Big Brother 13, Shelly and Jordan FIGHT! .. Jordan wants to pack her bags BB is stupid

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7:05pm Purple Room. Adam, Jordan adn rachel crying that Jeff is gone and their BLANKed..

Shelly walks in tells Jordan she wants to talk. Jrodan says no , “This is so stupid.. so stupid”..

Shelly sticks up for herself tells Jordan it’s a game and she told Jordan she cannot win with JJ in the game.

Jordan gets pissed says Shelly was probably laughing at them all in the DR when JJ were nothing but nice to Shelly. Shelly raises her voice Tells Jordan she never once said anything negative to Jordan int he DR or in the house.

Shelly: “I’m not playing JEff’s Game here….”
Shelly really raises her voice says that She knows Jordan feels bad, “you know what Jordan.. I feel bad to”
Jordan says that Shelly should Feel bad for what she did.

Jordan starts yelling “I GAVE YOU THE BLANKING PHONE CALL” Jordan goes on and on about how everyone in the house treats Dani as a god and Jordan doesn’t give a BLANK about Dani’s father Eval Dick.

Jordan yells that she’s a idiot for voteing Brendon out and Keeping Shelly..

7:08pm Purple Room Kalia and Adam Adam explains why he choose to go with JJR over DKP. His reason is he trusted JJ and they were always good to him all along. Kalia then attempts to pull Adam closer to her side says she’s still open to work with Adam. Adam being this years true blue floater starts to agree.

Kalia explains what happened with her LAst HOH and why Lawon went home. She continues to explain there is still a lot of game left and she knows her and Adam can work together to get farther.

7:15pm Shelly and POrsche Porsche is comforting Shelly telling her that Jordan acts like a little baby.. Shelly mentions that the one person in this house that has talked the most BLANK about JJ is Rachel and they decided to choose her to be in thier corner. Shelly asks POrsche if Kalia will know the vote from Dani’s eviction. Porsche says yes she’ll know you voted for Dani to stay..

Shelly brings up that unless you’re playing the JJ game you get freaked out on and bullied. Shelly is done with them.. She NEVER talked BLANK about JJ never once.

Shelly: “The stupid thing is Jordan brings up that Phone Call.. Dani told me she would bring it up”

7:30pm Rachel and Jrodan
jordan freaking out that they are outbnumbered if they don’t win HOH they should just leave..
Jordan wants to give up
Jordan is sad
Jordan doesn’t think it’s fair
Jordan hates Shelly
Jordan Hates Dani
Jordan thinks they will get picked off one by one
Jordan calls Dani a BLANK
Jordan calls Dani a dumb BLANK
Jordan thinks everyone will thinks she’s a idiot for teaming up with Shelly.. She wishes she had listened to Rachel early one because Rachel was warning her of Shelly.

Rachel tries to make her feel better saying they have to get their head in the game and get ready.. She still thinks they have a chance as long as they win the HOH.

Rachel thinks the HOH comp was stupid because there was a question about Dominic, “Who the BLANK cares about stupid Dominic”. Rachel apologizes for not winning the HOH she should of had that one. Jordan tells her it’s hard to win the COMPs.


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206 thoughts on “Big Brother 13, Shelly and Jordan FIGHT! .. Jordan wants to pack her bags BB is stupid

  1. Karma’s a bitch JJ!!!!!!!!!!! Ya vote out my gal, Dani, and ya get what’s coming to ya! Poor Adumb, no relying on Jeff’s balls, now if you want to stay …… try finding your own. Perhaps you can get Farrah to Fed-Ex yours to you, cause clearly you forgot to pack your own!!
    Kahlia, Porsha & Shelly (still a snake who may very well flip again), can I just say —-WELL DONE LADIES!! Looks like the remaining weeks may not be a total snooze fest after all. 

    1. It is funny how ppl forget this is just a game. It doesn’t matter who is upset about how they r playing the game at the end of the show when its all said and done and these other ppl who r going to vote for someone to win a hafe of million dollar ant ( and I did say ant) none of them going to give u shit! So get over yourself when u say your not going to watch bb anymore! R u hate a person that is playing the game the best way they can .. because I will be a bb fan for life! ………………………..


    2. This season is a JOKE now that Jeff is gone..bunch of dumb zombies following their master who isn’t even in the house anymore. Jeff was the only real competitor who could
      also keep up his social game..Shelley is trash..while it is a game AT LEAST have some dignity..she is pathetic

      1. I agree Shelly is trash! She has professed on several occasions that she was not a liar, but yet she was asking for a final three deal with Brachel! She does have the stuffed dog. She lied to both sides of the house. Yes it’s a game, but have some sort of integrity. What a terrible example for her daughter. Ugghhh! and then to cry like a baby when Jeff left. What a crock of CRAP!

        1. Shelly has the dog? Why would she hide something that is important to someone else.. a personal item like that.. Thats pretty immature.. Yeeshk

          1. If Shelly did and does have R’s dog….then that means Shelly is a thief and BB should step in and have her give it back to R or be evicted for stealing. I’m sure stealing is something that is in the rules that will not be allowed.

            1. Oh come on, production has allowed a certain few to steel all season long. They have stolen things of Rachals and hid them and they have stolen other peoples things and hid them in Rachal’s suitcase. They have been real bitches toward Rachal.Shelly is the one who started all the lies and then blamed them on Rachal. Dani and Kalia stole the chess pieces and hid them and other things in the house. When Dani left she took two garbage bags of things out of the house. I thought that was a no no, but then, like I said a certain few got by with a lot of trashy things just so production could increase their ratings. Another thing I would like to note, look who is taking care of who now that things are not all that good. Rachael is taking care of Jordan and being the big sister, mother or what ever.
              everyone thinks she is so metally unstable, I am pretty proud of her right now.

              1. well shes already shown her its ok to lie and then its ok to break a promise because its about money. so i guess the lesson is its ok to turn on friends for money. i do not care for her anymore she tried to come across as true blue honest and every time she lies again.

                1. Oh my God what is wrong with you both – Shelly made a great game move – and what – Jeff should have good home along time ago…………………..


      2. I agree with you 100% what she did was horriable and I don’t understand why she would screw over the only two people who knew how to play the game and keep dignity on the social level aslo… DUMB SHELLY!!!

    3. Actually the remainder of the season is going to be a snoozefest now because one side is going to be left… How boring, Jeff at least brought some fun and comedy in the house. now what? we’ll all be watching Kalia and Porsche sleep all day, how fun ugh.

