Dan says Ian will probably be out-chicked. Ian asks what that means? Dan says like Chelsea and I, out-chicked.

First HOH Dan Second HOH IAN
Third HOH  ? Final HOH ?
Last Evicted Houseguest SHANE

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2pm – 2:45pm Dan and Danielle talk in the pool. Danielle asks Dan what type of guy do you see me marrying? Dan says one that doesn’t wear the pants. Dan tells Danielle that she would be the passive aggressive one in the relationship. Dan continues to talk about the type of guy Danielle would marry. Dan then tells Ian the type of girl he would end up with. Dan says someone that likes the internet, Pokémon, she would be super skinny, and a little nebbish, just a little nebbish. Ian says okay. Dan says that Ian will probably be out-chicked. Ian asks what that means? Dan says like Chelsea and I, out-chicked. Dan grabs his salsa ball bowl, fills it with water and dumps it on Danielle’s back.

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2:50pm Ian continues to swing on the hammock. They wonder what time it is. Ian asks how much sun in on the pool. They tell him and he says that its around 3pm. Danielle and Dan head inside.


3pm – 3:20pm Dan and Danielle are sitting out on the backyard couch. Dan asks Danielle what she is going to do when she gets out of here. Daneille says go crazy. I am not going to miss you jumping on my bed in the morning to a Weezer song. Dan impersonates Danielle saying oh my god you broke my leg in three places! Dan gets called to the diary room. He heads inside. Danielle says oh my god he is wearing me out! Dan comes back out and Danielle gets called to the diary room. Dan and Ian talk on the couch. Ian comments on how Danielle has gotten considerably better. Dan says you know when I said I would spend a year in here, I would like to retract that statement. They talk about counting down the hours that are left till they get out..


3:25pm Dan and Ian talk about the Part 2 competition and how Danielle got mad when they said it was pretty john blaze. Ian says that Danielle said I wouldn’t be saying that if I had lost it. Ian says that regardless he thought it was pretty john blaze because we got to scale a building. Dan and Ian recount the events of the house.

3:30pm – 4pm Dan, Ian and Danielle are sitting out on the backyard couch talking about random stuff. They laugh at how only the final 3’s families get to watch the live show in the audience. Danielle asks Dan what he is wearing for the finale? Dan says you’re looking at it. Danielle says for real? It’s a big deal you have to dress up. Dan says what’s wrong with this shirt and these shorts? Danielle says for real what are you wearing? Dan says he might wear his black shorts instead.

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4pm – 4:35pm Dan and Ian talk about survivor. Dan and Ian talk about Randy from survivor gabon. Ian says that he was so ornery. The conversation turns to talking about Reality Rally and Vegas Bash. Ian asks about when they would get the cheque. Dan says after all the press stuff. Ian says that he’ll tell his mom to put it in her purse. Dan tells Ian that there is a room that has all of the house guests faces crosses out except for the winners. Big Brother tells them not to talk about production. They continue talking about survivor. Ian really wants to meet Richard Hatch. Dan asks Ian what girls from survivor he would want to meet? Ian says that they are probably all old now. Dan asks you can’t think of any? Ian says what like ones I would want to bang? Dan says no just meet.. Ian says Amber, Poverti, etc.. Danielle comes out and Ian heads inside. Danielle asks Dan if she is interrupting something? Dan says no we were just talking about survivor. Danielle tells Dan if someone does the dishes, I will cook dinner. Dan says that he will do the dishes.


4:35pm – 5pm Dan asks Danielle if Ian knows the super personal thing about Boogie. Danielle says the 90210 thing or the other. Dan says the other. Danielle says that its super super bad thing. Danielle says that her, Britney and Janelle all read about it before they came in here. Ian thinks he knows but Danielle tells him from his guesses that he doesn’t know. Danielle says that it has to do with older people. Dan says lets change the topic. Danielle tells Ian that she will tell him Wednesday. Danielle says that she can’t believe Boogie bragged about leaving here with third place money. She says he got $20 grand for being a coach and $16,000 in prize money.

