

    1. Nah! That’s part of the game, Dan should have considered that too in his game plan.
      Dan is one of the best players in the history of this game BUT they jury like Ian more.

    1. Why? Oh, never mind. Just saw your name, obviously bitter fan, as are all Frank fans. Don’t worry, AG got him America’s Favorite, you’ll be sure to see him at all-stars, no matter how brief an appearance that is.

  14. Have to say that I am a little disappointed in Dan as he has worked from day one with Dani and she really has been so loyal to him and now it seems he threw the comp so that he wouldnt have to take her to the end.

  15. going to be close, prolly 4-3 Ian….depends how shane and ashley vote, if they both vote Ian then Ian wins….not even sure about danielle now….Ian ratted out dan giving him his grandfathers chain as collateral for final 2 deal and she is pissed….Ian in good shape with frank, joe, ashley, shane prolly

  16. OMGosh, THIS IS GREAT!!!!!! Dan and Ian may have a knock down drag out before it’s over. Still don’t know how Ian can convince the jury. . . . . but then again, they’re mad enough that he may not have to do that!!! <3

    1. “but then again, they’re mad enough that he may not have to do that!!!” – my thoughts exactly.

      Dan’s gameplan put him on top of the big brother history.
      Ian’s gameplan or lack thereof got him $500K.

  17. I’m no Christian and I don’t believe in all that hokum, but I do believe this: when you yank on a tiger’s tail enough times, he eventually turns around and bites you. Dan has well exceeded his quota of yanks. Giving his dead grandfather’s medal as collateral for his F2 deal when he secretly planned to reneg? Bad, bad karma coming his way.

  18. Danielle will melt down in 10. . . . 9. . . . . 8. . . . . 7. . . . . . . 6. . . . . . 5. . . . . 4. . . . 3. . . 2 . . . . . . . .KABOOM!!!!!!!

    Finally, her eyes are wide open!!! She’s gonna need serious help tonight!!! <3 <3 <3

    1. can you believe her though even after she found out that dan threw the final hoh ,because ian said that dan had gave him his grandfather’s cross, what did she do she still fell on the sword for him and was his only vote….so sad on her part so sad.

  19. it will be: 4-3 Ian
    Ian gets: frank, joe, shane, ashley
    Dan: danielle, britney(maybe), jenn

    u heard it here Ian wins

    Dr. Will: Greatest of All Time

  20. The more and more I listen to Ian the less and less I like him. :/ kinda sad because I ginuinely wanted him to win, to say he controlled his own destiny is foolish. I think he’s still got this because the jury is blinded by bitterness outside of Britney.

  21. Wil make perfect sense, “Don’t be mad against the person lying to you, be mad at yourself for falling for it”

    1. Wil summarized my core belief about this game in one easy sentence.

      Bring this guy back for All-Stars. Someone gets it!

      1. Too bad he didn’t say that before they voted. I think he would have swayed them back. I think Danielle’s question is what really iced the cake for Ian to win.

  22. Thanks, Simon and Dawg for all your hard work this summer. I know it has been said many times but your site truly makes the show come alive. I hope both of you get to take a little time to relax. I did just visit the donation site. Have mt toes crossed for Ian to win.

    1. Hydrox, you are single angriest human being I have ever known in my life!!!!!!. Please consider getting the professional help you so badly need…….

    2. How is Dan the dumbest player??? He was counting on the jury voting for gameplay and not voting personally. He made a costly mistake. It does not make him dumb. Both Ian and Dan were pretty clever getting as far as they did.

      1. No his biggest mistake was taking out Shane instead of Ian in F4. Dan didn’t realize that Ian would get a few votes just for being Ian as opposed to bland Shane or useless Dan. He would certainly have won if he was against Shane or Danielle if he had just let Shane get the blood on his hands and evict Ian in F4. Almost a perfect game but that was Dan’s fatal error.

  23. Looking back…Ian didn’t deserve this…the fact that it wasn’t close speaks volumes about how bitter this jury was. I’m sorry but as a loyal Ian supporter I feel like his victory wasn’t out of him being better than Dan it was the jury being spiteful, this victory honestly feels like there should be an asterisk by it. I thought I’d be happy for Ian…but this feels…tainted idk probably just me!

    1. Here’s how you think about it. Part of the Big Brother game is knowing that the people you are evicting, are also going to be the people voting for you. It’s a fine line. I’ll say Dan’s game in staying in the house was phenom, but his game in getting people evicted but still being likable so that they would vote for him was horrible. That’s where he went wrong. Or as I said elsewhere, he forgot to apply a fresh coat of mist in the Jury House before the Finale. Also, I think Danielle’s question swayed some people.

  24. I still think Dan should’ve won. Not upset that Ian won, but I agree with Will – don’t be upset about the lies, be upset that you fell for it. I also think that most of the jury wouldn’t have voted for any of the coaches had they made it to final 2.

    Happy for Ian! Now for Jodi to win the America’s favorite – or Joe – LOL!!

  25. What a disappointment…a bitter, butt-hurt jury votes for the player that didn’t play half the game Dan did, all because they were completely outplayed by Dan.

    1. Hmmm, do you think that is what she was annoying Shane with at the end? “Shane, you were suppose to vote for Dan like I did, because you listen to me and Ian didn’t take me and he was mean to me. Trey wouldn’t have voted Ian.”


    1. Agree!
      And notice Julie let Ian constantly talk over Dan but when Dan tried to disagree when Ian lied about forming quack pack she shut Dan up. And the jury sucked in their lack of respect for Dan having to play diff game then last time… Just wish Ian wasn’t so annoying in the end cause it didn’t matter who won really…. Just wanted both final two to get same treatment to plead their case… Like Shane didn’t get to ask Dan about blindside till After the vote … Hmmm wonder why…might have affected votes!!! Sigh, still fun to watch and appreciate efforts.

  27. What a bunch of disgruntled House Guests!

    By the way, Dan why don’t you donate half the 50K to Danielle’s therapy.

  28. Fuck what I said. Dan deserved to win and the rest were butthurt dumbasses.

    That shit was absolutely pathetic.

    I wanted Frank to win Americas Favorite HG but what in the entire fuck. The guy was bitter as hell.

    UGHH. Best season, worst outcome.

    1. Ian played a better, cleaner game. Had a better speech and didn’t back the fack down.

      Janielle proved that once again that when she has an opinion, it means shit

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA all you bitter Dan fans.

      Dan sold out his values for 50,000 dollars, Ian grew up and played strong to win…..Dan fans need to take some of their Danielle hate out on themselves.

    2. Part of the game is realizing that the people you are getting out of the house, are the ones who will be voting the winner. Dan could Mist, he just forgot to reapply a coat in the Jury House.

    1. TP, you’re 100% right, Frank was a solid #2, but he was WAY behind Britney in all on-line polls. But Brit won last time, and I always kinda thought her house burning down (which she didn’t even know yet) had something to do with her BB12 win. There’s NO doubt AG made an “executive override” here. Frank’lll be back on BB soon enough. Hopefully, the “America’s Player” cash will suffice as Frank’s “consolation dream?

    1. Chris, it is COMPLETELY obvious that this jury was making a CLEAR Anti-Dan statement here tonight. Like, “Payback is a bitch, Dan!” For Jenn City to even go along with it (did she even say a word to Ian all season?), those 7 jury members were on a unified “Dan for the loss” mission here. Good for them. I wish Dan nothing but the best. It’s only a game. But I do think Dan will be quite surprised at the amount of residual ill will he’ll sense outside the game, going forward. His tactics this season REALLY seemed to trigger FAR more than the normal amount of BB anger/outrage/vitriol!!!!! Congrats, Ian! Spend it wisely!

  29. I’m going to vomit.
    Every year the America’s Favorite winner is in the lead or at least close on OBB…Frank was like, 6th…ewww…

    1. OBB has had a serious hate on for Frank for a while.. Seems like everyone on my facebook and at work was cheering for Frank.. It comes as no surprise to me that he won..

  30. Ian Won Yessssssssssssss Thank you everyone for your funny comments Thank you Dawg And Simon Thank you for this site see you guys maybe next year Lmaooo

  31. Simon, you have Joe voting for Joe in your recap heading…….

    VERY happy for Ian……..

    If I live to be 150, I’ll never see an angrier-at-one-person BB final jury……..Dan was a Danielle (barely) vote away from getting skunked!!!!…….. like so many have said….Karma may have played a part……..

  32. Comments seem to always be broken the last few weeks, can’t page through them. (just FYI in case you weren’t aware) You guys think Dan would have won against Dani? I think jury was too bitter, he would have lost no matter what. Loved Janelle’s comments!!!!!!!

  33. I am not hugely disappointed that Ian won but I think the jury did NOT vote for the best player. I think Dan really deserved to win. Seems like the jury votes were more against Dan than for Ian. Sour grapes I guess.

    1. But that’s part of the game. You know the last few people you get out will be the ones voting, so that’s why you have to have an AWESOME game. Knife them, while making them love you. He did it with Danielle and if him and Danielle has been in the final 2, I think he would have demolished her. Even Britney said it, she wasn’t as deserving.

  34. IAN WINS in classic fashion. He outplayed, outhunk and out speeched sleezebag Dan and made dan look lower than the bottom of hell. Ians win goes down as one of the better wins all things considered…he slayed 3 of the best players ever in janelle, boogie and dan…and add frank Yo

  35. Well folks, told you! Good does win in the end!!! Dan just played too messy of a game……And people don’t respect that…..lying and backstabbing are one thing….but what dan did was horrible….and I said it many times……He didn’t stop and count the jury votes. And also in the end….Danielle was still a dumbass….the only one to vote for dan….terribly sad…..bcuz she wanted to keep her word…..yeah….well dan didn’t ever keep his word….and it cost him 500,00

  36. IANNNNNNNNNNNN Oh man what a great moment. I LOVED the whole crowd chanting “QUACK QUACK QUACK” Ian DESERVED to win, as much as Dan? Maybe not. But I think Dan swearing on his grandfather’s chain which was revealed by Ian kind of proved what kind of sick person Dan was in that house. SO SO SO proud of Ian. Know what else I LOVED? Janellle calling Dani out on her lies. L-O-V-E-D it oh man GREAT finish to the season.

    1. Add that in with her stupid shocked and duck face, it was an EXCELLENT ending. I even enjoyed her at the end still crying to Shane how Janelle was mean to her and Dan screwed her and Shane was throwing his hands up like, “It’s over, what the heck do you want me to do about it?”

      1. I bet she followed Shane around all night and whined and whined and whined! Can you imagine her face backstage when she heard Brit say she hoped to see Dani as she felt Ian and Dan played better games then her? Bet Shane can’t wait to get back to Vermont….

  37. Congrats Ian & Finally Frank won America’s Favorite Houseguest! I thought Britney or Ian got it but Frank got it.

  38. Boogie sure was lovin some Ian all the sudden…dismissed him during the season & said mean things about him but all the sudden…hmmm possible “Investor” LOL Don’t fall for it Ian!!

    1. Jen W., that is absolutely hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ian, quick, give the 500K check to your folks, ’cause Mike Boogie’s havin’ serious money problems, and he wants to “have a talk.” Boogie: “Ian, do I ever have a deal for YOU!!!!!!!” Run, young fella, run………

  39. As much as I love Ian, that was more of a vote against Dan than a vote for Ian, but it is what it is, Dan is still tied with Dr will for best BB player of all time in my book. Not to mention that I am now positive that Americas Favorite is rigged, Brit I would of believed, but Frank is not the lead in any of the polls I saw. Dan played the best game I’ve seen in big brother for a long time, and at least he is getting 50K for it.