      1. No kidding. I love how Jeff said it’s day 47 and they are just now waking up and playing the game. Love it!! Jeff was so dead on with the whole game. I’m so pissed that they’ve had the odds stacked against them the whole season. They didn’t even give Brendon a chance when he came back. What a crock this season is. It’s almost like they brought the vets back for ratings but they keep stacking the odds against them so they never had a chance to win. Ever.

    4. Shelly is a lazy piece of shit, she has NO game she is one of the biggest floaters. Adam has to bring it back and knock off Porche and Shelly. besides with JJ &bR in the jury house do you think shelly or any of them have a chance. Besides CBS needs to the players play the game and not choose who gets voted out. Jeff was pushed out by CBS.

      1. I totally 100% agree with u!! CBS was pushing 4 dani 2 stay, why does she deserve the 500,000 over anyone else who’s fightin 4 it. Porshe has done nothing but sleep & eat, eat, eat this entire game& now all the sudden she’s this bad ass competitor!!! Come on… I’m not stupid!!!! There’s really nobody left 2 root 4. Everyone left is a bunch of dough brains!!! Ugh!!

      2. I totally 100% agree with u!! CBS was pushing 4 dani 2 stay, why does she deserve the 500,000 over anyone else who’s fightin 4 it. Porshe has done nothing but sleep & eat, eat, eat this entire game& now all the sudden she’s this bad ass competitor!!! Come on… I’m not stupid!!!! There’s really nobody left 2 root 4. Everyone left is a bunch of dough brains!!! Ugh!!

        1. This is just a game, everyone has their own game plan. Jeff did bully people if they didn’t do what he want’s. The only people he did not try to get out was Shelly and Adam but they would have come later as all players take everyone else out. Why should Shelly play Jeffs game until it was to late for her to help herself. As far as cbs helping people look at what Jordan said. The twist is in their favor and she thinks the veto game will be too. It’s Jeffs own fault he is out. He always said get rid of the floaters but he only took out the players. He cauled everyone scumb bags on his eviction interview. Because they took him out? come on that is the game. You did not see Dani call anyone names are talk bad about anyone even when the wicked witch was calling her a bitch. GETALIFE

          1. Aw.. is this Shelly’s husband how cute! Does that make u a dike too??
            And tell that repugli-trash to take off the sacred purple & gold.
            SHELLEY DONT RESPRESENT ANY REAL LSU TIGER FANS. I grew up around them. We always CHOOSE to play the best
            , in order to be the best. Smelly is a loser that aint won NOTHING. nuthin.
            All she has is her fish lips, her hyporcricu & lies. I can only imagine how ugly
            girls were at her school if she was homecoming queen. *SHIDDERS*
            I tried pulling for u to turn it around and rep us right, but you never did.
            Game or no game…. u played one that gets no respect. Trojan horse?
            Please. U was just perpetrating that you were useful. Wit ya Nancy Grace
            looking ass. Game so weak all you got is lies, & that tired freak
            dike tomboy hybrid “FAKE-‘SHOOT-STRAIGHT” style. Ho this aint
            2001. —STOP CLAIMING LSU , trick. WE DONT CLAIM COWARDS
            … too scared to face anybody in the Final 3…. why is it u the only girl
            left that aint won shit? Your swag is a tomboy, but u got
            the game of a 2 yr olds plastic barbie doll- u cant win -ONE????
            Ur an embarrassment…. go be an AGGIE FAN we tossed u back
            poser. 1/2 of America will like your game ? What part? Pimpin ur
            daughter out for sympathy card, ur fake loyalty, ur lies, u taking
            that poor girl phone call knowing u was gonna screw her. U are
            vile, repulsive… all the stereotypes ppl hate about ignorant self
            righteous republicans, you embody them. They are trying to
            change their image…. for u be like puttin lipstick on a pig.
            Enjoy the ride… sold out what little integrity u may of had,
            and will go home with nothing still except a daughter who at a young
            age decided she doesnt want to grow up like her mommy.

      3. Shelly should be so shame of herself fliping on jj like that after j give her that phone call from home…that really shows what kinda piece of shit shelley is and what a example she played for her daughter who is at home saying i wish my mommy would quit lying….. sorry piss of crap

    5. So if you don’t like Danielle and vote to evict her you don’t have balls? What kind of nonsense is that? He had to vote someone out and thought his chances were better with JJ since the women were going to keep themselves and vote him out the first chance they got. Use your brain. To me Adam did. He considered his options and this was his best game move (at the time). Besides, if you are going on personality JJ win over Dani; if you go over basic intelligence, they win over Dani (yes, even Jordan); if you go by gameplay, they win hugely over Dani. She thought she was the shit and wanted to run the house but learned literally from Day 1 that she was nothing but an annoying gnat who coasted the first four weeks. The strong players wrote her off while her lackey fellow coasters worshipped her. Ding dong the Dani the witch is dead. She wasn’t 1/100th the game player her old man was.

      1. i agree totally!!! jeff and jordan are 10 times better than dani in every way!!!!
        Shelly is the worst player in history, is showing no kind of example for her daughter, her daughter doesn’t even like the way she’s playing the game.

    6. As a fan of Jeff, it stinks to see him go, but, in the end, it is a game.

      Shelly made a move that she thinks will better herself in this game…instead, she actually created a bigger target on herself and since she is completely incapable of winning any challenge, she will be a Jury Vote for sure.

      This week will be drama because of that, but the rest of the season is going to be boring.

      Kalia, Porsche, Shelly and Adam do not inspire one to watch the show.

      Rachel, hate her or not, makes it dramatic…Jeff and Brendon were competitors….

      BB’s ratings will drop…mark my words.

        1. Well then lets flood CBS with emails telling them that we will not watch tell others to do the same if Jordan and Rachel leave.
          And Shelly is the worst BB player ever and she needs to be evicted by BB for stealing from Rachel….BB and CBS need to call the witch on that…maybe her employers need to know that she steals from others.

              1. Danielle WORSE player in BB history even her father said

                and her draggy voice so glad I don’t have to listen to it anymore, along with her “big game” wispering

                she was out to prove to her father she was a winner and really actually messed up the entire game

                Jeff deserved this game he played honest and won so much

          1. you guys are all losers. maybe becuz this is the first season I watched, but I think the vets were all cocky and arrogant and thought they should be handed the $. None of you guys would be whining about shelly or dani( if she was a new player) game play if they werent going after your precious veterans. The chatter on here makes me think Adam superfan isn’t the biggest kiss ass on here, it’s all of you. Jordan has done absolutwly nothing since week 2, floating along on Jeff’s coat tails. But after witnessing the bs of Brendon getting voted back in the house by “america”, I am sure you dweebs will get your wish and rachel and jordan will be around for quite awhile.

