Big Brother Spoilers – Jeff Schroeder’s Web Show Helps Former Ethiopian sex industry workers

Big Brother 11 and Big Brother 13 famous hunk of man meat Jeff Schroeder is at it again with the webshows. This time he’s partnering up with with Amazing Race winner Alex Boylan’s in a interactive web series, Missions In Action.

The premise of the show is simple, travel the poorer regions of the globe, showing stories of the people and charities that are making a positive impact. Jeff will be on Episode 8 Scarves of Pride, Location Addis Ababa, Ethiopia the Charities are FashionABLE, The Mocha Club, Women At Risk. The Mission Former sex industry workers in Addis Ababa find peace and purpose in handcrafting beautiful scarves for abroad.

What a great project to be working on.. Oh and for all you JJ watchers Jordan will not be accompanying Jeff

The show started in November at the Compassion Child Development Center in the Philippines. Heres is what the charity had to say about the project.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for viewers to see, first hand, how we serve children and their families living in extreme poverty around the world,” says Mark Hanlon, Senior Vice President, Compassion, USA. “The conditions in which our beneficiaries live may seem hopeless, but viewers will catch a glimpse of the hope that exists when children are nurtured and developed in the basics of living a future free of poverty.”

check out their website and videos

Big Brother 14 has been confirmed and the BB14 Application form and rules have been released. Casting Calls should be known in March. I was hoping for a an Allstars but after last years dogs breakfast of a season I’m guessing (more like hoping) for a reboot season.. Either way if your an interesting person and do not see being on Big Brother as a way to further a acting/modelling career then PLEASE APPLY.

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43 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers – Jeff Schroeder’s Web Show Helps Former Ethiopian sex industry workers

      1. Frank may I say something honestly to you as one human being to another? You told me once when we were fighting that you are a director, a tv critic and producer in California. In all likelihood that must mean you have at the very least an MFA degree. So you attended college and in college I am sure you read the Greek tragedies since you were a liberal art student (I predict). So you read about catharsis I imagine?

        Well insulting BB players on this blog is a way for all of us to dispense catharsis. It makes this blog fun and gives us a subtlely sadistic thrill. We have all done it even you. I personally laughed when you insulted Dani and Porsche.

        So you enjoyed insulting those two players. Other people enjoy insulting Jeff and I enjoy insulting them all. If every time someone insults your favorite players you come marching in and starting fights, it makes this blog less readable and enjoyable and the bulk of our time is spent fighting.

        So let other people insult Jeff and Jordan as we allowed you to insult Dani, Porsche and Kalia and we can all enjoy this blog together.

        1. Hi BB King,

          I don’t often leave comments, especially not on blogs about big brother players etc but I have to say that what you wrote in the above comment to Frank was pretty well-stated. I am a die-hard Jeff fan but found myself agreeing with you that we all do seem to enjoy taking our anger out on certain players, specifically those who most represent people we deal with in our own lives that we don’t have the luxury of putting in their place and saying what we genuinely think of them (whether it be in-laws or co-workers)…

        2. Now that Phil Jackson has retired can we call you “Zen Master”.
          I mean that with total respect, most of the people posting here believes there is no middle ground with the exception of you and a few others.

      2. Simply put I don’t care what you think, you give yourself way too much credit as being important. Now should I dislike Dani or Porsche I’d be one of “the good guys” I’ll pass. I’d rather stand alone than with a bunch of idiots.

  1. Irrespective of whether he is getting paid or not, I think this is a good idea. Jeff is doing a humanitarian service even if it is a byproduct of his lust for profit, fame, prestige, etc. Jeff is helping to shed light on some of the poorest places in the world and is making charities, which help poor people a little more known with his newfound celebrity (or I should say psuedo-celebrity).

    It’s a win-win situation for Jeff, the poor people and the charities to me.

          1. BBKing, my formerly humble fair weather friend, I don’t remember asking you to look up anything of mine. I also don’t remember ever even bringing up your name ANYWHERE on this entire page. So, one again, like a long time ago, you’re inserting yourself into other people’s business….AND AFTER you swore you never would again, after all your apologies!…..But, to answer your question…..I Do NOT think that saying that a guy like Jeff is getting paid by raping poor women who are ALREADY r***** victims in a charity, a kind of catharsis. Call me sensitive, but I DON’T! (AND that is exactly what Squabble meant when he said ‘Jeff takes it out in Trade’) So, defend Squabble for such evil talk if you want to, but it will just make YOU look bad.

