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Big Brother 14 finally comes to a end. It was a great season with some of the better Players we’ve seen in a while. Ian Terry finally defeats the DAn Gheesling and the fabled Dan “Mist” is gone. The Vote was a shocking 6-1 with Danielle being the only vote for Dan. The image above was taken from the superpass interviews where Danielle was told Dan said said to Shane right before Shane left that Danielle was playing him from the beginning. It’s sad to say that for the most part these interviews are filled with fluff and really do not get to some core questions. We’ll need to wait for Evel Dick’s interviews for that.

Here’s a couple questions I have for you all (I’ll add my answers below in the comments)
Does everyone still think Dan is the best player ever?
Did Dan throw the final HOH?
Would Dan have won Vs Danielle?
On a scale of 1-10 how much does Ian winning rock?
Ian’s finale speech 1-10
Dan’s finale speech 1-10 (10 being the best)

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Here is a collection of links to interview from various sources around the internets. You can also see the backyard interviews with a live feed subscription. we’ll continue to add interviews to this post as they become available.

CBS Interviews with Jeff (Canada Friendly)

JoJo Doll
Ashley Iocco
Britney Haynes
Joe the power house
Jodi the real favorite
Dan Gheesling
Danielle Murphree
Shane being stalked Meanie
Carrot Top
Ian BB14 winner Terry

Global TV Canada
JoJo Doll
Kara monaco And Jodi rollins
Shane Meany
Wil Heuser
Britney Haynes
Dan the Mist
Carrot Boy
Ashley Iocco
Danielle Murphree
Ian BB14 Winner Terry

Big BRother 14 Winner Ian Terry

America’s Fvorite Frank the Carrot top Eudy

Big Brother 14 Runner up Dan Gheesling
Global TV LInk

CBS Interviews Done By Jeff Schroeder(US only, if you are Canadian you will need to use a VPN or wait until someone posts them onto youtube. I’m Canadian I use a service called strong VPN)

Jeff and Janelle

Jeff and Dan

Jeff and Wil

Jeff and Mike Boogie Malin

Jeff and Ian Terry

Jeff and Danielle

Jeff and Shane

Jeff and a Mo** f*** powerhouse

Jeff and Britney

After the Finale the final 3 house guests: Ian, Dan, and Danielle were interviewed by The Talk
– Julie Chen got Ian to explain his strategy that he had written on a piece of paper prior to entering the house, which the producers took from him.

Jeff Schroeder sits down with Dan Gheesling, to take your questions.

Jeff Schroeder talks with Danielle:

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250 thoughts on “Post Big Brother 14 Interview List

  1. Does everyone still think Dan is the best player ever? No, never did. Dr. Will still has him beat.
    Did Dan throw the final HOH? I don’t think he intended to. He legitimately got the Britney question wrong and Ian got everything else right so it didn’t matter.
    Would Dan have won Vs Danielle? Probably.
    On a scale of 1-10 how much does Ian winning rock? An 8.
    Ian’s finale speech 1-10 A 10. He really knocked it out of the park with his speech.
    Dan’s finale speech 1-10 (10 being the best) An 8. It was really transparent and the jury knew he was trying to suck up and it didn’t work.

    1. I still think Dan is the best ever and I am not a fan of his. He has played twice and has a win and a second place finish. Do you think anyone else could of talked their way out of the Frank situation?Would anyone else have the balls to do the Shane destruction? I don’t like him but he is the best ever in my opinion.

  2. From Danielle’s expression it looks like the interviewer just told her uneaten cookies were left in the BB house.

    1. Nah, she was just told by Spicy that Dan whispered to Shane as he was evicted, “she’s been playing you this entire time!” Oh, Dani… She has to be the most played houseguest in BB history!

  3. Does everyone still think Dan is the best player ever?

    Not the best ever, but up there. I’d consider him one of the best.

    Did Dan throw the final HOH?

    I think he did. There’s no way some of the answers he said he could’ve even remotely believed were right. I don’t know…it seems like he did. On the lives feed at some point didn’t he mention throwing it?

    Would Dan have won Vs Danielle?
    I don’t know. I think it depends on how bitter the jury would be towards him VS how well he played the Game. I fully believe the fact Ian revealed that he gave him his Grandfather’s cross sealed the deal for him not winning. If that hadn’t been revealed and he was up against Danielle he might have had a chance because I’m not sure if they would have voted for her to win.

    On a scale of 1-10 how much does Ian winning rock?
    Seven point five. He was a newbie yes, but he didn’t get to where he was on his own.

    Ian’s finale speech 1-10
    8. It was really compelling. I was rooting for Dan and after Ian’s speech I thought he should win.

    Dan’s finale speech 1-10 (10 being the best)

    1. What was that? It wasn’t even a speech it was a weird sort of rambling. Reminded me of Clint Eastwood talking to the empty chair. I didn’t even understand what he was saying and it was far too long. He sounded too desperate. Dan should have sounded confident and calm and not desperate and pleading.

    1. Megan,
      I agree completely. I was rooting for Dan until I read about him practicing his speech and trying to suck up to each person. Like the others weren’t going to see through him saying that joe and Jen had strong social games?!!! Puhleeze!! But, I still was torn until he was rude while Ian was being asked his first question and then Ian won it for me with his speech! Yay Ian!
      I’m still surprised that frank won America’s favorite though.

      1. I didn’t vote for Frank – but I am not surprised he won. All over the internet I saw, ‘Vote for the worst…vote for Frank” You know how they do those crazy things. I think they did it for American Idol too…vote for the person that everyone hates the most….well, in this game, I had to agree that that would be Frank.

    2. He did mention doing so and from what I read never practiced a speech against Danielle. I don’t think he would have thrown it that bad though, I think he missed one knew Ian was getting them all correct and so gave up. He thought he could beat Ian in the Jury.

  4. Here’s a couple questions I have for you all (I’ll add my answers below in the comments)
    Does everyone still think Dan is the best player ever?
    A: One of the best players but I don’t think you can assign “best” player to anyone on given the nature of this game.
    Did Dan throw the final HOH?
    A: No
    Would Dan have won Vs Danielle?
    A: Yes
    On a scale of 1-10 how much does Ian winning rock?
    A: 10 (Ian was starting to get a little much near the end on the feeds but still happy to see him win)
    Ian’s finale speech 1-10
    A: 10 (it was real, he was nervous but he got the point across)
    Dan’s finale speech 1-10 (10 being the best)
    A: 5 (It was a Dan speech he tried top mist the jury and it didn’t work)

    1. – I think you can just put them in tiers as there’s so many variables to consider. Dan is top tier

      – No

      – Yes. Danielle was seen as an extension of Dan and I think would’ve fared a lot worse in the jury speech

      – 10

      – 8. I think there was some really good points he could’ve used but didn’t, and he might have used the word destiny a little too much. But I think his genuine outrage at Dan’s final mist clinched it for him. I think he could’ve mentioned that he earned his way to the final 2 while Dan had to be carried there and the only reason why Dan was even in the seat beside him is because Ian was honoring his word.

      – 4. He really missed the boat, his sucking up was just too transparent. I actually paused on the jury during his speech and the expressions said it all. Frank was laughing in disbelief, Shane looked outright disgusted, Danielle looked angry, Ashley wasn’t paying attention and Joe was looking off to the side obviously bored. I think he had an argument that coming into this house a second time everybody knew what kind of game he played before so he had to go to a more extreme game to even get to the end. He didn’t have the advantage of being an unknown.

    2. I’m with Janelle on this one when it comes to what she said during the finale and in the CBS interview with Jeff. Then again, I’d have been thrilled with either Dan or Ian winning. It was, at least for me, one of the better seasons. I both fear and crave knowing what’s going to happen with Danielle in the next few days, also worry a little for how this win and this fame may affect Ian in the months to come, and honestly don’t give a flying shit about what happens to Frank, who I’m still scratching my head over, wondering how in hell he pulled off America’s Favorite.

      Simon and Dawg, I won’t say that I’ll be back next year; I’ll be back to follow you this entire year, from Survivor to BB Canada, so there’s no need for me to say goodbye; only thank you for making this season just that much better for me, and talk to you later:)

    3. Beat Player) Yup for BB10 & BB14
      Throw HOH) Should have known the Jenn Question. Clearly confued about Brittney (Q).. Wonder if Brit used answer she knew QP leader would clue into.
      Dan vs Dani) Hypocritical, back-stabbing, bitter, hate satan Dan jury would have held their double standards two faced holier-than-thou lying noses and given 500 K to Danielle out of spite. SO, NO.
      Ian win) Ian played a decent game. Knew it was a game. So an 8. It was Danielle’s double final 2 deal with both Dan and Shane that gave Ian the chance to finals. Had Dan trusted her, Ian was toast.
      Ian speech) Ian saw an opportunity to feed the jury what they wanted to hear. He played their righteous hero. So 9. But, iIsuspect, they also did have their minds made up.
      Dan speech) He should have pointed out the jurys flaws and not their good points. Laugh about Ian’s attempt to sanitize his dirty game moves against Frank and Mike by calling him out at the end, etc. So a 3..He has nothing to apolize for. Wrong to agree with them that he was a bad guy…
      Frank as A/C) The guy’s hair reminds of Curly on the three stoogies. Funny guy. But if they ask him back I’ll turn it off. Like the hammock rocking and Dani’s voice his ego…. well so much one can take.
      Simon/Dawg….. Big Big 10….Thxs

    4. Does everyone still think Dan is the best player ever?
      A: yes even if he didn’t win i think it was a bitter jury and being the only player to win 7-0 and get to the final 2 twice puts him at the top of my list
      Did Dan throw the final HOH?
      A: i don’t know it was a guessing game so only Dan really knows if he was trying to guess right or wrong but i doubt he did
      Would Dan have won Vs Danielle?
      A: NO it was a bitter jury he would have lost but he would have only lost 5-2 Brit and Ian would have given him their vote but everyone else was to bitter
      On a scale of 1-10 how much does Ian winning rock?
      A: 6 i would have preferred Dan win but Ian was my 2nd fave
      Ian’s finale speech 1-10
      A: 10 he did good pointing out why he deserved it more and he won
      Dan’s finale speech 1-10 (10 being the best)
      A:0 I’m a huge Dan fan but his speech was pathetic you can’t stab everyone in the back and be like oh sorry you guys were so much better than me i had to do it. He should have followed Ians lead and instead of kiss ass point out how he fooled them all and how he was strategically superior and deserves it more because he played them and Ian listened to him when he was HOH anyway. I think he knew he was playing for 2nd no matter what he did anyway.

    5. Simon, I respect your opinion a ton. But I’m REALLY confused about two of your answers: Dan FLAT OUT told us on the feeds that if he won the final HOH, his conscience would FORCE him to take Danielle. DAN was absolutely certain he’d lose to Danielle in jury (more on that in a minute.) Dan had his eye on just one thing in BB14: FIRST place. On the feeds, I must’ve heard Dan do at least ten “practice speeches.” (Dan kept trying to shorten it, down to the supposed 90-second time limit.) All ten times, Dan referred to “him” (Ian) being next to Dan at the final. Someone else also just mentioned that Dan also NEVER practiced a single speech, saying either “her” or “Danielle”. Not once. Why? Didn’t that “tip us off”, that Dan knew he was definitely throwing Part 3? Dan knew a Dan vs. Danielle final wasn’t happening – so why should he prepare for it? So he didn’t. To me, EVERY one of Dan’s actions clearly point to him throwing HOH Part 3. Not to mention Danielle telling both Ian & Dan, “I won’t be voting for whoever cuts me.” To have a chance, Dan KNEW he needed Danielle’s vote. So Ian HAD to be the one to “cut” Danielle, not Dan. As to the questions Dan missed, the Britney answer was bizarre, but the Jenn question/answer was “slam dunk” easy, for any regular BB watcher, much less a fellow HG. Yet Dan, “Mr. I think BB game 24/7”, honestly got it wrong? Simon, Dan knows Jenn better than JENN knows herself!!!! So for you to say here that you think Dan DIDN’T throw HOH Part 3, I’m just not following your thinking here at all. Help!
      Now I’ve been trumpeting Danielle’s “BB14 jury vote strength” for a while now. Most on here have strongly disagreed. These folks would say things like, “Danielle just rode Dan’s coattails all game long – she doesn’t deserve to win”, or “That b*tch is s a psycho!” That’s all true. Last night’s actual vote was ONE thing: a strong, loud, ANTI-DAN jury statement. I’m very happy for Ian, but ANYONE in the other chair vs. Dan last night would’ve won. Also, don’t forget “Worldwide Election Rule #1:” Whether folks are voting for the BB14 champ, the local mayor, or “Dawg Catcher!” :) , voters almost always dislike both candidates. So they almost always end up voting for the person that they “hate less.” NOT who they like more. And that is exactly why Danielle would’ve KILLED Dan in jury. Danielle made less enemies. The jury hates Danielle FAR less than they hate Dan. THAT’S why Dan gets killed in jury – not for anything Danielle did or didn’t do. Joe was NEVER gonna vote for Dan – Dan was Joe’s least favorite HG, by a mile. (And Joe was the only HG immune to Dan’s mist, all season.) Joe was also very “pro-newbie” FTW! Frank was NEVER gonna vote for either Dan or Ian, if he had ANY other choice. So Frank’s vote goes to Danielle, simply “by default.” Shane wasn’t sure if Danielle was in on his “blindside eviction” by Dan. But Shane knew for sure that Dan WAS. So Shane clearly votes FOR Danielle over Dan. Britney and Danielle were both “nightly bath buddies” and close friends in the house all season. And Dan was the SOLE mastermind in Britney’s blindside eviction. So Brit is also a guaranteed Danielle vote. Danielle also eventually became very close with Jenn City. Jenn ONLY agreed to use her POV to save Dan, after Danielle repeatedly and forcefully told Jenn that to do so was what Danielle ALSO really wanted. Ian and Ashley’s vote? Doesn’t matter. To me, Danielle had five, 100% ROCK solid votes vs. Dan: Joe, Shane, Frank, Britney and Jenn. Simon, you said you thought Dan would’ve beaten Danielle. How do you see it differently than I just outlined? I tried – I can’t get there.
      Finally, I think Ian gave the best speech he possibly could. It was far from perfect. I’d give it a 7. As it turned out, all Ian had to do was to not completely screw it up. Ian didn’t. I believe that Dan will both look back, and clearly admit to all who ask that his BB14 jury speech was the worst speech he’s ever given in his life. I’m sure as heck not gonna buy Dan’s “motivation book” now, based on that hideous performance! I honestly give Dan’s speech a 1. I can’t recall even a SINGLE thing that Dan either said or did that I thought helped him make his case for a jury vote. Going in, Dan must’ve known that he was in WAY deep trouble here. I don’t think Dan is at all used to being in that sort of “shaky” situation. Dan’s words came out sounding both insincere and manipulative. Dan’s “You guys are great players-I couldn’t win comps, so I had to get waist-deep in blood to survive” words came out sounding like total BS, and was a COMPLETE flop. Dan’s words/thoughts weren’t “on point” at all, as they normally are – Dan sounded completely “scatterbrained” up there, actually. Dan lost his poise. At times, Dan also came off as if he was “bullying” Ian, furthering Dan’s “negative jury spiral.” Dan knew it wasn’t going well. I sensed panic. He was “freaking out” inside. I could see it in his eyes. Dan even became “undisciplined” during Q&A, jumping in during a question asked to Ian, with Dan trying to give the jurors a “rebuttal,” when it was TOTALLY Dan’s time to stay quiet. To me, last night Dan looked 10,000 more nervous and unsure than I’d EVER seen him before. The jury was CLEARLY not impressed by him at all. Those who say that Dan losing 6-1 shows a “tainted, angry jury.” In part, they’re right. But Dan also did PLENTY himself last night, to contribute to his defeat. Ironically, from my seat, it 100% looked like Dan knew he was attending his own “BB14 funeral” Wednesday night. What comes around goes around? Maybe. And THIS time, the jurors then made certain to vote Dan out, scoop the dirt on top of him, and lower him six feet under! Great poll questions, Simon! I think the world of both you and Dawg! -Jim (PS-to me, Chelsea didn’t look too happy out there in the audience. Some interviews said she seemed VERY unhappy at how Dan did Danielle wrong at the end. Am I the only one that thinks Dan’s “conjugal reunion” might’ve ended up with Dan “sleeping on the couch” in the BB hotel last night?)

      1. Good points Jim, Thanks for adding this its a very informative read.

        I’m hearing through the rumor mill that Danielle has dodged all the non required POST BB activities.

        Does anyone think her and Dan will ever speak again?

        1. Simon, Dan told EW that he would have taken Ian over Danielle to the final two (EW interviewed the final three today). EW then told this message to Danielle who said that she does not want to talk to Dan, even when Dan said that he would be willing to “coach,” her in real life in order to help her decompress and help her forget about BB. The interview can be heard here:

          1. Thanks BBKing.. looks like I was wrong with Dan.. haha misted.

            The more I think about it the less potent I think Dan’s game was. Still think he’s “Top Tier” but maybe not as “Top” as I thought 3 weeks ago.

        2. Many thanks for your kind words, Simon. It means a lot to me. As for Danielle ever talking to Dan again, right now, I’d say no. Why should she? Danielle will now forever view (along with the rest of the BB14 cast) EVERY single word that ever comes out of Dan’s mouth as counterfeit money – 100% worthless! (Now, Dan doesn’t know this yet, but being viewed by anyone you care about as a person who’s “no longer worth the paper you’re printed on” is a VERY VERY bad place for anyone to be.) And I don’t blame Danielle one bit for thinking it! Simon, my guess as to who will reach out to Danielle? Dan’s wife Chelsea. And it’s NOT gonna be as a “Dan Advocate.” At all. It’s gonna be because the two have something in common: they both care about Dan, and they are BOTH mad as a hornet at him right now. I know Chelsea really likes Danielle, because Danielle treated her husband with both loyalty and respect, every second that she was in that house with him. Simon, that’s my #1 concern for Danielle, going forward. She has just SO many personal issues she needs to work through with a professional. I would just HATE to see Danielle adopt the, “Why should I continue to be loyal and respectful to people I care about, if they’re just gonna end up making a fool out of me in the end!” It’s a fair question. Because if she loses that, I think Danielle loses the very best part of who she is. Dan claims “he leaves his ethics and character at the BB front door when he enters, and then picks it back up on his way out.” There are a FEW women I know, who can totally buy into that. Janelle is one. But Simon, most women don’t. Dan’s problem: I sense Chelsea “ticks” far more like Danielle than she does Janelle. Chelsea will tell Danielle that, game or no game, she found Dan’s endgame decisions involving Danielle to be both totally wrong and personally disgusting. And she’ll MEAN it. Dan wasn’t married when he won BB10. He is now. Chelsea’s feelings and opinions about Dan’s behaviors matter now. It impacts his marriage. Dan likes to “disregard” other opinions, because he’s positive he’s so much smarter than everybody else is. But nobody likes to be made to feel like they’re an idiot. Especially your wife. And especially when she’s isn’t! I know Chelsea is personally embarrassed that the person she saw on TV, who behaved/acted so “poorly”, was her own husbandI Even if she went back and watched BB10, I think Chelsea watched Dan treat the other HGs FAR worse this time around, and that, to her, it “crossed the line.” I also don’t think Chelsea can “compartmentalize” things like Dan, who easily and quickly dismisses his own BB game actions as “no biggie-just business.” Neither can Danielle. Right now, I believe both Danielle and Chelsea are on MUCH the same “wavelength”, when it comes to Dan Gheesling. I actually see Chelsea and Danielle becoming good friends. Simon, to wrap, I’ll give you a bit of a “crystal ball prediction” here, just as a longtime student of human nature. Don’t hold me to it. I have four sisters; I’m the oldest, and I’ve seen a LOT of drama. Now I don’t know if/exactly when the Gheeslings were planning to start a family. But I think Chelsea’s suddenly gonna be putting any immediate plans for that “on hold.” I honestly think that Chelsea is now quietly sorting out/re-evaluating exactly who her husband Dan TRULY is. Did she possibly not know ALL the “nooks and crannies” to who he was? Or WAS all of Dan’s BB14 ruthless tactics/strategy just “harmless gameplay”, as he claims? Does Chelsea still see their future together as brightly, post BB14? I DO think what Chelsea’s seen in recent weeks has her both a little concerned, and a little scared. “Is Dan really who I thought he was?” How can Chelsea NOT at least ask that now? Because her husband could NOT have shown the BB14 audience a more selfish, ruthless, cold and heartless version of himself to the outside world if he tried! Let’s check back in 3-5 years. Simon, I am NOT a Dan hater. If anything, I might lean slightly toward being a “Dan Fan,” although I did want Ian to win last night. I honestly hope that Dan and Chelsea have a long and happy marriage. I know Dan’s totally unchanged about his feelings for Chelsea. It’s HER current feelings for him that I’m nervous about. Take care, “Mr. Western Canuck!”