    7. As far as I’m concerned, ‘Big Jeff’ got exactly what he deserved. He lived by the sword and he died by the sword. Now Jordan is behaving like a petulant child who didn’t get her way. Pathetic. It was fine that Shelly was doing all the lying and backstabbing as long as it supported advancing J/J’s game but when that was no longer to their advantage,she cries foul.

    8. This is freaking crazy – Lets call it what it is – Jeff was a xxxxx asshole – some people in the house worship the ground he walk on – Great to Shelly – she made a great great game move and it will probably go down in history – yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah- Jordan and Rachel are a bunch of assholes – hope they go home soon – Adam is a ball sucking leech – I hope bb does something to keep Shelly in – what a bad deal she is getting – Dannielle you were my favorite and you left with class.

    9. I am back – forgot to say – how boring is it – really playing cards all night – OMG intervene – do something to keep me awake – pleasssssssssssssssssssssssssssse

  2. Shelly is disgusting, of course Jordan has a right to bring up the phonecall you ugly old man.

    I’m not gonna say I’m done with the season now that Danielle AND Jeff are gone. But I won’t be watching it as religiously as I did. Hoping Rachel(because She’s a bit likable now) and Jordan get revenge of their own.

    Adam is just such a sad excuse for a player. If Adam or Shelly make it to the end, I think a lot of fans will go on a shooting spree. Hopefully, Shelly’s in the line of fire.

    1. Shelly is a snake, but what do you expect SHE’S ON BIG BROTHER! You say she’s disgusting because she voted to evict jeff..are you kidding me? Had rachel responded the same way that jordon did when JJ evicted brendon than you wouldn’t have said nothing. STOP THIS DUMBASS DOUBLE STANDARD. These ppl are in the game to win the money( besides adam), not make friends.

    2. Guys/Gals….this is BIG BROTHER….everyone is a liar…you’re supposed to do whatever ya gotta do to get further in the game…there is not ONE person in Big Brother history that ever played “clean game” and got anywhere. I’m glad that Shelly finally got her head out of Jordan’s and Jeff’s butt long enough to think for herself…even if it WAS late…point being…there is NO money for anyone who gets JJ to the last two…if I had a family member put me through the separation and inconvenience of being apart for that length of time and I knew they only did it to make sure that their new little “friends” in the house got the money I WOULD BE PISSED! And it’s hypocritical for anyone to get mad at the “other” side…the one you aren’t on…for doing what you’re doing your own self…as to floaters…Jeff got all pissed off about Porche & Kalia because they weren’t playing…until now….is he blind or is he just a hypocrite….he had Adam so far up his butt and not playing either….but of course that was ok…cuz he was his “bitch”!

      1. Agree 100%…..nobody’s playing or making big moves Jeff? Looks like the jokes on him, can just imagine the smile on Danis face when he comes in right after her! Lol, I was pissed the vets were whopping arse but looks like it may be a veteran jury.

        1. Cant wait for Dani to see Big-Jeff right behind her too! Plus, can’t wait for Brendon & Rachael to find out that Jeff DID throw that competition that sent Brendon home. They wont be soooo chumy anymore! Jeff is so stupid, if he would have kept Dani for 1 wk, he would have been safe. Happy Packing! Miss Dani already! Wished PT was there for her.

    1. Shelly’s a snake. Shelly’s gross, and here I thought they had her on the show for her looks. You mean my green tint on my TV is not broken.

    2. disgusting is more the word I would use….;physically and simply as a human being….. AND she’s beyond old enough to expect that she may have a modicum of decorum and character….but she has neither….hopefully her daughter secretly finds her repulsive too

  3. Mad grenades yo..

    bb def shook up the house. It should be an interesting weekend of deals, and lots of backstabbing. Rach and Adam imo will be looked down on for their moves last week.. all while straight shooter will come out of this week smelling like a rose. Haha

    I’m rolling with Porsche and Shelly.

  4. Good bye Jeff, don’t let the door hit yah where the good lord split yah. I am officially in love with this night. Dani might be gone but Jeff is gone and that is all that matters.

    1. Sad to see Dani leave.
      Loved her Good Bye Speech.
      She nailed it!!

      Watching “Big” Jeff leave was absolutely a FANTASTIC MOMENT!!

      1. Was grinning from ear to ear when Dani gave her speech!! Zinnnnggggg! As for Jeff’s desperate …. and failed attempt to strong arm Shelly (then schmooze Porcha) in a last ditch effort to remain in the game, only to get the boot anyway ………. Poetic Justice!! ;-)

    2. What ya talking about…Dani still controls her Dummies…..they voted like she told them to before she left. WHO’S controlling who? Just because Jordan isn’t jaded like some of you guys….no wonder our country is going to hell in a hand basket. Just because Jordan is nice doesn’t lie you all think she is dumb. Now when she vents her feelings she is stupider. Make up your minds you morons. I know it’s only game what is said and what’s done but what’s your excuse???

    1. That’s it? That’s all you’ve got? If you’re going to get personal with people commenting on this site for voicing their opinions about people who signed up to be on a reality TV show to win 500K, you ought at least come at me with something better than the comment you gave. “it’s a game.” Chill! As for my not being on the show:
      1) Canadian!! and,
      2) Have too much common sense than to be one a reality TV show.

      1. But not enough common sense not to make dumb a%% comments about a reality show????….LOL!!!..oh and your Karma is coming….never ok to call names and hate someone you don’t even know and has never done anything to you….I mean that’s just plain crazy!!!

        1. Shelly will never win now…she won’t even make it to the final 2…so her scenario of voting Jeff out was to make it for cash…BUT she is a #3 in any ‘alliance’. Kalia the hut & Pinto will stick up for each other & vote off She-man, and of course Rachel & Jordan will stick together as well…in any case shel, you blew it. Hope that going back home to the gators without anything is satisfying. I did enjoy watching you scramble to each side with your lies but now your lies will be the ONLY thing you’ll take from this game…make sure your daughter watches this season to show WHAT lying will get you in life….NO WHERE!!