    1. Again why all the hate againts Frank? I could of seen Britney maybe winning it. Did u see how stupid Shane looked, he should of been used as the sliding door from the backyard or the green turf. He had nothing to say during the jury discusion. They all kept talking s*#t when frank left all bitter, but at least he was funny about it. Yeah hard feelings yo! Get over it

    1. And why not????? Just because the vote didn’t go YOUR way doesn’t mean it wasn’t legit. Get over it!! CONGRATS TO FRANK!!!!!!!

  40. I have nothing against Ian but if you watched this season and kept up with the live feeds and sites like this great one here then you know that Dan put out simply the best game that’s ever been played in this show’s history. Janelle said it the best when she said if he didn’t win it would be a travesty and that’s exactly what the result was. Dan had people so under the mist they didn’t even think to ask the other people if he had deals with them. Ian’s look of shock only showed how easily duped he was by Dan.

    Thanks Dawg and Simon for once again putting the only BB site I visit. You guys do a great job!

  41. I cant wait to go to the party and ask Ian and Dan why are you flipping off each other or the camera? , I mean you won money be happy ,how old are you two ,12? ,Dan’s student’s must be laughing their heads off . I know I am his eyes bug out when his mad and hair sticks out . I notice that when he lies too, either he very quiet and talking low or his eyes bug out and he puts his deacon ,coach voice , lol.

  42. I’m just happy Danielle didn’t win.

    It’s been fun everyone, thank you all for making the season more enjoyable. It was fun to watch the debates and read the funny comments, sorry if I offended anyone. Special thanks to Simon and Dawg for all the hard work.

    1. Maybe he came in third, and CBS doesn’t want to give two prizes to one of the final two players, so they pass it on to number 3. But I think as good and as hard is he played, he deserved the money. Or maybe he just won it outright.

  43. Congratulations, Ian!!!!!!

    I think Ian’s speech to the jury was SPOT ON!!!
    Ian was able to list how he played the game.

    Meanwhile, Dan sat there looking smug, as if he had the
    Win in the bag, but his speech to the jury was nothing more
    than apologies.
    “Greatest BB Player!” – Laughable!

    “Kudos” to Frank for Winning the $25,000.
    You deserve the win and I hope to see you when
    Big Brother All Stars is on the schedule.

  44. I’m actually not shocked by the Jury results. Ian played a great game and was more deserving than Danielle to be sitting in the final 2 but I feel like Dan was robbed of the win simply because at the end of the day, the Jury were just too bitter towards him and we’re seriously not looking at this from an unbiased point of view.

    If we keep having these bitter Juries, CBS will have to revert back to the original format and let the Public vote for the winner.

    I’m still happy to see Ian win, especially since Dan had won the game before. At the end of the day, the 2 best BB players of all time never could repeat simply because their reputation eventually caught up to them in the end. Will (First-Gen BB) and Dan (Second-Gen BB) should be framed BB Legends.

    And to all you Frank haters saying everyone despised him, well I got 2 words for ya, suck it. I think he deserves the 25k simply because as much as his social was considered horrible, the man did fight every week to stay in that house, something no other HGs could say this season.

    Hadn’t seen such an entertaining season since BB All-Stars.

    Thanks Simon and Dawg for keeping us well-informed and entertained for this season and we’ll see ya for the first season of BB Canada or to the next season of BB US. Much “Apppreshhh”!

    Catch “y’all” later and don’t forget…pop a squat!

  45. That was the best Big Brother season in a long time. Ian and Dan both deserved to win The only disappointment was Frank for America’s choice. Thanks Simon and Dawg

      1. Or CBS doesn’t agree with us. They should just change the name to CBS’s favorite player! Ridiculous how much production has a hand in this show…

        1. Jordeff, that is EXACTLY what it is: CBS’ favorite player!!!!!!!! But it’s been a rough stretch for “Team Frank.” They deserve to celebrate something, too. Let them have their fun. They, too, are part of “Team BB!”

  46. YESSSSS, FRANK WON AMERICA’S FAVORITE!!!!!! I guess America didn’t agree with all the Frank haters on this site!!! Good for him, he totally deserved it!! Ha Ha, Bratney got NOTHING!!!!!!

    1. oh my god get over it already we get it you love Frank, i’m just wondering does your butthurt , i mean you are in love with Frank right?

  47. As a fan of the game since the beginning, I think Dan should have won. This season was one of the best in a long time, closer to the original years! Sour grapes jury!!!!

  48. Ian won 500,250 dollars. The 250 dollars is what he’ll get for the gold watch and Dan’s grandfather’s cross when he pawns them.

  49. Dan’s mist was no match tonight for Ian’s fog! Congrats to Ian he played a hell of a game and glad to see Frank win America’s Favorite.

      1. By the way love the site and have followed it all summer and hands down this is the best big brother site on the internet. I plan on donating some money to the site for all the hardwork you and Dawg have put forht keeping the fans in the know. Great work and can’t wait to keep up with the site next summer during BB15.

  50. Sadly Jury being so butt hurt gave the wrong person the title of the winner….all in all people know Dan was the best player to play that season and it was not even close, proud of Ian good for him but Dan deserved to win it but oh well I will always consider him the best big brother player ever…

  51. allison give that 25000 to frank talking but america player please this guy was a bully all season i dont care how much times he was on the block he always throw a fit a big bully allison awarded that to……… in ian’s voice thats bullshit lol

  52. Simon and Dawg:

    You both need to have a blog column on how the season was played and your thoughts on the whole season. And you both need to have a second blog on this website on the final three decisions and how they played out.

    I still cannot believe how misted Danielle was to still vote for Dan and he @#*#*&#**Q@ her the whole way these last two weeks. Looking forward to seeing your opinions on OBB.

  53. Yeaaaaaaaaaaa Ian! He played a good honest game! Good for him!!! I loved that he got everyone’s vote but Danielle’s!! Watching how Danielle was hanging all over Shane was sickening!

  54. Dan is not the best player of all time. While there are no rules against lying there are no rules saying the Jury has to give the biggest lier 500k.

    Dan Suffered the same fate as Russell did in survivor. And I don’t think anyone who plays the game like Dan did would ever win.

    1. Thank you!! Those were my thoughts you typed!! Understanding and playing the game to get you to the end is one thing. Appealing to the Jury is the other half of the battle, and you have to know how to work them.

      It bothers me how people think Dan not winning is a travesty. I get why, I really do. But there’s a reason the jury is “bitter” and that’s because he (Dan) didn’t account for feelings in his plans. He was right about having to play a dirty game – but it didn’t call for constantly swearing on The Bible/His Wife/His Grandfather/His Life. Nor did it require the ruthless blindeside that happened every week. Like Russel, he took his moves two steps too far.

      Ian isn’t undeserving. Like boogie said (hopefully he won’t try and scam) he came in the house with ALOT of disadvantages and was going to be pegged as “The weird guy who got voted out at the beginning” but MADE IT THROUGH. He’s not the typical winner and that’s why I rooted for him from Day 1.

  55. This is a lesson, if you are going to samurai-cut everyone down then you better be able to have a better explanation that ‘I had to’. In the same vein if you sign up for a game show you shouldn’t be so tightly wound that if someone crosses you, you can’t separate game from reality.When everyone watches the season they’ll see the masterpiece that Dan put together and be awed. Great season either way. Thanks to Simon and Dawg for completing this season in a way that only obb can :)

    PS: I hope they get some psychologists for Danielle, girl is gonna need ’em

  56. the only two things that shocked me were that jenn voted for Ian and that Frank won AFH, i mean come on really after the way he treated everybody in the house and basically tried to threaten people when he was on the block. i guess AG had to “help” him win one more thing before he left , that’s as bad as believing that Brendon “won” the vote last year for the opportunity to come back into the house….oh well i guess in AG and Julie Chen who Frank always called his homegirl just couldn’t help themselves and had to help their man crush win some money before he left.

        1. Now, now, lets be civil here. EVERYONE threatened EVERYONE. Plus if your on the block every week, it wouldnt hurt to try to use some threats. Or should he have sworn on his grandmother’s house. Oh, or maybe on Jungle Juice Dan’s unborn puppy.

          1. and i’m sorry your ass is still sore from Frank not using any lube, my apologies…besides everybody knows he didn’t really win if you know what i mean.

  57. Hahahahaha even as the show was wrapping up, Danielle was still in Shane’s ear crying how Dan screwed her and how Janelle called her a liar on National
    Television. Oh and those faces she was making. EWWWW. Can someone take all her comments here and forward them to her email address?

    AND HOW THE HELL DID FRANK GET AMERICAS PLAYER??????????????????????????????

  58. Simon/Dawg…………Thanks for a great season in your updating…………..It went great……….so glad Ian won……… glad Frank won……….and I’m sure we will see Evil Dan again in the future ! However, next time, he’ll have to change his game………….everyone is on to him now ! Hope he enjoys the money he has left ! Can’t believe Danielle actually voted for him………after all she found out………..still a really stupid girl ! ! ! Can’t wait till next July ! ! !

  59. Too many people get caught up in what Dan was saying. The truth is when you enter the Big Brother house, you’re not playing in the real world, and not voting Dan shows how many people couldn’t separate fact from fiction. Dan saved himself when he was on the block twice, and the most noticeable one was when he had his own funeral. He was in control of the house up to the very end, and he was playing the best game he could to get him to the end. Ian played good too, but Dan was better. Big Brother is a vortex, people, and more people should have paid attention to Dan’s ability to manipulate the house the way he wanted. To win the game you have to make big moves, and that’s what Dan did throughout the game. He made big moves. He should have won.

  60. Ian punked Dan in the end and then bitched slapped him and bullied him during the speeches. Ouch! That hurt! Dan will feel this one for some time and he’ll have to go back to the BB house the pick up his ass because it was delivered to him on a platter. Poor Danielle, now life will kick her hard and she will implode and call Dan to see if he wants to go out with her in a blaze of glory and rob banks and become fugitives. It was ugly and Danielle still voted for Dan after she got back stabbed again. Poor, poor poor girl.

  61. So who was confused when Britney said she had to fight more than Danielle did in the game?

    Correct me if i’m wrong but didn’t she hide behind Shane the whole time? Lol.

    Brit voted personal, as I was sure she would; as did the rest of the jury house.

    The person that deserved to win did not, simply because of a bitter jury and to be honest, it’s pretty sad.

    Like another poster said, we might as well just go back to Season 1’s ways with America voting, because if we did, the outcome would’ve been the same.

    I can say that I did not care for Dan’s tactics, but at the end, he deserved it. I’m beyond tired of people that have barely done anything winning this game because of jury members that are butt hurt because they were outplayed.

    I understand their anger, but what the heck. Frank was the worst one of all and I was actually rooting for him.

    Anyway, I was sure production’s golden boy Ian was going to win. It was obvious once their BB God Jeff came and showed his support for him lol.

  62. Frank winning favorite HG makes NO sense!! Look at the votes on this site, that should give you an idea of the final outcome. It was a tie between Brit, Ian and Dan and Frank lagging way behind – with Dan and Ian being ineligible to win, it should have been BRITNEY!!! Effing Production just loooooves their Frankie, don’t they?

  63. I’m a bit surprised by the jury votes but I haven’t seen the episode yet. I had a feeling Ian would win but not by 6-1 more like 4-3.

    AS for Frank winning America’s favorite I am totally shocked.

    My predications post show – Danielle will start stalking Dan

    Thanks everyone you are all awesome..

    1. Don’t you think Dani’s question for Frank, his answer and Ian’s speech swayed a couple of jury votes at the last minute?

    2. It just goes to show you that so many people don’t watch the feeds and don’t read the spoilers. If people saw how Frank really was, he wouldn’t have won that vote.

