Ian says Boogie said you were whiny, had a pouty face, you didn’t clean up, and you complained about everything.

First HOH Dan Second HOH Ian
Third HOH  ? Final HOH ?
Last Evicted Houseguest SHANE

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4:30pm – 4:55pm They start talking about Frank and Ashley and what they have done in the jury house. Dan says if we were talking baseball, how far would they have gone? Danielle says oh third base for sure by now. Danielle says that she thinks Ashley and Jenn have done something too. Dan asks like what? Danielle says that she can’t prove it but thinks they kissed or something. Ian comments that’s a really hot image isn’t it? Dan asks what? Ian says them going half log. Dan says that’s gross. They continue to talk about that sexu*l conversation that Frank, Ashley, Britney, Shane and Danielle had in the bathroom earlier in the season. The conversation turns to talking about Hooters. Danielle says that she would never work there because she cares about her reputation. The conversation turns to Danielle asking Ian about the nasty things Boogie said about the others. Ian talks about how Boogie told him he needs to hate these people. Danielle asks what he said about Shane. Ian says that he mostly just insulted his intelligence. Ian says he said you were whiny, had a pouty face all the time, you didn’t clean up, you complained about everything. Danielle says I cleaned and vacuumed every Thursday. Ian says Boogie said he was going to call mother***ers out! Danielle starts getting really pissed and says that she could go off about him but she won’t because it’s the last day of the live feeds. What an a$$! I hate him! I would rather go off on him to his face just for dramatic effect. They continue to talk about past events of the house.

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5pm – 5:30pm Danielle asks Ian how many people he thought had plastic surgery. Ian says Janelle and Kara. Dan asks is that it? Ian says yeah, why did someone else. Danielle laughs. Dan asks her why are you laughing do you know something we don’t. Danielle says no. Danielle asks Ian if girls have fake boobs does that change what you think of them. Ian says no, why do you? Danielle says yeah. Dan asks what really?! (Dan already knew) Ian comments that yesterday when she was working out he noticed that they didn’t move but figured she was just wearing a really good sports bra. Dan asks did Shane know? Danielle says no. Dan then brings up how Shane said he hated fake boobs. Ian says that it has to work out. Danielle asks what? Ian says you and Shane have to work out. Dan says he is less optimistic, he doesn’t think it will work out. Dan and Danielle give Ian tips on what to say as a message when he calls the girl (Taylor) that he likes from Tulane. Danielle tells Ian not to say he is Ian from big brother. She says that’s a d*uche bag move. They continue to reminisce about the past events of the season.


5:37pm – 5:45pm Danielle heads inside the house. Dan asks Ian if Danielle has any idea? Ian says no. Dan says he thinks for some reason she thinks I am going to take her. Ian says I hope she doesn’t get her hopes up. Ian comments that when she has asked him if he will take her and he says that he just looks the other away. Dan comments on how she hasn’t had a Keesha moment yet. Dan says that just so you know if I win there won’t be any antics or speeches. What about you? Ian says no, because I will tell her I stick to what I say.. The conversation turns to talking about survivor.


5:55pm – 6pm Dan and Ian continue to talk in the backyard, while Danielle is inside the kitchen cutting up the chicken for “renegade nuggets”. Dan and Ian continue talking about past events of the house and other random things.

6:30pm Dan’s in the kitchen breading the renegade nuggets.. Danielle is watching. Ian is swinging in the hammock.


6:45pm Danielle asks Dan if he could have picked different players, would you have picked different players?” Dan says no. He says that the only other person I wanted to pick was Shane but after getting to know him and how he plays the game, I wouldn’t have. Dan says that he never would have picked Frank. They continue to talk about past events of the house.

7:05pm – 7:15pm Danielle and Dan talk about Frank walking out the door. Danielle laughs about the look on his face, then she says I shouldn’t be laughing it could be my happy a** walking out the door next. Dan says that how sad would you be if didn’t win the final HOH. Danielle tells Dan that as long as he gives it his all. Dan says he will be disappointed in himself. Dan says that he knows he has to win for both of them but doesn’t want to think about it. Danielle start talking about her new furniture and how much she spent on it. Dan jokes about the amount she spent. Danielle says sorry not all of us have half a million dollars. Dan says I don’t, it goes to $300,000 over night. Dan asks Danielle if she is ready for all the questions to be about her and Shane. Danielle says no. Dan asks Danielle if she would ever do The Amazing Race with Shane? Danielle says no, I would rather do it with you.

