Big Brother 14 FINALE Results! Controversial Coach Vs. Naughty Nurse Vs. Boy Genius

First HOH Dan Second HOH Ian
Third HOH  IAN Final HOH IAN
Last Evicted Houseguest Danielle

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Final 3 Results DAN Vs. IAN Vs. DANIELLE

The final three Big Brother 14 house guests have battled their way through the game over the last 75 days to make it to the Finale. Each of the final three used a different strategy to make it to the end. Dan is described as the controversial coach, Danielle the naughty nurse and Ian the boy genius. Tonight one of these three will be crowned the winner of Big Brother 14!

Final HOH Competition:

PART 1 of 3: Dan, Ian and Danielle faced off in the Fishing lure Endurance Competition. Dan won.
PART 2 of 3: Ian and Danielle faced off in the skyscraper competition. Ian won.
PART 3 of 3: Dan and Ian now face off for the 3rd part in the final competition of the season. The winner of this HOH competition ultimately gets to decide who they want to take to the final 2 with them.

Final HOH winner is IAN

The Final 2 Big Brother 14 House Guests are: Ian AND Dan

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The Winner of Big Brother 14 is IAN

Ian Wins by a vote of 6 – 1

Jury Votes:
Frank votes for IAN
Ashley votes for IAN
Joe votes for IAN
Britney votes for IAN
Shane votes for IAN
Jenn votes for IAN
7th jury member Danielle votes for DAN

America’s Favorite House Guest is FRANK

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Ian "the new Alpha Dog"

Dan is very good at games like rummy, and pokemon, and chess.

But, I can beat Dan at chess. When playing chess, Dan has very good pawn structure, but he tends to over value his queen. Near the end of the game, Dan needs to be careful that his opponent doesn’t promote their pawn turning the pawn into the most powerful chess piece in the game.

Ian "the new Alpha Dog"

In the great words of Britney. “I can’t believe I’m saying this. QUACK!”

From BB dog house – To the penthouse.

Congrats – IAN!


Definitely, congrats go Ian. Little guy deserved it. After giving him some grief this year, I am genuinely happy for him.

I know I suggested that it could be a sweep for Ian a week ago and my reasoning was just as we saw things go down tonight. The jury talked. Got to the botton of everything Dan did. Dan actually did himself in tonight in his speech, too, making himself look like more of an ass that even they probably realized.

See, some people are under the impression that Dan had a great season, but here is something to consider. Dan forgot about the social aspect. And the competitions aspect. He only had the strategy going for him. You can’t play like Russell Hantz, piss everyone off, and expect to win in the end. Dan’s no genius. More like a dumbass for having possibly the worst social game in BB history.

One more thing. Dan said he couldn’t win competitions against guys like Shane or Frank. Little, 5’3, screwed up in a way, Ian could and did… both physical and mental. Magnifies just how badly Dan played. Not able to win competitions. Worst social game, maybe ever. His strategy was brilliant, but it didn’t matter in the end. Ruined his reputation. Made a nice girl cry a bunch of times. That’s a terrible season. 🙂

Again, congrats Ian, if you ever read this.


You summed up what I’ve been saying for about a week now: EVERY part of the game is part of the social game. Voting on a social game and telling people to leave their feelings out of it is total poppycock. Who socializes with other people and ignores how they feel about that person? Dan burned too many bridges.

All that being said, this season was a helluva fun season. I’ve enjoyed the interaction, even with those of you who got on my case for no reason other than me being on Team Frank. I look forward to rooting for the next houseguest that’s irrationally hated next year.

Re-Distribute Obama

I also want to give Ian credit for part three of the HOH last night. With all the pressure on he destroyed Dan so bad that
Julie didn’t even have to ask all six questions. Bravo little guy!

O Pity Me

Dan threw the comp so he didn’t have to get Dani’s blood on his hands. I knew the answers….the questions were very easy.
He knew Ian would take him to the final and he also knew either one would beat him. He decided to give the superfan with student loan debt
the money.

Only my opinion……

Re-Distribute Obama

Huge credit goes out to the little guy with the season in the balance and all that pressure on him he destroyed Dan so bad in part three of the HOH that Julie didn’t even have to read all six questions. Ian earned this win.


