Big Brother Spoilage – Early Wake up for the Houseguests

First HOH Dan Second HOH Ian
Third HOH  ? Final HOH ?
Last Evicted Houseguest SHANE

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8:29AM Cam 3-4 Ian Rocking the Dinning room chair

8:31AM CAm 1-2 Danielle and Dan getting Ready for something..

8:36am Ian’ snow in the shower.. everyone is getting ready for something today. (I have no idea what)
8:43am Dan ironing a shirt in the storage room.

8:51AM Cam 3-4 Kitchen Dan Eating the breakfast of champions and super heroes the world over, Pop tarts. Dan yells out to Ian to watch out in the storage room the iron is plugged in. (I have no idea what is going on today.. they are getting ready for something formal)
9:05AM Backyard Cam 1-2 Dan and Ian
Ian: “Today is the 18th yes.. ”
Dan: “Ya almost done”

9:08AM Cam 1-4

Dan starts naming off sexually transmitted diseases but he’s pronouncing them funny and making Ian and Danielle guess what he’s saying.. Danielle s trying to eat her breakfast.

Gential Warts

Danielle says that Girls get vaccinated for genital warts. Dan says that the vaccine is unproven.. “Doesn’t is block 1-2 strains when there is hundreds”
Dan: “can have negative side effects”
Danielle: “it blocks 6 of 25 strains.. blocks the leading ones for cervical cancer”
Dan: “D!rty S@nchez… Cleveland St**mer”
Ian explains to Danielle what a Cleveland Steamer is. Danielle asks them in what world is that a turn on for anyone.

They start chatting about women talk shows.. specifically the Talk.. back to silence..

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9:20Am Dan in the arcade room thinking while Ian is rocking the dinning room chair

9:22AM Cam 1-2 Danielle is putting on a dress. Ian helps her with the zipper tells her she looks great.

9:30Am Cam 1-2 Looks like everyone is now ready for whatever is going down today.. (Rumor has it they will be on a morning talk show.. probably The Talk)

9:32AM Trivia

11:16AM Feeds are back up
Ian wastes no time and starts rocking the hammock. Slams his coffee before hoping on.
Danielle is getting a drink and Dan is taking a dump.
11:22pm DAn tells Danielle that he’s going to make Chicken tonight. ASks her if they are going to play rummy today. Danielle says sure sounds good. Asks him when lunch will be. Dan plans on having lunch at 2:30pm his plan is to have a smoothie right now then spend some time in the pool.

Dan starts cutting a pineapple. Danielle asks him if Julie Chen actually watches the episodes. Dan says she watching the important stuff not the “Evergreen Content” Danielle felt like the other hosts didn’t know too much about the show but Julie did. At first Danielle thought that she had a ear piece in and the producers were feeding her information. Dan says no.
(** I’m shocked they don’t compost on the Big Brother Show. . Dan just threw a cutting board filled with orange peels into the garbage cmon CBS )

11:32AM Backyard Cam 3-4 Danielle and Ian
11:42AM Dan offers Ian and Danielle a Smoothie. Ian: “Yeah Thanks that would be great”
Dan delivers the smoothies for them Says “Hot like a nut sac out here today” He tells Danielle her medicine is ready in the storage room.

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Simon you should do a quick poll on Dan vs Ian, which between the two do pepple want to win the game.


I’m sad this will be the end for the season. Yes there is tomorrow but this is it. All the bickering, the fighting, the name calling, the stupid comments, the funny comments.. I’m going to miss all that from this site. Oh yeah, I’ll miss the show too. Thanks to everyone for making it enjoyable.


