Danielle SUPER MISTED – I could write 2 books with the knowledge Dan’s given me

First HOH Dan Second HOH Ian
Third HOH  ? Final HOH ?
Last Evicted Houseguest SHANE

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9:24pm Cam 3-4 Dan and Danielle Bedroom

Danielle: ‘What’s wrong”
Dan: “I don’t want to talk about it”
Danielle: “Did I upset you”
Dan: “No”
Danielle: “are you lying.. I’m sorry if I did something”
Dan says his social game was a joke. Danielle disagrees says he’s played a phenomenal game. Dan mentions how he feels like people carried him. Danielle: “I never once thought I carried you” Dan says he played a horrible game he sucked at everything. danielle says that right now dan is carrying her. Danielle: “You are a great coach and a great player.. you didn’t play a sh!tty game.. you survived your own funeral.. I have never seen a player pull off the shit that you do”

Dan whimpers says he has nothing for a jury speech.. Danielle tells him all the points that make him a great Big Brother player.

Dan: “It’s all BullSh!t it doesn’t matter.. I never really thought about it until tonight and thats why I got mad”

Danielle keeps pointing out all the things that makes and Dan keeps saying he played a ‘Sh!ty game”
Dan explains to her that Ian wants to take him to the end because Ian thinks he can beat him and ian is right. Danielle says if Dan makes it to the ends with Ian he wins he has Jenn, Danielle, Shane and Frank’s vote.

Danielle tells him that she fell off the first HOH competition because she believed in Dan he’s the best player in the house. Danielle mentions that Ian is here because Dan can control him that is what Dr Will did.
Danielle: “DAN nobody has carried you PERIOD.. you carried me”
Dan: “You thought it was the other way around”
Danielle: ‘No i didn’t.. you are joking”
Dan: “Doesn’t matter I played a Sh!tty game.. it’s a waste of a summer”
Danielle says unless he’s going to throw the HOH competition to get her jury vote he’s going to be fine to win, he’s the most deserving of everyone.
Dan: “Doesn’t matter I played a sh!tty game”

Danielle: “The moves you can pull and the way you talk to people is on par to none” Danielle says he surpases Dr Will levels.
Dan: “Doesn’t matter I played a sh!tty game” (LOL dan keeps saying that one line)

Danielle: “I could write 2 books with the amount of knowledge you’ve given me.. I am proud to call you my coach.. no one else would say that about their coaches”

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Danielle just goes on and on about how awesome Dan is, Danielle doesn’t think Dan will even have to give a speech and he’ll win Big Brother 14. Dan says he won’t win against Ian or Danielle he played a sh!tty game his. Danielle starts imagining all these votes Dan will get if he’s against her in the final 2. says he has Ashley, Frank, Joe, Ian and maybe Jenn. Dan disagrees doubts he’ll get any of those.

Production tells Dan to reattached his microphone (This basically tells the people in the house taht Dan is whispering) Danielle freaks out about this says sarcastically “Ohh THANKS! FOR THAT”

9:55pm Danielle leaves.. Dan starts laughing

Dan :”I love this game.. Thats the best way to get into peoples heads .. just let them spill their guts.. “ He gets called into the Dairy Room

9:55Cam 1-2 Danielle tells Ian that Dan is upset because earlier today they were joking that they carried Dan.

9:59pm Cam 1-2 backyard Danielle and Ian

Danielle is working out.. bending her legs and moving her arms around really digging deep.

10:45pm Cam 3-4 Living room Dan asks her whats up. Danielle says she’s been waiting for him to get out of the Diary Room. Danielle says she’s been wating for a long time because she’s worried, Danielle: “I care”. Dan goes up to her and gives her a hug

10:50pm Cam 1-2 Ian working the hammock hard
11:17pm Cam 1-2 Backyard Dan and IAn Talking about Survivor for the past 20 minutes
11:35pm Cam 1-2 Backyard Dan and IAn Survivor talk

11:47pm Survivor talk More survivor Talk. Ian says cochran from survivor makes him look like Remington Steele
(Picture is from a random shot on cam 3)
Ian tells Dan his dream cast for Survivor.. includes mostly “Thinker men” and “Sexy” Females.


Dan asks him to build the most Completely f**king useless cast for Big Brother

Natalie (BB11) Dan is surprised by Natalie says she doesn’t belong in this list.. so ian takes her out.
Amanda (BB9)
Fitness twins.. Adria and Natalie
April lewis (Nerd herd)
Mike the commercial painter from Season 8

Dan laughs says cathy will win

Dan asks Ian for his Best 8 big brother players to take out the best 8 survivors players
Dr Will
Dan suggests Britney but Ian doesn’t think she could handle losing the weight, Ian: “If she lost 10 pounds she would wither away to nothing”
Dan thinks they should replace Brendon with Memphis.

12:24AM Danielle joins the guys She dips her legs in the hot tub while Dan and Ian talk about the first HOH competition. (Image Link)
Ian tells him that Janelle’s team came in second

Ian says Time Flies was the hardest competition, Danielle thinks the bed one was. (the first comp of the season) Ian says that the quack pack was the second best looking alliance in Big Brother History with the Sovereign Six being the best looking.

Ian tells them that Boogies coaching was pretty basic for Him and Jenn. He told both of them to keep their heads down, don’t talk and win the HOH. (Image Link) Ian mentions how Boogie hated JOJO the most in the house. There was no way that Danielle was going to be send home when she was nominated along side JOJO. Dan tells them that the day before the live eviction, Boogie told him that Danielle was going to be safe then right before the votes were cast he told Dan, “Sorry man” implying that Danielle was being evicted and Dan was being sent home.

1:00AM Cam 1-2 Dan and Danielle
Danielle feels bad about joking that her and Ian carried him to the final 3. Dan tells her not to worry about it, he just never thought of it like that and now that they mention it he can see it.

