Big Brother 19 Promo Commercial! Big Brother is BACK!

The 19th season of Big Brother starts in less than 2 weeks!! Now is the best time to sign up for the BB live feeds because it will give you access to exclusive content, plus you can re-watch the past 18 seasons. If you sign up by June 19th you can meet the house guests before anyone else. On Monday at 8am (pacific time), Jeff Schroeder will be interviewing the cast and you can only view it on the live feeds. Sign up for the live feeds and test them out for 1 week for FREE.

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12 thoughts on “Big Brother 19 Promo Commercial! Big Brother is BACK!

  1. Hey Simon or Dawg, I want to get the live feeds for BBUS in Canada. Is it still only an American Express gift card that works to sign up? And then I have to get a Hide My Ass account, correct? Thanks so much for all you guys do and looking forward to the new season.

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