Dan says production is stirring s**t up, don’t tell me what to say. Danielle says they got you pretty heated. Dan says yeah!

First HOH Dan Second HOH Ian
Third HOH  ? Final HOH ?
Last Evicted Houseguest SHANE

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11:50am – 12:10pm Danielle is out by the pool tanning. Ian is rocking in the hammock. Dan joins them. They start talking about past competitions. Danielle comments on how in the one POV she had to say congrats Frank and production told her in her ear that she had to say it with more enthusiasm. Ian comments on how he hated having to tell Frank congrats on winning HOH. Danielle starts talking about The Talk interview this morning and says that she wished Julie Chen would have told us that we were well liked. Danielle asks if in this next round it means she gets automatically nominated? Ian says yes. Danielle says that means I just tied Frank for 5 nominations. Dan says no, Frank was nominated 6 times. Ian agrees. Danielle says that means I tied Joe. Dan comments on how their families are probably in the air already. They talk about who from their families are will be coming.


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12:15pm – 12:20pm Dan comes out into the backyard. Ian gets called to the diary room. Dan says unbelievable! Danielle asks what? Dan says nothing, they’re just stirring s**t up. Dan asks how many DR sessions do you think we have done this season? Danielle thinks about 10 per episode. Dan thinks less. Danielle says maybe like 5 times 30 episodes so 150 DR sessions. Danielle says they got you pretty heated. Dan says yeah, and I don’t ever get annoyed. Dan says don’t tell me what to say. Big Brother keeps telling them to stop talking about production. Big Brother switches the feeds to TRIVIA for a minute. Ian comes back out into the yard. Dan tells him he is sour. Ian asks why? Dan says because of that. Big Brother cuts the feeds again.


12:30pm – 12:55pm Dan asks Ian what reality show he would like to be on besides Big Brother. Dan starts joking with him about wanting to be on Average Joe or Gilligan’s Island. Ian says that he would probably want to be on The Amazing Race or Survivor. Danielle comments that she almost got on reality show The One but that the producers thought she would be better on Big Brother. Dan starts asking Danielle if she will sell or keep her Big Brother bag. She says she isn’t sure. Dan says that some guy is going to buy every piece of Danielle’s memorabilia and put it all on her bed and roll around on it. Ian says that Danielle or Kara would be most likely to have a stalker. He then says probably more likely you would because you lasted longer. Danielle says oh geez.. Dan bugs Ian to say his email address. Ian says that its public record and anyone could easily find it. Dan keeps bugging him for it. Ian says that its


1pm – 1:15pm Dan asks Ian if he will look up photos of Kara’s Playboy pics? Ian says um, yeah. Dan asks Danielle if she will look up her photos. Danielle Poor Kara. Dan laughs. Danielle says she would look at the cover and the other modelling pics she’s done. Danielle heads inside. Dan asks Ian if he is nervous about tomorrow. Ian says yeah. Dan asks why? Ian says because I have to make a final plea to the jury and sit in the orange chair. Dan asks if Danielle has made a final plea to him to take her. Ian says no, not since the other day. Ian says it sucks that she says whoever cuts her loses. Not cool. Dan agrees. Ian starts to say I’ll cut her … Danielle comes back out into the yard and the conversation stops.

1:30pm – 1:57pm Big Brother switched the live feeds to the we will be right back screen. Then the live feeds switch to TRIVIA…

2:20pm TRIVIA..
2:52pm TRIVIA Continues..
3:30pm – 3:40pm When the live feeds come back, Ian is in the kitchen. He grabs a beer and says s**t we have a lot of beer, I am going to have one. He heads out into the backyard and asks a sleeping Danielle if she wants one. Danielle says no. Ian says he loves having a beer. Ian goes to the hammock and starts swinging as he drinks his beer. Dan joins them out in the backyard and they talk about playing beer pong tonight. Dan joins Danielle on the couch like he is about to nap as well.. No one is talking..


3:40pm – 4:20pm Ian continues to swing in the hammock and mumble to himself. Ian then heads inside to eat left over chicken parm. Dan and Danielle are lying out on the backyard couch. Danielle asks if Dan is alright? Dan says that he is fine. They both lay in silence. Danielle tells Dan that she can’t tell if he is awake or asleep because he is wearing dark glasses. Dan says that he is asleep. Ian comes over to join them. Dan wonders if their loved ones are here yet. He says it would be nice to know if they are okay. Dan comments that if you cut his veins today there would be sodium chloride. I’m just salty today. Danielle asks if that is because of the DR? Dan says yeah, it’s everything. He says it’s that and being f***ing locked in.


Here is a portion of CBS’s The Talk, where they discuss Dan’s game play and if lying is ever okay.

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Oh my GOD, Dan sounds like a dolphin when he laughs!


Looks like Mr. Bean. Sounds like a dolphin. :-)


But I thought Shane was the house “Flipper?”


ONCE AGAIN PRODUCTION cannot just shut their big mouths up and let the players just play. If I stop watching it won’t be because of the players but it will be because of the continued interference of PRODUCTION!!! It is just sickening!


HAHA, guess who is getting signed up for porn on the internet!!!




