Dan’s Jury Speech: I knew if I was hated, you would want to sit next to me and I would have a chance to explain myself like right now..

First HOH Dan Second HOH Ian
Third HOH  ? Final HOH ?
Last Evicted Houseguest SHANE

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1:30am Dan is unable to sleep and leaves the kicks room. He heads out into the backyard and starts practicing his jury speech. He talks about how he had to play a different game this season. He says that he had to play a ruthless game. He starts running through some of the points he will say to the jury but realizes that he is over the time limit and has to cut it down to a minute and thirty seconds. He talks about how he will kiss the jury’s a** by complimenting Frank and Shane on their physical game, Joe and Jenn on their social game, Ashley on being a wild card that he was unable to read and wasn’t sure what she would do, and how he underestimated Britney as a coach. Dan talks about how he will tell the jury that Ian didn’t found the quack pack, it was already formed when he was lead up to the HOH on his leash. He comments on how Ian and Danielle were his loyal soldiers.

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Dan does a final run through of his speech and times himself with a stopwatch from the storage room. He says when the game was reset he knew he was in trouble because he looked around on the pirate ship and saw Shane and Frank, the two huge physical competitors. I knew I couldn’t beat them. I saw some great social gamers in Jenn and Joe. I saw an absolute wildcard in Ashley; I had no clue what she was doing. I saw an underrated coach in Britney that I knew scared the life out of me because she was just that good. Dan says but of course I had my loyal warrior Danielle through it all..

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He says that he looked around and said you know what, I can’t be better than these people in any of their areas and expertise because they are just that good, so what could I do to beat them.. Dan says that his answer was although you might not agree with it.. was to play a ruthless game. He says not because I wanted to but because I had to. He says that he had to build relationships to get you to trust him, to get you to do something for me, like share a power or use a veto on him. He says then I had to stab you in the back. He says not because I wanted to but because I had to for a couple reasons. Dan says he knew if he was hated, you would want to sit next to him and he would have a chance to explain himself, like right now. He says that he would then get a chance to explain himself and why he did what he did, like why he hosted the funeral. He says that he had to host a funeral because of what it allowed him and Danielle to do was to make you think we would never work together again. He says but you, Joe, actually had it figured out. He says that Joe came up to him and asked if it was all an act? I told him no. Dan says that of course Joe was right; I had to create chaos so Britney wouldn’t think that I was striking a deal with Frank. He says that if she thought I was still playing the game she would have been able to stop me. Dan says that at the end of the day I played this game 24 hours a day and I never wanted my game to depend on me winning a competition. He says that he couldn’t depend on that because he could never depend on always winning a competition against any of you. He says that you guys were that tough. I hope you all can respect the fact that I played this game 24 hours a day and always tried to out think myself out of situations, even in the bleakest of scenarios. Dan says that he doesn’t have a photographic memory but what he does have is a burning desire to play this game as hard as I possibly can with the tools I have been given. He finishes up the speech with all I can ask for is that you vote for the best player. Thank you for your time..

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2:10am At the end of his speech Dan realizes that he is still over 2 minutes long and needs to cut the speech down even more. He heads inside and takes the stop watch back to the storage room and then gets back into bed.


8:57am No wake up call yet… All the house guests are still sleeping.. Danielle gets up to go to the bathroom and then goes to change her batteries. She then heads out into the backyard to lay on the couch.

9:33AM CAm 3-4 Danielle is up, Dan and Ian are still sleeping.. Production continues to ask the guys to go change their batteries.

9:43AM Ian gets up replaces his microphone battery and heads up to the Head of Household bedroom..


9:51AM TRIVIA HOH Lockdown.
10:51AM TRIVIA HOH Lockdown.

1:10pm TRIVIA Continues..

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4:42pm The live feeds have been showing TRIVIA for hours and then all of a sudden “Dan” is sitting in the nomination chair..


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This is it you guys. Dan deserves to win but I think the jury will vote Ian’s way. Been a good season. This season was better than BB11 and BB13 by a long shot! Can’t wait till next year!

Adele Stein

Dan doesn’t deserve to win. What a contest, sociopath Dan vs. autistic Ian. My vote goes to Ian, how you play does matter. Ian overcame some serious social disadvantages, had great resolve, and fairly good character. Don’t reward sociopaths, they are dangerous con men with no moral foundation. Dan couldn’t play that way if it wasn’t in his character. What parent would let this guy near their kid?


People seem to always forget the Dan in his first season. “Oh, he is so evil and must be this evil in real life because you can’t just turn that off and on.” It is just a game and he is playing with strangers that he owes nothing to at the end of the day. You offer me 500k to lie to some people and damn straight I would.

Dan #1 Dr. Will #2

When did this game become a truth telling contest? Scocial game is more important than contests Dan and Dr.Will have proved it. They got to pick who went home and that’s impressive. Dan took Dr. Will’s blue print of winning and made it better. Dan said the whole time he checks his conscience at the door much like Dr. Will said he was a liar to everyone. Contest winning is much less imprtant than choosing who goes home each week. Dan dominated in that regard. He is now the GREATEST PLAYER EVER. Like it or not. If he doesn’t win its just pure jelousy. Brittany has the right attitude, its just a game and what Dan has done is all part of it. Frank is just a Forrest Gump sounding cry baby.

Trey Gorman

It’s not the lies or manipulation or hidden alliances that those of us on the Dan is a high function sociopath bandwagon object to. It’s the extent of the browbeating, denigration, manipulation and dehumanization he put Danielle through. If you couldn’t see the damage he inflicted then there is nothing any of us can say to persuade you.


I agree. What bothers me most is that he does all this with a smile on his face. I get it is a game and it requires you to do some not-so-nice things, but I think he has been a little cruel to Danielle… and he likes it!!


That’s exactly it. Well put.

She still has to go and face her parents, friends, and co-workers after this. I don’t know how some people are so hateful that they can just laugh and not think – about how he publicly humilated her when she trusted him so much – on a deeper level. Maybe she is dumb when it comes to certain things. She’s young and sweet and probably hasn’t experienced enough. She becomes dependant on a man in an emotional way and it is something she will have to work on – probably with the help of a psychologist. But I don’t think that a man, any man, should do to a woman what Dan did. He could have played it differently. Maybe even kept her in the loop better. So both were happy and came out of this able to hold their heads high. I don’t think either Dan or Danielle will be able to.


There is nothing innocent about Dannelle. She wasn’t forced to play this game. All the moves and decisions she made were of her free will. As far as her parents go I’m sure this isn’t the first time they have witnessed her making stupid decisions. Stupid is as stupid does.


you’re right, getting Danielle to the final 3 was a really mean thing to do. If she played the way she wanted to- EMOTIONAL- she would have been gone long ago.


frank is also a first time player who doesnt know the reaction you get from voting that way. this is brit’s second rodeo where the got screwed both times by people who had little to no respect for her as a player.


dan cant hold Dr Wills BB jock strap.

dan had a 5 eviction pass, production stepping in to help with the 2nd veto (ian won) was obviously for dan. plus he got to play against a bunch of dummies, 3/4 of these bozos dont even know how to play the game.
dr will won BB before all the BB bs that it is now, and also won when the game had no veto!