          1. If Dandusky were to win BB14 they would have to put big ** by his name – because all 4 coaches literally got to float for 4 weeks without worrying about going on the block or being evicted – a Huge friggin unfair advantage – which the new houseguest had to play without!

            Worst Season ever has been confirmed by TV Poll ratings way to go Allison Grodner you F-ckn’ loser – running show into ground with your Production idiotic ideas!

            Dr. Will won before they added in all the other stuff like vetos etc etc – harder to win now – except this season anybody could have beaten this moron newbies!!

            Dandusky is Karate Kid’s – Mr. Miyagi’s grandson, I just knew it!! + Bug-Eyed Dan looks exactly like Herman Munster’s son Eddie

            Big Brother 14 will currently place @ #14 and this was pre-Olympics. If ratings do not improve BB14 will be the lowest rated season since Big Brother 9. For CBS this is a huge disappointment for one of their key reality shows.

            They should bring in the The Bad Girls Club cast & put them on BB 15 it would be a Huge Ratings boost over this lame ass season! Bitch catfights 24/7 on live feeds!

        3. Will Danielle ever speak to Dan again… I’m sure she’ll try and go on and on how bad she was him…. She had the game in her hands holding the HOH and veto. Both she and Shane were over confidant and agreed to give up control of the game to Dan. They believed he was a weaker player than them. Of course they blame Dan for their faux pas.
          To me the question is if Dan will want any contact with Danielle (or any of the other loser house guests using him as their scapegoat). …Danielle’s only jury question to Ian gave the quacker packer creator an opportunity to play the wounded super hero against production’s image of the evil genius. For both the angry anti Dan jury seeking revenge and BB show fans. It cost Dan 500k. Why Danielle didn’t tell Ian about her alliance with Dan, before he voted her out while still sitting in one of the red chairs, is anyones guess.

      2. RE : “Not to mention Danielle telling both Ian & Dan, “I won’t be voting for whoever cuts me.” To have a chance, Dan KNEW he needed Danielle’s vote.”

        Dan was the one who asked Danielle to tell Ian that… to make Ian throw the third HOH to him

        1. Anonymous, technically you’re right, but the Dan, “Danielle, yell/intimidate Ian if he wins Part 2, so he’ll then throw Part 3 to me” scheme was a totally bogus, made-up, 100% BS reason. Dan HAD to make Danielle somehow think that, by her yelling at Ian that way, that it would somehow help the Dan/Danielle final two endgame he was selling her. (Danielle swallowed Dan’s bogus plan, hook, lime and sinker.) #1-Dan knew Ian would NEVER throw HOH Part 3 (in fact, Dan’s real plan was the exact opposite: DAN was gonna (and did) throw HOH Part 3 to IAN.) #2-The second (and real) reason why Dan told Danielle to yell at Ian was to make Ian mad at DANIELLE! Ian quickly replied to her tongue-lashing, “I will NOT be intimated by Danielle talking to me like that.” Ian’s opinion of Danielle went down a few notches after that. That’s EXACTLY what Dan was going for here. Because Dan knew HE’D be losing control of the HOH, when he threw Part 3 to Ian. So Dan had to then make DAMN sure that Ian brought Dan, and not Danielle, to the final, Dan did that to Ian in two ways: #1-Dan kept bringing up that Danielle would easily defeat them both in jury, so it’s “suicide” for either of us to bring her along. #2-Just in case Ian wasn’t fully buying #1, having Danielle verbally abuse Ian, just days before Ian would have to choose between Dan and Danielle, only further improved Dan’s odds that Ian would for SURE select Dan over Danielle. (This part was absolutely VITAL in Dan’s plan.) Dan’s plan worked perfectly. Until the jury vote, of course…..

      3. I think in the back of Dan’s mind he knew that the only person he could beat in the final 2 would be Boogie (hence the immense effort on Dan’s part to allign with the coaches then accept the silent six right up until the rumors started about Boogie and Frank backdooring Dan or Shane within a week of the alliance formation) which is why he began to change up his gameplay after he was evicted. At that point all he could hope for was that the jury would vote on game play rather than emotion, which didn’t happen.

      4. Jim, I wanted to respond to your posts – I found them insightful. I’ll try not to be longwinded but your thoughts did force me to think. I guess many of us enjoy the BB experience from the comfort of our home and become engrossed in the comings and goings of the house. This year was particularly interesting because of a couple of the houseguests – Dan, Dani and towards the end, Ian.

        What your post made me do was look at how I had been thinking about and projecting into the game. I was very confident in my judgments, even at times self-righteous. I believed Dan’s means would be justified in the end – that is – I was sure his plan was to take Dani to the F2 and I believe that Dani thought that and would have taken him. While she was not an innocent player – she knew about and was complacent in Shane’s blindside – she played along after the funeral – why, because she believed Dan. And so did Dan’s wife Chelsea. During the interviews that Chelsea gave while Dan was in the house, she said over and over – Dan is behaving this way or that – because “he ultimately wants, in the end, to be the coach that brought his player to the F2.”

        As I said – I believed it too – even to the point that when I heard Dan rehearse his jury speech and knew he was, in his mind, sitting next to Ian – even though I knew what was coming – I did not internalize the betrayal. And that’s what I’m trying to understand about myself. I did not hate Dani as many seemed to – she did not grate on me – I saw her as Dan’s pawn and believed that if Dan pulled it off she would take 2nd or 1st place. I was wrong. Dan played the game for his own means – as I guess all BB players do – but I think you are correct Jim, Dan did realize during the final show that he was attending his own funeral – and I think the more that set in – the more arrogant he became. He nailed his own coffin shut by not realizing that his means – could have been justified – by taking Dani to the end and making a very thoughtful and rational pitch to the jury. Just my two cents….

        1. Three’s Company, thanks for taking the time to even read my comments. Your words are very kind, and much appreciated. :) In the interviews I’ve seen with Dan after the CBS finale, although Dan’s now supposedly “picked his ethics and morals back up, on his way out the door”, Dan’s still in total denial. His answers are like, “That’s my BB14 story, and I’m stickin’ to it!” The truth? Dan is BITTERLY disappointed with second place. Dan’s not “coming clean” at all. (What a surprise! At this point, Dan’s likely totally forgotten HOW to even tell the truth!) You’re EXACTLY right, Three’s Company. Dan could’ve morally salvaged a TON from BB14, if ONLY Dan would’ve accepted/been content with, the VERY same 2nd prize he ended up with, but brought his former player (Danielle) along instead. THAT’S how we know Dan is still lying to everybody. Dan’s BB14 words DON’T jive with Dan’s BB14 actions. Dan went to a TON of extra effort/betrayal to ensure that Ian, not Danielle, was there next to him at finals. Right after, some interviewer told Dan that Danielle was still very mad at him, feeling he’d betrayed her. Dan had the AUDACITY to deny all knowledge. “What? Why? When did I ever lie to Danielle?” Earth to Dan Gheesling! Oh. So NOW you’re gonna “make it all better”, throw Danielle a bone, and volunteer to “mentor/coach” her on how to succeed in life, post-BB14? Yeah, right. Dan, you are a complete frickin’ MORON! Also, when asked after, why on EARTH would Dan continue to assert (and re-assert) that Danielle was “in on” Shane’s blindside? 1) Dan had JUST told Julie on CBS that she wasn’t, and 2) All Dan accomplishes by saying that now is to drive a wedge between Shane and Danielle. Even if she was. Saying so now only hurts Danielle, in Shane’s eyes. Are the two “soul mates?” Probably not. But do they honestly care about each other? Absolutely. Did anyone else notice, at times in BB14, and for no real “game” reason, that Dan would seem to go out of his way, just to be “mean/arrogant/a smart-ass/demeaning” to the other HGs? Especially Danielle. Just for the SPORT of it, to my eyes. Shame on Dan for that. Dan was also asked if Chelsea is OK with his overall BB14 gameplay. Dan said Chelsea is totally fine with it. My gut disagrees. But even if Chelsea was unhappy with it, would Dan ever admit that to us? Never in a million years. To me, the one, unescapable BB14 truth for Dan is that, starting with Shane’s blindside, and continuing all the way to the very end, was that EVERY BB14 decision Dan planned for, made and executed was the wrong one, for his OWN game! To me, THAT’S the untold top BB14 headline here. Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it, Dan! It’s now obvious that Dan’s horribly miscalculated his own BB14 endgame. Dan threw BOTH of his two closest allies (Shane and Danielle) under the bus, supposedly (as he saw it) to slightly increase his OWN chance at 500K. Another Dan game mistake. And it’s now truly “poetic justice” that the HG Dan (and Dan alone) saved from “Death Row” (Ian) is the VERY same person who now has the 500K for himself! I leave you with a strange bit of irony. After Dan blindsided Shane, Dan gave Danielle a “post-event lecture.” She was unhappy with it. Dan basically said to her, “Shut up, Danielle! You have NO idea how to play this game. I DO. And I’m playing it MY way! So just stay out of my way!” And from that moment on, “Mr. BB Strategy” turned into nothing but a bumbling, mistake-prone idiot. We all saw it. But did Dan spend even one second talking about/owning up to any of his own, many, late game strategy errors? No. Why? Because Dan has NO taste for “humble pie.” Even when it’s his OWN BB14 truth. Dan Gheesling, you badly overestimate your own intelligence. You’re not gonna be selling many of your books after this. I wonder why?

        2. OK….Ian was the person who caused the problems for Frank and Mike. They blamed Dan. Ian and others hid behind hate for Dan. Then Dan gained Frank’s trust by spilling the beans about Ian and the QP..
          WHERE DAN WENT WRONG, he should have voted with Jenn to keep Frank after Ian put Frank on the block. He should have let the vote be a tie and force Ian to vote out Frank. Then Frank would have hated Ian instead of taking hate to a new level against Dan in the jury house.. Dan swore on the bible what he told Frank about QP was true and it was. It is unfortunate that Frank decided to make it personal and attack Dan’s faith and morals while forgiving every other houseguests lies etc.
          Frank ended up on the block because he hated Dan so much thanks to QP mole Ian previous activities. Frank gave up a chance to play for HOH in a veto comp he didn’t need to win. He was safe. But he hated Dan and wanted him out putting his game at risk. This before he knew about Ian.
          So Frank gave 500K to Ian the QP creator and person who took him out of the game. But in reality it was Franks emotions that did him in.
          Same as Danielle’s romantic illusion with Shane. Funny she was going to take Shane and then claims she was betrayed by the person she had first final 2 with. Both Dani and Shane plan was to dump Dan. To bad Dan didn’t blindside Shane the first chance he had and kept Jenn. Second big mistake..
          Frank underestimated and had a bias against Ian’s demeanor..This why Frank credited Ian’s game plays to Dan.
          Sure was an exciting season. Dan worked hard for the 50K.. But it was Ian’s day.

    6. Does everyone still think Dan is the best player ever?
      He’s certainly the most successful player ever. As well as one of the most memorable, but as others have mentioned, it’s hard to say who’s “best” in this sort of thing and it would be impossible to prove.

      Did Dan throw the final HOH?
      I don’t think so. It didn’t look like it anyway. It’s a bit unbelievable that Ian hit all those answers correctly though.

      Would Dan have won Vs Danielle?

      On a scale of 1-10 how much does Ian winning rock?
      5. Rocks much less than Ian in a hammock. Ian didn’t impress me that much and he thought that he did so much more than he actually did. He did not form QP, they let him name it so he would feel a part of it and to build trust. Counting the Pandora’s Box POV was BS as well imo. Looks like Dan should have taken out Ian instead of Shane. Lesson learned I guess.

      Ian’s finale speech 1-10
      5. 3 if you include his answers to the question section since every answer was that he took fate into his own hands.

      Dan’s finale speech 1-10 (10 being the best)
      6. He should have said what he practiced before, that he knew being hated he would be taken to final two.

      1. Ian did NOT win by playing a better game than Dan. Dan more so LOST the game because of a Bitter (frank, shane) Ignorant (Ashley, Joe, Fail City) and follower (Brit) Jury.
        I mean Jenn Joe and Ash gave Ian their votes because Dan had already won? Are yu kidding , that’s so wrong, why would they even introduce coaches into the game if these idiots were never going to vote for them anyway.

        Shane felt that Dan had to be punished?? WHAT Shane was going to take Danielle to final 2 but because he got got 1st he was so upset and for that Ian desetved it>>. Come the @#%&^ on! When they go back and watch this season they should be ashamed.

        If it was an all stars game Dan would have gotten the win. Ian did not win more so than Dan lost because he was sooo good,. I mean dan had a hand in every single jury members eviciton and they could not get over it,. Fail to CBS not reminding the jury what they are voting on. I mean for anyone watching to think that IAN played a better game than Dan all season? REALLY dan was the whole reason this season rocked.

        Ughh thats all I have to say. I’m sure many will disagree but I bet more agree.



  5. I didnt see anyone comment about this on the last page so ill ask here. When they revealed to the rest of the jury that danielle was the last evicted houseguest she walked out on stage and shane went to hug her and she tried to go for the mouth kiss but he pulled away and just hugged. Theres no doubt about it i watched that part 3 times. And i think thats why her face the rest of the show was so weird and upset besides the dans grandfathers cross thing. Lmao i laughed for a while about it. Did anyone else see it??

    1. I saw it too!! I think she was also way pissed about Britney’s comment that she hoped Danielle would be coming out because Ian and Dan deserved it more.

    2. Yes! My seven yr old and I both noticed the non-kiss and even rewound it. I am so glad Ian won. They are all 3 going to be on the Talk today, by the way.

      Thanks Simon and Dawg, I found your site this season and I am an addict to it. My son and I watched our first ever Survivor last night b/c you’ll be doing the spoilers. GREAT WORK!

      1. I watched my first ever survivor last night as well for the same reason.Don’t know who I like yet but i’m thinking Russel and the dude that burnt his hands

        1. I have watched survivor since season 2 and I love it… Y’all will love it :)) welcome to the survivor fans and y’all will be addicted to it now and we can be big brother and survivor fans together lol :)) I’ve also been watching big brother since season 2 as well lol :))

    3. i really did not notice that whole shane/Dani thing..However at this point shane was still unsure if Dani had really backstabbed him or not.
      Shane did not even go to the jury house bb sequestered him in a hotel for the remainder of the days. So he had no contact with anyone from the house up until finale night.

    4. I saw that too. Shane threw his head back away from her. Kind of looked like he was pushing her away. That may be why she was so sour. She told Ian about her final two with Dan to hurt him, revenge……bad thing.

  6. Dan Best Player? One of the best.
    Dan Throw the HOH? Yes, I beat him and I know s**t
    Dan win vs Dani? Yes
    Ian winning? 9
    Ian’s speech? 10, More sincere vs manipulative
    Dan’s speech?, Lame, a 2

      1. Oh yea I totally agree… You could tell that dan was kissing butt lol :)) and Ian plained out owned him in everything last night and I am still shocked that jenn voted for Ian… Everyone knew that when jenn voted for Ian that it was a wrap and you could tell on everyone of their faces that they knew it and was happy about it and especially Shane and Britney was and I’m still shocked frank won America’s favorite… I really don’t know about that one because a lot of people do not like him and I’ve seen polls about him and I’m shocked Britney didn’t get the America’s favorite… Big brother likes frank anyways and you could tell but I am soooo glad that Ian won and the last four seasons of big brother, the person that won is who I wanted to win lol I didn’t like rachel in season 12 but she wasn’t that bd last season and she deserved to win especially against Porsche lol :)) Porsche just floated to the end mainly lol :)) and she got to sit out for three or four weeks because she had the key and plus she knew she wasn’t going home over Keith so the first month, she floated and didn’t have to work like the rest lol :)) I was rooting for Jeff and Jordan like always and I always will and they didn’t win so I rooted for Rachel unlike the floaters that was the rest and she deserved to win but I’m glad Jeff got America’s favorite last year also and I hope him and Jordan are on an all-stars but Jeff is just fine coming back if not Jordan lol and I believe Jeff is the only one that has won America’s favorite twice because it came on big brother in season 7 I believe which that’s what Ian said and janelle lied and said she has won it twice which that’s a lie because she was in season 6 and 7 which that’s when it came in for all-stars and been on it for awhile lol

        1. Ian’s speech came from the heart. Dan’s rambling was a snooze fest….Soooo boring and fake. Watch the faces from the jury and you will see how they were not even paying any attention to him….What goes around comes around….

  7. Does everyone still think Dan is the best player ever? I think he is at the very least one of the top two, if not the best. This was more of a vote against Dan than it was for Ian, IMO
    Did Dan throw the final HOH? Doubtful
    Would Dan have won Vs Danielle? Thought Brittany would’ve voted for Dan, but it seems to me that even Dan would’ve won against Dan
    On a scale of 1-10 how much does Ian winning rock? 6 Did he deserve to win? sure. Was he the best? Absolutely not
    Ian’s finale speech 1-10. I give him a 6. Surely he could’ve done better. Came off a little standoffish
    Dan’s finale speech 1-10 (10 being the best) I give him a 6 as well. Not Dan at his best.

      1. Worse news for you when you find out there is. Since you feel obligated to push your non-beliefs on us, I feel obligated to push my beliefs on you. Next time leave it alone, like most would please. Thank you :)

        1. Since you feel obligated to push your non-beliefs on us?

          Sniffin started it.

          I’m so sick and tired of people shoving their religion down everyone’s throat.