I must admit that in all the years I’ve watched Big Brother, this site had made this the absolutely BEST season yet. I’ve really enjoyed sharing the BB game with sooooo many other fans and I absolutely LOVE Simon/Dawgs comments included!!! Big Brother should really pay Simon/Dawg for this site because it really has made watching the show MUCH more entertaining!!! I’ve NEVER been as into Big Brother as I have been since I found this site. Love to Simon/Dawg and all the other “interesting” fans I’ve met this season!!! See y’all on the Survivor Blog (Go LISA WELCHEL!!) and again next year (Lord willing and I’m alive) right here!!!! It’s gonna be a GREAT FINALE!!!! <3 <3 <3


From what I’ve seen it’s an AWESOME lineup of cast. Jeff Kent (temper, temper), Lisa Welchel (bonafide Christian), and players from past season medically evac’ed out of the game. Gonna be a GOOD SEASON!!! Can’t wait to “see” you there!! ;-) <3


Simon/Dawg – what is name of your bigbrother YouTube channel?!? Having trouble finding it. Please/thank you


That’s awesome! I love survivor


Test? Can’t seem to get my comments up?

Dan's a Sociopath

Here is the thing I think many people are missing when it comes to Dan. Yes, it is a game and yes they can play dirty. That being said there is no way that Dan would know how to pull all this off were his skills not well worked on. I really have wanted Dan to win but I can’t take it anymore. Anyone but Dan is where I am at now.


You need to remember that they are locked in that house 24/7 for (70?) days with nothing to do but strategize. It’s not hard to come up with ruthless, borderline unethical plans in such a scenario.


I will never wach BB again they reward liers and backstabbers. you rewardpeaople for breakinking hearts of young women.Dani deserved to win because she played with her heart and trust.She never lied never kept secrets like Dan.He andIan should of played an honest truthful game like Dani reward people for playing dirty reward murders and wife beaters It is all yhesame


Dan and Ian were talking about who is on The Talk so yeah, they’re going to be on it.


I wonder what’s going on… I haven’t seen this before in other BBs


Dan’s immaturity and sexual repression shining through loud and clear once again. He’s the guy who reads the bible during the day, then cruises porn sites at nite.


Dan is part of the biggest con- Catholicism


the church is pure…its the people


people make the church…


so is dan still planning on taking danielle if he wins the final hoh…or is he gonna throw it to ian? maybe dan wants to do one more “shocker” win it…then take danielle.

my vote breakdown, dan vs ian

im thinking frank just hates ian less than dan…plus the white elephant of dan winning the game already.


I see it like this: Ian (Ashley, Frank, Shane) Dan: (Brit, Danielle, Jenn, Joe) . I think Brit knows Dan won, Danielle hates Ian, Dan was a lot closer to Jenn, and Joe knows Dan won. Frank and Shane are just butt hurt and Ashley just does what she is told. If its Dan vs Ian, I think Dan wins 4-3.


Joe has already said that Ian deserves to win this game. So Joe’s vote goes to Ian, and Ian wins!


I think Dan would have Britney’s vote vs anyone but Ian.She has shown in the past that she votes for whoever she is closest to.I think the same goes for Joe as he has stated numerous times that he will not vote for a veteran of the game

quack-pack fan

I agree – I think Dan wins but Ashley is also influenced by Britney and they were only two in jury for awhile. I think Britney was originally going to root for Ian based on his request. Britney has probably established a great relationship with Ashley so the fact she now recognizes Dan for how far he has gotten will be the topic. My guess is that the jury roundtable discussion will be Frank (and Shane if he made it to the house) against Britney, Ashley, Jenn & Joe discussing merits of Dan winning.

Trey Gorman

Wouldn’t it be great if Danielle found her spine and some self respect at the very end and the vote was 4/3 Ian? Please, Danielle, for battered women everywhere.


If Dan wins final, he will take Danielle. He sealed it last night by making her admit that he deserves to win. In his jury speech he can say “Danielle, isn’t it true that you said yourself, Monday night that I deserved to win? How can you now say that people should vote for you?” And he’s convinced her to abuse Ian so he will be so disgusted by her behaviour that he votes for Dan. Dan against Danielle. Is, Joe:Dan, Ashely:Dan, Jenn:Dan, Britney:Dan, Ian:Dan, Shane:Danielle, Frank:Danielle. It’s disappointing that Dan’s only skill is lying. He couldn’t win using loyalty or athletic skill.