    3. watched the show on mute until the end (darn it – got a phone call, couldn’t ignore) haven’t watched it either. I know their minds were made up & nothing anyone said in a Dan v. Ian situation would change it. The only way Dan could’ve won was to been up against Danielle or another “coach.” I heard way too many times that the newbies did not want a coach to win.
      I also would love for BB to set them up for a week or two so they can watch the show, talk to family & friends then have one more show asking the jury members what they thought about it now. How many times was Frank’s moral compass not entirely straight, can they honestly say Ian played a better game then Dan? How does Shane feel knowing that many times Danielle assured Dan she’d be willing to cut him loose?
      And if Danielle wants to know why she didn’t make it to final 2 & possibly win – it was b/c she didn’t listen to Dan when he wanted to put Shane up. If she’d done that, then Ian would’ve been gone next & it would’ve been smooth sailing.
      Can’t wait to see some of the backyard interviews tomorrow or so!

  64. Congrats to Ian for winning BB14!!! Dan is still the Man to me. Congrats to Frank for winning Allison Grodner’s favorite player, I mean America’s Favorite player. Jury is very bitter. I guess I would be bitter too if Dan had his hand in my eviction. Wil said it best, “Dont be mad at the lies, be mad at yourself because you fell for these lies”. Dan, Evel Dick, and Dr. Will are the best BB players in my opinion. Can’t wait for next season and hopefully very soon there will be an AllStars. Til Next Season, Adios.

      1. Simon,

        Two things for thought.

        1. Give a final blog about your own thoughts to the season. How it was played, was Danielle a willing victim, is Dan really “Dan the Ripper”, is Frank the true personification of a carrot, would you really eat a hamburger made by Joe….

        2 Get an email list of fans of this site for two reasons:
        Provide updates (along with your analysis)
        To solicit contributions

        1. Hey Bob, Great idea but right now i’m too exhausted to write a post about my thoughts of the season.
          I really liked Big BRother 14 I would have been happy with either Dan or Ian winning.

          We do have a email subscription it’s at the bottom of every post right below the facebook thingy.

  65. WHOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!! And the best man won!!!! GEAUX IAN, GEAUX!!! (On a side note, Frank for America’s Favorite???? WTF??? Britney for AF all the way!

  66. did anybody else notice at the end of the show the Julie said to Dan: “you’re the best player to ever play this game?”
    she said it during the credits.

    I’m really happy for Ian…..but Dan should have won.
    Dan didn’t have to win competitions… he got everybody else to do his work for him
    The jury is just bitter.
    I hate it when people who play the game don’t understand how you play the game.
    if 1 more person complains about lying, I’m going to scream.

    1. Hey, if someone stabs me in the back after giving me their word on all that is precious to them in the world and I get sent home, don’t be surprised when I cut your legs out and VOTE IAN!

      Love you man. I just have to stab you in the back.


  67. I’m surprised, not that Dan lost, but that he lost 6-1. And Frank wins America’s favorite? That’s the real travesty. CBS truly gave him a good edit. Britney deservedit seven ways to Sunday.

  68. Great summer! Thanks Simon and Dawg and to all the major posters!
    As they say, every season is different, not in terms of comps, etc., but in terms of players. Yes, Dan did “mist” most of the players, but obviously he failed to account that they would be bitter about it, and that is why he lost. So why is everyone so bitter? Because Dan might have been “too good and believable”. Yes, it’s a game and you expect to be lied to and backstabbed, but Dan apparentally took it to a whole new level, and made it personal. The jury couldn’t vote for someone who played the way he did. They also realized that he did it to everyone! They saw through his “shout outs” to all of them. WTG Ian!!!!

  69. Ian was a deserving winner, but come on, over Dan? If you were putting together a list of best big brother players of all time, are you really ranking Ian over Dan? The guy duped everyone in that house like no one ever has.

    This jury voted on emotion, not for the player who played the best game.

  70. I LOVE THIS GAME!!! Dan got beat by “the kid”…. Dani got dicked… my boy Frank got $25K! Much love to all of you posting on this site…even if I didn’t agree with every post I loved the opportunity to hear thoughts from everyone. Hope Simon & Dawg have a great vacay! Now, the withdrawals are about to set in… til next year!!!

  71. IAN was a great player. He simply and clearly outplayed Dan and he mopped him up with his speech. Dan had nothing left to say and looked and sounded like a pathetic person. U have to walk a fine line in BB if u want to WIN the game and thats were Dan fails and the greats like Dr WIll and yes IAN prevail. Ian mopped up Dan and sent him back to his wife embarassed and pissed on.

  72. frank won america’s favorite? huh??? i could care less about the dan vs ian debacle…they both deserved it. But frank?? blech gross.

  73. Shame on Shane for having puppy eyes for crazy Danielle, how long will it last?

    Probably as long as Ian could hold his load watching Kara strip off her clothes.

  74. I will have to say that this is the first time the Jury voted on emotion instead of who played the best game. I am happy for Ian that a fan played and won, however I believe the winner should be the person that played the best game not the person that hurt my feelings the least.

    1. Just because you backstab and lie to everyone does not mean you are owed to win the game. Dan was a total asshole this whole season, I even could not stand his diary rooms. Ian deserve to win this game more than dan anyday.lying and backstabing may get you to the final two but Integrity gets you the win. Ask ian.

  75. Danielle’s question really sank Dan’s chances, it fired up Ian when he found out Dan was stabbing him in the back until the very end. Had she not asked if Ian knew that he had a final two with her too, I don’t think Ian would have made as convincing of a speech as he did and would not have won (or it would have a closer win). I really think Danielle thought she was doing Ian harm by exposing the final two deal she had, but it back fired and cost Dan the win.

    Ian’s speech was succinct, convincing and appealed to jury. Sure it was an emotional vote, but that too is part of BB (and always been part of the game) and Dan lost sight of that when he was backstabbing everyone.

    1. I Agree!! I think Danielle thought she was helping Dan/harming Ian (she really, really didn’t like Ian and he had nothing to do with Dan’s mist) but she just made Ian not lay on his sword (which I think he was prepared to do, and I think Dan was prepared for that too) and made the jury remember their bitterness.

  76. Did Jenn ever ask a question of the two finalists?

    Did they skip over her?

    Maybe its because she skipped the whole BB season and is just now waking from her stupor!

  77. If Dan went against Daniel he would have probably won…50k for the puppet and 500k for the puppet master…
    Congratulations Ian…

  78. Way to go Ian!! My pick from the beginning! I can’t believe how Dan was all the way to the end trying to get the last word in when they were voting! For the love of money is evil. Thats Dan evil! Ian needed the money won the money and Dan just cant stand it.
    Frank winning americas vote?? I doubt it every poll i saw was either Ian or Brittany.
    Daniellel loses the money and Shane! Dan will have nothing to do with her!!!

  79. Ian made a great point when he said, Dan started with 3 people playing the game for him and Ian played for himself. Of course the jury is being “emotional” if Dan doesn’t win–typical. Just as there are no strict rules for players on game play, there are no rules on voting. Dan could have won, but he played too hard and then apologized to everyone in the jury, which wasn’t necessary—there’s only one Evil Dick, sweetie.

  80. dan cant win for losing thats because he doesn’t know when to stay silent , when to speak and how to speak julie had to tell dan its not his turn to speak he was answering ians question dan was his own downfall and ian add the icying on the cake but telling the jury he give him his grandfather’s watch ….. dan was his own downfall… so dan u go write ya book …..


    1. I really believe that Dan’s own speech is what brought him down. You could just tell by the way the jury was looking the more and more he spoke. His speech was an epic failure. It’s also funny how Danielle was even still misted till the very end being the only loser to vote for her daddy Dan.

  82. You clowns need to stop saying everything is rigged, FFS. Frank won America’s favourite – with no rigging. The people that post on these forums and on jokers are 99% feed viewers which is only a minuscule amount of the total viewer ship of the show. Frank was the underdog almost ALL SEASON LONG and that resonates with the viewers at home. He also made it far enough into the game to where he was still relevant and still fresh in peoples mind.

    Hate all you want, he was the underdog. Jenn played the cleanest game but she didn’t play much of a game – besides her, Frank played the cleanest game and was as honest as he could’ve possibly been. Everyone lied in the house but Frank often told the truth when he didn’t need to and truly made the attempt – which I can’t say for many of the other houseguests, especially internet fan favourite Dan

  83. I think that Dan was too obviously patronizing of all the jurists and that’s what turned the tide over to Ian.

    In his arrogance Dan’s foolish patronizing came off as the opposite, condescendment!

    Dan worked hard all season long and deserved the win, and he blew it with his horrible speech.

    And the funny thing about it was that Ian’s speech sucked bit time also!

  84. Ian’s only game move, going into the house with autism and ocd. Everyone felt bad for him, hope he spends the money on whores because that is his only chance to ever touch a female. Everyone looks at him as a child not as a man fact of the matter is, when he is 40 years old twitching, muttering, and tweaking. He is just going to be the guy that parents tell their kids to stay away from. Ian did not make one behind the scenes move, the sole purpose of bringing him into the D/D/B/S alliance was to manipulate him. He never had the pulse of the game, most undeserving player in history. Hope some crips play toe touch with him tonight in LA.

    1. Simon and Dawg, thanx for a great season of coverage and entertainment. Hope to see you next BB season. I’ve been “away” a while, my first cousin, Honey Boo Boo Child has taken over the jokes and comments for me.

      If we’ve offended anybody, my apologies, sometimes the humour can be a little extreme. But please don’t hold it against us fellow BB addicts, let the fighting be among the HG!

      Peace out.

    2. You are a dick. I;m not going to say that Dan diddn’t deserve to win, but Ian deserved to win just as much as Dan did, and i am thrilled that he one. The man deserved it. DAN swearing on his dead grandfather, his wife, and on the bible is by far the lowest think he could do. Why in gods name would you go as far as setting aside your fundamental morals to win a game. I understand that deception is necessary, but he took it to a whole new level. What a douche.

    3. I thank the Good Lord above that you or anyone in your family is completely 100% perfect that you can say these things about Ian. Ian is truly a great guy as he sat there night after night with psyco crazy Danielle spilling filth and garbage straight to his face and he calmly sat there and took it and with each and every comment she made toward him I could see him being beat down and down some more. He took it graciously and yeah Dan screwed everyone so what! I wanna know why that’s ok that Psyco Danielle did everything that she was told but basically scumb bagged Ian in her remarks? Answer me that!

  85. And Frank as fav player, all the polls I saw not one of them had Frank as the fav player, I knew CBS wanted Frank to win something, they cheated for him before they must of cheated again.

  86. Can we please put to rest the talk of Dan the Douche being best player ever?
    If he’s the best, where does the kid who just beat him rate?

    1. Dan may not be the best player but he is definitely the second best if anything, he may of been a little bit too cocky during his speech, but that does throw out his great accomplishments this season, he fooled everyone and was partially responsive for all of there evictions, and I understood the argument that Dan was just as responsible for the creation of the quack pack as Ian. I still believe Dan deserved to win this season hands down, but Ian easily deserved second place so I am not dissapointed he won, just dissapointed Dan lost. Sometimes though you have a bitter jury.

      1. All seven people in the jury will go home and one by one watch the season from beginning to end and feel very foolish about their votes tonight. Doesn’t help Dan now, but. . . . . . they’ll see (and I believe appreciate) the game that Dan actually played. I think they will ALL agree that Dan is THE BEST player to play Big Brother and several will feel badly for NOT crowning him properly before his retirement (I don’t think he’ll be back myself)!!! <3

  87. Dan, you’re a moron. You should’ve stuck to the plan and taken Dani. I knew Ian would steamroll him. That game was yours to win but you let it go. Ian misted yuou over the weekend.

    1. Roisin, Dan stuck to HIS plan. Leaving Dani behind. I didn’t like it, either, but he made his plan very clear. You called me EVERY name in the book on here yesterday. I was right. You were wrong. Feel free to apologize – I’ll accept it.

  88. Did anyone notice how Ashley was all sweet to Ian when she cast her vote and all the hugs she gave Ian after the vote?