(Danielle is referring to the lawsuit regarding Boogie’s alleged Craigslist sexu*l escapades using money from the Geisha House. In the lawsuit Boogie is accused of using embezzled Geisha House resources to set up multiple sexu*l encounters with various older men. He apparently had these encounters to live out f*tish role play fantasies: father/son, and uncle/nephew relationships. This was apparently a made up story by a disgruntled business partner.)


5:10pm Dan and Danielle nap on the backyard couch. Ian rocks out on the hammock..

5:50pm – 6:15pm Dan and Danielle continue to sleep on the backyard couch. Ian heads inside and starts spaying the ants around the kitchen sink. He then heads outside to fold his laundry. Big Brother cuts the live feeds to the we will be right back screen. The feeds come back fro a few seconds and Dan asks Danielle if she is excited? Danielle says yeah. Dan says that they have never done this before. He says that they will give family the heads up tomorrow. Big Brother cuts the live feeds again. When the feeds come back again, Danielle tells Dan that she has faith that he can do it. Dan says thanks.


6:35pm – 6:40pm Ian comes back out to join them after he finishes the dishes. Dan jokes that Jodi did more dishes than Ian has done in the house. Ian says Jodi didn’t even stay long enough to do dishes. Danielle and Dan head inside to make dinner.

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I can not wait to see Ian’s and Dan’s speeches at the finals. Dan will mist the jury and they will forget all the notes that they have compared.

The Rose

I can’t wait either. I think both speeches will be epic. I was trying to figure out what “misty” angle Dan will take. Possibly the ‘I had to play this alone because everyone was against me’ because the jury probably knows by now that all of them have all been taken out by his influence. He can give examples of what each of them have said to others about trying to get him out. I would be curious to know what Simon and Dawg think he will say.


Hope the DR drops some hints to Ian.. “Hey Ian, there’s another 12 point buck left, why don’t you take a shot?”


Ian: Because, BBBill, myonly other choice is to bring along with me some crazy-a*s chick, who’s been ripping me a new a*shole ever since the end of HOH Part 2, and that’s not behavior I want to enourage” (quack!)


Besides, if AG ever found out that one of her staff were trying to create ANYTHING other than an Ian/Dan final two, AG would grab that gun away, and aim for their gonads!

cristine weaver

I LIKE that comment


Thanks! :-)


Daniel asks Dan what type of guy do you see me marrying, it better be one with no hearing, if he has to hear her talk, he will go deaf! that girl is insane, as long as bb keeps her medicated she is fine. Poor Ian having to endure that bat shit crazy woman last night, she is such a liar, saying she has never lied, what a crock! does she really think that Shane will ask her to marry him, now that he has time to think about it, he most likely won’t even talk to the nutty buddy! Good Luck Ian in the mess they call BB.


I absolutely love Dan and hope he wins again, but you have to remember that Dan told her to go all crazy on Ian.

quack-pack fan


Finale Night gift bags:

ode de delusional
The Mist
Hammock Spice

All Apologies
Tip Toe Through The Tulips

Fruit Loops
Captain Crunch
Lucky Charms



Hey Simon/Dawg, do you know if big brother canada is going to air for us in the u.s?


What are the odds we will be able to watch it via Video


Oh, cool!!! I’m so glad to know that!!! I will enjoy following it regardless of seeing it on TV. AWESOME!!! Maybe before BB Canada finishes, I can send you a little something something!! <3


ive never watched any other of the big brothers. simon/dawg….do you recommend one. is the candian version awesome?


First one in Canada wow. I will definitely read your posts they are great!


I donated, not much but it’s something. Keep up the great work.


Do you guys know if there are going to be live feeds? I will be first in line to buy them. Two young people at work have applied. One is a really smart and cute girl and the other is this crazy asian guy. BB twice in one year! I’m wondering where they are going to put the HG. Canada in February isn’t really backyard hot tub friendly. Maybe they will do it in Whistler, but I’m guessing it will be somewhere in Toronto.


