Last Night in the Big Brother 14 House and Danielle “Milks a Beer”

First HOH Dan Second HOH Ian
Third HOH  ? Final HOH ?
Last Evicted Houseguest SHANE

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9:10pm Kitchen Dan, Ian and Danielle They are drinking beers and playing cards. Discussion is on how boring they are. Dan comments how strange it feels to have people watching them right now on TV. Dan: “what if us three are the reasons why Showtime cancels Big Brother after dark” Ian says that would be horrible.
Ian: “Tomorrow night will we be allowed to watch TV”
Dan: “Dude you will not want to watch us TV Tomorrow”
Dan explains that there will be a security guard in his room and they have a full day of press interviews on the Thursday.

The guys start giving Danielle a hard time for not giving them all the information about her olympic date with Shane. They think the people she talked to during the date told her more about who was liked. Danielle swears she told them everything, Says they only told her they disliked Frank and like the quack pack. Ian asks if they told her who the favorite to win out of the QP was. Danielle tries to tell them there wasn’t much talk about the QP all they said was they liked them.

(Lots of Random talk from everyone)
Ian: “You know what show got tiresome after a while.. Roseanne!!”

Ian brings up his “ZING” about Dan asks him if Danielle heard it. Dan lies says Danielle thought it was really funny.
(Danielle really thought it was pathetic and said she wished she could punt Ian across the backyard like a football. THe Zing had something to do with Dan having something in common with Willie they both won only one HOH)

Cam 3-4 Ian Hammock Rocking Mumbling a lot of crazy stuff.. (He’s also making slurping sounds with the spit in his mouth)
Cam 1-2 Danielle and Dan playing cards
Dan is winning most of the card games. Dan: “I wonder if you can milk that Beer a little more” Danielle: “You mean nurse it”
Danielle starts to explain why they put saline into bodies instead of straight water.. Talk goes to moods Danielle says she can read him by his moods. Dan says his mood has only changed once and that was last night. Danielle disagrees with him says his mood has changed a bunch of times this season. Dan mentions they have 16 hours to go. Danielle asks him when this is over will he miss her. Dan smirks says no. He asks her if she’ll miss him and Danielle answers yes. Dan tells her they will always be able to communicate with twitter.

Danielle calls Ian the “Mini Frank” (HAHAH Ian does think he’s the BB big shot right now) Dan mentions that Ian is counting the Pandora’s box comp was a regular POV win. Danielle says that she doesn’t like seeing Dan be so grumpy. Dan says he’s not claims that he’s never been salty once in this game.

Danielle says she is sick of Ian walking around thinking he’s going to win big brother “NO WAY IN HELL my key will have his name on it” (LOL there you go Dan a locked vote in the jury) Dan wonders if showtime is on them or Ian rocking on the hammock practicing his Jury Speech.

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10:31PM Cam 3-4 Ian on Hammock
Ian: “Quack”
Here is a few things I think he said.. Sometimes it sounds like he’s practicing his jury speech and counting votes depending on who he takes to the end wither Dan or Danielle.
Why Keesha
Duck tales Whoohooo…

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10:51PM Cam 1-2 Dan and Danielle

Danielle starts laughing at Ian’s walk. Dan says he has a “Gait Issue” Danielle tells them she doesn’t want a cookie but after a bit of convincing from Dan she dives in. (Danielle’s love for Cookies)

11:02pm Backyard

Dan telling them about the Diversity alliance and the Headhunters. Dan says the Headhunters was one of Joes secret alliances. Ian never heard of it.

Dan calls Danielle “Sweet and Fun” Dan :”Thats a john blaze thing to call her”

Ian: “I just adore the quack pack.. it’s the best thing ever”
Dan: “Duck Hunt.. it’s a game for nintendo”
Ian: “Dan what’s your favorite thing about the quack pack”
Dan says he liked it when they hung out in the HOH and teased people.
Danielle: “When we were all here we got a lone”
Dan: “It was a lot more cohesive unit than my alliance last year”
Ian says that even though they lost a person they still steamed rolled through the house.
Dan asks her
Ian: “Founding was pretty cash.. going up there saying this is what it is this is the quack pack”

Dan and Ian agree that Britney was a cool person. Dan likes her much more now than after watching Big Brother 12.

11:30pm Cam 3-4 Dan and ian BAckyard Ian tells Dan that he was practicing competitions before coming on the show. He did a endurance competition off his porch for a hour. Ian says his brother helped him out. Dan: “Like the coach in rocky” Ian adds that he never told his brother because he was scared his brother would get too excited and go tell all his friends.

Dan tells him that Danielle was getting a bit sad when they were playing cards. He wishes 3rd place gets more money it sucks that she made it this far and to get cut right at the end. Dan asks Ian if he thinks he’ll get America’s choice. Ian says no being in the final 3 hurts all their chances, He thinks it’s going to Shane.

Dan says Frank had some Rachelesque moments this season, He thinks Frank will be back again but doesn’t see him turning it around like Rachel did.

12:04AM Cam 1-4 Final 3 Danielle telling them about her experience getting a IUD put in. Dan wonders why she used a IUD and not the pill. Danielle says the pill messes with her thyroid and she has ovarian cysts. Danielle doesn’t trust condoms, says the condom broke twice with “Taylor” so she had to get Plan B.

Danielle jokes that it was day 8 when she first took a shower without Ian sitting in the bathroom. Danielle thinks it was because KAra and her were the only 2 people that would talk to him.

Dan keeps repeating what boogie told Ian “You gotta hate these people” Dan thinks it’s brilliant.
Ian tells them that Boogie was trying to get the heat off Frank by putting it on JoJO and Danielle. Boogie thought JoJo was annoying and Danielle was Whiny. Dan asks Ian why he was hopping around like a bunny towards the memory wall week one. Ian says he was bored as shit in a strange environment.

They all agree that Joe was a better player than they thought he would be. Dan thinks once Janelle left Joe was able to play is own game and not have to report back.

12:24AM Cam 3-4 Dan hugs Danielle tells her she did great this year he’s really proud of her.

12:28AM Dan starts saying good night to some of the camera’s around the house. Says good night to Big Brother tells them it’s been a great season.

12:29AM Dan looking at the Memory wall

Dan: “OK Thats IT”

12:32AM Bedroom Dan, Danielle and Ian all in their beds Dan tells them he would never do Big Brother Again, “This is my last hurrah”
Ian: “It was such a honor to be in an alliance with you guy”
Dan: “same it was a lot of fun”

Dan: “Good night kids.. it’s been a fun summer.. see you all on the flip side”
Lights go off…
Ian: “I kind of want to go back to regular life but I kind of Don’t.. It’s really simple right now”
Danielle: “It is really simple”
Ian leaves to get his water bottle.
Danielle: “Dan I’m sad.. cause I’m going to miss all of this”
Ian comes back .. “SUCKS this F**** ends tomorrow”

12:49AM CAm 1-4 SLEEPING

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the poll only let me vote once :(


I voted Dawg for everything! Hope you win Dawg, to me you are the only on that deserves to win!!


