Big Brother Canada Season 2 Finale Sabrina Vs. Neda Vs. Big Jawn


Final HOH Part 1 Jon wins
Final HOH Part 2 Neda Wins
Final HOH Part 3 Jon wins
Jon evicts Neda
Winner of Big Brother Canada 2 Jon

Sabrina, Neda and JOn are the final 3 like it or not one of these people are going to win the twisto grand prize.

I commonly get asked who I want to win or who I think deserves to win? My answer this year is….. They all deserve to win YES even Sabrina but for all different reasons.

Sabrina (Aka Gremlin, hairy gremlin) – If I go back and check the posts done at OBB I would wager that a good 1/4 – 1/3 of them have Sabrina inspired titles. This isn’t because we liked Sabrina (I didn’t really like her until the very end) it’s because she said funny/insane things and backed them up with outrageous behaviour and social game trickery. Most of Canada probably dislikes Sabrina but Canada cannot deny that this season would have been VERY different without her, Season might have been better might have been worse.

Sabrina was a great social player that played too hard in the beginning and screwed up her reputation but miraculously was able to recover and become liked.. (WTF I know). She deserves to win.

Jon (Aka big JAWN) – Jon’s goofy fun loving attitude really shown through during the last 2/3 of the game. Jon’s social game was great maybe not as sharp as Sabrina’s but he didn’t over play like she did. Jon was also able to win competitions and make big strategic moves. All in all he might be the most well rounded player out of the final 3. Proficient in all aspects of the game but not a expert. Jon is most likely Canada’s favourite and will get the jury vote.

Jon is a prime example that you don’t need to know much about Big Brother to win Big Brother. He deserves to win..

Neda (Aka Balls, Ned Balls) – Neda and Jon’s game were so dependent on each other it’s hard to critique them on their own merit. Neda’s social game was the weakest of the bunch and her competition abilities was average. Where she really excelled more than anyone is in long term strategy and tactical execution.

To date she’s probably one of it not the most strategic player to have been on Big Brother Canada. Neda deserves to win..


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Jon wins final HOH evicts Neda wins Big Brother Canada 2

Finale night results

First HOH win = Jon
Second HOH win = Neda
Third HOH win = Jon
Final HOH winner for Big Brother Canada = Jon
Jon evicted Neda
Big Brother Canada final 2 = Jon and Sabrina

Jury votes
Arlie votes = Jon
Allison votes = Jon
Rachelle votes = Sabrina
Adel votes = Jon
Heather votes = Jon
Neda votes = Jon
Canada Votes = Jon

Big Brother Canada 2 winner is Jon

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198 thoughts on “Big Brother Canada Season 2 Finale Sabrina Vs. Neda Vs. Big Jawn

    1. I don’t know, but I don’t think Heather knew anything about Big Brother. It looked like she didn’t have a clue who Dan Gheesling was. She thought he was just some guy.

    2. I don’t think he lied about not knowing big brother, he really knew 0% of what was going on at the beginning of the game/feeds. what i am miffed about is that i feel he lied to canada. he maintained all season how loyal he was to neda, whereas neda straight up said she didn’t think she had a shot against jon and would need to take him out (and turns out, she was RIGHT). some people in canada harpooned neda for saying those things in DR, while jon is the one to ultimately cut neda!!!

      jon could have been more honest in his DR’s and he definitely could have been more honest when answering his jury questions. i felt like he was dancing around questions (when answering about his strategy to be popular) or straight up lying (he thinks he’s “solely” responsible for arlie and adel?? yeah right). i think he deserves the win, i mean, he literally won his way to the end, but i think he would have won against neda anyway in final 2, so i wish he would have either brought her to final 2 (which she completely deserves), or been more honest in DR about sabrina so that canada could really follow his game.

      1. Jon disappointed me big time in his decision, however at the same time i have to fault Neda for not winning a comp she should have been able to win, 7 questions. it required memory and not physical, and it was her game to win in order to secure her seat. I also think he should have been more secure in his ability to win. A lot of people faulted neda for being ‘greedy’ because she needed the money, and wanted to win, even tho we didn’t know how badly she really did need the money until the end. I felt like Jon, as her selfproclaimed best friend, stole 20,000 from her that she badly needed. I found that petty and mean, and unnecessary.

        It would have been a special game ending to see them both up there. I think now others are right to say the majority of the jury would have voted for him regardless of appreciating neda’s game, he shouldn’t have had a worry, and even if he did, what would be wrong with 2nd place, against a friend you know needs that $$ more than you do?

        I think at the end of the day winning, for this long time athlete, was more important than anything else, just for the sake of winning, for someone who wasn’t a big fan of BB going in, i kind of have a problem with that. and of course if he says later he will invest in her biz with a 20,000 investment, then i won’t have a problem with that lol

        1. According to the jury members when interviewed this morning at Global’s morning show, most of them including would have given it to Neda. Boy, the look of her face was very upset. As they say, Karma’s a bitch. Jon just gave her the taste of her own medicine. After all, she maybe the brains but Jon was the better competitor by winning final HOH and outmaneuvered Neda by voting her out.

        2. Yes, I thought the same thing. While it is easy to overlook the first challenge, the physical challenge Neda has never been good at, so it’s understandable she lost there, but the mental challenge, that is supposed to be her forte, it was expected of her to win that and Jon, who I didn’t even think would come close to Neda in that kind of challenge, pulled out the win- in fact, when Jon has really needed something, like the veto of the week before, he pulled through and did it

        3. Neda pretended to be offended when Adel suggested she needs to win b/c of the struggles their families faced to get to Canada. She was adamant she wanted to win on merit for her strategy. Yet, she did plant the seed in everyone’s mind (especially close to end of the game) that she really, really needed the money ;-)

          If she truly wanted to win on merit, we wouldn’t have heard about her financial struggles until after the show. Also, not sure why she’s worse off than most of us who have been paying off student loans for decades at prime +1 interest!!! Did I miss something ?

      2. Sorry but I think that:

        – Jon WAS loyal to Neda until he started getting suspicious about her loyalties when Adel was on the block and eventually voted out.
        – Jon tried to change Neda’s mind about voting him out but she was adamant no
        – Neda told Adel she was voting him out without discussing it with Jon
        – She kicked Jon out of the room when she ws working Sabrina and Heather for jury votes

        While Neda was open in diary room and with Heather and Sabs about not taking jon, I think it was SMARTER and more strategic of Jon to hold his cards close and not disclose he MAY also vote her out at such a critical juncture in the game. Neda was the brains but no way she could have made it this far if Jon didn’t execute flawlessly and win all the comps he did.

        The right person won in my opinion!!!! YAY!

        Note: Looks like East coast is dominating BBCAN lol

      3. I don’t fault Jon for not talking about taking out Neda in his DR sessions. It was no secret that Canada was a part of the Big Brother game so being mindful of that is part of playing the game. You could play the loudmouth or the villain and that will get you attention but it won’t help when the audience gets to pick the nominations or their favorite player. Being likable was smart. Good for Jon! He deserved the win.

