Big Brother 17 Commercial – It’s Not Summer Without Big Brother!

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In just 2 weeks the first of the two night première airs on Wednesday, June 24th at 8pm on CBS. The second episode of the two night première will air on Thursday, June 25th at 8pm. Leading up to the première there will be two live feed exclusive VIP chats with the first being today with Big Brother 16 winner Derrick Levasseur and the second chat will be held on June 15th with Frankie Grande. The exclusive chat session today was a joke in my opinion as it wasn’t a video chat with questions like last season, it was just a chat room that went a mile a minute to the point where you couldn’t even read the questions or the responses.

Subscribe the the live feeds now so you’ll be ready for the June 16th Exclusive live stream interview with the NEW House Guests!

The weather’s HOT!
Caleb Reynolds “Real HOT!”
The kids are out of school!
But everyone knows its not summer…
Without Big Brother!
POW POW “This summer is going to be crazy!”
Jocasta Odom “Hello! This is the Big Brother house!”
Get ready for a season première so EPIC!
It will take 2 nights!
Nicole Franzel “This is the best show ever! I mean somebody give me some popcorn!”
Julie Chen hosts the Big Brother première CBS Wednesday June 24th
Caleb Reynolds “That place is HOT!”

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Jimmy 64

Let’s hope it’s all new people.
Don’t want to see any retreads.

Pinocchio Obama

It is not summer without Big Brother. Bring it on!


Just 5 more days until the cast reveal and the it better be good.


BB is back thank you jesus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 night premiere …no more BOTB please


No more Battle of the Block cannot be said enough times! We should make that our #hashtag so that the BB producers can see it!


I hope Battle of The Block is gone… and I keep hearing we’re going to have returning house-guests, which I hope isn’t the case. I’d rather see a full-on all-star season than just a few returnees like season 14. I also hope they genuinely consider an all-star North American season.


This year I have stopped following the Twitter rumours there’s so much misinformation it’s impossible to get anything reliable.


My Big Brother 17 Cast wish list
1) No Stunt Casting (Ie Frankie)
2) No one with ties to BB Alumni (ie Rachel’s sister)
3) No one that has been on BB before (Keep them for allstars)
4) Keep the models/actors/singers down to 6 (Seriously pick people from different parts of the labour market)
5) No Superfans (I find the more the cast members are clueless about the mechanics of the game the more they make mistakes which brings drama)
6) Range of ages PLEASE (every year we get 1-2 older people with 10 people in their 20’s.. cmon)
7) No one with Ties to CBS


That’s a pretty nice wish list Simon, my fingers are crossed that your wish comes true for all of us. That would definitely be a step in the right direction for a decent season indeed.
Ah hum… Production… are you reading this?!



I only disagree with one of your points- no more super fans. Personally the issue is when you have it like last year of maybe what 2-3 super fans there is a clear divide. We need those characters but when most people know the game it raises the strategic part of the game to a new level. I rarely watch the episodes anymore so the shenanigans don’t interest me as much.

Personally I’m 20 and I’ve been watching since Dr. Will destroyed the BB house with his strategy. I plan on auditioning as I assume some people on here do as well (or have) and to be denied because I’m super fan would drive me up a wall.

I think casting needs to be more like Survivor where you get your fair share of personalities who have never or rarely seen the show but have a great number of super fans. I love BB for the strategy and the last few seasons have been driving me crazy because of the morons they cast- it leads to sheep mentality and players like Derrick and Andy winning because they are far more seasoned with the game.

My personal faves are Dr Will, Dani D, and Matty Hoffman and strong intellectual personalities are what we need. Hopefully this cast has at least 6 HGs who know this game with killer personalities.

Perfect Scenario

You’re 20 now and you’ve been watch since season 2, which means you were only 6 when you started watching this show? I’m surprised your mommy let you watch lol.


Keep Models/personal trainers/ etc down to TWO, no more. Empty headed flibbertygibbits have grown way boring, it just isn’t any fun AT ALL anymore. The racist Texas blond from two seasons ago just wore out my patience for dumb blondes.

Yes, these empty people were once fun, but no more.


For any Canadians out there who are looking for American Express cards, I was able to purchase mine at Mac’s Convenience store in my little itty bitty town.


How long have you been subscribed using the AMEX card? Has your subscription gone over 1 week?


I have yet to subscribe. Tonight I am looking for a proxy because my hubby is nervous of me using a vpn (thinks I will go to jail, lol). But I have yet to hear of anyone using a proxy I imagine I will end up using a vpn anyway.

The only problem I have heard from others about their subscriptions is that they were unable to see their account info. and had no problems after the week trial. Have you heard of Canadians having problems past the first week?


I haven’t heard any cases where the feed subscription worked or failed after the 1st week. Hopefully it works that would give us a pretty good solution to this problem.


who gonna get cbs triple crown big brother-amazing and survivior?


If you go by the latest promo for BIG BROTHER 17
They said all new houseguests. Let’s hope so


Julie posted her new script for this season on Twitter and Instagram that there will be a brand new house and and all new cast, so hopefully that means a new house layout and 16 new HG’s which would be sweet.


On my laptop, I have the usual live feed screen … but I’m not able to get it via ipad? Anyone else have this problem?