LMAO seriously??? He means Ian… he gave out his email address.


If Dan wins the final HOH and takes Danielle do you think Ian would give Dan his vote? They have been talking about bitter jury members, so I am not sure it could go either way. Dan promised Ian he would take him, but Dan’s word means nothing.


I think Ian would vote for Dan. He knows BB enough to know that Dan should win and not floater Danielle that has done nothing.


I don’t know. If Dan wins the final HOH and blindsides Ian, even though Ian’s mentioned it was dirty what he did to Shane and he’s mumbled “Stabbed in the front” his superfan ego will sorta inflate with “He had to do this because I’m his biggest threat” and “He can’t win against me” and voting will go,

Ashley: Dani
Brit: Dan
Frank: Dani
Joe: Dan
Jenn: Dan
Shane: Dani
Ian: Dan

…If Ian had time to convince the other jury members Dan played better than Danielle despite their speeches and the Q and A. But after being blindsided Ian might also say to himself, “Dani and I carried Dan” and despite his conflicts with Danielle, vote her way. It’d shock the hell out of me if Ian or Dani won the final HOH and cut Dan. If Ian cut Dan would Frank still vote for him? I don’t think Frank is THAT angry.

Trey Gorman

I think Joe and Britt are questionable, could be Dan/Dani either way. But the point is moot. Dan will throw the final HOH comp to ensure that he doesn’t violate his most sacred principle. Never give a sucker an even break.


Joe wouldn’t vote for Dan, but Britney would. I agree Ian is a damn fool.


Dan, I’m begging you do not throw the final HOH, since it is a quiz about knowing other houseguests personality, I think you can beat Ian, then take Dani, and you should win, only people I see voting for Dani are Shane and Frank.


Shane, Frank, Ashley, Joe & “?” would all vote for Dani, Dan would get killed in a vote against her.


I think it will be close either way, but I think he has a better argument against Dani, and could secure at least Jenns vote, and maybe Joes.

No, he's right

Dan will not win Big Brother again. The above votes are correct.

Roisin Dubh

Ian, you better pray Dan doesn’t win cuz it’s your ass he’s gonna cut. That would be the true blindside of the season. Shane’s wasn’t a blindside, he was an idiot that refused to see it coming.


Could you explain your reasoning for Ian to cut Dan, based on speculated jury votes for Ian v Dan, then Ian v Danielle?


Depending on how Ian planned his speech. If he evicted Dan, that would be huge- He could say that he got rid of the 3 strongest players, Boogey, Frank and Dan. He wond when he had to, last 2 HOHs and never throew anyone under the bus. And Danielle had been protected from the beginning by Shane (the strongest competitor) and Dan (a former winner and coach). He would get votes from Joe, Britney, Frank, Shane (I don’t know if shane 100% trusts Danielle), maybe Ashley. Danielle would get Jenn and Dan for sure.


I agree it would suck if Dan throws the competition because then Ian truely did not win on his own. I am hoping Dan wins and backdoors Ian right out the door. Ian is so pompous regarding his presence and influence in the House. He is truely the most overrated player who hid behind other players throughtout the season. Dan could easily win against Dani who deserves second place much more than Ian. She is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome under Dan.


Why anyone would throw a Final HOH comp I don’t understand. I would rather Dan take his chances and hope for the jury to vote for him than throw the comp and put his fate in Ian’s hands. He’s come this far to throw the Final HOH?
This is a gamble. It’s a smart or dumb move depending on the outcome. We’ll see.


Ian threw the first HOH, does that mean Dan didn’t truly win on his own?


Ian threw the Part 1 of HOH because he had promised Dan he would. Moments before Dan evicted Shane instead of Ian, Dan and Ian talked privately. Ian thought he was already out the door. So when Dan asked Ian to throw Part 1 if Dan evicted Shane instead of Ian, Ian quickly agreed to it, and then kept his word.




I must disagree! Ian has played his ass off and totally deserves to win! Not to mention that he’s playing with a disability and has come so far since Day 1.


The term “disability” in connection with ADHD (which is what Ian suffers from), and the claim that it makes Ian’s win all the more impressive, is starting to bother me. I have ADHD (a milder form, granted), the same type as Ian (impulsive type), and it has not hindered me at all since elementary school. It’s not a cognitive, or degenerative, disorder. In fact, Ian can and probably will learn to control the “rattling” he feels when he isn’t constantly moving. The slight twitching will stay forever.

As far as his social ineptitude…that’s his own fault, not his disorder’s. Some people just have trouble integrating socially. Ian seems to have gotten past that later in the season though as he grew more comfortable with the other HouseGuests.

I’m disappointed Dan didn’t win, but Ian was the 2nd most deserving of the season. At least it wasn’t Danielle, right?


Danielle deserves nothing, nada, zilch! She’s been one of the nastiest players all season talking more trash about every player in order to keep her man, Dan, happy. She is the least deserving player in all of BB history, including Jordan.

Frank's Dirty Rug

Agreed! At least Jordan, for all her shortcomings, utilized her charm and social game. Danielle has been an emotional rollercoaster on these people-especially Ian!