You guys should have done Dawg’s funeral earlier in the season to get Dawg some more poll wins!

Jury was not part of my dream

Finally Dawg wins one!
I have been voting for him every time


None of them even let me vote once!!! Said my vote was already counted!! :-ppp

Dumb poll.

I Am Being Sarcastic

Come on everyone lets vote (?) for americas vote give (?) the 25,000 she used the veto to save dan one of the biggest moves of the summer and only left because frank got voted out ….COME ON (?) NEEDS MORE TATTOOS


go dawg, rackin’ up points on cathy and lawon!!!


Please get a better cast next year. The worst, most boring cast ive ever seen. ALL NEWBIES. And next year if someone squeeks the hammock for longer than 2 seconds electrocute them because ian has driven me to the brink of insanity on that damn hammock. 2 straight years that 2 of the final 3 were horrible players and 2 years before that jordan won with her BRILLIANT strategy and gameplay. I am begging for a better cast next year


How can you honestly complain about this years cast, I mean did you even watch BB12 and BB13, now those are examples of a bad cast. This year newbies were at least better than the past two seasons even if you only count ian and Frank, ian and Frank are better than all BB13 newbies. Just to think of a few good personalities this season ian,Frank, Dani(You can’t deny this site loves to hate Dani), Shane, Wil, and Willie(would of been great to see what he would of caused if he didn’t self evict). I could see some of the newbies from BB14 getting on All stars 2, you can’t say the same for any of the newbies on BB13. I know we would like an all newbies cast and I understand that some people want someone new to win, but as much as I’d like a complete newbie cast and a newbie winner, I just think Dan deserves it more than Dani and ian.


Your right Mike….last year Adam and Porshe floated their way to final 3 and Adam drove me crazy with his ideas of being such a great player and thinking he was All Stars material. Yes…I’d like to see an all newbies cast, but this years cast was, by far, better than last year. I think there are several deserving of coming back for an All Stars run….Ian and Frank are two, but Dan has played this game and did it with everything Big Brother was created to for…..even if many don’t agree….he did it and did it better than anyone else. Dan for the win!!!


you are right that the newbies from 14 are better than the newbies from 13 and 12. I would like to see an all newbies cast next year. I watch the live feeds and Dani and Ian have driven me nuts the entire time. The way she always looks in the mirror the way he thinks hes made HUGE moves and is a big brother god now. Can’t stand them.


The problem is they don’t look for gamers, they cast stereotypes. Casting sterotypes is fine, as long as they are gamers first. Think of the coaches that they brought back…they were brought back because they were gamers and were memorable, not because they fit some little bullsh*t label. The truly memorable players are remembered because they made the game interesting.

Rules for the Best Cast EVER:
1) Only cast people that have seen the show. Not necessarily “uber fans”, but you have to at least have an idea of how the show works before being cast.
2) Look for people that have a bit of an evil side. They need to be able to be devious. Backstabbing and blindsides make the show great.
3) Cast people that need the money and would do anything to win it.
4) Stop casting the clueless. People like Ashley, Kathy, and Lawon have no business on the jury, or in the game, period. They contribute nothing to the show. The show cannot sustain itself if we the viewers are given a revolving door of turds to watch.
5) Bringing back old players is fine. Mixing them with new players is fine. Just don’t mix bad*ss returning players with lame*ss n00bs. Give the n00bs an actual chance to turn themselves into BB legends.
6) Raise the grand prize to $1million, for crying-out-loud. I would rather spend 5 weeks playing survivor for $1M, than 10-11 weeks playing BB for $500k. Even The Amazing Race is raising their prize to $2M this season. Increasing the prize would attract better applicants.


You worded that beautifully and I, as a HUGE Big Brother Fan, agree with every word. Production, take note!!! <3 <3 <3


Technotronics, from your mouth to AG’s ears! As for your #2, AG started back in BB2, and the LAST thing she ever wants is a “floater.” If AG thinks you will end up as one, she 100% won’t cast you. When a certain HG ends up as a “floater”, AG is always surprised. Many folks just sound more “interesting” than they actually end up as. AG’s heard thousands of “BB pitches” from people, and even she’s still not “floater-proof”. A crazy-a*s BB video? Charisma-filled interviews? Some floaters will still always sneak in. As for your #4, it’s FAR FAR FAR easier said than done! If enough “Technotronics-approved people” sent in vids/went to BB casting calls, AG would be all set. Her problem? They don’t!!! There’s NEVER enough “eye candy” applying, and there’s never enough “diversity” applying. That’s why AG HAS to scour Facebook, etc., – to find more of the specific type of people she most wants to cast. The more “smokin’ hot guys” and “hot, large-breasted women” in a BB cast, the better for AG’s BB business. They are absolutely RATINGS GOLD!!!!! Oh, they’ve never watched BB before? AG: “Oh well. I can’t ever seem to find everything I want in a HG. So I’ll have to overlook that they’ve never seen BB. Besides, the viewers will LOVE him/her!!!! “Floater” Kathy Hillis was one VERY gorgeous 40-year-old woman. THAT’S why AG cast her. Lawon Exum was a good-looking, non-threatening man, who, most importantly, helped AG with her “requirement goal” of a cast including people of diverse backgrounds. That’s an absolute MUST, Technotronics! That’s AG’s “Reality TV Casting Reality.” And all other reality TV shows have these exact same issues, sad to say.


yeah…great ideas techno

i want to see more comps…

1. 24 hour personal slave comps…like if frank would have won a slave comp, lets say he could have picked brit to make his meals and serve him, wash his clothes and do anything he asked for 24 hours.

2. i’d like to see another mole…like eric

3. endurance dance marathon comp!!!

4. a jail cell where once a week the houseguests vote and send one person in there for a 1 day lockdown. the vote is known to all houseguests.

5. once a season nominate 3 people!!!


#4, #5, and #6 are so true. #6 especially…Every time CBS has an “America’s Choice” phone poll, they charge $1 for vote and collect millions of votes. They make TONS more with commercial sales. So why the hell can they only afford ~$575k in prize money? They should increase 1st place to $1 mil, 2nd to $100k, and America’s Favorite to $50k, even if they have to remove luxury prizes.

This season proved why #5 is so important. Dan controlled everyone in the House with relative ease, even when he did it overtly. I can’t say Dan is the best player ever because his strategy would not have worked in Season 2 or Season 7, where Dr. Will dominated.