    1. i honestly don’t think she deserved to win over Jon anyways, yes she played a strong game however she wouldn’t have been able to play the game she did WITHOUT Jon as her ally.

      1. please, jon wouldn’t have won without neda. he even admitting that he knew nothing about big brother and had to learn watching other people’s strategies, aka NEDA’s strategy! seriously, she taught him how to play this game and warned him when ppl were targeting him earlier in the game when he had NO IDEA (ex: kenny). him cutting neda final 3 is like a young jedi killing his master… it was a good move, he won his way to the end. but he knows he couldn’t have done it without neda’s knowledge.

    2. Are you kidding! Neda may have played a flawless game but only up until the last couple weeks! I was rooting for Jon all the way but as undeserving as Sabrina was of the 20 grand I’m so much happier it was her over Neda!! Neda’s game was stragic but she NEVER would’ve done anything or got so far without Jon!!! As far as I’m concerned tonight’s finale said a lot about Neda’s character- for her to say she played Jons game for him is absolutely RIDICULOUS. She was such a bitter bitch on the stage, I’m surprised Jon got her vote at all! She has been talking about blindsiding Jon for weeks and it never even crossed his mind until NOW, so much so that even SHE was surprised. She lied right to his face and I believe he knew that in the last couple weeks. SUPER happy with the results!!!!!! Way to go Jon!!!! NL is proud of you:)

      1. Jon wouldn’t have gotten nearly as far as he did without her though.

        Jon never came up with any moves until evicting Neda.

        I repeat, they deserved it equally.

      2. Keep in mind, she was fresh out of the game. There’s no doubt you’re going to be a hint bitter. Especially if the one reason you’re out is because of that ally of yours. Not to mention, you lose sanity being there for 10 weeks.

    3. I’ve been rooting for Neda but I was perfectly okay with Jon winning right up until he answered Neda’s question. He should have been honest and said what he’s said before, that he had played the majority of his game with her, but instead he took responsibility for almost all of her game play. It was only in that moment when I thought something I NEVER thought I would wish for, for Sabrina to win.

      1. I think he was honest – he said that he didn’t agree to any of her decisions unless he felt it was good for his game.

  1. Dawg and Simon, thank you for another great season. You guys are the best :)

    Honestly I’d rather Jon or Sabrina win. I just can’t get behind Neda. I’ve been watching Big Brother since (not since I was 9 like all the houseguests) season 4 and I understand one must lie and back stab to get to the end but Jon and Heather have been loyal and genuine to Neda who had no qualms about seeing either of them go.

  2. I called it weeks ago that Sabrina would undeservingly win 20K. As much as this is Neda’s fault for evicting Adel, I do kinda feel sorry for her. But she would have done the same thing if she won the final HOH.

    1. You’re right, Sabrina undeservedly won 20k, she deserved the 100k. Jon was nothing compared to Neda and Sabrina.

    2. Neda played a great game for a minute but lost because in the end she was way too focused on getting Heather out vs getting rid of Sabrina, and she was foolish to think Jon would take her to the end.

  3. I hope these rumors are true. Wouldn’t be able to stand seeing Neda even get the second place prize. Go JON!

  4. ok… I was actually impressed by Sabrina in round one of the competition, no really, as far as unexpected… that was noteworthy. nothing about neda or Sabrina impressed me in round two…. for the timeline and trivia experts that was brutal.

    1. You read my mind! I am impressed. I didn’t think he would of gotten rid of Neda. Best game move, as well as winning that POV that got him to the final 3. Good game!

  5. Aww, Neda is one of the most deserving players in a long time. Now I hope Sabs beats Jon, but I don’t see it happening.

  6. I lost interest after the first few weeks and just tuned in to see what was going on. Well, Jon ditched Neda and he and Sabrina are the final 2.

  7. Jon’s a freakin little Pu$$y!
    At least I don’t have to watch him spread his yeast infection around
    and he’s going to be a teacher?

  8. I don’t feel sorry for Neda because if she had won she was going to evict Jon, so it just happened that he at the end was the better player and was able to win the final HOH.

    Congrats Jon on the (assuming)big win, you certainly deserve it and kudos to Sabs, who has grown on me, for winning 20 grand. Now let’s see what the Jury members do. IF SABS wins over Jon I might actually throw up!

  9. Having trouble swallowing that Sabrina will win anything since she got carried to the end but it is what it is. Sucks to be Neda at this point but considering she was going to do the same thing she shouldn’t be surprised. Will she vote for Jon or Sabrina? hmmm

    1. You do know that Neda played Jon’s game for him, right? He doesn’t deserve anything by just winning a couple challenges against the worst competitors in the house. It’s a shame that every BB jury thinks the same way you do. This season was the Sabrina show, if you enjoyed it, it’s because she was there.

  10. After watching how Neda is acting being evicted I’m glad she was blindsided. Wasn’t she the one always talking about how Biter jurys suck etc etc.. Pouring scorn on Jon’s game because he did what you were going to do to him is lame.

    1. I agree. I’m sure he could justify all those moves if he wanted by pointing out that they were working together so doing what benefitted her also benefitted him. It was all game and she knows it. Being bitter just shows her true colours as far as I’m concerned.

      1. They were working together. Neda didn’t do a damn thing without Jon either. He could say the exact same thing to her.

      2. Yes…I agree with you and Simon. I don’t buy this “Neda was blindsided so she deserves to be bitter” crap. She is just pissed at herself for thinking she had Jon completely conned. And, of course, she would think that Jon had no game and just played hers. (He should have answered her question by saying: “Neda, if I was playing your game…you would be sitting here next to me…”) Jon made some moves on his own. He saw through Kenny when he really needed to…most importantly…he saw through Sarah. He knew she could not be trusted and was the one who talked Neda out of saving her, when Neda brought the idea up to him. I think that was a very important game move.

        Also, just because Jon decided to go along with some of her suggestions…doesn’t mean he played her game. The decisions helped them both and HE was the one willing to get blood on his hands and do the dirty work. I wonder if Neda would have blindsided Arlie if she had been HOH that week? He also won when he needed to win and got himself to the end. In fact, I think his wins helped them more than anything Neda did. And his decision to cut her loose when he needed to only proves that he played HIS game…not Neda’s…and he won because of it. I’m not surprised at all that she sat there with a face like a slapped ass for the rest of the night…of course, if it had been the other was around, she would have expected Jon to be happy for her and not have any hard feelings…

        She was outsmarted and outplayed…simple as that.

        1. I was worried that Neda was so bitter she would throw her vote to Sabrina, but I think she did the right thing by voting Jon to win.

          I really thought she was much too cold and detached the whole game, but her vote for Jon to win totally softened my views of her.