..and that is exactly what transpired. Ian promoted a pawn to queen, and checkmated Dan. I have to hand it to Dan as he played a ruthless game, but he forgot the one aspect of the game that Ian spanked him in: competitions. To all those that think Dan should have won I say better take a cold shower tonight and wash that mist off yourself.. .


Heartless people like Dan will never the the greatest. Not only did he fail at the competitions, his social game sucked in the end.

Did you know that people with Botox also experience less emotion?

William Conder

2 full seasons and never evicted!! What mist? If I recall correctly, he is the ONLY person ever to do that, Ian would not stand a chance a 2nd time!! You’re confused about what social game is, its game strategy! Frank got miss congeniality with his America’s player win, that is not social game. Ian did probably deserve this one, but its a 1 time thing, and Frank/Shane were just mad that they lost! I think its also funny how Joe called Dan out about comps., he won NOTHING, and made absolutely no game moves, even piggybacking Adam from 13 had him beat!


^^^ this.^^^


Dan spells out Drama, Arrogance and Narcissism.

Jury won’t vote for Father Dan even if he was sitting next to the devil himself.

Tonight’s results will be a lesson for Father Dan using religion swearing on loved ones manipulating people will bite u back BAD KARMA


Wahhhhmber is that you?

Carol & Steve

OMG!! I’d totally forgotten about Whahhhmmmberrr!! EEWWW!! thanks for the laugh!


Here we go again dipshit. Hopefully tonight after Dan wins, you’ll stfu and never watch this show again so the real fans don’t have to deal with your crazy ass sending death threats to house-guests. Team Mist all the way!

P.S. Get a life psycho.

P.P.S. Simon and/or Dawg, please get rid of this douchebag next year. 😛

P.P.P.S. It’s been wonderful real big brother fans. See you all next year. Thanks Simon and Dawg to all the hard work you’ve put in. Much appreciated.


Wow BBFan15 don’t you look like a dumbass right about now.

Ian's Wiener



Please excuse me while I take a cold shower and wash the mist off myself.. .


Man, you must be so upset, First the amoral anything goes Dan loses and then Frank wins America’s Choice. Wait I got a phone call …Ring! Ring! Ring! “Hello.” “Is Dan there?” “Well I am sorry, Dan is gone. Big Brother Season 14 is over with. However, who should I say is calling?” “Hell!” LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL!


And this is what happens everybody when u become money hungry , dont be greedy or life will teach u a hard lesson

This is what you get Father Dan, for being greedy and ruthless using the bible to advance in the game cowardly move you got humiliated #bb14

Shame on you Dan for taking advantage of Danielle , and she still voted for you because she is a better person than you are

Shame on you


dan’s biggest challenge has yet to come…how to explain everything he did to anyone other than bb. he actually thinks one trip to a confessional will fix it all up. hope he’s right, but i doubt it.

he will get his real prize in the coming weeks…he won’t be happy, and it won’t be money.


You do realize he just won $50,000, already won the game before, will go down as one of the greatest players ever and goes home to a smoking hot wife. What’s
the lesson?


I heard Dan’s wife was stepping out on him, for some High school science geek…

William Conder

Absolutely!! List of people who have played 2 full seasons: Janelle, Dan! List of people who made it to finale twice and never got evicted: DAN! Short list, case closed!! I wonder how Bb 13 would have played out if Dick stayed?? So much crap talking about Dan’s strategy, did anyone watch Bb 8? Dan made it to the finale again, and NO ONE would be talking about how great a season it was had it not been for his antics!! All pouters, and people in denial should watch a different show, they just don’t have the resolve for this one! Having said that, I’m still happy for Ian, he came out of nowhere, but he would go early if he entered again, guaranteed…….


Danielle is not the naughty nurse, she’s more like those nurses from Silent Hill. Bat-sh!t crazy and weirds people out.


Yeah but too bad you can’t just turn the light off and make her shut up.


I think the BEST thing would be for Dan to throw the competition to Ian (because he wants Danielle’s vote in the jury), and then Ian, in a brilliant “Dan-like” manner, turn around and take Danielle to the final 2. I hate the idea of Danielle getting even 2nd place, but I like Dan getting anything even less. Not because I think he’s rotten, I just think Ian played a great game, overcame some serious disabilities and awkwardness and if he evicted Dan, that totally pads his resume for the win! Boogie, Frank AND Dan, out by his hand. AND he never had to mess with people’s minds to do it.