Here’s some more rule proposals:
#7: Keep the twists to a minimum. There hasn’t been a good twist since the twins in “Project DNA”. At the very least, reveal the twists at a time that’s equally beneficial to all players. They seemed to be introduced when popular (or popularly hated) players are placed on the block. See rule #8.
#8: Keep production out of the game! I want to see a fair season. No more eviction cancellations, no more well-timed Golden Power of Vetoes. No Cout de Tats. No convenient diary room audio leaks.
#9: Stop devoting so much attention to maintaining the third wall. Everyone watching the show knows that those giant mirrors are actually one-way windows. The “human zoo” feel that production gets would work well if extended to the viewers.
#10: Get more funny people! Big Brother After Dark was all but unwatchable after Britney left.


Well, there were twice as many newbies this season as there were in BB13, but I think Cassi might have been a decent player had she not been eliminated early. BB12 had much much better talent- Britney, Matt, Enzo, Brendon, and Rachel were all far better than any BB14 newbie except Ian, and I think Britney outplayed Ian this season. The newbies this season let Dan deceive them again and again, sometimes with lies that should have been easily recognized as such by the newbies. That’s what makes the Dan/Dr. Will comparisons invalid- Dr. Will played a game that had almost no twists, no PoV, no slop, etc and invented an entirely new strategy which worked to perfection in Season 2. In S7, All-Stars, made up of the best BB had to offer at the time, he ran the House again. He would have won twice had Janelle not made the (poor) decision to eliminate him.

I have to give my vote for Dr. Will as the “Best Player Ever”. Dr. Will would stab you in the back, just like Dan, but you sorta expected it with Dr. Will. With Dan, other players thought that his religiousness and devotion to his family outweighed his game strategy (for the record, I don’t subscribe to this vantage) but they were mistaken and got backstabbed.

In the end, Dr. Will would play just as “ruthless”ly as Dan, but Dr. Will never claimed to care about honesty, or goodness, as Dan claims with his employment and to a lesser extent, directly. So when Will backstabbed you, you weren’t so much shocked and upset as mad at yourself for trusting Will. Plus, Dr. Will had an unnatural charm. We saw how important that is this season…Boogie’s gameplay wasn’t that far from his and Will’s in Season 7, except the other HouseGuests didn’t like him at all. That led to the Frank fiasco which led to Boogie’s eviction.


I would LOVE to see an all stars Survivor show best of BB’s vs Survivor Alumni. The best of BB vs the best of Survivor. Or maybe have three tribes with one being best of BB cast, one tribe best of Survivor cast and one with the most fun rejects from Amazing Race

Lady E

I’m rooting for Dan, as always lol, but I have a feeling Ian is gonna win because Dan won before. Gotta give him credit, though. Second choice would’ve been Frank, because he plays to save himself and it sucks for someone to always be on the block and not feel safe. He’s managed to pull himself out of situations, like Dan. Then again, there’s that whole cheating business -_-


If they really wanted Ian to lose they could pump him up with a lot of beer and keep him up all night so he wouldn’t do so well tomorrow! But then again Dan may throw it (which I think he should do so he doesn’t have to cut Danielle I think he owes her that much) but boy is Dan going to be getting a lot of tweets from Danielle!! Good luck with that Dan:0 lol!! I personally will miss bb and reading the updates and comments!! Thank you:) Dan/Ian for the win!! I want Dan to win have from the start but have a soft spot for Ian since he reminds me of my daughters boyfriend:) love the comment by Danielle that Dan and her have similar names very true and if you change the first letter of Dan’s name with an I it’s Ian!! I got it Dan and Danielle’s love child is Ian!!! One happy family:) lOL


Finally! A poll where Dawg is winning! :)


haha too funny …Thanks Simon, finally I am winning one … although its kind of sad the amount of people still voting for Cathy and Lawon over me :(


just ignore the haters…


It should really be a poll against Lawon, SHANE, and Dawg! Kathy was just useless but Shane was STUPID!

TV People Don't Know You Exist

Of course Cathy is still getting votes, she is John Blaze!!!!


I think they should bring back some of the house guest that were voted out 1st and 2nd next year to play. It would be interesting to see if any of them had any game in them. It would be horrible to be voted out 1st, twice playing BB15…just a thought


My thought is to put all smokers in the Big Bother house and not let them bring in any cigarettes. Reward competitions would be trips to Hawaii or a pack of stogies or $5,000 or nicarette.


possibly 6 womanizing men with 6 lesbians.


Bring back Rachel and Dani and make them be on the same team.

Looking for the best train wreck possible


My thought is not having a veto comp every week. The day after the HOH nominations all the houseguests vote if they want to hold a veto comp. The vote is by a show of hands so everyone knows how every one else voted.


If they bring back Rachel again I will shoot myself.


Ian is killing that hammock right now. I mean putting it through the paces hard. That poor kid.


He must not be all there

I Am Being Sarcastic

This is a great site I went to page 50 and every slide is from last season and Rachel is crying in almost every story lol good times…. Also I wasnt being sarcastic if anyone thinks so


Dawg finally found a way to win a poll. LOL


Dan only needed to win the one comp, the rest of the time he was running everyone elses HOHs.
Dan’s wife saids he will try to win the last comp so he can take Danielle. She saids he is trying to throw off Production.


@Ladybug.Where did you get that information about what Dan’s wife said from?Anyway,I hope she’s right.That’s exactly what I want to happen.If the jury members vote for Danielle to win over Dan.Especailly after Dan tells them that every move she made,was orders that came from him.The only thing she did on her own was win competitions,but even then it was like Dan won those competitions because he told her what to do with the power she had(HOH’s&veto’s).Those jury members will go down as the biggest bunch of butt hurt babies in the history of the game.They’ll top season’s 3 jury memebers(they voted for Lisa to win over Danielle Reyes because they were butt hurt babies).I think Dan knows by taking Danielle,he’ll be forcing the jury members to vote for him because what reason will they have not to crown Dan the winner,that won’t make them look like butt hurt babies.


Well I guess production knows now, wifey


Did Dan give Ian his gold chain. Out on the patio, Dan suggested they each hold something in trust, Memphis has Dans gold chain. Since Dan suggested it, I’m assuming Dan brought a fake gold chain with him. Ian is studying chemical/metals so I’m hoping he can tell that it’s fake.

Earth to Dan: take Ian to finals.

YUP i hears that too…and Dan is stupid Cuz Danielle will beat him… she will look like an innocent victim and jurors will vote for her. bad Idea..he needs to take Ian..


Where did you get this info Ladybug? What would he be trying to throw off production for? Either way Dan will lose. So why not let the player who actually deserves it (Ian) win? And he would probably have a better shot against Ian because everyone in the jury believes (foolishly) that Dani is innocent.

Revenge of the Nerds

Chelsea did a local interview, the link is on Dan’s website

Dawg For The Win!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PLEASE vote Dawg in the new BB poll, vs. legendary BB12 endurance comp specimen (???) Kathy Hillis, and BB13 master strategist (if I get evicted, I’ll come back with a special power – he’s still waiting for it!) Lawon Exum. Come on! Throw “Our Dawg” a bone!!!!!!!