I agree. Only to me, he is only over rated by his own accord. He thinks he is so great and “founded the quack pack”. How can you be the 5th member of a group, have someone else name it (ie:Britney) and think that you created the entire alliance?! He is as delusional and full of himself as Danielle and Dan are. I hate all 3 people left in this game. If only there were one humble person left in the house to root for. That was gone when Shane walked out of the house. The ego of any one of these 3 that will win, is going to explode beyond belief. It is ridiculous.


Roisin, I know you have your favorites. I respect that. But how can what you just said POSSIBLY happen? Dan has already told us why he HAS to throw HOH Part 3. Because Dan knows he can’t beat Danielle at jury. And if Dan did both try and win Part 3, Dan’s already said his conscience would force him to bring Danielle with him. That means 2nd place for Dan. Totally unacceptable to Dan. Dan wants FIRST place. And Dan needs Danielle’s vote. So Dan HAS to throw Part 3 to Ian. Then Ian will choose Dan over Danielle. Danielle has already said she WON’T vote for whoever “cuts” her. With Dan’s plan, that person will then be IAN, not Dan. Both Ian and Dan know if they bring Danielle, they’ll lose 500K. So neither of them will “trick” the other one. They’d only hurt themselves. And that’s why there’s NO chance at all left for Danielle to win.


Thanks, that’s why I asked for a vote breakdown from RB. Since there was none, I’ll just assume it was just a fan talking personally and not a game strategy decision, which is what I thought in the first place. :)

Roisin Dubh

Dude, get with it, I said Dan was gonna cut Ian not the other way around. From a strategic point, Dan can lose against Ian, not Danielle, Dan against Ian- Ian gets Britt, Frank, Shane, Joe, Jenn, Dan Against Dani- Dan gets Britt, Frank( He says he loves the game)Ian( he says he loves the game) Ashley. He forces them to get the vote through gameplay and not personal feelings. Any other way taints the season and those guys look like goofs.


I agree with you Roisin if it’s Ian vs Dan in the final Ian could win the game, either that or it’s a 50-50 depending on their speeches and how convincing they’ll be, coz both have made some pretty good moves.

Roisin Dubh

Dan will get slaughtered by Ian in the F2. If he doesn’t realize that, then he’s not that smart. At least with Dani, there is no excuse to give her the win other than it was straight up personal.Ian’s got a pretty good resume to give to the jury. What’s Dani done? They’ll be forced to vote for him because his gameplay was far better than hers. Of course I got my favorites, but I call it down the middle. He’s a fool if he takes Ian.

Roisin Dubh

The best part about it is that Ian and Dan made it personal and they realized that little tidbit too late.


OK, Roison, never mind. All I will say to you now is “peace out”, watch tomorrow night’s show, and see for yourself what goes down, my fellow BB fan.


Maybe Dan is saying he’s going to throw it in case he actually loses!


I get the logic behind Dan throwing the HOH, but Ian is better off securing a win against Danielle, reluctantly cutting Dan would be the plan and there is no way Frank would vote against Ian if he pulled that off. Against Danielle he’d have won four HOHs and two vetos to her 2 HOHs and 2 vetos, would push the argument of being behind Boogie, Frank, and Dan’s evictions and being the founder of the team he lead to the end (him and Britney would lock sad eyes for a moment), and claim his social game was better than Danielle’s because he could toss out that Danielle’s social game was Dan. Against Danielle he couldn’t risk Dan winning the jury over with his own logical reasoning, but Ian wants to beat Dan so bad, whereas Dan has a shot against either of them-But against Dani-There’s no way he could lose. Ian loves this game to the point of risking getting second place to Dan by evicting someone that could guarantee him a win.


Danielle and Dan’s strategy was if Ian thinks she won’t vote for the person who cuts her means Ian will throw the HOH to Dan hoping to get her vote.


Amazing how good production is at controlling “The Controller”!!! LMBO!!

Dan: “THEY don’t tell ME what to say!!”



Sorry, I forgot to add my name to that comment!!! :-p <3


sure it’s not an act or a lie to better position himself in the game?


He is now misting the viewers into believing he isn’t a “bad guy”, it’s just production…So “VOTE FOR ME FOR AMERICA’S FAVORITE.”


That’s like asking Picasso to turn over his paint brush, and let someone else do the painting!


LOL – Dan is definitely no Picasso. Funniest analogy I’ve read yet but can appreciate the point you were trying to make. :)


Thanks, Gracie! :)


Only one more evening of annoying Danielle! I saw she commented that she wished Julie would have told them if people liked them.,. She is in for a rude awakening!

There Are Some Uses

Just imagine how she’d be viewed if she was less attractive…I bet some people are laying off of her because they’d like to just plain be laying her


so we have wednesday night and thursday is the finale right? i noticed after dark is only set to record one more night, tonight. don’t we get to see the after party or anything?


No, the finale is tomorrow, Wednesday. 90 minute episode. :-)


NO!!! Wednesday is the FINALE!!!! There will be no more Big Brother after Wednesday night (until next year of course). Simon/Dawg, why don’t y’all try out for next year’s Big Brother America?????


Oh, geez, my bad. Please disregard that question.