            1. Most of us don’t care what you think. Seriously we don’t. No one needs your invitation or permission for anything.
              Most people don’t care what I think either but unlike you i am aware of this.

            2. Come on Frank, you know that’s not what I meant. This was not an attack on you or a defense of Squabble. I am just saying that you, Spicy and Captain create a hostile enviornment in this blog. You guys seem to create a double-standard wherein you guys bash Dani, Porsche and Kalia and call them nasty names but don’t allow people who dislike Brenchel, and JJ to do the same. If we do either you, Spicy or Captain come rushing in and attack us.

              So I am just saying for the sake of reciprocity we allow you guys to berate Dani, Porsche, Kalia and Shelly out of good will you guys should allow us to berate Brenchel and JJ.

              As I said before I truly enjoy your comments, which insult Dani espacially. I think they’re funny in a subtly sadistic way. But Frank give me the same respect I give you and in the future allow me to insult your favorite players as well.

              1. BBKING you are the KING on this site. Love how you point out the double standard here on this site. I don’t say this because I think you defend/support me, you seem to be level headed and call out people for the right reasons. I agree with you that the three you mentioned love to talk smack about Dani, Porsche and Kalia but loose it when you make a comment about their idols.
                Just like this season of BB13 they like when the deck is stacked for them and cry when it isn’t.

            3. One last thing Mr Holier Than Thou, you don’t belong on the high road either, I don’t like Jeff I make that no secret but you like to pick on girls like your idol don;t you. You bashed Kalia, Porsche constantly and said about Dani in reference to her butt “I’ll be willing to bet there’s already a team inside it….I just can’t remember which team it was” must of slipped your mind right?

  2. squabbles will never see the good in what jeff or brendon or rachel does because she’s a sheep still asleep . yet she jumps up to tell simon and dawg she always being attack by others ………. yes we all can have disagreement but she / he takes it to the next level she see’s no good not even in the things that are good ………. jealousy cause her to react poorly she need to embrace season 13 that dani was an icon in her own mind .. she got out witt out played and outlast …people have accepted low level of dishonesty when they cant see some good in others they can only see one side ///////// the bad ////tsk tsk tsk …… people like what they like but sometimes its funny to see the irrational level of vitroil spilled at anybody who dares say something to her even if our views are different ….. look at the bitter truth why some people likes u and others dont even though this isn’t a popularity contest but your attitude towards everything meanly towards jj br … the only person who let u down was dani and her minions noone else … is too short to hold grudges and grudges are a waste of perfect happiness…. the ego of dani who believed she was untouchable is her own fault get over it ……. everytime she opens her mouth she weakens the nation… keep sitting on the sideline playing the cheapest kind of politician …. …. talking bout jeff may be geting paid for this nothing else she see’s with this just jeff getting paid not that its great and hats off to jeff etc…. child your mind is getting to comfortable in one level of thinking { hating jeff } she could,,, would never see the good in jeff because she’s to busy trying to mash him down ….

    1. First off the only thing I can base my opinion of Jeff on is BB, I haven’t seen him on anything else, I see a guy that preaches honesty and integrity as long as it helps him, then he has no problem doing to others what he complains about, he voted to evict his fellow ally Brendon twice instead of standing by his alliance. How he talks down to women and any guy he thinks he can bully is a trait worth valuing in your world.
      You also assume that Dani is my darling, again you are wrong, I wanted a new cast member to win I didn’t want Adam to win but other than him anyone would do. Daniel only made this season interesting by deciding to turn against the Idiots she was in a forced alliance with. Yeah she could of just stayed with the Vets. but their personalities really sucked so I don’t blame her, the newbies didn’t seclude themselves when they won HOH did they.
      Just an FYI outwit/outplay/outlast is Survivor, Expect the unexpected is BB maybe you should think before you speak.
      Now as for your whole “let go of the hate” and “you pick on JJBR”. What I find amazing is your level of hypocrisies you don’t like others opinions of JJBR unless they are full of praise, but yet you constantly bash Dani and “her minions” calling people “haters and child”. News flash Spicy the people you root for WON, but just like your idols you can show no class in victory because you possess none. Had any of the newbies won all I would say is “Score Board” and laughed.
      You are the one who should let go of the hate, not everyone shares your opinions and probably the dumbest comment I’ve ever heard belongs to you concerning Dani “every time she opens her mouth she weakens the nation” wow either you are stupid or you take this BB thing way too serious.
      I’m just glad I’m here to be your punching bag or I’m sure your harassment of Shelly would continue till this day.