  5. Can’t believe Shelly had the audacity to yell at Jordan and get harsh with her after just screwing her over an hour before. Shelly has been on my nerves lately but I defended her gameplay. Can’t do it any more. For starters, she’s a horrible person. And secondly she just screwed herself. J&J would have taken her to the final 3-4, giving her a good chance to make it to final 2. Taking Jeff out down the line would have been smart. Instead she just “pulled a Dani” and made a betraying move too soon. Now she’ll be lucky to make it to final 4, if even that far since if Jordan or Rachel (whoever is left) wins HOH next week, she’s going home.

    Dumb, dumb Shelly.

    1. Shelly wouldnt have been final 3 or 4, JJ would have taken adam and rachel because adam cant win shit and if rachel somehow made it to final two with Jeff or Jordan she would lose guaranteeing them at least 500,000

    1. Are you kidding me? Rachel is the definition of MEAN! She sat there rubbing food in their faces all week, saying oh my, this is so good, yum chocolate. Oh Dani, can I have your chocolate….etc. all week long! Such a bitch! When the others were even helping them cook when they were on slop the wk before. Shows who has class!

      1. Everybody eats in front of each other when they are on slop. Its not rubbing it in their faces,it part of the game. And how quickly we forget that the 3 girls put a laxative in the muscle milk when jordan and rachelle were on slop. How nice is that??? And you call Rachelle mean!!!!

  6. Sweetheart my arse. That Jordan is a bratty beach. She was so nasty when Kalia won her HOH and she and Jeff acted so entitled the whole time. Jeff sounds like such a douche before he went out. JJ sound like they are saying “We are better than all of you. BB gave us the sweetheart title. How dare you go against us. You owe us.” I don’t buy Jeff the good guy or Jordan’s sweet dumb act one bit. She has a sweet face and demeanor which is her cloak but she is a nasty piece of work. And Jeff had zero intention of taking Jordan to final two and probably felt like she didn’t deserve to win again. He is sexist and b*tchy all at once. I was so happy about tonight’s episode. I was going to stop watching and just read the live feed updates here. And I actually like Shelly now! I don’t think she will the votes to win though if she makes final two.

    1. Totally agree with you! UHHHHHH…..I am so sick of hearing about Jeff and Jordan being the nicest people in the world. Did you by any chance watch the season? First, Jeff was a tyrannical lying bully who was so cocky due to the reception he received from America last time he was on the show. He knew he had a following and it obviously went to his head. Jordan is nice enough, but she does NOTHING in the entire game!!!! Snoooooooze.
      Second, Week 2 I believe it was, Jeff and Jordan wanted to backdoor Brendon and Rachel when Jordan won HOH (which the vets threw to her–of course). When Danielle came up with essentially the exact same idea about 1 week later, she TURNED ON HER ALLIANCE, SHE CAN’T BE TRUSTED, SHE IS JUDAS—HOW DARE SHE TRY TO…GASP…BACKDOOR THE ALMIGHTY, OMNIPOTENT, BIG JEFF…GAWWWWD. Danielle tried multiple times to tell Jeff he is NOT her target and she promised (and kept her promise by the way) not to put him up. Jeff made a deal with Danielle and he is SO NICE that he went back on his word all the while professing that all you have in this game is your dignity and your word. What a HYPOCRITE! Also, let’s not forget that Jeff did vote out Brendon and he threw the Veto Comp to Adam…he turned against his alliance to further his game and so did Shelly. Oh, woops! I forgot, if Jeff does it it’s okay if Shelly does it, she is a man, a snake, a horrible person. Finally, this doesn’t have anything to do with the game, but is a further illustration of what a swell guy Jeff really is: Google Big Brother Jeff Gay Slur and listen to what a bigoted, obtuse, ignorant, moron this NICE guy is….EWWWWWWW. Jordan of course did NOTHING and sat there while her “boyfriend” shredded and marginalized a group of people based on their sexual orientation; essentially equating homosexuality with pedophilia. Idiot.
      In closing this is BB and people lie. At least Danielle never ran around and professed to be some angel who only plays the game with truth and dignity and honor and blah, blah, blah…. I hope the Jeff and Jordan kool-aid wears off soon….it really is getting old.

  7. I honestly don’t know why people are upset that shelly voted jeff out? she did what was right FOR her. At the end of the day you’re playing this game for yourself and if i was her i would’ve done the same exact thing i mean honestly. And hey “Big Jeff” wanted people to stop “sleeping around and doing nothing” i bet he’s eating his words now because Kalia *shockerrr* won HOH and Porsche won the pov. This was by far the most exciting episode this summer. But for me props to Porsche i mean i always knew she was a good competitor and now shes showing everyone shes not the stereotypical dumb blonde. Also props to Kalia for actually making the right choice as HOH, i guess 2nd time is the charm……can’t wait for sunday’s episode

  8. Karma jordom u ripped dom from dani amd vote to evited bredon twice so u pretty much helped rip bredon form rachel now its ur turn to see how it feels

  9. Karma jordom u ripped dom from dani amd vote to evited bredon twice so u pretty much helped rip brendon form rachel now its ur turn to see how it feels

  10. Shelly is the fakest person ever!!!! She turns on the people who had her back from day 1 & She always say’s she doesnt lie! She has lied more than anyone in the game but wait didnt she CRY cause she didnt want her daughter to think lying was OK… FAKE! Then as she votes to evict jeff she says he cant come in between her & her family – Did everyone see her house! FAKE!!!!!!! I dont mind people having to lie & doin certain things to win this game but when u do those things then get in the DR & CRY & say u “will never forget wht jordan did for you” & say how great of a person u are thts when people loose ALL respect for u as a person! FAKE!

  11. CBS please let this JJ thing die this year, He sucks as a player too worried about back dooring the only people that will help them, Dani this year and Russel from the last show he was on. He just has to beat them to the punch as he said to Dani “you made your move too soon”. Also what is so great about his game play both seasons he throws any comp he can until he has to save his a**. berates everyone, bullies the weak people and is the biggest hypocrite in BB history, saying Porsch and Kalia don’t do anything till day 50 something except ride his coat tail. He was the exact same way riding Brendon, Rachel and Dani’s coat tail until last week when he won HH. So does one week make a difference between floater and competitor? Jeff sucks Should of kept Brendon after that should of kept Dani, oh thats right he won’t keep anyone he can’t bully. Jeff sucks and if you like him you suck.

    1. agree. He didn’t go out classy at all. Actually reminded me of how pissy Jessie got two years ago when Jeff screwed him with the coup.