Captain Crunch Yo

What is all this hate againts Frank. Do they hate him because he was too loyal or gullible? He actually seemed the most normal. I understand this is a game, but for Dan to lie and backstab like its nothing, something is wrong with him. I dont think he can just shut that off. I mean you just cant come into a situation and be that good at lying and deception without some practice. Then there’s Danielle, this chick wants so much attention. Shes in for a rude awakening when its mostly negative. Plus that Frank was more liked than her. And Ian seems a tad arrogant and condescending. That is all, carry on.

Lady E

I think it’s due to production allowing Frank to cheat. Frank’s a beast; can win competitions. I’d hate to think that the game is rigged but I feel like it is. Production always interferes. Cut to fish = hiding something

Revenge of the Nerds

My issues with Frank was the constant bullying, the self-entitlement and his unwarranted massive ego. Very big turn offs. Its is 90 percent social and Frank imo sucked bad at the social game.

Revenge of the Nerds

Simon, can you tell me how the jury house works. Do they get to compare notes? If they do, the votes could drastically be different from what people are predicting.


Dan can’t lie but Frank can cheat???? I am sorry, but if no one lied in this game (or cheated, for that matter) this would be one lame a## show!!!!

Like watching paint dry.....,

Can anyone tell me why the houseguests can’t sing on camera?


I believe it’s because CBS would have to pay for the songs, royalties or something like that.

Honey Boo Boo Child

That’s because if they sing a song on television or play the recording, BB will have to play a royalty fee to whomever holds the rights. Not only that, but they could get fined on top of that by the RIAA for not getting pre-authorization.

If you ever go to Hooters, Applebee’s, Farrells, Chuck Cheese or any other like restaurant, you’ll notice that none of them will sing the original Birthday song. That’s because the royalty fee and fines apply to them also, Honey Chile.


Copyright infringement.

Trey Gorman

In one of her typically classy moves, Danielle just discussed with the man who dishragged Shane out of the house (the Svengali Pimp) what to do regarding her one sided infatuation with Trey. He advised her to hang on to Shane through the party weekend and then test the waters with Trey, without letting on to Shane about her true feelings (or lack thereof) 10:14 live feeds. These two Dan/Danielle really do belong together, with Dani as the perpetual underling, of course. Tommorow night when Dan just can’t seem to pull out the win in the third HOH comp, Dani will be there to console him with her vote, because he did his best for her. I hope she enjoys finding out what he really thinks of her.


Yeah and its all confidential, no one outside Big Brother will know Dani is trying to hold onto Trey and Shane. LOL! I don’t believe there is a Trey, this is some make believe guy on Dani’s part and she makes believe a lot of stuff. As far her holding onto Shane, seems she forgot the golden rule: it takes two. Shane, although not very bright, does understand women. Both Shane and Dan were using Dani in their own way. Shane’s said in his interview with Julie and Jeff , that he tried to keep his showmance with Dani on the down low. He didn’t want anyone to know that they were together. Ah Shane, earth to Shane ….was that the real reason you fought off Dani’s kisses, that you wanted two covers, that you didn’t want to share her bed? The whole house knew Dani’s feeling for you and how when convenient for your game, you threw her a bone or two. It just so happens you only rewarded her with a kiss after a HOH or POV. Could it be these cherish kisses were to ensure your safety in the house when she won HOH?

Nope, Shane has no use for Dani now that the game is over. So bachelor number 1 is out. Lets assume there is a bachelor number 2, named Trey, I don’t believe it…but lets play along. Trey has just seen you infatuated with Shane over the last 70 days. So after seeing that, would that make Trey want you more or less? Trey has just seen that you are very needy, the very thing that you say most of your exes have a problem with you. Does that make Trey want you more or less? Trey has just seen how gullible you were with Dan. Does that make Trey want you more or less …… ok, maybe on this point, you being so gullible, Trey might want you more!

Dani, turn the page with Shane, its not going to happen. Give up the fictional boyfriend, Trey. Don’t throw yourself on the next guy, be yourself and you’ll find someone that wants you.


Congrats Dawg!!! Looking good in this one….

Honey Boo Boo Child

What about JODI !!!!

Someone’s got to vote for the poor girl too!

I think she set a record for the HG spending the least amount of time in the BB house.

Well, make that second, Danielle holds that record, she just wasn’t all “there”, honey chile.

A Broken Record

Here we go again……(yawn)……..Honey Boo Boo Child…(for the 50th time)………….vote for Jodi!!!!!!…..(triple yawn)……………………. There’s a reason your campaign hasn’t worked. She doesn’t deserve it!!!!! PLEASE spare us this nonsnese…………………..




I think she is giving birth to something…They are huuuuuge


The bees must be attracted to the soap, lotion, acne cream and make up that she applies routinely 3-6 times a day. She should have realized what she’s doing is counter productive when the zits mutiplied.


It would explain why she was talking all mush-mouthed, too. Maybe her gums got fat.

Go home Delusionelle

Biff- I’m pretty sure you have made me laugh out loud more than any other poster has!




The pics of Danielle eating causes the bile to rise. *checks the mirror*

I Am Being Sarcastic

Please dan throw the hoh comp so that Danielle will not make it to final 2


Danielle starts laughing at Ian’s walk. Dan says he has a “Gate Issue”

That’s probably “gait” issue, as in an issue with the way he walks.

Roisin Dubh

“Gait Issue”


I wanna see a combination of BB meets poker after dark… Stick professional poker players in a house… Mix in BB challenges with poker related challenges.. .l Most of those people have great personalities .. Would make for wonderful yv


A few years ago there was a female poker player in BB. I don’t think she did well. Poker players tend to be solo acts. You need to trust at least one person to have a good shot at BB. I still think that if Frank had picked up Shane week 2/3, he would have won the whole thing.


Danielle can’t take the pill because of ovarian cysts??? I gotta call bullshit on that one. Doctors give you the pill for ovarian cysts! My daughter was 14 years old when she went on the pill BECAUSE OF OVARIAN CYSTS! We spent a night in the ER after she had one rupture, she was on pain medication for a few days then we went to a specialist… she was put on the pill… no more cysts! I can’t believe this idiot even gets to empty bed pans in a healthcare facility!

Go home Delusionelle

Ditto on that GiGi! Unlike Delusionelle, I actually do have severe endometriosis and ovarian cysts. I have been on birth control for 16 years to help regulate my system, but every now and then the pills don’t help me and I have to have laparoscopic surgery to remove the cyst. As a last ditch effort before surgery we actually increase the birth control in hopes that the estrogen surge will shrink the cyst and I can avoid surgery. This is part of why I can’t stand this girl! Dan is lying about game stuff- while this bitch lies about and diminishes the severity of illnesses and cancers that many people suffer from. She’s a shitty person and she’s got a real rude awakening that’s about to hit her big ass when she wakes up in the real world on Thursday! I think she reads the charts of some of her “patients” and suddenly she is inflicted with the same ailments as them. If this is true, then she should be hired to be a nurse in a state hospital and she will finally find herself amongst like minded “patients”. She will then realize she is a narcissist with a histrionic personality disorder, bipolar, has Munchausen’s syndrome, in the “mist” of a severe case of Stockholm’s syndrome and I would even venture so far as to say maybe a little bit of a dissociative identity disorder. I hope she uses her stipend money to start the many years of intensive therapy that she so desperately needs!!!


