Big Brother 14: Porsche Briggs’ BOOBIES RULE…. Photo Shoot

Big Brother 14 has been confirmed and the BB14 Application form and rules have been released. Big Brother 14 Casting Calls should be known in March.

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My fiancé found these Boobies Rule photo shoot pictures of Big Brother 13 house guest first place loser …Porsche Briggs on Facebook. We almost didn’t recognize her from her growing assets from last season.

“Boobies rule!!! was created by Identical twins Rory and Troy Coppock in December of 2010. With our mother currently battling cancer, and also losing one of our best friends to brain cancer at the age of 19- we wanted to create a brand that would help raise awareness and donate money to help battle the disease that touches almost everyone in our world today.”

BOOBIES RULE Website: Boobies Rule

*** UPDATED ***

Boobies Rule Advertisement Video:
Porsche isn’t in the video but its entraining none the less…

I Love Motor Boating from Thirteen Concepts on Vimeo.

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Thanks Simon!


that was all dawg.. he’s on 24/7 “Boobie” patrol 😉


Sounds like a good hobby, Thanks Dawg.


haha.. I thought it was you doing the boobie rounds


i just jacked off

BB King

Porsche should’ve done an ass ad. She has one huge ass. She has a small chest to me and I think that’s why she wasn’t featured in the video.


She is more like Jennifer Lopez, Amanda Beard and Britney Spears all roll into one!


Porkshe wasn’t in the video because they can’t photoshop video.


haha.. so true 🙂 I’m kind of surprised we haven’t heard more from her actually all the BB alumni have been quiet this year.. we’ll except for JEff, Rachel and BRendon.

Jedi Knight Howie

Thanks Dawg!! Posch is looking good and that’s a good cause.