Big Brother 15 Commercial – What’s the scariest thing to a Big Brother HG this summer?


CBS recently released a new Big Brother 15 Promotional Commercial that asks “What’s the scariest thing to a Big Brother 15 house guest this summer?” As usual from the new commercial, no new information is released about season 15 that we haven’t already learned in the last few days. With the Big Brother 15 Cast being released only a few days ago, we are just starting to get to know the new cast and if you’re like me, you can’t wait for this season to start. We’ve leaned that David Girton wants to be an American Ninja Warrior, Andy Herren is a Top Rated Professor, Amanda will use her bo*bs to get what she wants, Nick Uhas does it all, Howard Overyby is a Counsellor that models and plays football, GiGi Zimmerman is a Model and Make-up Artist, Aaryn Gries is a Model / former Miss Colorado Teen International, Elissa Slate is Rachel Reilly’s sister… and that’s just a small portion of what we’ve learned about the new cast! There are definitely a lot of crazy personalities cast this season and I can already see how a few of them are going to get under the other house guests skin. With only 3 days before the première of Big Brother 15, I hope you’re ready for a DRAMA filled summer as these 16 house guests compete, lie, backstab, and align there way to the half a million dollar grand prize. Who do you think has what it takes to win?

“What’s the scariest thing to a Big Brother House Guest?”
Howard “Birds”
McCrae “Mice”
GinaMarie “ZOMBIES”
“Well this summer its YOU!”
Candice “I did not see that coming!”
“CBS this Wednesday, Big Brother turns up the heat like never before!”
Jeremy “Caliente”
Kaitlin “I’m already sweating!”
“With a twist SO BIG!”
David “This BIG!”
“We’ll need Americas help to pull it off!”
Aaryn “Tell me this isn’t happening!”
Julie Chen “Meet the house guests, learn the twists and get the party started!”
“Julie Chen hosts the season premiere CBS Wednesday June 26th!”


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Don’t the houseguests move in early? Are they already in the house?



He guys I want to give you fellas my business for the live feeds for the season. Would you give me a place to sign up. I believe you mentioned paypal during BBcan. The click on looks like CBS and not you guys would get my business. I’ll check back later today.



Hey Stan, If you click on the live fee ads on the site we get a portion of the feed sale. Thanks for buying the feeds through us!

CBS Interactive Inc.


Hi Simon

I tried signing up on CBS. Apparently you have to create an account. Would be no problem accept they don’t take canadians apparently. The drop down box for country only has USA. You must have a valid zip code to create the account. I do not use Twitter or facebook any suggestions please?


I created my account using my email and a random US Zip code… there must be an option somewhere where you don’t have to use twitter/facebook