Big Brother All-Star Jeff Schroeder at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival

A chunk of Jeff Schroeder Pictures from the 2012 Sundance Festival taken at the T-Mobile Village at the Lift on January 21, 2012. Jeff’s been pretty busy since appearing on Big Brother Last year. He’s been on web shows (Mission in Action), chumming it up with George Clooney, Being nominated 2011 worst reality star and taking the next step with girlfriend and BB winner Jordan Lloyd. Jeff seemed to really be keeping himself busy balancing his time between Press appearances and good will work. It’s become apparent that JJ are a couple and their standoffish attitude towards each other during BB13 may have just been because of the camera’s. They didn’t have much of a clue going in BB11 what the live feeds were all about, so they may have been more relaxed during bb11.

photos from Sundance Film Festival January 19-29, 2012.Park City Utah.

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Hey Simon, can’t wait for the new season. If it is an all star season, would love to see E.D. again

Trish Castillo



I live about an hour from Park city and have gone up there the last two weekends, not too many celebrity sightings and so far the biggest news was Tracy Morgan collapsing this weekend.
It’s kind of cool to see who you might run into up there, I have met Alyssa Milano in the past and she is usually here every year, at the bars there has been no mention of her or too many others out on main street and surprisingly no mention of Jeff at all.

BB King

Wow you live in Utah? You tend to have liberal views. I been to Salt Lake City twice when I was younger to see the Bulls vs Jazz. It was highly conservative from what I remember. But it is religiously tolerant though. I’ve seen Muslims, Mormons, Hindus, etc coexisting on a very friendly level.


Hey BBKING I was wondering if you were still around, I hope the holidays treated you good.
Well I’m glad you got a chance to visit part of the state, I live north of SLC and try to avoid going south as much as possible.
As for having liberal views I don’t partake of the Kool Aid which here in Utah it is green jello, why I don’t know but it is everywhere. You stated in the past that you are an atheist, having been born here and surrounded by the Mormon’s I can easily see how religion turns many away. Like all religions there are good people and the “righteous” ones and here “Zion” it can be pretty crazy, want a good read look up the Mormon white horse prophecy.
Hey if you ever head this way again in the near future drop a line in one of your posts and maybe I’ll drive down south to meet you, or next years Sundance Festival it can be pretty cool even if it is in Utah.

BB King

Thanks Squabble for the kind offer.But I won’t be coming any time soon. I really don’t have that much money to exhaust on leisure and travel. I have thousands of dollars in student loans that I am working my butt off to pay back. Plus I live in NYC and the cost of living alone is very very expensive. Do you know what’s the average rent here? Over a thousand. On top of that I have to pay utilities, groceries, transportation, etc. If you yourself are better off than me and want to come to NYC instead hit me up on this blog and I can show you around.


I have family in Lancaster that I go visit every few years and have gone to NYC twice, I’m not a big city kind of person. even though I think your end of this country is beautiful,
I have heard the cost of living back there is a nightmare, my house payment is just over $1100 and gas is $2.85. The average wage is less of course out here but if you have a needed skill you can make good money. I like that within an hour I can be at a lake, a ski resort or the desert and have very few people around.
Good luck with those loans it seems like it takes forever to pay it off don’t it.




Daniele Yes! Jeff No! He is the worst player in BB history. Dani made a bad move by trying to take out the vets but she was able to back it up by having her and kalia win 3 HoHs in a row. Jeff took out dani because he got scared and he was sent out 20mins later


I would agree with you about Jeff if it wasn’t for Lawon, either way he is as far away from an all star as one can be. This Dude um I mean “big Jeff” only wins competitions when the best competitors have been evicted. He actually did worse this last season than his first. Funny how while Dani was still in the house he couldn’t beat her or Rachel at anything and to make matters worse Adam of all people threw Big Jeff a competition ha ha ha ha ha.. Must suck to have a couple of girls kick your *ss on a daily basis. maybe that is why he is so mean to women because he can’t compete.
Wonder what he regrets more, not honoring his deal with Dani or being so stupid that he threw away his veto?


Jeff yes, Daniele No. Daniele is stupid enough to make a wrong moves. Jeff is not scared of everything. Jeff is a best bb player ever! Daniele, worst bb player ever.


It is weird that you think Jeff is the best ever and Dani is the worst, there is only a couple of differences. Dani went into BB13 to play the game and tried too hard , Jeff came in and really didn’t change his game from his first season where he tried to wait out the good players. The only other difference that matters was about 20 min. and he got to compete for his veto.



Not a PHD student

If d-bag Jeff walked into your basement bedroom in your parents house I’m sure he would be scared of the shrine you have of him


I agree with you NOT A PHD Student:

Not a PHD student says:
January 28, 2012 at 8:10 am
If d-bag Daniele walked into your basement bedroom in your apartment I’m sure she would be scared of the shrine you have of her.
Wow! I’m sure I’m aware that you like Daniele so much!


I’m a huge Jeff fan, he’s a cool guy, but please no more BB for Jeff.

We’ve seen it twice, he can be entertaining and/or fan pleasing, but he’ll never win the game.

Just let him go on to modeling/acting or whatever comes his way, and Jordan wants no part of BB either anymore.

Personally, I want a cast of all newbies this season.