  3. Are we starting again? Don’t make me insult you guys. We started to have peace and now you guys are insulting Jeff. That’s not cool.

    1. So Jeff is a god who is immune from insults? Tell me Captain are you a sports fan? I will give you a sports analogy. When Lebron makes a dumb move on court and costs his team the championship (which is is usually :P) do fans scream at him and call him all kinds of names. I know I sure do. I even seen people burn his jersey, which is taking it to the extreme but it happens. Now why is it that I can make fun of Lebron?

      Because he is a media/public figure who sold his image, his name and his reputation to human beings who pay to see him. Similarly Jeff sold his image, name and reputation to human beings such as myself who give CBS the ratings they need to keep BB alive. My viewership feeds Jeff and enlarges his wallet.

      If I enlarge Jeff’s wallet, then in exchange I can insult him and berate him all I want. Without me and millions of other viewers Jeff is nothing but an average man.

      The atmosphere you and some other people are creating in this blog is a wrong one. You guys are bullying us to keep our mouths shut about players whom you like but at the same time you guys insult players whom you hate. That’s called hypocrisy.

      1. LET me make THIS PERFECTLY CLEAR….THIS IS NOT ABOUT JEFF……It has NEVER been about JEFF with me. I don’t care what ANY OF YOU write or say about HIM, I never have, even all during BB13…..MY ONLY COMMENT WAS ABOUT A C-H-A-R-I-T-Y…….Yes, A Charity for Beaten and Sexually Abused Women!!!!! For ANYONE to say that ANYONE GOES TO A CHARITY TO WORK AND THAT THEY TRY TO GET PAID BY SEXUALLY A ABUSING VICTIMS OF RAPE IS NOT, NOT, NOT an appropriate or an even human thing to say. I was simply stating that Squabble in his deep & vile hatred had sunk to his/her lowest depths when saying that ANY OTHER HUMAN BEING ON EARTH WAS WORKING FOR A CHARITY HELPING VICTIMS OF RAPE SO HE COULD CONTINUE TO RAPE THEM BY TAKING HIS SALARY “OUT IN TRADE”!!!!! Just Deplorable!!! Anyone with any decency or humanity should have been just as appalled……..But, as for BB houseguests and any stuff you want to say to cut them all down with silly, irrelevant cut-downs….go right ahead, it’s fine with me (BTW-just for the record, I have NEVER wrote ANYTHING bad about Kalia or Porsche. I was delighted when Rachel chose to take Porsche to the winners circle instead of Adam. So, please don’t lie and put words in my mouth for me….As for Dani, Yes, Yes, I Did talk VERY BADLY about her, AND for one reason…NEVER, but NEVER in all my years of watching Big Brother, have I EVER heard ANYONE but Danielle Donato say that “She only wished another girl would be pregnant so that she could hurt her stomach in an HOH comp and that the fetus would die inside the girls womb, that it would make her so happy to see that happen to Rachel, and that she prays that it will”…….That is the LOWEST THING IN HISTORY I HAVE EVER HEARD ANOTHER HUMAN BEING SAY ABOUT ANOTHER HUMAN BEING….and since she was whispering it over and over to other girls, you KNOW she really meant it!!! I’ll say it once again : The Big Brother game all aside ‘Dani is now, was then, and will always be the lowest scum on this earth’ ) There now, have I covered everything?

        1. Frank my friend, please read this comment after you’ve calmed down as I think you are getting too angry over something as frivolous and irralevant to life as BB.

          But you said I lied and put words in your mouth about Porsche and Kalia. You called Porsche a moron after she opened Pandora’s Box and repeated that statement in the last thread. As for Kalia you called her a b*tch collectively alongside Dani. So I didn’t make up anything Frank it’s in the archives.

