Big Brother 15 “We’re STARTING EARLIER, GOING LONGER! Big Brother’s 100 DAYS Of SUMMER!”


The NEWEST Big Brother 15 promotional commercial aired last night promising us the longest season ever! This was not new as we already knew that this season was starting earlier than usual with the première set for just a few weeks from now on June 26th. In this commercial however CBS eludes to the fact that Big Brother 15 could be 100 days long, which would be a full 25 days longer than the usual 75 day season. They state that this season is Starting Earlier and Going Longer which means Big Brother 15 could most likely have the finale near the end of September. Calculating out the days if season 15 actually is going to be 100 days long, which I HIGHLY doubt, would have the première as we know on June 26th and the finale on October 4th. As October 4th is a Friday and the finale’s are always on the eviction night being Wednesday this season, the finale will likely be some where between September 18th and October 2nd. The finale of Big Brother has always been right before the fall TV line up starts so I find it hard to believe this season will go even to the end of September. Everything and anything said in these promotional commercials should be taken with a grain of salt as not every thing they say is true as just last season they promised Big Brother 14 to have more house guests than ever before, when in reality it had the same amount of house guests (16) as Big Brother 9.

Get ready for the best summer EVER!
Wil Heuser says “Alliances, Aligations, Lies!”
Big Brother’s 100 DAYS Of SUMMER!
Julie Chen says “More Big Brother than EVER BEFORE!”
Julie Chen hosts the Big Brother season premiere, Wednesday June 26th only on CBS!

We want to know what you think of the newest commercial! Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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Can’t wait for the season to start. Enjoyed the commercial. Good seeing Wil again!


Looking forward to watch it

Chilltown Fan

Any guess on the cast? I’m going with all newbies this year, no returning players…


I’m hoping this is a re-boot/back to basics season with something NEW and all NEW HGs. Not returning,played out HGs that can’t find fame outside of being on-call for BB twists.

I don’t mind returning HGs coming on to hosts competitions, but that’s as far as it should go.

Jerry Sandsuky

I’m looking forward to the new season, hopefully my sweetie Ian will make an appearance.


simon or dawg can you tell me what cable channel is tvgn because i always watch big brother after dark on showtime . will it stop airing on showtime please


this season i hope the new cast play there own game not what the majority of the house wants … i hate vwhen players start talking about what the house wants …. go hard or go home cant wait


None of the best seasons have had returning players- what does that tell you? Stop bringing back previous houseguests! We haven’t seen a normal season since season 10!


thanks dawg


I’m just anxious to see the cast! Wanna see if there is any good lookin’ guys.

Biff Tannen

Can’t wait! I needed a chill period after BBCAN, but now I’m refreshed and ready for BB15. Let the lying, scheming and backstabbing commence!


I’m almost refreshed :) This is going to be a interesting year for Big Brother Fans. I’m not sure the regular fans will be affected much but us Feed addicts are in for something new since CBS has taken over the feed distribution. I’m not sure it’s for the better :( Either way we’ll be rocking the feeds hard this year like usual.


my prediction on the 100 days…14 weeks and 2 days:

housemates enter house on Saturday 22 June (this is day 1)

first cbs broadcast on Wednesday 26 June (this is day 5) (bb house time 6-7pm PT, 9-10pm ET)

first tvgn after dark broadcast on Wednesday 26 June (this is day 5) (bb house time 9-11pm PT, 12-2am ET)

last tvgn after dark broadcast on Saturday 28 September (this is day 99) (bb house time 9-11pm PT, 12-2am ET)

last cbs broadcast on Sunday 29 September (this is day 100) (bb house time 5-7pm PT, 8-10pm ET)

if there are 16 house guests, there would be 13 Wednesday evictions between Wednesday 3 July and Wednesday 25 September, leaving the final 4 or 5 days for the final 3 housemates to compete in the final three part HOH: Wedesday 25 September to Sunday 29 September(finale night), with part 1 likely taking place on Wednesday 25 September(the start of it airing in the Wednesday 25 September ep, and the end of it airing in the Sunday 29 September finale ep), part 2 likely taking place on Friday 27 September(airing in the Sunday 29 September finale ep), part 3 live in the Sunday 29 September finale ep…with these numbers, if there were to be any double evictions, it would mean house guest(s) would probably needed to be voted back into the house via a twist…if there is one double eviction, then one house guest would need to be voted back in, if there are 2 double evictions, then 2 house guests would need to be voted back in etc

these are just predictions if it is to be 100 days with 16 house guests


Been hearing that Survivor people are going to be on Big Brother this season and that Hayden is on Survivor. It’s just a rumor, but Evel Dick has been tweeting about it lately. Could be a cool season this year yo.