I agree Dan is the player yah he had to convince n lied but hey everyone that went in that house knew that’s part of the game come on people I feel he really did stay true to Jenn n joe but Danielle didn’t do that much she got saved by riding on Dan Ian and Shane I just hope it’s Dan n Ian tonight I’m ready for it. It’s been a great year.


I would let him near my kiddos…..it is just a game and he played it very well and ojut played the entire house and the other hg will have respect for that..

Team GB

I agree completely. There’s no way Dan would have played so obnoxiously if it wasn’t in him. He actually agreed with Dani that it a gift which he has but believes that it is not a good one. Bad actions should never be rewarded so I pray God not to let Dan to win. It’s sad that poor trusting Ian may have a coma if Dam wins the last HOH and takes Dani. I believe Dan is so heartless that he will not mind destroying Ian just to win the $500,000. In as much as I hate Dani, I want Ian to win and take Dani to final2 and he will win. Dan will not take him. That will give Dan a taste of his own medicine.


About Dani, normally I am horrified when any person gets manipulated like Dani has. BUT, after Dan explains the strategy to her she is happy and on board with what was going on. She was only upset for a short while and played on it to all of the other house guests. Dan is playing a game a great strategic game and Dani has benefited as well from Dan. As she said, shame on Dan once, Shame on her twice, and dumba$$ the third time. If Dan wins he will take Dani and if Ian wins he will take Dan, either way Dan is probably in f2…


completely agree Adele!!!!


I thought it was one of the most boring seasons.

TV People Don't Know You Exist


What were you wanting from BB? Knife fights?

This season was a lot of things, frustrating, irritating, but boring it was not.


as much as i don’t want him to, Dan most definitely deserves to win. He outplayed all of them.

Head of Household

Okay, this season is great compared to BB13, but it can’t hold a flame to Season 11. In S11, the house was so divided and there was atleast one fight a week and the uprising of JeJo and Michele was awesome to watch.

That being said, this season was great and I’m sad to see it end:(

Nick Z

S11 better than this year? What??? Yes, there were good moments but the season became crap at the end because all the good players took each other out and there were nothing but duds left. Hence why Jordan won because she was the most likable dud. Just think had Natalie won, that season would have disappeared from the pages of BB history.

Head of Household

The final five was made up of Jeff, Michele, Jordan, Natalie, and Kevin.

This year it was Danielle, Dan, Shane, Ian and Jenn.
This year’s final five was no better, Natalie and Kevin weren’t duds. Natalie was just hated by America and Kevin was guilty by association. Kevin played a great game especially with his lie that turned the season around and Natalie played a pretty decent game too. Jeff Jordan and Michele had a powerhouse alliance.

For me it probably goes like this:

BB11 = BB8 > BB10 > BB14 > BB12 > BB13 > BB9


Much better than BB13. But Dan may have crossed the line. Lying is expected, but swearing on the bible, and on your wife is pretty creepy. Imagine if janielle would have sworn to Frank on her baby’s life that she was going final 2 with Him people would have called her the biggest bit*h ever. There is a level of decency people expect, even in BB

Dan's Mist Wins

I’ll be happy to see a 2-time winner in Dan. If not, it’s Ian FTW, yo!


So if Dan wins part 3- do you think he will actually cut Danielle? Or do you think he will throw it to Ian so he can cut her?


I think Dan will take Danielle if he wins part 3…


Reading his practice speech sure sounds like he is taking Danielle if he wins. I think he wants to take her because that would be a real coup for him, not only winning but being the coach of the second place winner. Everyone knows she was his “loyal warrior” since day one and he highlights that in his speech.


I kinda feel he is gonna take ian,because he mentions everyone except ian when he is talking about each of their “strengths”,…. i dont see him say anything about ian.. and that would sorta make sense if ian was up against him because otherwise he would have said something nice about ian to get his vote… i think dan is gonna throw the comp to ian so ian can take him to the finals…… correct me if i am wrong about not seeing dan say something about ian in his final speech


Great catch Liz!!! I caught that too. Why didn’t he mention Ian?????????

Great catch!!!

But I am concerned about Dan throwing that HOH comp. I think production may be setting Dan up to get blindsided by Ian. That would be the most SIZZLING ending to a GREAT Big Brother year. . . . . . . . . . hope I’m wrong, but. . . . . . . . . . . . <3


I would love love love if Ian takes Danielle instead of Dan! It would be such a big move for Ian, and so fitting to do to Dan what he has done all Season. And I think it would secure a Win for Ian for making such a big move at the end! Go Ian!



If Ian choose Danielle over Dan;

or Dan chooses Ian over Danielle.

(Dan or Danielle ending up in the Jury House)

Looking at their face at the moment —classic.

Although I think Danielle will be far more flabbergasted that Dan.

Hate Dan or Love Dan. Dan knows what’s up. And even if he loses…I must admit he knows how to play BB.

Karen S

Liz, it has sounded like that for the last few days, that Dan was going to throw the competition, if he hasn’t already.
Isn’t that why Danielle is so pissed? I am just hoping Ian to win now.

Thank you again, Simon and Dawg!

TV People Don't Know You Exist

You’re right.

Also, Dan kept asking Danielle “what if Ian wins?” and how she would feel about him if he lost to Ian. It sounded like to me he was shoring up her vote if he lost to Ian. I can’t help but think he is planning on throwing the comp to Ian.

Go Dan! Go Ian!

Plus, in one of Dan’s practice speeches he said “I’m not making this personal like this guy here…” and also said he would tell the Jury that Ian did not found the Quack Pack., that Ian was led into the HOH room on a leash and told what the group wanted to do. So, yeah, fingers crossed, he’s taking Ian if he wins.


I agree if he wins he will take dani if he was going to take ian he wouuld have thrown it to ian it would be an easy out for him. I don’t see him throwing it and trusting his fate in someone else’s fate as well he knows if he takes dani ian will forgive him and see it as a game move but dani would hold it against him. I guess we will know soon


I believe he will take Danielle for two reasons. One is that Ian had a stronger game than Danielle and, two, bringing Danielle with him would give him that much more to tell the jury – that not only did he bring himself but also his student. Pretty much a slam dunk.


The way him and Ian were talking the other night had me wondering. But I feel like its a site win against Danielle so I’d hope he would take her. Not sure what would happen between him and Ian


I thought he’s say something about being a coach if he was bringing Danielle, and if he was trying to win Ian’s vote he would have never have lumped Danielle and Ian in the same category “my faithful soldiers” He would have tried to mist Ian by saying “either one of us could have been sitting here. You are a true champion.” or some other kiss a$$ compliment. If it is Ian and Dan. I hope that Dan has to go first, so Ian can say something like “That’s BS, the mist won’t work this time Dano. He should then list his wins and do a little misting of his own. If he says he invented the Quack Pack, Dan, Danielle, Britney will know that’s not true, but Joe, Ashley, might believe that it was all Ian. Shane won’t remember how the whole QP came about. Jenn is going with Dan no matter what, But Ian might be able to sway the others, but in the end I think the mist will get to them all and Dan will win


I agree! Dan is always thinking 2 or 3 steps ahead and while the $500,000 is his immediate goal he also has long term goals for future earnings off of writing books and cementing his place as a great and proven coach and so I do think he might be thinking of taking Dani for that reason.