    2. Simon, I am surprised at your comment. The best player in the game just lost the prize. Give her some room to assert what is rightfully hers…the game.

      1. IMO there’s 3 criteria to rate game play:

        1. Strategy
        2. Social game
        3. Competitions

        Jon has her beat in 2/3 categories and is thus the better game player, which is why he won BBC2.

        1. Uh he would have had a much harder time winning against some other competitors, Kenny, Arlie. Oh. Wait…Neda got them out.

          1. The Sloppy Seconds got Kenny out together. Neda was trying to throw that HOH and failed.

            That was a blindside competition, in which the gremlins started off against each other. After that, it was 7 against 2!! Neda doesn’t deserve any more credit than anyone else for getting Kenny out. BB had the biggest hand in that by starting the gremlins against each other in that comp.

        2. This is actually arguable, Jon just wins on the competition side, which is the most important in the latter part. After watching the backyard interviews allison, arlie and even adel will vote for neda in the end. These are Jon’s supposed to be expected votes due to his strong “social” game. That makes Jon as a better social gamer questionable. Jon still ups Neda (if basing it on this season because he did cut her in the end) and deserves the win but objectively I think Neda is still the better player.

          1. They said they would have voted for Neda if Jon took her to F2, because it would have been a stupid final move for Jon. That’s a different story.

            And there’s more to having a social game than just jury votes. Neda wasn’t close to Arlie or Allison in slightest bit. Only Adel, and that’s because they went far. Jon had much more ties to people in the house. If the tables turned a different way, he would have been less likely to be left out in the cold because he had formed so many relationships; whereas Neda only formed a few in her entire time playing.

            For example, Jon had the choice of staying with Neda, or he could have went with Arlie and Adel. Neda was pretty much all in with Jon and didn’t have any other options.

            And like Allison said; Jon had deals with everyone, and they all believed him, even though they knew they shouldn’t. That statement by her shows why his social game was so strong.

    3. In her defence I don’t think she saw it coming and after 70+ days working hard at something and coming so close to it all tumbling down would be heartbreaking – especially in the moment. If she had a day or two she wouldn’t have been as bitter, but Jon would’ve been the same way had Neda won and evicted him.

    4. You have to realize though that it is tough to be all happy and jolly as she was evicted ten minutes after being promised to be taken from the very beginning. Especially with her grumpy and dark personality, not to mention being a superfan and financial situation, it is heartbreaking on her part. She did understand that everything’s a game (proven by her vote for him) but at a point where your dream and a hundred grand slipped on your fingers, she really handled it well (definitely better than how peter did who had days before to think in the jury house).

      1. I agree! I don’t think Neda was bitter about Jon evicting her … As she said, she was planning to do the same thing herself. I think she was upset, however, that in his closing speech he claimed most of the strategic moves (hers’) as his own and didn’t credit her involvement.

    5. If she was bitter, she wouldn’t have voted for him.

      Don’t you run this site? You should be fully aware that Neda played the game for Jon.

      1. Clearly she was bitter but she knew a vote for an undeserving player like Sabrina would cement to Big Brother fans for years to come that she is a typical bitter (hypocritical) jury member. Notice how she got that last jab in as she was voting? She tried very hard to taint Jon’s win every chance she got.

      2. I’d say Jon played Neda’s game for her with his competition wins and social game.

        Did she influence some of his eviction votes? Definitely. Did she control Jon? Nope, she was evicted by him when he needed to do it to guarantee himself a game win. As other posters have noted here “strategy” is only one aspect of the Big Brother game, and although Neda’s strategic game was very good it wasn’t great… otherwise she wouldn’t be sitting in Jury. Her ability to win competitions was inferior to Jon’s, and her social game was average at best with all the houseguests aside from Jon.

        It’s easy (and probably true) to say “Jon wouldn’t have won without Neda”, but it’s just as easy (and probably true) to say that Neda wasn’t a good enough all-around player to win on her own.

  11. I think everyone except Rachelle voted for Jon. Unless they were trying to throw people off, they pretty much telegraphed their votes.

  12. JON deserves it yes, but SABRINA does not!! Leaves a bitter taste in my mouth that she just got handed $20 grand

  13. Yay Jawn. Hard for him to evict Neda but he did what he had to do to win. I didn’t think he had it in him so for that alone, he deserves to win.

  14. I’m surprised Jon cut Neda, I thought he would take her just because I think he would still win against her- she choked at the physical competition and Jon beat her in the question competition, which she should have won, so he deserves to win. People always talked about bringing Sabrina to end to be in the final 2 with them, but I never thought someone would do it! She does not deserve to win at all and everyone knows that. I guess Jon did the right thing.

    1. Jon made the right move for his game in cutting Neda. He absolutely did not have the backing of the majority of the jury if in F2 with Neda. Arlie greeted Neda with ‘No, you had my vote’.

      Had Neda been in F2 with Jon, I strongly believe the vote would be Neda 5-2.

      Kudo’s to Jon for realizing he did not have first place with Neda beside him.

  15. Ah Neda, “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive”! You should have kept Adel or Heather and send Sabrina home when you had the chance, but greed got the better of you.

    1. Neda’s first (can be contested) mistake was keeping Sabrina. Had she kept Adel I believe he will take her over him (that’s when he saw the cracks and lies of Neda) but as the situation and challenges are unpredictable she may have made the right move at the time because she won’t even have a chance at winning a part of the final HOH.

      Her undoubtedly second mistake was losing the final HOH, I can’t believe she choked on that Q&A. Neda being cut by Jon reminded me of how Janelle lose the final HOH. I can’t wait for BB Allstars and see how Neda changes her game up (Neda strong play at least deserves that chance).

  16. It was a great win for Jon but now I wonder if the people that has been flanking and hating on Neda as “manipulative and evil” will finally understand how they are just playing the game.

    Overall this is actually one of the better season of Big Brother, both in US and even UK. I hope the next season of US will be almost the same as this one. :)

    1. I think the way she acted after her game was over illustrates why a lot of people didn’t like her. It honestly didn’t have anything to do with her game play (at least not for me).

      I will admit though, I debated with people who said that Arlie would respect Neda and wouldn’t be bitter. They were right and I was completely wrong about that. Arlie’s a classy guy. Did you see those ice daggers he was shooting at Jon though, through his stare? I didn’t expect that at all.

      1. Neda is a polarizing character, but she is far from being malicious. From what I’ve watched she’s a strong, feisty, independent woman and not everyone likes that. In all honesty Jon had said more vile things than her but his bubbly and goofy personality radiates more and covers that fact.

        Had Jon taken Neda, Neda will win the game with votes from Arlie, Heather, Rachelle, Sabrina (she said she would vote for someone who will not vote her out) and probably Allison. I hate that there is no reunion show right after the finale because that’s where everything is confirmed.

        1. Where you see strong, feisty and independent; I see bitter, conceited and rude. And I don’t like those traits in a man or a woman.

