GM “Wheres my KISS NICK.. there better be fireworks.. if not i’m going to kick him in the balls”

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV Sept 11th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Sept 11th
HOH Winner: Spencer Next HOH: Sept 10th
Original Nominations: Gm and McCrae
Current Nominations: JUDD and GM
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn, Amanda, Elissa
Have Nots


12:05AM Backyard Everyone

Spencer – “Can you believe it 8 more days in the f*** house” GM asks him if the last day is next Wednesday. Spencer – “I know it is.. I know it is for a fact” They all decide to head inside for a little bit.

12:15am HOH GM and Spencer

GM – “I’m getting kinda tired… I never took a nap” GM adds that after Spencer was called into the HOH room today she wasn’t able to nap.

Spencer says that the will need to sit JUDD down and tell him they are sorry. Andy charges in, asks them what they are talking about.

Spencer – “J U DOuble D”
Andy – “what about it”
Spencer – ‘here he comes.. Just because basically the exterminators…” Feeds cut

JUDD has now joined them. Spencer asks them all for their favorite memory from being on the show thus far, “I want to hear a good one and a bad one.

fav – “day 77” (The day they got Amanda and Elissa out)
least favorite was day two when he was sick all day he feel she was missing out on getting to know everyone/

Fav – “Day 77” (The day they got Amanda and Elissa out)
Least favorite was Aaryn winning HOH on day 13 and me being so close

Spencer Winning that HOH day 77

Least favorite was day 37 the day he won the veto. the first half was one of the worst the second half was one of the best. THat is because Amanda went up that morning as MVP and they thought Spencer had done it. “This is when they went on their witch hunt over who was MVP.. They pulled me in the storage room and MCCrae was like if you don’t win this veto you are going home… he said 100% I’ll make sure you are going home”

JUDD – “Who did he think he is”
GM – “WOW..”

GM – “My worst was the day Nick left day 21 and my best was 77 and 42” (42 was her first HOH win)

Spencer adds One more of my worst was the day Jeremy told about the moving company adn was trying to make deals.

Andy tells him early on in the year another worst moment was when Aaryn caught him in the storage room talking to Elissa . Later Kaitlin told him he is probably going home soon because of that. GM adds that she was the only one out of the girls that never threatened people.

Andy says ELissa would always do that to him in front of everyone, “Andy I want to talk to you in the storage room”

JUDD – “One of my other worst was when he won the veto the other day”
Spencer – “My heart sank”
JUDD – “I was the lowest of lows”

JUDD – “i’m so nervous going home home.. doesn’t it make you nervous not knowing what to expect”
JUDD gets called into the diary room


GM – “If there is a HOH tomorrow I’m going to kick a$$ in it”
Andy – “same”
Spencer- “I need it I can’t play HOH it’s all up to you guys”
GM – He cannot be that much on a roll (MC
Spencer – “He’s one 2 HOH’s and a veto”
Andy – “I’m so mad he won that veto I hate it”
JUDD comes back from the diary room.
McCrea joins them.
Andy leaves to go to bed, “Goodnight everybody”

GM says she wants to keep the HOH picture of Nick with his shirt off because he looked pretty nice. GM – “I was like NIck are you a skater.. thats the first thing I’m going to AXE him”
GM – “where’s my kiss f*** face that’s what I’m going to say to him.. you better tip me over and there better be fireworks.. cause if there is not i’m going to kick him in the balls”
everyone snickering.
JUDD – “don’t go about it that way”
GM – “He better kiss me.. I like you I’ll give you the world”
Specner says he always said Jessie was hot but Jessie doesn’t hold a candle to Marilyn. Specner lists off all the good things about Marilyn.

GM and MCcrae head to bed.


12:45am JUDD and Spencer
Spencer talks about Marilyn and how they broke up for a month during the casting process for Big Brother 15. Spencer says he really likes Marylin.

JUDD – “I’m buying the feeds next year”
Spencer- “Me too.. to be honest with you I might not.. this has been exhausting I might just watch the shows with my neighbor and marylin”

JUDD says he’s ready to win the next HOH tells him how great it will be if the three of them make it to final 3 like they had planned in the backyard. JUDD is worried that everyone hates them and loves McCrae because they all got ELissa out. Spencer doesn’t care what the Brenchel army thinks.
Spencer tells him he is a good guy.
JUDD – “same.. friends for life.. you, me GM and Andy..”