Excited for finale woo


can not wait


My OBB family it’s been a hell of a summer I must say! Much more eventful than last year. I’m really pulling for a Ian and Dan final two because I think they both deserve a spot in the final two and at this point I really wouldn’t care who took the grand prize between the both of them because I think they both deserve it. I’m just PRAYING Danielle isn’t in the final two because I think she is way less deserving, I mean essentially Dan played HER game for her. So cheers to the ending of a pretty good season and here’s to hoping for an even better season next summer!


Great image for the post love it..

Great season all…. love the OBB community..

Survivor blog starting soon

Carol & Steve

Got Steve watching Survivor finally – so we’ll be checking out the blog for sure!


GREAT! I’m still working on the logistics of the survivor blog but give me a couple days and I’ll start rolling.


Thanks to Simon and Dawg for an awesome season, this board made it tons more entertaining than the actual season itself. It’s a shame that some punk like Ian is going to win the game. I can’t watch the finale anymore, it was predictable what was going to happen the moment he won the 2nd HoH, funny how it was timed too, I bet Danielle could have done it in 3:45 seconds and somehow Ian still would have been listed as 2:05. I’m out till next year.


lets go ian or dan but i want ian win


so agree with you CP3 …. just can’t wait for the show to start in the next hour!!!! i think they all deserve it.

ILL WILL... Slayer Of Cat People

LMFAO @ the image, they like FUCK YOU PSYCHO


Where are your predictions?! I love reading your predictions! 🙁

Go Blue! Go Dan!



The final show is live..but your probably right anyway.

The Real Me

Dan perfers green!

Go Dan! Go Green!


Simon/Dawg thanks for everything you done this year, it’s been great yo. Can’t wait for next year.



Kinda expecting Dan to come out singing some Frank Sinatra “My Way”

Go home Delusionelle

I’ve really enjoyed this season and OBB has helped to make it even better! Simon and Dawg, thank you for what you do. I’m already looking forward to next year and wondering what I’m going to do with all of my free time from not being on here 24/7.

And Bobsky- from one fellow Frank fan to another- you are the Dr.Will of OBB 🙂
(Greatest of all time!!)


I dont love alot of things but I love Big Brother. With a passion. It used to weird me out, how I felt about this game. But now I embrace it. Ive watched Big Brother intensely now for 9 years. Im only 22. So without Big Brother I wouldnt be the man I am today. Is that a bad thing or a good thing? I dont know. But while my love has grown for this game, I sometimes suffer heartbreak. I love this game so much that it breaks my heart when the best player of the season doesnt win. I know its not always gonna happen, but I would love it if it did. Season 6, I had to see Maggie crowned winner. All Star season I had to see Robin win rather then Batman. Season 11 saw a very sweet girl win, but not the best player. But sometimes the best player DOES win. Like Will, Dick and Dan. And now its season 14 and my love for the game is higher then ever before.

For any other result then for Dan to win, is a crime. Now I get it, lots of people love Ian. Hes the nerdy loveable innocent kid. But the best player HAS to win. And thats not Ian. He didnt create the quack pack. He was brought into an alliance of 4 that had been going for over a week prior. Did Ian play a good game? Yes. But Dan has quarterbacked this season, and thats the bottom line. I have never in 9 seasons, seen one person control everything and everyone like what Dan did this season. Did he lie? Yes. Did he backstab? Yes. Did he swear on things that many people dont agree with? Yes. Is Dan playing the game of Big Brother? Fuck yes. He doesnt owe the truth to any of these strangers hes playing with. He owes it to himself and his family to do whatever possible to win.

I love Big Brother. And I want to see the best player win. And thats Dan hands down. Even Ian’s biggest fan, and Dan’s biggest hater need to see that. If you have moral issues with the things Dan has done, maybe Big Brother aint the show for you. Im sure 7th Heaven reruns are on somewhere.


Len, it’s great to read a post that focuses on the fact that it’s a game, and that Dan has played a great game. All the pearl-clutching by people who are oh-so-offended by Dan’s tactics is absolutely hilarious. ‘Big Brother’ is a cutthroat competition designed to see what people will do to win the game. Lies, manipulations, betrayals, etc. have always been a part of the game, and that’s what fans expect to see.

