Big Brother 18 Promotional Commercial! “In the beginning its all kittens & rainbows..”

In about 5 weeks Big Brother 18 will premiere on Wednesday, June 22! The first of many promotional commercials has been released in preparation for the new season. As always there is no information released about the upcoming season other than the premiere date. The full cast list and photos/tour of the newly redesigned house won’t be released until about a week before the premiere date. Keep an eye out for these details to be released between June 13th – 17th.

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Big Brother 17 Commercial – It’s Not Summer Without Big Brother!

In just 2 weeks the first of the two night première airs on Wednesday, June 24th at 8pm on CBS. The second episode of the two night première will air on Thursday, June 25th at 8pm. Leading up to the première there will be two live feed exclusive VIP chats with the first being today with Big Brother 16 winner Derrick Levasseur and the second chat will be held on June 15th with Frankie Grande. The exclusive chat session today was a joke in my opinion as it wasn’t a video chat with questions like last season

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Big Brother 17 Commercial “Big Brother put the Crazy in Crazy!”

Get ready Big Brother fans! Your summer guilty pleasure is coming in just over a month with a TWO NIGHT Première starting June 24th @ 8pm on CBS. Applications and submissions for the casting process have wrapped up and the cast for this coming season is now in the hands of the casting directors. Casting director Robyn Kass, stated in a recent interview that they were looking for something “new” and “fresh” this season. (Big surprise there) What type of cast would you like to see this season?

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Big Brother 16 Spoilers: New Commercials “WE’VE GOT YOUR SUMMER FIX!”

The Canadian television network Global has released a few new Big Brother 16 commercials to promote the new season of big brother that premieres on June 25th, 2014. The première will be a TWO-NIGHT PREMIÈRE event with the first on Wednesday, June 25th and the second on Thursday, June 26th. In the new commercials there isn’t any new information released about the season, however, we expect the photos/video of the newly re-designed Big Brother house to be released around Monday, June 16th. In addition, we expect that the new cast of big brother 16 will be released around Wednesday, June 18th.

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Big Brother 16 Promo Commercial – Judd: “There’s nowhere to run, there’s nowhere to hide!”

The première episode of Big Brother 16 is fast approaching and we’re excited to share with you another promotional commercial that aired on Global, the Canadian Television network during the Survivor finale. We expect a lot more commercials to be released in the coming days over the next month before the première on June 25th. The first commercial aired earlier in the week and if you missed it you can watch it here: “You know its summer when Big Brother is ON!”

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Big Brother 16 Promotion Commercial “You know its summer when Big Brother is ON!”

Big Brother 16 is just around the corner with just over a month to go until the June 25th, 2014 première date. This will be the earliest première date ever for the US version of Big Brother since it began back in 2000. Last year the première of Big Brother 15 aired on June 26th almost 2 weeks earlier than the usual start dates and we are lucky enough to be spoiled with yet another early première date to start the summer madness off with a bang! As always, the producers will be trying to outdo the previous year’s drama, twists and craziness so this season is definitely going to be the season to watch! With Big Brother Canada season 2 having just wrapped up with an impressive season, it will be interesting to see if the Big Brother US borrows a few ideas from their neighbour to the north.

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Big Brother 15 Commercial – What’s the scariest thing to a Big Brother HG this summer?

CBS recently released a new Big Brother 15 Promotional Commercial that asks “What’s the scariest thing to a Big Brother 15 house guest this summer?” As usual from the new commercial, no new information is released about season 15 that we haven’t already learned in the last few days. With the Big Brother 15 Cast being released only a few days ago, We’ve leaned that David Girton wants to be an American Ninja Warrior, Andy Herren is a Top Rated Professor, Amanda will use her bo*bs to get what she wants, Nick Uhas does it all, Howard Overyby is a Counsellor that models and plays football, GiGi Zimmerman is a Model and Make-up Artist, Aaryn Gries is a Model / former Miss Colorado Teen International, Elissa Slate is Rachel Reilly’s sister… and that’s just a small portion of what we’ve learned about the new cast!

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Big Brother 15 “We’re STARTING EARLIER, GOING LONGER! Big Brother’s 100 DAYS Of SUMMER!”

The NEWEST Big Brother 15 promotional commercial aired last night promising us the longest season ever! This was not new as we already knew that this season was starting earlier than usual with the première set for just a few weeks from now on June 26th. In this commercial however CBS eludes to the fact that Big Brother 15 could be 100 days long, which would be a full 25 days longer than the usual 75 day season. They state that this season is Starting Earlier and Going Longer which means Big Brother 15 could most likely have the finale near the end of September. Calculating out the days if season 15 actually is going to be 100 days long, which I HIGHLY doubt, would have the première as we know on June 26th and the finale on October 4th. As October 4th is a Friday and the finale’s are always on the eviction night being Wednesday this season, the finale will likely be some where between September 18th and October 2nd. The finale of Big Brother has always been right before the fall TV line up starts so I find it hard to believe this season will go even to the end of September.

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BIG BROTHER 15 Commercial “It’s the WILDEST season EVER!”

The FIRST CBS Big Brother 15 promotional commercial was recently released advertising this 2013 season of Big Brother to be the BIGGEST one yet! This new commercial doesn’t reveal any new information but it’s still exciting to see just how close we are to the première on June 26th, 2013.

Host Julie Chen recently talked about Big Brother 15 on her talk show “The Talk” stating that Big Brother casting producers are still looking for more house guests than EVER before! If you think you have what it takes to be cast on Big Brother 15, then you need to get your application in as there are only 5 days left to apply online!

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