Danielle asks what do you think Chelsea thinks about me? Dan says she probably hate you.

First HOH Dan Second HOH Ian
Third HOH  ? Final HOH ?
Last Evicted Houseguest SHANE

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6:45pm – 7:15pm Danielle asks what do you think Chelsea thinks about me? Dan says she probably hate you. Danielle asks really?! Dan says just kidding. Danielle asks what do you think she thinks of me having to put up with your antics? Dan says she probably feels sorry for you. Ian joins them. He asks Dan what kind of bread he is using to bread the chicken. Dan says homemade bread, pretty john blaze. Ian says that’s so john blaze. Dan says so john blaze. Daneille says if you two say that one more time I am going to pop! Dan says that’s what she said. Ian tells Dan that we can’t have any more pool tournaments because we are both too weak to lift it to level it out. Dan says Danielle can lift it.

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7:30pm Dan says they normally come in the house don’t they, The Talk? Big Brother cuts the feeds. Dan and Ian keep saying john blaze to everything. Ian says maybe we should cut that out. Dan says you can but I won’t. He says bullying is not okay and I will not be subjected to it. They talk about Frank saying that in his speech.


7:45pm As they wait for their dinner to finish cooking they play card games.


7:50pm Danielle caught Dan cheating in the card game. Dan then threw all the cards on the floor.


7:55pm – 8:05pm Dan beats Danielle at a game of speed. He starts yelling and screaming YEAHHHH! He then runs out into the backyard yelling that he is the speed champion! He comes in yelling. Danielle tells him that he beat her once. Dan says you are only as good as you last game! Dan then claims the big pot as the speed cup trophy. Dinner is ready so they all sit down to eat.



8:30pm – 8:40pm Dinner is finished. They start playing card games again. Dan tells Ian he wont play him till the dishes are done. Ian finishes the dishes and comes back to challenge the speed champion of the world. Danielle goes to the bathroom to pick her zits. Ian yells spee.. Dan yells speed and says that he wins. He runs to the bathroom yelling he won. They ask Danielle who won. Danielle says that if Ian’s card was down first he won. Ian challenges Dan to a rematch.


9:16 Cam 1-2 Kitchen Ian getting a bowl of Ice cream ready for eating.

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i just pooped


Man, the feeds are on FIRE tonight! I’m not sure Simon & Dawg can keep up with it all..

The Shane In Shane Stays Shanely On The Shane

I’m still pissed at Dan for evicting me, but that chicken really does look pretty John Blaze.


Looks like pretty good chicken parm.


The pan is probably coated with “Mist” instead of cooking spray…


I count 3 chicken breasts there. What are Dan and Ian going to eat?


Ian "the new Alpha Dog"

That’s just mean. In Alabama that’s just how we eat.

Why don’t you make like a tree, and get out of here.


I love Alabama; I’m an SEC guy, and a southerner myself. I just don’t like Danielle and have no problem judging anyone who defends her (I’m not saying you were).

But, assuming you’re from Alabama, what did you think about Danielle A) pronouncing Greg McElroy’s name wrong (she said Mc-EL-roy instead of MAC-el-roy) and B) proclaiming she was “really good friends” with AJ McCarron.

God help Saban if that’s true.

Ian "the new Alpha Dog"

I’m just messing with you. I’m not a big fan of danielle – I was just trying to add to your joke.

MU Tigers

HAHAHA!!! Hilarious.

Honey Boo Boo Child

Come on people, vote for Jodi for America’s Favorite!

Janelle is ahead of her on the OBB poll, how can that be?!

Johnny Blaze

janelle has a nose of a hockey player, that is so johnny blaze


Jodi! Jodi! Jodi!

Jodi loves all of you… show her you love her back!
Vote for Jodi for America’s Player!

You can’t control who’ll win BB14, but you *can* control who will be America’s favorite!
It’s not a duty… it’s a privilege!

The America's Favorite Ballot Box

Honey Boo Boo Child, are you, by chance, one of Jodi’s “kinfolk?” ‘Cause you’ve been absolutely hammering this “campaign”. Now I haven’t seen any, but I’ve heard that Jodi’s been quite gracious during her post-BB14 interviews. Good for her. But several HGs have recently referred to Jodi giving off some pretty good “attitude” in her brief time in there, contributing to her early eviction. And I do feel bad, for that happening to her so soon. But 25K bad? No. There are several far better choices. Good luck with it, though!


Franksretro and Trampstamp,

Please share where you got that Boogie update from saying the lawsuit was BS as described or how you know that to be fact. I went looking and only found this news story that has it current as of August 21 THIS year. Not clear to me in the article if it’s about a former complaint that was dismissed or a new derivative complaint filed.

