Big Brother 16 Spoilers: The CLUES Leaning Towards the Second ALL-STARS Season!


With so many rumors and speculation circulating the internet through different forms of social media its hard not to see the clues leaning towards this the 16th season of Big Brother being an All-Star season. This would be the second All-Stars season since Big Brother began back in 2000. The first Big Brother All-Stars was back in 2006 with Big Brother 7 where we truly had an all-star line-up of the best big brother alumni. The speculation about the 16th season being an all-stars season started a couple years ago but nothing has yet been publicly released or confirmed. The official announcement of whether or not this will be an all-stars season or an all new cast won’t be released until the cast reveal. We expect that the cast will likely be revealed next Wednesday, June 18th. Leading up to this point there have been many clues that hint to there being another all-stars season in the works.

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The clues that we’ve picked up on indicating an All-Stars Season:

  • “Winners Tell All” live chats with Hayden Moss, Jordan Lloyd and Rachel Reilly
  • CBS asked fans what season they wanted to re-watch and BB7 won the poll. Coincidence? The Full season of Big Brother 7 All-Stars was posted on
  • 2 Night Big Brother 16 Première – The last time they did a 2 Night Première was for Big Brother 7 All-Stars
  • Photos posted of the Past 15 Winners of Big Brother.
  • Photos posted of the past hottest Big Brother Studs and Big Brother Beauties.
  • Rumors about Big Brother 14’s Frank Eudy and his wresting star Dad Sid Eudy being cast.
  • Rumors of the Reilly sisters Rachel & Elissa returning for BB16 surfaced when Elissa was recently spotted in California.
  • Potential Names of Big Brother Alumni that we’ve heard could be returning are: Ian Terry, Frank Eudy, Dr. Will, Eric Stein, Rachel Reilly, Elissa Reilly, Andy Herren, Amanda Zuckerman, Matt Hoffman, Danielle Murphree, Mike “Boogie” Malin, Russell Kairouz, Dominic Briones & Daniele Donato, Lane Elenburg, etc..
  • Casting Producer Robyn Kass posting photos of her and big brother alumni back when they were first in sequester.
  • In the “Winners Tell All” with Jordan she says that she wouldn’t return unless it was with Jeff which she had admittedly said in the past that she wouldn’t return at all.
  • Ian Terry posted a fake photo on his twitter page on June 12th. The photo was taken from the Minute Maid Park wiki page. His tweet read “Really cool to finally get to see Minute Maid Park in person!! #Huston”. When he was called out for not being in the photo and found to have taken it from the wiki page, he immediately deleted the tweet. Check out the tweet-bust below..
  • Kaysar Ridha has also recently returned to using his twitter account starting on June 6th after not being on twitter since September 4th.

In the exclusive Live Feed content Executive Producers Rich Meehan & Allison Gronder stated:

“It gets challenging as the years go by, but we’re always looking for ways to throw a major curveball at the houseguests.”

“You have to throw a curveball at the houseguests now that we’re in our sixteenth season. You can’t come in expecting to know how to play this game. It’s just not going to work.”

As with every new season there are lots of Big Brother alumni tweeting tweets to joke about returning or eluding to the fact that they couldn’t be in sequester. Last season Elissa Reilly did a horrible job of pretending she couldn’t be in sequester saying she was in Greece. She used the same excuse that Janelle Pierzina had used to try and throw off the big brother fans which was beyond obvious she was lying.

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Follow all of your favorite & not so favorite Big Brother Alumni on Twitter to see if you can spot the next potential house guests if it does end up being an All-Star season. Whatever we’re in store for this season one thing is certain… “Expect the Unexpected!”

I have a feeling Big Brother 16 is going to be All-Stars 2 with a fan vote to decide who some of the house guests are going to be, which is why the live feeds don’t start until the day after the première. Just like on BB7 all-stars there were 20 potential house guests with 14 selected. I’m predicting there will be a vote using the live feed voting system to determine who the Big Brother fans want to enter the house. Although now that I’ve said this it will probably be an all newbies cast.. which I am perfectly happy with too!

If this is an All-Stars season – Who would be your all time favorite All-Star line-up?

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This could be very interesting. I kinda like ti!

Jimmy 64

I want all new houseguest
No more retreads

Pinocchio Obama

I would love to see an All Star season. I hope the clues are true.


Give new people a chance, not fair. Especially with those who have already won and been on twice before.