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7:20pm – 7:35pm Danielle asks Dan when he thinks she will be married? Dan says when she is 26. Danielle asks why 26? Dan says you still got to mature some more, you are still immature in some areas. Danielle asks like what? Dan says that she is immature when it comes to guys and seeing when to recognize sooner when a guy doesn’t like her. Danielle says that she has a hard time letting go if there isn’t a genuine fault. Danielle says that it depends on what Trey wants when she gets home and whether or not she will pursue Shane. Dan comments that she would drop anything if he calls. The nuggets are done so they call Ian in and all sit down to eat.


7:45pm – 8:05pm Dan, Danielle and Ian sit around the table talking about Big Brother 12 and how the Brigade told Britney about their alliance and how they were voting her out. They then talk about season 13 and how the final 3 played out. Dan asks how Jordan took it being voted out. Ian says that she took it like an adult. The conversations turns to remembering each of the zings the Zingbot did on each of the house guests. Dan comments on how all their families are here and probably like a half hour away. Dan says that its going to be hard to sleep tonight. Then he says he won’t be sleeping tomorrow night. Dan heads into the bathroom and tries to take the trimmer into the toilet. Danielle tries to help him run the cord under the door. It doesn’t work so he says tomorrow we won’t be on camera, I’ll do it then. Ian zings Dan saying what do you and Willie have in common.. You and he only won HOH once! ZING!


8:15pm Ian is out in the backyard swinging in the hammock while Dan and Danielle clean the kitchen.

8:15pm – 8:55pm Ian is out in the backyard swinging in the hammock while Dan and Danielle clean the kitchen. Dan and Danielle sit down at the table with the cards. Dan asks Danielle if she can figure out the total amount of eviction votes. Danielle says 56. Dan says that’s not what I got, 59. They use the cards and Danielle adds them up and finds there are 59. Dan then asks how many hours have we been inside the house. They calculate 1776 hours in the house. Dan says okay how many minutes? Danielle says that she did 74 days so just make it 1780. They continue to calculate more hours, minutes, and seconds. Danielle asks if his vote to evict Jodi would count? Dan says yes. Danielle says 60. Dan asks would you be disappointed if I lost the HOH tomorrow. Danielle says no, not if you gave it your all.. but you keep saying that is making me nervous. I keep having nightmares of you throwing it. Dan asks why would I do that? Danielle says so you could win it. Dan says I can’t win it either way. Dan says that he is going to give it his best shot, either I lose to you or I lose to Ian .. it doesn’t matter. Dan asks do you think I have any chance at winning. Danielle says yeah because you have won it before, you have played an amazing social game, you know everyone. Ian does not, he only knows Britney. The only jury vote you don’t know for sure is Joe, right?! Dan says yeah. Danielle says that she never would have thrown that HOH if she didn’t think he had a better chance at beating him. Danielle gets Dan to swear on Chelsea. Dan says that he would rather win than her or Ian but says that will never happen. Danielle asks what happened to you wanting me to win 7-0. Danielle tells Dan if he gets her to the end he will complete the promis he made to her the first night. Danielle asks if he thinks being nervous will mess him up. Dan says no, I don’t get nervous. Dan and Danielle continue to play their card game. Danielle says all in all I am blessed and happy that I got this far, but of course I came here to win the money.. but if that’s not an option then.. Danielle says as long as you tried your hardest, then it wasn’t meant to be..


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Now Danielle is going to be crying about Ian saying all these things about her. Just like she said Ian was talking about her body, when it was her asking Ian what Boogie said.


Why would anyone give a shit what boogie said…he is one gross tool!!


Is it just me or has Ian really gained some confidence since starting this game?


Danielle is so freaking sane and thin and well-adjusted and positive and pleasant. I just don’t see how anybody dislikes her. She’s the rose in a cornfield, the sun ray through the clouds.

Honey Boo Boo Child

Danielle is the rose t;horn in your corn-holio and the sun ray in a solar eclipse blinding your eyeballs!

Go home Delusionelle

Danielle is the rose that grew from concrete


half log explanation anyone?


Just snorted my drink over that one. So funny; haven’t heard that one before. But… ewww… thinking about Frank’s log. *shudder*


I am SERIOUSLY worried for Danielle when she gets out of the house. Hope her skin thickens, or she is gonna be crushed.