I think if he goes for the comp and wins he’ll take Dani, but he might throw it or even try and just lose, in which case he’ll obviously be against Ian. I love his speech and hope he nails it tonight. He deserves to win, he knows exactly what he did and why, and he is right about playing 100% of the time and seeing what he was up against, adopting a necessary strategy, implementing it, and adapting as curve balls came his way. Go Dan!


Dan will do whatever he feels is best for Dan. The thing is he got this far, now trying to convince his fellow HG’s again with his lies, will depend on how much more they will or can take. Everyone has different emotions and your dealing with 7 ppl who some you’ve know from b4, and some u never met. Again, they all know it’s a game but some may feel I’ve only met this dude who had lied constantly, made me feel trustworthy and vice-a-versa, and at the end made a complete a** out of me and I should turn around and say sure I’ll give u $5K just because your telling me too. I guess we’ll just have to wait an see.

Dan #1 Dr. Will #2

Dan will throw part 3. Ian will take Dan. Dan has to figure that he has a better chance against Ian and will get danielle’s vote.


you cannot throw part 3 its a guessing game

ILL WILL... Slayer Of Cat People

you can throw guessing game, get it WRONG on purpose

like What color is the Sky?,
correct answer BLUE, but you can say GREEN LOL


I agree with Simon. If Ian wins the final hoh it will be Dan and Ian. If Dan wins he will take dani. They have been together to long. He said on the feeds the other day the reason he was thinking about throwing it to Ian is because his cons
cience won’t allow him to cut her. We’ll see!

Ian "the new Alpha Dog"

There is a new movie coming out on Friday called “The Master”. It is about a man who is an amazing speaker and manipulator. One of the characters in the movie indicates that “the master” is making it up as he goes along, and another character hints that “the master” is basically starting a cult.

I don’t mean to ruin the ending of the movie, but things don’t work out well for “the master” in the end.



The Master is based on Jim Jones. Jim Jones was a master manipulator and when the Feds finally caught up with him, he had everyone in his cult drink the poison kool aid. Jim Jones would of been one of the greatest at Big Brother. It would of been interesting to see Dan and Jim Jones face off. Two very immoral persons willing to say or do anything to win!

Yep, I wonder if Dan’s fourth book is going to be how if he wanted to, he could of made Dani bark like a dog on command. Even better, it could be about winning at all costs …great motivational book that he could use to coach his football team ……it would include statements like: you do what you got to do to win, if you got to take steroids to win…..then take steroids ….. if you got to get an A on the test in class in order for the school to let you play in the next game ….. bully a nerd like Ian to give you the answers ….. if the principal catches you doing something wrong, immediately pull out the bible and swear upon your ancestors and your children that have yet to be born, that you did not inhale! You were just doing a science club experiment to verify if weed burns in atmospheric pressure. I can see it now, Dan’s fourth book will be a best seller. Dan is a true American Hero. He should be in charge of hedge fund like Bain or work somewhere like Enron. His talents are wasted at some prep catholic school. Dan you belong on Wall Street.

Master Blaster

Actually, THE MASTER is based on the founder of the religion Scientology named L. Ron Hubbard.


Actually, it’s based on L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology.

alternative perspective

I think your comment is way off base. It’s a game. Not real life. After this game everyone goes home and continues to live their life. In life there are rules and their are laws. In the BB game, it is about winning, playing socially, lying and a little bit of luck. The examples you referenced are illegal actions that people take. It short sided to say that Dan is immoral or a criminal because he was a cuthroat character this season. Was he loyal? Was he truthful ? Did he manipulate others? Did he look out for himself? All those answers are obvious. Had he not done the things he did he would not have a chance to win. The point of the game is to win and not make everyone happy. Now the real question up for debate is wheather the jury will vote for someone who did what they had to do to win or for someone else. But let me point out that Ian lied to frank and boogie by being a double agent. Danielle went along with dan and lied for him. So by your definition all three of the final 3 players are immoral and don’t deserve to win. Where do you draw the line? Is a little bit of lying ok? If you think it is then your argument makes no sense. They all lied. They all decieved. They a played people. Because Dan did it more means he is bad or immoral? I guess its up to your opinion. But your argument is short sided and juvenile. It’s a game. Play to win. While I may be mad if I was a player who was lied to and got voted out. But I appreciate dans effort to do what he had to do to win. That’s what games are about that don’t have rules. Competitive people will undrstand that. People like you who are judgemental and cry about how others play and win belong In the YMCA where fair play exists and everyone gets a trophy. Wake up buddy. It’s a game. Dan played the best game of everyone and is deserving. Time will tell if just votes with their heart or head. And which ever they pick is up to them and their choice. At end of the day Dan won some money, which can’t be said for most of the houseguests .

Here! Here!

The BEST response I’ve seen all season! Thank you!


I’m in love with “alternate perspective”! It’s a game, they all lied to move ahead. Well said!


Excellent response! I do feel sorry for Danielle though only because I personally know young women like her and she is easily manipulated. It is hard for women like her to get ahead or even have a successful relationship because they do not value themselves enough. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, you have to have pride in yourself, you have to have confidence and more importantly, you have to love yourself before someone else can love you back. As far as the game play goes, in the words of Jeff Shroeder, “She got got!” and so did everyone else.


I couldn’t say it any better thnt Alternative Perspective! Go Dan and Ian!


The Master isn’t based upon Jim Jones….it’s based upon L. Ron Hubbard. Do your research yo.

Per the director,



I can’t remember if Jim Jones was the leader of the cult that drank poison and then someone covered the dead bodies in purple sheets and were all found in their beds. They thought that they were going to heaven riding on the comet that passed earth that year. Or if he is the one where they all stood in a circle and drank poison and basically collapsed where they stood outside. Either way, in these types of situations, it is very sad that people are easily manipulated. Now in the game of Big Brother, it is entertainment, as long as no one drinks poison in the end…just kidding!!! Players that lose always seem to recover when it is all over. They may be bitter for a while but they get over it because they do eventually realize that it is what they signed up for when they went on the show. I say congrats to anyone who would actually go onto these types of shows and do the things they do for the sole purpose of our entertainment and scrutiny. I know I wouldn’t do it!!


Bravo. And if you have to steal from friends or the church’s collection basket it’s ok because “you’re doing it for your family”


I don’t mean to ruin the end of the movie, but Bruce Willis is dead the whole time. Prick.

Ian "the new Alpha Dog"

Biff, this is Ian. I just misted you! Dan isn’t the only one who can mist.

How could I have seen “The Master?” I have been locked up in the BB house all summer long. My statement was implying that Dan is “the master”, and I have knowledge that he is going to lose. But I am Ian. I know what is going to happen (in the end of BB14 and in the end of the movie, “the master”) as much as you do.

Zingbot Fan

You read this and you think Dan is a lock but it sure would be a blindside if Ian won and evicted Dan.