Nearly shot myself in the foot there didn’t I. Especially since I’ve become soooo addicted to this site in a VERY short period of time. (Still, it would be cool!! I’d take over the transcribing duties for ya. LOL!!! AND, I can type 85 wpm, so. . . . . I probably wouldn’t leave anything out either. LMBO!!!) Love you Simon/Dawg!! <3 <3 <3


I had a dream yesterday that Dan was fu**** me WTF LOL


I’m so sorry.


Is Dan a POS? I think so

Is Danielle a psycho bitch? I think so

Is Ian annoying as hell with his “issues”? Oh hell yes

That being said…. I want Ian to win (can’t believe that) because I think he played the game the best.

I was a Frank fan… loved Ashley’s high a$$… Joe “grew on me” (hated his inability to keep his hands off himself)… Jenn was just there & then she wasn’t & it really had no effect…. Brit was funny, made it interesting and her loss effected the quality of the viewing… and last and probably least, Shane… he doesn’t impress me at all… he used Dani and she’s too dumb to know it, but I did feel sorry for his dumba$$ when he was blindsided that Dan sent him packing…

On a final note… does Dan remind anyone else of Bernie Madoff?? Just sayin’… I can see him in that situation doing the same… except I doubt he’d get discovered before he was in a non extradition country.


Is Dan a POS? I think so
Is Danielle a psycho bitch? I think so
Is Ian annoying as hell with his “issues”? Oh hell yes
That being said…. I want Ian to win (can’t believe that) because I think he played the game the best.

Looks like we’re on the same page.


Ditto – Ian for the win!


Their conversations today proves my point. Production is messing around in their lifes, getting them to act in a certain way for our entertainment, Unfortunately it is not good for them, once they get out of the bb house and have to read the comments about themselves. Too bad some people can’t tell the difference between reality and a make believe world, and spout such hateful remarks.
I have noticed that Dan’s diary room sections seems to be quite long, I think he is fighting with them over the way they want him to do things. Brittany had her arguements with them also. In fact I can remember all of the coaches griping about production.
Boogie was not supposed to go home so early he was the bad guy, now they gave the role to Dan to play and I don’t think he is happy about it. Of course, if he or anyone else do not do what they are told to do, they will not get paid, maybe even sued for breach of contract. Remember how Brittany and Janelle talked about their contracts, and how Boogie mentioned they were not happy about his attitude???.

Attitude Adjustment

Two things. First of all with all the talk about “it’s just a game” and this “isn’t how they are in real life” why will anyone’s comments about how a person was ‘acting’ in the house matter to them. After all, they were just acting and trying to win 500K.

Second, there is a big difference between production not like someone’s attitude or actions and a breach of contract suit. In fact the coaches are smart enough to know what the rules are and where any fine line is. The only way to go home unpaid is to blatantly break a specific rule…ala Willie & His Head JIve.

But I will agree that I have always thought the DR comments were contrived. You could tape some of these people for hours and never get them to spit out some the sentences they use in the show. But my guess is this, the HG makes a comment to a question and then production says something like: “Would ‘Blah, Blah, Blah’ accurately say what you feel or just said?” If they get anything close to a positive response to that then they follow up with: “Could you please say it that way for us into the camera then…thanks”


dan could give another creepy speech that the sheep on jury buy into and prolly can beat danielle or ian. no one wants danielle to win. ian vs dan would require ian to make a great final speech. danielle cant beat anyone, her speech will be awful. Dan will try and win HOH, take danielle and win in that scenario. Ian vs Dan is a toss up but i think Ian would win 4-3, maybe


Well, Dan did say he would kill Ian with his final 2 speech. I’m not sure if I agree with that. Ian isn’t an idiot and I also don’t think that Jury will think very highly of Dan once they all sit down and talk it out (probably did already). You know Shane and Frank are leading the anti-Dan train over there. They can probably convince Joe, because he’s a pretty stand-up guy and he won’t like what they tell him. Jenn and Ashley are easy to influence. If Shane has time to talk to Danielle and, especially, if he asks her about what Dan told her on his exit (that Dani’s been playing him all season), that may just drive Danielle to vote against Dan. Britney is the only one who I think may give Dan her vote.

If Ian wins, he should also get rid of Dan, and announce himself in his speech as the Slayer of Kings, after slaughtering Mike Boogie, the red-haired Monster also known as “Frank”, and Dan The Man. It’d be a pretty easy vote, I think.

Honey Boo Boo Child

I hope that Ian wins final HOH, then picks Dan, don’t want to see Danielle picked, she doesn’t deserve any money, honey chile.


We all remember earlier in the season that Dani was all “What’s Trey going to think about how I acted with Shane” Blah Blah blah constantly.

So,,,, she was applying for a dating show and got on BB instead? Why would he even care? (Prob why they cut feeds whenever his name comes up now.)

BBOkie Fan

Does anyone think that Dan’s wife will be pissed after all the hugs and lovey dovey stuff between Dan and Dani?

It's All About The Benjamins

Not if he gives her 500,000 reasons not to be.


I don’t think Dan’s wife will ever have reason to be jealous of anyone ever… IF his wife was anything like Danielle though she would be going crazy with jealousy, maybe they should cast Trey next year.