TV People Don't Know You Exist

All the scars from her zits should help thicken her skin.


And once again I find myself disturbed by someone who isn’t even in the house. Straight-talkin’ [sick] mothafucka.


Boogie and Frank had a strange bond. While Boogie always imagined Frank in a that carrot suit and that “log” against his ass he exploited Frank’s dreams and in the end prepared them for shit.

Ians Beer

LOL but now… *running to take a shower* ( feelin’ dirty just thinkin about that big sloth, ugh)


Oh please get over yourself!


lol Danielle just asked what Boogie said about Shane and Ian starts talking about the things Boogie said about Dani


I can’t wait for her to get out of the house and find out that the world thinks she is a lying, deluded psychopath.


Beware. She will have to confront us all individually. Then she will call Dan to cry to him about it, only to find out that Dan gave her a bogus phone number. Who will she call next? Trey who she lied about? Her friends who she talked bad about or embarrassed with sexual secrets or who never liked her in the first place? Her parents who she told that she’d been kidnapped with no further explaination? Her ‘patients’ at the nursing home? Who else? Just watch out for Danielle because in a few years, she’s gonna have a personality exactly like Rachel. Oh boy! *Just gonna stand there and watch me burn, that’s alright because I like the way it hurts. Just gonna stand there and hear me cry, that’s alright because I love the way you lie.*




I see her more like Annie Wilkes in Misery. Shane, guard your feet!

Old Man Jenkins

Get the hell off my lawn. All you dumbass kids with skateboards and hip hop music. Aught to be ashamed of yourselves. If you dont take all your crap and get off my lawn in the next 5 seconds, I am gonna put my boot up your asses. One……………………..Two……………………..Three………………………Fo….


Huh?? (ought)


Hey Old Man! …… Put the crack pipe down!!!!


i will bet later she will tell dan boogie didnt say those things about me its all ian lol i cant wait for her to leave also

Honey Boo Boo Child

Dan will probably be jailed for arson after he burns down the church for having to light all those candles to atone for his sins, of course, he can mist the judge into blaming Danielle for doing it.

joe's teeth

when will the last HOH competition happen between ian and dan? will it be on tomorrow’s live show?

Fan of Mister Dan

Are all of you so special that you feel so superior to Dani??? It is getting old. When I have watched the feeds especially yesterday, Dan was jumping off the walls with all his energy! I happen to think he has a great sense of humor and am still rooting my Michigan man to bring the big prize home. It will be interesting to see how it plays out and to see if Dan actually throws the last HOH. Hope he wins it and takes Dani. Ian can come back another season…GO DAN


If you truly watched the feeds you’d understand why people dislike Danielle so much. She’s INCREDIBLY self-centered and she lies about her personal life regularly…not even as gameplay, just to make herself seem better to the other people and/or the viewers. She also whines incessantly. I don’t feel “superior” to Danielle or anyone else, but I’m willing to bet that she’s just as annoying outside the House.

Go home Delusionelle

I think it’s funny, and a bit ironic, that Danielle made fun of JoJo for admitting to liking anal- because it seems to me that she has thoroughly enjoyed having Dan’s hand up her ass all season!

Delusionelle Tunnel Vision

Which was hard to do since she also has her head up there too

Honey Boo Boo Child

Is that called oranal?


too funny…roflmao


jOJO said she liked anal? I just got a quarter chub


Daniel says she would never work at Hooters, no shit she couldn’t, they don’t hire woman like her, there is nothing wrong with working at Hooters, the girls that worked there as pretty and are making money to support themselves you idiot! its a job, that is just how stupid that girl is, to think it would tarnish your rep is just stupid, her rep is already tarnish for being a Bully in the house to someone that never did anything to her and please stop blaming Dan for her doing that, it’s not Dan fault, she could have told him NO! but she decided to act the way she did because she is just a nasty person! Hope they send her packing I can’t take another day with that crazy as bat shit person Daniel! I want her to go off on somebody other than Ian so that someone will put that crazy bat shit girl in her place, I know let me do it.


Excuse Danielle for having an opinion. There’s no need for you to jump down her throat for having one. I’d like to see what you’d be like and what you’d say if you were in the BB house for over 70 days? Get over yourself!!!


