laura Crosby Wedding

Big Brother – Laura Crosby’s Wedding Pictures

Laura & Ben Stein Wedding

On Friday past BIG BROTHER 11 player Laura Crosby got married to long time boyfriend Ben Stein. It was a Big Brother wedding with many past players in attendance. Fellow Big Brother 11 players Casey was in attendance so was BB6/7 James Rhine and Howie, Big Brother 8 Dani Donato and Big Brother 9 Alex Coladonato. Photographs were done by PA Photography.

Laura didn’t last long in the BIG BROTHER HOUSE being evicted on day 19. Before being evicted she outed Ronnie’s plans to the house resulting in his eventually removal from the game.

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laura Crosby wedding

laura Crosby wedding

laura Crosby wedding

laura Crosby Wedding

laura Crosby wedding

laura Crosby wedding

More Photos can be seen on Philip Alan Photography

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Congrats yo!


The picture with Casey, Howie, Danielle, James, and Alex in black and white is nice.

Laura also looks really beautiful in her wedding dress.


Danielle looks awful with that dark hair, makes her look so drawn and hard. She needs to go back to the blonde or even a light brown. Wedding dress is beautiful.


Where is Jordan Lloyd? Why isn’t she here at Laura’s wedding?


WOW!! That sums it up. Laura looks perfect in that dress. I wish her Good Luck in the future and have enjoyed seeing her on Big Brother for Obvious reasons.