The Real Me

Hugging is not lovey-dovey. I think Dan has made it very clear that he loves his wife.

The Votes Are In

So with this being the current rank right here on this site I wonder how close it will resemble America’s Vote. Simon / Dawg in years past has it correlated to the winner? Right now it’s close:

1 Ian 22.42%
2 Britney 21.24%
3 Dan 20.12%
4 Frank 14.68%
5 Shane 9.39%
6 Danielle 3.1%
7 Janelle 2.72%
8 Boogie 1.31%
9 Dawg 1.24%
10 Jodi 1.07%
11 Willie 0.55%
12 Wil 0.54%
13 Kara 0.45%
14 Ashley 0.35%
15 Jenn  0.31%
16 Joe 0.28%
17 JoJo 0.24%


how many votes?

Miss Delusionelle's Ego

After wondering why Julie didn’t tell them they were well liked can you imagine what she’d think of this poll. There she is in 6th place just squeaking past Janelle but getting only 1/3 of the votes Shane has. But the real heartache would come when she sees Frank got 5 times the votes of her.

Wish they had all gone out of BB in the order they are ranked here…would have made for a better show.


Are you kidding me, Brit over Dan??


Sounds to me like Danielle has been threatening and playing production staff too…If Dan sends her to jury duty she might use the butter knife on them first…Also wonder how ethical it is to give her medication to keep her on the show… I really think all her threats are empty attempts to control others. Must have worked well for her before…..
It still is anyones game and Production should stay out of it and let the players play it out….

Note: If Ian wins will Mike want his 100k Coach prize as he didn’t vote to be a regular player….

Boogie's Piggy Bank

He certainly may love to get that 100K but his contract had a “subject to change” clause that keeps CBS off the hook and it only took one coach hitting the button to invoke that.


You really never know how the jury is going to vote,but out of 12 seasons iv’e predicted 11 right(3 being the only 1 I got wrong)This year I have Ian winning against Dan or Danielle and Dan beating Danielle,but this could very well be the second time i’m wrong.My guess is not based on who I think should win but how I think the jury will vote


Can only imagine all the abusive men that may be possibly watching Danielle. Sure she will get her share of dates when this is all over. What guy wouldn’t want a girl who will make them feel like they are king by giving back massages and popping their pimples and blackheads(gag). She will let a guy walk all over her. They can spit in her face and she will go back for more. She is a pretty girl and I pray she gets help for her low self-esteem issues. I go from being angry with her to feeling sorry for her. Another reason I can’t stand Dan Gheesling is he plays on her insecurities! GRRRR! He belongs in the nut hut.

Aqua Bernie

That’s my problem with Dan, I don’t care if he lies or connives that’s part of the game, but his head trips and odd questioning and hurting people’s feelings and when they cry he acts like “why you crying? are you sick or something?” That’s a psycho! and i dislike him for those reasons. He acts like a serial killer.

A Spade's A Spade

And can we really call that ‘game play’

I think he’s comfortable with where he is in this game…going to the final two to duke it out.

Now he just wants to have ‘fun’ But that ‘fun’ is just way f*cked up

Distant Observer

Dan is a text book narcissistic sociopath ….gets pleasure from others suffering. If I was the Michigan police I would keep my eye on him for sure. At least have him in the dna database. Hard to believe they let him teach school.. he is one sick puppy.


Dan is the 3 D … Dirty- demon- Dan !!! With that said. I hope that Ian wins the final HOH & drops Dan like a hot potatoe and takes Dani to the final. My My My!!! # D Dan will get a dose of his own medicine. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Pay back. You reap what you Sow Dannt Boy!!! This will be such a riot if this really happened. I would be laughing so much. LOL LOL


Interesting how people have a low opinion of Danielle yet feel sorry for her because they think Dan is taking advantage of her. As if she was mentally challenged. …..Guys….. The sweet little old weaker sex southern belle is playing you too… The proof is how she can change tactics as quickly as her hair style. Playing the victim works for her. She has worked very hard to make sure Dan takes her because he feels sorry for her and guilty about their relationship. She is playing the game…


I remember in season 8 with Evel Dick & Danielle Donato they evicted the third guy and the jury house got to ask the final 2 questions via satellite… when did that stop?? So will the jury even have a chance to discuss the final 2 or ask them questions or will it be “Danielle you are evicted” (or whoever) and then they practically vote immediately on finale night? I was kind of looking forward to the jury interrogating Dan lol and see if he can work his coaching mist on the jury house.


I just wish dan would yell out FLUX CAPACITOR at least once and then i will die happy

Ians Beer

LOL!! That was hilarious, Christy :()

hotbutton topic

All I want and have been waiting for is the moment when Dan wins HOH and cuts Dani and sends her behind to the jury…I know the odds of that happening are slim to none but it’s what I need in order for BB to be complete this year…

Danielle's Gaping Pie-Hole

Actually you may get your wish…Dan was talking to himself the other day saying he would throw the final HOH to Ian..since he knows Ian will take him. Either way Dan has stated numerous times (to himself) he thinks he can beat Ian easier…so if I had to bet..I’d say Danielle will get cut either by Ian ( since Dan wants her vote and if Ian evicts her he thinks he’ll get it) or by Dan himself…we await Wed night.personall I think regardless of who takes Ian..Ian will win ..let’s say Ianwins final HOH and flips the switch and takes Danielle..Ian still wins. I think Dan’s only chance would be against Danielle..but she would probably win. I think Dan burned too many this year..too many in the jury are still butthurt by Dan.