Oh yeah that would be the biggest move of the season and Ian would win for sure but I hope that doesn’t happen because Dan deserves the chance to mist people one more time.


I really think production is setting it up for just THAT ending. Dan deserves to lose if he’s gotten THIS far and throws that HOH competition. He’d better NOT do something soooooo stupid!!! <3


Ian also should take Danielle to final 2. I would hope he doesn’t get some stupid idea about wanting to go against the stronger player (Dan) just to have some great finale with 2 most deserving players. No need to prove anything and this isn’t about the QP anymore. He needs to stab Dan in the heart.


Agree 100%!!!! <3 <3 <3

Just old

Ian knows he can not take Dani

1) he would not get Shane’s vote. He would vote for Dani. Versus Dan he gets Shane’s vote.

2) Frank still is bitter and he has to vote for someone. Frank hates both Dan and Ian. So there it is 50/50.

3) Ashley goes with ian over Dan.

4) he should get Brit.

5) so he needs only joe or frank to win

Dani would get, frank, shane, jenn, Ashley, and probably Dan if Ian didn’t eject dani. Ian thinks logical and has worked out every option and knows getting Dan out would be another “12 point buck” the simple math makes this move unlikely.


I have to say that Dan has kept the show interesting for me. I thought I would lose interest after my favorite were evicted but I stayed tuned just to see what things Dan would get out of or talk someone in to doing for him.

Zingbot Fan

I’m not a Dan fan but I think he has proved to me that he is the best player ever with his actions this season.


Thank you so much, Simon and Dawg for all that you do to make BB a great experience. I thoroughly enjoy your updates and comments.

Hoping IAN wins tonight and BRIT is America’s choice.

Btw, do you guys do anything like this for Survivor?

Thanks again!


Ian 4 the win

That was one good speech, I must admit I got a little misted. I dnt think Ian has a chance with that speech, even though I hate to admit that.


Just wanted to thank everyone for making this a great Big Brother year. All your support enables us to keep this blog running.

In my opinion this has been one of the most enjoyable years for Big Brother to watch and blog and I have all you to thank.
If you like our site and want to help us out don’t forget to “Like”, +1, TWeet our content it helps OBB a lot by getting our blog out there for others to read.

Whats planned for OBB this year?
A much needed rest.. lol we’ll be around all year posting info about past BB players (Or as Dan would call it CREEPING) We have BB Canada starting in February and of course BB15 next summer. Ohh and we’re going to be moving to a 3rd part commenting system allowing people more options in comments.

In the mean time I will be blogging survivor here http://www.survivornews.tv with a couple friends and might even have a haNd in some Bachelor spoilers here http://www.bachelorspoilers.tv/

I’m always up for a chat so feel free to send me a email or message on google+

Zingbot Fan

There is only one thing that everyone agrees about on this site….Simon and Dawg rock!


I agree with that!


Simon/Dawg, I liked you on Facebook, but I can’t figure out how to use Twitter. I know that sounds stupid, but I’m technologically disadvantaged and don’t understand how Twitter works. I will be following you on Facebook though (and try to figure out Twitter where I can follow you there too). Wow, I’m gonna miss you and thought about that when I woke up this morning. Oh, and I’m not sure about Google + either. . . . . . don’t even know what that is. :-( Sorry, maybe someone can get me up to date on some of these new things (I’m 45 years old. . . . . . . . EVERYTHING is new to me!!!). Hope to check in with you soon and have a great vacation!!! <3 <3 <3


Thanks! A facebook like is great!

I’m not a big twitter user either.



Sorry, that was me that posted that, I keep forgetting to put my name in when I log on. . . . . . . (told you I was technologically disadvantaged!!!) <3 <3 <3


Twitter is easy! And LOTS of fun! I’m 46 and have a damn flip phone! If I can figure it out surely ANYONE can! Just scarey at first… now I do it frequently! Tweet Tweet! Give it a try and tweet me @gigiandthensome… will follow you back!


I don’t think you understand Gigi, I don’t know how to tweet. I don’t get it. Sorry. :-p <3

O Pity Me

I cannot figure out he to tweet either. Way above my head!!!

The Shane In Shane Stays Shanely On The Shane

Going to apply for BB15 and if I get on I’ll give shouts outs to OBB. Vote Dawg!


Do you guys have regular jobs? How you find the time???????? How do you survive??? THanks!!!


We both have regular jobs.. It’s all about time management and dedication.

not easy but FUN!


thank you for doing this, I am working two jobs right now and this has been my entertainment this summer

Carol & Steve

Appreciate all the hard work & just the time you both take to run this site! I agree – I think this season turned out to be very interesting & definitely enjoyed reading everyone’s take on what people might or might not do. Not to mention all the drinking games & inside jokes that followed from post to post.

Look forward to reading the posts for BB Canada & voting for Dawg in any polls – he’s the only answer I pick – LOL!! I’ve got your Survivor & Batchelor spoilers bookmarked & have already like & follow on FB.

Thanks again everyone – will check back in later tonight for the finale!

Godless Monkey

This is, by leaps and bounds, the BEST Big Brother site out there!! No question. Wow, to think back to where I went for updates before being told about OBB in season 12 — just wish I’d found you guys sooner! I’ve also been watching season 2 on You Tube and would like to thank you for that also. I agree that this has been one of the best BBs! And Simon, your pics of The Powerhouse always made me laugh, thanks again!


THanks monkey.. TPH4L


I really liked this season as well and I want to thank Simon and Dawg for the updates and all the fun here, especially the late night comments while most people were getting sleep, we were up watching these nutty people and shit talking, (well, maybe that was mostly me doing a lot of that) lol! Good Times!

Anyway, wanted to shout out before tonight just incase by some bizarre turn of events, Danielle wins, I will spin myself into a rage of dust and ashes.


It doesn’t matter what he says if Ian is in f2, Ian will win, just wait and see.


I hope not Ian was fun as a different character type and even enjoyed some of his comments but he thinks he’s better than he is. As far as play Dan led him and danielle by nose rings and Britney was far funnier than Ian especially when she’s losing OMG the phone call to boogie as goodbye was hysterical still makes me lqaugh when I think about it . It made me a soft spot for Brit and I didnt like her as much in first one she came off as snarky but this time I confess I loved her. If she could keep it up full time she should lead a talk show seriously funny. Dan Dan Dan Geez Gheese Louise you are something I forgive you now especially if you buckle and take Danielle instead of Ian he was ok but had a lot of help cmon. he’d a lost it for sure if Brit hadn’t been there to help him socially in the beginning. True. Dan Dan Dan wow your probly a very good coach in football too. Might just go catch some ST. Mary’s game because of you.. congrats… from chief C.


I agree with you about Britney I did not like her in season 12(of course I did not like anyone in season 12) but this season I have really liked her
Dan, Ian or Britney for America’s Choice!!!


It could happen but you never know, in season 10 Dan was hated by half the jury and he won 7-0, who would have thought Ollie would have voted for Dan

Nick Z

Or Jerry for that matter…..