          The larger issue at hand is that no one can bash Brenchel on this site without expecting repercussions from you. In the last thread you said that the Brenchel haters have reenergized you for battle and you are ready to fight. And I think you already picked up a couple of fights on the last thread.

          So I am just saying let’s not take BB so serious. Insulting Brenchel is like insulting your family members or girlfriend. You fight for them incessently like one would fight for their loved ones. If that’s the environment you create on this blog then fights are inevitable between you and other readers.

          You have to understand that not everyone likes Brenchel and have a right to an opinion. You may not like the opinion but you must agree that they have a right to post it provided it passes moderation.

          1. BBKing ‘my friend’ (with friends like these who…) I will only say this one more time and not again….NOTHING I’ve written on this page is to talk about or defend ANY BB houseguest. I’m not talking about Big F’ing Brother!!! Is that finally clear to you? I was JUST commenting on ‘People’ who enjoy talking about RAPING women for fun and profit…AND how sickening such comments are. Now BBKing, if YOU say you respect the right of others to write about how much they enjoy writing about people getting paid to rape charity victims, then you have just as much of a problem as the original ‘take it out in trade’ writer does… Because, I DO NOT respect that right, either to write it, to say it, or think it……Imagine if I wrote about Dani, that she was volunteering at a children’s hospital ward as a nurse for charity. AND I WROTE : ‘That Dani, she’s pretending to volunteer there out of kindness, but she’s really there just to get off, since she enjoys giving BJ’s to all the sick little boys in their beds while they’re sleeping. She probably gets home and tweets to her friends all the sick little boy loads she swallowed’……..Now Do YOU think that it would be acceptable? Do you RESPECT my right to write such filth even if you don’t agree? I Don’t think you would. But, with good ol Squabble, you respect his right to write anything he wants, including the idea that someone would volunteer to help RAPE victims, just to RAPE them some more. Sick, Sick, Sick

            1. Frank, I believe anger has clouded your judgment. Remember I said before I am socially liberal and fiscally conservative? Well I am border-line libertarian and yes I believe you have a right under the First Amendment to write anything you wish as long as Simon and Dawg approve. Even suggesting that Dani is a pedophile. If I don’t defend your right to say it, one day someone will take away my right to speak as we would set a precedence that some speech is acceptable and some isn’t.

        2. Also Frank. One last thing before I go to work. You keep on saying that somehow I am defending Squabble. That’s really not true. If you look at comment number 2 you will see that I disagreed with Squabble’s assessment of the situation. So I disagree with Squabble when it comes to Jeff and the charities however I wisht to defend the right for everyone to post whaterver they wish with a few basic restrictions freely.

      2. Dude, first of all. I don’t know what is going on? However, the only concern is that Jeff never like that and even I went to High School with him. He is more funnier when I was a Freshman in Ridgewood and Jeff is more like a funnier guy. I don’t seem why all you guys bashing him but can we insult someone else like Dominic or someone from previous season.

      1. One last little aside comment : How did that comment from Unknown get passed moderation uncut? But, since it has, then the following one must also pass : Unknown, now that you’ve told us who’s dick Jeff sucks….Who’s dick do YOU suck? Or is it more than one persons?

    2. Well you sure aren’t Jeff and since the stars and bars are still on the flag pole across the street this morning I will feel free to make ant comment I choose.
      This comment had/has nothing to do with you so no reason to be upset, relax

      1. Dude, I’m relax and I am really close to Jeff (which I went to High School with him). That’s why let’s make insult someone else beside Jordeff or Brenchel. The only insult is Dani and she is horrible.

        1. Dude what did Dani ever do to you or Jeff so bad to you for you to badmouth her? All she did was play a game. The only person she was talking mad shit about was Rachel, most of that time was during the week she was getting backdoored and the rumors of Rachel having Brendon’s baby going around. This is really rude and this is getting old. -__- And you’re probably in your thirties saying how horrible she is when she never did like that to hurt you. Pathetic.

          1. The Captain is right! Dani was horrible. She never just ‘played the game’….If she had, she would have stayed with her alliance week one, and probably won the show…But, she said she ‘didn’t like their personalities’….Now, who plays the game like that? Even her dad said she was the stupidest player ever!! She played all personal, and was EVIL TOO!! Always wishing for people to get abortions and miscarriages and babies dying in the womb….She was horrible & SICK!!!!