Spencer doesn’t plan on talking to “Amanda, Candice david, Elissa, Jessie, Helen, Kailtin.. I’ll just talk to you, GM , Andy, McCrae and Howard”

Spencer doesn’t think MC is moving to Florida, he just got caught up in the showmance and having someone to f****

They both agree there was something about Amanda that was attractive at first but she got less and less attractive every day.
JUDD – “that first night I thought she was hot”
Spencer – “Me same”
JUDD – “but then I got to know her more tand the least attractive she became.. personality means a lot.. I didn’t find her attractive at all after she left”
JUDD says ELissa was attractive at first but her personality was the worst, ‘She was too made up”
JUDD says he’s glad they got Helen out when he was gone. When she was trying to get him out that one week she was such a b!tch to him.


6:00AM Sleeping

8:00am ZZZZzzz


9:07am Kitchen
Everyone is up. Andy is painting a blue duck. Spencer is telling them that he how much he dislikes the song “Sweet home Alabama” The other 3 guys agree. GM is in the bathroom constructing her hair.

Spencer says he’s going to give his duck to his nephew. McCrae is trying to figure out what colour to paint his.

JUDD – “I have pork chop in every single tooth.. I have to floss”
They start joking around that the day is almost over. They tell GM that they already had the episode and GM had a fight with Julie Chen.
McCrae says Amanda never work with CBS again.
Spencer – “I heard when she goes back to Bocca she’s going to have a defamation of character lawsuit”
McCrae – “SHe threatened that a lot of times but I think this time she means it”
Andy – “It’s been a long day”

Spencer brings up the time when Aaryn drank the nail polish removal. The Diary room asked her how much and why. Spencer suggests it would have been funny if she told them she didn’t want to be in the house anymore.
GM comes out of the bathroom after constructing her hair for the past 30minutes. Spencer asks her if she’s ready for bed. They are waiting for production to give them “Fun Activities” Apparently they’ve been told this.


9:51AM kitchen arts and crafts

Spencer – “I remember when Elissa said Julie Chen had a lot of prestigious ”
JUDD – ‘what does that mean’
Andy – “nothing it’s nonsense she meant prestige’

9:58AM Exterminators in the living room (Joking around like it’s After Dark because this footage is being taped to show later tongiht)
Spencer says he’s noticed something is up with McCrae. Andy has noticed it to he thinks he’s just been nervous about the HOH. They go over how Jeremy would exaggerate everything to the extreme. Saying stuff like – NASA came in asked him to test fly space ship but he said he’s not into that pu$$$y sh!t.
“Jeremy road a tiger to school, Jeremy built the pyramids, Jeremy built mount rushmore with coins”
“He had to leave early to train the entire US Olympic team in every sport”

JUDD – “America loves moms”
Andy – “I think Helen hyped up the mom factor a little bit.. She told me her and ELissa will win MVP every week because they are moms”
Spencer – “She’s a insane person Andy”
JUDD being sarcastic never knew that moms would have such a pull on this show.

Spencer – “What else did Jeremy do”
GM – “He ji$$ed all over Kaitlin a$$”
Spencer – ‘Lucky bastard”
GM – ‘there was a snail train all over her f*** back … was there snails in here’

Spencer jokes about the time when Jeremy was skydiving and his parachute never opened so he flapped his wings and flew himself that is why he got the tattoo on his back.
McCrae brings up the time when Jeremy saw Osama Bid laden on Google maps, “Zero dark Jeremy”

They chat about Elissa some more. They say she had a real problem sitting next to people she didn’t like. Andy brings up the time when Elissa didn’t want to sit next to Nick because she didn’t want people to think they were in a showmance. GM says she didn’t want to sit next to her and Aaryn, “What.. doi we stink or some sh!t”
JUDD says not all Christians are like that


More jokes about Jeremy exaggerating everything,.. Jeremy turned down UN peace ambassador because it was too pu$$y but he never turned down UN war ambassador.
Spencer – “Remember when Jeremy McGuire was in a twitter war with Neil Armstrong because Jeremy told him he was a pu$$y for not doing anything exciting in his life’
Spencer “Remember that time when Jeremy was out swimming and that pu$$y boat Titanic hit him”
Andy says someone put a X over Aaryn’s name in the bathroom.

11:03AM Trivia.. (This may be it until Wednesday night)

5pm TRIVIA on the feeds all day.. The Live Feeds will NOT return until after the Wednesday September 11th Episode.

How the next couple days will work
Someone goes home (Probably JUDD) we go from 5 to 4
HOH is played and nominations ceremony.
POV competition is played and POV ceremony

Someone goes home we got from 4 to 3 (Whoever wins the POV has the one vote)
First of three part finale HOH is played (THis will probably be endurance)

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405 thoughts on “GM “Wheres my KISS NICK.. there better be fireworks.. if not i’m going to kick him in the balls”

  1. So do the remaining HGs just misremember the first week when MC didn’t have Amanda as a shield and won everything, or are they glossing over it because they only remember him being tied to Amanda? Either way, it seems like they’re really underestimating him.