Dan starts reading the bible to her. He reads about Envy and says that is what he has right now. He’s envious of Danielle for player a good game. Dan tells her he swears he’s not going to “get her again”. Dan says the medicine she taking is making her act weird. Danielle says it’s no she’s just been thinking about things.Danielle mentions that “They” are watching how much she eats. Dan asks why. Danielle: “The melt down I had in there was so severe.. I told them I just want to go home and it caused such a frenzy with them” (She’s talking about production.. Feeds switch to Ian showering)

1:16AM Ian joins them in the bedroom and bible study starts.

1:30AM Danielle is talking about Trey. She says Britney made up a song that was a play on “Forget about Dre” instead she was singing “Forget about trey” Danielle tells Ian she’s been on a couple dates with him. It’s not serious or anything. Feeds go to fish. Dan keeps asking Ian questions about people Ian knows..

1:47AM Cam 1-4 Dan, Danielle and Ian Ian and Dan joking about ian sending 2 HOH tweets to a girl he likes. Dan: “So john blaze”

Ian: “John Blaze.. So john Blaze…john blaze…john blaze.john blaze…john blaze..john blaze…john blaze..john blaze..john blazejohn blazejohn blazejohn blazejohn blazejohn blazejohn blazejohn blazejohn blazejohn blazejohn blazejohn blazejohn blazejohn blazejohn blazejohn blazejohn blazejohn blazejohn blazejohn blazejohn blazejohn blazejohn blazejohn blazejohn blazejohn blazejohn blazejohn blazejohn blazejohn blazejohn blazejohn blazejohn blazejohn blazejohn blazejohn blazejohn blazejohn blazejohn blazejohn blazejohn blazejohn blazejohn blazejohn blazejohn blazejohn blazejohn blazejohn blaze”

Dan talking about the video game minecraft asks him if he’s played it before Ian says he’s heard of it but it’s not his cup of tea.
Ian goes to run off the lights.. Ian: “good night Dan.. Good night Danielle.. Dan you are really really funny and Danielle you are really really sweet”

1:51AM Cam 1-4 Sleeping yo

7:45Am early wake up call..

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Damn dan is good but doc will is still better


I think it’s apples and oranges. Dr. Will played the game when there were less savvy players. He was a master of playing other HGs. I don’t think he cared too much that he was playing Big Brother. Dan on the other hand is student of the game. I think he thinks way more about the game or rather he cares way more about the game. I believe that Evel Dick put it best, Dr. Will pioneered this game and Dan mastered it. To me, Dr.Will was the best player this game has ever had but Dan has more or less won the right to sit up there with him.


Our family likes Dan but I think this time around Dan’s actions don’t feel natural is like he is trying to play a roll.
We miss the real Dan from season 10.
This year Dan is trying a little to hard, he was playing a role and forgetting BB is a reality show not a scripted show..
Hopefully his speech is able to persuade a few jurors may the best player win thank you for this site.

I says, I

Watch Will’s 2 seasons and then come back and tell me Will only played when nobody knew what they were doing.

I have no problem if you think Dan is the better player, but Dan’s first cast was filled with crazy people and this one with dumb people, also know that season two had no gimmicks like veto or special powers for him to escape eviction and season 7 is the most sophisticated cast ever put in BB.


Couldn’t agree with you more. Dan’s play in S10 was great…it put him at #2 in my books. But this season hasn’t done anything for that- he played against the worst house of BB competitors I’ve ever seen. Frank and Shane were the only good competition players and neither had ANY social skills to complement. The House only had 4 good competitors this season- Dan, Britney, Ian, and Boogie. Boogie was far too aggressive but otherwise played a good game. Britney played a marvelous game this season and might have won it all had Dan not used her to save himself. Ian was pretty good all-around, he did just enough to get him a bid for All-Stars 2.

Season 7 had, by far, the most skilled Big Brother players. Any of them would stand a great chance of winning against the BB14 house.

As for Dr. Will vs Dan…Dr. Will wins. As Dan said, “If I’m on the block after the veto, I go home.” That’s not true for Dr. Will…Will doesn’t panic at all. He uses it as an opportunity. In Season 7, Will changed his game and played more of a “puppetmaster” role than he did in Season 2, and Chilltown absolutely dominated the House covertly, as opposed to openly like Dan did this season. Will was one vote away from winning $500k twice, as opposed to Dan who missed it by 3 votes.

Dan’s greatest accomplishment? 0 votes for eviction after 2 seasons.

Trey Gorman

Dan is much more of a scumbag than Will ever was. Will was charming, funny, suave, and had an amazing sense of humor. Dan is a borderline sociopath with huge manipulative skills. Will was always entertaining. Dan often makes me nauseous.


I disagree. Dr. Will was smug, arrogant and obnoxious, just like Boogie. No charm whatsoever and played on women’s feelings for him, which I think is much worse than anything Dan has done. Will’s moves were personal, Dan’s were more strategic.

I just realized that Danielle is this season’s Kalia! She’s done everything in the world at 23 (even though she would have to be about 50 years old to have accomplished it all!) She is arrogant about her abilities and looks, talks about herself non-stop, 24/7 and eats like a horse. The only difference is I don’t think Kalia was so insecure and needy in the man department although I disliked her more than I do Danielle.


I want Dan cut SO bad!!! he is sick in the head!! it’s not funny to me anymore, it’s just gross.


It would really be something if Ian won round 3 and took Danielle. All that hard work. Ruined reputation. All for nothing. 🙂

I went from feeling sorry for Danielle to just being indifferent. The girl is like a battered wife. No matter how badly he treats her, how much he hurts her, she loves him and thinks he’s the greatest guy on the planet. Her parents must feel devastated watching this.

Trey Gorman

It’s a measure of the level of his cruelty that, even though he’s driven her to the edge of a breakdown, meds, and public humiliation, the manipulation and denigration never stop. He took her love and trust for him and destroyed her with it. With a smile on his face and a song in his heart.


Which is why I keep saying this isn’t about Danielle. Some people will like her, some will not, but this is about Dan as a man and how he is willing to treat another person.. nevermind a vulnerable and emotional young girl. He should realize she has family that loves her and what this is doing to them is pure cruelty. He is not just playing the game. He is humilating her right in front of them and everyone’s watching this game. What kind of a mean streak does this guy have? He can look in her eyes and laugh after all he’s done. I don’t want to overuse the word “psychopath”, but this is exactly what it looks like.