          Next time leave it alone, like most would please. Thank you :)

  8. Is Dan the best player ever – No, but he had one of the best BB plays ever (funeral and its aftermath)
    Threw HOH: Yes (when he practiced his speech earlier you could tell – that in his mind- Ian was sitting next to him)
    Dan vs Dani: Dan could have won – but he would have had to change his final speech and his demeanor during the final live show. If he had won and taken Dani and talked humbly about being her coach and what it took to get them both to the end – I think the jury might have been supportive. Unfortunately his speech was awful and his manner was arrogant (don’t yell at me I was rooting just as much for Dan as I was for Ian, okay maybe a tad more for Dan)
    Ian’s speech: 10
    Dan’s speech: 3
    Thanks to Simon and Dawg for all their hard work!

  9. Hey Simon & Dawg! I will e-mail the stats of Big Brother 14. Oh yeah! I need two stats seperate with Nomination votes receive (Team & Individual) survival eviction, Eviction votes, and Stays at Big Brother House on the first stats
    HoH & PoV wins (Team & Individual), HoH & PoV participate, Have/Havenot participate, Luxury participate, Jury results, & etc on the second stats. And I will send you the Hall of Fame Class of 2012. And one question, who is recent youngest won Big Brother? If you have a question about this, let me know asap by e-mail or post comment.

  10. Just one more thing – does anyone think that Production sprayed the final mist on Dani and suggested what her final question should be?

    And, oh by the way, Frank American Favorite – please gag me with a spoon – Production Favorite – you bet!

    1. poor Jodi once again. They mention her name and never let her say a word. My question is was Jodi on tv longer last night or on the first episode??

      Jojo looked pretty pissed as well for some reason and they didn’t even bring back Willie, what’s up with that???????

      AG will forever be a d-bag

  11. I think Dan is one of the best. I started watching BB during season 8 so I’ve never seen Dr. Will.

    I have no idea if Dan actually threw the final HOH. I hope not, but people were not answering truthfully I think. I still don’t believe Britney’s answer! She must of told Ian something when she was leaving ha.

    I thought Dan would have won vs. Danielle, but watching Britney’s interview with Jeff made me think there was no way of him winning. Apparently these jurors are still bitter and can’t see that Dan was clearly the best player.

    Ian winning was a 1 for me. I was for Dan all the way!

    Ian’s speech was just a 6 or 7 for me. I thought he ruined things for himself with that speech, but apparently the jurors didn’t agree.

    Dan’s speech was an 8. I think the compliments were a bit much, but liked how he was telling everyone like it was. Ian thinks he’s a genius for the quack pack, but he was the only one not in the alliance until Britney got him up there. End of story…

    1. They were bitter but I don’t think Dan helped himself at all. We’re all so fond of talking about the social aspect of this game and I would venture to argue that how you treat people and how you make them feel is a pretty large part of the social game. Dan misfired last night and he misfired most of the season in that respect.

  12. Does everyone still think Dan is the best player ever?
    ~No, never did and I still don’t have a “best player” assigned imo.

    Did Dan throw the final HOH?
    ~Yes, he didn’t look upset with himself at all when he started to lose it. Seemed like a typical Dan throw to me.

    Would Dan have won Vs Danielle?
    No. Dan would have started degrading her as he did Ian and still made himself look bad.

    On a scale of 1-10 how much does Ian winning rock?
    9. Glad he wasn’t a wannabe model/actor/former player and just a fan of the show. I think that his trust in Dan was foolish given his supposed intelligence level.

    Ian’s finale speech 1-10
    9. He gave an honest, from the heart speech. No sucking up bs like Dan, just the truth. He was so disappointed with Dan’s comments, I was very sad for him when he kept saying “really, really?” repeatedly.

    Dan’s finale speech 1-10 (10 being the best)
    2. It was over-rehearsed and sounded pathetic. No one bought his bs except Danielle of course.

    Even though Danielle is a delusional silly little girl, I still wish she would have been the one to get 50K instead of Dan. BB has got to stop bringing back their has-beens to make the show more interesting.

  13. Hey Simon, when can we look forward to Eval Dick’s interviews? Will you be posting them?

    Oh and BTW, Dan TOTALLY threw the final HOH.

  14. Does everyone still think Dan is the best player ever? I never once thought that, his gameplay bothered me too much :)
    Did Dan throw the final HOH? No
    Would Dan have won Vs Danielle? Yes
    On a scale of 1-10 how much does Ian winning rock? 10
    Ian’s finale speech 1-10 – definitely a 10
    Dan’s finale speech 1-10 (10 being the best) 5, it seemed too rehearsed and bullshitty

    Great season, going to miss reading about everybody in the house and the comments on here, what to do now? Guess it’s time to get a life until BB Canada, thanks for this site, much love xoxo

  15. What gift did Jeff give Dan? That got cut off.

    I don’t know if Dan was THE BEST player, but I think he can rank top 5 (at least top 10)

    Ian winning? A score of 10. I was rooting for him because he’s an underdog. The guy that would typically be voted out in the first three weeks, and yet here he is, winning the game. I was very happy to see that and I know he’ll put the money to good things.

    For their speeches… honestly I’m not sure. For as much as I love Ian, it didn’t feel like he nailed it as much as everyone said he did (maybe I should watch it again) because I felt that he kept repeating “I played my own game/took control of my game” and I felt he should’ve gone broader. Dan’s wasn’t too good because it was too much of a Dan’s funeral repeat. It should’ve been a “I’ve had to be a ruthless player since Day One and I had to send Jodi out the front door. I was dealt a terrible hand and did the best that I could. I’m an older guy; I’m not a competition powerhouse like Shane, Frank, and Ian are. My only skill was my mouth, and my “mist” and I had to play it like a lifeline. Did I cross the line with swearing on the bible, my wife, my grandfather? Yes, and I am sorry about that. But I had to do whatever it took to get here so I could win this for them. I’m sorry if I betrayed you, but no one ever said the Big Brother game was fair.” (Though it’s easy for me to say, he didn’t have that kind of time or insight to the other players.)

    I don’t know how people could say BB14 was bad. With all the twists and turns I could barely keep my head on. SO grateful for this blog because, without it, I would’ve been lost trying to understand what was happening, and what everyone’s names even were. I’m so glad that this exists because it’s blogs/chats like these that make Big Brother that much more enjoyable.

    Although I do believe CBS gave Frank America’s favorite (I think Brittany really did win it) I totally get why. He was also given a bad hand courtesy of Willie and had to fight while people like Jenn/Joe/Ashley/Danielle could practically coast. If he weren’t so mean in the Jury, I would’ve voted for him to win.

    1. My theory on how Frank won America’s Favorite is the same theory as to why Brendon won America’s Vote for a chance to get back into the house last year: divided votes among other options.

      Last year, people were up in arms when Brendon was voted in but it wasn’t all that surprising if you thought about it. Brendon and Rachel had their devoted set of fans and fans of JeJo voted for him because it helped JeJo out.. The anti-vet/pro-Donato bandwagon divided votes up between Dominic, Cassi, and Keith.

      Kara, Jojo, Jodi, Joe, Wil, Ashley, or Jenn weren’t going to be in the conversation for America’s Favorite. The only reason why Wil wouldn’t have been in the conversation was because he didn’t stay long enough; his personality shines in his YouTube stuff and we would have eventually seen that had he stayed. Everyone else mentioned either didn’t stay long enough or didn’t have the type of personality people could relate to or rally behind.

      Then you have an interesting set of people who enjoyed the Quack Pack. I believe that people had their favorites within the QP and voted for each accordingly. While someone may have liked Britney, that same person may have liked Shane just a little bit more (this is just for example’s sake). In the case of Britney in particular, I’ve observed that a lot of Britney fans are also Janelle fans so there’s another split of votes.

      That leaves Frank and Boogie. For all the crap people gave Frank, he did have a pretty loyal group of fans and I think a lot of Boogie fans threw Frank a vote for America’s Favorite since it was Frank’s first go around/

      Then again, that’s just my theory. Unless we ever see actual numbers as voting happens, the production rigging theories will probably never die.

        1. Jeff won America’s Favorite HG, Brendon won America’s Choice for a chance to compete and return to the game among evicted HGs early in the season. This was the same week Lawon thought he was going to get special powers and pretty much evicted himself.

  16. Is Dan the greatest player? In a game where the better players are targeted more and often sent out early, the best player doesn’t always win. By objective measurement, though, Dan has 1st & 2nd place finishes, Will Kirby and Jordan Lloyd 1st & 4th. Dan is the most successful player ever at the game, whether he is the best or not.

    Did he throw the last comp? It sure looked thrown, and Dan thinks almost every comp needs to be thrown by him or to him, so it’s easy to believe he would. But I’m going to go with no, because his chances would have been better with Danielle.

    Ian winning definitely rocked. I’ve been pulling for him ever since he was the only one to vote for Britney, then promised her in his goodbye message that he’d avenge her by sending Frank out next — and then he delivered. Dan was the best player, though.

    As far as the speeches went, Ian’s was pretty good, but not spectacular. Dan’s was surpisingly unoriginal, though. Sucking up to the jurors was useless. By now, they know Dan’s completely full of crap. Also, he had done it already in that fake funeral. I was disappointed in the “I scumbagged you all because you’re all better players than me” approach. It made his moves seem cowardly and weak, by his own admission. I think Dan’s best bet was to acknowledge his scumbaggery, then declare that he ran the house, that everyone did everything he wanted them to at all times, even his enemies, and then dare them to go on record as sore losers who voted against the obvious best player because of their hurt feelings. Make the vote a referendum on their own integrity as jurors, setting them up to look good by voting for him, and petty by voting against him.

    I think last night’s results showed that you can get to F2 by playing a totally ruthless game if you’re smart enough, but there is a price to paid for it in the all-important jury votes. I think you’re less likely to see a game of all out villainy where nearly every player is manipulated and backstabbed by one player again for a while because of the 6-1 rebuke of that strategy.

  17. Does everyone still think Dan is the best player ever?
    -I believed that distinction belonged to Will Kirby before and I still do.

    Did Dan throw the final HOH?
    -No. I don’t see what the gain would have been for him doing so even if he did float the idea to himself a few days ago.

    Would Dan have won Vs Danielle?
    -Absolutely. The jury deliberation pretty much gives you that answer.

    On a scale of 1-10 how much does Ian winning rock?
    -9. He wasn’t my favorite but I’m really glad a newbie and fan of the show won the game.

    Ian’s finale speech 1-10.
    -9.5. His speech after Danielle asked the final two question was probably better than anything he would have had to say otherwise. Danielle voted for Dan so she could keep her word but I want to believe she knew what she was doing when she brought up the Final Two deal. His speech wasn’t as polished as Dan’s and that’s a good thing. He ended up talking himself up, railing against Dan and putting Dan’s pretty poor social game on front street in the process.

    Dan’s finale speech 1-10.
    -1. I honestly believe Ian’s win was 50% Ian’s overall gameplay/speech and 50% Dan talking himself out of $500K last night. He interrupted Ian and put down Ian pretty harshly (Britney leading him by a leash was unnecessarily harsh, IMO) in his response to the jury questions. He came off as pious, condescending, arrogant, and pandering in his final speech.

    1. Also, I think we discovered something about Dan’s Mist: it either has a 10 meter (33 foot) radius and it needs to be reapplied on a weekly basis to remain effective.

      1. I laughed at your Mist analysis (but I do agree). And thank you for saying the commont about Brittany bringing Ian by the leash was harsh-because it was. Ian had no choice but to let her; it was part of his PUNISHMENT that he WILLINGLY took as part of his strategy that obviously paid off in the end. And I’m sure that’s what a lot of jury members were thinking when he said that (they all “took Ian by the leash” so he could drink/eat/go to the bathroom at some point).

        I don’t remember seeing such intense final two speeches in previous seasons. Neither guy wanted to look weak so they just spoke their hearts out.

  18. Before answering my questions I think Dan won….WHY? because he got Danielle to the end (Final 3 is the end for me) , He saved Ian and he won (so Dan helped him LOL) and Ian read Dans book on how to get on Big Brother Sooooo….Dan had a BIG hand in IAN’s win:)

    Does everyone still think Dan is the best player ever?
    A: YES!! One of THE best… he played it like chess used pawns to protect the king!! I think he went a little to far with some things but I think DAN is one of the BEST for sure!! I love Dan, I think he does have a good heart but likes to win!!

    Did Dan throw the final HOH?
    A: I think he might have… he knows those people he got “into” thier minds and was very social with them, always taking notes so I think he might have just so that he wasnt the one to cut Danielle…I dont think he was prepared for her question to Ian and the answer and that bitt him!!

    Would Dan have won Vs Danielle?
    A: Yes, I think so…Danielle wasnt as well liked as she thought BUT Frank led the hate charge against Dan, I dont think Frank would be ever able to let go of his hate/ “jealousy” of Dan and Frank has a BIG mouth and took charge of Joe, Ashley and Jenns minds, so maybe/maybe not.

    On a scale of 1-10 how much does Ian winning rock?
    A: 8-9…I was rooting for Ian and Dan because they really are very similar in alot of ways and Ian had some things that he had to over come, so I think this experience has increased his conidence, sometimes a bit cocky but overall I think he is a good kid and propbably needed the $$…Dan still won 50K so he didnt lose in my book, he just settled.

    Ian’s finale speech 1-10
    A: 8…I thought it was good, to the point and started offf by telling Dan he wasnt going to be kind so to speak) He highlighted achievements and kept itsort and didnt seem too nervous so it was good enough to secure his win, lets put it that way!

    Dan’s finale speech 1-10 (10 being the best)
    A: 5…His speech was horrible….I heard it being practiced the night before and didnt like it, I think he should have highlighted his moves instead of kissing ass with the jury! They are not stupid!! He rambled very fast, and I think all that happened prior to his speech rattled him and it showed in the way he talked.
    He should have highlihted that ,Dan saved Ian, got Danielle who they wanted out along with him to the end, and he was the only coach to survive all the way to Final 2 with his only player being final 3….where was that mentioned, he got 2 people to use the VETO on him, he was always a target and still got to the end! Like I said I read it the night before and didnt like it then or now!!

    Overall GREAT season….I still think that Dan should have won for the strategic moves he made but I liked Ian too, and Dan did win 2nd so that I am happy about!! I think that Dan is propbably a very nice guy outside the house like he said he doesnt have 16 people trying to evict him from his real home so he did what he had to to stay!! And even Julie told him he was the BEST player and she has been involved in them all…(She mouthed it to him at thee end during credits, look for it:)

    On a side note it was interesting to see the how siimliar Dan and Ian are and I do hope that everyone can see this was a game and that Dan does like Ian and Danielle he just wanted to win the $$!

  19. Does everyone still think Dan is the best player ever?…….
    Definitely not! For the jury to still be holding grudges at the finale just proves that Dan’s social game was a failure. Although Big Brother has no rules, Dan did cross the line when it comes to integrity. You can’t win BB without the jury votes and Dan was unable to “mistify” the jury at the end.

    Did Dan throw the final HOH?…….
    Most definitely. A few days ago on BBAD, Dan was talking to the camera about his “final 2 dilemma.” He admitted he wanted to go the final 2 with Ian, but, despite all the backstabbing he has done throughout the game, he said he didn’t have the heart to choose Ian over Danielle at the end (that was one line he couldn’t cross). So, he did what he has done best throughout the game, he let Ian win the final HOH so Ian could make the choice….no blood on Dan’s hands, again. If you replay the final HOH, you will see that after the first couple of questions, Dan was “too” quick to respond (he didn’t even pause to ensure he was answering correctly) and each time, he had that infamous “Dan smirk.”

    Would Dan have won Vs Danielle?……..
    Dan probably had the best shot at winning against Danielle. Everyone in the jury felt that Danielle had been playing “Dan’s game” throughout the season and not her own game. So, you might as well give the prize to Dan for playing his own game.

    On a scale of 1-10 how much does Ian winning rock?…….
    10! It was nice to see a “newbie” make it to the end and win. The coaches twist this season put all the newbies at a big disadvantage, so it was “heroic” to watch Ian beat the best of the best! Underdogs of America unite!

    Ian’s finale speech 1-10……
    Without a doubt his speech rated a “10.” It was well thought out, and flawlessly articulated (no “mist”).

    Dan’s finale speech 1-10 (10 being the best)……
    I would have to rate Dan’s speech a perfect “1.” Once again, Dan was spewing his “mist” all over the jury members; but this time, the most important time, they were no longer buying it.

  20. Hmmm, Brit’s interview implies the Jury was united against Dan even if he was up against a ketchup bottle. So if Dan won final HOH and took Dani, she would of won. Only question for the interviewers to ask, is who wins if Ian took Dani?

  21. Does everyone still think Dan is the best player ever?
    A: not the best, but def one of the best. His control over people was amazing this game, if he ever came back i pray that the next group wouldnt be so gullible.
    Did Dan throw the final HOH?
    A: everyone is saying no, but I didnt expect Ian to win hands down like he did
    Would Dan have won Vs Danielle?
    A: for sure! She won one comp. on her own and followed dan like a lost little puppy
    On a scale of 1-10 how much does Ian winning rock?
    A: 9, o nly because i wanted brit to win so bad….he totally deserves it! he was grateful for everything he got/did in the house from slop to dog suits to cash prizes, to even being on the block
    Ian’s finale speech 1-10
    A: 8.5 – he did a good job; the emphasis on the gold necklace untruth was just silly, the jury got the point already…he breaks all swears and promises no matter if he is swearing on the bible or his wife
    Dan’s finale speech 1-10 (10 being the best)
    A: 4, this was his worst job misting all summer! he basically ensured that they would hate him!

  22. No, Dan is NOT even a candidate for best player. The result speaks for itself. 6-1. He got a free ride for 3-4 weeks into the game, and found the biggest patsy of all time. The only thing he was LUCKY with, was having an idiot.

    He didn’t throw the comp. He LOST. He knew his work was cut out for him with Ian. He bribed his way to Ian and Dani GIVING him the 1st HOH. Then he lost the other 2.

    No…He would have lost to Danielle as well.

    Ian’s win was a 10..considering who he was up against.

    Ian’s speech was an 8.

    Dan’s speech was a 1. ( I’m being generous). Pathetic and desperate. Crikey. He goes on and on about what fierce competitors Shane and Frank were. He couldn’t beat them in the comps. Whaaaaaaat? Did he not understand how stupid he looked? There was little Ian, sitting next to him, and even with his disadvantages, Ian WIPED the floor with him. Dan interrupted Ashley’s question to IAN. Stupid. Rambled, desperate, begging.

    Thanks so much for all of your teriffic work. A donation is coming your way this weekend. You absolutely deserve it. This is the best site.

    1. I’m in total agreement!

      Dan left the game last night with egg on his face. His speech was horrible and it revealed how much of a dirty scumbag player he really is. His game tactics were super dirty! In fact, I think he went from being one of the best players to a disgraced player. He showed the world that you CANNOT win by lying and backstabbing everyone.

      Jury votes matters.

      He lost 6 – 1.

      Dan’s reputation is soiled forever.

      Dr. Will remains greatest player ever. There’s no competition!

      1. I know it galls all the Dan haters, but the simple fact is that Dan made it further in the two games he played than Will did in the two games he played. That makes Dan more successful at the BB game, like it or not. And all this business about a soiled reputation? Please. The only people still bitching about Dan are the anti-Dan contingent of the hardcore fanbase, on boards like this.

        To the average viewer, ‘BB’ is over and it’s on to the next show. The vast majority of people don’t care about ‘BB’ and its contestants.