    Looks like that $500K will be the end for Ian’s virginity.

    1. Too funny, I noticed that!

      lets see.. its been an hour now? Id say hese busted it by now, just hope he didnt catch any Frank germs.

    1. We are allowed to post the superpass ones.. they want everyone to buy the feed subscription.

      it might not be until tomorrow when some of the other media outlets post theirs.

  89. Big Brother goes down hard once again. Man don’t think I can stomach another season of it. When the best player doesn’t win the game just doesn’t make sense. BB14 right there with the worst seasons.

  90. BRING JODI BACK!!!!!!!

    WTF!!!!!!! WHY DIDN’T THEY TALK TO HER!!!!!!



  91. Dan the Douche’s speech had nothing to do with getting his ass kicked.
    The jurors had their minds made up days ago.
    Dreamkid…..lighten up on Ian. He’s accomplished a lot more than 90% of people in his age bracket, and probably more than most people regardless of their ages. He has quite the resume if you ask me.

  92. danielle looked on the verge of a complete lunatic breakdown. kid needs help. shane f*cking kara or whatever other hot girl or boy in hollywood he wants tonight wont help danielle either. i think boogie is going to take Ian out deep into the throws of old school hollywood tonight if Ian wants and that virginity is long gone. i imagine boogie could line up 25 dimes in 10 minutes for Ian

  93. I am glad Dan got what he deserved. I’ve never seen a more ruthless player in one season. It was amazing what he got out of throughout the season – but how did he NOT expect the Jury to be bitter at him? He stabbed every single one of them in the back – by playing puppeteer through Danielle, Ian and Shane. I just think Ian proved, you can win the game with your integrity intact.

    And when Dan said he “had to play DIRTY because he couldn’t win comps” . . . I wanted to scream at the TV – “Look at the scrawny nerd sitting next to you, he has won 6 comps to your 2”. The fact is Dan could have won comps, and tried to win, when it mattered (e.g. – veto ball in machine he was an ass pushing everyone out of the way for quarters – yelling at Ian . . . the POV he beat Frank on . . . and the HOH he won). But he threw comps, so he could mist other people into plunging the knife into the other player’s back. He said he was up to his neck in blood, but he was using Danielle, Shane and Ian as a life boat.

    ONE MORE OBSERVATION – DAN EVICTING SHANE COST HIM THE WIN – NO QUESTION! IF HE WOULD HAVE KEPT SHANE, HE COULD HAVE WON THE WHOLE THING. Dan against Ian – I knew IAN was going to win – with bitter jury. But Dan would have beaten Shane or Danielle (Hands Down) due to game play. And I am sure he could have misted both of them in the final 3 HOH comps too. Picking IAN over SHANE – was the reason Dan lost. Sorry Dan. Bad move.

    Thanks for the Site – it became my mid-day routine for the past 75 days. Way better than the other spoiler sites.

    Last comment – Danielle is an idiot – even down until the end. I guarantee she cries for several weeks after seeing all the tapes.

  94. I’m the furthest Frank fan there could be but the man deserved something after his incredible run in the house. Personally, Ian/Dan/Brittany (iffy for Brittany, she did had a great social game though and bought laughs) would have gotten my vote but I actually did vote for Frank in the actually CBS vote.

    The ending was….perfect.

    Ian won big, Dan should have won big but came in second because frankly the guy played a…fantastic yet despicable game and Dani got squat for playing another person’s game (although so much respect for still giving Dan her vote, what a trooper, however naive she may be, at least she didn’t pull a Jessie) and Frank won SOMETHING for how many times he had to fight to stay.

    Hands down the best season for me personally since I’ve started watching.

    And thank you Simon, Dawg and the wonderful fans of this site for making this such a fun ride. See ya next summer :)

  95. super classy and cool to see jenn, britney and shane vote for Ian. wasnt sure about jenn and britney. danielle looks like the only that got played til the end, man that girl needs help, like in a serious way and soon

  96. I think tonight’s outcome was the perfect example of a bitter jury. Dan was by far the better strategist and the better player. It was disappointing to see him lose because of the bitterness of the jury (Especially Frank and Shane). And I didn’t like seeing Frank win America’s Favorite. Seriously, CBS needs to stop being so gracious with the edits and people need to stop watching JUST the CBS version of Big Brother. Get the feeds or read the spoilers or SOMETHING so you can know how people REALLY are in the house.

    However, I give props to Ian for sticking it out and winning it all. He was the underdog, and just like Dr. Will predicted, Ian took it all in the end. Congrats, Ian. While I was disgusted by how misted Ian was by Dan, It’s nice to see a super fan come out victorious.

    Thanks to Simon and Dawg for this awesome site and for keeping us updated on one of the craziest seasons of Big Brother ever! See you guys next year!

    1. This jury was clearly voting for anyone NOT named Dan tonight. I am positive that Dawg would’ve also beaten Dan 6-1 tonight. Nothing against your breakthrough poll win, of course. Just sayin’….. :)

    2. Wow, you must be so upset, First the amoral anything goes Dan loses and then Frank wins America’s Choice. Wait I got a phone call …Ring! Ring! Ring! “Hello.” “Is Dan there?” “Well I am sorry, Dan is gone. Big Brother Season 14 is over with. However, who should I say is calling?” “Hell!” LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL!

  97. I don’t understand why Dan would throw the last HOH competition?? He had to of known that taking Danielle would assure him of the win. He made a HUGE mistake.

    1. It might’ve been a huge mistake, but it was a good one as far as I’m concerned, cause I didn’t want to see Dani in the final 2, she didn’t deserve it or the 50K.

    2. he didn’t throw it! he just sucked at it. Ian could have won all of the final HoH. looking back Ian was the better player. Dan would have never gotten this far with-out Dani.

    3. Here’s what Dan will regret most about BB14. If he had not thrown HOH Part 3 and actually won it, he takes Danielle. He loses. Still gets 2nd place. But to lead his player to first place? He would’ve gotten a TON more love & respect for that, on several levels. And he would’ve sold a LOT more of his books. But he chose instead the high-risk gamble: Screw everybody – I’m going for the 500K myself. It was a horribly poor decision, in retrospect. I hope that when Dan looks back at this, he might say to himself, “you know, just because i CAN pull something underhanded off, doesn’t necessarily mean that I always SHOULD pull the trigger on it. I hope he understands that, as smart as he is, that Dan Gheesling still has some major life lessons left to learn. I’m rootin’ for him.

  98. money, for some reason my comment keeps getting cut off. But anyway, I thought the ending was awesome and glad all the Frank haters have to suck on it too! Way to gooooo, Tulane!

  99. Ian is up there with some of the greats of all time. As a quirky unknown quais awkward kid he rolled into that house and single handedly bounced boogie, frank and Dan. he busted up the silent 6, ran the quack pack and now has 340k cold cash in his pocket.
    dan: squirly weasel who got pissed on and can crawl back to some hack michigan town where he’ll prolly get fired from his catholic school job

    1. Stop. There is an obsession nowadays to want to anoint everyone the best of all time. Everybody can’t be the best of all time, nor can everybody be one of the best of all-time.

      Could Ian be one of the best of all-time? Maybe. Let’s wait and see if he comes back and makes another deep run. But, like with Lebron, let’s see if he can win a few more championships before we start putting him in the same sentence as Jordan.

      And don’t forget, if Boogie hadn’t saved him, Ian would’ve been the second person gone. Just food for thought.

  100. I’m a little confused by all the grumpy comments by the Dan lovers here.

    Dan’s game obviously wasn’t good enough to get four votes from the jury, and that’s all that really counts. If the jury didn’t like his tactics, isn’t that part of “the game” ya’all have been preaching? After all, there aren’t any rules in the BB house (and that includes the jury), right?

    Wipe your tears and grow a pair. Dan got beat (really bad, in fact) fair and square.

    1. Exactly they all seem to have forgot that a bitter jury is part of the game. So when you’re playing the game you have to factor that in and obviously Dan didn’t. Just like in life and in sports the best person, athlete or team doesn’t always win, so all you Dan fans who have been misted by him need to wipe the mist from your eyes and deal with reality. He lost and Ian won and he deserved it more too, he played a cleaner game than Dan didn’t stab everybody in the back won twice as many comps as Dan did and now he’s half a million dollars richer because of it too, so all you Dan fans who are whining cause your alter boy lost can SUCK IT!!!!!

  101. ohh Dani,,, If some of you still don’t see it Dani is in love with DAN. I think she would even cheat on Shane (if they start going out) with Dan ( and Dan would do it too) …. If you back stabe the girl multiple times and she still votes for you, ,,she wants the D

  102. Simon and Dawg, thanx for a great season of coverage and entertainment. Hope to see you next BB season. I’ve been “away” a while, my first cousin, Honey Boo Boo Child has taken over the jokes and comments for me.

    If we’ve offended anybody, my apologies, sometimes the humour can be a little extreme. But please don’t hold it against us fellow BB addicts, let the fighting be among the HG!

    Peace out.

    (This came out as a reply earlier and was meant as one)

  103. I never post on here, but read it all the time, so decided to pose as that dumb ass that got 3rd last year, cant remember his name, just remember Bacon and Appletinis.

    Did anyone notice Shane and Britany cheering for Ian when votes were being read? Was pretty obviouse the little shit won! Thought that was great! The kid has some seriouse quirks and may not be “perfect” like everyone bitching about him thinks he should be, but im proud of him.

    Dan is the new Russel Hantz, kinda fitting since there was some Hantz kinfolk in the house. He did what he had to do to get to the end, bitch all you want about it, he was OUT weeks ago if he hadnt done it

    Danielle, no problem with her either. She picked a direction and stuck with it, even though it made her look like a complete fool.

    Frank, he got 25k? how did that happen?

    Simon and Dawg, I voted Dawg every time. Thank you for the work you put into this, very entertaining. This was definately the best season of BB in a LONG time.


    Maybe next season all ya’ll Dan Wannabbes! You might find a new champion to carry your banner of backstabbing. LOL! LOL! The mist was lifted and the jury was revolted by Dan’s play. They totally rejected that everything goes attitude that Dan was trying to sell, no one was buying it ….. well not everyone, Dani still was misted.

    Dan swearing on his dead grandmother ring to everyone. Wow, grandmother really got around. LOL! Dan swore on the ring with Frank, Shane and Ian. News flash Dan, you went over the line. Come back next season when Big Brother divides the house in three groups: good vs bad vs immoral.

    I thought Dani was supposed to taint the jury for you Dan. Lets examine how that worked out. She mouthed the words “Vote for Dan” to Shane and Jenn. Netiher Shane, nor Jenn bought into Dani’s bitterness. Dani, only Dan has the misting powers. When Ian told the jury that you swore on your grandma’s ring …. your fate was sealed. Ian actually showed anger towards you when he found out you had a final two with Dani. Ian said I am going to have to lay into to you Dan ….what a great line. That line was just as good when Ian said a few weeks ago, I shot a doe last week but I shot a 12 point buck this week. LOL!

    Julie asked the wrong person in Mike Boogie to comment about Dan’s play. Boogie was always loyal when he looked a man in the eye and shooked his hand. Boogie didn’t respect Dan’s play of lieing on a bible. I know, I know, there are so many of ya’ll Dan wannabees that are just as immoral and support Dan. Well get to stepping, no 500K for you! LOL!

    Oh wait, before I go, Zingbot has something to say. What you got Zingbot,”Hey Dan, pick up your morals on your way out. Wait you don’t have any morals” ….Zing!

