Jeff and Jordan in Cambodia with People for Care & Learning

Big Brother All-Star Duo Jeff and Jordan are partnering with People for Care and Learning in a new Build A City project. Join them in a movement that will change the lives of thousands! Are you ready to Build A City?

Earlier this year Jeff and Jordan travelled to Cambodia for charity work with People for Care & Learning to help with the Build a City project. It’s a great cause, we explained what exactly they were doing in Cambodia and why Build a city is something everyone should take a closer look at.

Whats build a city doing in Cambodia? To sum it up theirs a village of 6000 whose people were forcibly relocated in 2006 by land developers. You see in Cambodia the poor have no land ownership nor rights. Build a city is going into the region to build homes, infrastructure, job training, health services and assist in long term sustainability. A city that is not just explained by manmade structures, but defined by our responsibility to make a the world a better place.

People for Care & Learning is a non-profit 501(c)(3) humanitarian organization that cares for the poor by combining training with opportunities that give the poor a working chance toward a brighter future. Check out what you can do to help People for Car and Learning.

Jeff and Jordan Images from Trip
Jeff and Jordan brought back some images from their trip on twitter they also posted a bunch on facebook.

Jeff and Jordan in Cambodia with PCL from People for Care & Learning on Vimeo.

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Love that charity work. Team jj are really america sweethearts


Jeff and Jordan…..The Humanitarian leaders and award winners.


They should get award for hardwork and hopefully get humanitarian medal for helping others!