    1. The rat is claiming all the big moves in the game were his. It’s pathetic, really, how much of a deal they make of their rat alliance and comparing it to the Bragades, which was formed in the very first week, whereas the rat alliance has been in existence for what, a week or two? They probably think they’re these great competitors, who knows…

      McCrae will at least be in the final 3: he will either win the next HOH and/or POV.

      1. Let him keep talking, if he’s F2 and he’s spewing that crap, Amanda, Helen and Aaryn will put him check and remend him he hid behind everyone the whole time.

          1. The live feeds don’t come back on until Thursday. An eviction and HOH tonight. POV tomorrow and Eviction on Thursday.

            So if everyone can’t wait until Thursday, I can probably guess what they are talking about and what happened. Judd, probably said Andy got me again once he was told about his eviction. Gina told Judd to say hi to Candice and her f@t a$$ for her. Spencer is wondering if Amanda and Aaryn are scissoring in the jury house. No telling what Amanda and her mind controlling powers are forcing Aaryn to do. McCrae won HOH and has decided to keep Andy off the block. Andy is telling McCrae that Elissa messed up his game and the b&&ch had to go. Andy is telling Spencer he is going to vote to keep him in and they have to win the POV. Yep! That’s how it probably all went down.

          2. Why is BB Canada advertising casting calls in Toronto with a picture of Aaryn on their website for season 2. Don’t BB Canada know their Canadians have a lot of class and wouldn’t watch a show like BB15? Why did they use the face of Aaryn as their poster girl and not one of the class ladies from BB Canada season 1. Maybe Aaryn was prettier then any girl that played in BB Canada season 1, nope couldn’t be that. Maybe Aaryn was controversial and great for the ratings? My guess its a ratings thing and BB Canada will have the same type of race baiting season as BB 15.

            S@x sells and race hate sells even better. Can’t wait for BB Canada.

        1. Why would Amanda put McCrae in check and say that he hid behind her and the others… if anything, she’ll push that he was some secret genius stealth mode player because the only way that she’ll get a cut of the $500k is if her boy toy wins. Amanda’s probably tormenting and bullying the other jury members into supporting McCrae if he makes it into the finals at this very moment.

          1. I think she was referring to Andy, not McCrae. Name does reference McCrae in the 2nd paragraph, but the majority of the 1st was about the rat; I assume that’s Andy…

      2. I couldn’t care less what happens on BB the rest of the way. I don’t like any of those people. I only liked a couple guests on the show this year and they’re all gone, so I really don’t care. What’s left are floaters who’ve done nothing, except for Gina but she’s a giant pig that just swears and farts around the house.

        This was the most annoying season of BB, equally due to the cast and production.

        There is a rumor going around that both Allison Grodner and Robyn Kass (casting) will be fired for running the show into the ground, so let’s hope it’s true and that maybe we can have a good game again next year.

        1. I would rather see a season with a house full of fine looking strippers. Granted we had Amanda this season and her dominatrix outfit, but she was flat in the back, looked like a man, and had two giant balloons on her chest. She was a wanna be stripper, lets get the real thing in the BB house.

          1. Thanks for posting that article. I was going by other stuff I heard and haven’t read that one before.

            Maybe there is hope for next season yet…

      3. I can’t wait for BB16. They leaked the casting personalities that they are looking for next season. The cast going to consist of pimps and the h@$s that work for them.

    2. He won the first HOH…which only horrible players want to win and he won the first veto THAT HE WAS TRYING TO THROW!!! McCrea was always a weak minded and weak willed player, following and riding the coattails of the Moving Company first (who managed his HOH) and then Amanda.

      I think if McCrea had just a modicum of balls, I would like him…but instead he was yet another example of why “superfans” should never be cast for the show.

    3. GM says Nick better like her because she will give him the world. This coming from an unemployed 33 year old who lives out of her mother’s basement. No offense GM but with a face like yours I would run in the opposite direction if you tried to kiss me. Fortunately with your big ass you wouldn’t be able to catch me.

      1. I think everyone’s making way to much out of Ginamarie living at home. It’s New York. There’s actually quite a few adult children living at home or moving back. Rents are really ridiculous in that area.