It’s amazing how some people are so quick to use people’s gameplay to judge what they’re like in non-game life, as if the pressure-cooker stress environment has nothing to do with their actions. There’s been so much ‘holier-than-thou’ on the boards this year, it’s a shame.


Did u juss crawl inside my head and plant a chip or something because what you said is EXACTLY what I think…spookie


Great comments and I agree to a degree (accidental rhyming!). I do consider the game to be more than just who’s the best lier, or who can get away with cutting the most throats without getting evicted. To me the key part is, at the end of the day, still getting that jury to vote for you

Dr Will did it by simply not making people bitter with him, it was more ‘oh ha ha, that Dr Will, he got me again, that rapscallion’

Evel Dick did it by bringing someone even more disliked than him to final 2

Dan in his first season did the same thing, brought someone who the jury liked less.

This year? People say Dan deserves to win because of his very inspired cutthroat game. But he’s left a jury filled with potentially bitter people. That’s not a perfect game by any means and certainly not an automatic ‘deserves to win’. I think Ian played a different kind of game, but one that’s not less deserving. I’m happy if either wins to be honest. Just as long as it’s not Dani.


LOL @ Len…I love Dan albeit I watch reruns of 7th heaven. Big Brother is a show I’m quite passionate about and can only hope against all odds that the jury members vote for the person they feel has played the game the best…aka Dan. Unfortunately, it seems that Britney is the only one choosing to respect the game for what it is. Ultimately, I wouldn’t mind seeing Ian win either…

To Simon and Dawg…once again, a big thank you for making Big Brother more interesting, and for all your hard work.


Thanks MisDoc



From one Big Brother lover to another, I could not have said it better. It’s a travesty that Dan lost tonight. This jury was so self-righteous it was sickening. I’m a Muslim and even I know that morals don’t belong in the Big Brother house.

Dan was the best player. He ran circles around everyone. Too bad he didn’t win.


I agree with you Dan has the best game plan to survive and pick apart his housemates. But he overlooked the one important thing to get the check and win it all — not to be hated by the jury.

If the jurors are all computers with no feelings then Dan would win hands down.


Ian just kept saying the same thing to answer every question. Dan so deserved the win, the jury messed up. I think dans problem was that he spoke way too quickly, pretty sure he was nervous because he could tell the jury was against him.. And Frank for americas choice.. yeah right, that one was rigged again by production, cause there favorite didn’t win.. I don’t know a single person who voted for Frank to win that..


Well now you know someone who opened five CBS accounts and had 2 room mates do the same to give him well lets just say a lot of votes for one household


Obsess much??? WOW!!!! smfh


@Len I agree with you. Dan has more skills than Ian, and probably played a better game than Ian. I’m sure the jury knows how good Dan is.

However, the members of the jury are not fans like you or like the people watching at home. They are the people whom they lived with together for most of the summer, and they may not be as objective as you. Some of them are bitter, hurt or just plain dumb like Danielle.

Dan is the one of the best in the history of the game but they LIKE Ian better than Dan this season.

There’s no rule on how to play the game, and there’s no rule on how you vote to win it all.



Well said LEN

Newbie wins!

As I said last week, Dan was playing for 50 grand. I knew this jury wouldn’t vote without emotion. Dan was a selfish asshole all season, and it got him to the final, but that’s as far as he could go with the game he played. He actually thought that complimenting the jury members would be enough to put aside their hurt feelings and vote for him. That’s not a well thought out game plan. He may have made great moves to survive to the end, but he didn’t have the end game figured out. That’s why he’s not a great player.
the only surprise was that even Britney didn’t vote for him.

And congrats to Frank winning America’s favorite player. He was the best player all season.

David Hudson


The Winner of Big Brother 14 is ?

Jury Votes:
Frank votes for ?
Ashley votes for ?
Joe votes for ?
Britney votes for ?
Shane votes for ?
Jenn votes for ?
7th jury member ? votes for ?

America’s Favorite House Guest is ?



If you look online at the Alabama Nurse’s Registry and Type in Danielle Alexis Murphree you will see she is only a LPN not a RN or whatever she claims to say she is. All she has done is lied to everyone make herself seem bigger than what she is …… I really hope she doesn’t win, she doesn’t deserve it. I really hope Shane doesn’t continue having anything to do with her after the show, he needs to run and run fast…..