Distant Observer

Correction…LOL……All I want and have been waiting for is the moment when Ian wins HOH and cuts Dan and sends him to the jury…


Ian has to win the HOH and he will take Dan. if Dan wins he takes the egotistical delusional selfish Danielle. That can’t happen! It just can’t! She ruined BBAD for me. I had to fast forward every time I saw her face or heard her voice. Stop the lambs from screaming in my head. Please Big Brother Don’t let that happen!


It’s not a guarantee that Dan will evict Danielle or Ian. He’s been talking to himself saying that (1) he might throw the final HOH to Ian because his conscience won’t let him evict Danielle, (2) nah I didn’t come all this way to throw the final HOH and (3) he thinks he can beat Ian in the final 2. Who knows.


I think most would agree that the best chance for victory in BB is a combination of game play and personal likability. The balance is between making moves, while doing it in such a way that any lingering bitterness will melt away after a few days. Nobody knows how this jury will respond tomorrow, whether bitterness, popularity, game play, etc will carry the day.

I also think that victory can be determined as much by who is managing your campaign in the jury house and I think therein lies a problem for Dan’s chances at victory. This is a jury of weak players and people who played every day safe in the house. What is even more unpredictable is how the jury is unfolding socially? The pressures of the game are gone, so is Britney cutting everybody with her “humor”? Now that she doesn’t need to be political is she calling people out for the stuff that annoyed her in the house? Now that everybody has no reason to fear Frank, do they suddenly realize he’s a fun guy? Or is he constantly harping on getting screwed? These are important questions.

Shane’s arrival in the house means Danielle has somebody leading her campaign, while I think Britney is championing Ian (I think many misread her defense of Dan as an endorsement, when in reality it was her fighting with Frank). Undoubtedly Britney has also at times spoken up for Danielle and Dan as well. I think Frank will likely lean towards Danielle, while Ashley is a little less predictable. I think she likes both Ian and Danielle personally, so she is not necessarily in lockstep with Frank. Joe is a true wildcard, but he was not close to Dan or Ian, so I do think he will likely follow Shane’s lead into the Danielle camp. Jenn was close to Danielle and Dan, so I find her less predictable, but I don’t see her going to Ian.

What I’m fairly certain of is nobody is campaigning for Dan and he alienated much of the jury, but that does not mean his cause is lost per say. Let’s just say that with everybody in the jury discussing Ian vs Danielle, maybe the house starts to polarize. Imagine Joe or Shane saying Ian is just a mole who nobody but you liked. Maybe they make fun of his idiosyncrasies. What if Britney or Ashey mock Danielle as a head case who was more concerned about macking on Shane than she was with winning the game. Does Shane become as much anti-Ian as he is pro-Danielle? Does Frank suddenly blame Ian more for being a rat? Does Britney come to blame Danielle for her exit more than Dan?

This is Dan’s best hope for victory. He needs to hope that the jury has fractured deeply into Ian and Danielle factions. It is here where the final Q&A/Speech can potentially get him the win. If he lets Ian eliminate Danielle, do suddenly Shane, Frank, and Joe have to make a snap decision, one that is made after weeks of arguing why Ian is unworthy of victory. Then can Dan make the delicate case that yes he had done some bad things, but if he had not made so many big moves and manipulated so many players, he would have never made it. Dan will have an enormous advantage over Ian in this final part. I tend to think he knows his chances are better with Ian at the end, which means the pro-Danielle faction will be up for grabs, so if she comes out saying Dan is awesome and Ian is terrible, then who knows what will happen.


My friend, I’m having some trouble following along with this “three-person scenario” of yours. I’m trying, but my brain just can’t keep all the many “permutations” straight. If you get a minute or two between now and tomorrow night, could you do this same type of analysis, but with an Ian vs. Dan final scenario ONLY? Recent house developments have me 99.99999% certain that Danielle will be the 7th and final jury member. I’d like to know how you see that going down. Thanks!


Sorry about that…sometimes my brain and typing fingers work at cross purposes…

I too agree that it looks like it’s going to be Ian vs. Dan…although Dan is very hard to predict with certainty, should he win the HOH.

I also think Dan would be the decided underdog vs. Ian or Danielle, but I think Ian is a better person to face for Dan. Ian is not personally popular with the majority of the jury and has behaved underhandedly, which Dan can point to and say “he’s lied as much as me…but not as good” which will feature heavily in his speech.