The Global Television Network which currently “airs” BB America, will air BB Canada. If you’re an American living near the Canadian border and have a good antenna, chances are you’ll be able to watch. Also those with the FTA satellite receivers should be able to catch the episodes no problem. Personally, I do not think BB Canada will “air” in the US. Can only hope Global strikes a deal with a US cable channel. Cross your fingers.. . ;-)


I’d venture to guess that if we don’t get it in the US, the good folks at would help us Yanks out since they are from Canada.

still in love with judas baby

Is slice a U.S channel? Thats where its coming on. I am from Regina Sask. GO RIDERS :P HAHA


Slice is (researching).. uh oh.. Canadian owned and is not OTA (over the air). There goes my grand plot to watch episodes air on TV.. . :-(


Does that rule out watching it on video brother.


Me too! Go Roughriders!!

Kathie from Canada

Slice tv is Canadian – used to be ‘The Life Channel’ and ‘The Life Network’. I couldn’t find where they broadcast from but we use the Bell Satellite Network here in Toronto, and Slice is channel 601. Hope that helps a bit.


I just realize about the site logo. I didn’t know Simon and Dawg was OQP “The Original Quack Pack lol
BTW great site as usual.I’m going to miss the updates.

The more i listen to Dani the more that im praying that Ian win the 3rd HOH.


OQP??? Dude, the logo is OBB.


Dude really i didn’t know that.

Ok so you will understand

1. The logo i was talking about is the Duck
2. I was doing a play on OBB by saying OQP which is a play on OG(original Ganster)

Next time I’ll make sure i clarify what i was saying so you will understand
Jeez some people


Dude chill out!! Jeez, am I a Heel on this site now?? If that’s the case I’ll spontaneously call Dan the Devil and that’ll be the end of it. My goodness. Everytime I check in I’ve said something wrong and someone flips out. Lol, I didn’t know you were playing on the picture, that means I say to myself, “Oh right” and *facepalm*- It’s not my fault my sense of humor is different. Just everyone chill out. I don’t care anymore, I’m done replying to Gavin-esque posts and telling tiny tales of my life nobody cares about and making jokes that aren’t funny because apparently I think I’m better than everyone else when really, if you can believe it, I really have no social life besides basic communication. This is my den of interesting talk. I’m not a bossy egotistical asshole who puts words in other’s mouthes!! Inhale, Exhale, chill out. I’ll just focuse on this season and on filtering my thoughts and being careful not to set someone off, because with what else is going on in my life, this has happened waaaay to many times this week for ME to chill out about it.


Woah, you really need to take a deep breath. Stop telling everyone to chill out and take your own advice.


Suppose I should have stopped at “Sorry my sense of humor is different” but had a moment there.


We understand. All been there.


Ryan, my friend, I responded to your earlier post. Please go back and check it out, whenever time allows. (An apology is included.)


Dude-I replied :) I’m sorry-To you and the OBB universe. I can be unnecesarily irrational sometimes. And a jerk.


We’re getting a lot of complaints about your comments.

This comment was for Gavin..

Danielle's Gaping Pie-Hole

I’d like to say I as a avid follower..and person who signed up for feeds via this site..I for one find his comments VERY FUNNY! I’m not offended by words..people need to lighten up.

It's Entertainment

Wow just because people don’t like someone’s opinion they feel the need to complain and get them removed…so sad :( If you know who you don’t like reading theirs, then just skip to the next, is that so hard.

I for one find all views…even those I totally disagree with, to at least on some level be entertaining. It also gives me a chance at a counterpoint.

So please give everyone a chance. Nothing I’ve ever seen here really crosses the line beyond a point of just showing someone’s true colors. If they want to be seen in that light, let them.

And as so many want to say: “It’s just a game” …even here :)

Three's Company

Simon please that Hitler commrent took his statements to a new level!


Thank you Simon for keeping the site as clean as you can….I have only followed your blogs for the past few years, unsure how many, and once again you have done an outstanding job and thank you. Donation sent..blessings

Go home Delusionelle

You’re getting a lot of compalints about whose comments? My screen isn’t showing who you said this in response to- just curious?


Who me? What’s up? Is someone else using Thunderstruck? I’ve never said anything remotely offensive unless you like Danielle’s voice???