Bob Smittens

LURKER: If you really looked it up you would know it was filed as a countersuit from a disgruntled worker. I could care less if its true, but it sounds so whacky I doubt it. None of us will ever know….or care.

ILL WILL... Slayer Of Cat People

Damn Boogie was scumbaggin? Say it ain’t so… That’s not John Blaze


Is scumbagging anything like teabagging?



Honey Boo Boo Child

And don’t forget to vote for Jodi as America’s Favorite on CBS BB poll.


enough about me,Dan…….what do you think about me?!

Jury was not part of my dream

Dan is prick.
He has already manipulated Danielle the e tire game.
Now to prove his manhood he has to bully her.
Not a real man.

quack-pack fan

Wow – was that supposed to make sense?

Johnny Blaze

that is so Johnny Blaze


Dan has gone from being a strategic player to just being a BIG ass…it doesn’t matter who he takes he will probably take second place anyway…he


has burned everyone in the jury house

MU Tigers

Yeah, he got them out before they had a chance to scumbag him. Everyone sitting in that jury talked about needing to get Dan out, he beat them to the punch. He played better than they did. They can be bitter all they want, but at the end of the day Dan made more moves and impacted the game more than anyone else did this summer. He was ruthless and crossed lines that some claim they wouldn’t cross for half a million dollars. Aside from cheat on my wife, I would do whatever it took to win that money and wouldn’t apologize about it afterwards.

ILL WILL... Slayer Of Cat People

Well Said agree 110%

John blaze

That’s actually slop Dan just misted it to look like chicken parm not John blaze at all


Biff, SK, and John Blaze: All three of your posts are LMFAO funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aqua Bernie

I thought Danielle was going to cook?

quack-pack fan

She made pasta but I don’t think it made it to the dinner table. Maybe she sampled it ?!?



Aqua Bernie

Maybe she should stick with what she knows. (cereal).


the next 48 hours can’t go fast enough for me can’t imagine being D/I/D. Glad that things seem to have calmed down. Read about Boogie on wikipedia.


Now I know I am completely sick for pointing this out, but when I saw the D/I/D in a previous post totally reminded my of a disorder I once read abt. Disassociative Identity Disorder, sound familiar as pertaining to anybody left in the house.Perhaps the universe is even pegging this season as the summer of the cray, cray.


Who is John Blaze????? Is Dan for sure taking Ian of he wins or is he taking Danielle? So confused Last nights episode was a joke! They didn’t show comps or jury With 3 people left is jury still going to talk about who they think should win? They needed to do Thursday finale after the comps w the final 2 I was not happy! Go Dan!

Yo, sup

Is all this John Blaze stuff in reference to Nicholas Cage’s character from ghost rider?

MU Tigers

John Blaze is just a term that is used to describe how awesome something is.

Insecure Teenagers

We want Danielle to win, cause she’s insecure.


BiffTannen says: I count 3 chicken breasts there. What are Dan and Ian going to eat?

Maybe they have another pan of 3-4 pieces cooking but not sure that will help their cause so to answer your question likely cereal.


I’m certain that dan’s wife hates dani. She is so flirty with him, in a very needy sick way. It has to be very uncomfortable for her to watch. She very well may hate Dan for leading dani on. It may be a game, but you still have to human. Dan is sick, he is so power hungry and money hungry that he sold out his wife and his soul. I’d do a lot of things for a $500k and many things I probably wouldn’t be proud of. But I’d never jeopardize my husband, family or soul. I think dani is evil also for treating Ian awful. Poor Ian is going to launch that hammock. But I seriously worry about his mental state. I’d worry about Dan and dani’s too, but they are already crazy and evil!


danille has done this all season looking for compliments and when she doesnt get it . its a problem

1/ dan does chelsea likes me what does she think about me .

2/ shane janelle said jojo said i am fat what do u think shane

3/ ian what did boogie say about me and my butt

4/britney do u think shane likes me . when noone is around he flirts with me what u think britney

5/jen shane follows me around all day whats up with that jen

6/ shane is kera prettier than me shane repiles i dont want to answer goes to dan shane treats me bad he’s a douchebag he always talks about kera

all summer this girl is thristy for compliments when its not in her favour that person is mean to her

Dan desrves an acadamy award

ur sooo righttt so im hoping Dan takes Ian… no way this crazy delusional girl deserves 50k.. when she wanted to go on the bachelor instead of bb… please Dan take Ian..


Dawg, you guys crack me up!! Your screen shots of Danielle eating are “Comedy Gold”.