          Jillian was strong, feisty and independent and I thought she was great. I’m a big fan of Jillian’s, so ease up a bit on the sexism insinuations.

        2. Some people just don’t like strong feisty and independent women? No. Don’t try to turn this into something it’s not, Janelle was the kind of person that encapsulates a strong feisty and independent woman and we ADORE her, she is a pillar of Big Brother. Neda is rude, spiteful and just plain annoying. That is the crux of why many can’t support her.

          1. Just because you feel strongly about players (pro or con) doesn’t make you right. We all have players we like more than others.

  17. Literally Jon evicted Neda and I turned the TV off. So pissed and so bored now. Ruined the season for me, I compare Neda to Janelle in the way that she was robbed of her deserved win. :/

    1. I thought it was awesome. Not just because he did to her what she was gonna do to him, but he also won the last part of the HOH by beating her at her own game. Those question games were the only comps she was good at, and he kicked her ass at it. That illustrated how Neda’s competition game was lacking, and how Jon was the more well-rounded player.

      If she couldn’t win the final HOH by winning her own game, then she didn’t deserve the win.

        1. True, but that doesn’t give an advantage one way or the other. If anything it’s an advantage to the other person; considering Jon has to listen again while Neda can think.

          Also, Neda asked the questions to be repeated also.

          But yeah, BB should have been prepared for that, like ten seconds to answer and Arissa will only repeat the question once.

        2. Arisa saying “For you Jon, I’ll repeat the question”, sounded a tad bit like she favored him over Neda. Luckily it did not affect the outcome either way.

      1. His answer to her question was also TERRIBLE. And probably just cause he literally couldn’t answer it. Jon says he NEVER watched the show? Makes sense. Seeing as Neda came up with every strategic move they both made “together” lol. Please Jon you were trying to kiss up to Kenny and Andrew until Neda slapped you out of it.
        One might say well what did Neda do without Jon, and that would be getting Allison out, you know, after not being able to talk to anyone about it. And if you don’t count getting Jon to get rid of Arlie and Adel, it was clearly better for Neda’s game.
        One good thing is Neda may come back for All Stars

        1. Neda would be a disaster in all stars. Everyone has seen her game. Neda’s strategy never has a chance to materialize as no decent player would trust her period!!!. Her only game she could play is true floater. I don’t think that is in her BB DNA. From the 1st 2 seasons players with All Star transferable skills/game. Emmitt, clearly the best of the 2 seasons, Gary, Jillian and perhaps Andrew. Arlie, Jon, Sabby, Kenny and nut job Adel. Known quantities like Neda that have no social or comp game just aren’t going to get there in the end. Of the players I mentioned an Arlie, Kenny, Emmitt alliance would do big thing with Sabby thrown in. Never would happen though. They need another 3 or 4 seasons before All Stars. A lot will change in peoples lives between now and then.

          Funny how some of the people who said Neda was the best BB Can player ever said Emmitt wasn’t in part because he never made final 2 his season. Ah NEDA didn’t make final 2 her season either folks!! Emmitt’s game is/was so much better than Neda’s it’s not even close. A lay about with no social game versus Emmitt who played comps, great social and made exactly 1 strategic error. That cost him 20K minimum and likely 100K. He got a terrific consolation prize(Jillian) IMHO. :) The differences between winning and losing can be as simple as 1 bad decision, comp ect. Neda best ever? LMFAO

          1. emmit or however u spell his name, was a jack ass and Jillian is no prize besides that she came with all the money. i would absolutely hate to have to see either of them on the show again. oh and emit made lots of bad decisions like cheating almost every comp.

      2. No, you thought it was awesome because you despise Neda. You’ve said so in every thread. Don’t pretend that your glee is strictly about game play.

  18. Click thumbs up for yes, thumbs down for no. Will Jon and Neda stay ‘friends’ once the novelty of BBC dies down?

    Very freaky how much Jon’s gf looks like Neda..

    1. I’m so happy Jon won!!! Everything went swell, except for Sabrina winning 20 grand! Neda also played a great game, but I wish she would have played a part of her game without her big Jon shield.

    2. I totally noticed the striking resemblance between Neda and Jon’s g/f!! I always questioned how touchy feelly they were and surprised that his g/f was okay with it?

    1. i looked at the footage at that point
      and it looked like someone had
      scratched her as she went into
      the crowd on the stage at the end.
      she might have been bled on, too.

  19. Good for Jon. Funny how he said he wouldn’t vote for anyone who brought Sabs to final 2 and that’s exactly what he did.

    1. All the Sloppy Seconds agreed on that, we all knew it meant nothing. It was either in the heat of the moment for them to say that or strategy or both.

  20. if you want to win BB .. start playing HALFWAY when the big threats are out …and hope for a miraculous twist… both Jon and Neda got lucky.. kudos for them but let’s be real Canada’s HOH helped them tremendously

  21. Big Brother is about making moves that get you closer to the prize. For the final HOH the last game move (excluding Jury speech) is who do you bring to F2.

    Jon you made your only independent decision of the season and it won you 1st place.


  22. Did anyone notice Jon had a cut on his finger and bled all over arissa’s shirt and arm??? Lol and then she spread it on Sabrina’s dress and hair!!!!

  23. How disappointing.. Jon didn’t do anything all season. Sabrina was surprisingly awesome in the first part of the HoH, I really wish she won part 1 so Neda wins part 2 and 3…. and the game. Neda deserved it so much more than the other two, and Sabrina did a lot more than Jon!

  24. Yeah Big Jon! I’m so happy right now. He made the move of all moves. So happy he got rid of Neda. Best move ever. I didn’t think he’d do it but so pleased he did. I’m hooked on BB and love this site!!!!

  25. YAY!!! I was so glad Jon won and that he cut Neda!! If it was the opposite, she would’ve done the same exact thing to him. She deserves what she got!! Nothing.

    1. Everyone is patting Jon on his back congratulating him regarding his strategic move by cutting Neda. I have a very strong feeling that if it was the other way around, and Neda had cut Jon that everyone would have been in an uproar …. calling her a cold hearted *itch etched. Etc.

      1. We would NOT have been so happy with Jon for cutting Neda IF we |Neda didn’t confirm over and over again that she was NOT taking him to the finals.

      2. Yep, they would have HATED her for it. And they would have gone on believing that sweet ole Jon would never have done the same thing to Neda–no, because he’s too loyal. LOL.

        1. I think most people wanted to see Neda and Jon in final two, but when she started plotting against him, the tide turned. Something about Neda always rubbed me the wrong way, but I totally respect her game play – intelligence.

          1. Was it her vagina? If a guy played the way Neda did, he would be loved by Canada and not be receiving all this hate.

  26. Well, here’s my thoughts following tonight’s final.

    Congrats to Jon for the win.