I disagree – if Dan takes Ian I think he will lose:

Ian (Brit, Frank, Ashley, Joe and maybe Shane)
Dan (Danielle, Jenn, maybe Shane)

Britney LOVES Ian and i could see her voting for him, she votes with her heart (even though she respects Dan’s game play). Frank is bitter and will never vote for Dan and Ashley will do whatever Frank does. Shane… i dont know. He might be mad enough to give Ian his vote.

This is just my opinion, but I think if Dan brings Ian he will lose.


haha typical! if he were muslim or a buddist etc…. you would never have even mentioned it

Ians Beer

Is the pay good for being a clairvoyant?

Ians Beer

I feel obliged to repost this link for the many who may have missed it yesterday :() It’s a fun read with a cup of coffee or whatever your poison is


I ran across this a couple of days ago too!!! Very funny, I forgot all the nonsense that woman has said this year…it certainly makes for a great biography!


Wow. I’ve never seen that before, a long time ago I lost track of all of Danielle’s amazing feats. I laughed at it, but yeah it worries me a little. I don’t think Dani’s faint heart can handle all of this when it’s over.


Boo hoo. She brought it on herself.

I Am Being Sarcastic

Everyone vote for jodi to win Americas vote for 25,000 dollars she sacrificed alot to be on the show …The house turned on her dan misted everyone to vote her out ..She had a great social game and she would have won 7 hoh’s and at least 5 veto’s…JODI BIG BROTHER LEGEND


Jodi was on the show for like an hour. What exactly did she have to give up? And Dan didn’t make anyone vote her out, he had the only vote.


LOL and just now noticed your name.

Don't You Dare

Jodi is the last person that deserves a vote. Then Boogie right behind her because he’s so bucks up. Help Frank fulfill 1/2 a dream…give him a vote or two.

Three's Company

If Ian comes in 3rd (which I hope isn’t the case) he will be Am Fav – if he’s in the final two Am Fav will be either Frank or Britney – this is what production will do since it is their vote that counts.


Word is that it has something to do with The View today. According to their Facebook page, one of the topics is about lying and they are tying it into Dan’s game and Big Brother. I’m thinking that this is a way to get some free promo for tomorrow night’s show. The HGs talked about it briefly yesterday before it switched to fish. As the show is live at 2 PM Eastern – that would make them live at the BB house at 11 AM. Don’t know whether they are coming in to the house or doing it remotely.

Yet Another Anonymous

It’s Julie Chen’s show, The Talk. The houseguests were talking about being on it last night.


Well I guess there’s a first time for EVERYTHING!!! I guess I’m gonna watch The Talk this afternoon!!! Geez, you’d think they were nominated and attending the Academy Awards!!!

Ians Beer



Dan is seriously the biggest con artist I’ve ever seen on Big Brother. He’s so smarmy, it’s sickening.

Johnny Blaze

dan is johnny blaze….


I can’t wait for tomorrow night. I really want Ian to win the final hoh. Because I don’t think after Danielle’s review of dans season last night he will prob take her if he will take her. I want Ian to win.


Dan may win BB but he will be a loser in life , I wonder what his wife thinks if he lies this good to these people what lies is he telling her.

Dan's a Sociopath

I personally would be horrified if that was my husband!


I don’t know how Chelsea puts up with someone like Dan, seriously. The guy is a total emotionless robot. A sociopath.

Frank's Dirty Rug

Actually, if you weren’t so busy up on your high horses, you’d know there’s an interview with Dan’s wife Chelsea posted on this site. She’s a charming woman, who fully supports her husband. See, it’s called a committed, loving relationship….and if you didn’t have so much judgment in your hearts, maybe you could obtain one for yourselves.

No Crazy Bitch Here

Well that may all well and true, but I for one wouldn’t want to see my partner acting that way. It’s may be a game but he’s totally step over the line the last few days. Up until then he was just kicking at it, HARD.

Just because his wife stands behind him doesn’t mean all is perfect. Women around the world stay in relationships where they are beaten either physically or emotionally and often both ways. And what do they say when they get out of the ICU at the hospital: “It’s not his fault, he loves me” and “I love him” and then they go home to them and start the cycle all over.