Dan is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. J

Dan had better keep his underwear on because Dani’s teeth are about to fold back with the BJ she’s already given him in the KR. He is playing mind games with her making her look like the fool she is. Wish he’d stop doing it though he’s really being an a$$ with it showing his true colors. No respect for others and I cannot respect him for that at all. Go Ian!


Dan, you are my hero for this game and will forever be the best player in BB history.


am I the only person who thinks something is wrong with ian. he sits on that hammock and swings all day and he is constantly talking to himself.


I think he told Dan he has OCD or ADD. His mind is constantly racing. He has to move to burn off that energy.


Ian describes his ADHD as a “rattling” in his chest, which isn’t a bad way to describe it, but I’d describe it as sometimes feeling trapped and anxious, like a claustrophobic person who is stuck in a small area. It’s not really about “extra energy”, because it can happen when tired as well.


If Ian win’s the final HOH and votes out Dan(aka 12 point buck), do you guys think that will earn him more votes with the Jury?


If Ian takes out Dan that will 1.) Cement the votes he already has and 2.) Earn the respect of the remaining jury members that were “sitting on the fence”..


If you knew what was going on ,you would know that Ian had A.D.D. This guy is so cool to play this game and staying up with what’s going on ,,,,I hope him the best


BBBill said it perfectly. Eliminating Dan will CEMENT a 7-0 will for Ian. I believe with EVERYTHING in me that even Shane would vote for Ian if he gets rid of Dan. <3 <3 <3


Even if he doesn’t he will vote for IAN!!


I have to agree with BBBill here!!! If Ian takes out Dan now, he WILL WIN with a 7-0 vote. I firmly believe that if Ian takes out Dan, even Shane will vote for Ian!! <3 <3 <3


To India:

In my family, we have a lot of what is called “autism spectrum disorder.” There is a wide range and variety of behavior that can constitute autism or Asperger’s syndrome. I have cousins who are on the spectrum and are quite self-sufficient, while others are more severely disabled and need constant adult supervision (though chronologically adults themselves). One variety of autism is “autistic savant.” This may have been discussed here already, but I believe that Ian, though obviously highly functioning, shows symptoms of this type of autism. He is extremely intelligent with regard to science, memory, etc., but also seems to have social challenges and sensory integration issues, etc. Rocking is a classic symptom of autism, as is talking to oneself repetitively (especially into the mirror).

I’m not saying any of this to criticize Ian — what I perceive to be his behavioral challenges make me love and root for him all the more. Living in the Big Brother house would be difficult for anyone, especially someone with these kinds of issues. I think Ian has navigated and negotiated his way through the entire season remarkably well. I think he’s a great kid and phenomenal player, and I really hope he wins!


Hi Tim
Thank you for sharing your experiences

Trey Gorman

The high function Aspergers player (if that is indeed the case), is infinitely preferable to the high function sociopath.


The rocking (“stimming”) is not just a sympton of Aspergers or autism. And being socially awkward/inappropriate is certainly something not confined to those with Aspergers. Ian and Dan had a fairly lengthy conversation about this, and at no time did Ian say he had autism or aspergers, but did say he had adhd and that the stimming was related to that. Until Ian or someone in his family says otherwise, everyone should go with what Ian says and not what rumors on the internet or well meaning speculation.


Ian said at 6 years of age he was diagnosed with a form of autism but later years they weren’t sure.


Thank you for explaining. I usually take on that task as my adult son has aspergers. Glad I read ahead instead of slamming out a reply. You did in a much nicer way than I would have;)


i agree, based on what I have studied (albeit only on a master’s level) Ian seems to display classic symptoms of the autism spectrum. This makes absolutely no difference on his ability to play the game (obviously) or function within the house (again, as shown) but I understand why he might not want to disclose this information on a personal and strategic-game play level, and while he has explained his condition/symptoms as ADD or ADD-related, I am most certain this is not the case.


No, it’s certainly not savantism. That disorder is incredibly rare and always manifests in a remarkable ability(s). Aspergers is a highly overdiagnosed disorder and is actually somewhat uncommon as well. In any case, Ian doesn’t exhibit nearly enough symptoms to make me think he has either disease. He claims to have ADHD, and his symptoms fit that bill perfectly. The disorder he is suffering from is MOST LIKELY hyperactive-impulsive ADHD, which I also suffer from but have managed to control without medications. Ian’s desire for constant movement (he describes the feeling as “rattling”) will never go away entirely but he can and probably will learn to ignore it for longer periods of time.


I think it is a side effect of Dan’s mist. It makes you go insane.


There is nothing, “wrong,” with Ian. He does have ADHD and needs to keep himself calm by moving around. It comforts him and soothes him down whan he is moving around.

T. Wo

I truly believe that Ian has Asperger’s Syndrome. He has alot of the symptoms.

T. Wo

I that BB should do a back ground check on their players. Danielle seems emotionally unstable to say the least. She has mentioned that her father was abusive. She also mentioned having an eating disorder too. I also think she might be a self abuser. She picks at her face all the time. Who knows what else she does. The way Dan (Charles Manson) has manipulated her is horrible. There are more important things than money. And he pretends to be a good Catholic! But it’s only a game!


Don’t think you can call that working out. She’s passing gas so she can make room for her Fruit Loops…..


I love how graceful she attempted to do flips and crashed on her first attempt to stand upside down against the wall. Former gymnast my a$$! Oh, and telling Ian that she can do upside down push-ups but didn’t feel like doing them right now… UGH


Ok…I’m lost:0 can someone explain to me what Dan is doing?! I know he is playing her but for what point!? I don’t get it? Anyone, mcfly?!? Lol I am not seeing the point to this conversation!? And btw I think all these things Dan is doing is for entertainment value ie the card game challenges etc I can’t even imagine how bored they must be!! I can’t even take it and I’m not in the house:-0


Just a guess but Dan could be making Danielle think about the game and how well Dan did. The reasons she just listed to Dan are reasons shy can try to tell jury members so they vote for Dan.


