Big Brother Past Winners

Not all Big Brother winners deserved their win, many just kinda won because the person sitting beside them was more pathetic than they were. There is however a select few that played the game from the minutes they entered the BIG BROTHER HOUSE to the minute they left.

Big Brother 1 Eddie McGee
Big Brother 1
Eddie McGee was the winner receiving $500,000
Josh Souza was the runner-up receiving $100,000
Curtis Kin second runner-up receiving $50,000

Big Brother 2 Will Kirby
Big Brother 2
Will Kirby winner receiving $500,000
Nicole Schaffrich runner-up receiving $50,00

Big Brother 3 LIsa Donahue
Big Brother 3
Lisa Donahue winner receiving $500,000
Danielle Reyes runner-up receiving $50,000
Big Brother 4 Jun Song
Big Brother 4
Jun Song winner receiving $500,000
Alison Irwin runner-up receiving $50,000
Big Brother 5 Drew Daniel
Big Brother 5
Drew Daniel Winner receiving $500,000
Michael “Cowboy” Ellis runner up receiving $50,000
Big Brother 6 Maggie Ausburn
Big Brother 6
Maggie Ausburn winner receiving $500,000
Ivette Corredero runner up receiving $50,000
Big Brother 7 Mike Booger
Big Brother 7
Mike Booger winner receiving $500,000
Erika Landin runner up receiving $50,000
Big Brother 8 Evel Dick
Big Brother 8
Evel Dick Donato Winner receiving $500,000
Daniele Donato runner up receiving $50,000
Big Brother 9 Adam Jasinski
Big Brother 9
Adam Jasinski winner receiving $500,000
Ryan Quicksall runner up receiving $50,000
James Zinkand “America’s Favorite HouseGuest” and won $25,000
Big Brother 10 Dan Gheesling
Big Brother 10
Robert “Memphis” Garrett runner up receiving $50,000
Dan Gheesling Winner receiving $500,000
Keesha Smith “America’s Favorite HouseGuest” and won $25,000
Big Brother 11 Jordan Lloyds
Big Brother 11
Jordan Lloyds Winner receiving $500,000
Natalie Martinez runner up receiving $50,000
Jeff Schroeder “America’s Favorite HouseGuest” and won $25,000
Big Brother 12 hayden Moss
Big Brother 12
Hayden Moss winner receiving $500,000
David “Lane” Elenburg runner up receiving $50,000
Britney Haynes “America’s Favorite HouseGuest” and won $25,000

Rachel Reilly BB13 Winner

Big Brother 13
Rachel Reilly winner receiving $500,000
Porsche Briggs runner up receiving $50,000
Jeff Schroeder “America’s Favorite HouseGuest” and won $25,000


Big Brother 14
Ian Terry winner receiving $500,000
Dan Gheesling runner up receiving $50,000
Frank Eudy “America’s Favorite HouseGuest” and won $25,000

Big Brother 15
Andy Herren winner receiving $500,000
GinaMarie Zimmerman runner up receiving $50,000
Elissa Reilly “America’s Favorite HouseGuest” and won $25,000

Big Brother Canada 1
Jillian MacLaughlin winner receiving $100,000 and a $25,000 gift certificate to the Brick.
Gary Levy runner up received $20,000

Big Brother Canada 2
Jon Pardy winner receiving $100,000, a $25,000 gift certificate to the Brick and a $10,000 trip from Twistos.
Sabrina Abate runner up received $20,000

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I wanted Brendon to win , dang it.. .. and Brendon is Americas favorvite ..duh.. Rachel not my favorite but he is

shelia williams

i hope rachel or bradon dont win if they do then i know its all sat up


I agree. I think some of the contests are rigged if u ask me !


Hoping Lawon or Kalia wins, not cause i like them or how they are playing the game, just to see another minority win, spread the love around a bit.


That is whats wrong with America.


Poor Lawon! So stupid… Hopefully he’ll get voted favourite house guest and get $25 000 out of it. But probably not since he wasn’t in the house very long and didn’t really do much. 🙁 HIS FACE WHEN HE LOST TO BRENDAN! Brendan should’ve told Lawon if he or Rachel won he’d give Lawon $10 000 or something. I would’ve felt terrible crushing his dreams like that


i guess you think your the minority ? look around !


A minority is a white female too, let’s not forget Jun who won, she is a Asian female. So it would not be a first.


Maybe they should just step it up a bit. It has nothing to do with black or white…duh


lmao but how many black people have the had on the show at one time? This season they reached their record number: 3.


Rachael needs to go, what does Brendan see in this baby


Really, I want Rachael and Brendan to win!! She plays hard and is really smart. Jeff is a good guy too. Come on America

I’ve been told that my favorite show is a scam, I didn’t want to believe it until the announced “America Votes Brandon, Brendon whatever back into the house. AN exciting game would have been one of the 3.
1st pick-Dominque-would have stirred some dooky
2nd pick-Cassie-Rachel is jealous of her and she was voted out cause she looks better than Rachel
3rd pick-Keith-He was right from the start pointing out Shelly, and Kahlia……loud mouth but better than Rachel’s man

That fake redhead is right nobody but nobody stands between her and her man. America wouldn’t do this stupid $hitttt. No Way!

Rachel does play hard your right, but when she looses or she is wrong! She makes you hate her guts, We hate her game play big time Sore looser, bad sportsmanship, crying all the dam time too! She won’t win though, you must be one of her friends.


Well I hope Jordan win or Jeff because I love them too ,but the other play are so ass kiss


whatever!!!! Danielle all the way!!! smartest!


Put the crack pipe down, NOW!


Comment play with you stay big borther saty asking i would rachel


shelly needs too go you lier


I doubt bb is set up! America voted Brendan in because he’d help America’s sweetheart couple get further in the game by bringing part of their alliance back. Pretty smart move even though he and Rachel are annoying.

Don’t hate Rachel kicked butt and took names. Team Rachel!!!!!.


I just want to say that BB is not set up! Seriously it is one of the best reality shows ever! And as far as the comment about Kalia or Lawon needing to win because of minority they should have played the game better and they would have won black or white or whatever doesnt matter! I am not a Rachel fan but you have to give it to her over Porche! Porche did nothing at least Rachel played the game!


Okay i would have rathered Jeff or Jordan won.
However Rachel did play an amazing game; no matter how annoying.
And America voted Brendon back because all americans love drama and it started more didnt it!?
I love how Jeff won america’s favorite both times he played. How could he not be america’s favorite!?
And those who are complaining about minorities; stop. It’s ridiculous. This show isnt racist okay? The host herself isn’t even white. My goodness.
Although Dominic is the hottest by far.. 🙂 okay thats an opinion! 😀


Where’s Rachel picture!!! She now a Big Brother past winners.