While I still tend to think Ian beats Dan with Britney, Frank, Shane, Ashley, and Joe giving him the nod, I think that the dynamics of the deliberations could sway votes in a way that’s completely unpredictable. Obviously if people are not bitter towards Dan, then the vote gets turned on it’s head, but I don’t believe this particular jury is capable of doing that. The scenario though that I could see happening as soon as they sat down to film the fireside chat, is Shane starts campaigning for Danielle and Britney starts campaigning for Ian (Since nobody is likely leading the Dan campaign, he could be ignored as the assumption might be that nobody votes for him anyway). So let’s say the jury starts to break down between pro-Ian vs pro-Danielle and then on Wednesday Danielle walks out the door. So now Shane and anybody who had been pulling for Danielle are suddenly up for grabs. Keep in mind that we’re not talking about the best and the brightest. snap decision making is not their strong suit. So does Danielle make clear in her questions asked and what she says during the commercial break that Ian was the scumbag, then does Shane, Joe, and Jenn decide to take her lead and vote for Dan? That’s 4-3 for Dan…

I honestly don’t know…but I could see it happening.


Judging by the clip of the jury house I could see Britney making the argument for Dan


Thanks for going to the extra bother, Bobsky. I got it now. I think Danielle’s just gonna have SO little time to “kibitz” with the other six in jury (one commercial break), I don’t think she’ll have any influence at all, even to Shane (who’s been “hopping mad” at his eviction for a week, and still isn’t sure Danielle wasn’t in on his ouster, too, given her “Dan off-Shane on” POV move). I think Ian can count on Britney, Joe and Shane votes as “definite.” I think Dan can count on Danielle and Jenn as “definite”. Bobsky, you’re the Frank fan, not me. But my gut tells me that Frank’s DEEPEST pain in BB14 was losing Boogie. And THAT was Ian’s doing. I don’t know if Frank will EVER forgive Ian for that. Let’s face it. By the time of the “funeral”, Frank’s overall game was on really shaky ground. All he had left was Jenn. It didn’t work out for Frank, but I think Frank still did the right thing, by gambling on Dan. Frank knew this “alliance” was quite shaky, as he was already tellin’ Jenn that Dan’s gonna be a “target of ours”, just days after the funeral. I believe Frank’s vote is “who do I hate less?” To me, his answer is Dan. It’s 3-3. Who’s been the traditional “BB14swing vote” all season? Ashley. Guess what? She is again. As the two in jury the longest, I believe Britney has been having “Pro-Ian” convos with Ashley the past few weeks, just in case. Ashley also likes Ian. The “date.” The “flirtmance.” Going into the live show, I think Ashley’s intending to vote for Ian. Dan’s intuitive. He knows this. So if there’s ONE person that Dan will be specifically aiming his “mist” at tomorrow, it’s Ashley. To me, which way the 4-3 vote goes depends on how well Dan’s words sway (or don’t sway) Ashley’s vote. Finally, we can’t talk “BB finale night” without acknowledging Ian’s “mindset.” While Dan is thinking “second place is NO place – I gotta WIN!”, Ian has been saying all week how TOTALLY happy he’s gonna be with 2nd place. He’s actually pretty much even “resigned himself” to it. It’s no joke. 50K is a FORTUNE to him. It seems strange for me to even consider the fact that a HG in the final two isn’t prepared to try to “move heaven and earth” to claim the 1st prize themselves. Yet I think that’s gonna be Ian’s mindset. I think that both Ashley and the jury will be seeing two totally different “personalities” tomorrow. Dan’s super-slick mist speech, vs. Ian’s awkward, “I really have no clue what to say, except thanks a million to all of you, for making my lifelong BB dream come true. I never thought I’d get this far.” I bet he’ll even thank his “mentor”, Dan. How crazy is THAT! I want Ian to win. But I think Dan may pull it out. I guess that means it’s probably a “push.” Closest final ever? Probably.


Can someone explain how Danielle is a floater did she not win at least 3 -4 HOH and a 2-3 POV , what the hell did Dan do 1 HOH and 1 POV ?

Danielle's Gaping Pie-Hole

While Danielle is highly annoying and probably bordering on narcissisitically psychotic..she is by no stretch a floater…

Make Her Go Away

She’s no floater, more like a bobber. Every time you push her under she just comes back up…even more annoying than before. The whine just won’t go away, but tomorrow night they cut the b*tch.


That comment got me laughing. Thanks, needed to badly.


I only remember her winning 2 of each but after a long season i tend to forget the exact numbers


sooo Dan should move to Waco Texas as theres an opening for a cult leader and hes deffinately qualified and Ian could possibly be the next wacko to go nuts and pull a mass murder scene any time soon! The way he talks to himself and can`t sit still for 5 minutes is sooooo annoying to watch!

Distant Observer

Dan, a cult leader or politician, I could see that. Ian on the other hand, is more likely to invent the next gmo that causes you to grow pesticides inside your body and corn stalks out of your fingernails.
Go Ian for the Win!
thanks for the great site Simon..twist a fatty…Cheers!


Disagree 100% about Ian. Poor thing was very distraught over the recent tension in the house. Yesterday he was so pleased and said repeatedly how nice the day was. Think he has a good heart and was raised well.

Ians Beer

I agree with you. I think Ian is a nice kid.

Danielle's Imaginary BoyFriend- Hugh Jass

If Danielle is gaining weight and getting zits from all the stress of being in the house…she’s in for a rude awakening when she gets out and starts to google herself. On the other hand, she could Jenny Craig or Proactive commercials and jokes on us!