        Will is a BB legend, but so is Dan. Dan played a strong second game and made it to Final 2. That’s an accomplishment, whether or not some people want to admit it. Me? I have no problem seeing both Will and Dan as great players. If any of the BB14 Houseguests soiled their reputations, it was Boogie. This season made it very clear that Boogie has to have a partner in order to play the game, and he’s not as good a player as his ‘legend’ made him out to be.

  23. I just have to say that i am a little disappointed. not to discredit Ian’s game because i think he played well. however i think it is easy to make moves when u are in power (HOH or POV) and having a mastermind behind you guiding your moves. that’s what i think happened in this case. Dan truly is on of the best players of this game, and i believe that the jury members were not able to step back and look at how the game was played versus their personal feelings. I think his game play was amazing in that he was able to have a hand in every single eviction of the jury members without always being in a position of power. That to me is an incredible example of strategy. i thought Ian sounded very cocky in his speeches, saying that he made his own decisions when we all know how much influence the quack pack members had in his choices. what i think cost the win for Dan was losing the final HOH comp. if he would have won that and cut Ian and taking Danielle, he would have won for sure. anyway just my little opinion :)

    thanks Simon & Dawg for this wonderful site and I look forward to seeing you again next summer! xoxo

  24. Just a last “Thank You” to Simon & Dawg.
    You made the season even more fun (I love the editorials & Screen caps.).
    See you next year!

  25. Does everyone still think Dan is the best player ever?
    No. He really needed to win last night to be Best Player Ever. He played a good game, but a flawed game. His big moves were moves made by others (and I don’t doubt he had a hand in them) and he forgot one of the biggest parts of winning BB is to win hearts and minds. We can complain and say emotions shouldn’t be part of the game, but it is and always has been. You burn people bad enough they aren’t going to come back to reward you.

    Did Dan throw the final HOH?
    No. His body language after the comp really indicated he was playing to win. Not for nothing, Ian got every question right, and excels at memory and logic games, so it really doesn’t matter what Dan did.

    Would Dan have won Vs Danielle?
    Probably. Danielle was overestimated as a player, there wasn’t any great love for her. Dan or Ian both could have beat her, but I don’t think the margin of victory would have been as big as Ian’s was over Dan.

    On a scale of 1-10 how much does Ian winning rock?
    10. I was glad to see a player who wasn’t the typical BB player win. Ian is a good player. He was smart, analytic, made moves when he needed to, and played a team game when it called for that. He benefited from some good luck, but for the most part he played the game HE wanted to play.

    Ian’s finale speech 1-10
    10. And he has Danielle to thank for that. Her revealing that she and Dan had a final two deal too seem to light a fire under him. He made a smart, concise appeal to the jury and didn’t try to BS them.

    Dan’s finale speech 1-10 (10 being the best)
    4. What was Dan thinking? It was an insincere mish mash of apologies and compliments but precious little about why any one should vote for him. Going into the night I was OK with the possibility of Dan winning, but after the speech he seemed small and juvenile, totally unworthy of someone who came into the game with so much going for him. I was embarrassed for him.

    1. I don’t understand why Dan would have had to win last night to prove he’s the best player. He’s the only former winner to ever make top 3 the second time. Seems like that would be enough. Will Kirby & Jordan Lloyd both came in 4th second time around, so hasn’t Dan outperformed them all?

      1. Before, I thought Dan actually did have a shot at this, but the more I watch the interviews the more I don’t think so, I mean, Jenn said Dan having already won played a huuuge factor in her decision and that is just so shitty and wrong to me. Britney said the entire jury was against him and he couldn’t have won against a ketchup bottle. I am still shocked at this late hour the vote was 6-1. Woah. I mean, I give credit to Ian for arguing his points executing his speech on spot, but it’s starting to sound like Dan never even had a chance against Ian or Danielle-If he hadn’t given away his grandfather’s cross and swore on the bible and backstabbed, manipulated and lied to every jury member, would him having already won have been a backup excuse for crowning anyone but him 500k??? Dan threw everything he had into this game and even with half the money he originally came into the house for, he’s still chuckling in every interview-Big Brother really was just a game to Dan and he defnitely played to win, but he didn’t, and he’s okay with that. He continues to laugh in the aftermath, and though I’m happy for Ian, it sounds more and more like Dan in fact couldn’t win when I thought he could.
        On the other hand, loved Jodi’s interview and now I understand Dan cutting her-He couldn’t really have coached or manipulated her as he did Dani. She has this free-spirited vibe about her that’s refreshing. Apparently Jojo and Danielle had some rocky confrontations in the backyard-Jojo’s interview had a part that was cut and it’s speculated she said some things about Dani that weren’t so nice. Loved Janelle’s interviews-She stays behind Dan being the best player this season, but isn’t the upset in the least Ian won. She also called the jury stupid and naive. Frank admits he’s bitter andsaid if Ian were in third place he would’ve liked to tell him he should’ve stayed with him. *Rolling my eyes* Agh, he’ll be back. Lol, both Dan and Frank already made separate alliances with Jeff if they ever returned to the house :D

  26. Thanks for posting the videos. I was wondering where I could see a couple.

    I’m happy for Ian. Glad he won. Did not expect 6-1. That was a shocker.

    Also I was completely wrong about Frank winning America’s vote. Based on what I was reading, he was much more disliked out there (not just this site) but I guess people voted for him. I did not (I voted for Joe several times).

    Great season. Can’t wait for next season.

    1. Two things that shocked me the most:
      1) the 6-1 vote and Brit’s comment about Dan losing against a ketchup bottle. Well, it was Ian, but I think Jenn changed her vote. Ian’s speech against Dan’s sealed the deal and Dan cutting Ian off during Q and A kinda jumpstarted the fire in Ian. Awesome speech.
      2) Frank winning AV. WTF??? He’ll definitely come back.

    2. The Quack Pack fans may have split their votes between 5 members, which might explain why Frank won America’s Favorite. I’m pretty sure he couldn’t have beaten any of them 1-on-1. Then again, he was well below Britney, Dan & Ian in every online poll I saw. I always thought Production favored Frank and I’m pretty sure they want to bring him back. Maybe they voted a few times themselves so his America’s Choice win can be the ecuse if they decide to bring him back next year against an all-new cast.

  27. Does everyone still think Dan is the best player ever?
    A: I wouldn’t say “The” best, but practically fooling almost every single person in Jury over and over? He’s one of them.
    Did Dan throw the final HOH?
    A: I think so. He claims he didn’t, but most of the questions were fairly simple to guess and it was 50/50 shot. It felt like he threw it. The Britney one he really did miss.
    Would Dan have won Vs Danielle?
    A: Yeah probably. Britney said she’d wanted to see Danielle in Jury as being the least deserving bewteen the three, but I feel Dan and Danielle would’ve argued who carried who at which Dan would’ve completely thrown her under the bus, but I agree with Megan about Dan giving Ian his grandfather’s cross-If Dan had won and taken Dani and that came out….I don’t know.
    On a scale of 1-10 how much does Ian winning rock?
    A: 8.5. (a few weeks ago this would’ve been 10, but I think Dan had a shot and Ian had an alliance for the first third and last third of the game. He had some help time to time, but when he played by himself he won when he needed to and kept himself in the game at the end by agreeing to everything Dan said, but gained some fire from Dan’s attempts to crush him and rose above)
    Ian’s finale speech 1-10
    A: 10 (great delivery, he owned it)
    Dan’s finale speech 1-10 (10 being the best)
    A: 4 (all of those damn compliments between giving his reasoning for his actions-It was super fast in his usual coaching voice and instead of stroking their egos, I think he could’ve just said what he did and why he did it without yelling and slapped on a solemn face. Ian beside him is jittery and sweating the whole time and Dan is laidbacked and smiling. I thought he could’ve snagged a few more votes, but after Ian’s speech and his, and the Q and A, Ian had it. Even when Janelle said if Dan didn’t win it’d be a BB travesty, I felt he could’ve had it-It was Dan who failed to convince them, but second place is not THAT bad!! He made it this far, but came off a bit sheepish in the end. He and Ian would’ve beat Danielle easier, I feel, but Ian wanted to beat the best and he did it).

  28. Look at this season’s final seven:
    7. Joe – won zero competitions, total floating waste-of-space, no true friends
    6. Frank – strong in competitions, made several friends, but he took the low-road with Booger which guaranteed he’d be targeted continually and had worthless allies in Jenn & Ashley, he basically has a plan for failure despite a few strengths that could have made him a winner
    5. Jenn – won virtually nothing … one POV, floated with no real friends/alliance
    4. Shane – agreed to let Danielle put him on the block for no valid reason whatsoever, risking a guaranteed final three. That move was too dumb for words. No one that dumd deserves to win. But he was good in competitions … early in the season, but not late in the season when it mattered most.
    3. Danielle – dumb as dirt, couldn’t read any other player … Ever. She had a guaranteed final three (actually final two) BUT decided to squander the opportunity by putting Shane on the block, thereby, allowing Dan to send him packing. She definately didn’t deserve to win.
    2. Dan – had no chance to win come voting time so he actually played a horrible game IF the goal was to win the 500k. Despite flattering all the jury members one-by-one and making other appeals, Dan could only get one jury vote from the dumbest player of all-time. Oh, and let’s not forget: Both Dan & Danielle benefitted by losing their 2 teammates early in the game. As a result of these losses, no one seriously target the remaining duo for two months. Everyone was afraid of the remaining Power-Teams (Brit’s, Janelle’s & Boogers)

    I love BB, but let’s not pretend these players were anything special. Bad players make it near and to the end ALL THE TIME.

    Ian was the one-and-only star. He deserved his win. … Frank had his moments as well, but this was the Ian Show.

  29. Ian said two powe words to Dan, on the final clips of the show which I did not here at first, RIsk Averse. He said that when Dan was trying to mist hm into throwing the hoh to him. Ian broke the Mist and took his destiny in his own hands. Did not bank his money on Dan or on whether Dani would taint the Jury.
    Ian win 1-10. – 10
    Ian speech 1-10 – 10
    Dan threw hoh- Yes
    Dan final speech 1-10. – crap
    Dan best player – only if you have not seen Dr Will. So answer – NO
    Dan vs Dani. – dani.

    1. Ian’s comment is based on one of his classes called “game theory.” Basically given a choice between two moves, people should avoid the risk.

      1. Game Theory also assumes that people can be expected to do whatever appears to be in their own best interest, not what they told you they’d do. Employing that would have helped Danielle, Shane and Frank quite a bit when predicting Dan’s moves.

  30. Does everyone still think Dan is the best player ever? I think he is by far one the best players to ever play this game.
    Did Dan throw the final HOH? I don’t think so,
    Would Dan have won Vs Danielle? Probably.
    On a scale of 1-10 how much does Ian winning rock? A 10, I really thought that they would see that Dan played the better game. It takes alot of skill in order to get someone else to do exactly what you want them to do. But to get 7 or 8 people to do what you want them to do over and over, takes skill.
    Ian’s finale speech 1-10 – probably a 5. I really don’t even remember the speech.
    Dan’s finale speech 1-10 An 8. I think the jury knew he was trying to suck up and it didn’t work.

  31. Does everyone still think Dan is the best player ever?

    Absolutely and it isn’t even close. In his first season he won several competitions when he had to and he played one of the most honest games we’ve seen from someone who actually won. The second time he was in he realized when Frank had him on the block that his alliance had turned on him and despite his saving Ian that Ian wasn’t going to use the veto on him. So Dan correctly realized that he couldn’t play the same nice, honest guy routine from his first time and he adapted. He then put on what is quite simply the best strategic and social game in BB history. Dr. Will could take notes from Dan. Dan not only misted people he had every possibility covered so that no matter who won or lost he had an angle to stay in the game. He also managed to stay loyal to the Quack Pack with the exception of having to throw Britney under the bus and to be fair everything he told Frank was true in that post funeral talk regarding her and the Pack. After they got Frank and his floaters out then Dan had to work against Ian and Shane but no one should blame him as any alliance that gets that far has to eventually turn on itself.

    Did Dan throw the final HOH? I think once he missed the first question he did throw it. Before that I think he was trying to win. He wanted Ian to be the one to evict Danielle so he wouldn’t have her blood on him.

    Would Dan have won Vs Danielle? Easily. Or at least rational thinking jurors instead of the bitter babies we saw would reward him.

    On a scale of 1-10 how much does Ian winning rock? 5. Ian was a nice kid and I like seeing a superfan win but Ian was just as dirty as Dan was. The exception being that Dan was operating at a master’s level in terms of strategy and social game and Ian was operating at an average BB player level.

    Ian’s finale speech 1-10 8. He had strong speeches and curiously Dan let him slide on a lot of questionable points. Ian absolutely did not start the Quack Pack and he absolutely stabbed every single member in the jury in the back at some point. Ian did a great job in pointing out his competition wins and making Dan look bad.

    Dan’s finale speech 1-10 (10 being the best) 5. The time when Dan needed to come clean with just how deep his strategies engrossed the house was last night. Instead he offered some rationalizations but didn’t stress enough that once he realized he was alone in the house and he wasn’t as good as Frank/Shane in physical comps that he needed to play a much more strategic game. The jury voted what I feared would happen: Brit and Frank would let their egos and pride get in the way of seeing just how great Dan was and they roped the rest of them into a pure anti Dan vote as opposed to a honest vote. Ian didn’t even realize until he was told that Dan had also made a final two deal with Dani.

    It was one of the best seasons of BB and I truly hope we see some of the people return again. I’d love to see Dan, Ian, Brit and Frank back. I doubt we’ll see Dan or Brit again but one can always hope.

    1. Instead of calling the jurors names, would it really be so difficult to admit that Dan’s social prowess sucked this season? Yes, lying and backstabbing are part of the game but not burning bridges or mending those bridges are also part of it. In the end, Dan burned too many bridges and didn’t bother mending them aside from a last ditch, transparent effort.

      The brilliance of Dr. Will was that even though he backstabbed and manipulated, he somehow found ways to remain likable or forgivable in doing so. He steamrolled people and somehow kept in people’s good graces. People were pissed at him and Will wasn’t even apologetic most of the time but he still came out smelling like a rose most of the time. If he had made it to the end of BB7, he would have won $500K again (the other HGs said as much at the finale that season) but Erika and Janelle are much smarter than Danielle and Shane and took him out when they had a shot.

      1. Dan’s social game “sucked”? That’s why he was able to completely mist people into protecting him or not seeing him as a target, right? Dan’s social game was outstanding. The people you are referring to with Dr. Will were mature enough to admit he was a great player that played them. In this case the jury was too bitter to do that. Even by your own words Dr. Will screwed over more people than Dan did (on each of his seasons I might add) and yet the jury felt it was smart gameplay. Why can’t you give Dan the same consideration you so clearly afford Dr. Will?

        1. Will absolutely burned more people than Dan did but where Will succeeded and Dan didn’t is that Will somehow remained likable through it all in the eyes of the jury. Dan manipulated and got his way but he ended up souring people to the point where they wouldn’t vote for him. That’s where the social game sucked. In backstabbing and manipulating, he was banking on the jury tossing their personal feelings aside. But social game encompasses everything in the house, including how the other HGs are treated and how they feel about you. No one in any walk of life socializes while compartmentalizing their feelings and how they’re treated. Britney foreshadowed all of this when she said “I know it’s just a game but it still matters how you treat people in this house.” Dan really didn’t take heed of that.

          The reason I afford Will the consideration that I don’t afford Dan is simple: Will still had the jury liking him, Dan didn’t. If Dan cut people and had the corpses smiling as they lay, my feelings about how he played would be completely different. I even thought he was the favorite last night until his jury answers and speech where he alienated himself even further by misreading how the jury members would have reacted to him.

          Dan overstrategized, IMO. The funeral was the best game move ever and it blows away what I consider to be the second best move ever (Will’s “I hate all of you” speech). But I think he got this aura of invincibility afterward that he could do or say anything he wanted as long as it got him to the end without facing repercussions from the jury members.

    2. Other than Boogie Ian was pretty straight forward about who he was going after, not a lot of backstabbing. Frank knew Ian was gunning for him, Ashley knew she went out because of her alignment with Frank, etc

  32. Dani did this to herself,,, if she would of let Dan put Shane up and not Joe, she would of been in the final 2,,, but she thought her and Shane could of gone to the final 2 and her winning got in her way,,, it like Dan said we could of had a floater Jenn City,,, so Dani got what she deserved, Also, dan knew when the final 3 was done,,,, that Ian was going to win,,,,

  33. I don’t think Dan is the best ever he’s up there though.For me that title will always belong to Dr Will unless him and Dan do a season and Dan mists him
    I don’t think Dan intended to throw the HOH to start,but when he fell behind it looked like he said to himself the hell with it and then threw it
    It’s hard to say if Dan would have beat Danielle or not.I personally think it would of been a no brainer to vote Dan over Danielle,but Britney said he couldn’t of beat a ketchup bottle so idk
    Ian winning on a scale of 1-10 is an 8.I liked him the best out of the final 3 but would have rather seen Frank or Boogie in the end.Hey we all have our favorites
    I thought Ian’s final speech was a 10 simply because he couldn’t do any better if he rehearsed it for a year(Though i wanted Julie to tell him to shut his mouth while Dan was talking or he’d be disqualified and i can’t stand Dan)
    Dan’s final speech was a 6 as good a speaker as he usually is he fell way short of the bar.His mist turned to piss

  34. evil dick said dan has been playing with the most feeble minded players and that shit wont’n fly if it was allstar and i do agree ….. dan is such a motivational speaker that he was his own down fall …. julie had to tell dan not to speak while ian was speaking dan was trying to crush ian but end up crushing himself …. dan give kudos to the jury but britney and frank was smiling because he was milking it after he send there ass to jury ……….

    these three things cause dan the game

    1/ he over did it with his speech going at ian talking about photographic memory

    2/he burned every jury member

    3/dan won the game befor there was no way these jury members was going to reward him a two timer

    the jurors slapped the sparkle ouuta dan teeth …danille throw away 500000 because she is inlove with dan .. rachel riley back on the side danille has turned into the most hated player of all 14 season of bb …. she lies about everything .. she said on many occasion that she has a life threatning disease claiming she has beaten cancer … then she said she higher than a RN almost a doctor , talking bout doctors come to her for advice then finally she admits she’s lpn … danille dependency on men is unbelievable danille picking her face all season she pick atleast 95% of her brain out ……. most players get ONE chance to win this game but people want dan to win it twice……. u can say ian doesnt deserve the money but we aint the jury dan got got… i dont care how much of a good player dan was if he shit on my dreams and evict me i would not give him 500000

  35. Let me address this best player ever thing.
    The show’s been on 14 seasons. That’s 14 games … A mere 14 winners.
    When a sports league has been around for 14 games — not weeks or years — are people obsessing about the ‘best ever’. No.
    Any player who wins BB once … and who returns and sticks around for a few weeks is considered one of the best ever.
    Earlier this season people speculating that Will or Booger or Janelle was the best ever.
    Funny thing is Danielle targeted Janelle because she was jealous of her.
    None of the guys were jealous of Dan, if they were, he mIght have been summarily bounced.
    Dan failed 100% to put himself in a position to win the 500k DESPITE making it to the final two. Heck, let’s be honest Ian took Dan to the finals because he knew he could beat him.
    After 50 seasons of BB, we can start talking about the best ever. Or until someone wins TWICE. Havinv a season of all winners which would guarantee a two-time winner wouldn’t work too well because we know players have secret agreements BEFORE entering the House. The LA crowd who can rally the biggest pre-alliance would probably walk away with a tainted win.