Simon…Complaints against who by who and why. Confused as post 39.1 under my post 39. If I have said anything to offend anyone so sorry…


It was to Gavin.. sorry for some reason it landed somewhere else


Simon… understood and thanks and big thanks for this great site

Three's a crowd

Simon, I saw Gavin’s comment but was not able to respond. By the time I was you had removed it and thank you for that. I’m all for truth, justice and the American way, but hatemongering crosses the line! I’m not certain if everyone that responded to this thread actually saw his response – I can’t imagine anyone thinking that it was acceptable or funny!


I am glad your comments are blocked :) there is only room for one crazy person on the website and Danielle has that spot!


You got that wrong donk.


Danielle could guarantee herself a final 2 by taking Ian’s virginity.I’m sure he’d be a willing participant

ILL WILL * Cat People Slayer*

LMFAO yes, she could f**k the shit outta him, the he’d tell Dan to his face, your gone bro, “I’m in love with a psycho” – t-pain voice


I love it that would be a funny video


Now everyone remember, Ian made it very clear he’s a virgin by choice.


yeah but whos choice lmao


exactly :D

Ians Beer

Are you serious? After listening to that over indulged banshee for the past 70 some days, Ian will probably end up being the world’s oldest virgin!


Next year, if any of us decide to get the feeds … are you elegible for commissions if we go through your site?

Carol & Steve

I’ve never gotten the feeds before. I go crazy watching BBAD. Besides ya’ll do such a great job on the posts that I’d rather read. We donated earlier – wishing it could’ve been more.
Next year our plan is to donate at least the cost of purchasing the feeds to OBB. :) Can’t wait for BB Canada!


Ian will probably screw either Dan or Danielle like always.


Is that your bold prediction captain? Ian will take either Dan or Danielle to the final 2 with him, therefore screwing the other one? BRILLIANT!!! And here I thought he would take someone else…oh wait, he can’t. I think finally one of your inane predictions will be correct! YAY!!!


PLEASEEEEEEEEE don’t block Gavin! Crazy Gavin is crazy, sure, but I love to watch. It’s like watching a high speed chase that you know is going to end in a wreck–as opposed to RS who is the wreck (she’s very Zen).


Did I hear right that Daniel said she quit her job and put off surgery for cancer to do ‘Big Brother’?…She said this to Dan on last night’s late feeds


lmao @ that dan crane kick in teh commercial, hahahah

Power of Veto Corleone

Will it be possible to watch BB Canada on YouTube?
When is the start date?
Also, are the Canadian HG’s as whacky as here in the good old US and do they play the same type game?

Go Ian Go

When is BB Canada starting? I really hope it’s going to be as good as BB US.


If dan doesnt win. then this is the most bitter jury. they need to based their votes on game play. not personal attacks grudges. And for peats sake dan is the whole reason why your in the jury house. also hes only been on the block twice and both times i convinced someone to take win off. * claps to the heavens*. Dan and Will are the best but dan had to work this season.


I wonder if BB and Survivor now take income taxes out of the winnings after Richard Hatch did not pay on the million he won. Does anyone know?


@Bohratom – Yeah, they always have. They end up with something like $283,000 after taxes.


I think the best move of the house would be Dan throwing the HOH to Ian, and then him in return evicting Dan. I think Ian has a better chance beating Danielle in F2, only because the jury hates Dan and what has Danielle done? That would be the best blindside of the season!! Ian could totally use getting rid of him to his advantage in his eviction speech, also he could talk about how Danielle hasn’t done anything but ride on Dan and Shane’s coat tails all season long. Granted this is just a fantasy because he does not have the balls to do that but it would be awesome if he did.


OMG thank you for explaining the lawsuit thing… and ewww! He does look like he’d be into some freaky sh*t. WOW! I’m just speachless! Got these mental pictures, and aw hell no that’s just WRONG! And did I mention? ewww???

Nicky Brand

I read about that online after the season had already started. I guess it’s one of the reasons I was pulling against the Boogie/Frank team. Until now, I didn’t know if other houseguests knew about it, but apparently at least Dan, Danielle, Britney & Janelle did. I wonder if Frank did. I’m betting not.

Kinda surprised BB even invited him on while all that is still unresolved.


Is it just my computer, or did BB work on the hammock this morning? It seems much more quiet.


