Jeff and Jordan allegedly eat 72 OZ Steak each at the Big Texan Steak Ranch – May 8th

Big Texan Steak Ranch off Interstate 40 Amarillo, Texas has a simple contest. Eat a 72oz steak and bam your meal is free. Check out the rules here. For every person who completes this challenge they’re name is recorded in the Big Texan Hall of Fame. You can clearly see at the end of the document and the screencapture provided that someone Named Jordan Lloyd from Waxhaw, NC with the note Big Brother 11 & 13 in Texas, ate a 72oz steak in 56 minutes and 24 seconds thus completely the Big Texan challenge and eating for free! Above Jordan’s Name is Jeff’s (with a misspelled last name) from Chicago, IL with the Note “Do America” Texas Style!.

Jeff and Jordan not only ate the monster steak within the 1 hour time limit but Jordan is also the first female to finish one in 2012!! Congratz Jordan.

So is this real or is someone at the Big Texan trying to impersonate Jeff and Jordan? I find it pretty hard to believe that Jordan was able to eat a 72oz steak they are freaking MASSIVE! What we do know from Jeff’s tweets is during the time steaks were reportedly eaten Jeff and Jordan were travelling from North Caolina to Los Angleas to live together. The day after the steak feast Jeff tweeted that Jordan and him had run into a couple bumps (72oz bumps) but they are still pressing on to “Cali”

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Rachel Reilly Adventures4Pets Where to Get a Brazilian for your Dog

Big Brother 12, Big Brother 13 Winner and Amazing Race contestant (Still in the race) Rachel Reilly has a new project on the go called “Adventures4Pets”. We first learnt about this web show last month during Rachel’s appearance on BearPaw TV.

Two Sisters Rachel Reilly, Elissa and their pets hit the road to find the most pet friendly destinations in America. site is not live yet, the splash screen says April sometime.. Rachel is starting to publish the videos on youtube. In this episode Rachel and Sis head to San Diego for a “Pet-Cation” which she calls one of the most pet friendly cities in the US.

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Big Brother Winner Rachel Reilly on BEARPAW TV

Just when I thought we were going to have a break from Rachel Reilly she’s in the news again. This time with Simon Rawley-Wells of (bearpaw shoes rule BTW). In this interview Rachel talks about being the most “Winningest champion ever” on Big Brother. She goes on to mention her fight with Ragan on Big Brother 12 and how they are now best friends. Rachel “I think any Big Brother fan would agree I Definitely spiced up the house a little bit”

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Jeff and Jordan in Cambodia with People for Care & Learning

Jeff and Jordan are partnering with People for Care and Learning in a new Build A City project. Join them in a movement that will change the lives of thousands! Are you ready to Build A City?

Earlier this year Big Brother All-Star Duo Jeff and Jordan travelled to Cambodia for charity work with People for Care & Learning and Build a City. It’s a great cause, we explained what exactly they were doing in Cambodia and why Build a city is something everyone should take a closer look at.

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Philip Alan Photo shoot with big brother 13 runner up Porsche Briggs

Philip Alan Photo Shoot with Big Brother Runner up Porsche Briggs

Philip Alan has just completed a photo shoot with Big Brother 13 Runner Up Porsche Briggs. Philip Alan is known year after year for doing amazing photo shoots of the Big Brother alumni such as Rachel Reilly, Janelle Pierzina, Laura Crosby, Daniele Donato, Ragan Fox, etc. In addition to capturing the best features of our favourite big brother stars, Philip Alan based in Los Angeles also does Weddings, Engagements, and Portraits.

Take a look at all the amazing photo’s Philip Alan has taken of all those big brother stars and more, including Vegas Bash 2009, Vegas Bash 2010, etc. For all those and so much more visit Philip Alan Photography’s facebook page.

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Brenchel – The Amazing Race, Bold and the Beautiful and TMZ

Brenchel on The Amazing Race 20 recap

Last Weeks Amazing Race Premiere had everyone wondering will Brenchel survive this type of “real” reality TV Show. They did survive the first leg of the race and did quite well coming in second place.

