Porsche Briggs is in the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue!

Correction …Porsche Briggs wishes she was in the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition! Porsche and her partner in crime created this photo of themselves on the cover of the 2012 swimsuit edition.  It certainly isn’t the most convincing Photoshop job I have seen but you can’t knock her for having a dream, right?! Maybe one day Porsche, and other Big Brother alumni will make it into the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, after all stranger things have happened…

Porsche Briggs on the sports illustrated swimsuit 2012

Here are a couple other photos of Porsche and her friend:

Porsche Briggs and her partner in crime

Porsche Briggs and her partner in crime

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My opinion – keep dreaming Porsche, probably not going to happen.

She seems to be trying pretty hard to avoid becoming a quickly forgotten BB runner-up.


Dawg now you are spoiling me.




Don’t you have Power Rangers or Barbies to play with?




omg that was so ridiculous. she could never be, but i thought my email updates from here were more fact-based so i almost choked on my water when i read that title… no way! will never happen!!


I was shocked to when dawg posted it.. haha then realized it was all a joke.


Cassi is much hotter than you!


Porksha will never make it in a skin mag…unless it is a fetish mag lol. Eww the thought.


Mmmmm Porcha is yummy

Frank Granda jr.

Hey Name, you still up to YOUR OLD TRICKS of making comments trying to make people believe you’re male. Well honey, with or without your vulgarity, NO ONE BELIEVES YOU ARE A GUY! (a female truck driver maybe though)


HA no one is taking your bait, because you suck.

Frank Granda jr.

Anonymous, what the F* are you even talking about? What bait? I just told Name to quit the ignorant comments. That’s not bait you moronic A$$HOLE! The only BAIT is YOU baiting Name for LESBO SEX, since I’m almost positive that you are BOTH FEMALE & BOTH DYKES!


Well someone needs Orbit, ever kiss your mom with that mouth.
Looking through past posts you only troll this site picking fights with people and using vulgar language I bet the community college you went to is proud. Wait that was rude there are decent people that go to community colleges.
I can’t help notice that you have a thing for picking on who you perceive to be women, and not only women but “lesbo’s”, makes me wonder if you drive straight women gay? Or how many would be more accurate.

BB King

Name has the audacity to accuse others of being trolls and vulgar when in fact it was Name’s comments that had to be purged from this blog because they were super-vulgar.

Name is also a bully whose sole aim on this blog was to chase around Captain, bully him and insist that Captain does crude things with Jeff. Who is the real troll? Your very existence is pathetic. Your aim in this blog is not to discuss BB but to spew homophobic nonsense, which makes you a bigot.

So let’s not play the Holier than Thou Card here Name. Fix your own sick mindset first before accusing others.


Seriously…Cassi is much hotter than Porsche. Beside, she will be the next sports illustrated: swimsuit edition and Victoria Secret!!


Jeff is the sexiest though

Not a PHD student

It doesn’t take a PH D student to have the opinion that Porsche would be taken over Boy Rachel. Even “you know who” would have to say the same thing, if he liked females.


I agreed more!
It doesn’t take a PH D student to have the opinion that Porsche would be taken over Boy Daniele. Even “you know who” would have to say the same thing, if he liked females.

Yes, we know!

Frank Granda jr.

Name, that’s really hilarious coming from YOU! Someone who has spent hundreds of comments talking about sniffing and licking every part of Dani Danato’s body, until every word you wrote had to be pulled off this website. I only pick fights with utter morons, or people trying to pretend to be opposite genders from who they are. One only has to go back and read threads from 9-10 months ago to find out who is really male or female. At some point it came out in print by their own mouths. Like YOURS! I don’t really care at all if you’re a LESBO, or Anonymous’ LESBO LOVER, just don’t try to act as though you’re a male with all your Dani Danato nonsense. Just go drive a truck somewhere. lol

Zingbot Fan

I agree Cassi is much hotter but Porsche is still very good looking especially compared to her friend. Is that Donatella Versace’s brother?