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The Big Brother 19 premiere is fast approaching with only 3 weeks to go until the 2 hour premiere episode airs on Wednesday, June 28th. We likely won’t learn the identities of the big brother 19 house guests until about a week before the premiere. There are always tons of rumors floating around the internet but don’t get too caught up in them as they’re rarely ever true. Fan favorite Jeff Schroeder will be back this season doing the cast interviews, however there won’t be any pre-season alumni cast interviews. There was no explanation as to why. We’re not sure if its because of budget cuts or because this season could be the second all stars season. Who knows?!

What type of cast are you hoping for this season? An ALL-Stars season? A Newbies season? A mix of both? If it is the second All-Stars season it will have been 11 years since they did Big Brother 7 back in 2006. What big brother alumni would you like to see return / who do you not want to see return?

Big Brother 19 schedule:

  • Wednesday, June 28 – 8pm – Two-hour premiere
  • Thursday, June 29 – 9pm – One-hour episode
  • Thursday, June 29 – LIVE FEEDS launch at 10pm PT
  • Sunday, July 2 – 8pm – One-hour episode

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Big Brother returns CBS Wednesday, June 28th!”

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Well since they use Robyn Kass to cast Big Brother you know we will have a bunch of recruits and/or vets.


Can’t wait! Bring it on!

Jimmy 64

Hope you guys are ready
19 days away
Lets hope for all new people.

Jessica Nath

We are hoping this season includes no returning players. We’ve had our fill of returning players for now and would much prefer an all-newbie cast, preferably one where no one knows each other and no one is related to a former HG. We’d like to save the returning players for next summer, because Big Brother 20 is the perfect time for a second true all-stars season.

We discuss more of what we want to see in Big Brother 19 here:

Jake K.

Hey Simon and Dawg!!! So happy to be back for an 11th year. Hoping for all newbies.

The rumor floating around Reddit which apparently was written by some past house guests and subsequently deleted is a fan pick of house guests (may explain the early cast reveal.) Apparently a less gimmicky season, but viewers will choose 16-18 HGs NEW from a larger pool of 25 or so. This is cause it seems BB and Robyn Kass were tired of hearing the whining about casting so thought they would leave the final call up to us.

I’m all in for selecting the cast, less gimmicks, a larger cast (no getting back in 500 times like Vic), and all newbies. If I get that, I’ll be elated as I’m sure others will be as well.

Fingers crossed!!!


Love spending the summer with Simon & Dawg!??

Donna Palmer

Cant wait


Newbie or vets. Doesn’t matter to me. Just please,please, please NO Frankie.