  12. Wow, what a night! Have to say I was sad to see Dani go, but she misstepped on too many toes at the wrong time. Unfortunately when you’re a strong competitor you might as well paint a target on your back. I know the word floater is used to describe several hgs but it’s obvious that kind of game play is required in order to advance. Lay low for a few weeks, play dumb, attach lips to other’s asses, lose comps and spread half truths with lies. I disliked Shelley at the beginning but I have to admit she’s smart like a fox. She’s a true chess player, perhaps she will be crowned as the queen in the end.

  13. Shelly, you stink. How can you feel good about what you did? Jordan gave you here phone call and you stabb her in the back. You should be took out and horse whipped. I liked you at first but now your nothing but a back stabbing, liar and a FAKE. Jordan hang in their, they will get what they deserve. Shelly, you should have never been allowed on the show. Don’t tell your daughter to lie when thats all you do.

  14. Porshe, how much weight have you gained? I would say 25 lbs. I never seen anyone gain so much weight on BB, most of them lose weight but you. All you do is eat. Piggy Piggy Pig, that’s what you are.

    1. LOL…she still trails fat ole Kalia….but Shelley proves that being slim isn’t a guarantee of attractiveness, as she is simply offensive in every way

    1. yah she should be thrilled, you know , having almost no relationship with her dad….she’s got a great life!!!!…..good god

  15. Kalia, if I was in the jury house and had to choose between you, Porshe or Shelly, I would even vote. None of you deserve that money. Plus your nothing but two faced. I’m glad your coat tail is gone, holding on to it had to smell.

  16. don’t be fooled, the JJ fans are just crucifying her because they lost Big Jeff. Anyone that watches this show has to respect a game move when they see it.

  17. Excellent outcome tonight. Bummed to see Dani go (she was the best player) but the subsequent turn of events made up for the loss.
    Jeff got what he had coming to him. He seemed to think that he was somehow entitled to win. JnJ’s game was one of intimidation that ultimately backfired.
    Looks like the Veterans are on the ropes. Loving it!

  18. Team Dani Yo! The evil right & left hand of Dani doing work. She totally made a huge impact on the game this season. I’m so over the vets, goodbye Jeff this game is not the JJ show. Hope the evil pawns go final 3 Shelly, Porsche & Kalia with either Porsche & Shelly winning.

  19. AMEN! Shelly is a manipulative backstabber. Does anyone think Danielle ‘s CBS speech was a bit much. Does she have something going with production as some bloggers say? Also Porshe wins HOH and brags! She won only because most of the strong competitors are gone. I don’t know if I’m going to even watch BB anymore. Porshe, Dani and
    Shelly coasted with that golden key for 4 weeks. Wish there was a way to get Jeff back, or give JR a chance. Otherwise, I don’t care about the others or who wins.

  20. Can’t stand what Shelly did tonight, she doesn’t even deserve to be there. She keeps holding on to everyone’s coat tails I hope she doesn’t win anything. Porsche and Kalia all they do is brag on themselves and eat, eat,eat. If they don’t get out of there soon, BB will have to make a larger door to get them two out. If this is what is left to win then I’m done with BB for this season! Cya!

  21. Hey, it’s the Kow, the Pork and the Ugly liar. Another stupid season….SHOCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Jordan is a sweet heart and she handle Jeff leaving like the southern belle that she is.
    I know her anger is towards the Old Ugly Liar!!!!! I never trusted Shelly. If she ends up
    final two, I hope JJ n BR do not vote for her. Hate her, the Porka and Kowlia!!

    1. totally agree, shelly has no right to yell at jordan! she should AT LEAST understand that jordan feels betrayed, and her bf’s gone, so shelly should let her cool down! shelly wasn’t even this mean to rachel when brendan left. wtf (wo)man!

    2. Don’t knock the Southern belles. We’ll “Bless Your Heart” to your face and stab you in the back when you’re not looking with a big smile on our face the whole time.

      1. Yep. Down South we have a word for your type: FAKE PEOPLE
        Bless their hearts, our ignorant southern sheep. They got you all
        brainwashed “a vote for republican is a vote for Jesus!”.
        Suckers! Joke is on you…. higher tax rate on the poor… and tax
        cuts for the richest 1 % .? Self righteous narrowed minded is the
        easiest to manipulate, use, abuse, …. all the while the hand you
        think is “The Man” holding you down
        is really YOUR OWN at the voting booth.
        —–Irony dripping——

    3. OMG are you freaking joking – Jordan was a lady – really – she was a total loser – crying OMG first rachel and than her – BOO HOO what a mouth she has on her – I am going to get HOH and back stabbed Shelly – she is still in lala land totally cueless

  22. yo to all those hating on shelly this is a game relax. and in the history of big brother have you ever seen someone play both sides so well she is one of the best manipulators in big brother history and is already an all star in my eyes this lady has mad game.

  23. Shelly is disguisting! How can you face your daughter after acting like that! She even said she doesnt need the money! Grossssss

  24. Let’s see:
    Jeff is an asshole.
    Jess bullies people to do his game play.
    He hates homos.
    Jordan is a c–trag
    Jordan is queen floater
    Jordan is what we call a swamp monster down here in the south.

    These people are trolls addicted to the fame CBS keeps shoveling at them. Stop it, stop it now!

    1. what you call asshole, many of us call a real, stand up MAN. you probably like a lot of pus-sies and weak men around you….. you find Shelley attractive?????

  25. seriously, wtf did shelly expect jordan to say? “oh, it’s ok shelly. i’m perfectly fine with you betraying our alliance, and evicting jeff.” she doesn’t even need the money, and she has the balls (oh yeah, she does) to say “this is for my family” team jr!

  26. shelly got game all right…she looks like she smells of smoke & the swamp…perhaps after this there will be an opening on swamp wars….she made a HUGE mistake in voting Jeff out now…and its hard to defend your actions when you know you were wrong & yelling & shouting doesn’t put you in a very good light either she-man…

  27. I’m soooo annoyed with Shelly but I have to be honest …. The only person I want to see win the money is Kalia. She is annoying as all hell and cries like a baby BUT she has won competitions and her intentions have been ALMOST honorable… she deserves it at this point. Adam, Shelly, and Porche are floaters and Rachel and Jordan are lost without their boys…

  28. Shelly is the lowest of low. Jordan has been nothing but nice to her – even giving up the phone call from home for a friend (so she thought). Shelly should be ashamed of her behavior and what she just did to one of the nicest people and players in the bb game. Sure, it is just a game, but she is not playing it with any dignity. Not only did she backstab Jeff & Jordan who had her back for WEEKS, she straight up threw Jeff under the bus.