I was actually watching when they had this conversation. Dani said that she can’t take the pill because it messes with her thyroid – which is quite possible. She then added that she has problems with ovarian cysts…which are pretty common – most women have them and never know. It is only when they are larger and rupture that you experience severe pain. She has exaggerated much this year and probably lied, but I want to be fair – she did say it was her thyroid that was affected.


Oh ok the thyroid thing, but like you said she then stated AND I have ovarian cysts… as an additional reason for being unable to take the pill. So, again my point is she either doesn’t know dick about healthcare or she’s “lying”. I had an ovarian cyst discovered at 4 months pregnant had to go thru multiple amnio tests (hugeass needle into my hugeass pregnant stomach) and finally at 36 weeks pregnant had 9cm cyst removed… the Mayo clinic was consulted and all kinds of scarey shit….oh and I had to have a colonoscopy while pregnant VERY painful. (lots of risk for baby and myself) And to hear this sillyass 23 year old make up crazy stuff like she does pisses me off! (I was 24 when I went thru all this & more) I guess it’s different with her cysts as they are more than likely imaginary like her many talents, fiance’, etc…


I feel for you…I REALLY DO. That must have been beyond scary. But your case is on the extreme side. I learned about them first when my best friend had one rupture (she, like “Go Home” also had endometriosis). I have also had one rupture and the pain associated with that was indescribable. But, I did learn that they are actually fairly common and usually come and go without the woman ever realizing it…it is only when they grow to a larger size that the present problems. Although, I have heard of more frequent problems with fibroids. I’m just saying that I am not going to point the finger on this issue and say that she is lying, although I doubt that she ever had any issues related to them. Her mentioning them after talking about the pill though was ridiculous, because they will occur whether or not you are taking it. And as for “Go HOme” – regulating endometriosis with the pill does not work for extreme cases, what they would do is completely supress your system and send you into a false menopause.

Go home Delusionelle

Cruizin- you are 100% correct. I chose to stop short of sharing my entire medical history. I am 29 and would like to have a child soon. So when my doctor sat me down and told me I needed Lupron injections to induce menopause it scared the shit out of me and I chose not to take that route. Instead I did biofeedback physical therapy in an attempt to learn alternative methods to cope with the pain. Menopause during child-birthing years sounded scarier than being stuck on a deserted island with only Danielle and Rachel for a year! In my opinion this is a game and if you choose to lie and decieve people when it comes to game play and strategy I think all will be forgiven in the end. However, the stuff that Danielle has chosen to fabricate this entire season is unacceptable and will catch up to her in a big way in her real life. I actually do feel sorry for her because this whole time she has convinced herself that America loves her and that she is Jordan 2.0- when in reality that could not be any further from the truth!


Gigi peoples bodies are different i know danielle has lied about a whole bunch of stuff and is one of those people that can tell a lie and actually believe it but i suffer from getting cysts on my overies quite a bit and i am unable to take the pill as well but then again the pill also makes me really sick so sh may be telling the truth about that one and did yall see danielles face when Frank won americas favorite houseguest?

Inan4 the wim

I sure wished somebody would show a day1 picture of a normal Danielle and a last day. I swear she’s doubled in size! And dan’s wife may beat the hell out of her just o remind her he is married, if she doesn’t beat Dan up 1st

Inan4 the win*

Dan takes the cow and he doesn’t win it’s a flip with Inan my pick from day 1


You broke the internet. All you had to do was put Dawg as the first option on the list.


Well, it is that time again. Time to say goodbye to all things Big Brother that Simon and Dawg bring to the table. So often the game gets slow or we are waiting for eventful occasions but never does OBB let us down! Simon and Dawg and OBB provide such an enhancement to the game and although we see down time or boring periods on the show but never a dull moment on here with the com mentors. It has turned out to be a great season overall with some pretty great moves by a few of the house guests and, as always, I will be looking forward to next season for another great summer of Big Brother. Thanks guys…you’ve truly been appreciated. Hopefully next season will be an All Stars…or even better…a mid-year addition of All Stars. OK…for one more time….GO DAN…..may the mist be with you!!


Dan suggested that he give Ian his gold chain (like he did with Memphis) and Ian trade the gold veto ball for collateral. Because Dan suggested it, I’m betting Dan brought in a fake gold chain. It seems he is bringing Danielle for sure.


Thanks Simon and Dawg, you guys run a great site and really helped me enjoy BB14 so much. I’ll see you for BB Canada or BB15. Peace out guys!


Moving forward, I would like to see them up the award for 2nd place a little and have a 3rd place prize. I think if you are going to have the final 3 compete for final HOH that there really should be a token also ran prize – maybe not cash but a trip – something. America’s Vote the past few years has gone to someone who finished lower than 3rd.


Still if it more interesting of next HoH is pokemon card game. Dan will win HoH over Ian.

Like watching paint dry.....,

Hey guys! Is it possible for your polls to show how many votes have been cast?

Dans getting misted right now...

I believe Dans not taking Ian …Ian has to win final hoh to take Dan…Dans an idiot cuz he can beat Ian …but not Danielle… ians votes.. shane Frank.. jenn……… Dans votes…Danielle… britt… joe… ashley… Danielle has four off the bat.. shane…jenn…ashley… frank…and then the bitch wins…Danielle.


i doubt she is really a nurse, she is just to incapable of anything. unless anyone can nurse in Alabama, which is possible. id love to see her try to go off on boogie, he would evicerate her in seconds and it would be highly traumatic

Earth to Dan: take Ian to finals.

nooooo dont take Danielle she doesnt even deserve 50k muh less the win.. im scared she will look like Dans victim and jurors will vote for her…like the dumb ones… Shane…


Sorry, but I just have to come to my boy Frank’s defense one last time. I’m under no illusions about Frank, nor do I ignore his character flaws…but Dan’s comparing him to Rachel is absurd.

If there is an historical comparison to be made it is between Frank and Janelle. If you go back and watch the 1st few weeks, when Janelle and Britney began poisoning the house against Frank it was done because of the recognition that he was physically intimidating with his workouts and because he was so outgoing and friendly that he had to be taken out immediately. Again there is this belief that Frank chose to be deemed an enemy to all the HG’s, forgetting that Janelle and Britney were relentless in making sure the house was terrified of him as unbeatable in both comps and at the end because of his physicality and charisma, while painting him as a jerk for being outgoing and joking around.