Brendon and Rachel Big Brother exploits need no introduction on onlinebigbrother. We’ve followed their every move on the Live Feeds for the last two BB season (BB12 and BB13). With last year finally witnessing the unthinkable Rachel Reilly becoming the Big Brother Winner, all while surviving Fan/Houseguest ridicule, countless BB Fights………..

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Porsche Briggs is in the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue!

Porsche Briggs is in the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition! Since 1964 Sports Illustrated has been publishing their popular swinsuit issue and this year is no different. The issue ordinarily features fashion models wearing swimwear in exotic locales all over the world, however this year Big Brother’s 1st place runner-up Porsche Briggs made it into the popular swimsuit issue.

Sign up to our Google+ page , we’re rolling out all the best most complete Big Brother Spoilers and google+ is a key component this year. Big Brother 2012 is starting up and Casting should begin late next month

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The Amazing Race cast revealed – Brendon and Rachel, Boobs, Brawn and Brains

The Amazing Race Season 20 starts FEB 19th at 8pm on CBS and surprise surprise our favorite BIG BROTHER couple is one it. Leaked photos emerged last month showing Brendon and Rachel competing in The Amazing Race competitions. Now it’s official hurray 😉

Both Rachel and Brendon will rip through TAR20 and if they don’t expect them on Big Brother 14 this year because that’s the way AG rolls.

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Big Brother 14: Porsche Briggs’ BOOBIES RULE…. Photo Shoot

My fiancé found these Boobies Rule photo shoot pictures of Big Brother 13 house guest first place loser …Porsche Briggs on Facebook. We almost didn’t recognize her from her growing assets from last season.

“Boobies rule!!! was created by Identical twins Rory and Troy Coppock in December of 2010. With our mother currently battling cancer, and also losing one of our best friends to brain cancer at the age of 19- we wanted to create a brand that would help raise awareness and donate money to help battle the disease that touches almost everyone in our world today.”

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Big Brother All-Star Jeff Schroeder at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival

Jeff Schroeder Pictures from the 2012 Sundance Festival taken at the T-Mobile Village at the Lift on January 21, 2012. Jeff’s been pretty busy since appearing on Big Brother Last year. He’s been on web shows (Mission in Action), bullying George Clooney, Being nominated 2011 worst reality star and taking the next step with girlfriend and BB winner Jordan Lloyd…….. Open Big Brother 14 Casting beings in a couple months we’ll probably gets some clues about whether or not it’s allstar.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Jeff Schroeder 2011 Worst Reality Star?

Looks like there’s some people out there that do not like Big Brother super stud BIG Jeff Schroeder .

Jeff has been ranked on of the worst Reality TV Stars of 2011 from Theres no denying it Jeff is one of the most popular players in Big Brother history. He’s been in 3 televised reality shows; Big Brother 11, Big Brother 13, The Amazing race and a bunch of straight to web shows. BB13 fans voted him their fan favorite but still Jeff has his haters and plenty of them.

It really wasn’t until Big Brother 13 were Jeff’s douchness start to really show around the time he decided to go on a crazy rant about Dumbledorf being gay.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Jeff Schroeder’s Web Show Helps Former Ethiopian sex industry workers

Big Brother 11 and Big Brother 13 famous hunk of man meatJeff Schroeder is at it again with the webshows. This time he’s partnering up with with Amazing Race winner Alex Boylan’s in a interactive web series, Missions In Action.

The premise of the show is simple, travel the poorer regions of the globe, showing stories of the people and charities that are making a positive impact. Jeff will be on Episode 8 Scarves of Pride, Location Addis Ababa, Ethiopia the Charities are FashionABLE, The Mocha Club, Women At Risk. The Mission Former sex industry workers in Addis Ababa find peace and purpose in handcrafting beautiful scarves for abroad.

What a great project to be working on..

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