  36. Does everyone still think Dan is the best player ever?
    Before this past week I thought so, but not anymore. I have not seen anyone point out Dan’s biggest mistake – evicting Shane. Everyone is subject to his mist, even himself as Simon and Dawg pointed out in one of their updates! :-) When he won his HOH, his target was Ian. Ian won POV and saved himself. When he had the chance to evict Ian, he didn’t. He sent Shane packing. He had to know he could not beat Ian in the final two. While Shane may have won part 1 of the final HOH, Shane could not beat a rock in part 3. Dan easily could have convinced Dani to take him to the finals if Dan lost part 2 to her. Perhaps Dan made the decision when he evicted Shane that he could only win $50,000, so he assured himself that. But I would take the change at nothing for a chance at $500,000.

    Did Dan throw the final HOH?
    No. He had to know he could not beat Ian, right?

    Would Dan have won Vs Danielle?
    Based on the cut of what was shown in the jury meeting, yes. Based on how bitter the jury still seemed when asking the final 2 questions, no.

    On a scale of 1-10 how much does Ian winning rock?

    Ian’s finale speech 1-10

    Dan’s finale speech 1-10 (10 being the best)
    0 – This speach was terrible. Dan should have pointed out that he was a target from day one. He had the last pick of the coaches and as a result lost the first HOH competition, forcing him down one person before the game started. He lost his second player in week two because the first HOH targeted his and Boogie’s strongest players and the antics of a person who was thrown out of the house for fighting, cause his player to be evicted. Out of all the coaches, after only a week, he was in way worst shape than the others. He should have said he made a decision then to stay loyal to the one player he had remaining the rest of the way, whether or not he entered the game, and when he did enter the game, he got the both of them to the final three. When the reset button was pushed, he knew he was immediately a target. So, he helped establish the Quack Pack (no one founded this, they all came together) to get some form of safety. (And now, the most important part…) While Ian is not a floater, he was also NEVER a target of anyone. In fact, the only person to target Ian at any point before the final four in this game was Dan himself when Dan won his HOH. He was forced to play ruthless because he was a target. All the other targets are out of the house. However, no one’s target, Ian, and the pawn of the season, Danille, were in the final three.

  37. I was happy that Frank won america’s favorite,but i do think he probably finished third in the vote behind Dan and Ian.My question to evreyone would be was boogie the best coach since he 1)wanted to remain a coach and 2)His players all walked away from the game with more than the stipend

    1. Without a doubt booger picked the best team! Dan was creating fodder. And dr will predicted Ian would win before the coaches entered! Those guys know who would be strong.

  38. i believe dan is the best bb player ever. with that being said i am very happy he didn’t win. if he had won it would have changed the way bb is played forever and not for the better.

    i believe dan didn’t start out planning to throw the final hoh but when he got the brit one wrong he threw the rest.

    Brit was right ANYONE would have bet him in final 2

    Ian winning was a solid 10. finally a fan winning. someone who waited years to try out. not a model/actor/whatever wanna be

    Ians speech was an 8. he hit some good points but neglected to mention some importants ones also

    dans speech a 1. Dan remember your funeral? final speech seemed the same

  39. Does everyone still think Dan is the best player ever?
    ~~Eh..I thought he got a lot of help being America’s player last time..and this time he simpy played a super dirty game. To me the better player is somone that can do the dirty but still have people like you after.

    Did Dan throw the final HOH?

    Would Dan have won Vs Danielle?
    ~~Yes…he would have based on how the jury was talking. Plus he would have only had to say he told her everything to do and she dd it, which would have been the truth.

    On a scale of 1-10 how much does Ian winning rock?

    Ian’s finale speech 1-10
    ~~10 The stuff coming out about Dan giving Ian his Grandfather’s cross was awesome and heped Ian out alot.

    Dan’s finale speech 1-10 (10 being the best)
    ~~4 It was so lame. Heck even Jen didn’t vote for him.

    All in all a pretty fun season to watch. I wish Brit would have gotten America’s fav..I think Frank getting it is a bt of a stretch.

    See you next Summer Simon and Dawg..thanks so much for all the work you guys do!!

  40. Bitter Jury.

    Wil said it best last night.
    (It was something like),…

    “If you got played, don’t blame the player…
    YOU got played, it was YOUR OWN FAULT.

  41. Does everyone still think Dan is the best player ever?

    I still believe he’s the best player ever. Based on what I’ve seen from his two season, I’d put him above Dr. Will. That’s just my opinion

    Did Dan throw the final HOH?

    Honestly… I’d say yes. I wasn’t sure at first but those questions had pretty set answers to and it was odd that he chose the wrong ones. Even my wife who ONLY watch the tv show knew the answers that should have been easy for Dan to get.

    Would Dan have won Vs Danielle?

    No. The other players knew they would vote for Ian against Dan but Coach against Player would have been harder to choose from for them. They took Dan’s backstabbing too personal and not actual gameplay. Had Dan done it to me, I would have applauded him but still want to strangle his neck. That’s the way the game is played: get them out before they get you out and he did his job.

    On a scale of 1-10 how much does Ian winning rock?

    I’ll give it a 10. It was a great moment, including everyone chanting “quack quack”. Ultimate Big Brother fan wins it all. How can you not like that?

    Ian’s finale speech 1-10

    I’ll give it a 8. I don’t know what he had planned beforehand but going off the cuff with the new information he got during the Q & A made it that much better.

    Dan’s finale speech 1-10 (10 being the best)

    I’ll give it a 4 but the reasoning behind that is he didn’t change anything from practicing to try and convince the judges. You could hear in their voices they didn’t like the way Dan answered some questions and he should have been able to adjust to make them happy. He didn’t and it was a let down. For someone who had thought on his feet the whole season, he benched himself during the biggest play of the game.

  42. First of all, thank you so much Simon and Dawg for the amazing website and in words of Dan ” 24/7 (reporting) this game”

    Now on this topic, I think that Dan gave a terrible final speech and Ian gave a great one and thats why it was 6-1; otherwise Ian had no business getting for example Jen’s vote. If Dan had done a better job I truely believe he had a shot at Jen, Joe, and even Ashley and Shane!! now before you think im crazy, hear me out. right after Ian said the gloves are off and im disgusted with you and I founded quack pack……. In my opinion Dan’s speech should’ve been something like this:

    Ok Ian the gloves are off. First of all, you did not found QP; Qp consisted of 4 core alliance members (looking at the jury) Danielle, Shane, Britney and I. We were also part of another alliance called Silent Six that had the same 4 plus Frank and Mike (Ian looks shocked) and that is why Janelle was evicted and Frank did not backdoor me the following week. (looking at Ian) Ian you were clueless about alot of things that happened in the house including the silent six, me working all along with Danielle and disguising it by hosting my funeral and you didn’t even know that you were the target during the last double eviction night which you won the pov! (Ian looks shocked again and Jury notices) Unlike Ian i controlled my destiny in this game; me sitting here was not Ian’s decision; it was me manipulating him to keep me if he won f2. Ian on the other hand was ready to go home at final 4 until i saved him cause it benefited me. (looking at the Jury) Frank i know you hate me so much that no matter what i say you will never vote for me but i do belive that i have a shot at other houseguests so i am going to address it. Britney, i had to save myself and it came at your cost but i hope you understand (he doesn’t have a shot at her but he has to address it) Jen, i think u’d agree that i had the hardest path to get here considering the target on my back and i hope you can give me credt for that. Joe, strategically you played a great game and you were on to me number of times and i hope you can see that strategically i played a better game than Ian. Ashley, I know Frank has been telling you to vote for Ian but this is not his decision its yours; Even if you decide to vote personal which i think you shouldn’t in this game, Ian was the one who nominated you and sent you to the Jury not me. Shane, wheather you believe me or not blindsiding you was the hardest thing for me in this game but i hope you can see that if you had won the final HOH, you wouldv’e taken Danielle with you to F2 and i was also affraid that Danielle’s feeling would grow for you more and she would take you to F2 with her. Danielle, unlike what i said in funeral you were like memphis to me and when you watch the show, you’ll see that i never once plotted to get you evicted and if i had won the final HOH i would have def taken you to the F2 with me. (looking at the jury) guys i know that i lied, cheated and backstabbed in this game but that was the only way i could have gotten here considering the huge target that was on my back. Every single one of us lied in this house and said what the other person wanted to hear and maybe i lied more but i had to cause i had the biggest target on my back. I hope you can see that this is a game and I played a great game and am possibly deserving of your vote. Thank you. THE END

    I know that was long and sorry for that! lol and that probably would have exceeded the time limit but my point was that he needed to attack Ian regardless of the fact that Ian attacked him and more so because he did. And he should’ve addressed each jury member seperately adding more specifics concerning their eviction and why he should get their vote.

    To answer your questions Simon : 1- Definitely in top 2 alongside Dr Will; its hard to say who is better cause its hard to imagine all other things being equal (the cast, twists, profession outside of BB [will makes alot of money],… ) ; even if Dan had won, he still would be in top 2 and not the conclusive greatest player 2- No he did not throw the final HOH, Ian simply just nailed it 3- He most likely would’ve won against Danielle especially after seeing the jury talk in final episode and how they thought Dan carried her 4- I would give it a 6 cause Ian was indeed the 2nd best player of the season in my opinion 5- Ian’s speech (9) Dan’s speech (2.5)!

    sorry for the long post guys! lol Hope you all have a great day even if you don’t agree with a word i said! :)

    1. even though i was rooting for Frank but i LOVE the speech u made for Dan and i think it would have guaranteed him the 500K, sadly he felt short and ran out of mists due to his lack of sleep i guess as he stated!!!

  43. Ian’s Speech was SPOT ON!
    Ian earned 10 points.

    Dan’s speech. All he did was apologize and his smugness displayed total insincerity.
    Dan earned -10 points.

    Is Dan the BEST BB Player ever?

    Did Dan throw the Final HOH?
    While he was in the kitchen with Ian, he mentioned guessing most of his answers.
    Ian said he had guess a few answers, too.

    Dan vs Danielle
    Danielle would have won. She would have appeared “sweet and sincere,” while Dan would have been
    just as smug as he was with Ian.
    (Thank goodness, Dannielle never got to the Final Two and thank goodness Dan didn’t win the $500,000.)

    Ian’s Win scored a 10, BIG TIME!!!!

  44. It was good that Ian won, but Dan did play an overall much better game. He got Ian & Dani to THROW the first part of the final HOH. That’s just crazy. He got Frank to somehow overcome his Dan-hate, to switch to Ian-Hate, while maintaining Ian on his side. Ian just got lucky. But, at the end of the day, people are voting and those people have feelings. This was the most bitter jury ever and Dan really should have accounted for that. He should have told them to vote for the best player, not the one they liked the most. Ignore who’s played it before and try to suspend emotion when voting. I think he could have MAYBE turned a couple of voters, but he just kissed ass and danced around the questions.

    He played his worst game at the very worst time and he for that, he deserved to lose.

  45. Yes! Dan is the best player ever. Albeit, I haven’t watched all seasons of BB lol but has anyone else made it to the final 2 twice? Has anyone else managed to win both first place and second place? I hear a lot of Dr. Will this and Dr. Will that but seriously, was he able to brain warp his way into the finals twice? Was the great Mike Boogie able to do that? Uhhh no. There came a time in both of their games where people voted them out and they couldn’t do anything about it… they couldn’t pull off a 180° Dan’s Funeral type move and they went home. Even though Ian beat Dan this season, he still can’t touch Dan as a player until he comes back a second time and also makes it to the final 2. There won’t be a better player until a past winner can win first place twice Just sayin’.

    I honestly don’t know if Dan threw the final HOH. He contemplated throwing it and then said nah on the feeds. It’s Dan. You really never know.

    Dan vs. Danielle. Danielle: Shane, Frank, & Joe. Dan: Britney, Ian, & Ashley. Jenn seems like she voted on game play but Danielle was her closest friend besides Frank. I think he would’ve had a better chance against Danielle than Ian.

    Ian winning was a ten out of ten. Everyone roots for the underdog. It was the most deserving final 2 that I’ve seen since Evel Dick and Danielle Donato.

    Ian’s finale speech was great. Again, everyone roots for the underdog and everyone likes seeing the little nerdy guy stand up for himself. Way to be a man and tell it like it is haha. A lot more passionate than Dan’s pre-planned stuff. I didn’t like how he answered the questions. Too much took control of my fate and destiny destiny destiny. He only had one line.

    Dan’s finale speech was Dantastic but at that point, his mist had worn off almost completely. Every time he uses his mist, it gets a little less potent and by that point, his mist was barely a soft haze… especially considering the fact that the jury members got to get clear of the mist and breathe fresh air at the jury house. Had he given that speech when they were all still inside the house and everyone was still sitting in his white fog then I think that it would have had more power.

    1. The top part of your comment is spot on in the sense that Dan does have the best 2 finishes,but i would have to argue that Dr Will’s fourth place finish in season 7 was more impressive than Dan’s second place finish this year.If you haven’t watched all the seasons i would say watch seasons 2,3,6 and then watch 7(7 is my all time favorite)I think you would then see some of the very good players who had already been through the game before that Dr Will had to overcome to get that 4th place finish.You will also see that Dr will’s fourth place finish was closer to a first then Dan’s 2nd place

  46. In my opinion although not winning Dan is the best player to play the game. Followed very close is doctor will. Its to bad for Dan, it was a bitter jury, I feel he played the better game. Although, I think Ian played a very good game himself. I am glad he won and is deserving of it, everyone loves an underdog story.

    Ian winning a 9
    Ian’s speech a 9
    Dans speech a 6, he couldn’t mist the jury, just thought it felt flat, fake and short.
    Since it was a bitter jury, I think Danielle would have beat Dan.

  47. I was bummed Dan didnt win, but the extrememly bitter jury of NON GAME players -with the exception of Britt (i wont count Frank because he never looked past himself and on the game-other moves) they have the sense to know that Dan ran the house the second half of the summer. All of them were out of the game because of Dan, sure he was shady, but your out there because of him and his game moves!! Janelle was spot on when she said it would be a traveslty if he lost. Once they are all out, if they watch it they will see what he really did because they had no CLUE!!
    But since IMO they werent gamers, they werent even really qualified anyway! Shame Julie didnt ask more pointed questions to Mike and Janelle who know…..its not like it would have changed anything the voting was done.

    But no matter, if you look out into the internet universe and read all the blogs and whatnot, its pretty well decided who really won this game. I dont give a crap what he swore on, if his wife is okay w it, i am too, its a game, period.

    And randomly, Shane was a total fake tool last night, trying to get alot of attention looking stupid.

    i dont typically post negative thoughts, but i just left feeling dissapointed, but Dan looked happy and content, and hopefully Danielle will get the help she needs and be okay, and well Ian can pay off them school loans! alls well that ends well folks!

    thanks you OBB, Simon and Dawg for this amazing site and for posting these interviews for us!!!! i am sure i will be going threw withdrawals for a week or so!!

    see you next summer!

  48. If Ian gets on Big Brother All Stars Part Deaux can he use the veto he found in the arcade room? : 0
    Thank you Dawg and Simon for your amazing dedication to do these recaps for us.
    This site is an integral part of Big Brother for us I like to come on in the off season and lurk.
    I still think the best players ever are the ants. they can’t be evicted.. they own Chilltown…, they have the strongest alliance.
    the fish are pretty amazing too, but they only hang out in the HOH room so they are stuck up.
    Have a great off-season. I will keep an eye out for your survivor Blog.. any early picks?
    Good Luck to Dawg on big brother Canada.
    Please post the links to those blogs.

  49. Ok I guess I wasn’t watching the same thing As some of you. Dan took all the crap for Ian backstabbing boogie. I dont care how much Dan backstabbed people. He got everyone else do do alot of his dirty work. Who the he’ll did Ian get out when he was hoh? Ashley and frank. Everyone was trying to get frank out every week. Frank just didn’t win pov that week. If Dan hadn’t done the funeral thing Brit would have been there doing similar backstabbing things like Dan had done. Ian was her little puppet. He likes to think he was this big mastermind when in reality much of what he did was what other people wanted him to do. How could evil dick do the things he did and still won and not Dan?! Well thats because those jury members had a brain! This was a group of immature bitter jury members who obviously don’t know much about big brother. Dan should have won!

    1. “Dan took all the crap for Ian backstabbing boogie”???????????????

      I seem to recall Dan telling Frank and Jenn all about what Ian did. You’re right, you must be watching a different program.

      Boo Hoo, Dan got handed his walking papers by a Ian. Boo Hoo.

      All the tears in the world doesn’t change the fact that it’s game–set—match and Dan lost.

      500,000 atta-boys for Ian.

  50. Is Dan the best player
    Maybe, maybe not he is a the very least in the top two, I’ve never seen either of Will seasons, so Dan is my favorite and best player that I’ve seen, but Dan has pulled off some amazing stuff in both of his seasons and he should be recognized for that. He did what he had to do to make it to the end, did it hurt him in the end, probably, but he still got 50K, so I doubt Dan is too dissapointed.
    Did Dan throw the final HOH?
    No I think he legitimately lost, but Brits question was weird, and I would’ve got that wrong for sure.
    Would of Dan won against Dani?
    I would hope so, but I doubt it, from Brits interview it seemed they knew how they were voting before the live show, and wouldn’t of let Dan win under any circumstance. Which is unfortunate since I truly felt he played the best game.
    How happy am I that Ian won?
    6- Now I liked Ian I really did, but I don’t feel and I may never feel he played the best game this season, I think he had a better speech, but that is about all he did better than Dan, since I don’t include comp wins, since they are not needed to win Big Brother if I recall on my research Dr Will disnt win that much in either of his seasons and people consider him the best. Ian won because the jury hated Dan, not because Ian played a better game.
    Ian’s speech-
    10, got to give it to him, he did a great job, even if in actuality he did not create the quack pack
    Dans speech
    (5)Not his best, too much mudslinging and butt kissing, but he was right this is the game he had to play if he wanted to survive, and too rehearsed but to be fair all of Dans speeches are rehearsed, so it was expected.
    All in all I enjoyed this season, even if the best player did not win. I am looking forward to next year, hopefully will see all new contestants and BB16 will be all stars, don’t see all stars being next year since three of the inevitable all stars played this year. Production is going to have work real hard if they ever want Dan, Janelle and Boogie to play again. Both Dan and Janelle said they are most likely done.

  51. off topic but i just watched The Talk and poor pitiful Danielle is still misted by Dan, she said that even after finding out some stuff after the show that she might have done things differently not would have but might have, she is so pathetic Dan better get a restraining order STAT!!

