Big Brother 17 Will PREMIÈRE Wednesday, June 24, at 8pm!


The first of the open casting calls for Big Brother 17 are set to start Saturday, March 7th with numerous other locations across the country being revealed over the next month. The reality hopefuls are vying for their shot at being one of the few chosen to compete for the half a million dollar grand prize.

This seasons première date has just been announced and will start on Wednesday, June 24th @ 8pm on CBS. Once again it will be a special two-night première on Wednesday & Thursday!

This seasons episode schedule airs:

  • Wednesday 8/7c
  • Thursday 8/7c (moves to 9/8c July 2)
  • Sunday 8/7c



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24 thoughts on “Big Brother 17 Will PREMIÈRE Wednesday, June 24, at 8pm!

      1. They keep all that top secret .. if it isn’t this coming season it will be the next one. Grodner stated last season that they needed more newbies to choose from to make an allstars season..

  1. Grodner better redeem herself with this next season. It’s been awhile since we’ve had an excellent U.S. season, also cause of the fact that it’s being out-shined by BB Canada, they better step their game up.

        1. Season 11 did have some good fights. Russell and Chima, Russell and Jordan, Russell and Jeff, Kevin and Ronnie. Chima throws microphone in water. The LML (last minute lie) which was the game changer, The Coup de Etat which sent Jessie home and the women drinking wine and crying their hearts out over Jessie eviction. That was a pretty exciting season

  2. I see we are going to have a long season like BB16 and BB15 with the early premiere date. At least BBCAN3 will end right before BB17.

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