Dan’s wife may or may not be that woman…only she knows. And since lying comes so easy for Dan, just maybe, his wife is just as good at it.


and because she said it in a web interview, it all must be true!

Dan's a Sociopath

I am so not on my High Horse. I seriously love the game and I have liked many a Villain. The stuff he is doing is way beyond any normal mind F**K! This guy is so calculating he has done this before and not for good of anybody. You don’t just wake up one day and act like that. This guy has his skills perfected!


Bernie Madoff’s wife supported him too, doesn’t mean he isn’t a lying, cheating, con artist.


It is really sad that you people can not distinguish between a game and reality. Do you play your video games the same way you would run your life?

Trey Gorman

It is a game, played with real people. I find it incredibly sad that you can’t discern actual serious emotional damage when it is being done to another person (whether in the context of a game or not).


You can say, “It’s just a game”, or “It’s just business, not personal” but those are just excuses to be shady. A liar is a liar. If someone cheats in a game, it’s logical that they’d cheat in other areas of their real life because it gets them the results they want. What’s disturbing is how much Dan enjoys deceiving people. He laughs at people for trustin him, and thinks that makes him smarter than everyone else. He’ll do (does) the same thing in his personal life. You can’t be two completely different personalities that turn on and off when you want them to.


He played a completely different game in his first season did he not? Two different personalities yet the same person.

MU Tigers

Easy now, don’t be messing up their rants by making common sense statements.


If they can’t handle the heat, (not YOU) then they should never have signed up for the show to begin with!! Everyone knows that people play differently…….be prepared or don’t play! It’s easy to throw stones. You wouldn’t want someone to come into your home for 3 months and broadcast everything you say and do. Can you imagine what people would see………point is, you don’t so you don’t invite them in. Everyone that walked into that house knew exactly what they were getttng into. It only hurts when it’s being done to you, not when you are the one doing


This sums it up for me completely.


I mean Shaunas comment. It’s a frigging game between strangers with no rules. Prize : half a million Bux. Hello I’ll slaughter unicorns on a video game just to win a title. Does that mean I will do anything like that in real life ..NO lol
If the rules stated: No lying, no deciept, no manipulation I would get it.
Chess, poker, sports all have some form of manipulating your opponent, sometimes lying, masking, punishing and whatever. Games are to be played.


Best post today!


How the hell would Dan feel if that was done to his wife

MU Tigers

Don’t worry, I am sure butt hurt psyco fans that have no lives will reach out to Dan’s wife via social media. That is what losers do, isn’t it Lorne?

O Pity Me

It is a game played on television instead of the family room. Has nothing to do with how Dan is in real life. It is a g ame!!!


If you read his blog (she is updating it) and her twitter, you would see she is fine with it :)


codependency is a wonderful thing. the main thing wrong with dan’s strategy is how easy it comes to him, and how much he enjoys himself when backs are turned.

i’m all for his ability to win the game. after watching his behavior, i would have no use for him outside the house. this behavior is honed by years of practice, and he’s having way too much fun. would never trust him, ever.


Hey Simon, Great season & thanks for everything. I’m going to miss you all. I will e-mail the stats as soon as the season is over.


No problem! By the way Simon, can you put two stats seperate? I need the PoV participate comp & Have/Havenot Comp. I will e-mail the Winning comps.


Thanks Simon!


I am soooooo glad Survivor starts tomorrow night!!! Quite frankly, I’m just NOT ready to get my real life back yet!!! Out with OBB, In with the Survivor Blog!!! <3


another ugly dress worn by …. danielle.


I wouldn’t be suprised if Chelsea is getting a divorce to Dan in about 3-6 months post-BB
Just like how her girlfriend in bb10 dumped him!
AW!!! MAN !!!

O Pity Me

Very large difference between a girlfriend and a wife. Girlfriends come and go.
A wife is a lifetime commitment. Dan played an outstanding game.
He unconditionally loves his wife.


Lifetime commitments aren’t what they used to be. One look at the divorce rate will tell you that.