Ok, and Cathy gave you her opinion of Dani and I agree with it. Dani is a full fledge lunatic. Your precious Dani is so confused that its like watching a train wreck in slow motion. She wants to go on Amazing Race with Dan, not Shane. Ah Dani, there is no way Chelsea after seeing u on this show lets you anywhere near Dan again. You then talk about Trey and how much you miss him, then is the same breath you talk about pursuing Shane. First I thought Zingbot’s joke about Shane needing a restraining order on Dani was funny. There is nothing funny about it now, Dani needs mental help. Shane, stay away…stay far away ….and if you ever see Dani again …!


Keesha was a Hooters girl. I think Dani Donato was too (might be wrong about that).

Team Ian Big Dog

Hoping Ian wins part 3 of HOH. If Dan wins, he will screw him over and take Dani. Dan is not just lying anymore for game .. he is being cruel keeping both Ian and Dani believing that he will take them to F2. If he makes it to F2 with Dani, hope he loses. Hope the jury does not reward him for exploiting a mentaly unstable girl. How could he celebrate a win like that? He is no BB genius in my opinion. Yes Dani is annoying, but it is obvious she has some mental health issues.

Ian for the win.

Fan of Dan from AZ



I’m curious. How should Dan be treating Dani? He’s there to win a game.

Also, you think Dan should tell Ian and Dani his true plans? “So Ian, if you win, please take me but if I win I’m taking Dani,” That wouldn’t work out very well for Dan now would it?

And if he does intend to take Ian, why should he give this information to Dani at this point of the game? Why would he want to subject himself to her antics more than necessary?

If Dan is being cruel…isn’t Ian also being cruel? As far as I’ve seen, Ian hasn’t come out and said, “Dani, I have no intention of taking you to the final 2.”

I’m not convinced that all of Dani’s antics aren’t for show. “Feel sorry for me.”


random: i finally watched Jenn’s live chat w Jeff ….holy hey yell she was CLUELESS in this game!!! she actually thinks Ian voted her out because he saw he as a threat…..whoah talk about in for a shock once they get out….. haha

production rigged it

if she thinks she was a threat then she must have took a bunch of danielle’s delusional pills because the only thing she was at threat at was boring everybody to death, hell most of the time nobody even knew she was there.


A bit of a random question, but does anyone know why Renny and Keesha from BB10 don’t talk to Dan anymore?


can’t wait till tomorrow this time!! I am going to have withdraws, what I am I going to do after Wednesday?? Think this has been the best season of BB in a long time!! Still wish people weren’t so mean towards the guests. I bullied a girl when I was younger … you know what many, many, many years later my daughter was bullied in school. It so hurts when someone you love is bullied. Those people finding behind keyboards and bullying are cowards!! Danielle is a real person and quite normal for her age. LOVE DAN …. AND WOULDN’T MIND IAN WILLING … only because I think Danielle gave up or gave it up.


It’s not normal to be that self-absorbed, entitled, dishonest about your past (in a very real, non-game way) and to need that much attention when you’re 23 years old. She’s an adult, and when she doesn’t act like one (which is always), I have no problem pointing it out on, ahem, a Big Brother site.


You must not have many female friends in their 20’s.


if mental illness is normal….then yes……she is normal.


DAN FTW! I hope he wins again-he truly played the “game” for all it was worth. I am not going to be judgmental about his methods, I just remember that this is a game where lying,backstabbing,and a strategy better than anyone else is what gets you a $500k check. They all have family and friends at home-the goal here was not to make more! Dan has been amazing, crazy, conniving and deserves the win. Watching him has been fun(albeit painful at times)! Ian(bless his heart) has been hilariously disturbing and oddly endearing. Dani-a train wreck-but the most loyal(for whatever the reason)person in the house. I can’t really pick between Ian and Dani,so I want Dan to win part 3,take Dani(who will NOT win against him),and Ian will win the 25k from the fans. They’ll all win some money,and after this crazzzy summer-all 3 deserve it for being the final 3.Thanks everyone for all the hard work this season! Luv u guys!

Another Lost Bama Girl

Did you really just thank ****** on the OBB site? You know how douchey Danielle would find that. OBB rocks, give them their kudos and pony up a donation as a nice apology.


I could not agree more with how u just put that and I am hoping for that exact scenario to play out

Fan of Dan from AZ

Dan has made all the big moves this year – he deserves to win. Like the phoenix he rose from the ashes when he was supposed to be out. Dan deserves the win.