There is also the belief that Frank chose to work only with Boogie. Again a revisionist argument. Frank was the very first target in the house and had Janelle and Britney both working to paint him as a villain before he could even start to feel out the house. He was the single biggest victim of the coaches twist this year. There was no getting to know people and allowing alliances to form organically. Instead Janelle and Britney came in to avenge their respective losses in season’s 7 and 12 (Janelle saw Frank as Boogie to Mike’s Dr. Will and Britney saw Frank as the young, athletic, likable…long haired Hayden).

So Janelle and Britney had ensured that their players were terrified of Frank and absolutely refused to see how he could benefit their own games, then the reset happens. This is where the Janelle from season 6 comparison comes into play. Mike becomes Kaysar and Ian becomes Howie. Dan is Cappy, Britney is Yvette, Danielle is Maggie, Shane is April/Jennifer. If you recall, Frank and Mike had worked to ease everybody’s fear of them and then “Magic 8 Ball” Ian blows that up when he tells Britney he can’t “foresee” putting Shane up should he win HOH the following week, which her paranoia perceives as not Ian’s threat, but Mike and Frank’s threat. After that there is the brief peace, to evict Janelle in her role as James, before the Nerd Her/Cappy’s Cult/Quack Pack decides that Frank is the personification of evil. Just an aside, but much like the Nerd Herd, the Quack Pack is obsessed with being the good guys and loved by the audience.

Now Frank is not entirely blameless, but his behavior was in direct response to being under siege. Nobody knows how they would respond once it became clear that the majority of the house was planning to evict you and only the reset saved you. Frank knew that he was the target and not Mike and that people had lied directly to his face, promising safety, only for Frank to learn from Dan that he was a goner. Of course Frank should have kept cool and tried to kiss ass, but he did not. Do people not remember Janelle after Kaysar was lied to and evicted? She went at every single one of her enemies, personally. Do people not remember James from season 9? When it was clear the house had made re-evicting him their number 1 goal? He had an emotional breakdown.

The fact is nobody knows how you would respond to figuring out A) an alliance had formed against you, B) everybody in the house is lying to you, and C) they have made you their number 1 target, but will evict your allies if they can’t get you.

Did Frank respond smartly to any of these facts? Absolutely not, but even if he had responded more sportsmanlike or self-deprecating, he would still be sitting in the jury. By the end of the second week, Janelle and Britney had made sure Frank would find no allies from their team (Ashley being the late exception) and while Dan may have been open to working together, Danielle became infatuated with Shane, which tied him to Britney and then Ian.

In fact, I think in Mike and Frank, Dan saw Brian and Memphis from his season, with Danielle as Keisha…but Shane’s presence wrecked that. I think Dan would have been very happy if Shane had been evicted instead of Jojo, which would have cleared the way for him to re-enact his season only this time with Brian/Boogie still in the game. Remember that Dan was keeping lots of options open right up until Ian became a rat. Dan could have tried to marginalize Ian’s info, but once Britney ran with it, Dan was painted into a corner.

So you can hate Frank if you want, but it was the insecurities of the other HG’s that made him their villain…just like Janelle in season 6.


Nice essay, but many conclusions drawn that are based on your imagination.
Other HGs may have insecurities, but Frank’s douchebagginess is what made him a target.
Carry on.


Just out of curiosity, where do you see “imagination”?

Sure I have reached conclusions, but I’ve tried to support them with facts, which is the hallmark of making opinion arguments.

My “essay” is just that, an opinion.

Now your opinion is Frank is a douchebag. Fair enough, but I think it is your lack of “imagination” that leaves your post completely unpersuasive. In fact, I think your hatred of Frank, bereft of any supporting facts, actually confirms my contention that the hatred of Frank, by fan and HG alike, is completely irrational, dictated by ones own personal insecurities and a psychological fracture that makes you see people through the lens of your own experience. It is your experience with people who share Frank’s characteristics as a person that makes you hate him, no different than Janelle and Britney. This fracture makes you hate anybody who reminds you of somebody you have hated in the past. Being judgmental and disregarding people on that basis, without cause or reason, is completely irrational, especially in the context of a game where the goal is winning, not making friends.

Without intending to do so, I think you helped further my argument.

Linda In Texas

Hi Prof Bobsky

Your reply was well stated and you kept it professional

Bravo Bravo

Zingbot Fan

Thanks but I’ll continue to hate him too because he was a huge ahole. At least he has all of his self adoration to bask in.

Linda In Texas

Hi Bobsky or should I say Prof Bobsky

Another great posting,

I would love to see you play on next years BB

Thanks for all your great posting this season.

I look forward to them daily. If your not on

BB14 hope to see you hear next season.

Thanks again Prof Bobsky


Thanks Linda.

I’m flattered…but if they ever let me on that show I’d be lucky to last through the second week.

I’m a much better armchair quarterback than I am a quarterback…

See you next season!

Linda In Texas

Prof Bobsky me again Linda,

I hope you and your family have a great Fall and Winter,

spent with your loved ones and family.

I look forward to reading your comments next year,

so until then my God bless.


Bobsky, to me, when your BB14 analysis does NOT involve either Frank or the Frank/Boogie combo, your words are the “OBB Gold Standard.” But surely you know that It is “standard policy” that if anyone wants to get an objective, impartial and honest opinion on someone, they NEVER ask either family or friends about them. Because they already either love or like this person, and have formed a natural, “positive bias” towards them. How many parents watching at a trial think their son is actually guilty of killing the five people he’s accused of, even though there’s clear video of him doing it? ZERO. Because they love their son. Picking our own favorite HGs, and rooting them on in the game is MAJOR BB fun. But you should really “recuse yourself” from Frank analysis. You’re WAY too much of a Frank fan to be able to accurately assess him. Your “heart” gets in the way of your brain. When any of us are getting exactly what we want in life at the time, we’re 100% happy. But what does in most people, in both life and BB, is HOW they act, and WHAT they say to others, when they’re NOT. When the road gets “bumpy” for them. Game on! Frank turned into an absolute “negative nuclear warhead” to the other HGs, when house events didn’t go his way. He went both “scorched earth” and “I’m most entitled.” Over and over and over. The other HGs responded very poorly to it. End of story. Was Frank’s anger “justified?” Irrelevant. Was Frank unfairly targeted? Irrelevant. Every HG has their “BB pressure cooker moments.” The others HGs then watch and listen to you extremely closely. And if your personality radically changes for the worse, they take note of that. To me, Frank and Jenn handled “BB14 adversity” the worst. But ask a Frank fan? They’ll give you 1000 reasons why Frank was simply “an innocent victim,” and has gotten a completely unfair and unwarranted “bad rap.” Your “I’m a big Frank fan, rose colored glasses” are on, Bobsky. Therefore, it is impossible for you to be objective about both him and his behaviors inside the house, in my opinion. Your loyalty to him, to the very end, however, is quite commendable. Personally, you added a TON of enjoyment to my BB season, Bobsky. Many thanks!