  105. Dan biggest mistake was evicting Shane over Ian. Ian was more valuable in the jury for Dan. Shane was no threat in the F3. if Dan convinced Danielle and Ian to throw the first HOH, Shane would of easily been convinced also. the biggest loser this season is Danielle. she is gonna be an emotional time bomb after tonight. did anyone else notice when she tried to kiss Shane in the mouth, and Shane lip blocked her. Britney is a total hypocrite. a week or two ago she was arguing with Frank in the jury house about Dan’s game, saying no one should vote personal. it was obvious she voted personal tonight against Dan. it was also great to see Frank win the 25K AP. first Danielle had to hear Janelle calling her liar and second hearing Julie announce Frank’s name for the 25K.


    1. Yes Brit voted personal. Because Dan got caught in all his lies. He swore on his dead grandma three different times. Even Jenn was revolted by the lengths by which Dan tried to win. For once I agree with Jenn, Dan went over the line in his game play. Hey Dan, I guess you and Dani have time for Amazing Race now. .

  106. SO, did Dan throw the final HOH? it was very bizarre with dan having a silly grin the whole time and Ian looked upset to win. Dan threw it?? was he really taking danielle? He could have easily beat danielle, cant believe he threw the HOH or at least seemingly threw it. He could only beat danielle, cant believe he didnt know this.

    1. To be honest i don’t think it really matter who dan went to the end with he pretty much stabbed everyone in the back and the chances of them voting for him was slim. He came into the game with a target and i don’t see who he could have won against. Regardless of who the winner is he hands down played an unbelieveable game and will go down as one of the best players to play this game. There was no way he was going to win he had to know that he screwed to many people over. As for america’s fan favorite i have a feeling that one was fixed of all the people i thought could win it Ian,dan, brit i highly doubt that it would be frank since most fan’s weren’t a fan bb was so i am thinking they fixed it for him all the other sites that had a poll had frank very low definelty fixed

  107. @dreamkid and @muffdiver
    U said it..well dreamkid u were supersuperharsh,but I do agree with going n the house with autism and OCD was his best game move..players looked out for him along the way and fans rooted for him BECAUSE of that…wtf?!?! He had no game moves..he won HOH and they were manipulated by the quack pack and dan ..he did win a veto that saved him when Dan put him on the block but he was so clueless to being the target. He did win the final HOH comp and I do believe that saved him as well but I would point out that he was CARRIED there by Dan, not by his own doing…his own gameplan had him out the door when Shane left.
    I think Ian did a great job of ‘stealing the round’ in the speeches however. I still think the jury is clueless to dans mastery and it hurt dans cause that they were not allowed footage like years past..or a true question and answer session with jury ( jury gets to ask each player a question and players have a chance for rebuttal and/or more than a minute and a half to explain their cause) . This jury was still butthurt and still fogged from dans mastery. They don’t have our perspective and dan was never really given the time to break it down to them. He played 4 of the jury members out the door(frank,jenn,Shane,Danielle), had a direct hand in 2 more(Brittany,joe) and had a hand in Ashley. They still have not been able to put 2 and 2 together and it takes more than a minute and a half to explain what you did when you did something different to 6 different motherfnkkers from behind the scenes. How much time does it take to lie and say I founded the quake pack?
    In summation, yes I will b bakk cuz I will want another fix and BB has the goodies, but dammmmmm, I mean seriously..I am so with you muffdiver cuz if the hands down best player of the season doesn’t win what’s the fnkkin point of watching for someone like me who takes this game way too serious?!

    1. Dan was never going to win no matter who was in the finale if he was against dani it would have been the same thing becasue everyone voted personally not who was the best at the game but i wouldn’t feel to bad for dan he won 50 plus whatever bb payed him to come on i think it was 36 grand or whatever deal he made with bb

      1. No, I think Britney, for one, would have definitely voted for Dan over Danielle, since she said that Dan & Ian were the deserving ones. Ian would have voted for Dan because he’s someone that would respect gameplay. Plus, during the jury deliberation, they brought up the fact that Danielle never really did much and played Dan’s game. Maybe Frank would have voted for him too, since he has said in interviews that he wanted someone who deserved it to win – and by no means was that Danielle.

        If Dan really did throw that final part of the HOH, he must be kicking himself now, but I think if he did, they would have shown footage of him considering it beforehand.

        1. There was footage of him considering throwing the final round to Ian so that he wouldn’t have to be the one to cut Danielle. He asked himself if he should take that big of a risk. He never really answered himself, though. IMO, it seemed obvious he was throwing it. Some of those questions that he missed were pretty slam dunk and he did have that smirk on his face while he was doing it.

  108. dan beats danielle 5-2 prolly with only shane and maybe joe voting for her. he underestimated ian bigtime, not sure why, the kid outplayed dan all summer in a pretty clean way.

    1. No even if he was up against dani it would have been the same he just back stabbed to many people and nobody respected his game dani would have gotten shane, frank, jen and joe vote so there was no way he would have won

  109. Dan was his own undoing tonight. Bad mouthing Ian and jumping in on the questions directed at Ian didn’t help him. He got what he deserves. Him saying he had to go to confession anyway so what difference does it make if I tell more lies and stab more people. He’s hiding behind his religion using it the way he does and that turns people off on him. Rightfully so as holier than thou attitude and condesending attitude to all the other contestants made him look like the fool he is. I feel sorry for Danielle for voting for Dan. WFT is she thinking? She finds out Dan wasn’t taking her and she still throws a vote to him. Dan get a restraining order right away or plan on divorcing your wife. Dani is going to cause problems for you. All in all I think it was a very good season and I’m very happy for Ian and for Frank. The also ran (Dan) can go straight to he** in my opinion. He’s a very poor sport and sore loser. Maybe he and Danielle can take counseling together. They both need it.

  110. Can you imagine all the shocked faces Danielle is going to make when she gets home and sees all the comments and twitter accounts devoted to her craziness?! I saw her at the end looking mad as heck and whispering to Shane, while everyone else was celebrating Ian’s win. Love that Janelle called her out!!

    Ian grew on me and he seems like a sweet kid. I was a total Dan fan though from start to finish, but I think he just ran out if mist to spray in the end… That jury speech was not his best work. Sorry to see it was such a unbelievably bitter jury though. Thought he’d get more than one vote. BB may not want a two time winner on the books– still he doesn’t have a bad record.

    Also thanks to Dawg and Simon for an incredible summer of fun!! You guys rock, and this site is the best out there for sure!

  111. hear that sound right now?? that ians virginity saying goodbye to everyone because that thing is gone tonight…if he so chooses

  112. Dan played too hard, created an entire jury house of bitter bitches, you can’t win like that. I’m glad for Frank too, the man played with his heart on his sleeve and not enough brains in his head, but the 25k gonna help him a lot(he can blow it on WEED LOL) , next season he’s on hopefully he leaves his heart at home.

    Thanks Simon ans Dawg once again flawless job on the season… Next season hopefully *fingers crossed* 15 NEW players, but either way I’ll be back

    1. If you’re going to play like that you can’t be sitting beside someone who also played a decent, but cleaner game. People cite Evel Dick as winning even though he played a rough game but forget he was sitting beside Dani, who was even more disliked than he was by the jury.

  113. Danielle looks like a HUGE dumbass for being the only one who voted for Dan to win, when he backstabbed her the most out of all the other house guests he sent home! She is officially the biggest idiot in Big Brother history!

  114. So I have to say this was the most bitter jury EVER..I think Dan had great gameplay and should have won. But in a way it is poetic justice….Dan is the only houseguest not to have been hit with a blindside. The jury made sure he got that tonight.

    1. Robin:
      How would you define “great game play”? That term is not as concrete as you and all the Dan fans may think. There is no damn rule saying you have to vote for whoever did the most backstabbing/lying/blindsides should win…get over yourself losers. If that was the case, minus well get rid of all the competitions because they’re completely useless in your book and just stick to a social type of game aye. But NO, the game does have competitions and obviously Ian has won more than dan. Including the final HOH that carried Dan to fianl 2, so give the kid Ian some credit at least for gods sake. Now, had Dan won the final HOH and carried Ian to final two, that could’ve been a different outcome possibly…but Dan couldn’t win the final HOH so it just goes to say that his game play wasn’t all that great (in my book). A great game play can mean a variety of different things idiots! Dan played the game however the hell he wanted to (lying/backstabbing/blindsides) and the jury can vote however the hell they want to. There is no damn set rule telling the jury to vote only for players who lying/backstabbing/blindsides. You’re saying the jury is “bitter” hahah I think you are the bitter one because Dan didn’t win.

  115. Dan didn’t throw the last comp. He just couldn’t beat Ian. He said so during the show. Said, “I tried to win.” I don’t believe for a minute that he ever intended to throw the comp to Ian. Only a fool would do that. I do consider Dan a fool for coming on so strong and nasty before the vote but he did not throw the comp. He’s not all that in comps and said so himself. I think the says he is going to throw comps to save face with others. If he wins he says, “I just couldn’t throw it.” If he loses he says, “I told you I was going to throw it and I did.” Saving face is not always the best way to go Dan.

  116. I guess Ian will take the $500,000 and make his and his family’s lives better. But WE ALL KNOW who the real winner was tonight and that was Dan. Like it or not, he was in a VOLATILE house and did EXACTLY what he needed to do to make it to the end. I think production misted him into throwing that comp though so that Ian could be in Final 2 or maybe they just thought they needed JUST ONE MORE backdoor before signing off (maybe they “padded” HIS pocket!!). Great season and I’m sure gonna miss it. Guess I’ll FINALLY go get a life again until next year!!! Love to all!!!! <3 <3 <3

  117. I loved Dan until his final blow to Danielle in evicting Shane and because of the way he treated her in the house during this last week. He obviously has NO heart at all.

    Yay yay yay for Ian. Was his game play as direct in your face as Dan’s, NO. BUT he played socially, strategically and won comps. He did it all. Dan just misted. Good misting, yes BUT you can’t blame it all on a bitter jury. Ian played a good game and he stood his ground even when Dan was shaking his head and interrupting him.

    Totally sucks that Frank won 25k. YUK!!!!!!!!

    Bye to all and thanks Simon and Dawg!!!!!

    1. I disagree if the jury was going to base it on gameplay then dan should have won not to say ian didn’t play a good game but it wasn’t any where near dan’s but i am sure dan wasn’t that surprised the chances of him winning again was very slim from the begining of the resent none of the hg’s wanted to award him the money since he already won it. Then add in he back stabbed everyone he knew going in he was going to lose which is why he didn’t seem to surprised he lost. I was surprised that frank won fan favorite which makes me wonder if bb didn’t fix it since all the fans seem to not like him so much

      1. Jury did vote based on game play. They just didn’t like Dan’s gameplay. Cheating and lying is part of Big Brother. Dan took it to a whole new level. I am starting to wonder if Dan even knows his grandmother. His father might of been adopted.

    1. I think at that point he was still upset because he thought she had something to do with his eviction but in his interview with jeff he told him that he was interested in her and even when he was with the jury he seemed to say that they had some involvement and he would be hurt if he found out she was playing him. It was cleared up when dani told him she had no knowledge of what dan was up to and dan also conformed it

  118. Dan made a big mistake by not mentioning in his speech that Ian wouldn’t be sitting next to him without the Shane blindside.

    Although I voted for Brit for America’s player, the more I think about it…

    If you remove the fact that Frank cheated twice… I guess he really did play an “honest” game..

    1. That’s such a good point that I’m gonna go here: The jury voted for Ian because they DIDN’T like the way Dan played the game. However, America voted for Frank because they DID like the way HE played the game (even though he got caught cheating twice).

      Hmmmmmm, I guess those seven people have more morals and scruples than all the rest of America.

      Interesting. <3

  119. Hey Simon & Dawg – no more BBAD so I flipped channels & saw a guy on Restaurant Impossible hauling bricks! I thought for sure it had to be Joe! LOL!!

    1. No, you and bb because that is the only reason frank won is because the made him win because there is no way he won by america’s vote

  120. I thought the backyard interviews were supposed to see Jeff doing interviews but instead all I’m getting is this Spicy chick. Am I on the wrong site?