    Wonder how many Jon fans feel now given many trashed Neda for the fact she was going to cut him at F2 and said he NEVER would.They were BOTH playing a game and he did exactly what she would have so please cut her some slack.

    I thought Jon was a deserving winner and the only thing I think he did poorly was his answer to Neda’s question. He should have said: my best decision made without you was to align with you given how much you know about the game AND it was MY choice to take out Heather. If you noticed it was the one and only time the audience didn’t cheer his response. It was NOT a good answer. The least he could have done is thank her for working with him and pointed out she would have done the same thing.

    Sad part for me is she may arguably be the best female BB player ever but she messed up when it mattered most and Jon won when it did so he deserved the win.

    The other thing that was interesting was Arlie said Neda HAD his vote regardless of who she sat beside which leads me to believe Jon made the right decision b/c I do think Sabs, Ro, Arlie and Heather would have voted for her based on what was said while Adel and Canada would have gone to Jon. I’m still not sure if Ally would have given her vote to Jon or Neda if they were F2 but obviously it’s a moot point.

    The cheer that went up in the audience when Neda won round 2 showed how much they were hoping for a Jon/Neda F2 and the gasp when Jon evicted Neda was really loud. Also I was surprised to see how many US BB players were in the audience: I saw my fav from last season Jon with my 2 least favs: Amanda and Andy and it’s likely Dan was there too. (side note: you could tell from his jury segment he really appreciated Neda’s game by the questions he asked).

    After a great season I’m looking forward to seeing how many people will feel about Sabrina once they learn many of the personal (unnecessary) things she said about them, specifically Jon and Neda.

    It was a great season and congrats to all the Big Jon fans. I’m sad my favorite got no money but at least she will get lots of kudos from previous players which I think she’ll appreciate. Also, now that Jon (who was considered so loyal) cut her maybe some people will cut her some slack.

    Great season, enjoyed all the interaction.


    And now the withdrawal kicks in.

    1. You were certainly right about Arlie. I thought for sure he’d be bitter towards Neda. Turns out he was a bit bitter, but more so towards Jon. I didn’t expect that at all.

      I was right about Allison though. She was REALLY bitter towards Neda.

      1. Michael, acknowledging someones game play does not make you bitter. Arlie respects Neda and her game. And truthfully, it was beyond evident that Jon had a poor answer to Arlie’s question, which should have been an easy one to respond to.

        I don’t see that Arlie would be bitter to any of the F3.
        As Neda was sitting in jury, Arlie voted for the next best player.

        Don’t sweat it. Your boy won the money.

        1. Arlie was clearly bitter towards Jon; evidenced by him in jury house saying how much he hopes Jon was the next to get evicted. And then after Jon answered his question, Arlie shot him one of the craziest glares of the season.

          I think he’s happy that Jon won, but is also clearly struggling with some bitterness of being evicted by him.

      1. Thanks so much. I try to stay fair even though we all have our favorites.

        I’ll be back here on this fabulous site for BB US 16 (as well as on my twitter/same name). Thanks to Dawg for the fabulous site, making my donation now.

        And for any of NBA lovers out there you can also follow me on twitter or google my name. Hey I’m a reality and NBA junkie what can I say. At least Jon winning isn’t as bitter a pill to swallow as Brooklyn beating my Raptors.

        It’s literally my birthday so although I didn’t get a Neda win I did have satisfaction in the fact a worthy player won. Once again congrats to Michael et el who had Jon as their fav!

        Have a great night all and see you back here at the start of BB US 16. :-)

        1. Happy Birthday TTOTambz!

          It was nice talking to you. We’ll pick these chats back up during BB16. Maybe we’ll both be rooting for the same person next time. :)

        2. Happy Birthday! I appreciated your comments to–in part because I also thought Neda got an undeserved bad rap. Was nice to see someone actually post thoughtful comments.

    2. I meant to say JUDD (my favorite last season) Freudian slip? lol

      AND Ian is also in the TDot (love, love, love Ian). :-)

    3. Regarding Jon evicting Neda and his fans thinking he would never do that to her…

      Jon could tell in the last week or two that Neda was really playing for herself alone (she was campaigning for votes while simultaneously undercutting Jon, sending Adel home when Jon explicitly said he wanted him to stay). He saw that she was lining her ducks up in a row and that meant if she could undercut him the way she was doing, what kind of loyalty did she really have to him? The real answer? None. What he knew? She’s sketchy to say the least. No one could possibly blame him for voting Neda put because she said it loud and proud in almost every episode in the final weeks. Jon didn’t seem to consider it until he started to lose faith in Neda and see the light.

      1. Neda just wasn’t a good liar. That final scene in the kitchen, when Jon was saying ‘don’t screw me, we’re still going F2’, Neda was acting real sketchy. She couldn’t look him in the eye and had to turn away to the sink. There’s no way he didn’t know that she was lying. Meanwhile, not even the audience knew that Jon was lying in that scene.

        Not the most admirable trait, but he was probably the best liar in the house. Even back when he was supposedly still trying to work with Kenny, the audience never really knew with the guy if he was being serious or not.

        1. Michael – Can I take it from your post that you’ve finally come to see that “sketchy” can mean “suspicious” instead of “creepy” in the context of BB2. :)

  27. Thanks Simon and dawg for all your hard work keeping this site going. BB wouldn’t be the same without you guys. See you in June.

    Does anyone here know when the next season of BB Australia starts?

  28. I really didn’t have a favourite but the ones that said Neda played a better game, then she should of won the competitions to take out Jon.So in my opinion this left Jon with the power.Doesn’t matter how strategic she was she lost the power of the game by losing the challenges.You can’t get nowhere without winning those, so to me that makes Jon the better player.

  29. I liked Neda throughout this whole season but I rally feel that she was classless when she was voted out. I think that is a sign of her true character. I a, glad Jon won!

    1. Did you not expect her to not be bitter for atleast a little while?! SHE VOTED FOR HIM TO WIN , if that doesn’t show class i don’t know what does

    2. She gave him her vote, what else did you want? Everyone was complaining about how Jon would never cut Neda but he did and you people are still attacking her. Get real!

  30. I really think the turning point for Jon was after he got the 24 hours in solitary confinment. He realized that Adel was better for his game and when he pitched it to Neda she was against it and they had the discussion about who’s game it was better for. Than when she went ahead and told Adel that he was being evicted (following Emmittee’s advice) without consulting with Jon who guessed it was for jury votes. I think that’s when he realized she was playing what was best for her game and not their game. I hate that they say she was the best ………. she wouldn’t have been able to do what she did without Jon’s wins. Even when she tried hard at winning the comps in the end she couldn’t do it.

    1. Jon did an interview last night and said he literally decided only once they were final 3 because he knew Sabrina would be easier to beat. It’s online

  31. Really liked Jon early on. Then I started to hate him. But when he evicted Neda he proved that he wasn’t under her spell. So ultimately you have to congratulate him.