  52. Happy for Ian but he got a charity victory. Dan pulled off some of the best moves i’ve ever seen in big brother despite what antics he used to get himself further. Read Julie Chen’s lips at the end of the finale as she tells Dan “you are the best player ever to play this game.” Nuff said

        1. She didn’t want Dan to begin crying on national television, so she offered
          him a pity-party compliment. She did what any good hostess would do.
          : )

  53. 1.I think Dan is really a best player but it’s a past. Move on Dan!
    2.My best thought, Dan will be stupid enough to throw the final HoH. The answer is No.
    3.Actually, No. Dan doesn’t stand of chance of winning.
    4.Ian winning is 6.5 because it’s really a fluke. No stronger player making that far
    5.Ian speech 8.5
    6.Dan speech 7.5
    Simon & Dawg, Thank you. I e-mail the stats next week.

  54. Simon and Dawg,
    Thank you so much for all the hard work during this season. Even though I had the feeds and BBAD, I relied on yall to keep me updated when I was out and not close to a computer! Once again thanks so much and get some well deserved rest!

  55. It is a shame that Janielle made her comment obviously knowing Dan lost. She was a sore loser, still bitter over her eviction.

    Sorry Dan and Janielle lovers, but the game is decided by the jury. Dan knows this but ended up burning most of them. The jury can use any method to come to their decision. Dan’s decision to be ruthless cost him the big prize. He should have anticipated how they would vote. Ian was a better judge of their character. did not miss a single question in the final round.

    Joe admitted that his “ten” alliances cost him the game, Dan needs to admit the same.

    Ian deserved the win over Dan: Dan tried to use his multiple alliances to keep himself in the game, trying to drag a float for F2, but what really happened was Ian got the people out he wanted by winning comps. Unwittingly forcing Dan to burn the jury.

    Dan tries to get a “coaches” alliance, Ian get Boogie out, the one Dan wanted to work with. Dan rats out the QP to Frank, it took two HOH’s but Ian gets Frank out. Dan makes deals with Joe and Jenn, puts up Ian, Ian get POV gets Joe out. Wins HOH get Jenn out. Wins the final gets Danielle out.

    From what I saw Ian was on a winning streak, and Dan has been losing for a long time.

    Janielle doesn’t know what she is talk about.

    1. Very perceptive M&M…not sure Ian new about all those attempts by Dan. But it sure looks good on paper. That would have made for a 10+ slam dunk speech by Ian if he could have spelled it out like you did.

  56. Does everyone still think Dan is the best player ever? NO
    Did Dan throw the final HOH? Not sure? And we can’t believe whatever he says in answer to that question.
    Would Dan have won Vs Daniel YES
    On a scale of 1-10 how much does Ian winning rock? 10++
    Ian’s finale speech 1-10 10++
    Dan’s finale speech 1-10 (10 being the best) 1 but glad he did it as it helped him lose.

  57. Does everyone still think Dan is the best player ever?
    No. Any why is the word ‘still’ in that question. He may have had the best move ever with the funeral results…but even that has the whole “bible, dead grandfather, wife & marriage” swear taint on it Dr. Will is THE best EVER. You know that if you can’t win against this crew how could you be the best. Or to quote Ian: “To be the best you have to beat the best” Oh wait, looks like Dan had a hand in beating himself (sorry Joe, not that way).

    Did Dan throw the final HOH?
    Hard one to really know…I thought the answers were the same as Ian answered, but that’s just guessing especially when some HGs may just blow smoke when they answer anyway.

    Would Dan have won vs Danielle?
    Probably Not. I think the girls woulda voted for Dani and obviously Shane so there you go. But here’s the best part, that was never gonna happen. Dan was planning one final cut throat move and I’m SO SO SO Bummed we didn’t get it.

    Check out his plan:

    On a scale of 1-10 how much does Ian winning rock?
    9. Love that such a BB fan gets the best of Dan, Boogie, Brit, Janelle who were all there on BB before and he looked up to and then add to that the two comp studs Frank & Shane. Knew his brains would come in handy against the rest of the idiots that flew out of there too. He did get a little cocky from time to time so I dinged him a point there. But all in all he overcame way more adversity than anyone would face in a BB game alone.
    GOOD FOR YOU DUDE…Rock ON !!! ;)

    Ian’s finale speech 1-10
    9. Loved how he addressed Dan and hammered the ‘grandfather’s cross’ again. He was fired up after Dani reveled a final 2 with Dan, loved see him grow up just in that moment. Saying he would wing it and keeping short and to the point was perfect.

    Dan’s finale speech 1-10 (10 being the best)
    2. First of all was that the Evelyn Wood version? Do we really wanna to hear the FedEx guy zip through what was supposedly only meant to be 90 seconds and yet timed out at 2:05 He had been rehearsing it for the past 24 hrs and knew it was at two minutes but I guess decided who cares (CBS & Julie obviously didn’t) Next time we need a countdown clock and a buzzer. But the worst part was he took a day old speech and stuck with it even after he heard all he did from the jury questions and Ian’s answers. So much for thinking on your feet.

    One final point about the speeches…when you win the final HOH shouldn’t you get the choice to go first or second in the speeches. In fact, if you get no choice then you should always get the “last word”

    In one way Ian did, he got 500,000 of them

  58. Does everyone still think Dan is the best player ever?
    A: He was really good but not the best. Still gotta give it to Dr. Will, the man is smooth.

    Did Dan throw the final HOH?
    A: Not sure, if he did he made a mistake. I think he would have had a better chance against Danielle. Danielle got little respect fromseveral of the members because she had no game.

    Would Dan have won Vs Danielle?
    A: Not sure but I think he would have gotten more vote, Danielle wasn’t as respected as much as Ian.

    On a scale of 1-10 how much does Ian winning rock?
    A: 8 I’m giving him an 8 because he is a fan of the show, did make some moves, he stood up for himself toward he end when Danielle was trying to bully him.

    Ian’s finale speech 1-10
    A: 8 it was effective but not really memorable, at least not to me

    Dan’s finale speech 1-10
    A: 7 I actually liked it better than Ian’s but it wasn’t effective, he needed to mist the jury one last time but it didn’t work.

  59. Just saw Ian, Dan, and Danielle on “The Talk” this afternoon. They asked Ian to show his strategy to win BB in 30 seconds, it was funny. They then asked Dan about his strategy of “Leaving his morals at the front door. Danielle looked very beautiful and she was asked about being loyal to Dan and why she stuck with him. Danielle is still salty as she has found out more information on Dan. Ian said he’s going to pay off his student loans and buy some sunglasses? They told him that he needed to go on a date. LOL!! usually post all of their shows on their website in case you missed it.

  60. Does everyone still think Dan is the best player ever? Yes.

    Did Dan throw the final HOH? Yes.

    Would Dan have won Vs Danielle? maybe

    On a scale of 1-10 how much does Ian winning rock? 10, I was team Ian since day 1

    Ian’s finale speech 1-10. 10, his speech before he found out Dan would of back stabbed him probably would of sucked

    Dan’s finale speech 1-10 (10 being the best). 7

  61. I wonder if things Dan would have won if he had voted to keep Frank in. I know it would have been a big risk but say he went to the quack pack and told them that he was voting to kee Frank so that Frank would not know Shane, Danielle, Ian and himself were working together. All he had to do was tell Ian that Frank was his “buck” to finish off, get his payback for evicting Brit. If he had then Frank would have went into the Jury house more pissed at Ian than Dan, the bllod would have been all on Ian’s hands. Frank would have believed the Dan tried to have his back. Dan could have mentioned to Frank also how Shane and Danille’s relationship was worrying him and that eventually they had to be split up.

    I know Frank was just one person but he was really bitter. Once Shane got into the house the group had to feed off that negative energy a little. I’m sure that Shane and Frank were both feeding off each other letting the anger grow to a boiling point.

    Of course I could be off base, I mean most of the group had started figuring Dan out, Brit, Joe and Jenn had their suspiciousions. I may be totally wrong about this, any thoughts?

  62. From the GET GO, Dan backstabbed his team and alliance. Let’s not forget, before he was even a target, ( It was Frank, Willie, Kara) he almost broke his leg running to arse creep to Boogers. He couldn’t spill fast enough. Did it to Dani, his pupil. Then, looked like a complete wanker, begging Boogers to take him on.

    Have to laugh at Ian calling him on his BS. After Dan was sucking up majorly to Jen, ( Ian had to correct him on the number of records sold :)…….Ian sais: Oh, kissing arse, now? or something similar.

    Dan looked like a little pathetic nothing. Ian looked and acted like a Man. BANG.

  63. One question.
    Would Dan La’Douche have taken Dani over Ian if he won? I think so and that he tried to win.
    I think he knew he had better odds with her versus Ian and all the comps he won.

  64. AND, the reason Dani is * still staying by her man, Dan* is because she’d rather look like an idiot, than the fact that she’s far from sweet, was with Dan on every backstabbing move, ran down everyone in the house, with bitchy comments and lies, and was happy to cut out Shane, and Britney, when she and Dan made their deal with frank, Jen, her and Shane.

    I hope the house guests have acess to BBAD, the live feeds, and these boards, so that Dani is unmasked. At least Dan admits to being disgusting. Dani owns up to nothing. Oh, she took all her orders from Dan? When she wasn’t trying to turn Ian into a wreck, she bitched to Dan about * that f***cking kid*.

    Oh, she wanted Dan, still does, but he’s married. Didn’t stop her whinging….* Why’s he still here? ( Ian). How Dare Ian spoil her alone times with Dan.

    Wait until Shane finds out. Dani is a loser. But so delusional, she doesn’t get it. Can’t. It’s part of her neuroses.

  65. Simon, who did you want to win?

    I thought Dan could’ve done a better speech. The entire jury was attacking him, but nobody said anything about Ian doing some backstabbing himself. Granted Ian played a much cleaner game than Dan, but Dan had to play dirty. He had to dig himself out of a massive hole for taking the blame for Ian about boogie. Don’t think Ian’s remarks about being “disgusted” by dan were necessary

      1. Willie was always my first choice. Still don’t understand why he went off on the deep end before he was even nominated. Dan was my next choice to win when the coaches got into the game

  66. I don’t know if anyone else watched the final 3 interview on the talk today,but it seems that Ian was a lot smarter then Dan fans gave him credit for.He mapped out a plan before coming to the house that was takin from him by production,and still followed it perfectly to a T.This plan included using the old guy(Dan)in his five person alliance to help get him to the end.Maybe Ian was the one who misted Dan

  67. Wow, I finally made it on today and THANK YOU Simon/Dawg for posting the interviews for those of us without the feeds!! I’ve got to go cook dinner, but will comeback tonight and join in with everyone!!! Woke up thinking about Ian and hoping he spends that money wisely and doesn’t get caught up in all the hoopla!! He’s a smart kid so maybe he’ll be okay. BBL!! <3 <3 <3

  68. 1. Dan being the best ever? This game has evolved way to much with the twists and veto and other things to say if he was the best ever. I think he was brilliant and one of the most entertaining and best at manipulating, but there is so much more to this game than that.

    2. Did he throw the final HOH? No I don’t believe he did and this is why I believe Ian’s social game was so much better and Dan’s ultimate flaw. If you notice Dan was so self absorbed with always having to fight to get to the end and strategizing he never really got to anyone on a personal or social level other than Danielle. He always simply tried to pull info from them about their lives to manipulate them into doing what he wanted. Ian truly respected and cared about most of those people even ones he helped turn on like Frank and Boogie. So Dan would have no idea how they would answer while Ian using his logic and knowledge of their personality through their interaction would, therefore giving him the win.

    3. Would Dan beat Dani? I believe so, while she was nice, she still didn’t play enough and everyone saw how she was controlled. From the jury debates I sincerely doubt she could use any points other than comp wins. Dan wins 4-3 on that

    4. Ian’s speech? 8 out of 10. He was humble yet strong in his points about winning the comps and was a great move to talk about controlling his destiny which he did by creating the alliance and seperating himself from his original team. Thought he should’ve brought out how he went from almost evicted or traded from Boogie’s team to lovable guest who everyone honestly liked but that may have been to much. He was fired up enough to throw Dan under the bus just enough after the question and answer. Overall for someone with social anxiety like him it was brilliant

    5. Dan’s speech? 1 out of 10. Condescending, patronizing, and just down right mean. For a football coach he didn’t know how to win his “players” back. I think the Danielle question to Ian before the speeches threw him for a loop and he couldn’t recover.

    I believe that the final 2 is who it should have been. I think Ian is the right winner due to his social game. I know Dan controlled most of the house and told most people what to do but he never fully controlled Ian. I know a lot think he did but Ian knew he had to take a villan to the end seeing he was the likable character. Being a student of the game he knew just what lines to cross to throw people under the bus but still saavy enough to make them smile about it when they would hear his goodbye message. ex) Boogie. Dan was just to brutal and self absorbed this season to win. While getting to the end is part of the social game and his controlling of people is also, so is making sure they still like you when you turn your back. While the backstabbing and lies and blindsides made it entertaining and I thank Dan for that we always root for the little guy and the little guy with some help help usually wins. Congrats Ian! Well played

  69. Yes, Dan is the best player ever of BB. I don’t think he would win against any because I don’t think anyone of the jury would vote for 2x winner. Not sure if he threw it or not, probably so he didn’t have to pick final player. Dan’s speech did him no justice. Give him a 4. Ian’s was better.

  70. Just watched The Talk. Ian came across as smart, and unassuming. Dan looked uncomfortable, and forced. Understandably. Dani? Wellllll, it is said that the camera adds 10lbs. Wearing a black and red wide zigzagged dress, was therefore NOT a flattering choice. It made her look dumpy, as the stripes were sideways.

    Oy. And she was SEETHING. Absolutely seething. I was looking for the lemon she was sucking on. Someone should have coached her…it’s only a short window to capitilise on one’s 15 minutes. Poof….

    Something tells me that things are not working out with Shane. And, there may be an inkling of what’s on the net. Everything happened really fast last night, and I think she’s now getting a clue that………………………..She didn’t win America’s Vote. :) ( Which, I’m sure, she thought was a cinch…….

    Oh, and when Dani answered the one question to her…..and she was…through gritted teeth, mouth a thin line, spitting out that if she knew what she knows now, Dan wouldn’t have gotten her vote, Dan opened up his shirt collar, and made slashing (hanging) movements to his neck. SILENCE. NO LAUGHS.

    Embarrassing for him. You could tell he wasn’t liked, no-one had time for him. He fell flat. On top of that, he rushed with his excuses, when asked the only question..about his morals. He rushed in a well rehearsed ( insert ho hum ) * Well, my beautiful wife..I wouldn’t do that to her in my house..etc…..SILENCE. Janelle, Boogie, Brittany would have handled themselves.

    He came into the game for $100.000. Wanting more ( understandable) throwing Dani and the alliance at the moment of reset under the bus..was not..and ended up with half that. Hell of a player. Excuse the pun.

    1. This may be a shock, but I don’t think the audience of the talk or the talk cohosts aside from ChenBot have any respect for Big Brother and honestly he may have gave up 100k and walked away with 50k, that’s incredible and more than you can say about Brit and janelle, who each walked away with nothing.

      1. No, it’s not a shock for me. But I can assure, it’s a shock for Dan. All that misting went to his head. Practicing, desperate. He wasn’t doing that for $50,000.

        Boogie didn’t do the reset button, so he didn’t care about the $$$$’s. Janelle had never done better than 3rd anyway.

        Dan said to Ian and Dani, the money wasn’t important to him. OK. No wait, he swore on the Bible, on his vows, on his dead Grandfather. He must have been telling the truth. Riiiiiiiightt.

        1. Sure the money was important as it was to everyone else, but he walked away with money just not the grand prize. I didn’t include Boogie since he did not want a reset and you’re kidding yourself if you think he didn’t want the money as much as Dan, and I watched the talk and it was not silence he got claps. Dan still played a great game, and IMO the best game this season, Ian made move moves but the jury blamed Dan for most of them.

  71. Dose anyone know how the US can watch BB Canada?
    I love that Ian won, total 10. He’s from Pittsburgh and so am I. We send the dumb a$$ Ashley’s to LA where they belong.

  72. I just luv da expression on Danielle’s face when she wuz told dat Frank had only given her half a log. She said, you mean there wuz more???

  73. Let’s see a couple of question usually means, um, two.
    But there’s six quesions in all!
    Kinda like: “Offisluuuh, aaahh onli had a cupla beeeerssshhh”

    Anyways:Does everyone still think Dan is the best player ever?
    Never thought so, Dr Will is the best ever. Dan just went down further in the rankings.

    Did Dan throw the final HOH?
    No, although, once Ian starting kicking his butt in the final comp, I think that Dan
    stopped trying so that he could use as an excuse the lie that he threw it to make
    himself look good.

    Would Dan have won Vs Danielle?
    Yes, unless he would’ve messed up on his finale speech like he did against Ian.

    On a scale of 1-10 how much does Ian winning rock?
    About a 4 or 5.

    Ian’s finale speech 1-10
    About a 4 or 5.

    Dan’s finale speech 1-10 (10 being the best)
    About a 1 or 2.

    Honey Chile

  74. Wow absolutely Wow….everyone on the outside watching big brother 14 thought Dan was the greatest player of the season, and I would agree until I watched Dan Danielle and Ian on “The Talk”….Ian played and planned this game before he ever went into the house and his plan worked down to the detail….I am now glad Ian won…

    1. Yes it’s nice to know Ian had a plan, but that does not mean he played Dan in anyway, ian was still misted until the final 2, he threw the first HOH for no apparent reason, excluding him not throwing the final HOH. Ian played a great game, and if it weren’t for Dan he would of easily been the best this season.

  75. Dani cost herself at least 50 grand by making that stupid ass move last week, because Dan or Shane would have taken her too the final two.

  76. Here’s a couple questions I have for you all (I’ll add my answers below in the comments)

    Does everyone still think Dan is the best player ever?

    Yes, I still consider him the best BB player ever. He won once and made it to the final 2 chair twice, a feat that even Dr. will failed to do. This year Dan lied from the moment he entered the house until the final votes were cast. He set up the demise of every HG after Boogie from the vantage point of the puppet master. His thought process was that surely the participants and the audience would give more credit to the man pulling the string as opposed to the puppets that he made dance or those who watched the whole play. Unfortunately for him, most humans can’t divorce themselves from their emotions of being embarrassed that they got GOT. I understand that this is a social game especially when it gets down to jury numbers but there was no way to get them all out so that you are one of the last 2 standing without some backstabbing happening unless you allow a well liked floater to bob all the way to the end then vote to give her a half a mil for being cute and not pissing anyone off. That should not be the premise of BB. If you want that maybe you should be watching one of those dating shows. Oh wait, the girls and guys on there lie, cheat and win too, hmmm. Oh well, I guess all reality based shows are out for you then. I also understand society’s desire not to reward bad behavior but it does happen every minute of everyday from the top (Prez) down (OJ). Consider this – on the show Janelle said that if Dan didn’t win, it would be a travesty, after the show Boogie said that Dan should have won (yeah look it up). When 2 of the BB greats (both of whom played in the same game and watched the rest of the season from home) say that Dan should have won, take notice, it means something.

    Did Dan throw the final HOH?

    Yes, I believe that he did because he felt obligated to take Danielle had he won it which would have been a double edged sword for him. She was better liked socially by some HGs yet undeserving the win by other HGs. Again Dan thought he was safer with Ian taking him because he knew he (Dan) was a better strategist, munipulator, and made better game moves than Ian. I thought he would win against Ian so it’s reasonable to believe that he thought he would too.

    Would Dan have won Vs Danielle?