Magic Mike

when is the third and final HOH battle between Ian and Dan? Also, when is do they vote out the final player. Is this done on Wednesday during the live show or is it prior to the live show. Sorry if someone asked this already, i just don’t feel like reading through all the posts


Live on Wednesday, 90 minute episode :)


Was Danielle watching Dan in his sleep all this time?


Delilah Jones

I am sick to death of Danielle’s narcissism, and neediness. As much as I love this game, I have never been so frustrated by the behavior of a house guest. The way that she and Dan have been treating Ian is downright evil..

I understand that Dan is pulling the strings, by asking Danielle to “rattle” Ian, by telling him how upset she is at him….. but I would bet money that she is seriously pissed off at him because he told her that Boogie thought she had a wide butt.. We have seen this all season from her. She fishes for compliments, the conversation doesn’t go the way she wants, and she then holds a grudge. Several weeks ago she was asking Ian about how America would vote on certain house guests.. ie: who looks better in a bikini, who is smarter, etc.. Ian gave his honest opinion, naming everyone except Danielle. The very next day, she started planting the seed to the rest of the QP that she could not wait to get rid of Ian.

For the life of me, I can not understand how she can be so forgiving of Dan, considering all he has done to her!

I am also curious as the what they have “planned” for the next two days. In a previous post, Dan is asking Danielle if she is excited, and he goes on to say that this has “never been done before”. He also tells her that they will give their families a “heads up” tomorrow. Whatever it is, I have a feeling this is going to be very bad for Ian.

Ian "the new Alpha Dog"

I think production indicated to the houseguests that they would be able to tape something for their family before the final. This way, whomever is evicted in 3rd place will have already said something to their family in the audience (through the tape), and their family will know that they can not talk to their family member until after the final jury vote.

Ian's creaky hammock

I think they are going to be featured on “The Talk”, (that show that Julie is on) tomorrow.


I think they are refering to the families of the final 3 being in the studio audience with Julie for the finale.

Delilah Jones

Thanks, Ian, Ian and Robby! I did not realize they were taping messages to the family members. Damn, this game has me paranoid! hahaha


So boring

Honey Boo Boo Child

Honey Boo Boo Child says dat “Insecure Teenagers” are former child Beauty Pageant Contestants dat couldn’t handle the pressure, honey chile.

You’d better redneckognize dat!


Wow, Dan is really a poor sport. I don’t know how good a coach can be if they can’t accept any kind of loss with dignity, even a card game…sad. But I guess if you cheat or lie to win, it still counts as a win…sad, what a loser.


Daniele is So CUTE!!! … I hope Dan and Danielle make it to the end, together!!! – Dan is trying to be tough… He is trying to brace himself AND Danielle in case Ian wins part3 and dani gets left out – DAN is a swetheart and Dani is so Cute!! – Vote Dan for America’s favorite Player!


lol at sarcasm

MU Tigers

Daniele is So CUTE!!!

I want some of whatever you are on. I can honestly say that I find absolutely nothing cute about her. Not her zit infested face that has to be layered in makeup. Not her tree truck thighs. And definitely not her constant need for reassurance, the stalker like traits she displays, or her inability to relate to another person’s situation. Yeah, she’s ugly to the bone.

Ians Beer


Aqua Bernie

You have got to be kidding!


Does SuperPass show the cast party or any of the events after the finale?


Britney’s creeping up the poll! =)


Unexpected: Some BBAD weirdness now: Dan is now in a “funk” (real: probably not) in his bed, hiding his head, mumbling saying “I played a sh*tty game” and “it doesn’t matter” when Danielle is trying to “pump him up” by bringing up his game moves and social game. Sincere or not, it”s an interesting watch and a real role reversal from the norm. Hearing Danielle try to “be a good friend”. Dan’s saying that he “never thought about a lot of the BB14 stuff” until today. Check it out if you can!


He’s playing her again, because he is setting her up again for his benefit. He’s laughing now, after she left. Good God is this girl brain dead!!!

Aqua Bernie

What the heck head game is Dan playing now? Did i miss something i turned the channel for few minutes.


you would think that with all these crazy misting mind power Dan would be controlling some corporation or small country

Aqua Bernie

You would think! This is creeping me out alittle bit., Dani’s totally misted!


I wish I could see danis face when she watches the episodes and sees that dan doesn’t give a shit about her


Dan is really putting on another one of his “acts” and Danielle can’t see that !!! she’s really gullible !!! and playing right into his hands ! he’s setting the stage for what ever he has up his sleeve now !!! I can’t believe she can’t see that !!!


