Big Brother 18 DON’T CRY Promotional Commercial!

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With the conclusion of Big Brother Canada 4, we’re all counting the days until the premiere of Big Brother 18 on Wednesday June 22, 2016. Its great to see new commercials and information about the season being released. Just last week we saw the first promotional commercial and we got a sneak peek at the newly redesigned pool and hot tub. The latest commercial pokes fun at how emotional the house guests get inside the house. It doesn’t take long for the house guests to get emotional and start crying.

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Jimmy 64

Hey Simon & Dawg
What do you guys want all all- stars, half new half all- stars
or all new . I want all new because how much are the all – stars
going to change their game same old same old do you think Vanessa
or Amanda will change their game NO . New people new game play.


Hey Jimmy64

1) NEw
2) 100% All stars
3) 50% all stars


Hey Simon and Dawg!! Cant wait for the new season to start


Going to be another fun summer. Glad to see you’re back chessie.