  121. LOL if you have the feeds they are showing the Danielle interview OMG she’s pissed.

    They just told her that Dan told Shane when he was walking out the door that Danielle was playing her the entire time.

    the look on Danielle’s face was priceless..

    1. WOW!!! I would LOVE to see that!!!! I could tell she was about to EXPLODE throughout the ENTIRE episode!!!! Let us know if she blows a gasket!!! LOL!! <3

    2. Dan said Danielle was playing Shane the whole time? BWHAHAHAH, oh man I would love to see that look. I don’t have the feeds so I can’t wait to see it here or online.

      I am a little confused. Didn’t Dan tell Shane live tonight, that Danielle was not playing him and did not know he would be evicted?

  122. so glad ian won, can’t believe it was 6-1, with danielle the only dan vote. she may have kept her word, but she lost her reputation.

    how did frank get america’s favorite? would love to know the results.

  123. And that’s the season.everyone!!! .Wheres.boogies 100k? Lol

    Winner: Ian
    Most deserving:Dan
    Americas favorite: Frank
    Top villian: Dan
    Good guy: shane
    Dumb guy: Shane
    Dumb girl: danielle
    Biggest floater: Joe
    Jock: Frank
    Funnest Hg: wil
    Most loyal: Frank

    in my opinion Dan played very dirty and I never liked him for it but wish he pulled out first because Ian was way to full of.himself as a bb champ Dan may have if he wasn’t responsible for most of.the juries eviction. Janelle best.if Dan.doesnt win its a travesty

    1. I don’t know if Dan threw the last HOH or not but I am ecstatic over Ian’s win. He played the game as nice as it possibly could have been played. The best part of tonight’s show was watching Britney getting so excited for Ian. After each houseguest put their key in the slot and the show went to commercial, you could see Britney and Ashley etc showing the leftover key in their bags. She was sooo happy for Ian. I loved their friendship. My 16 yr old son rooted for Ian from day 1 and learned that being nice to people and having respect for other people’s feelings is what matters in life. The way Ian never wanted to rub his wins in Danielles’s face says a lot to how he was raised. His family and friends should be very proud.

  124. OMG, Danielle in that interview, she thinks her and Shane have a future. The lady asked her what was the best part of being in the house and she said, “All the time I got to spend with Shane.” What a crazy, delusional dumbass! Even Jojo mentioned about all the shit that’s been said about Danielle on the internet. She is going to end up in the fetal position in patient on Shutter Island when she goes on the net.

  125. No way the Douche threw part 3 to Ian. He even said so shortly after in the kitchen to him. Said he tried but was guessing. Ian said he was guessing too.
    Besides, had the Douche won part 3 he would have taken Dani. He must have known Ian was going to win if he faced him and his best chance to win was with her.
    If he lost I’m sure he would have said his season was a success. That he came in as a coach and promised Danielle that he would coach her to a win and that was more important to him than him winning it.
    Thereby taking credit for her win if she was to pull it off.
    With a little luck Douche won’t pay any taxes to Uncle Sam and will wind up in the slammer.
    Let’s see how far his bullshit would work on some people with a little street smarts. Guys who don’t sleep with stuffed animals in their beds.
    Mist my ass. Dude is a sick puppy.
    Happy that he won less money had he not been so greedy and hit the button for a re-set.
    Karma misted his ass.

  126. Simon, Kudos to you and Dawg. Totally enjoyed your site this year and will be back next year. Will probably get the feeds from you too since you run a tight ship here. Meanwhile looking forward to next year and Survivor items now. THANKS AGAIN!

  127. Simon! I thought I would at least make it to the final night with you. Hope you have had a great summer with everyone. I have missed you but things have been happening with me and I just couldn’t join you this year. But, my daughter did make it to a new game show that CBS is going to be showing! They remembered her from her Big Brother Tryouts. Will have to tell you about it sometime.

    1. Ahhh BBGrandma!! You were missed this season! Kept looking for ya! Hopefully things will work out next time! Hope life is treating you well! :)

      1. Ahh Carol! I missed all of you on here. I just couldn’t make it this season. I did get the emails and updates, so, I was with you in spirit. I hope I can be more involved next season because I love it on here with all of you!!!! Were you for Ian?

        1. Missed you BBGrandma! This season was just not the same without you, your wit and sense of humor. I hope to definitely see you next season.

          I also want to give a shout out to all of my fellow posters on this site, who I did not see this season. What’s up Squabble, What’s up Rockstar, What’s up QAZ, What’s up Frank!

          1. Oh, BBKing, how sweet of you to say that. I really do wish I could have been able to be with all of you. You all give me some great laughs, too! Rockstar wasn’t here either? Squabble or Frank? No QAZ? I don’t think QAZ was on much last season either. How about Canadian Fan? Did he show?
            BBKing, I hope to be here next season and there are all new players that we can give our 1-2 punch lines too. Thank you for remembering me and missing me as I missed you!

            1. No they were not I am afraid. That’s what I missed most visiting this blog this season. Everyone I know is either not commented or done so very rarely.

              But for sure if we are lucky we will hear from each other again next season. Stop by from time to time in the off season if you get a chance just to say hi. I always visit this site year round.

              All the best to you, your daughter and your family

      1. It is a brand new show they are getting together. They have been having some technical troubles so it is off to a very slow start. I will tell you more when I can. You know it is secret until then…….. But, I thought you would like to know that they do remember contestants even if they don’t make BigBrother. The people on this show couldn’t believe that she wasn’t chosen for BB. Anyway, I missed you ssssoooo much!

    2. BBGrandma,

      We sure missed you this season. It really wasn’t the same without you.

      I’ll be looking forward to seeing your posts for BB Canada in February or next summer for BB15.

      Take care of yourself and see you later.

      1. Lennon’s Ghost!! How are you? I hope fine. You bet, I will be here for BB Canada. Can’t wait to see how those Canadians play the game. Next season I will be here, I hope. Missed you and all those colorful comments you are famous for.

  128. You know it is kind of funny in a way that Ian won the show. If it wasn’t for Boogie saving him that one week from the coaches comp, he would have went home right then and there from how creepy he was being. LOL

  129. Love how everyone complained that Frank was a bitter Betty and whined all the time, now I keep seeing those same people whining and being bitter that he won America’s Player! So, how about you all just swallow your bitterness and quit complaining that it’s rigged, it just makes you look like douchebags (or like a Frank- in your minds).

  130. So happy Ian slayed the Judas Dan!

    Quack! Quack! 8-)

    Of course people probably know Shane was my # 1 but Ian was my # 2 for sure after Britney got the boot.

    He did really well in the game I mean he had a good alliance, was loyal to the Quack Pack til the end, won LOTS of challenges, and was WAY more honorable than Judas..

    So yeah I’m so happy he won BB 14 and it is even funnier that Dan’s only vote came from his MISTED slave. XD

    Frank winning American’s Vote is whatever.. I think Ian should have won but I think it was a close one since there were a lot of people that America could have voted for.

  131. Againsy ALL ODDS, DAN was in Final 2!!! …. The jury are Bitter and Ignorant! – They did Not Recognize that Dan totally Dominated the house strategically! . he planned a Perfect game and it was carried out Perfectly except for Danielle refusing to allow Shanetta to go out 6th!!! – Before BB14 Dan was the greated player of all time … Now, Dan is in a class all by himself! – He played a phenomenally Good and exciting game!! – Dan should have won, easily!

    Dan played no more ruthless than anyone else!! .. the difference is that Dan’s ” ruthless” play WORKED and the others’ did Not! … Dan should have told the jury that he was playing and strategizing for TWO, while Danielle hunced with shane! – Danielle wanted to stay clean.. so she told dan “no” .. but, Danielle knew very well that dan would evict Shane!!! – why did she have to think about it for days! … That last night in bed, Shane did Not hunch daanielle like she wanted to be hunched, so she decided to give dan the veto at the last minute!

    Ian won because he is a genius with exceptional memory… congrats! – Magnificent game DAN!!!
    No way Frank was AFplayer. CBS just gave it to him.

        1. Then why be bitter that Heartless Dan lost. His social game killed him and he failed to win competitions. He mostly hid behind his lie-bot Danielle.

          It’s a weird game when an arrogant talent like Frank has to lecture a Catholic school teacher on morals.

  132. danielle got what was coming to her….loved brittany’s and janelle’s comments about her…she wanted to be the queen….it didnt quite work out that way.
    She was so nasty a couple of days ago telling dan how much she “HATES THAT KID”. she got a great edit on the beginning of the show tonight.
    They didn’t show how horrible she was to Ian. If we didn’t have the feeds we wouldn’t know the real season.

  133. I want to thank you Simon and Dawg for running this awesome site.

    I really started following this site last season but I think I followed the site more this season.

    It is an amazing site so thanks again. ;)

  134. There’s been a lot of comments about the fact that Dan played a dirty game and that is why he lost in the end. But let’s be clear. Dan had to play the game he played to get to the final two. If he had not, he would have been sitting in the jury house with the rest. You cannot win this game UNLESS you get to the final two, and if that requires lying, scum bagging, swearing on your wife and the bible, then so be it. His back was against the wall, he would have been voted out had he not hosted his own funeral and from there on his game changed.

    His ability to read each person and manipulate them into thinking what he wanted was what they wanted (misting) was his greatest asset. I believe his down fall was during the live show, his attitude was too cocky. He should have just gone back to the Dan from season 10 that everyone (most) loved and get back to reality. He spent way too much time sucking up and being apologetic. He should have just gone up there and said it is what it is……

    Just my opinion.

  135. It’s been what about 2 1/2 hours since it ended??? I wonder if Danielle has completely melted down yet??? Time’s ticking away. There’s NO WAY that girl comes out of that house after they’ve been giving her Lord knows what (and often mixed with alcohol) and everything she’s been through and she doesn’t have one HELLUVA MELTDOWN!!! We’ve all talked about her and there’s been some NASTY stuff posted about her, but I’m REALLY WORRIED about her mental state, especially tonight and into the early morning hours. If anyone hears anything please keep us posted.

      1. No doubt.

        I know I didn’t have the live feeds and didn’t have to listen to her 24/7, but this is a HORRIBLE way for ANY young person to get their comeupance!!! She’s in for a LOOONNNNGGGG ride!! (and NOT on Shane!!) <3

        (I think it's the Mama in me) ;-) <3

    1. In Dannielle’s backyard interview she was told that Dan whispered to Shane that she had been playing him all season and her reaction was the same wide open goldfish mouth we saw when Dan evicted Shane – I was hoping to see her meltdown after hearing that but she told the interviewer I cant talk about that anymore and the interviewer let her off the hook and went onto another subject.

        1. He murdered the house with a sledgehammer and not a silleto so the damage he did was so bad the jury was still pissed – if just murdering the jury was the goal of the game then Russell Hantz would have won Survivor – he got to the end but didnt play the best game because of his overzealous ruthlessness and being a smarmy, pious posturing christian – the best player won the game – IAN!!!!

  136. I watched the feeds and feel Frank was most deserving of AFHG. He had a big fan base so I’m not surprised they pulled together and voted for him. Just because he wasn’t at the top of the polls doesn’t mean it was rigged. Many people only watch the shows and vote at the end. As far as jury being bitter well I don’t believe that either. Ian got to the end by playing a cleaner game and winning more comps. That means more to most people!

    1. Im a huge Dan fan and I think if Dani was in final two with him he would of won. Ian did play a much cleaner game and deserved to win

  137. Just to refresh. Dani was HAND in GLOVE with all of Dan’s moves. Gave him the nod with all the backstabbing. Because, she was in it for hereslf. She sold herself to the devil. Karma, baby, karma.

    I jst saw Shane disengage from the kiss Dani tried to give him. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.