I get where your coming from, but just a word in my defense of my defense of Frank.

1) At one point or another, I have defended almost every HG that has come under attack by the majority. The reason that I do this is that I don’t hate anybody. I was rooting for Frank and Boogie, but when they were gone, I started rooting for Dan at times, Ian at others, and even Danielle, Shane and Jenn. I come from the idea that I try to understand why people behave a certain way and am quick to defend it from their point of view. I just can’t muster hate or dislike for people who have done nothing but play a game.

2) Who would you point to as an example of grace under fire? After Britney’s nomination, Ian became unhinged. When Dan was nominated by Frank, he was shoving aside his fellow quack packers and lashing out with threats towards Ian. Danielle’s theatrics the last few days have not been exemplary. Britney just felt sorry for herself, gave up and moped around. Jenn got huffy whenever thing went awry. Shane stormed out, shoving Dan aside upon his eviction. Frank, unlike everybody else, has been targeted from the very first week, long before he could be deemed a “douchebag” by anybody. Nobody else had to deal with the notion that it was either win or go home.

But ultimately my point is that if you can sit here and tell me you’ve never lost your temper when you have felt wronged by somebody or when something you’ve wanted for so long was suddenly within your grasp, only to be snatched away, then I applaud you. Me? I’m closer to Boogie, Frank, Shane, and Dan in that my inclination is to fight (not literally, but figuratively). I also continue to point out the deprivation that the BB house represents. You are trapped in essentially a 3 bedroom house with a family room, kitched, den, and backyard. You are playing a game against the same people you’re also relying on for human contact and interaction. This fact alone means it is almost impossible to really buy the whole “It’s nothing personal, just the game”. I just think that the people who hate anybody on this show, fail to truly empathize with what it means to go into that house.

I think BB would be a fun challenge and would love to give it a shot…but knowing cameras are on me 24/7 and that I’m trapped with strangers I might very well dislike tremendously, knowing that I can’t get in my car and drive to just get a break or call my friends to vent about something that has annoyed me or take a walk to clear my head. Knowing that I might even be put on a restrictive diet that will effect my thinking due to malnutrition, and that no matter what I do or how nice I try to be, the entire house could decide that I’m a “threat” because I’m 6’2 and in (decent) shape or that they hate me because I remind them of an ex-boyfriend who cheated on them or the cousin who used to be mean to them. The realities of BB means that production would need to multiple the final prize by at least 20 to get me to try out.


Bobsky, all HGs are allowed the normal, “24-hour angry/sad window”, when BB sh*t happens to them. But what by FAR separated Frank from the rest of the HGs was that he remained in “full rampage mode” for FAR longer than the others (except Jenn) did. From several days, to even weeks later. Time and time again. Frank would both obsess and lament about his various BB14 disappointments, to both himself and the others. He simply “wore out” everyone else in the house. No one else wanted to hear Frank’s “tales of woe” anymore. It’s BB – deal with it, and get over it, already! Frank reminded me of that fictional “mailman”, who’s dragging a dog along, from house to house, who remains clamped down on the mailman’s leg for blocks!!!! Beat a dead horse, why dont’cha? Frank just stayed pissed WAY WAY WAY too long. It’s never WHAT Frank said or did that hurt him. It was HOW and HOW LONG he did it that was his downfall. Bobsky, we almost always like the HGs that we can most closely identify with personally. You just admitted that. Perfectly normal. But your own admission here, that “you yourself would have quite the difficult time within the strict confines of the BB house”, as you like to say, “helped me to make my argument.” You’re smart enough to not go on BB. But your favorite, Frank, wasn’t. (A further testament to you, Bobsky!) You can especially empathize with his struggles. I understand that. That makes you a good person. I am, however, disappointed that you’ve chosen to reject my previous, “Bobsky is a rose-colored glasses, biased Frank Fan” argument as bogus, and insist that you, despite your own fan-dom, are still able to view Frank “objectively”, nonetheless. For you to be able to pull THAT off borders on a human impossibility, though. (Unless you are either “R2D2”, or “Hal” from “2001”? As a robot, you could certainly pull it off.) But you rejecting my argument, Bobsky, does NOT make you right and me wrong about it. Hey, I could be all wet. Or you could be in complete denial. (or we could both just dumbasses!!!!!) But I do know that an open mind is a sign of intelligence. Hopefully, you and I are at least helping a few OBB fans “kill” these last few hours before Finale Night. Can’t wait! Peace, brother! :)


(silently nods in agreement)

Enjoy the show!!! Till next year…


Hi Simon,
I know you have posted where to find the survivor blog multiple times but I can’t seem to find it.
Could you please tell me the link? Thanks!


Ok who are the smart asses that voted Cathy and Lawan??

Thanks for a great summer Dawg and Simon. This is the best BB site of them all! See you for BB Canada!

Revenge of the Nerds

Simon or anyone, can you please fill me in on how the jury house works. Do the members get to compare notes? IMO that would sway alot of peoples predicted votes. If Shane found out Dani was in on the whole funeral thing and has been working with Dan ever since, he could vote for Dan. If britt finds out the same, she would vote Dan. So depending on how the jury works, Dan would slaughter Dani in the final 2.


The jury members do get to compare notes. However they do not get any information from production. As far as Dan’s funeral, I don’t think there is anyone in jury who knows Danielle was in on it. Did Frank & Jenn know? If so they could share that information.


can someone, hopefully julie chen, tell ian that th e quack pack is the worst name of an alliance EVER


Ian: Brit, Shane, Frank, Ashley, Joe

Dan: Danielle, Jenn

Ian wins Big Brother.

Revenge of the Nerds

I am confused on how people think Dani can beat Dan. She was his puppet the whole game. How can the puppet beat the puppet master? And cant the jury members compare notes. Jenn and Frank ratting Dan out on the funeral causing Britt and Shane to vote for Dan instead?


Joe should be asked about his mastabatory habits in the house tonight. kid was epic with that routine. mey have actually been doing it in his sleep. his poor wife, shes gone have that thing climbing all over her tonight


I don’t believe for one moment that Danielle has any chance of winning and can’t understand why Dan and Ian think she does. No one on the jury will vote for her to win except Shane and Jenn (but only if she’s up against Ian; she’ll vote for Dan if it’s Dan vs. Danielle). I do think the jury members like Danielle as a person, but I don’t believe very many of them think of her as a true competitor in this game. The jury has been out of the game for a long time (most of them) and there is really very little chance that many of them will cast bitter or revenge votes. I think the past has shown that jury members, for the most part, cast votes based on game play or who they were friends with. Danielle’s closest allies on the jury are Shane and Jenn and that’s it. Joe liked her, but I don’t believe he’d vote for her to win over the machine that is Dan or the cleverness of Ian. He MIGHT vote for Danielle if she’s against Dan and still set on the idea that a newbie should win, but I’m betting that idea has gone by the wayside and he’ll vote for the best player. Even if he does, that’s at most 3 votes for Danielle. Ashley will never vote for her. Frank is too much of a egotist and chauvenist to allow a woman to beat him in this game. Britney will vote for Dan or Ian depending on who’s sitting next to her. And, finally, if Ian’s on the jury, he’ll vote for Dan for sure. If Dan’s on the jury, Dan will vote for Danielle but Joe will vote for Ian so she still only has 3 votes at most. If either of these guys truly wants to win $500K, they will knock the other one out and go to the end with Danielle.