Danielle would be really pretty if her personallity wasn’t so annoying!! Gorgeous hair and gorgeous bone structure! Too bad this show has amplified her insecurities…I don’t think she is as bad as everyone has painted her to be.

Ians Beer

She held the brush in her own hand and painted a self portrait this summer.


You guys are saying you wouldn’t do what Dan is doing right now? Yes some of it is bad but it is for half a million dollars that he is trying to win for him and his wife do they have a good life.


People, this is a reality tv show, not real life. In some ways, these players are playing a role like an actor. I have seen many actors that have played horrible people in movies, but in real life they are very nice people. Then there are some actors that play very nice people and they aren’t that nice. Production encourages these people to go over the top in their roles for entertainment for us, this is a make believe world, Years ago there was a soap actress that played a very nasty role, she was out in public when this woman came up and slapped in her in the face for being such a horrible person, the actress was doing a great job with her role, the everyday person on the other hand was having a problem with reality.


On the first show of the season, I was puzzled by Dan’s picks. He chose the 2 most attractive women, and got Jodi by default. It is now clear that Dan knew that the coachs were coming into the game. He chose attractive women because on some level they want male attention, and could be manipulated. Danielle proved to be the perfect foil. After 70 plus days he is right where he wants to be. His strategy and game play were entertaining and creative. Danielle is like every commenter and reader of this site. She is a flawed human being just like all of us. Dan continues with his manipulation, and laughs behind her back. She will probably break down into tears when Dan shanks her, either by evicting her himself (not likely, that would take courage) or throwing the final HOH. The women is beaten. Unlike The Brigade, who were honest with Britany, his tasteless treatment of Danielle will continue until she is evicted. That is not game play; that is just cruel.

My prediction; If there is an All Stars #2 Dan will decline. If his massive ego gets the best of him he will be the first one out the door.

Danielle's Pity Party Planner

Ian has never wavered in his response to Dan’s constant questioning if he is loyal to him and with Danielle’s bad behavior toward Ian Dan is convinced Ian will chose him for F2.

I would love it if Ian was just telling Dan what he wants to hear and takes Danielle to the F2 – it would be a guarenteed win for Ian cuz he would get the votes from all the Dan haters in the jury and his game resume would be the best of the season since he got out the BB14’s puppet master with a total blindside. Ian would get at least 4 votes from Frank, Ashley, Britney and Joe – enough to win.

Shane would still vote for Dani no matter what – and perhaps Jenn would too given the fact that she has had absolutely no game play and wouldnt even know how to judge what good game play is.

If Ian pulled off this blindside I think he could even get Dan’s vote since Dan always preaches that jury members shouldnt vote emotionally and should base votes only on who played the best game. He knows Dani has been his puppet all season – there’s no way he respects her game – and according to his giant ego the only person that could evict him had to be the best player.

It would be the perfect end to the season to see Dan’s smug smirk turn to shock if he ‘got got’ by Ian on live TV.

Ians Beer

Julie just said it…lol! I didn’t catch who the guest lady was but she said it also!! Is that it…they got all gussied up for no camera time? They must be doing somethin else today.


I don’t think it matters what anyone does to get themselves further in this game.Yes sometimes they portray themselves as disgusting human beings,but in the end it is just a game,and if they are the same outside of the house they will reap what they sew.

Lennon's Ghost

Simon & Dawg,

What more can I say that others haven’t about this website? Its’ been another great year in the Big Brother household via Online Big Brother.

Both of you have provided us all with a great amount of entertainment and insight into the game and goings on within the Big Brother house and are to be applauded for your efforts (if not compensated by CBS for helping keep their game interesting). I tried to do my part via multiple donations this year and for the past number of seasons and plan to continue to do so for as long as you continue to do this.

My sincere thanks to both of you and to most of the great family of posters who share their opinions with us all.

I’m anticipating reading about Big Brother Canada and hope that Dawg makes it onto the show. I’m also looking forward to Big Brother 15 with a cast of all newbies next summer.

In the meantime, I’ll be dropping by from time to time to see what is going on with Online Big Brother and donating more to help defray some of the costs in keeping this site going.

