Big Brother 18 Sneak Peek at the NEW Backyard PooL & Hot Tub!

Big Brother 18 is set to premiere in less than a month on Wednesday June 22 and new information about the season will be released in the coming weeks. Yesterday, we learned that we’ll meet the new house guests on June 13th and get access to exclusive live stream interviews on the live feeds. We also expect to get photos and a video house tour of the newly redesigned Big Brother house by host Julie Chen some time between June 13th and June 17th. In the meantime, we get a sneak peak (Thanks to Twitter user BigBrotherLeak) at the newly redesigned backyard where the big brother 18 house guests will enjoy a NEW pool and hot tub.

Important Dates to Remember:

  • May 23rd: June 9th: Big Brother Marathon of All 17 Seasons
  • May 23rd – June 22nd: Release of Houseguest Hotseat Videos
  • June 13th: Meet the New Houseguests! Exclusive LIVE stream interview with the new houseguests
  • June 13th – 17th Release of the newly redesigned house / video tour
  • June 22nd: Big Brother 18 season premiere
  • June 23rd: Live Feeds start at 10p PT


Just in case you forgot how the pool & hot tub looked in previous seasons of big brother, here are some shots before the remodel.

big brother US backyard pool 5

Below are the photos of the newly redesigned pool and hot tub. At the time the photos were taken, the backyard was still under construction. As seen above the pool and hot tub used to be in separate areas in the backyard but they have now combined them. I personally like the new design as the backyard was long over due for an update. Lets hope the whole house is getting a complete overhaul. Tell us your thoughts on the new pool & hot tub in the comments below!

big brother 18 backyard pool 3
big brother 18 backyard pool 2
big brother 18 backyard pool 1

Show Schedule:

  • Sundays 8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT
  • Wednesdays 8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT
  • Thursdays 9:00-10:00 PM Live ET/Delayed PT


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Nice pool and big


BBUS always has the most the most simple and boring house of all the world’s BB houses.


Great idea. Now it will be easier to have them talk so we can hear. Probably less chance of plotting privately but I’m really hoping the inside gets more of the bb Canada perks!

Jimmy 64

What they need to do is on the outside spread ant poison!
I am sick of hearing all about the ants….


Finally they change up more than just paint and pillowcases.
BBUS is so cheap smh….

Min O'Pause

Bring on BB18! Hope there’s a real devious snake this year. Let the shit stirring begin!


BB!! The best part of summer!


Lol, remember Liz’ chicken dinner ( made by Austink) that had ants on it?