    Jordan already won in my eyes. She played an honest, friendly game and she never had to sacrafice who she is to do it. She will always be america’s favorite!

    Shelly would have been lucky to have a friend in Jordan outside of the house…but, not only will she not have that, she won’t win the money either – because now she is just a pawn for the other side and she will be gone soon – because we all know that she can’t win anything to save herself.

  29. The problem is that Jeff didn’t keep up his social game. He kept theatening – you’re either with me or your against me, you can be with me or we can go to war. The way to win this game is to manipulate people and to not get wrapped up in friendships with people with you’ve know for 5 minutes. They ALL want to win, but and when they’re in power everything is all good, but when they’re down they hate everyone and lash out. Obviously Jordan gave that call to Shelly to keep her in line with their alliance. Shelly has worked both sides beautifully and so has Adam. What these idiots don’t get is that being a floater is totally strategic and not an easy thing to do. To keep yourself safe and never get your hands dirty is a huge accomplishment. The vets should have gotten all the floaters out right away if they wanted any chance to win. Winning comps helps, but ultimately having power puts a target on your back and you have to win POVs to save yourself. I hope Porsche and Shelly go to final two. Both have played a great game. I wouldn’t mind Adam, but Jeff’s followers will all vote for him instead of voting their own minds so it would be better if Jeff and his kool aid drinkers are forced to vote for someone outside their alliance. Sorry Jeff – you got GOT! Power went to your head and came back and bit you in the ass. And what did Jordan do with her HALF A MILLION DOLLARS. Even if she bought her mother a house, she should still have enough to buy her and Jeff one as well. And I wouldn’t mind having 15 grand handed to me for doing nothing. Didn’t he also win money the last time he was on? Talk about greed. If you want to start a life with Jordan – get a real job and start one like all the rest of us schmucks!

  30. Also, it was about time that Shelly made a move on her own too, and I commend that. The problem is that she had to do it the way that she did because she didn’t have the nerve to flat out tell Jeff and Jordan that she needed to do something else to benefit herself in the game.

    If she couldn’t be honest with them, and had to do everything behind their back in secret, it is because she knew that she was a snake and she couldn’t face them.

  31. After reading all of these feeds and seeing how immature Shelley, Porche and Kalia are, and how nasty their comments are about Rachel, I personally hope Jordan, Adam or Rachel wins this thing. Rachel’s action are so that of a girl fighting anyone who she perceives hurt her boyfriend. They instead spread rumors about her being pregnant, that they are going to tell the big brother house that rachel is pregnant to get her kicked out of the game, porche says she is going to the jury house to basically b*ang Rachel’s boyfriend (bet she’s done that one before), Porche steals her duck and puts it in the toilet (nice girl not), Shelley who is a mother steals the girls dog and refuses to give it back. Nice Nice people.

    Now, as for Shelley I love how she lies and then when she gets caught she cries or yells at the person. My career is looking for lies in people to get to the truth and she fits a pattern here and personally she is a loser in my book. Don’t be surprised if her employer is watching this game and seeing a side of this woman and that’s why they took her picture off the corporate website.

    Shelly also goes around talking crap about Rachel to everyone, why because that’s guilt and she still hates that she got caught in that lie earlier.

    I have other things to say about Kalia but she is the lesser of all of these evils, gossiping women. As a woman I hate other women like these three.

    Adam I used to think you were just a lazy butt, but I don’t care, you asked Shelly to put Rachel’s dog back and she refused. Nice mother and wife by the way, or for that matter a professional woman. Jordan was right to yell at you about giving you the phone call.

  32. I didn’t really like Shelly at first… but at least she had the balls to vote out Jeff… Adam was to busy sucking jeff’s to consider voting off a strong player and breaking up a couple/alliance. Jordan and Rachel are making women look bad…there men are gone and they’re falling apart

  33. shelly is a huge BIt^&. And I am so happy to see Dani out the door as well, shelly don’t you get it, you are supposed to be playing jury votes JJBR own who wins BB, so stick a fork in yourself cause your done.

  34. I would just like to say I absolutely love how all day yesterday everyone was perfectly fine with JJRA having all the power and now that the power has flipped its going to be boring…. Yeah whatever cuz last night was the most entertaining night since this season started. Stop hating on Dani she isn’t even in the freaking house no more…. And whats up with Jordon turning into Rachel now… Why is she even crying she will be joining Jeff soon enough.

  35. wahh wahh wahh… Jordan is so stupid thinking someone will stick to JJ’s game to make them win…. You will be next… SHOCKEERR!!!
    Long Live Daniii!!!


  37. Oh joy!! KPA are about the most boring BB guest to ever play the game. If JR get voted out I won’t be watching anymore. BB is so rigged!!!

  38. This was one of the worst game moves Shelly could have made. She gave up one alliance with a couple who she could not beat in comp and who would not take her to the end to form an alliance with another couple who she could not beat in a comp and who would not take her to the end. All she did was lose a few jury votes. Dumb, dumb move.

  39. No one drives me nuts more than Adam.. HANDS DOWN…. Adam is THE MOST Spineless, Weakest, Pathetic player to ever grace the Big Brother House. He will be ashamed of himself when he re-watches the show.. Under floater in Webster’s Dictionary should be a picture of Adam, he is the epitome of it. I am a fan of Big Brother and respect all the nuances the game entails..but…Having Adam still on this show, almost makes it unwatchable.. Julie and CBS Crew need to find out a way to get him out NOW.. The object is YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME.. Adam is a friggen joke… Get rid of him…

  40. Sheely is such trash- she must stink to high heaven always surrounded by a cloud of smoke, What an example with young kids in your home- a complete irresponsible SKANK.