            1. Are you guys really that bitter over BB13? What I was trying to say and ask was what did she ever did to Jeff that was SO bad and SO evil for her to be hated on? Other than her gameplay? If she didn’t want to work with the Vets then she didn’t have to. Yes like I said Dani did talk mad shit about Rachel and her ‘baby,’ but if everyone but your ‘precious’ Jeff and Jordan and their fans is over it, why are you still bitter about Dani and all these comments about the entire season? Brendon is probably over everything that happened what what Dani did to him, and I’m sure if Rachel and Dani ever met again they’d be willing to put everything aside too, or be cordial if anything. What I don’t understand is why Jeff and Jordan would hold a huge grudge on Dani over Dani’s gameplay. Jeff just got rated as the worst reality star of 2011. He was one of my favorites in BB11, and I was rooting for him, but he turned out to be a bit of a bully in BB13. So maybe you crazy JeJo fans need a reality check. At least Dani’s or Brenchel’s fans didn’t send death threats toward Shelly’s family. Alot of it was apparently from Jeff and Jordan’s fans. And by the way, did any of you forget about Jordan’s obsession with hating and bashing on Dani for a good two weeks the second that Jeff got booted out of the game? I didn’t. Dani didn’t get Jeff out. Kalia nominated him, Porsche didn’t save him, and Porsche, Shelly, and Kalia were the ones who booted him out. Not Dani. I mean I can put all that aside, but I don’t understand why there’s all the hatred on Dani over a game move she tried to pull on Jeff and Jordan. If Jeff said she was a good person overall, then you shouldn’t be calling her evil and horrible.

  4. Wow, three months after bb and this is still going on about a person outside the house. Interesting that Jeff fans are the ones called on the carpet when Shelly’s family was threatned, yet I find the vile things coming from some here on a person outside the game in real life are mocked, or even ridiculed its kinda funny if U think about it. Granted Jeff & Jordan may not be great at big brother, but as people they are pretty decent. BTW, the best game move of BB14 was Jeff taking out Dani before she took out him & he only voted out Brendon because he was against Jordan & the second time it didn’t matter because if they did vote to keep him, Dani was still sending his ass out of the house anyway. So hopefully, she can go back to her BB copybooks and study up because I bet U if she is asked back she is going out again. Say she should have won her season all you want but the fact is if America’s player didn’t save Dick then Dick couldn’t have saved Dani and she would have been out way before the final 4 & he also won 2 of the 3 comps in the last HOH so I think Dick deserved the win hands down over her.

  5. i have been watching survivor for many years u dont think i know where out play out witt and out last is mention but i spicy can use it in bb if i choose to …… this is why i say u and dani both weaken the nation when yall open yall mouth ….. under hand u have secretly cheer for dani only u keeps denying it….. who cares she lost get over it . …. this is why i have no respect for u instead of looking at the bigger picture u look at the surface he has to be getting paid to be doing a charity like this … ….. she read the topic and the only thing she got was he’s getting paid…….. not that what he’s involved in is good the charity is good … but that would be to much to give jeff a tapp on the shoulder that would of been to much ….. character is what u are in the dark .when there is no one to impress , that ‘s when true character or integrity is revealed…. the concept of lateral thinking which involves learning to think creatively and out the box by looking at a problem from many angles instead of tackling it head on and negatively ……..animals have an extraordinary capacity for accepting life as it comes and dealing with it , but we are the opposite we were born to complain even if its something good . …… nothing is ever good enough the story of goldilocks and the 3 bears had it just right …. we try on everything for size complaining its too hot,, too cold ,,, too hard ,,, too soft ,,, too big ,, or too small it is our capacity to complain even when people are doing right ……….i just wanted to speak honestly and openly u really need to meet people who can help alter your way of thinking because everytime u see dollar signs doesnt mean others like jeff doesnt have a good heart … the lesson look at the bigger picture its a charity and it will be great so i say hats off to jeff

  6. if having the last word makes u feel like u won something passing u a cookie and a bottle of water to quinch your thirst … this thread is now closed

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