Ians Beer

I think Dan geniunely likes Ian….game aside I could see them both keeping in contact with each other after BB is over.


I 100% agree with that, Ian’s Beer. Great observation!

Revenge of the Nerds

I have a question for those more knowledgeable. In the jury house, wont Jenn fill in the houseguests about the Dan/Dani fake fight? Wont Shane find out that Dani has played him all along? Wont they find out and compare the final 3’s secrets ie deals made etc and wouldnt that in turn factor into there decision to award the money? Like if Britt find out Dani was in on her getting booted I cant see her voting for Dani etc. How does the jury house work as far as the sharing of info?

Revenge of the Nerds

I keep seeing all the speculation of who will vote for who, but in my opinion if the jury house finds out what was really going on that they didnt know it would seriously influence who they in fact do vote for. I could never see Britt voting for Dani if she knew about Dani’s complicity. Or Shane hatred of Dan simmering if he found out that Dani knew about the funeral etc I could see him in fact voting for Dan.


Shelley from BB13 said on Twitter that they are actually kept seperate in the jury house and are only brought together finally at the taping….she said even jeff & Jordan were kept seperated and they didnt see each other until the show started..she said they are in hotel rooms….i thought that was weird but she said CBS/BB take it really seriously…hmmm ?

she was answering a question re: Dani no being able to taint the jury like she threatened…..


They’re not allowed to talk about the game unless they are on camera.


what does dan mean when he said she hasn’t had a keesha moment?

Staying Clueless

It’s when that light bulb goes off over her head and she knows she’s stuck at #3…Dan & Ian are only taking each other and she’s shit outta luck.

Danielle's - Keesha Moment

Incredibly, 75% of the OBB regular posters haven’t, either! They’re still FULLY pondering things like, “Who will win HOH Part 3?” and “______ better not throw Part 3!”, when Dan has already long ago 100% decided to throw Part 3 to Ian (and he knows it), or “I think Ian & Dan will stab the other one, and take Danielle to the final instead!”, even though both Ian & Dan have been 100% solid on taking each other since HOH Part 2 ended Saturday.. I just think Danielle’s fans won’t accept she’s “3rd place and in jury” until they finally see it themselves tomorrow night – even though it’s been a “done deal”, for 3 days now.


Oh that’s right, Dan never lies

Batman Bin Suparman



Dan should win BB he played the game better then anyone there. I like Ian except when he curses up a storm on BB after dark. Danielle has been mean to Ian and just plain crazy to watch and listen to. A big turnoff.


Did Dan say anything about keesha, during their talk about hooters, didn’t keesha from BB10 work at hooters??

Team Frank YO!!

Hey Simon I got a question about your Survivor blog… Will you know who gets booted before each week… we will have updates similar to this site which i love thanks!! so pretty much… unlike bb would the survivor blog tell us who goes before the show because i actually do enjoy watching the shows… So i really enjoy all the work you guys do and did give my donation so if you could just go through the format of the new blog and give the website again I would greatly appreciate it!!!

Thanks for all your hardwork Simon and Dawg


Thanks Team Frank yo!!
Not sure how things will play out for survivor.. There is no live feeds so I will be at the mercy of leaked info and teaser clips.

There is always a considerable amount of leaked info but it’s not like Big Brother


when Ian said the image of the half log was hot he was talking about Jenn and Ashley, how is that a half log scenario??? see below:
“Danielle says that she thinks Ashley and Jenn have done something too. Dan asks like what? Danielle says that she can’t prove it but thinks they kissed or something. Ian comments that’s a really hot image isn’t it? Dan asks what? Ian says them going half log. ”
So how do jenn and ashley go half log??

So is Dan lieing to Ian talking about no antics and he is taking Ian if he wins?? or more lies right to Ians face and we will get another creepy speech if Dan wins HOH cuts Ian and takes danielle?? to me it seems, Dan is really taking Ian and will just throw the HOH…Ians best move is to cut Dan and discuss slaying the big 3 in this game…thats game set match for Ian


I can’t really tell.

I’m almost positive Ian would take Dan if he won.

I think Dan would take Danielle, just not sure if he’s going to throw it to Ian or not.

The 3rd part of the final HOH is kind of a crapshoot too. With some of those questions about the jury, you could try to throw it and end up winning anyway.