Dan I think will have a fantastic and convincing speech and he should do well in the jury Q&A, while I think that will be Ian’s largest obstacle, but Dan still has some difficulties winning the game, he burned basically everyone in the jury and he is a previous winner. With all that said if anyone can pull it off, it is Dan. Go Dan!


Dan has been so ruthless, but he’s right, he had to be. He couldn’t play like he did last time because people had seen his play book. I don’t have a problem with Ian winning, but Dan deserves it. He played everyone. Everyone in jury is sitting there because of Dan and he never was on the block during an eviction vote! He played so well! Stabbing people in the back and twice convincing someone to use the veto on him to avoid risking eviction. If that’s not playing the best game then I gotta know what is. May not be “moral” but this game is at its best when people backstab. We all enjoy it whether you admit it or not. Thanks Simon and Dawg. This site made the season that much more enjoyable.


dan will prolly win azzholes usually do ..but i hope ian wins


finally dawg is winning a poll! it’s about time :) thanks alot for the website


I am just wondering if anyone knows if the feeds will be down for most of the day or if they keep them on. First time with the feeds and just wondering what its like on the last day.



Sounds like a nice jury speech, and he has accomplished his objective, trying to mend fences with those that hate him or flatter those that did the least. Jenn’s great social game? Really! Shane said he didn’t even know Jenn was in the house until she used the POV on Dan. Ashley being a wildcard that you couldn’t read …hmmm …… ah! Ashley was a blank slate, really, she did whatever Janelle said, then whatever Will said …then whatever Joe said …..then ….well you get the picture, the very definition of a floater. Underestimated Brit as a coach, not sure that line works. Saying that you underestimated her, means that you didn’t respect her game to begin with. Brit knew you were still playing the game when you held your funeral, but she had no counter. Look at who she was trying to influence, Frank. Frank wasn’t interested in a game move by then, he was blinded by revenging Boogie. There was nothing Brit could say to Frank, after Dan outed Ian. Frank had to strike back and Brit was collateral damage.

Categorizing Shane and Frank as two physical competitors is a win one and lose one situation. Shane would readily admit his game was physical comps and would accept the acknowledgement; However, Frank feels he was a beast. He had the smarts, social game and the physical stamina to be one of BB best players. So that’s not a statement that will win Frank over. Guarantee the first question Frank directs at you will be: How do you reconcile swearing on the bible with game play?

Complimenting Joe’s social game. Joe was the only player not misted by you and he won’t be misted now. Joe never liked Dan, and won’t be buying what he is selling during the jury.

So it all comes down to who Dan is sitting with. If its Dani, well Dani is defenseless. If she was sitting next to Dan, Dan wouldn’t have to give a speech. Dani would sing the praises of Dan … I have learned so much from Dan, please vote for Dan. I intend to continue the friendship and go on Amazing Race with Dan. Vote for Dan, my friend and my lover. Hi Chelsea!

If its Ian ….well it depends on what Ian says. Ian has to come out and say the moves that he made. Creating the Quack Pack, getting rid of a legend, being true to his alliance, winning crucial HOH/POV comps. If he says these things, he might be able to beat Dan. However Dan seems to have weaken Ian’s resolve to fight. Given a few more days, even Ian would be singing the praises of Dan, Dan the great!

So here is my vote break down:

Brit – Dan
Jenn – Dan
Dani – Dan

Frank – Ian
Shane – Ian
Ashley – Ian
Joe – Ian

May I have the envelope please …..drum roll ……by a 4 to 3 vote, Ian wins


That would be an awesome outcome, but I think the speech he practiced was if Ian happened to win the final HOH. If Dan wins, he is taking Danielle and wont even need a practiced speech for that.


Craziest ending ever would be if Ian won BB and was named Favorite HG. The poor kid would explode. but I would love it!

ILL WILL... Slayer Of Cat People

winner or runner up, can’t win the 25k


that speech isnt creepy enough for dan. he needs to stick with what has worked with these clueless hacks and not tell them how good they are. they all know they sucked. give another super creepy quasi cryptic silly monotone midwestern speech Yo. thats if Ian doesnt snip Yo ass and claim 3 12 point bucks

Ian4 the win*

From that speech Ian has to blindside him if he wins the 3rd HOH Dan will mist the jury. And if Ian does take her he should make sure they know how she was acting after the 2nd HOH


I’ve got this feeling (I COULD be wrong), but I feel like production is going to backdoor Dan and have Ian take Danielle. If I were Dan, I sure wouldn’t risk throwing this HOH comp. HE knows better than anyone how production has their own little bottle of “mist”!!! ;-) <3 <3 <3

Three's a crowd

I don’t disagree – production knows how the jury is leaning – and I think it’s clear production wants Ian to win – something happened in the DR with Dan yesterday (or he was just spraying mist and acting like he was upset) – I understand Dan wanting to take Dani (the coach ego thing) – but he just might miss out on any prize because of that… should be an interesting evening in Big Brother Land!

Nicky Brand

I don’t think Dan needs to compliment them all again. That’s too much of a rerun of the funeral. I think he should just make the point that their job is to vote for the best player, not the one has scumbagged the least people. I think he should not apologoze for the scumbagging, but should own it and point out that he has controlled the house ever since the funeral, and that even his enemies did what he wanted them to. Then they might be ashamed to vote against the obvious best player just because they are butthurt losers. Considering he’s played a game of all out douchebaggery, I think that’s his only hope.

And the winner should take Danielle. She’ll be easier for either of them to beat.


I agree-Dan has a better chance just cutting the “You’re a great player and you’re social game was blah blah blah” ego-stroke and be like, “Yeah, I played you dumbasses without having to be a comp beast and what does that suggest? It means I controlled this game and anyone that could stop me is sitting right in front of me, not beside me,” without the ‘dumbass’ reference of course. And Dan and Ian should consider Danielle, even though Dan claims he can kill Ian in that aspect and he could. Ian evicting Dan would guarantee him a win off the bat as soon as Dan sat next to the JH and Dan taking Danielle wouldn’t leave him another vote short. Dan: Britney, Ian, Jenn….Dani: Frank, Ashley, Joe, and Shane….No doubt Dan’s speech could swing him another vote.


when there is no ‘respect for the game’, you will loose…….end game!!!


For me his speech played to much to their egos. Making him appear to weak. I say don’t sugar coat his game play, go for it. Stay on the moves he made to get people out as his game. Not how get got people to do what he wanted. Here’s why, because in their mind they may think it was their choice to do it, or they may had really wanted to go in the same direction he did. To me in his speech he has stop playing the game some what, give them each personally where he controlled them just in case they have forgotten. Lol


It won’t matter what Dan’s speech is like. He won’t take Danielle to F2 if he wins. Yes, he’d like his ego boosted,but he wants the $500,000 more.

One of the biggest reasons he won’t win, is because he’s already won. Also, he hardly won any comps. You don’t win just because you’re the biggest liar and backstabber. You have to bring more to the game.

He gets either Dani’s or Ian’s vote. He gets Jenn. No-one else’s. The final vote count will, in all probability, be 5-2 in Ian’s favour. When Dan reset the button, it was all about him getting the $$$$$’s. He has coached Dani to carry him. And, then coached her into Ian rejecting as as a F2 partner.