  41. Now that Dani and Jeff are gone this is going to be the worst season ever, I love Jordan she is the sweetest person in the house, but look at it this way all the house guests left are idiots and Jordan although sweet as pie is dumb as a post, I really do not believe she is gonna win honestly people she only won the first time cuz Jeff pretty much handed it to her. Now I loved Racheal last season but this season she is unbearable I do not know who will win but at this point I no longer care cuz the only people that deserved to win this game have been evicted. I thought Dani stepped out of her fathers shadow cuz she was the only one to take risks. Seriously who cares anymore? We dont know these people and we only get to see all of the drama cuz thats what cbs decides to air. It was entertaining up till last night Its just done now I think it will be more entertaining to watch paint dry now. These are just my personal feelings about last night episode but kudos to Kalia for getting out Jeff who took Dani out.!!!!! Yay team Dani…

  42. What I find most ironic is that it may end up being newbies at the end afterall, even when they didn’t stick together until they had to. I am glad to see that players who had the experience and ones who have already won money & pseudo-fame are getting booted. This didn’t seem to be a good idea in the first place to put new players against experienced ones, but at least it’s gotten more interesting. If it would have been JJBR winning everything and voting people out, I wouldn’t have watched. But seeing Dani fighting to stay in, then Shelly make a huge switch to get the strongest player out, and to see the true colors of the homophobic, self-absorbed ‘Big Jeff ‘ (worst nickname every btw, Jeff) has made for good TV. To see Jordan crumble because she doesn’t have someone to carry her through the game, and to see Rachel crying one minute then bullying the next as the sorest loser AND WINNER ever in the history of BB, I may keep watching! As long as I can mute when Rachel starts talking (or laughing). I used to be a JJ fan, but they played like they were entitled and everyone owed them something so they could spend a summer together. Like the newbies should feel sorry for you because you’re boyfriend got voted out? They didn’t have a significant other in this game. Good riddance. I hope Adam is gone next though so Rachel and Jordan have to stay in the house and be miserable.

    1. I felt the same way in the start when the old timers came back – But gotta hand it to the newbies they have held there own through all the early defeats. hope Rach stays in the house some more just cause she is fun to laugh at – But she cant win the whole thing NO !!!

  43. Shelly had NO BALLS. That is why she went behind their back and lied to them after she sat in the DR crying about how much she is with them and loves them over and over. She is a coward for how she went about it. Not saying that it was a bad decision, but she has NO BALLS at all.

  44. You people have got to be kidding me. Dani was the ONLY person who had the nerve to go against JJBR. If she didn’t do it , nobody else was. What was this season suppose to be? A cake walk for JJBR? As far as Porsche goes, she floated when needed to but always competed well finishing 2nd like 3 times and now has won a veto when it counted and is now the new HOH. Adam is stupid and has no balls. What? He came to play the game only to finish 3rd or 4th and that would be good enough for him? Thats all he could have possibly have gotten by sticking with JJBR. Now with Jeff and Brendan gone it’s an even playing field, anyone can win it now if they win competitions and play smart. if they can’t do that, then they don’t deserve to win. I was a Dani fan and was ready to quit watching figured it would be Jeffs game to win. But with the girls stepping up their game they got him out at the right moment and now it can be a good game. I like Jordan, can’t stand Rachel, but did they think this was suppose to be a honeymoon for the four of them. Your guys are gone now ladies, play the game and attempt to win or go drink with the guys in the Jusry room and quit whinning about your men being gone!!!

  45. Super disappointed in Shelly, I used to think she was so sweet and nice. She is actually a liar, back stabber and MEGA floater. She said all you have in this game is your integrity. She is the scum of the earth. Great example, role model and mom. I’d be humiliated and embarassed to be her daughter and husband. I agree that the show will lose ratings….big time…At least the veterans played the game and stuck on their side. All floater’s left except R & J. Too bad…Plus now that Junk in the trunk got HOH….bye bye Rachel.:( Sad to see all the floaters team up and take over…what loosers!!

  46. What did I miss? Man what the heck happened to Dani? of all the nights to miss :( very sad I think the rest of the season might be good if Adam and Shelly actually win something

  47. Dear Shelly not only are you a LIAR, but a thief, I sure hope your daughter is proud. Danni says they all came to write JJ a check, but it was supposed to be her. I was a big Danni fan, sorry lost lots of points, she complained people followed Jeff, but her people were the same, they even did her bidding once she was gone. Can’t wait for Kalia to see all the nice things she was doing behind her back, while she cried for her. Yes everybody lies because you have no choice, but sneaky snake Shelly took to a whole new level that was unnessary. Jordan isn’t as upset about Jeff leaving as she is feeling so betrayed by Shelly. Give the Big Shell the Biggest Liar Award.why she thought switching sides was going to get her money is beyond me.

  48. Jordan is totally right, JJBR controls who wins. Shelly not only lacks character but she can’t add. If she could she would not have been so quick to burn that bridge. It is a game and Shelly has no game! Pretty much everyone left is a floater except Rachel. In the end the floater with the most votes wins and JJBR controls the jury house. Part of the game is thinking about the jury votes.

  49. Actually what J and R need to just tell Shelly now is that she may as well “Self-Evict” bc 4 of the votes to win belong to BRJJ ALLIANCE. So, Shelly should know that she’s NOT Getting that 500,000 NO MATTER WHAT!

  50. I judge people by the company they keep…nuff said??

    HINT: Both sides of the house contain a snake or two

    But…in the end…like many of you have already written, it is a game for a half million dollars and everyone is trying to make the best game moves that will propel them the furthest in the game….hard to “hate” anyone for that

  51. I hope Jordan gets her game back and wins the next few HOH’s or POV’s. Remember this little sweetie didn’t take any guff from a bully in her first season-she needs to fight back big time and send Shelly, Porche, and Kalia packing! Shelly and Porche are floaters-I was surprised when dumb-bell Porche won the POV, and sickened when Shelly turned traitor. If she’s so hung up on winning money for her family, maybe she should stop buying so much jewelry that she’s always bragging about. I can’t stand Kalia’s voice-it grates on my nerves, but at least she’s played better than the other two. I hope Adam sticks with Jordan and Rachel, but he probably won’t. The show will be pretty much dead to me without Jeff and Jordan. The others just don’t have the charisma. How about another twist, Big Brother-bring back Jeff!!!

  52. Oh how the tables have turned… Jordan need to get a backbone, what has she really done for herself. she was only relying on Jeff to take to the finals. Too much DAMN crying, suck it up! play the game! or go meet ur so called man… LOL

  53. In one night they evict the two best players and over all team leaders…they take the fun all out of watching this show.

  54. I can’t believe I am going to say this but Rachel handled Brendan’s eviction with a lot more class than Jordan. Big Brother is a game there are no rules about lying to win. Jordan should know by now that people will say anything to get ahead,Jeff and Jordan did.

  55. First of all I hate Shelly, she is a skanky manly bitch. Yes I agree at times Jeff could be a bully, but for the most part he is a good guy, and Jordan was very sweet to Shelly and trusted her and gave her that phone call, Jordan is entitled to be upset, and I think she is more upset about Shelly’s betrayel than Jeff’s leaving. Yes I know its big brother, but Shelly made me ill how many times she said she plays the honest card, she doesn’t lie, she doesn’t roll that way. She makes me SICK!!!! She has lied more than anyone in that game, and Rachel told them from the beginning not to trust that leathered manly old skank.