Thank you….his brain must run a mile a minute, I can’t keep up! Gotta give it to danielle for being so sweet to him, she is in love:-0


He’s mentally grooming Danielle for her final fall from him. LOL! She always falls for it hook line and sinker. He’s going to use her kind words about him from her in his F U speech to her if he should win the final HOH.


I SOOOO agree with you born2shop, I to thought that Dan would use her worlds against her should he be up against her in the finale. He could go with either Ian or Danielle but he certainly didn’t do ALL this craziness to just give it to the both of them to the finale. I do find it very sad that part of Dan’s social game was to get to know the both of them (acting or sincere) to get info and then use it against them. Part of the game ??? or just insight into a sick mind???? Scary to see the man that you’re married to be able to “play” this character for a “game” sake.


I think Danielle has calmed down and realizes she needs Dan to win for her.. She believes he’ll take her and that Ian will for sure take Dan not her.. But I’m leaning towards Dan taking Ian and needs a way to let her down as softly as possible if he wins HOH… So what better way than to get her to push him to play aginst Ian instead of her. It’s complicated misting..Instead of him stabbing her in the back she’ll fall on her sword.. It’s BB at it’s best….


Dan is going to let Ian win the last Comp. so he doesn’t have to cut Dani. Ian will do that ,,,and Dan will get Dani’s vote …smart move !



Nicole N.

Dan is crazy why is messing with Danielle just getting in her head for no reason lol I guess he needs her vote if she is evicted. I think it’s fine if that is what he has to do for the game but he is taking so much enjoyment out of it.


Danielle enjoys it too, let me tell ya. If Dan asked her if he could mist all over her face, she’d get on her knees and open her mouth. This girl would love to have a sadomasochistic relationship with Dan. It’s Fifty Shades of Gheesling.


Haha classic, “Fifty Shades of Gheesling”.


haha! Nice.


She is going to go off on the deep end after reading all of these blogs!…She will definitely need professional help. I say ‘Fatal Attraction’ after this. Hide the rabbit!!!


Dan has been my favorite in the house since day one. But I can no longer take the kind of abuse he is inflicting on Dani. I believe he is making sure if he does take her that she will not say anything against him. Maybe she would even talk him up. He enjoys seeing what she will do for him. And he doesn’t even care that she will see all of this when she gets home. Everyone has made comments about how she has been abusing Ian, but it has been all Dan’s doing. I have finally reached my limit and can’t support him any longer.


I am right there with you….the boredom and exposure to weaker minded ppl has pushed him over the edge… too bad this didn’t end a few days sooner so we didn’t have to truly see this side of him


Oh so this mean Dan is just making sure that hes got dani’s vote after he throws the final hoh to Ian!!!! Dan just takes lying to awhole new level! I wonder what we all do if the price was $500,000. Money is pure evil!

Johnny Blaze

money is good, money is johnny blazing…


Daniel is very weak minded and Dan knows how to play her like a fiddle. Daniel has a needy type of personality and will do what she has to do to have someone like her…So sad. Her family must be so embarrassed.


I just made a small donation in gratitude for all your hard work! My husband won’t allow me to get the feeds so this site has been so amazing:) thank you!! God Bless!! And yes…i swear I did it:) lol pun…:-)


I laugh at the people who talk about respect and are disgusted by Dan’s actions. These people arent his friends, there strangers that hes competing against. for 500,000 dollars. He has zero obligation to these people. Hes pulled the strings pretty much the entire game, Hes probably played the best single season game any HG has ever played in BB history. Him not winning takes away from a great season. Ians a cool guy and all, but Big Brother winner? Nope.


I do agree with you, and I have been rooting for him for weeks now, I dunno ..his behavior seems to switch over to a dark side for me Sat night after the HOH and his mind F*cking Dani and Ian just totally turned me off towards him on this game…. it’s not enjoyable what he has been doing the past two days…. for me anyways…
I reckon they are all
on the edge madness at this point! LOL


Hi Carileed3y

I agree with you totally. I have been quite turned off by Dan.

After he back stabbed Shane

Mist for President

I completely agree. I mean it is easy to gain friends and with all the conversations it is hard not to get close to people. At the end of the day though, it is those that can not be impacted by those emotions that will fair the best. Now top it off with the ability to manipulate and gain trust so that others do you your bidding. That is freaking genius from the perspective of the game.

Everyone lies in this game. Most of the people disgusted with Dan are those that have some kind of misconception that there is a line that one should not cross. That is insane. The only lines you cant cross are the ones that get you ejected like fighting or physical abuse. Mental abuse is fair game and actually part of the game that people enjoy. Looks at all the twists that BB tries to introduce each year. It is the love of america choice to see how the mice(houseguests) react when their cheese is moved.

BB is loving what is happening, because they are not evening having to move the cheese, DAN IS DOING IT FOR THEM!


Poor Dan is “depressed” that he’s made a deal with the devil, and continues to do his work. Too bad Ian doesn’t see Dan as a 12-point buck.

The misconception is that there is no line that one should not cross. That is insane. Mental abuse is not fair game, and in the end Dan risks his soul for worldly gain. Maybe this mist thing is the way the zombie apocalypse starts.


I can see that you are another one that doesn’t know what’s going on ,,,,Dan is not “depressed” ….. He is looking for Dani vote ,,, “”feel sorry for me Dani “” I need you vote ,,,HAHAHA ,,all the way to the BANK !!!!!!


Why does he risk his soul? The Bible doesn’t say anything about lying after swearing on the Bible. The only mention it makes of swearing is to recommend against it entirely, and to instead be an honest person so you never have to swear. Obviously, that’s not really possible in the BB house. Anyway, as a Christian, he will be forgiven for any crime if he accepts Jesus. As a Catholic, he’s forgiven after Confession.

The entire game is mentally abusing. The guests are sometimes forced to sleep on hard beds, eat nothing but a single tasteless food, take only cold showers, etc, and they can never leave the confines of a 9 room (2 of which are usually locked), barely 2 story building. Dan didn’t do anything nearly as bad to anyone’s psyche. So, yeah, mental abuse is fair game- hell, the producers do it themselves!