I’m not against a player winning more than once. I am against anyone winning who is a sadistic low life. It went way beyond game play. It came down to enjoying being cruel, and very proud of it. When reading the Bible the other night, he could hardly keep his attention on the page. His eyes were everywhere, but.

He’s a scam. In everything.


I have to disagree. Dr. Will won by being the biggest liar and backstabber and didn’t win any comps. This game is not only about competitions and Dan pulled it out when he had to. He didn’t want to add to the target on his back by winning a lot.

Usually, after being in the jury house, emotions calm down and most people will vote for the best player, ruthless or not. In this case, it is Dan. He carried Danielle, let her win and controlled her moves. Ian may have helped get Boogie out, but most of his game play was lacking. He is only still there because Shane was a bigger fish to evict. I hope they vote for Dan because he did an amazing job. We all thought he was gone a long time ago.

Hey, Simon – remember (before Dan misted Frank into pulling him off the block) that we were all complaining about how boring this season was? It was true until Dan kicked it into high gear, giving us lots of intrigue and drama. For that alone, he deserves to win.

Nicky Brand

I agree with JJH. Will Kirby never won a comp in 2 seasons of BB and finished 1st & 4th. Dan could have won some of those comps if he’d wanted to, but he was smart enough to avoid getting the blood on his own hands and only won them when they were really important. Notice how good he suddenly was in the Otev comp where he beat and finished off Frank. Dan said himself in the DR “Once in a blue moon, the planets align in such a way that I don’t throw a comp.” I don’t think his lack of comp wins will cost him any votes. Throwing comps is often a good move. Daniele Donato & Janelle are examples of players who won too many comps and were perceived as big threats because of it.


I totally agree with everything you said. His lieing and backstabbing was ok it was the cruel things he said and did, he took way to much pleasure in his cruelty that just can’t be faked.

Whoever Dan takes he will get 2nd place….Joe, Frank & Shane will never vote for Dan

O Pity Me

Dr. Will won and never won HOH.

Jody H

I disagree about not winning comps. Of course we have Dr. Will, still considered the best BB player who didn’t win any comps. But what Ian said to Dan and the response says it all.

Of course I don’t remember exact words so paraphrased:

Ian: “How many times did YOU sleep in the HOH room?”
Dan: “How many times did I need to?”

Enough said. If based on gameplay he wins. If personal, he is done…


Dan only had to win one HOH, all he has to say “I ran everyone else HOHs and that is the truth.



Dani’s secret plan is to hold onto Trey and Shane. Yeah and its all confidential, no one outside Big Brother will know this Dani. Just ignore those cameras that have been following your every move 24/7 for the last 70 days. LOL! I don’t believe there is a Trey, this is some make believe guy on Dani’s part and she makes believe a lot of stuff. As far her holding onto Shane, seems she forgot the golden rule: it takes two. Shane, although not very bright, does understand women. Both Shane and Dan were using Dani in their own way. Shane’s said in his interview with Julie and Jeff , that he tried to keep his showmance with Dani on the down low. He didn’t want anyone to know that they were together. Ah Shane, earth to Shane ….was that the real reason you fought off Dani’s kisses, that you wanted two covers, that you didn’t want to share her bed? The whole house knew Dani’s feeling for you and how when convenient for your game, you threw her a bone or two. It just so happens you only rewarded her with a kiss after a HOH or POV. Could it be these cherish kisses were to ensure your safety in the house when she won HOH?

Nope, Shane has no use for Dani now that the game is over. So bachelor number 1 is out. Lets assume there is a bachelor number 2, named Trey, I don’t believe it…but lets play along. Trey has just seen you infatuated with Shane over the last 70 days. So after seeing that, would that make Trey want you more or less? Trey has just seen that you are very needy, the very thing that you say most of your exes have a problem with you. Does that make Trey want you more or less? Trey has just seen how gullible you were with Dan. Does that make Trey want you more or less …… ok, maybe on this point, you being so gullible, Trey might want you more!

Dani, turn the page with Shane, its not going to happen. Give up the fictional boyfriend, Trey. Don’t throw yourself on the next guy, be yourself and you’ll find someone that wants you.


In the exit interview with Jeff, Shane seemed to be wanting to keep the door open for a hook up with Danielle before he leaves town. But then, he’ll probably go be back on the prowl for some “strange”.

Nicky Brand

I believe there is a Trey, but he probably doesn’t know he’s Danielle’s boyfriend.

Will Shane and Trey be interested in her after this is over? Depends on whether she bags the half mil.


It would be much better for Dan to let Ian win and cut Danielle. Because if Dan takes Danielle, I have a pretty good feeling the jury will vote for her to win. Pity votes, bitter votes, you name it. The only downfall if he cuts her would be the fact that it adds another person the the already growing list of bitter people towards Dan. It’s a pickle.


But Danielle said she would NEVER vote for Ian, so Dan has a lock on her vote.


I think Dan should be running for President he lies better then both Romney and Obama.


You may have ready answered this but why do they do hoh lockdown what are they doing downstairs??


Production is probably cleaning up the house and getting ready for the final e show tonight. Feeds will come back in a bit


and Dawg.

Sending $50 your way once PayPal verifies my bank account. Best I can do at this time. My career’s on hold as I care for my ailing mom practically 24/7. Hardest job I ever had. Some days I’m near tears and your site with funny commentary was my refuge. It’s an incredible value for the entertainment provided. Thank you, Thank you.

Also, big thanks to the OBB community. Love the hilarious, outrageous and witty posts that make me laugh, as well as the insightful or kindred ones. Even learned valuable stuff like John Blaze (what OBB is) and will never look at tossing a salad the same way.

Go Dawg


Thanks Lurker.. much appreciated, I’m glad we were able to give you some happiness through your tough times. Sorry to hear about your mother.


Best wishes for your mom!


Wow, Lurker, same here! Caring for my 93 year old mother 24/7. I know exactly what you mean. Love this site! Thanks Simon & Dawg!


@Lurker i got a little boost from your post..I respect a lot what you have chosen to take on..hope that knowing there’s strangers out here( we r like cockroaches- for everyone of us that replays there are dozens more unseen) who r pulling for u can giv u a energy bump when you need it.