    Dani is a whiny snarky little bitch, who thinks she is the only one who loves the game, and has her little followers Lazy ass and dumb bitch. Kalia does nothing but sleep and yap her annoying mouth, porshe does nothing but thinks she is so hot with her muffin top and cheesy thighs in her digusting velour outfits, Pathetic and then says to Shelly Jordan is immature, when she hides peoples things, she’s an idiot. I love Adam, but he’s done nothing, but I do respect him for staying with Jeff, he made the choice he thought was best for him. Rachel needs to get back her spirit whether good or bad, and win some comps and take all those losers out. If Rachel and Jordan go, definitely not worth watching anymore.

  56. Those newbies are all losers. The producers should have just did an all-stars season and replaced those eight idiots with real game players from the past (Dan, Hayden, Russell, etc).

  57. With both Jeff and Dani gone, there is absolutely no point in watching this season anymore. Of all the people that are left, Rachel, despite her terrible social game, is the only person who deserves the money. I used to hate her, but because two of my favorites left on double eviction night, she’s on my good list along with Jordan. Jordan’s game may suck but she’s a genuinely good person and doesn’t deserve the crap she’s going through.
    Porshe, Kalia, Adam and Shelly have no place in this game, but with the way things are looking, one of them is going to end up winning. Big Brother 13 is officially the worst season I’ve ever watched.

    1. Jeff and Jordan were the only people in the house I can even imagine hanging out with – the others are either disgusting, lame or fake……. guess that says a lot for our society

  58. U know, ppl always say oh Kalia and Porsche are floater…lazy…sleep all day, etc, but neglect to realize that’s Porsche yhas been trying to win every sine golden keys wasover…she has come secone place in like 2 or 3 comps..and Kalia has won 2 HOHs just lik Rachel. Shelly may lie and bop from side to side in the house but she is STILL playing the game. It may not be the game that WE as viewers may like but she still playing and she’s still there. U wanna talk about Someone talk about Adam, who only won a veto that was BLATENTLY thrown to him. Hmph. And ppl say :h porsche she she so bad ass now cuz she finally won something…clearly jeff was in the same spot last week and ppl call him “the biggest competitor?” Please! GTFOH!!!

  59. Bottom line people……it’s a game to win money. There are no rules saying you can’t lie, cheat, be friends or enemies etc… It’s how well you play the game. Pushing yourself ahead in the game to get to the finish is the objective. All the name calling and threats people are throwing out there is childish. What would your strategy be in order to win the game?! You are playing for money…. Friends are second. When it comes down to it the only one that will take care of you would be you! Again…… It’s a game!

  60. The summary of what happened between Shelly and Jordan is really told in a one-sided way to make Jordan look bad – not sure why that was done??? Shelly went on the attack and wouldn’t let up – got in Jordan’s face when Jordan just wanted to be left alone. Shelly tried to make herself look like the victim. Shelly is a little off.

    1. I feel sorry for Shelley’s family – even though they sort of HAVE to cheer for her, they must have mixed emotions….she’s a freak show (and i would never say she seems like a Transvestite…that wouldn’t be nice…)

  61. There is no game left—just a few Dani lovers who stumble into a win since all the good players are gone. And fat and Fatter trying to act like the game is theirs. Don’t count Rachel and Jordon out! They have more game and balls than anyone left including Adam. And Shelley is teaching her daughter to cheat, lie and steal! I hope her daughter grows up to be exactly like her, It would serve her right!
    DR you are such an Idiot!!!! Learn the King’s English before posting comments. You and Girls Ruled must have skipped English and spelling class or were you “out behind the barn” learning the lessons of LIFE? You certainly didn’t learn any COMMON SENSE.

  62. Boy, you guys are a piece of work. BB is not a popularity game. The two vet couples made an alliance from the very first. The only way to break that lock was to play both sides and backdoor when you have the chance. Dani was first to recognize the situation and tried to break the vet group. The first few weeks, none of the newbies had any idea of what was happening. Those of you who are crying and wining are just as lost as the newbies. This is a game of lies, deceit, backstabbing, blind-siding and back-dooring.

  63. shelly is sure giving her daughter a great role model, a mother that tells lies i wonder what her classmates will think, no amount of money would make me set an example like that for my child, at least jordon can let her child watch bb when she has one and be proud of the way she played,maybe shelly needs the money to finish her sex change operation.

  64. I know that Shelly isn’t originally from Louisiana. It’s also highly unlikely that she’s an LSU alum. Therefore, I really wish she’d stop wearing Tiger fan attire, because she’s embarrassing the crap out of us!

  65. I’m so disappointed in shelly…I personally wanted Jeff and Jordan to win..they’ve been straight up with there people especially shelly….I don’t think Jeff is a bully at all and Jordan is so sweet….I know its a game but shell really just screwed herself….when it comes down to the final 3 she would have had the same chances going against Jeff and Jordan as she would have going against kalia and porchia…whoever is the best competitor is going to win….and I would rather work with Jeff and Jordan because it would have been a way better atmosphere…I really did like shell from the beginning but now she really did just stab them in the back…I would have freaked out on her too! Go Jordan!

  66. I will take a good heart and true feelings for OTHERS over being smart or whatever you think you are to say things like that about Jordan. The sweetest most genuine person in the world.

  67. Will people ever learn that JJ DID NOT VOTE OUT Brendon. Their votes would have decreased the margin, but they were not decisive. He was gone one way or another.
    If your assessment of their character is based on a math mistake, you might want to rethink it.

  68. Dani was the only person in the house who was really playing, except for maybe Jeff. Rachel and Brendon say they hate floaters but all that’s left in the house now are floaters. Jordan won one competition because Jeff handed it to her. Rachel hasn’t one anything since the third week. Dani has won more competitions than almost any other house guest in the history of big brother. She should have won this season, it was a good game move to get rid of her on Jeff’s part. Wouldn’t want a girl to beat “big” Jeff, but it was a better move to get rid of Jeff.

    Go team Dani!

  69. jeff had to go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and jorden is a grown woman if you cant take the heat get out of the kitchen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! any newbee should win!!!!!!!!
    not rachel not jorden

  70. If you watch the episode carefully, you’d see that Jeff threw a yellow shoe out of the box and didn’t notice it. He could have won that POV competition.

  71. Shelley may be one of the most trashy, disgusting human beings I’ve ever seen…..and that, let me tell you, is a lot of human beings. (I believe her birthname was likely ShelDON.

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