  32. Despite Jon being a fun guy and having a good social game, he really didn’t deserve to win the game.
    Yes he was a nice guy but the only independent decision he made was evicting Neda. Neda was the one who persuade him to vote out Arlie, it wasn’t Jon’s move at all.
    Plus he said that evicting Heather was a good move? Um, between those two it was a no-brainer and said you had no choice you just took the easy way out in keeping Neda that week.
    Let’s just admit it. If Sabrina left her personality aside in the house and we just saw her gameplay, she should’ve been the winner hands down. She was nominated 6 times, won the most important HoH to guarantee herself in the final 3 and even when her alliance came crumbling down, she had a way with words and was able to make it that far.
    I’m just happy we had a much better cast than the BB15 atrocity. I still can’t stomach the fact that Andy won..

    1. I thought it was hilarious how Neda tried to get Jon to admit that they were all her moves, and then he looks her in the eye and says they were all his moves. She was speaking purely from ego, and he gave her zero validation. IMO it was the perfect way for him to counter that.

        1. Jon’s not an idiot. He knew that Neda pushed him to make those moves. How could he not?

          But she was in full assault mode in her question, attacking his game and trying to force him to give her all the credit. He responded by giving her none of the credit. It was well played by him, and you could see that she was pissed by his response.

          1. His answer was terrible. He could have stood up for himself while also giving credit where it was due. If the shoe were on the other foot, and Neda had given that answer, you would have vilified her for it.

            1. I doubt that, but maybe. The shoe would have never been on the other foot though. Jon would never have been so hostile and aggressive in his questions.

              1. And you know that… how?

                I doubt Jon would have been a bucket of sunshine immediately after having been cut from the game by his supposed closest ally. Especially since he’s a competitive dude.

                1. Either way, Neda was asking a bitter question that was designed to make him look bad and make her look good. Why should he have to concede to such a venomous tone? If she wanted respect for her game, she should have addressed him with less hostility, and shown him respect in kind. It was a “F*** off” type of response from Jon, which was totally fair given the way that she was acting. Why should he show her respect, when she’s not showing him any?

      1. Exactly – Neda’s ego needed a lot of validation. You can see that in her personality and when her sister told her not to become arrogant (or something along those lines).

        I perosnally think Jon is a LOT smarter than he let on. I’ve known many guys like him who absorb everything around them like sponges but hide behind goofy, fun kid persona. I bet he knew Neda was leading him, but b/c they were in sync with decisions most of the time, it seemed like he was being led..

        1. I don’t think her ego needed validation at all – I think she was just pissed at losing–and let’s face it, the disappointment was fresh! Cut her some slack for crying out loud.

  33. 1 HUNDO THOUSAND!!! Good Going Big Jon.

    Holy hells bells when he evicted Neda. Come on, we all felt that one but knew it was the best move for him to make. I also love that she basically said “He got me first”. She was right to vote for him in the end.

    Yes Sabrina’s game was good in the beginning but then it wasn’t, simple. Not against Neda and Jon, Heather maybe.

    OMG could Arlie possibly get over himself and his sour grapes? I really thought he was going to screw Jon in the end just because….. Him being a “super fan” im glad to see he voted for the best gamer of the two imo.

    Does Allison own any long pants? :P

    Congrats Jon, you earned it.

  34. im glad jon evicted neda in the end…. this was the only way he would have won the game….. jon knew that neda was always working on jury votes when the sloppy got arlie out…. neda was always friendly with the gremlins…. neda was going to evict jon if she won the final hoh and jon knew that …… i think neda not wanting to keep adel instead of sabrina was what made jon think … i believe it was at this point jon realized neda was never going to take him to the end….

  35. Neda played a very good game…but she should not have kept Sabrina….She would have cut Jon had she had the last HOH.. She had a right to feel hurt at the end and had no time to come to terms with the loss of her dreams. Good luck Neda in the future !! Jon was wanting to go to the end with you over Sabrina , but came to feel ( after you axed Adel ) you would not take him !! I feel you played the best game.

  36. Jon played a good game as well and was deserving of the win especially since he evicted Neda. Sad Neda didn’t win but glad Sabrina didn’t. Neda’s biggest mistake was getting rid of Adele if she would have kept him she probably would have won or at least made it to F2. Thanks again Simon and Dawg. See you for BB16!

  37. Very Happy Jon Won…..Sabrina in the money …not at all !! She was vicious with lies that were not for game that hurt many it the house she has a lot of growing up to do and should start with …sorry to Janelle. Do not think any of the crude was game ,,,but a mean child who always gets her way ! She will never change life is all about her and always will be !! Sad to watch her hate of others totally uncalled for …!!!

  38. I did not like John, That being said,Cutting Neda was a great move. But Sabrina played abetter game than John hands down. She deserved to win over John. This was a fun season to watch,Good show Big Brother Canada!

  39. Dang——- i had a feeling over the past few days
    Sabrina would luck into the 20 grand. and as to
    Neda, she played a near perfect game. Jon won!

  40. neda was completely devastated and shattered. even i was convinced she would go final 2 didn’t think jonny boy had this in him like arlie stated. sabrina didn’t even look sad at all she knew the stars aligned perfectly for her to end up in this position. alot of people commenting here have no idea what it’s like to work so so hard only to come just short. it is emotionally crushing far worse than breaking bones. lol at 100k being the grand prize. that shit aint life changing that’s barely enough for down payment on an apartment. i have spoiled friends who drive cars that expensive they should up the grand prize to at least 250 grand or better yet the good ole american 500k. in the end jon and neda were a duo. there is no way jon would have made it to the end without neda strategizing and there is no way neda would have made it too final 2 without jon’s dominant competition ability. they were like yin and yang and sitting beside sabrina is well you know what they call it EAZY MONEY!!!!!!!!

  41. Can someone tell me about Neda’s past. What is her “dire” financial situation? How old was she when she came to Canada?

    I glad Jon won, but I can understand Neda being upset. I think she handled it as well as can be expected it.

  42. N ot E ven 2n D A (eh?)

    Neda Not even 2nd eh!

    Way to go Jon best move of the season…

  43. I always loved sabrina from dayyy one i swear i was her only fannn !! She is a soul survivor & true success is determined by how u handle the setbacks…i was quickly criticized for liking her & i loveeeee the gremlins!!! Sooooo happy for Sabrina as she played a great social game & took everything with a good attitude. Sabs won hih wen it counted most & took herself to final 3….She deserved to be in the F2 & both jon & neda weren’t gonna take eachother so It was gonna be Sabrina Noo Matter Wattt & Who Knows If Tbe Jury Would Have Voted For Neda if it Was Neds & Sabrina F2….So It Worked Out The Best Way It Possibly Could OF…Jons a good guy He has a solid character he won alot of comps & never really put ppl down…Sabrina was the first one to put him on the block so he played a real good game socially & stategically…Joneda stuck together all game & Jon broke them up as Needed so he Is The Real ChamP…Him & sabrina both broght Spice To the Show With their Flamboyant Personalities HUNDOOOO!!!!!!!!!