LOL Dan’s not gonna get any votes with some humble-piece-of-crap-pie like that
this is season 14, not season 4 !!!
LOL I really want to see his face when Ian or even Danielle wins!!!
he can put that pie in his ass


Ian proved me wrong tagging him as a weak push-over type of guy, I thought him coming into this game and playing amongst and with his BB idols would leave him sorta vulnerable under their coaching authority even when the newbies had to keep their own best interests in mind also, but as soon as Janelle hit the reset button and Ian drifted away from Boogie, attached himself with another alliance and targetted Frank upfront afterwards, I admired him not being the type of person to be afraid of his competition to the point of not taking chances, and on top of that, winning HOHs and POVs enough to look out for himself, I thought Ian would take this competition, but Dan is right about playing this game 24/7, even being safe for the first few weeks as a coach, it was his first goal: To take one of his team members to the end and he did just that with Danielle and after the reset button, Dan played for himself and his best interests while also coaching Dani and having played everyone in jury to get this far-He’s right, it wasn’t that Dan wanted to hurt these people and lied and backstabbed because he wanted to, he had to. The funeral was his last chance, and it not only strengthened his game afterwards but he acknowledged he’d have to take advantage of these ‘tools’ when he couldn’t be sure to win comps-Dan’s social game played the main factor of his brilliant strategies and he used what he had in his game, with included a brain, a mouth and a heart to drive him, all emotions aside. If he can master this speech in time Dan has a great shot at becoming a 2-time BB winner and he deserves it. Simon and Dawg work their asses off with this website-Barely in my twenties and without it I’d be confused as fuck, you guys know you’re awesome-Really, this site is excellent and so much appreciated. And Dawg’s winning a poll :D But WTF, just over 60%??? Can’t wait for tonight.

VA Vet

The funeral had nothing to do with Dan’s “last chance”. The only purpose of the funeral was to garner sympathy for Danielle so that she wouldn’t be evicted if Dan was able to suck Jenn into using the veto on him. If they couldn’t get Dan, they might entertain the thought of getting his closest ally and he needed to keep his puppet in the house for future manipulation.

Dan’s last chance was getting himself removed from the block and only Jenn could accomplish that.


The funeral was the first step. Without it, there was no chance of completing step one and step two. It wasn’t used to grab sympathy for Danielle, it was a distraction. Second step, rat out the QuackPack, third step, Frank convincing Jenn to take Dan off the block and Danielle assuring her after Dan told her the truth, all of this out of Dan’s mouth. Dan’s last chance was jumpstarting that display because Joe lead on to him he wasn’t sure it wasn’t an act, so several things could’ve gone wrong if the others caught on. He needed that distraction at the right time to make a deal with Frank upstairs. The thing I don’t understand about this was that during the end of the speech when Dan told Frank he wanted to read verses to him upstairs and apoligize did that not spark awareness to them as it did Joe that while they’re surrounding a teary-eyed Dani, Dan is not just “reading verses and apologizing” upstairs???


**Step two and step three


The three on The Talk coming up (plus Survivor).


As long as Dani doesn’t win I will be happy with the result. It was a good season and can’t wait until next season.


We should be discussing Danielle’s potential speech as well. As much as I hate to admit it, Ian will win final comp and take Danielle. He has the perfect speech for against her. She had a coach take her to the end where I had to on my own. Ian knows this and I can’t see him in any scenario taking Dan.


Ian should take Danielle but he’s too sold on taking a battle-buddy. He’s making the fatal BB mistake – playing emotionally. Dan and Ian should both know that a woman cannot win against a man in the final 2. It has never happened. Men won’t vote for a woman over a man, whether they deserve it or not- in this case she doesn’t desrve it so it makes it even more of a sure thing.


Thanks again for the best BB site!!! Go Dan!!!


I think Dan will take Daniele to the end and he will try to throw the final comp but he will end up winning it and he will end up taking Daniele and he will win. Ian will end up losing but he will get Americas Favorite. Dan will win the 500 k and Daniele the 50 k. Ian will not be bitter and vote for Dan along with most the jury. Frank will vote for Dan, Jenn for Dan, Britney for Dan, Ashley for Dan and the rest may vote for Daniele but I feel their votes will be 50/50. Dan has won this game even if he has been a backstabbing ruthless player. I honestly think the jury will not be bitter. If they are right now then after the mist Dan feeds them they will not. I dont care if he wins or loses he is the best player ever in my book and if he ever plays again then he will have to play like Frank and Rachel had to play on their seasons. Winning everything he can and being honest to his started alliances. But he will never have the same chance he does at winning again as he does now. I could at the very least see him making it to the jury for the first time in his next season. He will play once more on the 2nd all stars season. I am sure they will offer him a really nice stipend. Dan is the best and Dr Will set the bar and Dan has just surpassed him.


Loving Lisa Welchel (she’s 49!!!!!!) on The Talk right now!!!! OMGoodness, I’m actually watching The Talk right now!!!! :-) <3 <3 <3


Tonight is gonna be one ROCKING night of TV on CBS!!!! The beginning of Survivor and the ending of Big Brother – back to back!!! Wow, I’m glad they’re giving us something to fall back on after such a GREAT Big Brother season. I haven’t waited on a night of TV like this since the college National Championship game between Alabama/LSU!!! Gonna be a HOT night tonight!!!


This would be Regenade 2.0! Ian & Dan will be in Final 2!


Best BB EVER! This is the fist time that I can remember where we didn’t know what would happen week to week. Dan and Ian F2 aren’t even a lock! I would LOVE to see Ian win Final HOH and cut Dan. I think Dan played a brilliantly evil game but as much as I like him I tend to root for the underdog not the bully.

It would also be in CBS’ best interest to NOT have Dan in the F2 because:
* Keeps the game exciting and shocking ’til the end
* If Dan is in the F2 NO question he is the BEST ever and no one can beat that title, however if he is out 3rd there is still question arguement on best player between Dr Will, Dan, Boogie and Janelle. So they can keep milking or “nursing” who should hold the title.

O Pity Me

I think Dan is the underdog. BB favors Ian, I honestly think they want him to win. It may be hard for Isn because the last competition
is usually what juror said this in the jury house. Ian spent most of his time rocking in the hammock. He really did not get to know some of the jurors.

I loved Dani asking Ian not to tell Shane that she has implants because he does not like girls who have them. Ian said he would not tell, but she just told what 7,000,000 or so people. So I guess we all need to keep it a secret.


To all the people who say Dan doesn’t deserve to win because of how he played I have this to say:

He never broke any BB rules

He is in a contrived situation; real life doesn’t work in a contrived situation. It is stupid to think so…yah, I called ya dumb!

Lying is part of the social game.Lying and not getting totally busted for it along the way is brilliance whether your moral compass goes off or not. The fact that it makes people uncomfortable cracks me up

How can Dr. Will doing it be okay and Dan doing it NOT okay? I didn’t REALIZE BB hired you to be a side-line judge/moral compass for the rest of the world

Was Dan supposed to win playing the same game he did as his last season? And HOW FRIGGIN BORING would that have been??

If your moral compass goes haywire over what Dan did to get through the game, know that you don’t truly understand this game or the intricate workings of social/pyschological game play and just fall back on your Christian-driven, blinders-on view of the world where if something doesn’t compute, you assume something is wrong with the Matrix and not YOU and you end up spewing lines of text-puke everywhere that sounds righteous yet completely clueless!

The Mist Of The Father

Totally dead on…he played a brutally ruthless game and for that he should win, be nice if he cut Danielle on the way to it too.

But he did f*ck up a major game in the process…the game of life. Sure everyone wants to claim that he did it in a game situation to win $500K. For that I say he should be applauded, even awarded the grand prize, although the last few days have felt rather sadistic and uncalled for. But that aside, I have seen here on OBB and feel the same; he has no business teaching and coaching kids in a Catholic school environment.