Would make for epic TV though. Danielle would be absolutely crushed if Dan won and took Ian.

billy bob

he told ian he’ll give him his chain tonight to keep if he backstabes him and ians giving him his veto ball and glasses so it sounds like dan is goin to throw it,but u never know with dan,

Frank's and Jenn's Log

After more than 70 days in the BB and/or jury house, I’m sure more than a few “frisky” HGs would agree that “half a log is better than none!” I LOVE that Dan just said, “Our familiies are already here, probably half an hour away. Gonna be tough to sleep tonight. But I’ll tell you one thing – I’m not gonna be doin’ ANY sleeping tomorrow night!” (Get ready for a “Happy Reunion Marathon”, Chelsea!!!)


the flashbacks to early in the season on sundays episode showed Ian on day 1 hour 1 and from seeing that you can clearly see how much Ian has grown. The kid is now a pretty confident full out assasin of sorts and has come such a long way from Day 1 when he almost passed out from idol worship when Boogie walked in the house. Ians basically become a rock star of sorts in his own unique way and should have tons of really hot quasi nerdy type girls all over him when he gets out


Danielle is in love with Dan!!! Oh no….he has to be careful with her because she wants more than she can have!! She wants to do amazing race with Dan?! I’m sure his wife would love that!! Although I have always thought that Dan and Ian act like brothers thought that since the start and Ian is nerdy like Dan was in BB10!! I like them together I think they really do like each other and they would be fun to watch do amazing race together I’d watch that!!! Good luck Chelsea you might want to make sure you don’t ever get a bunny!! Poor Danielle isn’t only going to be hurt by comments as much as she will be when reality hits her that Dan is really married and that it’s over for her and Dan!! That is what’s going to crush her!!


Ian thought the image of a Jenn and Ashley half log was hot… do two girls Half Log? was he insinuating without clarification that maybe jenn would strap one on?? anyone?


THAT’s what I took from it!!! ;-) <3


I figure cuz we always thought Jenn was half man, therefore she might have half a log?? Just a guess :)


Could be, could be.

Twister time!!!!


He has a semi-crush on Ashley, i believe he was infering he would be turned on watching 2 girls kiss and he would be the recipient of the half-log


I wish there was live feeds of the jury house!


VOTE DAWG don’t shit on a dream


I don’t know if I’d watch Dan and Danielle on Amazing Race…. Now Dan and Memphis(The true Renegades)…Hell Yes!!!!!


Oh man I have missed this site. The drama, politics, sex, religion, all in one place. The only thing missing in my opinion is wedgiearchnemesis, what happened to that guy? Man, he had a difficult time forming sentences. Was he silenced? If so I blame all the people who responded to him in their posts.

As a late arrival I just gotta say I’m hoping dan wins this I guess i just like slippery characters for my BB champs. Disappointed last season (oh dani), couldn’t get into this season early, but sometimes there is one character that grabs my attention and compels me to watch towards the end and thankfully this season had one. Dan seems to think about every single thing he says and does and how it will affect the actual game at every moment. I’m sure the other players have their merits, but the mere fact that he has already won this once and has been left standing by his fellow competitors once again weighs heavy for me. You know, fool me once…..


What are all these great moves Dan has made that I keep hearing about.I remember the funeral that was good and evicting Shane which I can see as a good move as well other then that where is this great many moves he’s made.I see the quality but not the quanity.

production rigged it

i completely agree i don’t see the quanity either, they might be counting the blindside of frank too, but still though.


I think people are counting all of the HOH’s he controlled that his QP team members won.


I just read an interview with Chelsea, she saids Dan will not throw the HOH competition, and he will take Danielle, he is messing with Production.


Chelsea knows about as much as we do!. I am not in the house and she isn’t either.

Dans getting misted right now...

What does that mean..messing with production? does it mean he is gonna take ian at the End or lose to Danielle…cuz if Ian takes Dan the blood is not on his hands…if Dan kicks out Ian …Ian will vote for Dani.and she will win4 to 3