  44. We have to hand it to Jon for a well-deserved win.
    Neda did win $3000 in the Grab the POV, her choice to go after the $ instead.
    Jon chose to try his best for all the copms and won crucial POV and HOH to remain in charge of his own destiny.
    He did not ride the coat-tails of others.
    Joneda was a great pair – they both knew that their alliance would be broken at some point.
    The timing was the most important decision they had to make, not too early, not too late.
    Neda was never in a situation to send Jon packing as she did not win that crucial decision.
    Jon did choose to evict Neda in favour of an F2 with Sabrina because it was in his best interests for the $100k.
    Had he chosen Heather for the F3, Sabrina would have probably beaten Heather in the walk the plank round for final HOH.
    And there was no guarantee that Jon would have beaten her in the third round or that he would have been in F2.
    So all in all, Jon made the right decisions for his game, irrespective of the undeniable great strategic decisions that Neda has contributed for their pair to advance together in the game.
    Timing and opportunity to strike at the right time along with a superb alliance were the ingredients that sealed the victory for Jon.
    Hopefully, he will put the $ to good use.
    Too bad that Neda did not pocket more than $3000. She really seems to need the $, hopefully she will get some revenue from appearances.
    As for Sabrina, better spend the 20k on other more significant things than a Rolex!
    At the end of the day, we are all thankful for the great entertainment the Hgs provided. They deserve a huge applause for their work and gale in the BB house.

  45. Neda had her chance to cut Jon during her HOH. Yes, the instant eviction. As to winners of this game, the best players don’t always make it to the end. Just my opinion that production twists this year disturbed a very interesting game.

    1. The best player always wins. Only exception see Jillian… However mistakes are also part of it so same could be said for her…
      That is the best part of the game.
      People always say this person deserves or that person for a variety of reasons.
      Truth is the winner played the best game period.
      At the end of the day whatever reasons the jury voted their way means they played best because the only goal is to win.
      Ask Neda what is more important? Being thought of as the best player? Or winning?
      To say things like so and so deserves it more because they played better would be like stripping Usain Bolt of his Olympic medal for the 100m because another runner had better form…
      Neda appeared to be the better player but she lost fair and square so how could she possibly deserve it more when she didn’t even make the final?

      1. She needed to take herself there, bottom line. She already knew sabrina was in no position to choose to take her, and she ran the risk of Jon deciding to make a good game move if he won. Her only chance was win the 7 Questions, and like a few other comps that relied on her winning, she didn’t.

        Not that i didn’t want her to be taken, i just don’t think she would have beaten jon, but felt more like the Jon thing to do was to take her to give her 2nd place. If he took her, he earned his spot in first place with her or without her anyway. She needed to do more than be taken there by jon to win first place, imo. She could get 2nd, but the only way to win first is to have one the first HOH comp and then the 2nd one. she did neither. doesn’t mean i didn’t want her to win something, and I think less of Jon for taking SAbs since also I despise Sabs and don’t want her to have any money at all :)

        Neda can be considered the best player, that will make her happy. the $$ were needed for student loans, herself and her sister, plus a large medical bill from a trip to the US that is on her mother’s shoulders. The fee for playing plus the 3000 will help, but most certainly won’t change their lives at all. 20,000 would have lessened the load, 100,000 would have paid it all off. She would, as the best player, probably get more off BB gigs, hopefully they pay well. She will get to be an All Stars, but she will also not be able to play that without people knowing her strategies. She would have to get more physical, because that is her big weakness.

      2. Did anyone else think that Neda should have had that boat bail out in the bag? Jon weighs 220, Sabs at 150, and Neda at 100 pounds soaking wet. The only weight in the boat to increase the water coming into her boat was the water itself, not her. everyone else should have sunk long before her. Since she was out first, that seems ‘fishy’ so to speak. And why that kind of endurance, when aren’t normal endurance comps hanging onto something, a comp that Neda again should have been more able to do, since she weighs 100 pounds, and would only have to hold up 100 pounds? so suddenly BB doesn’t do a hold=themselves=up=or-on something moving comp for endurance?

        still, she should have at least tied in the 7 questions, and lost or won on tie breaker.

        And Jon wasn’t completely in the dark about BB. When he knew he was going to be on the show, he watched a few seasons of BB US and Canada to get familiar with the show.

        1. I didn’t think Neda stood a chance in the boat bail out, as soon as the freezing water started coming down on them. She has so little body fat compared to the others, so I have no doubt that the cold hit her extremely hard.

  46. SAbrina & jon made the best final 2!! i loveee sabrina she was the spice of the showwww her laugh was infectious & the gremlins where a real treatt & Sabs has a gooooood heart…Neda may not even have won 1st place if she was against sabrina…Neda was the mastermind & did help jon to get to his Spott no doubt as her brains had good game hands up & downnn but Nedballs had no Love or social skills…Sabs was a soul survivor & she handled every set back with Grace so she did deserve the 20 g’s aswell…Sabrina has A gooood heart & both her & Jon had the best most fun-loving personalities in the holeee show…HUNDOO!!!!

  47. This really was a great season of Big Brother – awesome cast, just the right amount of twists, getting Canada involved in decisions that actually matter (not just what type of food the house guests get to eat like BBUSA), not too much of that talking moose – a solid season overall. Hopefully big brother US will be just as strong this year.

    Overall I’m happy that Jon won. I feel sorry for Neda but at the I think Jon deserved it more – Neda was the strategic brains of the operation but wouldn’t have had any power if Jon wasn’t such a beast in the comps.

    Thanks to the people who run this blog as well, great job!

  48. I think what made Jon change his mind about taking Neda to final two was that he knew Canada had a vote and how much Canada didn’t like Sabrina. So right there there was a vote for Jon. Keeping Neda he knew that she had Heather’s vote for sure. So Getting rid of her gave him two solid votes, plus Adel so that makes 3. He just needed one more. It would have been a toss up if he brought Neda to the end.

    1. And i know he’d get Canada’s vote no matter who he brought to the final 2 but he didn’t know that. He just knew Canada didn’t like Sabs.

  49. SAbrina & jon made the best final 2!! i loveee sabrina she was the spice of the showwww her laugh was infectious & the gremlins where a real treatt & Sabs has a gooooood heart…Neda may not even have won 1st place if she was against sabrina…Neda was the mastermind & did help jon to get to his Spott no doubt as her brains had good game hands up & downnn but Nedballs had no Love or social skills…Sabs was a soul survivor & she handled every set back with Grace so she did deserve the 20 g’s aswell…Sabrina has A gooood heart & both her & Jon had the best most fun-loving no Love or social skills…Sabs was a soul survivor & she handled every set back with Grace so she did deserve the 20 g’s aswell…Sabrina has A gooood heart & both her & Jon had the best most fun-loving personalities in the holeee show…If i was jon id give Neda 10g’s…HUNDOO!!!!

