Brenchel – The Amazing Race, Bold and the Beautiful and TMZ


Brenchel on The Amazing Race 20 recap

Last Weeks Amazing Race Premiere had everyone wondering will Brenchel survive this type of “real” reality TV Show. They did survive the first leg of the race and did quite well coming in second place.

Brendon and Rachel Big Brother exploits need no introduction on onlinebigbrother. We’ve followed their every move on the Live Feeds for the last two BB season (BB12 and BB13). With last year finally witnessing the unthinkable Rachel Reilly becoming the Big Brother Winner, all while surviving Fan/Houseguest ridicule, countless BB Fights, emotional breakdowns and trying to give up more than once. Think you could do better than Rachel in the high stress BB14 house? check out the Big Brother 14 Application and sign up. Looking for the most complete and funniest Big Brother Spoilers? Check us out on Google+

Episode One Arrival Order:

  1. Rachel / Dave (Express Pass, can use until the end of the 8th leg)
  2. Brendon Villegas / Rachel Reilly
  3. JJ / Art
  4. Nary / Jamie
  5. Ralph / Vanessa
  6. Andrew / Eliot
  7. Kerri / Staci
  8. Dave / Cherie
  9. Mark / Bopper
  10. Joey/ Danny

Removed from the Race: Misa and Maiya

No need to read The Amazing Race recaps here’s the complete episode on Youtube

Brenchel on TMZ

TAR20 contestants Joey Fitness and Danny showing off their abs to the TMZ cameras. Rachel Reilly Drunk as f*ck comes into the shot spewing out that these guys should eat some cheeseburgers. Brendon starts eyeing Danny’s abs and decides to rub his shirt on them.
Brendon tries to wash his shirt on
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Rachel on The Bold and the Beautiful

Rachel Reilly returns to Bold and the Beautiful for 3 episodes starting Feb 22 2012


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17 thoughts on “Brenchel – The Amazing Race, Bold and the Beautiful and TMZ

  1. My whole family has gone to school with Brendon at UCLA. My sister graduated is 2006, I graduated in 2009 and my other sister graduated in 2011. It is fantastic to see Brendon take his education seriously. Now he is going around the world to find a cure for cancer. Bravo Brendon, but please don’t wear any UCLA shirts.

    On a side note, did Boy George Rachel actually say, “congratulations” to Good looking Rachel and Dave for winning the leg?

    1. Good to hear some people take their college serious, but maybe not trying to cure cancer will lead to a break through.
      Just refer to it as Boy George that is the name that fits it best, you aren’t sure if it’s male or female just like Brendon likes it.

          1. Sadly he is a grown man but that is the average age of those he dates, any older and he can’t hold a conversation with them.

            1. Yes Squabble, is a Mormon hick from Utah that is so desperate to find a man, that SHE even propositioned BBKing and tried to get him to come to Utah with her. She even promised to pick him up at the airport, in her desperate need for a man and some sex. Unfortunately for her, BBKing was too clever for the trick and turned Squabble down. Now she is VERY SEXUALLY FRUSTRATED and has a lot of rage. Oh well, there are toys for lonely women like her :)

        1. Without Allison Grodner, there would be no BB. If there was no BB, then there would be no BB Online. If there was no BB Online, there would be no Anonymous. Which means we’d have one less MORON in this blog-o-sphere to have to read. Yeah, the more I think about it, the more I like the idea of no AG

              1. Squabble should know all about it, since she’s a well known lesbian throughout all of Utah and has had ‘a thing’ for the other psycho female poster here called ‘Name’. The two are always defending each other in issues regarding vulgarity, and their mutual desire for it. Ewwwww!

      1. I agreed!
        You said:
        Name says:
        3.1February 22, 2012 at 2:51 pm
        Yaaa Team Brenchel! Beat the other teams like you beat Team DOM and Daniele in Big Brother 13
        Why you say that!!

        1. Actually we can all read and that was clearly not what they said. It’s sad that you are such a one trick pony that regurgitating and putting your stalker spin on it is what you are reduced to in these forums. If you got nothing original to say, don’t say anything.

          1. Here’s something original THAT I can say Kaysar, your fiancé is a low rent pros****te working in alley. Is that original enough for you? Well if it isn’t, at least it’s truthful :)

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