Ladybug, first off, I don’t know how Chelsea could know that. Personally, I VERY much hope it’s true. But Dan’s got “overwhelming personal BB14 evidence to the contrary.” The one thing I DO know is that, crazy as she is, Danielle’s loyalty to Dan has been both consistent and genuine, all summer. Danielle deserves to have Dan both try his very best, win HOH Part 3, and then take Danielle instead of Ian, if Dan wins. But Ladybug, I’d waited ALL season long for Dan to take Danielle’s opinion into consideration. I did finally see it – just ONE time. When Dan let Danielle talk Dan out of evicting Shane, during Part 2 of the last double eviction. Dan sent Joe home instead. But Dan regretted that move almost instantly, told Danielle of his “regret” about it often, and then “took a second shot, and din’t miss”, by evicting Shane last week. If Dan brought Danielle to the final over Ian, Ian would win the 25K “America’s Choice” in a LANDSLIDE. And Ian would honestly be 100% thrilled with his BB14 season. Danielle will get nothing for 3rd. Think back. Without Danielle convincing Jenn to use the veto on Dan during “funeral week”, Dan would be long gone in the house. Danielle saved Dan’s BB14 life that week. Dan knows that. Ladybug, I’ve watched Dan operate closely, all season. And I’ve kept hoping – and hoping – and hoping – that he’ll finally show just a LITTLE slice of his “better side.” Be decent, kind, and/or honest – for ONCE. Anything but the cold, heartless, lying, manipulative, diabolical 24/7, yet still-playing-by-the-rules, incredibly skilled BB game player he is. But Dan never “lapses” mentally. Dan stays in that same ruthless mindset, day after day. Just last night, Dan pretended to mope, mumble, and be “bummed out” in his bed. Danielle came in, noticed it, was truly concerned about him, and she then spent a solid hour trying to “help him through it.” Then, the instant Danielle left the room, Dan sits up, with an ear-to-ear smile. Danielle had rattled off 200 great and wonderful things about Dan to him, to try to help pick up his spirits. Dan planned the whole episode, just so Danielle would have all those “nice Dan things” fresh in her mind, and still vote for him in jury on Wednesday.
It would make my season to see Dan do what Chelsea thinks he’ll do. Dan’s certain he’ll lose to Danielle in jury. He sees a chance in jury vs. Ian. That’s usually enough reason for Dan to ditch anyone, closest alliance or not, to go for first place himself. I think Danielle needs “divine intervention.” A miracle. Or it’s over.


She’s a con like Dan. Chelsea is just saying that so people will vote for him to win ‘america’s choice’. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree..Ahhhh how sweet it is!!!!

Ians Beer

Simon/Dawg…question for you boys…..What do you think of Jeff Probsts new talk show? I can’t wrap my head around the Survivor host becoming the next Oprah…lol! I watched 2 episodes of the show and thought…meh! It just felt weird.

Do you think he’s coming to the end of his Survivor hosting days or ?


I haven’t seen it yet.. don’t think I would like it.


it’s not bad…he’s actually a natural…check it out.


Tomorrow nite is the end…. What to do after? No more bitching about Danielle’s crazy antics, watching her over-obsess about every freaking word that anyone says that isn’t a praise of her beauty, Ian’s manic rocking


Will the live feeds tomorrow night show the party after the finale or is it just done, once a winner is announced?


There’s backyard interviews that go on right after the show ends.


Thank you! You guys are the best

Dans getting misted right now...

WTF… Dan u have a bettr chance letting Ian take u to win this Game…Danielle will beat u…she does not deserve to win.


After only reading your site for the last three seasons to get up to date feeds info, I have decided next season I will be getting the feeds, and I will make sure to buy them from this site. Thanks again for a great and exciting summer and season Simon and Dawg!!


Thanks Mike, much appreciated..

Carol & Steve

Can’t believe this is the last night of the season! I think I enjoy OBB more than the actual show. Never seemed to watch an entire season of Survivor, but just might have to check it out & your Survivor site. Then before we know it Feb will be here & I can read all about BB Canada!

Simon & Dawg – thanks so much for making the BB experience so much more! We really appreciate all your hard work! One day I really hope that people will stop sh!tting on Dawg’s dream & let him win a stupid poll!

Well, let’s see how exciting BBAD will be – can we make it till 3am or will boredom make me go to bed – LOL!!

Tomorrow friends!


No straight man would wear that stupid bandana week after week–Dan is as gay as the day is long. No wonder he evicted Shane–the temptation was too overwhelming. No wonder he has to chant his bulllshit Bible verses each night to fight his urge to have congress with men.


Dan Gheesling: first time in the closet winner of BB


If Danielle had realized that Dan was gay, which he is, and played from that perspective, she might have had half a chance here.