You don’t act as twisted as he did and not have that be part of your DNA. That man showed us the worst of human nature and those aren’t skills he suddenly acquired in two weeks of laying low as a coach in the BB house. No those come from a very dark place within, that he may well keep bottled up…but I sure wouldn’t risk my child around a hope and a prayer that they stay that way once he’s back at St. Mary’s.


we all have a dark side…..some just bury it or make peace with it. He chose to use it to win 500k. Why shouldn’t he teach? Do you think he is going to advocate his students do the same thing? And how is it HIS responsibility to be a moral compass for those kids? Their parents should be making the decision of whether or not he teaches their children…….and if they don’t let him, it will be purely out of fear that they can’t control their childs behavior…….its like saying that if a kid listens to “Pumped up Kicks” and kills someone, then the band is to blame…….so friggin backward!!

O Pity Me



i think both dan and Ian beat Danielle 7-0 if not 6-1. Ian should beat Dan 4-3 or 5-2 imo as there is no way fran, shane or joe would ever vote for dan, they wont even listen to his creepy monotone speech. ashley will vote with frank as he has likely been inside her 24/7.


just like in season 10 we never thought Ollie would vote for Dan


Read some tweets this morning by @Trey_Wade… supposedly Trey Wade Gorman… this guy is NOT NICE, he’s a piece! The tweets that had nothing to do with Danielle prove he’s NOT A NICE GUY. But I guess if you’re “making up” a boyfriend/fiance’ you should make him NICE!


girls like danielle dont want a nice guy, they want a gut that treats them horrible and makes them feel inferior which in some twisted way makes them feel good about being with the guy. its what modern day dating has evolved into, treat gil like crap and she wants u, treat nice and she doesnt. daniellle loves guys that treat her terribly, u can tell


she sure does seem to get off on it.


You know, I was going to say the same thing. The worse Shane/Dan treated her, the harder she tried to win them over. She goes for the unavailable and trys to get them to prove she is a worthwhile human being. She even said she had a difficult time letting go of guys unless something major (trying to kill her, maybe?) happened. She is the stalker type who will never let go. Apparently, she went on a “couples” date with Trey, which, in reality, was a probably group of people going out together that she misinterpreted as a date. She hasn’t let go of him over the course of the summer, even with Shane and even though the guy has had a girlfriend for over a year. The only reason she won’t stalk Shane is proximity. She can’t keep track of him. I don’t know if Trey is a jerk or not but I might be acting like one if some delusional girl on TV kept talking about me and our supposed relationship. Notice that BB now cuts the feeds anytime Trey is mentioned, which leads me to believe that he contacted them and threatened them to keep his name out of it.


If Ian admits in hs speech that he has a form of Autism (not ADHD) and uses that for sympathy and serves as a posterboy for the cause…..the Mist may evaporate. Good Luck to both Ian and Dan!


In addition to his achievements, think he has a better chance of playing up he’s a newbie to the newbies and gush how much he adores and misses Brit.


Is it still possible that Dan throws the comp because he knows in his heart that Ian would take him to the final anyway?


Dan cannot throw this last part, its a guessing game


in regards to shanes sexuality, its interesting that he went out of his way to say that guys were gross and that he considered playing the role of the gay guy on BB as a gameplay angle. still thinkin at least 70% chance shane is straight, 20% chance he is bi but prefers women and 10% he is gay.


No I’m pretty sure he’s gay…I called it week 2


I’m going to miss you all. I can’t wait till season 15.


ian please keeping my fingers cross i want ian to win so bad ……..i cant wait for survivor tonight and the real world challenge oh lawd i cant wait


not that ashley is super petite and incredibly hot or anything but i doubt she would be interested in Jenn squating on her face or anything. doubt they hooked up unless maybe jenn just straight out went down on ashley


Happy last day big brother 14! We may very well be watching the very last moments of the only 2 time winner inbig brother history. You are supposed to lie in this game some of the commentors are taking the moral high ground which is dumb because you know that production pushes for lying in this game. And danielle and ian arent the most high character players ive ever seen they have talked so much shit about evicted houseguests i am sick of it. I hope dan wins because he has played the best but the best player rarely wins and thats a shame. The only part of dans lying that i found annoying is sometging that evel dick keeps saying. Why do they think god gives a crap about what goes on in that house? I would say he does not. Stop swearing on the bible the soul of your wife and your grandfathers cross. Just swear and that should be enough. If dani wins it will be another jordan situation and if so i hope the dumb jurors are proud of themselves


Simon & Dawg who do you think is going to win today??????


Me too :)


Me three!!! <3 ;-)


I don’t think Ian will cut Dan, that’ll shock the hell out of me. Ian would rather risk the grand prize going against one of the best BB players in the end than winning for sure against Danielle. Ian’ll win the final HOH, but believes he has this game in the bag and will take Dan not because he needs to but because he wants to. What sounds better to a super BB fan finalist: I evicted Boogie, Frank and Dan or I evicted Boogie and Frank and beat Dan in the end? Dan and Danielle would argue him being behind these decisions, Dan’ll say he manipulated their choices-Have no idea what’s going to happen or what feels best to Ian right now. I’m skeptical Ian will send Dan to jury, but he knows he could beat Danielle the instant he did and he might change his mind. I don’t know!


the thing about Ian is….is that throughout the game he has been a man of his word. I know a lot of you want him to win the final hoh and cut San as a game move….which would be a great game move….but I believe Ian when he says he is going to take Dan. correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think Ian has lied in this game…he has always honored his word and I think he’ll do that tonight if he wins the last comp….what do you guys think??

Three's a crowd

I agree – Ian has played a relatively clean game – I think he will take Dan (and I’m hoping he does) – Dan, on the other hand, will probably take Dani – I think this is the scenario that production desperately doesn’t want to happen – and if it does – I think Ian will win America’s (Production’s) Favorite

VA Vet

Unfortunately, I think you are right.

Would be nice if Ian turns to Dan in his speech and says “you may have been instrumental in getting to the final three, but the reason you’re sitting next to me is because I brought you”!


ur kidding right? ummm Ian will have lied most recently to Dan and/or Danielle…but yeah Jenncity, Mike Boogie, Janelle, Wil, Frank just off the top of my head but I am pretty sure everyone except maaaaaybe Brittany, Kara, Will,Jodi


Ians rode to glory and BB history is to cut Dan for the win. Slay 3 12 point bucks and u go down as a legend. Otherwise its a battle of creepy speeches and Ian edges dan 4-3. slay dan and discuss your heroics in your speech. Ian would have bounced boogie, frank and dan=340k after taxes Yo
Dr. Will: Greatest of All Time


will dr will be at the finale tonight to hang and support boogie? or is he too legend to even show up? after party for dr will or no way?


Simon & Dawg – I am not looking forward to the OBB withdrawals. They were terrible last year!


Will they be showing Big Brother Canada in the US?

O Pity Me

Each year the BB withdrawal is horrible. But I do check in here everyday to see what s happening. I really want Dan to win. Ian is very immature, he still sleeps with his stuffed animals at 21. I don’t know if it is part of his illness or not. But I think Dan played an outstanding game. He played everyone. They all cried at the funeral.