  50. I think Jon would have won even if he had taken Neda. I do wish Neda could have had the twenty grand though.

  51. Allison! At least wear panties to the Finale! Geeez!
    Jon deserved the Win!!
    Neda poor loser when she would have done the same!
    Jon was a Shield for Neda the whole show and he won so many comps that kept them both safe!
    Jon deserved the win 1 HUNDO!

  52. On the Morning Show today (Global TV at 9:00 am) the whole cast was there and when they were asked who would have voted for Neda if she were in the final two, even Arissa was shocked to see the show of hands. John then said that that was the reason he didn’t take Neda as he knew she would have won it. Arissa stated and Jon agreed as many others there did, that Jon was smart in aligning himself with Neda who was able to guide him through the show since he had never watched a Big Brother show before.

    There was a little girl there who asked Jon if he would have chosen Heather to go to final two if she had made it to final three and Jon said “no”. The little girl then presented a bouquet of flowers to Heather. Sabrina was very, very quiet throughout the interview.

    I noticed that everything seems to be back on track with Jon and Neda as they were signing autographs together and Neda was sort of guiding him through that and then later he was rubbing her back during the show.

    To sum up, Jon acknowledged that it’s because he aligned himself with Neda that he got where he is now. Everyone, including Arisa, credited Neda’s game to Jon’s win and Arisa sorta mumbled something about the All Stars Game leading me to believe that Neda will be back sometime. I also think that like Gary losing in the first BB Can show that Neda will recoup her losses by attending many events. Who knows, she’ll probably end up earning much more than $100,000 and get the chance to travel too by visiting and advising other BB Shows around the world, similar to Emmett.

    By the way, Jon said he cut his fingers on the door on his way out, hence the bleeding all over Arisa.

    1. I didn’t catch the morning show, so I’m glad to hear that Jon did give credit to Neda–unlike how he answered her question at the finale.

  53. As an Addendum to my post above re the Morning Show, I just watched it again and the show of hands for Neda to win came from Arlie, Allison, Rachelle (surprising) Adel and Heather [all jury members] plus Kenny, Ika, Sarah, the two guys in the Secret room – Nate & ? and I may have missed 1 or two more. As one of the hosts said “Another twister to the show seen right here on the Morning Show”.

  54. Neda’s biggest mistake wasn’t sending Adel home, it was telling Adel he was going home. That hit Jon like a ton of bricks that Neda was playing him and would cut him out in the end if she got the chance and it was the start of him being suspicious about her- which probably made it easier to cut her at the end.

    1. Neda’s biggest mistake was taking the biggest threat in the house to F3, along with a floater that he would logically choose over her. Her strategy was deeply flawed from the start.

  55. Yep..I agree..she got hers though. She really didn’t do anything cept ride Jon”s win a then he let her pull his strings. But it looks so good on her to get what she would have given….so so sweet. Great job Jon for not letting her see you’re plan all along.

    1. Totally agree. It’s irrelevant whether Jon knew Neda was playing him like a puppet or not, Jon took all the risk by executing “Neda’s plans”, therefore he is deserving of the reward.

  56. so, I already said I wouldn’t be leaving anymore posts… but I had some time to think… thought I’d share. if anyone reads it cool, if not, I got my thoughts out of my head anyway.
    I was not a fan of jon’s strategy. except for evicting neda, I felt that his entire game was that of a marionette. I’ve stated this. evicting neda was his only solitary move, and It won him the game, so congratulations to him.
    I’m not shocked by neda’s bitterness, nor am I outraged. the adrenalin and hurt feelings of being evicted and then expected to have zero cool down time before confronting the person that evicted you, I think its actually quite normal to have a cold and bitter attitude. I would expect anyone that was soooooo driven to win to be immensely bitter. she shouldn’t have taught jon to evict his allies so well. congratulations on a good strategic game.
    for the people upset that Sabrina won any money at all, blame the one that took her. lol. was she incredibly inappropriate and immature in her behavior? oh yeah. did she play the best game she could? actually, yeah. once a social player’s game is blown to hell by production, what are they supposed to do? try to make deals or hide behind bigger targets? she tried and she did. multiple times. play dead and hope someone takes you along for the easy win? only thing you’ve got left. so congratulations to her.
    the biggest congratulations go to production. the team that blatantly manipulated the proceedings from start to finish to get the hero vs. villain showdown they wanted from week 5 on. you got everyone viewing to suspend disbelief so often, that I have to give you credit for it. surprised you couldn’t twist it just a bit more to have a 3:3 tie with Canada crowning the winner, but hey, I’m sure you tried. :)

  57. True neda put ideas out there to jon to do this move or that move but if jon wasnt winning the comps to allow for those moves to be made they would have just been thoughts and it was his final say, maybe if she wanted them to look more like her own moves she should have won more comps to apply them. Jon deserved the win

  58. Neda Got Played At Her Own Game Ughh That Sucks Nedballs!! I Sooo Wanted Her To Win Not Even Gonna Pretend To Be Happy 4 The Goofy Newfy, Not That I Hate Big Jon He’s super cool too n funny & he did competed strong & ultimatley deserved his win #justsaying Joneda was A Cool Duo But it was just for game, there would never have been enuff room for the both of them although it would have been nice to see, i guess since both were gunning for the $100,000 it would have just been too much power on one Stage So One Had To Go, But Neda Was The Mastermind, Trust Me She basically Manifested The Hole Game & Was Able to make Decisions Alone like the Instant Eviction where Jon Always seemed to have needed to Consult W ‘The Brains’ So He Should be Thankfull towards Neda… It ended up Coming Down To The Final HOH & The Stylish Genius Just Didn’t Win…If Jon has As Good Of A Heart That He Seems to haVe & if I Was Jon, I’d totally Give Neda like 5 g’s At LeaSt HundO!!!!! Although He Won The final HoH, He may not of even been in that position If It Weren’t For Neds…U Never Know…..#donthatetheplayerhatethegame

  59. wen they asked the jury on the morning show who they would have picked Jon or Neda They Alll Said Neda sooo That made her happy & At least she knows she’s got Game & Fans!!! She would have Won the game If She win last Hoh despite that Jon Was Canada’s Choice…Jon should one billion percenT Wake Up Newfoundland!!!!! He soo should break his lil sidekick Neda A Lil Change a lil Creamm, 5-10 g’s HUndo!!!

    1. Oh she’s got game for sure, but this wasn’t just game face, she is cold and strategic – possibly as a result of circumstances but nonetheless, I would never trust her in real life.

      The audience was genuinely in love with her and Jon’s friendship which she totally disrespected (i.e. would not have told him she loves him and respects him, but for the GAME could not take him to the end). As the poster above said, she got played at her own game which in my eyes makes Jon the BOSS!

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