UNCONFIRMED Rumored SPOILER RESULTS of the Special Eviction Episode!

Although the Special Eviction episode is set to air Wednesday September 11th – there are already unconfirmed spoilers leaking out about what happened during the episode.

As everyone who has been following our live feed updates and watching the feeds the last few days knows that JUDD’s fate was pretty much sealed. His attempts to save himself came off more desperate and annoying to the other house guests as most of his time was spent badgering the other house guests repeatedly for assurance that he was safe to the point that Spencer, McCrae, and Andy tried to avoid him. As a last ditch effort Judd said a speech during the Veto Ceremony in a fake attempt to get McCrae mad at him so that Andy and Spencer would want to keep Judd in the house as a bigger target. It was a failed attempt that didn’t work and only made Judd look more desperate. Both Spencer and Andy lied to Judd telling him he was 100% when they knew they wanted him gone over Ginamarie. Andy planned to break the news right before show or during the first commercial break that Judd was being evicted.

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GM “Wheres my KISS NICK.. there better be fireworks.. if not i’m going to kick him in the balls”

GM – “If there is a HOH tomorrow I’m going to kick a$$ in it”
Andy – “same”
Spencer- “I need it I can’t play HOH it’s all up to you guys”
GM – He cannot be that much on a roll (MC
Spencer – “He’s one 2 HOH’s and a veto”
Andy – “I’m so mad he won that veto I hate it”
JUDD comes back from the diary room.
McCrea joins them.
Andy leaves to go to bed, “Goodnight everybody”

GM says she wants to keep the HOH picture of Nick with his shirt off because he looked pretty nice. GM – “I was like NIck are you a skater.. thats the first thing I’m going to AXE him”
GM – “where’s my kiss f*** face that’s what I’m going to say to him.. you better tip me over and there better be fireworks.. cause if there is not i’m going to kick him in the balls”
everyone snickering.

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Spencer tells Judd – “Gina is going to be hard to beat in the final 2.” Judd asks “What? Wait she’s going home!?”

7:30pm Andy and McCrae are sitting out by the hot tub. Andy asks if McCrae is okay? McCrae says he is just super nervous. I just feel like I need to win that HOH tomorrow or I am going home. Andy asks why, I wont send you home. McCrae says yeah but if you win HOH and Gina wins veto then I’m going home. Andy asks who do you miss most other than Amanda? McCrae says the old Judd. Andy says he misses Helen. McCrae says yeah me too, although I didn’t talk to her much. Andy says other than Helen, you four will be the people that I will keep in contact with the most. Hopefully people will be forgiving. McCrae says he thinks people will. Andy says hopefully Elissa doesn’t poison me with my true love Ragan Fox. That ship might have sailed. McCrae says he thinks he knows better than to listen to them. McCrae tells Andy if I don’t win HOH, it’s going to be a real tough battle for the veto. Andy tests McCrae on his knowledge of the days things happened in the house.

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Andy says if Ginamarie walks out here I am going to lose my s**t! I can’t get a minute alone with you!

3:30pm Up in the HOH room – Judd asks Ginamarie do you know if its me or you? Gina says I don’t know dude because I am not putting anybody on the spot. I just asked if they would let me know so that I can put a dress on if I am going out. Although with my scar I will probably just wear pants. Gina comments how she has been looking at the fish food to figure out the finale is on the 18th because that’s when it runs out. Gina says tomorrow there’s an eviction and then probably an HOH right after that. So basically there is only one more week.

3:35pm Out in the backyard – Andy and McCrae are talking. McCrae says that Judd told him if he was in the jury he would vote for Spencer to win because of what he’s gone through. McCrae comments that it is pretty amazing that Spencer has survived so many times on the block.

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Spencer locked in the HOH room – Pandora’s Box? Andy says I hope it’s something bad for Spencer!

11:55am – 12:15pm Judd and Spencer are in the kitchen talking about it being weird that the luggage is already in the storage room. Judd wonders if he is supposed to pack now or what? He says they haven’t even shown the veto meeting episode yet. Judd wonders if he should go ask if he is supposed to pack now or what? Spencer says it would be a good idea to ask. Spencer heads up to the HOH room. Judd goes to the diary room to ask if they should pack. When he comes out he heads into the rainbow room. Ginamarie asks Judd what they said. Judd says they didn’t know and said they would let us know later.

12:20pm Spencer is called to the diary room and when she comes out instead of going back up to bed in the HOH room he gets into his old bed downstairs.

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POV Ceremony Results “Dude makes me sick .. I wanted final 4 exterminators”

10:53am HOH JUDD and Spencer

S – “How close is Andy and GM’
JUDD – I dunno.. close I guess.. ”
GM comes in “Nice Speech JUDD Jesus Christ”
JUDD – “I’m not campaigning against you but that is pretty much my pitch
Andy comes in JUDD apologizes for making Andy feel uncomfortable
JUDD – “safe to say no more cigarettes for me”
Andy – “that was a good speech”
Spencer – “It’s a unfortunate scenario”
Andy – “You never said nothing mean you just said what was done”
JUDD says McCrae has screwed him over a lot in this game. Spencer doesn’t think JUDD looks like a d!ck at all.
GM didn’t know JUDD and MC were not getting along.