Bobsky, I agree that Frank was screwed over the most because of the coaches, but where he lost me was when he continued to burn Boogie’s candle after he was evicted. He should have played his own game after that. He should have distanced himself, made people think that he was relieved to be on his own, he should have reorganized his relationships and laid low. But he didn’t. There wasn’t a day when he talked about his idol Boogie. That’s where he lost me. His attitude of entitlement didn’t help either. He was rude and aggressive towards everyone. The easy going facade falls away as soon as things aren’t going exactly how he wants them to, and he seems to expect everyone to get with his program and do what he wants, or else he throws a tantrum. I agree that we might have seen a different Frank if there were no coaches, but he did have the opportunity to start fresh and chose not to because he was so busy mourning Boogie and blaming the others.

Zingbot Fan

Well stated Chloe. Frankenhole was a very good competitor but I think his actions were caused by his arrogance. He was fine as long as you agreed with his opinion. Seeing him get the boot was the season highlight for me.


Agreed. If you compare two of Boogie’s team against each other (Ian and Frank) one struck on his own and started doing his own thing while the other continued with the ‘being coached’ mentality. To me that’s all on Frank. I don’t consider him a ‘villain’ or anything like that, but he was simply very bad at building solid relationships beyond Boogie. He spent the first have of the game buddying up with Boogie and generally ignoring the rest of the house, then the last half getting into fights about Boogie being evicted.


I absolutely respect your opinion. You make a very good argument.

But remember what Frank saw on Friday morning after Boogie is evicted, knowing he would have followed in the second eviction had he not won the veto.

Frank knows that Britney, Dan, Shane, and Danielle had turned on him and believes Dan is the ringleader. His “teammate” Ian had voted Boogie out and then nominated him. Joe refused to partner up with him and Boogie when they had a good case for having equal numbers. All he had left was Jenn and even that was tenuous because she had not really been playing.

What we saw was Frank hoping that Ian was just influenced by Dan and that with Dan gone, Britney and Shane would be willing to work together again. Remember, that Frank knew he was all alone and had already previously been on the block anytime he wasn’t HOH. He was already aware that his only guarantee was winning and even that he knew was a slim hope because of the crapshoot nature of competitions. So Frank had to throw a bomb and hope getting Dan out would re-open the game. Here is where Britney blew it. She needed to bury Dan and convince Frank that they would work together again. But instead she froze when Frank pressed her and it was clear she were responding to him out of fear, rather than a genuine plan to work together. This was the only reason Dan’s funeral worked with regard to Frank. Britney and Ian assumed Dan would die in peace and did nothing to inoculate themselves from any desperate moves.

Frank’s willingness to go back to Britney and Ian, and then Dan and Danielle, shows me desperation, the realization that his time was limited. He said as much in his interview with Jeff. He knew the odds were stacked against him. I also think there is a disregard for the possibility that Frank was also playing the game. If Boogie was so unpopular, then why not remind everybody you guys were together. Why not be cocky and act like you would beat anybody at the end? Has nobody ever played the “you want me at the end because the jury hates me” card?

If you look at any season in the past, once the game reaches eviction to jury, the days of making friends and being kept because you are well liked is already over. Had Frank played nice and kissed ass, it may have made him more well liked, but he still would have been evicted when he was evicted. Frank knew he had no allies, so he decided to go the route of trying to instill fear that he would keep surviving and would relentlessly target his enemies, hope that others would see that he could be used to further their game, and be somebody so unpopular they can’t win (Frank did not have the personality to really commit to this last part…but I think he tried).

But I could be wrong, that just how I saw it.


I’d say you’re giving Frank more credit than is warranted. Particularly with the

“Has nobody ever played the “you want me at the end because the jury hates me” card? ”

That would’ve been a good card to play, if he ever played it. When Ian pointed out to the house that if anyone took Frank to the end they’d be writing him a cheque Frank’s reply was ‘you’re not telling them anything they don’t already know!’ That’s hardly the response of someone playing the ‘jury will hate me’ card.


See I disagree.

If you’re taking the Evil Dick route of attacking people personally and trying to become unabashedly hated, then you’re right. But I think Frank was playing the Dr. Will route of being arrogant and cocky. So when Ian said “anybody who takes him to the end is writing him a check”, the absolute right response is to say to all the jury is “You’re not telling them what they don’t already know.”

Why else are so many determined to get him out if this isn’t the case?

So if all the HG’s stop and actually think, they would say “wait a minute, we’re the ones who vote and we all don’t like Frank and think he’s a cocky jerk.”

Frank was screwed from the start because he had to win to survive, so he couldn’t say “well, I haven’t one anything and nobody likes me, so of course I can’t win” and he was not mean spirited enough to truly go at people viciously.

In my opinion, once the Silent 6 broke up and his allies were all gone, Frank had to be unpopular, he had to instill fear that he would keep surviving and go after those against him, and hope that the other HG’s would see that he could be used to get out a Dan or a Shane or an Ian and if he happened to be at the end then he would be where Dan is now. Remember that the conventional wisdom in the Quack Pack is that Dan is the perfect final 2 partner because everybody hates him and he can’t win. Frank needed to be the guy with too much blood on his hands.

I think his only better option was to be even a bigger jerk. He should have attacked people and tried to sow dissension throughout the house. Attack Dan’s faith, torment Ian for his idiosyncrasies, tell Joe that everybody mocks his hygiene and masturbatory shenanigans, tell Danielle that everybody thinks she’s straight out of Fatal Attraction, etc.

But if you have something better, then maybe I’m wrong.


Next Year, Big Brother All-Stars 2:Battle of Sexes
Amy:Big Brother 3
Adria:Big Brother 5
Rachel:Big Brother 12 & 13
Danielle M.:Big Brother 14
Danielle R.:Big Brother 3 & 7
Sheila:Big Brother 9
Jessica:Big Brother 8
Jeff:Big Brother 11 & 13
Ryan:Big Brother 9
Drew:Big Brother 5
Hayden:Big Brother 12
Dan:Big Brother 10 & 14
Frank:Big Brother 14
Dominic:Big Brother 13

Jury was not part of my dream

Thanks for all your hard work guys and congrats to Dawg.
You finally won a poll!