I totally co sign on what you just said I know he’s not going to win it sucks though. Damn it he sure deserve it his social and mind game is out of this world. He doesn’t take personal shot at ppl its all for the game. He is not trying to be malicious just trying to win and pass time. He didn’t play like this last time its the ppl in this bb14 house that is a little different then some. I respect his game get its a game not the real world. Dan should win he partly took heat for dani and ian at some parts of the game that made him a target from the beginning. This summer sucks

quack-pack fan

Very well said!

So much has been said about Dan this season. Since he already won BB10 (7/0), he had to switch it up this season. Everyone knows how he played BB10 and were banking on him making same moves this season. This is probably why Dan had to play differently and much more cut throat. He knows exactly what he is doing and always stays a couple of moves ahead of everyone else.

It is amazing to me that fans who watch every season of BB expect people to be respectful, honest and follow the golden rule. This is BB and most importantly, a GAME which is ‘played’. You may not like how Dan is playing but look at where he is at – two players want to be in F2 with him. It doesn’t get much better. This guy has already won and it seems to escape everyone that he needs to be voted out in order not to let him win again.

Some of the antics with Danielle are a little hard to watch because he is so much inside her head – I have to keep reminding myself why he is doing it. He is preparing her to walk out to Julie as third evected on Wednesday. He also wants her vote too – Dan wants alot but amazingly he has got most of what he has aimed for so my hats off to him.

I don’t think he could do another season because I am not sure he could pull same moves. Season 10 was almost a set up for BB14 in that he was able to establish one kind of player and come into this game as another….and make it work!

Best BB player ever!


good point about him preparing her to be 3rd…I hadn’t thought of it like that….


I could not agree more,,and @quack-pack fan too
Plus juss some food for thought, think of how much mental abuse Dan has taken on through teaming up with danielle..i am being serious…dani drops so much obvious bs about her life and always wants to talk about herself in one way or another and none of it even has to do with game,,shes been lying about allll her shi!t from day one too except she goes on and on and on..and she’s always been free to part ways with Dan,,,as a diehard BB fan he’s free to play her or anyone else’s fool me three times dumass self.
Imagine being a hardcore BB fan AND former winner and having to babysit super fan Ian’s quack pack bb experience only dream…it would be so tempting for me to want to remind him along the way that people can win $500,000 on this show!but nope, gotta be quiet and keep listening and making fnkking duck quaks for this kid.
lol@ the Dan fans jumpin off the wagon for what he’s been doing to her last 24/48.hours…o ok I get it,70 days of Dan abusing the mind of danielle ?yeah that sh!ts kool, Dan FTW…but 71 days?ohhhhhhhhhhhh hellllll no..that’s just wrong
it will suck for the BB heads out here if Dan loses after displaying the kind of mastery that only visits BB too infrequently.
I also truly believe taking advantage of stupid people is somewhat underrated in that one cannot really use logic with them and they can become unstable at any point-a symptom of their stupidity.
Dan plays as if it is understood that this is an anything goes game with other aware, willing, consenting, pre screened by production adults. The difference is he COMMITS to it, where other players, viewers and some of his ex fans are only willing to commit to a certain point.

quack-pack fan


Dan deserves to win for all those reasons not least of which for dealing with Dani and her constant emotional breakdowns. I understand that part of the BB experience is a test of your ability to function with strangers for 70 days wiyhout any outside communication or stimulation. It would test the best of us for sure. It shows how much we cling to someone else to provide love, safety and protection. The game part of BB seems to be lost on so many, except Dan. Dan approaches this as a game – period.

Think about Dan’s picks when he was a coach….maybe he thought he could control Kara, Danielle, Jodi more than some of the obvious physical HG. He started playing the moment he walked into the BB house, make no mistake. Granted he lost one the first competition but that was kind of random then Kara was soon after. Danielle was probably the most loyal and BB savvy so she would be the one to trust and lay low with and start making moves to secure safety for the end game.

It was when Dani and Shane became too close that Dan made the final 2 with Ian. He knew that Dani would have difficulty picking at the end so he removed the obstacle and evicted Shane himself. May have upset Danielle but made sense for Dan since he is here to win.

Wednesday should be a good show – it will be good to see all the other HG and of course the crowning. Happy viewing!


WOW! Ghostfacekilla, I seriously think I love you! Someone who actually GETS it! I SO totally agree with you and just want to say “thank you” for putting my exact feelings into words. I look forward to more of your comments before this season is over and hope to see you back for BB15!


I’m not sure why everyone is overlooking the obvious: Dan’s social game sucked. I can’t fathom how people defend how he’s played the game while prefacing it with “if the jury doesn’t vote personally” or something to that affect. Don’t you guys realize that “social game” includes NOT burning those bridges?


dani, will you ever learn?

first, buy dan’s fake pity party.
next, give dan lots of ideas about what to say to the jury when he’s in the final 2.
then, make sure you run to ian and tell him what dan said, so ian will think dan is mentally fatigued, just like dan wants.

dani, remind me again, why did you make it to final 3? oh yes, you were the floater everyone wanted to carry to the end!


How is Dani a floater? She remained loyal to her alliance and never floated back and forth to whomever was in power. She won 2 HOHs and 2 POVs.

Go home Delusionelle

I cannot believe what I just watched! That was like and episode of the Twilight Zone. Dan needs to be in the CIA to spread his mist for the greater good rather than wasting it on this dense bitch! She just contradicted so many things she has said before when she is running her mouth. Last night she said that she is mad because she carried Dan- she just admitted to him that he carried her. A few days ago she was bragging about all of her competition wins, and Dan told her that’s not what the game is about- she just told him that it isn’t about comps. He basically just parroted one sentence to her, and then allowed her to ramble on and contradict 3 months of shit that has come out of her mouth. Dan is a genious! A sadistic one, but a genius nonetheless. Danielle now has a new condition that she can add to her neverending list of health ailments– asphyxiation by mist! Hope her insurance covers that because word on the street is it’s really hard to kick!