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McCrae says no way he will use the veto on GM “I dunno.. I’m thinking F*** that”

1:13am HOH Andy, Spencer and MC

Andy wishes there was a way they could guarantee GM not win the HO. Andy is certain that GM would vote out JUDD.
Andy – “I feel like it could either day a awesome move or a ohhh sh!t move..”

MC – “I dunno I trust you guys .. Any time you don’t use the veto on your self it’s the dumbest move ever’
Andy says the only thing is andy and GM are very loyal people, “If we can 100% guarantee we go to the final 3”
Specner- “Ya”
Andy – “I all honestly JUDD is more of a wild card he pissed and you for going up and winning the veto .. He’s pissed at me for not going up”

MC – ‘He’ll be double pissed on me if I use it on GM’
Andy – “So much with GM fascinates me.. She was all like I don’t know what to do with all my makeup.. after the show is over.. her makeup and NIck are the two things you can use to get her on your side.’

Andy leaves to go talk to GM.
Spencer – “What are you thinking”

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“If JUDD says something stupid about me i’m going to have to crack his **** skull open” -GM

7:29pm Backyard the boys McCrae says his mom pays for his cell phone otherwise he wouldn’t have one. He usually just uses his tablet and find a free wifi hot spot. Andy is shocked he doesn’t have a iPhone, JUDD says McCrae needs to get one after the show. MCCrae doesn’t see the point because he can do everything with his tablet.
Spencer says he doesn’t have a iPhone he has the Nokia windows phone and he really likes it.

GM tells them her mom knows her Facebook login. JUDD doesn’t use Facebook anymore, “I hate Facebook.. I like Twitter”
GM – “Twitter is boring”
Andy really likes Facebook
GM like Facebook
JUDD – “I hate Facebook.. it;s so slow”
GM – you need a faster computer
JUDD – I use it on my phone
Andy – “I think it’s rare to meet someone that doesn’t use Facebook”
JUDD says he deleted his Twitter because he thought they had to
MG says it was optional they didn’t have to.

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JUDD thinks he lost Candice’s Jury vote for kissing Aaryn “She’ll look at it like I kissed a racist”

3:12pm Backyard JUDD and Andy

Chatting about the jury votes. JUDD jokes that Andy is this years Shelly. Andy says that was his plan all along.
JUDD is worried that he’s lost Candice’s vote because he kissed Aaryn. Andy – “she won’t base her vote off of who you kisses”
JUDD – “She looks at it like that she’ll look at it like I kissed a racist”.
Andy says Aaryn has probably told everyone in the jury house she kissed JUDD.
Andy – Oh my god I don’t want to go to that Jury house”
JUDD – “I don’t want to go this week.. next week wouldn’t be as bad”

THey mention that one of the people filming in the walls wears high heels and she always walks around at 4am.

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Andy says you, me and Spencer all f**ked over someone in this house by blatantly lying to them.

2:20pm Judd finishes his lunch, folds more laundry, shaves and treats his wounds with Purell. Judd then heads up to the HOH room door again and knock but gets no answer so he goes back downstairs. Judd goes back to pacing around the house. Judd then grabs his blanket and a few pillows and makes it look like he is sleeping in the hammock. He then goes back inside and grabs his hat and a vase for a head. He then adds shoes. Judd the heads back inside and talks to Andy who is now up. Judd looks out side and wonders if it’s Spencer outside. Andy says wait that’s Spencer. Judd says yeah he was doing laundry a minute ago.

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Judd ask Andy if he will go up on the block. I will terrorize McCrae and make it a living hell for him here to become his target.

12:30am Andy, Ginamarie, McCrae, Judd and Spencer head out to the backyard. Judd says the feeders are pissed that I’ve been b***hing about Elissa all day. Judd says what if someone was allergic to Elissa? McCrae says yeah. Big Brother cuts the feeds and when the they return all the house guests are inside.

12:50am Spencer heads up to the HOH room and talks with Andy. Spencer says if we keep Judd, I don’t have to worry about next week ya’ll keeping me. Andy says yeah. Spencer says you see what I am saying because that is a fear of mine. If Ginamarie goes on, I mean I hear what McCrae is saying and I’m not stupid. Andy says I swear up and down that I would take you over her. Spencer says I know you would but it might not be your option, I might not be your choice. Andy says yeah. Spencer says if Judd goes I know McCrae would take me over Judd. Andy agrees. Spencer says that’s why I am torn this week, this could be my biggest decision of my game.

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They find a picture of Elissa on a piece of Cake “put it in the toilet we’ll pi$$ and sh!t on it”

7:35pm Living Room McCrae and Spencer
McCrae says he spoke with JUDD and he’s pissed off because they have a final 4 and he thinks the reason GM is so happy is because she’s staying.
MC – “Thats what he’s pissed off about”
MC adds that JUDD thinks Spencer gave him the drill sergeant punishment to wear out before the power of veto competition.

MC thought that JUDD, Spencer and Andy had a final 3 but JUDD said they didn’t.
S – did you really think that
MC – kinda
McCrae explains he thought they didn’t have a final 3 he just thought they all had a final something, “Ohh sh!t I’m on the bottom of the totem pole”
Spencer – “No no no.. I told you i wanted us to play down our relationship”

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