    Maybe. I partly answered that one above. It was not a sure bet with her due to her social game – get close to Ashley, get close to Jenn, don’t yell at Frank, be besties with Brit, stay close to Shane but not too close, etc (being coached by Dan), other HGs being annoyed with her lies, mirror checks, make up ritual, constant Shane talk, insecurities, etc (all her doing). Dan like many, many viewers felt that the votes would fall to the person who played the better game from behind the scenes with wins when they needed them. Ian’s only big game move was being the deciding vote to get Boogie out of the house. Dan was instrumental in getting everyone else out.

    On a scale of 1-10 how much does Ian winning rock?

    5 (with that scale being Dan 10 and Danielle 1) I have to admit that I liked seeing a Superfan win but not at the expense of a better player.

    Ian’s finale speech 1-10

    3 because he repeated himself 3 times in the Q&A section, otherwise it may have been a 9

    Dan’s finale speech 1-10 (10 being the best)

    5 not Dan’s best speech because it was too rushed, lacked the depth of his mystical powers

    I know that all of the jury members had their minds made up before casting their votes so the speeches changed no ones minds. They hated Dan more than they hated Ian but ‘mayhaps’ it’s not unlike hating a football coach for his tactics but loving the football team’s results with said coach.

    1. I have to disagree with your argument that Dan is a better player than Dr.Will.
      1. Dr.Will got to the final 4 on an All-Star season with experienced players. Dan on the other hand was playing against a lot of idiots (except for a select few).
      2. Dan had a four week safety whereas Dr.Will had to survive every single week in the Big Brother house.
      3. Dr.Will never won an HOH in his original season and still won the game
      That is why I will always put Dr.Will in the number one spot.

      1. We can’t play the what if game, Will was evicted in all stars and got 4th place, Dan made it to the final two twice and has never been evicted, we will never know who is better since they played in different seasons,but both were easily best in their respective seasons, in all honesty they are both easily the top 2 BB players the order is irrelevant, they are both freaking amazing players, and we will never know who is better until(if) they ever play against each other.

  77. Does everyone still think Dan is the best player ever?
    I think Dan is among the top 5 players ever…I have only been watching since Season 8 so I have no clue what Dr. Will did or did not do, but Dan has played the game twice, won by unanimous vote (is he the only player to do so?) and came in as runner-up. Final 2 both times…Dr. Will cannot say that.

    Did Dan throw the final HOH?
    A part of me thinks he did, but why I have no idea. With Shane out the picture, who else would Dani have taken to Final 2?

    Would Dan have won Vs Danielle?
    I don’t think so…that was one bitter jury. As another commenter put it…it was not so much a vote for Ian but a vote against Dan. I think the grandfather’s cross had nothing to do with it, I do nto think Ian’s speech swayed the jury. That jury had already decided that while Dan DID play the best game, it was all at their expense in an over the top kind of way, so no soup for you!
    On a scale of 1-10 how much does Ian winning rock?
    Only a 4 or a 5 for me…not an Ian fan. Never have been, never will be. In a way, his comp playing mirrored Dan’s with the throwing and having them thrown to him.

    Ian’s finale speech 1-10
    I will give his speech a 7.5…not sure what it was to have been originally but he did manage to point out his accomplishments while reiterating that he played a much cleaner game.

    Dan’s finale speech 1-10 (10 being the best)
    Dan’s speech…I will give it a 4….he should have not stuck to his original script…I still say point out the qualities the houseguests all think they possessed in the game but he should have admitted and given more of an explanation for his ruthless actions. Explain to them this is Big Brother, and people swear on things and people all the time and still break their word…or have they not been watching? Obviously, the Bible was a HUGE thorn for Frank…he should have said he swore to tell the truth about the alliance and the mole…they shook on F2. For Shane, he should have simply apologized and told him…I wanted this and had the chance to strike first. This is how the game is played.

  78. Now that BB 14 is over heres what happened to the contestants after the show- (Please enjoy!)

    Boogie masterminded a Satanic cult and manipulated Frank into becoming an ordained preacher w/in the cult. Frank invested his 50k from Americas favorite player money to the cult but the Feds broke it down two months later and Frank went back to being unemployed and Boogie is on trial for laundering money and exposing himself to 10 yr old in front of a water fountain at a mall.

    Frank feels he let ‘Bubba Sid and ‘Bubba Boogie down and tortues himself about it all day long. Frank and ‘Nana now pray American Gladiator gets back on TV and that Frank lands a spot. Frank is still unemployed.

    Ashley was supposed to join Boogie’s cult but forget to get on the flight and sat home all day instead staring at her brother’s PS3 blue blank screen (sober) She then joined an Buddhisht ashram in India but got bored and moved to Las Vegas to become a pizza delivery driver.

    Jojo settled down, got married, got big house in suburban Trenton, NJ, and had4 kids- all with a MOBSTER. She is now applying for a role on VHS Mob Wives.

    Willie Hantz was not invited back to the Big Brother finale. However It was later found out he was wanted in Louisiana for residential burglary, grand theft auto and illegal gun weapon charges and lied to get on BB. After finding out about the truth behind Willie, BB invited Willie back for Big Brother All-Stars.

    Ian won the money but still didnt get laid that night. (First time ever for a BB male contestant winner) He is now back in college working on a piece of software called “Quackbook”. He donated a big portion of his money to “Lucky Duckies” for endangered ducks. He is still too short to ride the Donald Duck ride in Disneyland.

    Janelle gave birth to five more kids, became the governer of Delaware and plans on running for president with self proclaimed witch and politician, Christine O’Donnell as her VP in 2016. Janelle’s husband takes care of all the cooks,cleans and takes care of the kids so Janelle can spend her time selling herself as a “soccer mom who and a pitbull with redstick.”

    Shane moved to California to become a model but has only gotten hair waxing modeling gigs.

    Joe opened up a restaurant call Southern Brother in Kentucky. The cooking sucked and he accidently burned down the restaurant. He is now following in the footsteps of Shane, to become a “hand’ model for lotion companies. No one has contacted Joe yet about modeling.

    Britney put a restraiing order on Boogie. Boogie responded with sending her his annual, chilltown calendar filled with photos of his calf muscles and legs in neon, orange chilltown spandex. No photos of his face or chest were in the calendar.

    Dan went back to coaching, teaching and working as a personal coach. He continues to work with vulnerable kids vulnerably student- athletes who are in dire need of a “coach/mentor” such as himself. He still hasnt entered the confessionary for his BB sins.

    Dani was casted on ABC’s Bachelor as one of many contesteants vying for the marriage of a male Bachelor. After making it to the final 2, she was let go. She is now working as Dan’s secretary and is finally conquering her trust issues.

    Jenn flew to Canada to get gender reassignment operation. She now plans on going platinum again in a band called “Red Hot Transformers ”

    Willie is the bassist for Jenn’s band and likes being able to bully, manipulate,lie, cheat others in the music industry. His favorite motto is “What goes around comes around.”

    Hugh Hefner tweeted, “Go Cara” before Cara got evicted. Cara then decided to move back to the Playboy Mansion. Upon arriving, Hugh got her confused with another blonde and said, “Cara Who?”

    Jodi tried to lose the weight but failed. She got bariatric surgery for her obesity. A “mysterious” 30 pound mol on her butt suddenly reapperaed a few months after the procdure. Jodi is blaming the surgeons and refuses to lose the weight.

    Jeff Shroeder left Jordan and Big Brother to pursue his criminal life.He was later arrested in Chicago trying to hijack a truck full of light bulbs.


      1. Dan is not secretary material- he is perfect to become the Penn State defensive coordinator Position or an ordained Catholic Priest. He enjoys pulling willies on the boys but swears its only in good nature fun.

  79. Simon, you’ve probably already done it, so forgive me for asking,
    but could you post the URL link for the Survivor website you’ll be hosting.

    1. I’m doing it with two friends Declan and Jasper

      They will be posting recaps, spoilers and deleted scenes. I will be posting Spoilage and being a goon.

      Hope everyone enjoys it I’m going to watch the first episode tonight.. I’m almost fully decoupled from Big Brother. DAmn I wish Survivor had live feeds.. lol

  80. 1) He is one of the best
    2) Yes, theres no way Ian would have won by so much if Dan wasn’t throwing it
    3) I don’t think so the jury was really bitter
    4) 9 I’m glad he won but I would have rather it been Dan or Danielle
    5) 5, a lot of people liked it and I don’t understand why. The speech was delivered horribly. Ian was obviously nervous and when giving a speech you need to reel that in as much as possible. Also I didn’t care for how he focused on putting Dan down rather than building himself done, that’s a disrespectful way to win in my opinion.
    6) 8, he didn’t convince the jury so obviously he has that against him. He was also really laying it on thick with all of the compliments.

  81. 1) Does everyone still think Dan is the best player ever?

    I never thought so to begin with.

    2) Did Dan throw the final HOH?

    No. I think if he did, they would have shown Dan before the competition deliberating about it. The fact that they left it out probably means that it had no affect on the game.

    3) Would Dan have won Vs Danielle?

    Absolutely. Danielle was Dan’s loyal follower. Even if they all hated Dan, they wouldn’t give it to someone with no game, versus Ian, who actually did play a pretty good game. Danielle wouldn’t have a leg to stand on.

    4) On a scale of 1-10 how much does Ian winning rock?


    5) Ian’s finale speech 1-10

    8. He was really nervous and repeated a bunch of things, but hey, at least his speech was real and in the moment. You could tell that he really didn’t believe he’d ever get that far.

    6) Dan’s finale speech 1-10 (10 being the best)

    3. Too rehearsed. And the fact that he kept smirking and acting all confident during the jury talk just bothered me.

  82. Ian may have won but this season belongs to Dan. He misted the whole house and got everyone to do his bidding, everyone was a pawn in Dan’s game he had complete control of the house since the Funeral but there was no way he was going to win. The jury house was soooo Bitter, even if he took Danielle he still wouldn’t have gotten votes from Shane,Joe and Frank no matter what and he probably wouldn’t have Jenn and Ashley ( who would vote with Frank) either. by the time the jury started asking questions he knew he had no chance, his speech seemed rushed and he sounded defeated, it seemed like he was just trying to get it over with. I was rooting for Dan the whole time but I never wanted him to win in the end, he already won the grand prize, he proved what he needed to prove just by getting to the end. I’m happy Ian won, Dan already had his turn and seeing a super fan like Ian win it was great to watch :)

  83. For all those that are still Daniluded into thinking that Dan is the best BB player,
    Think on this:

    1. Dan was given a free ride the first few weeks because as a coach he couldn’t be evicted.

    2. During Dan’s time as a coach he got inside information into other people’s strategy and alliances that he wouldn’t have been able to get as a player.

    3. Dr. Will played his second game with all-stars, Dan played with newbies.

    4. During Dr. Will’s seasons, there were no vetoes, Dr. Will had to use his strategy, social skills, alliances and psychology to save himself when nominated.

    5. During Dr. Will’s seasons, the BB game was still in its infancy and BB production had almost no experience in “rigging” the game. When Dan played in his seasons, BB production had already devised a lot of methods for tilting the game towards players of its choice and Dan got a lot of “help”.

    6. BB production wanted a veteran to win this season, not only did they give them a few weeks free ride, but they chose some of the best veterans to “knock out” the newbies, (Both Boogie and Dan had won BB already, Janelle had played 2 great seasons, Britney was just fresh from playing a couple of seasons ago).

    7. Like I mentioned before, Dr Will played against all-stars and Dan against newbies. But add that to the fact that BB Production purposely chose newbies who had gullible and co-dependent personalities, I could use many examples, but I think that that is obvious.

    8. Dan was sneaky and stabs people in the back, Dr. Will is open and stabs people in the front.

    9. The game was still relatively new when Dr. Will played and he had to be a pioneer and establish an unattainable championship baseline. Whereas, Dan, had years of BB seasons to draw knowledge from.

    10. Dan had the stupidest player, (stupider than Lawon and Marcellus), in BB history to work with, her name is Danielle.

    That definitely makes the case for Dr Will being crowned the greatest player in BB history. He will never be beaten, just like Wilt Chamberlain’s record for most points in a single professional basketball game will never be broken.

    1. 1. Dan was given a free ride the first few weeks because as a coach he couldn’t be evicted.

      Dan was one vote out the door when he only had Danielle left as a player after week one. He managed to survive from that point on to the end. Even when he became a player, he managed to survive being evicted on numerous occasions.

      2. During Dan’s time as a coach he got inside information into other people’s strategy and alliances that he wouldn’t have been able to get as a player.

      Britney stated she believed the coaches would be entering the game. Willie held the house meeting and stated to every newbie the coaches would be coming into the game during that first week. If they felt the need to share information, then it’s just as if Dan was a player the whole time.

      3. Dr. Will played his second game with all-stars, Dan played with newbies.

      Not all players in the game at that point were newbies. You forgot the other 3 experienced players. That being said, Will played against people who already knew of him and his gameplay. Same can be said about Dan. The only difference is that Will didn’t make it to the final 2 against players who knew him. Dan did.

      4. During Dr. Will’s seasons, there were no vetoes, Dr. Will had to use his strategy, social skills, alliances and psychology to save himself when nominated.

      During Dan’s season, there were vetos. Dan used his strategy, social skills, alliances and psychology to save himself when nominated. He made it to the finals.

      5. During Dr. Will’s seasons, the BB game was still in its infancy and BB production had almost no experience in “rigging” the game. When Dan played in his seasons, BB production had already devised a lot of methods for tilting the game towards players of its choice and Dan got a lot of “help”.

      Really? They became pros at rigging the game to make Dan look awesome? Last time I checked, everyone was stating the game was rigged towards Frank. Then it was rigged towards Ian. At which point was it rigged for Dan?

      6. BB production wanted a veteran to win this season, not only did they give them a few weeks free ride, but they chose some of the best veterans to “knock out” the newbies, (Both Boogie and Dan had won BB already, Janelle had played 2 great seasons, Britney was just fresh from playing a couple of seasons ago).

      What is this information that stated BB production wanted a veteran to win this season? If it was rigged for Frank and then rigged for Ian, that means it couldn’t have been slanted towards a vet. Also, Dan had stated while in the house that he’s worried those asking questions in the diary room is messing up his game with Ian and Danielle. If that’s true, then it appears they wanted a veteran to LOSE the game. Of course, that’s also unable to be verified but if you’re throwing accusations out there, why not I?

      7. Like I mentioned before, Dr Will played against all-stars and Dan against newbies. But add that to the fact that BB Production purposely chose newbies who had gullible and co-dependent personalities, I could use many examples, but I think that that is obvious.

      Really? If I’m not mistaken, there were a LOT of newbies who had personalities that clashed with these coaches. There were only a small number of floaters compared to previous seasons and those were the gullible ones. I too could use many examples.

      8. Dan was sneaky and stabs people in the back, Dr. Will is open and stabs people in the front.

      Dan won his season, just as Dr. Will. The second time around, Dan made it to the finals. Dr. Will did not. Each had their own gameplan to make it to the finals but only one of them worked. Think you can guess which one did.

      9. The game was still relatively new when Dr. Will played and he had to be a pioneer and establish an unattainable championship baseline. Whereas, Dan, had years of BB seasons to draw knowledge from.

      You’re right, the game was still relatively new when Dr. Will played the first time. That being said, he too played against newbies his season. Everyone was on the same playing field. When the game had advanced more along, Will wasn’t able to pull off the same moves he did before, knew about all the players he was playing with, was unable to adapt and as a result, did not make it to the finals the second time around. Dan on the other hand played with newbies his first time around, played with newbies and vets his second time around, was known to the players for his game play and still made it to the finals to finish second place.

      10. Dan had the stupidest player, (stupider than Lawon and Marcellus), in BB history to work with, her name is Danielle.

      Danielle was no where near as stupid as Lawon or Marcellus. She made mistakes but so did others. That being said, after week 1 she was the only person left for Dan to coach and he made moves along the way to make sure he took her to the end. Dan was basically playing the game of two people and still almost won first and second place using those two players. He was smart enough to make the alliances necessary to ensure that he would be one of the two people sitting in the chair at the end with people he burned time and time again. Will was not able to do that with people who knew him and that was his downfall.

      Sorry kid but you were not able to give reasons why Dan is not the greatest player in Big Brother history. Sorry about your damn luck.

    2. Sorry but season 7 (All-Stars) was a joke with 80 % of the players not even close to being All-Stars.Serious Diane,Erika,Chicken George,Howie,Jase,Kayser,Marcellas and Nakomis as All-Stars? It was a popularity season,not an All-Star cast.Will and Boogie rode Janelle and Erika to final 4,if S6 would’ve listened to James,Chilltown would’ve been gone in the first 2 wks of that season.Out of that cast,I only consider Janelle,Will,Danielle and James AllStars,Boogie is a coat tail rider and Dr.Will is severly over-rated IMO.

      Alison Irwin Big Brother 4 Runner-Up – 2nd Place
      Danielle Reyes Big Brother 3 Runner-Up – 2nd Place
      Diane Henry Big Brother 5 Evicted – 3rd Place 24
      Erika Landin Big Brother 4 Evicted – 4th Place
      “Chicken” George Boswell Big Brother 1 Evicted – 5th Place
      Howie Gordon Big Brother 6 Evicted – 5th Place
      James Rhine Big Brother 6 Evicted – 7th Place
      Janelle Pierzina Big Brother 6 Evicted – 3rd Place
      Jase Wirey Big Brother 5 Evicted – 10th Place
      Kaysar Ridha Big Brother 6 Evicted – 10th Place
      Marcellas Reynolds Big Brother 3 Evicted – 5th Place
      Jennifer “Nakomis” Dedmon Big Brother 5 Evicted – 4th Place
      Mike Malin Big Brother 2 Evicted – 8th Place
      Will Kirby Big Brother 2 Winner – 1st Place

  84. I’ve seen several comments about Dan taking all the heat for Ian backstabbing boogie. If I recall correctly, Dan denied being guilty and simply didn’t out Ian until it was convenient for his (Dan’s) game.

    A little analysis would suggest that Dan did it for Dan, not Ian. Outing Ian early on would run the risk of Dan becoming an outcast of the Quack Pack. Without the Quack Pack, Dan would have to build an entire new alliance and most of the good players were already aligned so Dan would be at the bottom of any new alliance. Also, right after Dan spilled the beans to Frank and Jenn, Dan went after Britney with Ian next on his list.

    Bottom line, Dan took the heat for Dan, not Ian.

  85. In Danielle’s interview the first four seconds before Jeff hands her the 99 cent store gift made me uncomfortable, I listened to it again-Her trailed off laughter sounded like quiet dry-heaving or something, it’s funny :D
    Really do hope it’s not too harsh for her out there in the social world/media.