And on a side note, it bugs the crap out of me everytime she tells Ian or Dan that Dan has Shane’s vote! I can see other jury members getting past what Dan has done to them, but not Shane. It was too fresh to him and he got shanked the hardest. She thinks she can influence Shane? He’ll look at her and be like “remember what happened last time I listened to you? See where that got me? Oh, and for the record I do think Kara is hotter than you. As a matter of fact, I went on record and said that Wil, yes Wil, had the best legs in the house. No, I will not marry you! And check your mail for a package when you get home because I’m sending you a book to read- it’s called, He’s Not That Into You! And you need to go meet with production because they have the restraining order papers for you to sign.”


I don’t think Dan’s a genius at all. What he’s displaying are traits of a psychopath who can pick out the weak and vulnerable and sick his teeth in.

Not sure making deals then breaking them, as far as game moves, are the work of genius either. He basically lied his way through the game. What this means is that he’s just a bigger jerk than everyone else.


Why do people keep going back to Dan is a psychopath or sociopath. He is just playing a game, and a damn good one. He is sitting in a pretty great spot at the end in a game where people were gunning from him since the coaches started the game. It is pretty amazing if you ask me. I love Ian and to overcome being perceived as a weak player (physically) and a target from day one for his annoying the other house guests, makes him that much more deserving to be at the end. Danielle is actually a pretty good competitor, her only downfall was taking the advice of Dan the entire time and doing his bidding. She is bright and won a lot of comps, her major downfall is being whiny and clingy. I hope Ian wins, he deserves it and as a young adult and seemingly responsible person, he would probably use the money the wisest out of the new players. Dan and Ian for final two!!


A man shouldn’t treat a woman like this. Playing the game is one thing. Being so cold-hearted and outright enjoying the pain in her eyes is beyond what I ever saw on BB. He’s insensitive and immature as a human being.

Danielle is another story. She clearly needs to be under the care of a very good psychologist.


sink not sick

Karen N

Very Funny post. I had similar thought about Danielle’s stalker tendencies. First I thought about what Dan said about his home address being a P.O.Box instead of a house address. One has to wonder if that’s true giving the fact that Dan has had a front row seat to this crazy, lying lunitic and probably for both his wife’s and his own safety to never exchange information on his exact home address with Danielle. (She is probably planning on Christmas’ with her new family, the Gheesling and of couse she will bring her new Fiance’ Shane…) I also keep expecting to see Zingbot make another appearance to annouce that this time “Dan has a gift for you after the show….A Restraining Order”


Well, I like Dan but I cannot believe Dani is so stupid. Danielle has a good case to state to Ian to be in the final two, but she let’s herself get entangled in Dan and Ian’s b.s. She should tell Ian that getting rid of Dan, Janelle, Boogie and Dan was all the work of his doing, and Danielle cannot compete with that for being the best player. I think Ian has a better chance against Danielle then Dan.

Am I right or wrong?


She will go down as one of the most pathetic players to ever play the game.

Aqua Bernie

Ian just cracks me up!


He Quacks me up too! LOL

quack-pack fan

Ian is very special, I agree. Such a delightful guy and amazing memory. He has opened doors for others with ADHD to participate in shows like this and look how far he has come. No one carried him – he made big moves – won competitions – had the whole experience. I wish him well.

I think Dan deserves to win but I hope Ian gets $50K and America’s Choice.

Mama says:

Dan’s crap is really starting to get old now. Dani is too nice of a girl for him to keep doing this stuff to her just for his own shits and giggles. He has said before how important it is to him for his wife to be proud of him, I would love for someone to ask him if he thinks Chelsea would be proud of him and the way he has treated Dani and how he swore on the Bible as he was telling a lie. I have a feeling that she is very disappointed in him. I would love nothing more than to see Ian take Dani to final two, those two both deserve something for playing honest and decent games.


it would be, if only dani hadn’t given up saturday night after ian won part 2. she could still be in this, but can’t make it clear of dan’s mist…

Distant Observer

Ian wins HOH comp…..picks Danielle over Dan
Danielle forfeits her number 2 position for Dan to be F2
Ian for the Win


Simon or Dawg, I hate to ask, but I don’t have the feeds, only BBAD, and I’m wondering if there’s any way possible to get a screen cap of Danielle epically failing at her handstand last night during her workout. She did a couple of horribly-executed round-offs, then walked to the wall, flipped herself over, and just crumbled into a pile, and though I feel awful about it, I couldn’t stop laughing! Ian asking her if she was okay just made it worse, lol!!!


Is it just me or does it look like the stress on Danielle has made her lose like 10+ pounds…..I just watched her walking in the house and she seems like she has lost wait….I guess what the medical field says about stress can cause weight loss is true….


Yes Dan you are right. You and your game sucks. If anybody should win this game, it should be Frank, the one who saved your ass. If you do happen to win the 500g, you owe Frank some of that $$$.


This is my opinion for what it is worth. I believe Dan coached Dani to make Ian hate her, so Ian will not even consider taking her to the finals. Dan is playing this woe is me act, so Dani feels sorry for him and makes sure he has her vote if she does make it to the finals. This shows her respect for her hero.
He is covering all angles, so he goes to the finals and gets a sympathy vote from Danielle or a vote from Ian because he hates Danielle. He is covering all bases counting on going to the finals no matter, which way the HOH goes. Just IMHO.


Exactly!. And he will verbally jam it down her throat in his end all speech. He will leave her once again with her mouth dropped to the floor.

Ians Beer



I was upset when Dan evicted my boy Frank and while I still question someone who works for a Catholic school swearing on the Bible to win a game (actually I think boogies passage he read from the Bible in Sundays flashback was pretty fitting for what Dan’s done this summer, turning away from God for money), I admit the guys played the best game all summer and deserves to win.


All Dan has done is manipulate newbies. He’s already played this game before so of course he should win it.




I just realized the card game of Speed they played earlier was just like the final HOH competition….
Dan vs Dani – Dan won (HOH Pt 1)
Dani vs Ian – Ian won (HOH Pt 2)
Dan vs Ian – Ian wins! (HOH Pt 3)
Dan runs around delusional, trying to make up reasons why he really won….just like he’ll do when the jury votes Ian the WINNER!!! LOL

The mist

Simon and dawg I have a question, up to this point in bb history who would you say is the best player? Would dan winning solidify it? I’m asking mainly as the Dr. Will versus Dan debate. Dan is my favorite, also a top 5 or 10 list. Also love the site, thanks for all your hard work!