To all, thank you for helping to keep this website the best for Big Brother information.

Tomorrow night should be interesting.


I’ve always been a fan of this site and Dawg and Simon. But, I think this season you guys went out of your way to show Danielle in a bad light over and over again. I’m sure if you showed Dan eating over and over again folks would have made more comments about him as they have other house guest. Seems to have been a pattern with this site over the past several season attacking the women. Maybe, I’m wrong….but I’m sure every house guest (including the guys) wash their face, brush their teeth, lay around the pool in some ugly position, etc. I think IAN should win just because he didn’t have 4 weeks of safety and he stopped Frank from putting up Dan several times.


Dan is skinny as f$ck and Danielle has gained 25+ lbs since being in the house, so your argument is flawed clown!!

After Further Review...

All this talk about who “deserves” to win most – the better social player or the better physical player – makes no sense. Have to give it to the social player/strategist HANDS DOWN… Too many players throw comps so there is no true measurement of who is the strongest competitor but superior strategy and social skills cannot be disputed.

Frank The Dog (Dan's Bitch...Unfortunately)

I know Dan’s coming home to me and Chelsea soon so I just have to bark out a few things before I get muzzled. If you were paying attention you’d see how some of Dan’s antics are not just a BB game only type of thing. As he told you all, he likes to get over me and show me he’s the Alpha male in the house all because he found some info in a book that says dogs want to get at their owner’s eye level. It looks like he takes joy in seeking this dominance because, quote: “[he] hovers over me until I shake like a leaf.”

He even made Chelsea make a deal to put me in a crate and keep me out of the bed but in return she asked him to replace my choker chain with a harness, but he went back on that too, as he’s recounted to all of you. Just thought I’d point that out since I don’t see that as part of any game…that’s life, my four legged life. Well he’ll be home soon and my little doggie world will get all twisted up again. Gotta run, a fire hydrant is calling…

Nicole N.

So many Dan haters out there. I think he deserves to win the game and I also think people shouldn’t be mean to him. This is a game people not real life. If you want a show where everyone holds and sings and builds bonds for life this is not that show. You could come into this house and act like a totally different person than you are in real life and basically make up your entire life. That’s the greatness of the game you could literally act and be a total different person to all the other houseguests than you are in real life. It’s all about making it to the end however you can. It’s not Dan’s fault that people fall for his bull***, I mean they all come in hopefully knowing that they could be lied too by anyone so if they choose to believe someone in this game it isn’t Dan’s fault. I think Dan keeps his emotions out of it but of course he has real emotions in life. Go Dan!




Go Iannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!

Another View...

Surely Nicole that’s true, you can act however you want in the house. So my guess is Ian is a high powered executive outside the house with no issues. Danielle is probably the head nurse at the top psych hospital in ‘bama and has her shit together beyond belief, thus everything we’ve seen from the two of them was all for the benefit of the game. Yeah I totally get your point…dead on.

In fact the people posting here can act like idiots or high IQ savants…we’ll never know (and you can pick whatever you desire for me too). But I do think this, everyone that acts a certain way ‘has it in them’ and when they act out with such skill and aptitude there’s a pretty good chance they’ve honed those skills before and are not suddenly finding them after two weeks in the house.

Or maybe they all have deep seeded split personalities that can only come out in the presence of a multitude of cameras…which would explain all their asides when no one but the BB cameras can see them. When you’re all alone, is that still ‘game play’?

On the other hand maybe the vast majority of what we see is the real inner person and now they’ve just let their guard down while cooped up in the BB house and will have to get back into ‘life’ mode come Thursday.

Jody H

Exactly!! It’s like role-playing. And you can separate what happens in “the game” from real life.


I fell sorry for Dan he will go down as someone that cann’t be trusted and has no problem with mentally abuser. Come people if he was doing that on the outside of BB we would be pissed. Or maybe not .


I can’t wait anymore for the finale! Its been a longgg summer!


