Big Brother 1

Big Brother 1 had Sixty-seven episodes that aired from July 5 to September 29, 2000.

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Big Brother 1 Facts:

  • Live premiere episode
  • During the first season the show aired 6 times a week – one hour live show with 4 half hour episodes and a one hour recap episode.
  • The 24 hour live feeds were free to the public.
  • On the live eviction episodes Julie Chen was joined by Dr. Drew Pinsky & Regina Lewis
  • The front door exited to the outdoors where evicted houseguests were greeted by fans.
  • To increase dwindling ratings producer Paul Romer offered the houseguests $20,000 on the 64th day to entice someone to leave and be replaced with a more exciting houseguest. Despite upping the offer to $50,000 all of the houseguests still declined to leave the house.
  • Viewers hired air planes with banners to fly over the backyard to communicate with the houseguests.
  • A pug named Chiquita was given to the houseguests to take care of as well as chickens.

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