It would be the biggest ending in BB History if Ian wins the 3rd comp, and sends Dan packing. The jury, the visitors, the families, and we the audience would go crazy.


I didn’t know that about Boogie. I wonder if that is why he is questioning Shane’s sexuality?

Oh No You Didn't

What’s the 90210 thing? Anybody know?

billy bob

if dan throws the final hoh to ian,all ian has to do is do the renegade handshake real fast so danielle could see and yell renegades,and he’ll win fosho


Remember folks… Always spay your ants!


Lmao .. too funny!


danielle is such a gullable redneck hillbilly tool. that story about boogie has been around forever and was disproved in 100 different ways, boogie has addressed it publicly himself. the dude making the claim is a disgruntled ex business partner that is broke and trying to sue boogie and their entire corporate team. they counter sued and blasted him with slander charges and the guy ran back under the rock he crawled out from. danielle, wow, what a disaster u are on every level


Firstly, the damaged partner is a female who gave $250k and after not receiving her guaranteed payments from the business, she retained a very high profile LA attorney who allegedly has witnesses and receipts lined up as well as dates and hotels where these people were paid to participate with investor money. Boogie is in deep shit and his final couple of restaurants will more than likely close due to the bad press and mismanagement by the group.


I wish Ian would not waste all that water while doing dishes. It’s driving me crazy!


Anyone know what Dan means by saying BB hasn’t done that before, they will give the families the heads up?


the boggie craigslist story about older men etc is complete BS….the guy that made it up was broke and trying to sue dolce group. they blasted him with deep slander charges and he disappeared. internet fodder for amateurs to get all excited about

frank is the new jesse

before you dismiss all the charges, why not read the complaint. it doesn’t sound too far off base to be all lies:


Simon can you give the link to your survivor spoilers again? Thanks!


yeah that boogie story ended up being totally made up by some failed ex business partner trying to scam a few million of dolce group. i think they sued him for millions on slander charges and it all went away. anyone can sue anyone for anything and make up whatever story they want then it gets on the internet for people to get worked up over. whole thing was BS and not true

VA Vet

So is production is screwing with the final competition?

Maybe it will be changed to endurance starting tomorrow so that if anyone throws it, everyone will know—-including Danielle!

billy bob

can bb please have a penalty comp right now and give danielle 48 hours of silence, it’s sad that i’d rather see ian wash dishes than danielle doing anything this bitch is anoying,


that story about boogie and older men from craigslist has been proven false publicly. some disgruntled ex business partner tried to bully dolce group into a lawsuit. dolce busted him up on slander charges and he ran away. mike has addressed this publicly. complete sham that made it online for internet geeks to get worked up over


I pray Danielle gets cut by whoever wins HOH Pt 3 because I can’t even imagine the tone/pitch/sound of her voice during her final plea.


Jodi again! I can’t remember the first person evicted last season, but refuse to look it up-Somewhat of a bad memory of here. I don’t think they talked that much about that person. They should have a season where all the first evictees compete.


Keith. Totally remember now even though it was last year. I think Rachel sent Cassie home because she was jealous??

Okay I’m lying, I looked it up ;p


I’m not watching the live feed but it seems like the house has calmed down a little today.

Aqua Bernie

Hey Simon what happened to Ian’s name on the 2nd HOH comp? Dan’s on the first but no Ian on the 2nd.


Donation time! Once at the beginning of the season (after I swear I won’t do the feed again – but do, and click from ad on BBOnline, so you kids can get a little from that) and again right before the final show. I must say, this has been your best season yet at capturing the highlights fom the feeds. Well done.

Danielle's Zit Puss

You guys do great work, and I never comment on typo’s, but the idea of Dan “Spaying Ants” cracks me up! That must have been an intricate chore!!! :)


LOl thanks.. sometimes the typos are best left hahaha


Hope Americans will be able to pick up BB Canada.. The difference between the Canadian one and United States one is hated houseguest and their familes won’t get death threats from angry fans.. Instead someone will write a strong letter, to there political representative, demanding a ban on lying to win a BB show.. Politicians against telling fibs.. Now that would be funny….