Im a big fan of Ian and Dan’s. I dont know why most ppl on here are giving Dan all the credit when most of the castmembers on here couldnt screw on a lightbulb. It’s easy to manipulate people in a petri dish because the circumstances are so extreme and most people (i.e. Frank, Danielle, Ian, Shane, Jenn, Ashley) are quick to align themselves with anyone out of a sense of security. Dan knew this and exploited the choices they made. He used his experience on the show and as a coach to mindfuck each of their insecurities and superficial beliefs. It was well played. The outcasts (Joe, Will, Boogie, Janelle) tried to make inroads by thinking for themselves but either their social games sucked or they were too intimidating early as power players to gain enough loyalty and therefore ostracized themselves from the herd mentality. Dan didnt really have to play this game until the second half of the show and he OUTPLAYED them all.

Now See

Here is someone that truly grasps the concept of the game and how it was played. Dan was the right guy for this season’s cast, he had all the tools and BB provided all the fools.


This is a show. You cant judge someone’s real life personality based off of how they act on Big Brother. I would argue that not doing everything you can to win is disrespecting the game. Rolling over when it looks like you will be voted out is not honorable, its stupid. i think Dan deserves to win. When Ian was sure he was gonna go out 4th he accepted it. He didn’t do anything to try and stay. He’s only still here because it benefits Dan. Dan was in the exact same situation and got himself off the block. Since his funeral, Dan has basically written the script for the way things have gone. I think he deserves to win. If you think he is a bad person for trying to win a game show, then you are the one who has truly been misted.

Aqua Bernie

They weren’t on “The Talk” today!

TV Guide

Hasn’t been on here on the West coast yet…but it is possible they just taped it for tomorrow. It’s a total in house cross-promote so maybe they figure day of the finale will give them more juice. Watch for it tomorrow instead.


Tomorrow’s show is a Survivor theme show on the talk, so maybe it’ll dovetail into that. Reset that DVR :)


I just don’t think Dan has done enough to beat Ian.On the other hand he has done more then enough to beat Danielle.I say this because while comp wins aren’t everything I think you do need to win some big ones to build your resume.Dan did do that in season 10.the exception to this rule is Dr will,but he was pretty much up against 2 floaters in season 2.Now Dan has played a more strategic game than Ian,but Ian has had some pretty good strategy of his own like betraying Boogie and Frank both of which i think he is responsible for getting evicted.I would also like to point out that Ian has had to survive through every week while Dan was safe for four.I think these would all be great selling points for Ian if he is fortunate enough to win the final HOH,and does happen to take Dan to the final 2


Can someone tell me where Chelsea’s interview is…I can’t find it…


I just can’t handle the way Dan just can’t wait to congratulate himself, high five for the camera, give that sly psycho smile as soon as his victim walks away
Last night on BBAD – Danielle- can you really beleive Dan when he says over and over “Today is the first time I thought about it” “I just realized today what a shitty game I played”…..huh??? This guy probably runs his jury speech through his head hourly and was doing it. probably daily, since the last time he was on Big Brother. Can’t anyone ever say: “Dan, you are so full of shit right now, everything you do and say has a well-thought out reason…that is ALL you ARE!”
It must be all the pretend BS flattery they feel when Dan asks them question after question, he seems so interested, he gets me, they must think. Wouldn’t want to bother him with any pesky doubtful questions of their own though….

You know Danielle thought she was going to have some epic final three…the lover and the daddy fighting for the damsel in distress, who gets to pick her….
Oh well, Dan would have probably misted Shane into picking him for final two anyway….not that Dan was ever going to let that happen. Funny how Dan HAD to split up the couple as he explained it to Danielle, yet he was constantly egging them on to sleep in the same bed, playing the coy matchmaker type making comments…hmmm, yep had that planned out too…..

So funny on BBAD last night Danielle asked Dan something like “So, is there anything else i’m gonna see on TV when I watch the season that I’ll hate you for?” Dan, with a boyishly innocent, shy little smile simpyl replies – no. Danielle proceeds to NOT ask Dan about forty different questions and demand to know what he is really up to….but nope, Dan’s little no was just fine for Danni…wow, she told him didn’t she? Whew, Dan, she almost got ya, huh? LOL


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