Mist for President

Question for you Simon: They have been talking about jury votes a lot lately and they keep bringing up this Jenn person. Any idea who this person is?


Ah I too have been hearing about this Jenn person. Yes Yes I once heard that she was not ready to leave bc she had just turned up the…. what is this thing you call the burnner? They say its been such a lost.


Jenn is the the first imaginary contestant in BB history. Only children can see her

Ians Beer

No…only punk rockers over 35 years old can see ?

Dan Defector

Up until yesterday, I was a fan of Dans game play. I felt that Dan was the mastermind of the game. Things changed yesterday when I saw that Dan went overboard on his manipulation and control of the remaining competitors, and appears to enjoy it. His behavior no longer appeared to be in the spirit of the game, and I found it disturbing that he felt it necessary to be so disrespectful towards Danielle when it wasn’t even necessary. After seeing that level of devious behavior, I would still question his ethics outside of the house because Dans behavior shows what he is capable of. Too bad.

Aqua Bernie

Simon and Dawg I have to say I enjoy this site so much. You two make it fun and comical! thank you for the laughs. I look forward to each season. And thank you again!!


I think its a pretty brilliant strategy. Throwing the 3rd part of the HOH is suicidal but if he is 100% that ian will take him to F2 and i am pretty sure that is the case then whimpering to danielle guarantees him her vote pretty much. Whereas winning it and evicting danielle is pretty much a guarantee that he loses to ian.
1. Convince Dani to go off on ian
2. This assure that ian takes dan to f2
3. Throw the final part of the HOH to ian so he gets no blood on his hands for danielles eviction
4. This locks up a Dani vote for dan

Pretty brilliant. Highly doubtful that dani can seing shanes vote. And brittanys vote is sealed. But if theres 1 person she can convince to vote for dan its Jenn.


When Dan tried to throw Dani under the bus while whispering to Shane “Dani has been playing you the whole time, ask Jenn”, right after evicting the guy, just goes to show how pathetic his game actually is. Dr.Will never had to do that pathetic shit. LOL & he begs ppl to throw comps for him, it’s sad & pathetic.


Danielle is a crazy, lunatic.

She is a patent case.

From early childhood she has endured mental and physical trauma.

This has added layers of damaged emotions to her personna.

Those layers that have been added to her psychosis leaver her immune and numb.

When she gets emotional, she is actually separated from those feelings.

Whether she cries in agony, delusion, despair, disgust, shame,

There is no need to pity her cause she is immune to the severity of such emotes.

Additionally, she has been riddled with xanax, lithium, etal: flouridated drugs of every spectrum.

This helps in the detachment between her id and destructive stimuli.

She has been manipulated by Dan in this BB game because she was conditioned for this purpose.

Her former coach and “life skills” facilitator being: MIKE ULTRAIN.

Don’t feel sorry for her, she will go back to her life of delusion which provides a barrier from reality,

And her parents being elite and well-connected will provide her with comfort and shelter from guilt and sound reasoning.

I could go on about Danielle, I could even right 2 books about her but brevity is of import.


Ladies and gentlemen, the world’s longest haiku. Honey Boo Boo don’t care ’bout no 5-7-5

Go home Delusionelle

Honey Boo Boo don’t give a shit!

Dan is THE MAN

Funniest thing I’ve read for a long time! LOL


dude I don’t know if you’re playing or not but the thought of Mike Ultrain’s training crept in my head a couple times with the illogical robot stupidity displayed by some of the HG some time after the whole dans funeral thing..seriously..I started thinking bout the psychologist sessions in th DR..and my brain always thought it was weird Dan and Dan(ielle)…Monarchs F3! …but then I remembered I’m crazy


In the final 3, Danielle will be the only one who doesn’t even have a chance at winning America’s Choice as a consolation prize. If for whatever reason Ian wins the final HOH and doesn’t take Dan, Dan will almost FOR SURE get America’s Choice. If Dan wins HOH and doesn’t take Ian, then Ian will almost FOR SURE get America’s Choice. If Ian and Dan both go to the finale… Danielle will practically be sh!t out of luck because she doesn’t even have a shot lol. Britney’s got more of a shot than Dani and that’s because Britney was evicted over three people ago.

Someone's Tripping

You do realize that the first two stages of the competition have already happened, and both Dan and Ian are going to the finale? Ian is probably going to get America’s Choice regardless of what the outcome of the game is (unless there is a rule that doesn’t let 1st place winner also get AC).


Do you think all this survivor talk is to promote the new season on Wednesday….sure has been the topic of conversation:-0 lol big brother promoting CBS!! I love survivor, what are the boards like for survivor?! Do you see things we don’t?! Just wondering saw that you had a survivor board too:) thx


“I never once thought I carried you”

Ummm, not what you said to Ian a day or so ago, Miss Thang! In Danielle’s mind she’s been carrying Dan this entire time.

She is exhibit #1 when the question is raised about why more woman don’t win these shows more often. The emotional train wrecks always make it farther into the game, standing behind a man and the truly beautiful women who have twice the intellect and three times the common sense always get voted out early. I am sick of seeing the ugly basket cases float or take orders on how to get to the end.

King Silva

God I really really hope Ian wins the final part of the last HOH.

He needs to win this game!

I absolutely don’t want that lying Judas Dan to win again and Danielle winning would not be good either in my honest opinion.

So come on Ian you should be good with the questions!


Please, you act like Dan’s the only one who has lied this entire season. Can you name anyone (other than possibly Jodi) who hasn’t lied this year?


id rather have more bb than a new survivor, or i should say this new survivor. no one of interest returning, but still returning 3 people…why….

id rather watch bb all stars, bring boogie, rachel and jeff/jordan in the house with every other name and let them have one big final go at it. we all know the ratings dont give us many more years of BB

BattleKat Canuck

Almost over…
I have to admit, I may be glad to see the final car pass on this train wreck. Dan is like a mean, sneaky little kid, going around breaking people’s toys and laughing about it. The toy he broke this time is Danielle. She is so eager to please him that it’s just sad. Ian, I dunno…I think he will probably win the money an do the right thing for his future, his mom and dad will guide him back into the normality of life. I think though he does need to visit a specialist and get on some sort of chemical intervention! Yikes, if that hammock could talk! 3 very different people that in real life would NEVER interact…I guess that’s the social experiment that is Big Brother.