  138. And did you notice in the initial jury conversation, Jenn City and Brit were totally for Dan being a great player making big moves and not being a Rat. I think they were both setting up Dan for a knife in the back if he saw that jury conversation.

  139. Very interesting interview Dan had with Reals spokelady ,he did not say his wife approved of his game ,he said he has alot to make for . Karma’s such a bitch isn’t it …..

    1. obviously just another person who’s jealous of britney being better looking than they are, looked in the mirror lately, is that how you came up with what you called her because that’s what you saw in the mirror.

  140. Dan looked like a complete wimp. ( Notice his hair in the two devil horns? ) He couldn’t stop talking ( begging) going WAY over his time limit. Desperate Dan. 6-1 huh? Looking like the complete loser that he is.

    Pathetic. Cringeworthy. And, in the end..useless. Ian smoked him in the speeches. As well as the game. Bravo, Kid.

  141. Thanks Simon and Dawg. Your site is simply the best. BB14 was the best season in years. I am inclined to agree with Janelle and it was a travesty. However, with that being said, I am happy for Ian. He did well and put himself in the position to win. Anything can happen when it’s left up to a jury. I have liked both players all season long, so once I was eliminated, I was going to be happy either way. Again, thanks for all that you do to make this great show even better with this site guys. Simon and Dawg, the true Big Brother All Stars.

  142. Thanks for all the great spoilers Simon and Dawg!

    Gotta say, I was hoping to see Dan win because I thought he had to fight a lot harder to stay in the game. That being said his final speech was horrible, why would people vote for you to win the show if you are basically telling them all they are better than you. He would have been better off if he just explained his strategy that we all saw instead kissing butt.

    Anyway, as a person with student loan debt and a fellow scientist, its good to see Ian win. He could use the money more than Dan and his final speech was straight and to the point.

    Dani, is going to go nuts after she sees this show!

  143. Was a huge Shane fan and did not like IAN. But after seeing Danielle was still misted by DAN Im glad he won 6-1….

    Anything but Dan ….

  144. I thought it was classy of Daniel to keep her word and still vote for Dan…she kept her word even though Dan didn’t keep any of his…the last nail in Dan’s big brother coffin.

  145. The backyard interviews are not on flashback because it is messed up. They should fix it by tomorrow… I could not be happier with the outcome of this season. Danielle got blindsided with third place. Dan looked like a fool when he tried to mist the jury and it didn’t work at all. Best of all, Ian won! I am sooo happy for Ian. Also, all the stupid dan lovers got proven wrong in thinking he could win. People forget that the winner is decided by past houseguests and you cant be pure evil to them. I couldnt be happier.

  146. I have to say this season is completely validating for me as a fan.The person i thought was most deserving of the final 3 won,and my favorite newbie won america’s choice.I have to say Ian answered the jury questions better,and had a better straight to the point speech as well.I think the fact that Dan admitted that he swore on the bible,and that he checks his morals at the door validates what a lot of people feel about Dan in this season.

    When watching the final HOH i think Dan was going for the win until he fell behind.I think he then decided to throw the final comp so he wouldn’t have to go back on his word to either Ian or Danielle.While Dan has to be considered either the best of all time with his second place finish or the second best for myself he falls just short of Dr Will by a hair just because he was safe for four weeks,and it’s interesting that no one except the fans is truly willing to declare him the best while no one has ever been shy to give Dr Will that title.

    I would also like to say for all the hate Frank and Boogie got through out the season when it came to having class outside the house Boogie was head and shoulders above the rest(based on his Jeff interview and the questions he was asked tonight)As for Frank it looks like he was more popular than people realized or maybe his other fans besides myself also had more than one CBS account to vote for him.

    This was one of my favorite seasons even with the numerous clueless newbies scrambling week after week.This in my book will fall right behind season 2,3, and 7,or it is entirely possible that this site made watching BB even that much more enjoyable.I look forward to the next season until then THANK YOU SIMON & DAWG

    1. P.S. I predicted this vote exactly,and I am now 12 for 13 in calling the winner of the final.Sorry Danielle Reyes your the only one i got wrong,and if you think this season is a travesty watch hers

  147. So happy Ian won…but the people running their mouths saying that Dan’s game didn’t reward him are fools. He still walks away with $50,000, and a heck of a lot of camera time. You can argue it’s bad exposure, but Dan still has a large enough fan base that it’s actually controversial, attention-grabbing, exposure. Dan has been the most talked about player this season. It was his season. He has many things to come from this, but in all likelihood, not nearly as bad as you would hope for him. Very Christian by the way.

    That being said, Ian was just about the most d*mn impressive thing on that show tonight. He slam dunked that last HoH (I believe Dan threw it, but Ian still got 5, and I’m not entirely confidant Dan could have gotten 6 if he’d been trying). He then proceeds to take Dan on head-to-head in what was once known as the “Final Speech” portion of the show. No, what we were treated to instead were Dan and Ian were offering counter jabs to one another’s statements like two masters of the game, understanding the entire time that they could be passing the final bomb back and forth that would explode and destroy the other’s game in the eyes of the jury). I can’t believe I am saying this, and I am certain I will never say it again, but Mike Boogie was right. Ian matured this summer and emerged not just a man, but THE MAN, of the Big Brother house. Several times tonight, Dan came off flustered, and frantic, finally losing his legendary composure. Ian out-thought and out-matched the master.

    I will say, I never felt sorry for Danielle until tonight. Not when she was evicted, but when she made her final statement before casting her vote. It was clear she voted for Dan, and my heart broke for her. The reason being that she still can’t see her role in Dan’s endgame. She voted for him out of loyalty-the one quality Dan truly did not exhibit this season. Dan’s loyalty was strictly to the person who could get him to next week-a dangerous strategy she conveniently fit into. Had events in the house been shifted and it had been necessary for him to sell her out to save himself, Dan would have without a second thought. She was still blind to this, but I think as the show progressed, and even now, it’s sinking in.

    Best finale I ever been so happy to watch. What an awesome season!

    Picks for returning players:

    Frank (I hate Frank, obviously, but since he snagged America’s Favorite it’s a possibility)
    Wil (He has an understanding of this game that makes him a dangerous player, I’d give him a 2nd chance)

    1. Frank’s Dirty:
      Don’t kid yourself, you would really think that Dan would throw away $500,000 by throwing the last HOH comp? hahaha! After all the backstabbing he did and to throw away the last comp would defeat the purpose. He wouldn’t give a sh*t if he had to cut Danielle, that’s how cold-hearted he was in this game. Get real, Ian won fair and square.

    1. Janelle is obviously still bitter over her early eviction and wanted a coach to win this year – Dan’s loss is only a travesty if you think backstabbing the majority of the jury is good strategy – Dan played the same kind of game Russell Hantz played on Survivor – both deserved to lose.

  148. Yes Frank won americas vote me my family and friends voted for him Chicago Illinois I threw that out there so people will know im not related to frank as a reason I voted for him lol…… Thanks simon and Dawg for a great site I will be back next year unless Big brother picks me for big brother 15 lol

  149. Danielle got was she deserved in the end- what an idiot. She could not show one bit of graciousness or class during the entire finale. What a bitter, insecure,ugly person. Good job Ian!!

    1. I agree! Never understood why the HG’s were calling Danielle “sweet”. All I have seen all season was a whiny, insecure, annoying, jealous girl begging for adoration. I would hate to live with her for 70 days! The very worst for me was watching her bully and break down poor Ian. That was so disturbing to watch. Glad Ian did not succumb to her ugly threats. Good for Ian- enjoy yourself buddy!

  150. Wow i’ve watched BB since season 6 and as you can tell im team frank and boggie. but wow Dan loses… thats just not right. Dan should”ve won this game…. This is the reason why you dont put past house guest with the newbies unless its allstars….

  151. Dan was the best player. He has nothing to apoligies for. …. Everyone on the jury lied to someone especially Joe.. Frank even cheated on competitions and he won fan favorite.. Wonder if Brittney tipped Ian to what her question`s answer would be at the end before she left the house… The jury gave Ian the money to punish Dan. Not because Ian was a better player. If Dan hadn`t rescued Ian at the end by evicting Shane, quack boy would have been toast. Dan didn`t get the 500K thanks to Danielle. Her determination first to keep and take Shane. Then her final question to Ian was more of a statement designed to make sure Dan look bad. . Then she voted for him to make herself look like she was the good guy.
    It is too bad the jury is always a group of prejudice, narrow minded, mean spirited losers in the game who vote not knowing all the facts…But that is what makes the game so unpredictable and therefore so interesting…

    1. Did it ever occur to you that the public might not have voted Frank as their fan favorite if they had been hints of cheating involving Frank this season? And of course, Ian wouldn’t have been there had Dan not blindsided Shane, but Dan wouldn’t have been there either if Ian hadn’t brought him to the final 2. It’s a whole series of what-ifs. By the look on Dan’s face the entire night, he thought that he had the $500,000 on lock.

      Danielle stated that she would have definitely voted for Ian, but wanted to show a last bit of loyalty to Dan. When she watches the season, she might regret not giving Ian a unanimous win.

      And the jury never knows all of facts! Only the viewers do through diary room scenes. And they are not always mean-spirited losers. Take Evel Dick. He was a flat-out bully in the BB house, but Daniele didn’t play as great of a game, so they had to give it to him anyway. If Dan had won the final HOH and had taken Danielle, he might have half a million dollars right now, but he didn’t get the choice.

      1. And/or with that hypocritical bitter jury Danielle would have had the 500K.. I don’t think Dan had a chance with them. e.g.Joe is such on outstanding Christian he said he would have voted for satan over the guy with the bible.. Dan knew he was fighting for second place. Danielle made it clear she planned to back stab Dan and take Ian if she had won HOH. When Dan voted Shane out, Danielle had a final 2 with Dan that Shane didn’t know about. When Dan approached Ian before cutting Shane Ian didn’t run to Shane to tip him off because of a righteous point of view… It was all game and they all played dirty. Dan was the only person honest enough to admit it.

        As for the Frank BB14 best player award. Who knows.. The guy reminds me of one of the three stooges with his curly hair..Funny guy. This my lies are pure and other’s lies are evil attitude the prime reason his social game failed. He blamed Dan but three people voted him out after the BB14 winner had nominated him. So duhhh..He gives the guy 500k….

    1. I disagree – the point of the game is to make it to the F2 but still have earned enough respect from the jury to get their votes – to do this you have to lie and back stab with finesse not the sledge hammer approach Dan took – the best man won tonight IAN!!!

    2. As usual slew, doesnt matter what you like and dont like, stop being a bitter person, you are giving me Danielle flashbacks

  152. Interesting how upset Ian was when he found out if Dan had won HOH he would have taken Danielle and not him. Wasn’t it Ian who critized Frank and Shane for their reactions to being cut in the same way… Poor sports he called them…Then he gives the big I am so horrified and shocked speach which the jury bought hook line and sinker. Well Ian and Dan, and holy Frank get to laugh all the way to the bank. The rest just get to go home…

  153. You know how a lot of reality shows have reunion specials? BB is the perfect show to have a reunion a few weeks after the house guests have a chance to watch the feeds – would love to see Danielle’s reaction to Dan after she learns all the cr*p he said/did and also see how the others feel about what they said and what was said about them.

  154. did u see danielle atc the end of the show she kept talking to shane …prob so he couldnt talk to Kara or any of the other pretty girls…what a bitch

  155. Here’s an epic comment:

    Look at this season’s final six.
    6. Joe – won nothing, total floating waste-of-space
    5. Jenn – won one POV, floated with no real friends/alliance
    4. Shane – agreed to let Danielle put him on the block, risking a guaranteed final three. Too dumb for words. But good in competitions … early in the season, but not late
    3. Danielle – dumb as dirt, couldn’t read any other player, had a guaranteed final three (actually two) BUT decided to squander the opportunity by putting Shane on the block,, thereby, allowing Dan to send him packing
    2. Dan – had no chance to win come voting time so he actually played a horrible game IF the goal was to win the 500k. Despite flattering all the jury members one-by-one and making other appeals, Dan could only get one jury vote from the dumbest player of all-time.