  86. i am so tired of hearing everyone say “Dan played a better game…he made more moves…” BLAH BLAH BLAH. Yes he played a very great game, but he didnt cover every base. He had a great manipulative game, but lacked in the social and competition parts of the game. Dan played too dirty of a game. I am okay with the lying and backstabbing, but when you lie multiple times on the bible, your wife, and your dead grandfathers watch, it is unacceptable. He decided to get to the end by burning to many people. Ian also played a very good game, and I think he played it better than Dan. Ian had a good social game, and he won several comps (several of which he needed to win to stay in the game). He did lack in manipulative game, but he didn’t need it. He let other people get the blood on their hands, and in this case it was Dan. Ian played every move just right. I was shocked to see that he had planned his entire big brother strategy before even entering the house! On The Talk today, they showed Ians plan to win, and it was basically his entire game. He had the alliance already set up and it was set up like this: The Jock- This role went to Shane….The Hot Girl- This one belongs to Danielle….The Old Guy- Dan was this one…..Ian himself…..and of course the All-American which goes to Britney. This is Amazing he planned that out before evening meeting the other HGs, and he pulled it off!! You can’t tell me that was not an amazing strategy. I think people underestimate Ian, but I think he knew what he was doing from the beginning all the way to the end. I could not have been happier with the results. Ian winning, and Dan runner up. Isn’t funny how Danielle evicted Janelle who is notorious for coming in third twice, and Danielle came in third as well! I said from day 1 that Ian was going to win, and he did. Good job Ian and congrats, you deserve it!

    1. I also forgot to mention that the object of big brother is to get to the end and convince the jury that you deserve the grand prize, and Dan failed to do that. All the Dan fans are saying that there is no rules to how you play the game whether its honest or ruthless, but there are also no rules on how the jury should vote. They can vote however they want. If they want to vote for the better player then they can but if they don’t want to award someone 500,000 dollars than they can also do that as well. If i were playing and got backstabbed by Dan, I would have never voted for him becasue if I can’t have half a million, than neither can he. Also the jury is kind of like karma. What goes around comes around. Dan prevented all the jury members from winning, so the jury has the right to prevent him from winning. That is what Big Brother is about. Get to the end being well liked because it could come back to bite you in the a** with the jury.
      I loved Ian’s speech BTW it was amazing! I think Dani’s question and the truth coming out really lit a fire under him and made his speech awesome. I think if Dani wouldn’t have asked that question then Ian’s speech would have been terrible.

      1. while in the house, as for as we could see on the feeds and tv, Dan was the better player…he truly misted everyone…but after watching “the talk” with dan danielle and ian, I was totally amazed just how much better Ian’s game was…Ian had a strategy before coming into the house, down to the last detail…if you didn’t watch it, I recommend that you do…it is so well worth it….it can be found above, thanks to Dawg and Simon

      2. I know you hate to hear it, but Dan did play a better game overall. I would be bitter too if Dan got me evicted, but they have to put things in perspective. They allowed him to manipulate them, they believed all his lies. I would love to be on BB, but I am already paranoid and would be crazy in the house. I wouldn’t have anyone that I could fully trust! Back to Dan, he had a target on his back from day 1 and still managed to make it to the final 2 after already winning once. For him to get there is a testament to his mindbending skills.

        Ian played a great game too so it’s nice to see 2 good players get to the end, I’m just not happy with the result. As for Ian’s final speech, if you think for one minute that he didn’t have that whole thing planned out, then Ian misted you. He probably had a skeleton of that speech before he walked in the house! If you watched “The Talk” clip of the final 3 once they were out of the house, they showed that Ian had his strategy for the game mapped out and he followed it precisely. He clearly was ready with that finale speech.

  87. So that was the big interview they all got up and ready for on the live feeds?
    What’s the point of discussing if ian should have won or not vs Dan if it was already predetermined

  88. I just back the finale party .Had to leave a little early because my plus one had a toga party to go to . It was held at small lounge nightclub across from the W hotel in Hollywood . When I got there at about 840 pm a few were there JoJo , Jodi ,Jannelle , Ashley and Will . Then a little later Frank and Ian showed up . I did not see anyone else other than Evil Dick’s Daughter from last season , she kinda slipped in . It was rather funny showing and watching people as usual trying to get by saying I know so and so ,lived out here SoCal all my life so I know LA is like that some people try to go to anything . There was even a swag bag which was really a plastic bag and picture of the cast and some sticker ,that was it, either I miss out on something or 14.99 a month does not a long ways . The cast members were all great , Janelle in a crowd stood out and this place was packed and she moved it looked like she floated across the club, strange , she more pretty in person by far than on camera ,in fact everyone looked better in person , except Will he looked the same . Ashley is same outside the house as inside . Frank by contract quieter but still alway smiling , got my best pic with him and he is so good looking in person and about him smelling bad that is just plain bull because he put his arms around me and im 5’1 all I smelled was a nice aftershave . Ian and his family were the best part of the night .I just want to say this ive know alot of people in my life but for short period of time I spoke to Ians dad and brother I see now why Ian has such great heart . HIs brother Ryan could not stop talking about proud he was about Ian and how Ian had plan how he would this game long before he went in the house . How he studied the game ,Ian loves games its his thing and sets his mind to something he does it even if he hates it . and those habits he had in the house are family traits . His dad told I’ve talking to mmy self for years we all do it . His dad does not want Ian to do anything with that that has to do him or his wife . He wont let do it , like my 13 year old car . All the while we are talking Ian mother is at his side while hes being surrounded by fans and hes got his dear in the headlights look on his face light what is going on . Finally ryan called him over and we all our picture taken that even his mother herself . Ijust everyone could as happy I am for him cause his Dad said what is what you get with Ian and Isaw that to night . Oh and Jo Jo told her she had me laughing my ass off when she was messing Shane head in the half not room she busted up laughing and yeah Im there to make people laugh . She is soooo hot looking in person no wonder Danelle was sooo jealous . Speaking of MIss whinning I was by a person was there last night at the after party for CBS that Danelle was very angry the entire night at everyone yelling screaming and her and Shane I do not about that but she was angry and noone knew why she was that angry because they had no idea about the live feed incident with her . She just walked around mad ,from I gathered .

    It sure didn’t bother Will or Ash last I saw they as usual laughing and dancing and hell even this time singing to the music ,no big brother to say will please sttop singing heeeheeee. I hope you all a view of the night from a fan ,night all

  89. hey…couple comments…
    Dan Best ever? Who cares. He’s one of the best, and pretty much the only reason this season became worth watching & following the feeds. Up until the funeral, this season had totally sucked. Evel Dick was right..this bunch of newbies have got to be the dumbest overall ever on BB. But Dan taking control of the house & being the puppet-master the rest of the way made it a blast to watch unfold.
    Throwing the final? I don’t think he started out that way, but once he missed the first question, I think he did from that point on to assure himself in the final two.
    Beating Danielle? Nope. He was never going to get votes from Frank, Shane, Eagle Eyed Joe, or Ashley. He would have lost 5-2, only adding Britney’s vote.
    I personally thought both final speeches were blah. I would have loved to see Dan just go rogue & tell it like it was. Wouldn’t have changed a thing, but it would have been fun to watch.
    And I must say, as good as the funeral move was….I LOVED Dan cutting Shane’s throat. Shane/Danielle just knew Ian was going out, and let’s not forget those two had their final two deal locked. I think Dan sensed that Danielle was going to finally do him dirty & take Shane to the final two. And I must give some begrudging kudo’s to Shane for working the Danielle “romance” angle late to worm his way in to the final two, and pretty much an assured 500k winner. Luckily, Dan sniffed it out, and gave us the most enjoyable moment of the season. To me anyways. :D He made ’em both cry the blues and wonder “what if…”

  90. Great season made even better with OBB. This is the first time in a long time that both of the final two were deserving of being there. Dan’s mist ran out during his speech and Ian rocked his. I was very impressed with the way he defended himself. He really did grow a lot in the house and I have a soft spot for him. I won’t miss his rock the hammock sessions, but it’s just an annoying quirk, we all have something we do that bothers others. Brit is a class act, I wish she had won the AFP prize again and like some others here I am scratching my head over Frank winning it. If you look at all the polls on different sites, he was way down on the polls, below Shane, Janelle, and on some of them, even below Kara and Jodi. And speaking of Kara and Jodi, I hope they both get to play again on an all newbie season. Dan really didn’t help them at all, and Jodi said something I believe is true in her interview, that Dan didn’t keep her because she would not have been as prone to manipulation as Danielle, who even after learning that Dan was using her (duh, she had lots of evidence weeks ago) she still gave him a vote, I think because she wanted to play up the victim thing that she loves so much (he’s so mean and I am still loyal to the end, I didn’t deserve what he did, poor me, dontcha all feel sorry for me……). For the first time I actually loved something Wil said, that they were all bitter over someone playing the game, but they should take some responsibility for letting Dan get to the end, because they all fell for it. Very true! The mist is one thing, but they all fell for it and ruined their own games. I’d like to see Jo Jo and Danielle bump into each other in the bathroom at a party. Jo Jo is very pissed at the lies Danielle told, and I am sure that when Shane and the other jurors get to see the extent of Dani’s pity seeking lies they will not be so willing to hang out with her outside the BB events. Even Boogie lost his douchiness and gave kudos to Dan and especially to Ian. That’s the attitude of a champ. Janelle complains that she had nobody to protect her, but she chose her players. Great season, hopefully we get all newbs next year.

    Thanks for making the boring times fun and the fun times on the feeds even crazier, Simon and Dawg! See you for BB Canada! Go Dawg!

  91. is dan the best no there was a guy by the name will the doctor if janelle didn’t smart up he would have won that season 12-0 because even the people who weren’t even the jury

  92. Post game disappointments.

    Ian was wonderful in his interviews, just feel he should have acknowledged Dan manipulating the game to keep him in vs Shane. He’s owes a thanks to Dan. Plus, and we’ll never know, if Dad did throw the final comp, then he remained loyal to the Renegades.

    Dani and Shane are both bitter, whiny, a-hole hypocrites. If Dan kept Shane in the game, then Shane’s next move was to get out Dan. He’s bitter cause Dan beat him to it? And Danielle, so loyal to the end with Dan to give him a vote, but who was she really planning to take to the final 2 if it was her choice? She would have had to back stab one of them.

    Biggest blindside for me will be if Shane is seriously into Danielle. For ongoing media, wouldn’t be surprised if CBS is using Shane’s need for money and paying him to perpetuate an imaginary romance while letting Dani off with some dignity intact. Could be trying to dispel the gay rumors. If he is really into to her, Dani should be happy, her goal was to be on a dating show to get a man, and she now got one…for the moment.

  93. how to get a guy … stalk him at the bbhouse …stalk again…stalk him again then agaian…now u have him.. acording to Danielle and Sahne there prob gonna start Dating … at the after party she told everyone shes going to vermont soon…obsessed freak..

  94. Simon’s Q & A:

    Q – Dan best player ever
    A – yes, I still feel he played best this year as well
    Q – Did Dan throw HOH
    A – No
    Q – Dan vs Danielle
    A – Dan…for sure
    Q – How much does Ian rock
    A – 10
    Q – Ian speech
    A – 9 …he want totally truthful
    Q – Dan speech
    A – 5…his speech was too typical Dan and they had all heard it before…no compassion in his voice…cut and dry

    Although rooting for Dan the entire season…I was glad that Ian won over anybody else…no one deserved it more…and he will be on cloud nine for months after this win!!!

  95. Love Ian’s dream board that I just saw in your video above! After the Finale the final 3 house guests: Ian, Dan, and Danielle were interviewed by The Talk

    Thank you Simon and Dawg!!! As you can tell, I’m still here going through withdraws! I’m now aware I can stalk you for Survivor…. hahaha final Danielle joke!

  96. Why did simon use “???????” for Jenn’s name? Is he a suppressing his surfacing homosexual tendencies? Or is there another reason?

  97. 1) Dan deserves to be in the conversation among the best ever and those who have him on top are justified. I just think that Will and Mike are 1 and 2, with everybody else squaring off for 3rd place. For me it all comes down to Season 7. Will and Mike were in a house with All Stars, people who had been in the game before and knew how the game was played. From the start you could have envisioned every single HG winning, the only exception Chicken George. You had the Season 6 four targeting Chilltown from day one and yet they manipulated and lied to move the target elsewhere. They formed alliances of convenience, pitting people against each other. They didn’t have to use gimmicks or props or play on emotional frailties. They used logic and strategy from the start and saw moves before anybody else…and they did it with not one HOH/veto win until the final four.

    2) I’m pretty sure Dan threw the final HOH, but who knows.

    3) I think Danielle would have beat Dan as well but it would have been closer. Dan would have pulled Britney and Ian. You can call the jury bitter, but this is a social game. How you send people to jury matters and if you aren’t careful, then you don’t win. I think the flaw in Dan’s game was that he sort of coasted and let everybody else do what they wanted. I still argue that it was a mistake to not marginalize Ian as more of an unreliable informant. Dan would have benefited keeping Mike in the game to share some of the blood spilling and to have him in that jury explaining why he deserved to win. But after Mike was evicted and they didn’t get Frank next, he went into panic mode. From that point forward he played too hard. The jury saw this and their vote told all future HG’s that being an evil mastermind does not guarantee victory.

    4) Ian winning was OK. I don’t think he was a particularly great player. He never tried to use his double agent status to his advantage, then panicked hard once his snitching went into effect. Sure he won some competitions, but his devotion and delusion about the Quack Pack was hard to watch. That being said, he’s been a fan since forever, so you know how much winning meant to him, which made it pretty cool.

    5) Ian’s speech was fine, but I don’t think it was a deciding factor. The jury walked on stage knowing they were not voting for Dan, which meant the onus was on Dan to change their minds.

    6) Dan’s speech was awful. He sounded very rehearsed and the speech should have been devoted to showing remorse for all the questionable behavior. He absolutely should not have out right apologized (would have been obvious pandering to do so), but rather said he came into the house to win and once Frank pinned him to the wall, he just had no choice. He should have known his control of the game would be established without a word, but he needed to give them a reason to forgive how he played and reward him for the gamplay itself. All the ass kissing was a huge error. He had a total lack of awareness. You could see the jurors smirking to each other as he did it. At the end, I don’t think the best speech in the world could have gotten him the win. The jury clearly thought he went too far and since they were the ultimate arbiter of Big Brother 14, then obviously he did.

  98. I bet next year that Ian will be guest appearance as bad punishment on Big Brother 15 Pandora Box! Watch out future Houseguests.

  99. Hey Simon & Dawg! Why these comments have weird filter? Can you try to Block the comments or cleaned it out. I look at it and I don’t understand what they said.

  100. Does everyone still think Dan is the best player ever?
    After reading several comments on here, and having a few days to let the season in it’s entirety set in, I do believe the best way to answer this question is that there is no such thing as “the best player” in Big Brother. As many players (mostly Dr. Will fanatics) have pointed out, the show has evolved, and each individual season offers it’s own complexities and trials for the contestants. I agree most with a person on this site (and I apologize as I do not remember their name and can’t find their post at this time), who stated that we should instead consider this question in terms of, “Is Dan in the top tier of Big Brother players?,” to which I would answer:

    “Yes, absolutely.”

    Other top tier players include:
    Dr. Will (of course, and always)
    Boogie (whether I like him or not, you can’t argue with his phenomenal game play all three seasons)
    Evel Dick

    Did Dan throw the final HOH?
    Absolutely! Dan, for whatever criticisms others may have of him, is a highly intelligent man. As a returning player and avid fan of the show, Dan knew very well what the final leg of the HOH competition would entail. The fact that he was able to manipulate the members of the house so intricately only further proves that he should have been able to predict the way their minds would work when answering those questions. He absolutely threw that competition to avoid cutting Danielle himself. Also, he later admitted that no matter what, he was taking Ian to the final 2, so of course he threw the comp so Ian would make that decision instead. That being said, I’m not sure it matters, Ian probably would have beat him anyway, he was on fire!

    Would Dan have won Vs Danielle?
    Most definitely. As funny as Brit’s post show interview was, I think it was an exaggeration stated for shock value and a good laugh. The bottom line is, Danielle was an extension of Dan throughout this game. That’s how everyone in the jury saw her too. She never made her own decisions, and no matter how many times Dan stabbed her in the back, she always returned for more. The jury clearly saw this, and would have had zero respect for her game play. Their aggravation at having finally seen through Dan, but seeing that Danielle still didn’t, would have only further fueled their rage at the situation. At the same time, it would have cemented their understanding that they had to pick the most deserving of two players that, in their opinion, probably didn’t deserve to be there. Think back to season 11 (jordan vs. natalie) many jurors criticized them both, stating neither deserved to really be there…but ultimately they voted the player “more deserving,” although it was obvious several jurors didn’t feel either of them deserved a dime. The votes would have been as follows:

    Frank-Danielle (of course, there were going to be a few bitter votes that would have refused to vote Dan no matter what, I’m certain that Brit’s “ketchup bottle” comments referred mostly to Frank…and Shane).
    Shane-Danielle (Captain America showed his true colors finale night…amazing how well the show edited him to make him appear so much more emotionally mature than what he was. I’ve no doubt he’d have voted Danielle over Dan…not out of respect for her, but out of bitterness toward Dan).
    Ian-Dan (Ian respects the game too much to not vote for who played the better game, which in this case would clearly have been Dan).

    So…argue this if you’d like, but from my perspective, Dan beat Danielle 5-2.

    On a scale of 1-10 how much does Ian winning rock?
    10. I’ve been watching BB since season 11 when Jordan won, and since then, I’ve gone back and watched seasons 6, 7, 8, and 9. This is the first and only time I’ve believed both final 2 competitors deserved to be there, and would have been happy regardless of who won. Ian is certainly the most deserving winner since Dan won season 10…and I’d honestly have to watch Dan in season 10 to tell you if he played a better game than Dan his first time around.

    Ian’s finale speech 1-10
    9.5 As close to perfect as a final speech can get. Ian did overuse the cliche phrases of, “I took destiny into my own hands, etc.” But when you stop and think about it, he did so more than most, and deserved to brag about that fact. He was placed on Boogie’s team, and still had the guts to seek out his own alliance and dismantle Team Boogie from the inside. That took some nerve, when he could have taken the easy path ala Jenn and stayed under Boogie and Frank’s umbrella. He also was incredibly sharp-witted throughout Dan’s interrupting and criticizing-something most final 2 contestants haven’t had to deal with, as usually the final speeches are a bit more respectful than that! His response to Danielle’s question was fantastic, and if his win was not already assured, Danielle’s shock and disgust with Dan clearly sealed Ian’s victory. This turn of events was all the more amazing when you go back and watch the episode, and you realize Danielle was clearly trying to trap Ian, and it totally backfired on her-just like every other time she placed her faith in Dan. Ian outsmarted both Dan the Man from inside the house, and his loyal soldier in the jury simultaneously. Brilliant moves, Ian. Simply brilliant.

    Dan’s finale speech 1-10 (10 being the best)
    6. I’m not going to knock Dan as much as most people have on here, but his final speech was disappointing. It came out forced, and heavy on the butt kissing. At some points I genuinely felt Dan was throwing the win to Ian (note at the conclusion of the speeches, for a split second the cameras turn to Ian and Dan, and despite their bitter jabs at one another, they both are seen briefly shaking hands and smiling). Call me crazy, but I think Dan was more than happy with 2nd place, and wanted to see Ian take it home). My argument is further strengthened by the fact that Dan is a master of words…the fact that this speech was the best he could supposedly do is all the more suspect.

    Great season though…way better than the abomination that was Rachel Reilly’s win last year…the yawn fest that was the Brigade in Season 12…and the head scratcher that was the 2nd half of Season 11. Can’t wait for next season!

    1. tl;dr but I just wanted to point out to everyone that Dan DID NOT throw the final HoH. Ian just flat out beat him, as he said in an interview.

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