OHHH hahahaha Danielle just left the room and what does Dan do…..looks up and laughs silently !!! I knew it LOL….he’s terrible ! But Danielle just falls for it EVERY TIME !!!


You thought her mouth dropped when Dan evicted Dan…wait until she rewatches the episodes…


Correct: when Dan evicted Shane…


Seriously what is this John Blaze thing they are talking about? I’m lost! I’m also super confused – if Dan wins who is he taking Ian or Danielle? Who do you think he has a better chance of beating in F2? I’ve maxed out all my text

billy bob

dan should be a pimp,this guy is freakin amazing ,hes misting powers can start a bunny ranch in vegas,big misting spending cheese

Reid Harris Cooper

Is Dan really having a nervous breakdown right now or is this more part of his strategy/coaching?

I really have no clue what’s happening with him now.

Is it the fact that three days between competitions with only three people and production is way too much?

Did production tell Dan to show emotion and broken downness for TV editing sakes? That Big Brother even breaks down someone like Dan? What is going on?!?


i don’t think the hgs can really be judged on what they are doing. it’s been 3 months since they have been stuck together and away from their families. i love the way dan tries to always be in conversation. if it were just dani, ian and say jen …. it would be boring. i think dan is just fooling around .. they have to be bored and they have said several times they just want this to be over. no need in bullying any of the players. i think danielle is a beautiful woman and there is not one thing wrong with her body … there are many girls that would to love her body. i really think she is insecure, maybe … but i get several calls from my girls. she is young woman . PLEASE LET’S STOP THE BULLYING. AND NOT JUDGE.


Vote DAN for Americas Choice texting ‘


Ok live feeders, what’s going in? Why is Dan acting all weird? I know he must be pulling something but I have missed it.


OMG! Is anybody watching BBAD… Dan is absolutely pathetic in his head games that he’s playing with Danielle… and she so stupid she believes him!

I had to turn it off.

Yes, it’s a game, but the air time has been wasted the past few days on 3 people that basically don’t talk to each other!!


Does anyone know what the heck is going on with Dan right now?


Danielle left the room, and Dan is now instantly sporting a huge, sh*t-eatin’ “mission acomplished” grin! Man, this dude takes the word “diabolical” to a new universe!

Really Dan?

Watching BBAD…..Oh man, have I had enough of these two. Are we really to believe Dan needs a pep talk from Dani? What a bunch of crap. He is convincing Dani that he should be the one to win. Listen to her….

“your the best Dan, you deserve it Dan, you have charisma Dan…..blah, blah, blah.” Dumbass, he is going to use all this in his speech. Even Dani says I played her game for her.

Boy, do I really want Ian to win at this point.

Oh and there it is…..he is laughing his ass off.

For a gymnastics star Dani really sucks at a simple round off.


I agree with you. I understand people thinking Dan is a great player, but he is playing against some gullible people. I don’t want this to come off rude but Danielle reminds me of some women who keep going back to their boyfriend or husband that beat them because they are so in love with them. She is so in love with Dan. On a side note, do you think Ian would vote for Dan if Dan takes Danielle over Ian even though they have a deal that he promised. I know Dan’s word means nothing.


I knew it!! Dan
Probably trying to act upset with Danielle over trivial stuff so he can have an excuse not to take her! And to ensure the jury thinks he rocks!!


Dan will win against Danielle but not Ian. He misted himself

Go home Delusionelle

Wow Danielle! I’m sure you just burned off all 4,392,573 calories you consumed this summer with those three running half cartwheels and the handstand against the wall- where you almost broke your neck!! Did you learn those slick moves in your Olympic gymastics training you did when you were little? You should have shown those moves to the Fab 5 when you met them. Then they would probably be jealous of you like every other female on the planet is!!


Maybe I’m just a little tired but that post is frickin hilarious. Lamest work-out ever. My dog cam do better cartwheels!


*can. Sorry I was still laughing……


I think Dan is acting all sad is because he wants to use Dani and Ian to try to get ideas for his speech. That way he can get into their heads and they will tell him all the good things he has done. To give him insight to how they see him. She keeps telling him all the good things he has done. He can use those things in his finale speech.


The sounds Ian makes with that hammock could be sampled for a techno heavy metal song.


After Dan ran around the backyard screaming I’m the Speed Champion of the world, he came inside and said, “If you want to be the champion you gotta beat me.” Ian’s response was priceless!!! Yeah, I’ll challenge you. That’s all Ian’s been saying to himself all week. If you want to be the best, you have to beat the best. I wonder if Dan even caught on? LMAO