Maybe they’re doing the “something special” now that they’ve got “trivia” on. Something was supposed to happen, I can’t believe that little thing on The Talk was the “something”. <3


Thank You Simon and Dawg, OBB is the best. Facebook kept me informed when new post were available, your website gives accurate details of what is going on in the house, and great insight. I enjoy reading all the post, and all the opinions from fans, they keep the dull times interesting. When my power was out, I used the app on my phone to follow eviction night, even though Frank wasn’t evicted. The last 2 weeks I have been done with pneumonia and OBB has kept me sane with something to look forward to, and I knew while I slept, Simon and Dawg were watching over and I wouldn’t miss a thing. Can’t wait for BB Canada, hopefully we get it here in the States, looking forward to reading your updates Simon, Dawg for the win. Donation coming as soon as I am back to work.


It would be funny if the final HoH is a pokemon card game. Ian vs Dan. Dan probably win this one because he has advantage.


I Love Danielle! … but, if she would leave Dan and Ian alone to talk more, Dan might be able to get Ian to throw it!!! – #TeamDan #teamDananddani

America's Player Vote Counter

As it becomes apparent to most fans now that the BB14 final two will be Ian and Dan, the “America’s Player” results are changing. Remember, neither of the BB14 final two can win “America’s Player”. Before this was the case, Ian was absolutely running away with it. And with Dan also ineligible, as BB14 “final two”, Britney’s “America’s Player” votes have surged of late, followed by Frank. With just one day left to go, it looks like it’s down to Britney and Frank, for the 25K prize.


Sometimes I don’t think its how many POV’s or HOH’s you win look at Frank but how you can trick people is what BB is all about


Yep! Dan will cut Danielle loose & Renegade 2.0!


Hey everyone ! I won’t be doing casting call but could use some support for big brother canada !! Just tweet or write on their facebook wall that you want to see @dandry420 on this season ! And I promise not to make it as fucking boring as this season !!! Thanks everyone :)


Just so we are rooting for the right person, will you be the one cast as the hunk, old man, gay or nerd?


The gay older gentlemen who works out constantly and LARP’s on weekends.

Ians Beer



CBS has been pulling Danielle’s videos down all day, including her interview prior to entering the BB house. I think Daddy must have made a few phonecalls.

Revenge of the Nerds

Is it just her videos? And who is her dad?

Ians Beer

I wonder if drinking and driving a hammock is against any law in the States. Here in Canada we can knock back a two four and get our hammocks up to 85 kph :()


It seems to me that final speeches don’t mean a damn thing.The jury seems to always already know who they are going to vote for before they even ask their questions

Chilltown 2.0

Simon/Dawg can some1 who lives in the USA watch BB canada on their Tv?


Today, Ian is reminding me more and more of Rainman. He keeps mumbling things in twos. I am actually glad that this season is over. It has had more unlikeable players than any season I can remember. I am done listening to the swing. I am done listening to Ian mumble and watching him pace and watching him rock. I am done with Dan’s lack of conscience when it comes to the person who has been loyal to him from DAY ONE. I am done with Ian thinking he is the s*it just because he can remember details of past seasons. And while I am on Ian…who made him judge and jury? Personally, the minute he said Shelly was the best player from season 13 his credibility was shot. I am done watching Dani stop and look in every mirror. Done listening to her whine Shane this and Shane that. THe only really likeable people this season you ask? Kara and Wil (and for entertainment value Joe and Brit) – the rest? total losers.


But total losers with $50/100k before tax, which is probably nothing compared with what comes after.


Hammock manufactures will be clamoring for Ian to endorse their line, you know like sports players endorse cars.


dan beat danielle but Not Ian
Ian beats danielle or Dan
Dan beats Danielle but not Ian
Dr. Will: Greatest of All Time


how could Britney be in 2nd for americas player? she is the most annoying pathetic thing ever. Who on earth is her fan base??? Is it southern 40 yr old male virgins?? maybe midwestern 14 yr old boys?? overweight housewifes in Kansas? who could possibly like Britney?? unbelievable.

Dr Will: Greatest of All Time


Just everyday people with a sense of humor.


. Does Danielle get to watch the third comp tomorrow? Is it live or done earlier in the day?


Dan will win against Ian or Danielle.

I’ve started viewing everything Dan says as a lie or psychological munipulation. His comments about the DR stirring up shit, just migtbe his way of implying to the other 2 HG not to let the DR screw with their head.


in a Dan vs. Ian scenario i dont see Frank, Ashley, Shane, or Joe voting for Dan to win under any circumstances. Dan would get Britney maybe Jenn and maybe Danielle only if it was Ian that voted her out. Dan cannot beat Ian in my opinion regardless of the creepy speech he will give. Frank and the aforementioned most likely would vote for Dan to win against Danielle…no way they let her win this game and the 340k after taxes, not happening


I don’t watch BB live, but I’m just going on what I watch on Showtime BB After Dark (BORING!!!0 However, that said, I think Dan is a POS narcisistic low-life, Daniele a wniney Kiss-A__, and Ian a Hyperactive Good guy with a genuine heart. There you go.


Dan and Ian final 2 end of story adios Danielle have fun reading the comments about you