Big Brother 17 Commercial “Big Brother put the Crazy in Crazy!”

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-21 06-12-03-309

Get ready Big Brother fans! Your summer guilty pleasure is coming in just over a month with a TWO NIGHT Première starting June 24th @ 8pm on CBS. Applications and submissions for the casting process have wrapped up and the cast for this coming season is now in the hands of the casting directors. Casting director Robyn Kass, stated in a recent interview that they were looking for something “new” and “fresh” this season. (Big surprise there, right!?) What type of cast would you like to see this season? All new cast? All-Stars 2 cast? A mix of newbies and returning house guests?

Frankie Grande “It’s show time!”
The madness!
The mayhem!
Zach Rance “I will never compromise my integrity”
You Know you’ve missed us!
Frankie Grande “It’s Big Brother!”
Hayden Voss “It’s all grovey!”
Zach Rance “It’s getting ruthless! Cut-throat!”
Jocasta Odom “Big Brother put the Crazy in Crazy!”
Donny Thompson “It’s exciting each and every day!”
Julie Chen hosts Big Brother coming to CBS this JUNE!
Frankie Grande “With Twist after..”
Julie Chen “Twisted Twist!”

This seasons episode schedule airs:

  • Wednesday 8/7c
  • Thursday 8/7c (moves to 9/8c July 2)
  • Sunday 8/7c

You can now watch every episode from all 16 seasons of Big Brother with CBS All Access. Watch Live TV and over 6,500 episodes of CBS shows on demand. Take advantage of the 1 week trial:

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lol wtf is Jocasta doing in there

Pinocchio Obama

Bring the season on. I can’t wait to get started and I love the two night premiere.


Honestly I know canada implements a lot of twists but at least they kept it interesting. The “twists” last summer in BBUS; BotB: was used to ensure all the “floaters” leave, basically one giant alliance ruled the whole season snooze fest. “Team America”: don’t even get me started on how stupid this one was. Basically a VERY lame version of Americas player where they effect the game way less and even have a choice not to do the tasks. Also boring as fuck. Haven’t hated a season more than S16, I could’ve wrote it out after week 4 or 5. At least BBCAN keeps it interesting. Who’s gonna win this season? Could be anyone imo

Pinocchio Obama


I forgot how weak that Team America twist was. You are right it was terrible. I wish the twist would be that America gets a vote in every eviction.




Oh Great!
Another “Twisted” season.
How about a season of old school BB, where it’s about strategy and out smarting
They have veered way to far off coarse and turned BBUS into a freak show.
How about 16 intelligent, strategic house guest, locked in the house with zero outside contact for 70/? days?
BB started as a psychological experiment … now it’s a freak show
I’m so sick of the Frankies, Wannabe’s, n Victorias
How about a season of BB CEO’s, Casting, Producers, etc … If they win they can keep their job.
Or maybe it’s just about time for me to move on?


“fresh” is when they do NOT go looking to fill “types” so i will believe it is fresh when i do not see an andy or a victoria or a cody or a derrick etc.


Agree and no Grande! No returning HG”s period!


ugh no more Frankie ever ever ever ever !!!

Pinocchio Obama

I’ll second that.


Another ad with too much Frankie in it. We get it. You had a ‘Social Media Mogul’ on last season. Enough.




Hearing Frankie’s voice again sent shivers down my spine…
I think the fans deserve at least one really good all new player season before they do another all stars, but if this upcoming season is in fact All stars….please no Frankie, i can’t watch the Frankie Grande show again.


My heart skipped a beat just by thinking that Frankie might be coming back for another season. I don’t want to see Andy or Victoria, Christine or Cody ever, even if it’s just to host a competition. Bring back intelligent players from older seasons..or at least the ones that don’t make you want to rip the hair out of your head.


Words couldn’t even describe so much i hated that gutless idiot Cody, what a waste of space that kid was.


theyshould do season where twins broke up on survivor-bb usa


On a positive note:
The next Survivor should be interesting.


Yes but it would be even better if you take Woo and season 29 Kelley out of the equation and replace them with Shane and T-Bird.


I tried … most of who I voted for made it in …
It should be an interesting season, even though our choices were so limited


Shane Powers not getting voted in is the biggest tragedy in recent Survivor history. Just like if Frankie Grande gets back in on, that will be the biggest tragedy in Big Brother history.


BB16 was one of if not the most boring season. BB17 has only one way to go and that’s up


For your sanity, I hope your right.
But if the continual decline/free-fall is any indicator … I unfortunately wouldn’t bet on it
It’s getting harder to stay positive … especially after the big FU feeders/fans from BB
Only time will tell …


Yep BB16 went downhill as soon as Devin got evicted, before he got booted people were saying that this was a great season and all that and then what a downgrade that turned out to be when he left, but now we can appreciate what he brought in the limited time he was on that season and i hope they cast more people as polarizing as Devin this season.


I don’t know. If I want to watch muscle heads and bimbos screaming at each other I’ll watch Jersey Shore. For gameplay I prefer BB.


Demented, Delusional Devon


Oh yes, the Demented, Delusional Devon…just what we want to see
I don’t want to see anyone like him


Don’t make it another Brady Bunch season! (Like BB.16) They were so afraid of the bad press from BB.15 that they got boring people…when the rare time they were given alcohol…these duds didn’t barely want it. They had to be forced almost to drink…There was No excitement that comes from alcohol induced chaos! This bunch rarely even swore/cussed lol….we want the arguing, swearing, and sexual misbehaving! We want action! And most of all….no Frankie! (If so make him a target in a dart competition or something!)

Pinocchio Obama

I think you make a good point about the bad press from the previous season leading to a bland cast last season.



The Truth

Canada vs USA not so much. Canada and USA much better. I don’t want to one side completely annihilated.


I don’t want to see dr,will ,mike boogie , Jeff , Jordan , Dan , Janelle,
Rachel,Brendan ,Britney or any one else who has been on more than
Twice . And please oh please don’t bring back Frankie ,Andy ,Victoria,


OMG … Ya BB that’s what we want to see … more intolerable Gary … WTF
How about Neda?
Keep digging your own grave BB!

Thank you Oxygen & MTV

Relieved Frankie is busy doing other projects on other networks so he doesn’t have time to be a contestant on BB16. #GrandeStayHome

another name

i’d be more relieved if they deprived him of oxygen and made him the new mtv astronaut, then left him on the moon.


Can I watch & sign up for the BB17 season if I am in Canada? I did it last year but now cant remember how I did it?! Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance!


You mean online? Cause its on cable…and feeds CBS take Canadians
also projectfreettv has episodes…alot of pop ups tho!


Yes sorry the live feeds..

another name

filling commercials with tired retread stereotypical goofs I got tired of looking at by week 5 last season is the best way to show that this will be a new and fresh season in terms of casting…. oh wait. damn. the promotions are not leaving me enthused.
apparently the fcc hasn’t enacted the grande ban yet. pity.


Hey are you with me. Every time Franky spoke in that fake British
Accent did you want to jab a fork in his throat to shut him up.


How can I sign up to ‘CBS All Access’ through your site?


For once I would love to see the girls actually team up instead of attaching themselves to the guys and hoping they’ll be taken to the end.
I’m doubtful about this ever happening as I’m still traumatized by Joey’s stupidity with the girls alliance in BB16. Please someone restore my faith in the all girls alliance!

Also if we do ever get another BB Allstars, I hope they borrow Survivors idea. If BB fans could vote in the cast, I feel like we would be in for an amazing season

Counting down the days til BB17!! Can’t wait!!