Ok I think I see what Dan’s last move is going to be…I could be way off and high as a kite but I think he’s misting Dani right now so when he throws it but makes it look like he tried Ian will be the one to cut her and Dan will have her vote. He’s made it clear when he’s alone that he can’t cut her himself, and that he thinks he will win over Ian but not likely over Dani (that’s the one flaw I see in his thinking – I see him winning over Dani but not Ian). I really think he’s going to throw this last comp!

I’d really like to see him win it and cut Ian though, but the way he’s talking to Ian sounds like he’s misting him to think he would take Ian if he wins it, to cement that Ian is taking him (which would happen). Misting them both, going to do his last mist on them when he throws it without them even realizing, then his last mist in the house by earning those votes through his speech.

Did I just have a brillian moment or a brainfart? Has someone else hypothesized this already? How nuts is this if it IS his plan?


Well, ANON, that’s pretty much the way I see it playing out too except I have one little tidbit that keeps gnawing away at the back of my brain and that is, if Dan throws the comp and Ian becomes the HOH. . . . . . I keep seeing Ian taking Danielle and winning that $500,000 for getting out the 3 BIGGEST players including “the greatest player in Big Brother history”!!! Just saying, I can’t get that image out of my head. Ian misting the mister!!!

Just saying.


BBFan003, I agree – it would be such a TASTY script for the “little giant killer” to add Dan to his “big name BB kill list”. But it is 100% not to be, despite your recent dreams. Ian was, as he said “Getin’ ready to talk to Julie”, when Dan gave Ian an “11th hour stay of execution”, by keeping Ian over Shane. Also, Ian is a BB historian. Ian wants to Dan’s “BB14 Memphis”. Dan’s “Renegade Partner.” MUCH more than he wants one more “big name eviction.” People here also underestimate Danielle’s popularity in jury. This is by FAR the #1 reason it’s a definitive Ian/Dan final. I just described to “Anon” how Danielle crushes Dan in jury. 5-2 or 6-1. Danielle also crushes Ian in jury, by the exact same score. Danielle has Jenn, Joe, Dan, Shane and Frank. Ian has just Britney, and probably Ashley. I’ve seen VERY few posters get this vote correct. Danielle DESTROYS both Ian and Dan. and they BOTH know it. That, more than anything, is what mostly keeps Ian and Dan from turning on each other. Going head-to-head in the final is their best (and only) shot at 500K. If Danielle makes final two, she wins over both of them. Both guys know Danielle MUST be evicted, and in third place.


Anon, you’ve done some good thinking here. Since HOH Part 2, BB14 has come down to ONE thing: How DAN sees the jury votes. Not me – not you – not anybody else. In Dan’s perfect BB14 world, Dan would RATHER bring Danielle to the final than Ian. Dan and Danielle have been together since Day 1. A Dan vs. Ian jury vote: , Dan gets Jenn’s and likely Frank’s vote (Frank hates both Ian and Dan, but Ian’s “double-agent” deceit got Boogie evicted-Frank remembers that.) Dan also has Danielle’s vote. 3-3. Ashley’s the swing vote. With some “mist”, Dan at least has a SHOT vs. Ian. But Dan against Danielle? A CLEAR Dan loss. Because Jenn and Frank switch over, and vote for Danielle, not Dan. Britney, Joe and Shane are also solid Danielle votes. Dan’s a loser. 5-2 or 6-1. All Dan has is Ian. (Ashley’s vote: who knows?). Dan’s already gone to a LOT of effort to preserve Danielle’s jury vote in an Ian/Dan final. (Danielle says she’ll vote against whoever “cuts” her Wednesday. If Dan throws HOH Part 3, Danielle’s “cutter” is Ian.) Dan’s REALLY played up the “Renegades” final two angle to BB-historian Ian (that’s what Dan and Memphis called their final 2 in BB10.) Dan would NEVER have gone through all these “Dan/Ian Final Two” gyrations, if he didn’t see it as his ONLY shot at 500K. To me, Dan’s correct.


Fortunately, there are no 7 to 10 year-old alter boys in the Big Brother house.


Poor Danielle–fell in love with two gay guys in one season.

Carol & Steve

that hammock is so John Blaze! I’m rocking on my sofa with Ian! LOL!!

I won’t miss the hammock! BB might as well give it to Ian since it’s almost dead…


rocking on my chair.. so john blaze


Unless his wife wants the polyarmorous life, Dan should be released to pursue the gay life he clearly wants.