    I love BB, but let’s not pretend these players were anything special.

    Ian was the one-and-only star. He deserved his win.

    1. Actually, Frank survived longer than Joe. Frank had some strengths, but he had glaring weaknesses as well. As lest we forget, butfor the coaches deciding to join the game, Frank would have been gone in month one. He was actually voted out.

  156. Did anybody else hear Julie Chen tell Dan that he was the best Big Brother player to ever play the game? She said it right after she said her farewell.

  157. He was not cut yet. So he was mad? He was still playing the game to the end. Bet Dan is kicking himself for throwing the H of H. Dumb play.
    He was the true floater to the end. He rode everyone’s back. He look like a chicken at the end looking over Julie shoulders to see who won best player. When he walks in confession the door will be locked. Lol if not it may burst in flames

  158. Ian Played a good game. But in the end he was controlled by Britney and Dan. Dan completely dominated this game, he didn’t need to win competitions because he told everyone what to do. He threw most competitions, made the biggest moves, lied to everyone and deserved the win. Also Ian saying he made his own decisions is total bullshit he did what the qp( Britney and later Dan told him to do), ultimately he was their bitch.

  159. Simon/Dawg,

    are you guys going to provide updates on the backyard interviews? Some of us don’t have access to Superpass. Thanks for another great season!!!

  160. This was definitely one of the better season compared to the other recent ones. Congratulations to Ian, he deserved it! Dan played a ruthless game indeed, but remember who was sitting next to Dan at the end and who was the one who carried Dan to the final two, Ian. It just goes to show, that maybe you don’t have to play as much of a “ruthless” game as Dan did, certainly Ian didn’t have to.

    Dan’s claws really came out tonight. I understand that he had to do what he felt was best for his game and he played one heck of a game, but I think the way he went about by cutting Ian off on Ian’s question was rude and disrespectful. Obviously if he felt he was the better man for the win, he wouldn’t need to be so defensive. Did anyone else feel that Dan was a overtly defensive during the Q&A and his speech?? I’ve had mixed feelings about Dan this season, there were many times when I rooted for him…but I think he out played himself this time. Both Dan and Ian had an incredible journey this season, both great players, just different approaches.

    Dan can play the game the any way he wants to by backstabbing and lying etc, but remember the jury can vote any way they want to as well. An eye for an eye.

    Thanks sooo much OnlineBigBrother for all the updates this season!


    1. Thanks for the link that was totally AWESOME…Ms Delusionelle was in classic form there. She looks around (was it for Shane or Dan) and I bet if she saw Dan she’d have made a beeline for him.

      But what’s with the interview talent (I use that term loosely) who said “there’s that face” or “you’re so cute when you do that look”

      Wouldn’t a simple: “Boy you really looked shocked, if you could do it again would you still vote for Dan” or even better “Based on your look, is there something you’d like to say to Dan right now”

      Oh well, opportunity missed (or is that mist)

  161. I think it’s funny that everyone says that a vet and newbie shouldn’t play together cuz no matter how well the vet played, the final votes will go to the newbie. I seem to remember that everyone bitching last year that it was fair that a vet won last year over a newbie!! Man…no one is ever happy!!
    People hold gruges no matter what and playing a dirty game to get to the end obviously doesn’t work…thanks Simon and Dawg for another great season and all the laughs I got from all the posters this year!!

  162. Obviously Dan didn’t play as well as people think he did, or he would’ve won.

    Was the jury bitter? Maybe, but it’s a social game, and factoring in the feelings and emotions of the people who will eventually vote for the winner is as much a part of it as lying, backstabbing, making deals and winning comps.

    Dan was a great manipulator, but I think the final outcome proves that manipulating others is only part of what makes a winner. Backstabbing is a risky strategy, especially when you know that those you stab will be deciding who gets the cheque at the end.

    Ulimately, the “better” OVERALL player is the one that walks away with the 500 grand.

  163. There are rules in BB. You can only get away with what the jury allows you to get away with. I said it weeks ago…Dan is playing the Russell from Survivor game. It was good for $50,000, but he didn’t have a shot at winning. If everyone played like that there would never be any alliances. He had to cross the line with swearing on everything he held important in his life to even get the oportunity to have a strategy that got him to the end. And it is “part of the game” to consider the repercussions of backstabbing people and how you plan to win them back with words. The simple fact is, as we saw tonight, he didn’t have the words.

  164. hope the coaches still got paid if their player won (boogie). if so, thats a chilltown sweep. frank for AP, LOVED IT, sorry brit, thats just a beautiful thing.

    good for ian, dan made the mistake of almost creating his own legend late in the game, and sort of living in it, before the game ended. he then used the russ hantz approach to the final day.

    one has to wonder how he could ever sell a book about winning a reality tv show when he lost to the 20 year old nerd but hey, he probably did deserve it if the jury had a little more time to think. shane had still thought danielle screwed him over on purpose, was funny that she was so upset about what I believe was more of her and shane not getting any air time as a “couple” and shane thinking she screwed him over. that girl will need a lot of therapy

  165. I get a strong feeling Dan threw the last HOH to Ian. He would do this so that he didnt have to evict Danielle knowing he had the deal with Ian to take him to the end. I hope that all future BB houseguests dont follow in Dan’s footsteps. I have lost all respect for Dan…..if he comes back then BB looses a fan

  166. This season seemed to be the Walmart vs Mom & Pop store. A weird analogy I know, just go with it.

    Customers love their community store, right up until a brand new larger company comes in offering; more parking, cheaper prices, better variety, fresher ingredients, modern facilities, layaway and credit card purchases, job opportunities, health care plans, management positions, Internet based specialized training programs, kid friendly environments, household items in addition to food purchases, international as well as national products, automotive sections, lawn care sections as well as a brighter and cleaner store.

    Some people label this new facility as an evil empire that only cares about prices because it may cause the smaller mom and pop stores to have to close their doors. To some people it’s an ethical delima.

    To me, it’s as simple as… should I drive to Walmart to get a loaf of bread for 1.00 or should I go to M&P’s to get the same loaf for 1.50.

    You can call Dan Gheesling evil if it makes you feel better. I call him a BB Master because he brought more to the table and convinced me that he deserves my vote (money) more.

  167. Production either rigged this or this jury was blind. Dan out played Ian and the jury voted personally, which I hate to see. :( I don’t dislike Ianonce out at all, I just cannot see how he once out played Dan all season.

  168. What a friggin travesty last night. I cannot believe the jury was sooooo bitter STILL. Dan got em good I guess. WOW in the after interviews the jurors and players were praising Dan’s amazing game. IT seems that he lost for the most part simply because they wanted to award the game to a newbie. I think that hurt him plus his total domination. It was sad to see probably the best season or 2nd best season in history end up so poorly!

  169. As much as I wanted Dan to win (I think he played one of the best games in Big Brother, even if it was extremely ruthless and unethical) if I had to choose anyone else to win instead of Dan it would have been Ian. And Dan still got 50k, not shabby at all considering. But congrats go to Ian, he played a solid game the entire time and deserved to be there. Although half of the big moves he made this season were someone else’s so he can’t really take credit. Still, better him than anyone else.

    One more thing, I really am worried for Danielle. That girl is going to need therapy I think. Maybe Shane will help her LOL (what was up with his jeans by the way? They were ugly as anything. I also find it interesting how bitter he was over leaving. Maybe if he had PLAYED the game and not followed on someone’s coattails he would have made it to the final three)

    Also, thanks Simon and Dawg for keeping this site up and running. It’s my favourite Big Brother site out there and I always look forward to coming on here and reading what the Houseguests are up to.

    1. Me too. Janelle and Wil were correct in their speeches before the jury votes were reveled. Most juries are able to vote on gameplay and put their being out played behind them. This jury seemed like they were going to vote for Dan during their discussion, I wonder if production had a hand in their votes. We all know production has a way of getting what they want.
      I do think Dan knew he would not win against Dani or Ian and that is why he threw the final HOH. Heck, I knew the answers. I think he decided to take the kid who has college loans and a few years more of school, who could really use the money. After all, give the money to a crazy girl who does not need it or give it to a superfan who has school loans to pay back?
      Dan is a good guy, who played a very good game.

  170. so Boogie gets 3rd place money for a few weeks work. Frank gets 4th place money for half a seasons work and Danielle goes the distance, gets played horrifically, is embarassed on national TV last night and gets ZERO.ZERO or 0.0 for his time and efforts and is left looking pathetic with very lil ability to market herself in this 2 month window of opportunity for some of them to capitalize on their reality quasi fame. To me, the outcome of this season was that Ians a rockstar bad ass player and dan and danielle came off as pathetic losers while boogie and frank scoop up the miscellaneous cash

  171. Imo, Ian & Dan both deserved to be there at the end .It was a great season with a good finale. Only its hard to believe Americas player was Frank. He was so unlikeable. Everyone I know that is a fan hates the guy.

  172. I think this game turned on one vote. During Frank’s eviction, if Dan had voted to keep Frank,Frank still would’ve gone home by a vote of 3-2 but Frank would not have been bitter toward Dan, as well as his pals Jenn and Ashley both would have followed his lead in the final vote. Those three votes plus Danielle — that could stand the win! Not that I feel he deserved it LOL. I am happy with Ian as the BB champ.

  173. I think once the jury watches the season, they may regret not voting for Dan. Ian played a solid game, but the maneuvers that Dan pulled off during the entire game are a sight to behold and Ian’s comp wins just don’t compare. It just goes to show that not letting the jury watch the show doesn’t, IMO, result in an accurate assessment of the final 2 players. Now, of course, it could be that once they see the show, they’ll be very glad they voted like they did. I just believe they couldn’t possibly understand the brilliance of Dan’s game without actually witnessing it. They think they know, but they really don’t.

    As for Frank getting AV, I’m truly disappointed. I don’t understand people rewarding arrogant bullies. Talk about misting people, Frank must have some powerful fog wafting off of him as well. I think it boils down to he got a good edit. If everyone watched the feeds and saw him talk crap about everyone and how he views females, he wouldn’t be cashing that check today.

  174. I am really disappointed in Danielle — after all the crap Dan sold her and her priceless O faces — she actually provides him with a SYMPATHY vote to win! None of them had any game. There were so many moments when Shane and Danielle had the ability to make big moves but NO ONE wanted to upset Dan.

    I still think the best moment was when Joe was in the dark and he thought Shane walked into the room and said — I just talked to Dan, we have to get him out — and Dan says “this is Dan!”

    Glad the season is over! This was one unpredictable season and it was exciting right through until the final moment!

  175. CONGRATS TO IAN!!!!! I knew he had it in the bag right when Dan interrupted him….

    I really had so much fun watching BB this season…great right up til the end.


    Until next season….

  176. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but wasnt Danielle just talking about how she would evict Shane over Trey? And how she wanted to work things out with Trey? Now all of a sudden its all about Shane again and she cant wait to hang out with him and its a real romance and not a showmance. Wow.


  177. Giving Ian the gold chain was the fatal last straw for the jury. I couldn’t understand why Dan suggested it to Ian. Ian was already 100% going to take Dan. At the time I thought it was Dan being extra cruel and playing for Showtime. It was interesting that Julie stressed to pick ” the person you most want to see win Big Brother” she didnt say to pick who played a better game, I’m glad Ian won. He played a much smarter game.

  178. Can wait till next year Big Brother All-Stars 2! Hopefully, either champions edition, Battle of the sexes, seasons, or even Good vs Evil.