That’s why I’m hoping for “ALL-Stars 2 – Second Chances”, with “second chances” meaning a second chance for those who played once, didn’t win while playing a good game and/or being good people, and who come in with a strong will to make this one count. All in favor of having no previous winners come in, but I’d love it if some previous HGs I was rooting for, and who I was really disappointed to see go too soon (often by no real fault of their own), got a second chance. I’d love to see Shane Meaney from BB14 again for instance. #CaptainAmerica #NoDanielleMurphreeToMessUpHisGameThisTime
Fingers crossed!


I will tear up if Dr. Will walks into the house.


I don’t care for an all stars, but just no 3rd timers please.


Please hope we can vote people in like the last one, so WE DONT VOTE IN MIKE BOOGER AND ANDY!!!

Jimmy 64

If it is an all star who do you want and who do you not want to see never again?
I like to see. Matt (12), Enzo (12),Danielle (14) Jeremy (15) Judd (15)
Don’t want. Ian (14) Dan (10 14) Rachel ( 12 ,13) Helen (15) Frank (14)


I was hoping for an All Stars 2- Second Chance, meaning that the people who were evicted first would come back to play. Which is why i really hope Jodi (S14) is a potential houseguest to come back and it’s pretty obvious why she should get a second chance.

Allison Grodner

The clues might lean toward an answer, but I won’t. Bad things happen when my fat ass leans.

Chilltown 4 Life

I’m going to play devil’s advocate here, and say that production could easily have asked former houseguests to do misdirection. Since S14, it has been a running joke to make fun of Janelle’s “Greece” vacation story. It would be awesome to somehow get Chilltown(Dr. Will/Boogie), The Renegades(Dan/Memphis), and The Brigade all under one house–KABOOM!


Gawd no! It’s bad enough that 3 of the last 4 years we had Rachel or Elissa turning our stomachs, but to have them both together, I would bow out of a season like that. The only other seasons I just couldn’t finish watching was season 9 and Rachel’s second season. What is wrong with newbies? It’s like watching the same old reruns over and over again. If it is all stars, I hope Russell BB11 gets to play. Still, I wish casting would stop relying on the same old has beens and let new people play the game. I guess it’s safer for them this way, they don’t end up with a cast like last years with all the fallout.


If the public choose from a list, then recency bias will take affect and we’ll end up with six BB15 housemates including rat boy.


I was just setting my DVD up to record bb and on the description of the show it says…. Season 16 kicks off for the first time in HD, with all new faces who plan to outsmart one another with hopes of walking away with the ultimate grand prize; the new participants get settled and prepare to be closed off from the world.

Frank rollo

What about evil dick


I loved watching Dick, he was an a-hole and made no excuses for it. He never lied to anyone, he told them to their faces, straight up, he never said anything behind anyone’s back that he wouldn’t say to their face, and he talked to the feedsters late into the night. He never slept in HOH because he was there to play the game. I don’t think he will be asked back for “personal” reasons. I don’t think he could win again, everyone knows he is dangerous and would target him from the start.


As much as I hate seeing past HGs in the house I would love to see ED come back. The man makes no excuses for being a d!ck lol. But I DO NOT want to see him in the house with Dani again. In fact I don’t EVER want to see Dani in the house, ever again.


I would much prefer an early boot season, all players that went out first 4 or 5. ( Brian and Angie BB10, Casey and Laura BB11, Annie and Captain Kosher BB12, Cassie and Domenic BB13, Jody and Cara BB14 and Nick BB15. We didn’t really get to see any of them play long enough to know what they can do.

My guess is that we get Brenchel and Elissa, Jessie, Jordan and Jeff, Danielle and Dom, Dan and Danielle, Ian and Frank, Boogie and Will. I get the feeling they want to throw pairs into the mix. I hope I am wrong, but knowing the grodbeast this is exactly what we will get.


hope its all 15 winners season, but odds are preety high of that happening

bring all 15 winners

would love the best of the best too go at it


You do realize Adam is in prison and Drew was in prison. The odds of a winners season… Highly unlikely


NO past guests. Especially not Andy, Dani, Ian or Frank. I would rather watch a summer of constant reruns of the same episode of Friends and I hate that show.


My favorite idea for an “all-stars” season would be all former players who were evicted first, or I guess before jury. They would be super eager to play and not be ignorant to the game. Plus we would kind of know them a little so it would feel familiar but not annoying like the thought of another season of Rachel Reilly….ughh.


yeah for allstars