Ians Beer

From one Canuck to another….Dan did NOT break Danielle! That young woman was broken long before she came in the BB house.


Now Danielle is just high as a kite. We’re seeeing a drugged up player. An artificial house guest, because production doesn’t have a 7th voter at this stage. Understandable.

They have a predicament. Dan, I’m sure, has been told to behave in a certain way. The name of the game is damage control. Simples.

Daniel is scary. A total loose cannon. Doesn’t stop Dan from frantically trying to find out from Ian about strategy from Ian..via Survivor. So frikken transparent. Who won, why, what did the winner say, what was memorable, and, of course, you could hear Dan’s heart DROP, every time Ian mentioned * Bitter Jury*,

Ah, therein lies the crunch. Bitter jury? That’s what Dan has to overcome. Is he worried? Ummmmmm. yes. Duh.

Productions only worry, is how much do they medicate the freak. There must be a happy medium. It’s now between a virago, and a dulcet fake.

The real deal..is a self absorbed delusional jealous, insecure liar.

Whatever. The name of the game is to keep her medicated until Wednesday. Then, let others take care of her.

Danielles’s making dinner. Wun, Wabbit, wun. A fweak is loose. Even Dan is worried. Danielle being nice, is scaaaaaaarrrrryyyyyyyyyy.


Someone said here that first and second place winners cannot win America’s choice also? Is that true?

Will Danielle be able to watch the last HOH competition?

Linda in Texas

When Shane was evicited,

was pacing from one side of the house to the other saying to himself,

“In order to be the best you much beat the best” was he implying that Dan would be his next target.

Ians Number One Fan

I really do want Ian to win, but, from a game perspective, Dan is the master of this game and it’s players.
Evil, psychopath, etc… Doesn’t matter in BigBrother world. That is the point he has made all season.

Go Ian!!!


dr will had the house guests in awe of him, deep down they all loved him and wanted to be like him. the girls wanted to get with him and the guys wanted to be him. Then even when he pissed them off or sent them home he could still play on that awe, love and respect they had for him. Dan doesnt have that, he is too creepy and has no charisma or charm. Dr Will was the ultimate BB player, no one really comes close


Have to agree, anybody can lie and scumbag people left and right. The trick is making them still like you after you did it. Dan is missing that.


Maybe Dan is Brilliant. If he says to the jury “Danielle herself said I carried her the entire game”….didn’t he just do that??? Or am I thinking to hard on this. He really seemed to be playing her and she bought it…..hook, line and sinker. Maybe he is just maniacal enough to think “okay, if I Take Danielle, I have to be able to beat her in the end, so I will get her to admit I am king, then I can use that in my jury speech.

Too overthought?


dr will loved himself, but would show us why he was great with purpose

dan is like a kid doing something borderline bad, but just dangerous enough to test their wild side. he gets all giddy over being able to mess with you, and lie and betray your trust then get it back, that he then feels the need to explain it in the DR like a douche, yelling at us about how awesome he is “look at me, I can be mean too!!!

and its pretty gross watching how much of a BS he is on religion. so mike boogie reading the bible is just shocking, yet the man who is playing a more dirty game than boogie, and will leave the girl more damaged than mike left erica(danielle), I just fail to see this holy man that dan claims to be. stop hiding behind the book, dan.

that said, he should win, its a game, but if he doesn’t, ian is going to become the most annoying big headed winner not named dan

fifty shades of dan misting danielle

he has to take Ian atleast if he loses he wil lose to a better player then Danielle…she wanted a man not money…she deserves nothing..


This will be the first time Dan will be two time winner & Either Britney or Janelle become a two time America Favorite Houseguest. I’m pulling for Frank to get America Favorite Houseguest.


Once again Dan makes me sick! This is no longer about winning the game. This guy gets off to playing with people’s minds and emotions! What a freakin sicko! I knew he was playing Dani right away. I have zero respect for this guy. He needs some serious help. Don’t think for a minute this doesn’t have his wife thinking about who she REALLY married. Ian’s gonna rock his way to a cool $500,000!

dreamer danielle

please IAN win final HOH take Dan


danielle is the most vulnerable person I have ever seen…………..last nite on BBAD…..she actually believed dan’s BS……then, when she left the room….he started laughing………….man, I would love to be a fly on the wall when she and Ian go back and watch the reruns and see what a fool he made of each of them ! he is unbelieveably EVIL ! ! ! and…………..I bet in “real” life…….he’s not much different ! ! ! wish some of his hometown friends and coworkers would comment on here !


I can’t feel sorry for Danielle. I am enjoying watching Dan play with her head. She was the most annoying thing about this season. Her and Frank are the two most delusional players I’ve seen in a while. Danielle has taken the title of Biggest Pathological Liar from Gnatalie. She thinks that America loves her. Is she in for a surprise. They better have a psychiatrist standing by with meds when she starts reading the blogs. All of her pointless non game related lies will be waiting for her when she leaves the safe cocoon of the BB house. Trey, her 3 (or 4) degrees, her cancer, her abusive parents, the time when her parents were going to sell her to gypsies, her imaginary brother, her myriad of health problems (it’s amazing she had time to go to school with all the hospitalizations she must have had), her imaginary showmance with Shane, her friends that have unfriended her on FB. The girl is going to need help. I can totally see Shane at the finale trying to hook up with the girl that he was attracted to from day one – Kara. If you were Shane would you rather have some intimate moments with sexy gorgeous playmate or psycho zit face podonka thighs? A no brainer.

Ians Beer

If she was ever (let’s just pretend LOL) to win the 500k that would be when good ole Shane would be on her like underpants in the dryer without cling free!