Oh Danielle definitely won.
Dan told her after the show that she won because Ian won and it is for her. 😉


If 3rd HoH is a pokemon game between Dan & Ian. Hands down for Dan. Dan will pick Charizard & Ian will pick Infernape.


They sell spray bottles/cans of rose water called “GUILT AWAY” marketed for Catholics in novelty shops. Dan could market his own brand of guilt-away and call it “Mr. Mister’s Guilt-Away.”

Good job and thanks for the distraction from chemo this summer!


I’ll take it if you want to hate on Dan for playing one of the best games in BB history, but please I don’t mock your religion, please don’t mock mine.


Mike, no hate here…..not for Dan playing a great game and doing what it takes to win……..not for ANY religion, I recognize most people look to some greater power……and not for you, although you read in your own “stuff” and ass-u-me-d that I was mocking your religion which is clearly not the case here. We are all just having fun. If you knew someone going through chemo you would know that we are just glad to be alive and have an attitude of gratitude, that meanness and small thinking just doesn’t fit to our way of thinking. For the record, I hope Dan wins, followed by Ian, but it doesn’t really matter in my life.

Jen W

Well said, love it!!

Jen W

Oops, meant that towards Len (17)


Dans mist, so good he brought in this Jenn person outta nowhere to use the veto on him…


one minute to go!!


You Think dans mist is John blaze enough that he can get this jenn chick he misted into the jury house to give him the winning vote?


Frank got he to use the veto. Not Dan. So to speak.


You Know what I mean though, if not for the mist jenn would still be ????


Come on Ian. Win part 3. Send Dan home, get the 500k


Ian’s brother is in the audience with both of his parents.


GO DAN!!!!!! Hands down a great game, maybe the best. Biggest target on him when reset hit, he and Boogie. As a former winner, not in an all star show, and he makes it to end…….he deserves it. Regardless of how he got there, he played within the rules of the game, did what was needed to succeed, and placed himself in the finale again. All the haters that want to bandwagon on how he lied, how he swore on this or that, every single one of you would do the same for 500K. If you say otherwise you are lying, even to yourself. I hope he wins and becomes the first 2 time winner!

Ice Princess

I wish Ian would man up and evict Dan


Thanks for a great season guys! The show would suck without this website. See you all again next summer and I’ll check out the Survivor blog in the meantime.


What is the survivor blog URL?


Just starting out on it.. the first post might be a little late coming.


Cool thanks.


Very bitter jury. Very bitter.


Nah! That’s part of the game, Dan should have considered that too in his game plan.
Dan is one of the best players in the history of this game BUT they jury like Ian more.


wow i love joe right now joe said if he had to choose between dan and judas he’ll choose dan maybe lol


Ian won. Evicted Dan!!!


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! IAN WON FINAL HOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOOOOO IAN!!!! Evict Dan NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aqua Bernie

Ian get rid of Dan!!!


Send home Dan. Then you get 500,000 BIG ONES


Dan threw it big time. Even I knew the answers!


Can’t Believe Dan through the Final HOH. What a tard!


Yeah, Ian. Now who will he take. After listening to the jury he should take Danielle

Team Frank

No matter who wins… worst. season. ever.


Why? Oh, never mind. Just saw your name, obviously bitter fan, as are all Frank fans. Don’t worry, AG got him America’s Favorite, you’ll be sure to see him at all-stars, no matter how brief an appearance that is.




good for Ian!




Danielle confused? isn’t she always?

Frank's Dirty Rug

most silent crowd ever during her eviction speech. Was isn’t verbalized speaks volumes…


here we go….Dan vs. Ian
who wins???


I didn’t see Trey in the audience. Let the meltdown commence!


Well Ian just cost himself 450,000 dollars


Bad prediction I assume?


For all those who think closet Dan is the greatest player in history, consider this: he gave up $100K to win $50K. Pure genius.


Just shut it already.


Danielle would have never made it the end. Dan wouldn’t have won the $100k


very true.. if the coaches twist stayed the same Boogie would have won the 100K


Have to say that I am a little disappointed in Dan as he has worked from day one with Dani and she really has been so loyal to him and now it seems he threw the comp so that he wouldnt have to take her to the end.