        1. my wife used to live in new York her property taxes were 700 dollars a month alone that’s not counting the house payment in Atlanta we paid about 125 a month that’s why in new York you see many families live together or on same street and will the house down to the kids

        2. Not a big deal living home, with the parents!
          Many of the families work together,anyway – in a business!!
          I personally, don’t think any differently, OF …… GinaMarie,
          being a 33 yo single female, and living at home!! WTF!
          Actually, more and more 20-30 something’s – are doing it!!

        3. I agree that GM living at home in NY not that big a deal. My problem with GM is the racism and the other personal attacks. I especially disliked her comments about Elissa’s 8-year-old son. Ironically, that comment was made about 3 hours after she said Amanda was wrong to make personal attacks on Elissa’s kids (I think she was referring to the step-kids). GM in my opinion is just a vile, disgusting, human being, and worse than Aaryn as far as the racism. If Julie does not get into this with GM, then her attack of Aaryn was uncalled for. She already missed up with Amanda but that could be due to production.

        4. Why should adult children continue to sponge off their parents!? I don’t care how expensive it is to live in NY, there comes a time in your life when you should stop sponging off the folks and get out on your own. Aren’t your parents entitled to a little privacy and freedom after raising their kids to adulthood? I’d be ashamed to do that. And don’t say GM is paying rent. Maybe she was maybe she wasn’t but she was a ‘beauty pageant’ coordinator. And now she is unemployed. She’s stupid and can’t read or write. Plus she has an ignorant mouth. So she ain’t bringing home the big bucks to help mom. And the fact she is still single speaks volumes. She’s a psycho bitch with serious mental health issues, and her fixation on a guy she only knew for two weeks and who wanted absolutely nothing to do with her, shows just how pathetic and desperate she is. GM is a rat piece of shit for so many reasons and on so many levels. Perfect example of white trash in my opinion.

          1. You’re assuming that her mother feels imposed upon, but that’s not necessarily true. If anything, her mother is likely just as poorly educated as she is and making very little money, and may actually be happy that GM was (possibly, we don’t know for sure) contributing some money to the household. The other issue is that NYC is a melting pot of ethnicities, many of which traditionally have been raised to believe that respectable children live at home until they marry, and if they don’t marry they stay at home and take care of the parents in their elder years. Of course times have changed, but the basic beliefs about the intertwining of generations is very much alive and well in many NYC communities, and it works both ways since the elderly generation is not dismissed or disregarded by the grown children. If anything, the mentality that grown children must be sponging off their parents, is very much an anglo saxon American one based on the original British culture with their ‘stiff upper lips’. In the early 1900s or so, Britain also used to insist that parents not stay with toddlers and young children when they had to be hospitalized, bc they felt the parents only ‘made things worse’, which of course resulted in severe attachment disorders for the children until researchers eventually shed light on it.

            BB is only a game so really who cares about GMs living situation, but when you start making global statements about cultural norms then you risk sounding ignorant.

      2. It’s funny how ignorant people always make fun of someone’s looks because they don’t like their personality. GM is a very pretty 33 year old. She is NOT fat. Guarantee she is a lot better looking than what you can get. GUARANTEED.

        1. Sorry, Jendel, better get your glasses checked. Without make-up GM is uglier than shit. With make-up she’s so-so. But as far as her ass, it’s big. They almost need to put a ‘wide load’ sign in front of it so people know to get out of the way. As far as her vulgar mouth I’ve never heard anybody talk like that in my life. (To be fair, I’ve never heard anyone talk as perverted and immoral as Spencer, either). GM’s a deadbeat. And now that she lost her job I don’t know what she would be qualified to do since she can’t read, write, or put together a coherent and intelligent sentence. Maybe collect garbage? One think she would be good at is living in the sewers with the rats. Disgusting doesn’t even to begin to describe her.

            1. Yeah. Stop saying mean things about Gina. She can pile it on Candice, Howard, Amanda, and Elissa, using all kinds of racist comments and make fun of Elissa and Amanda’s looks all day long but nobody is allowed to say anything about GM’s looks. Shame on you. That’s not nice.

          1. There are a lot of unappealling things about Gina Marie, and I don’t want her to win, but she is an attractive woman. I actually think she looks cute without all the makeup and crazy hair styles. When you start attacking someone for the way they look then you are no better than she is.

          2. Well if you are GM’s beautician, and you think she looks so bad, then you certainly aren’t good at your job.

            Regardless, please stop attacking her or anyone for their looks. This is something that people are born with and do not have the option to pick or choose. People who are so shallow to attack a person for their physical appearance have problems of their own. Why don’t you post a photo of yourself on line and let us judge you and see how you like it. We all have physical flaws. We are not perfect.

            What we can change are the things we say and the things we do, or how we deal with things. She has made some comments that are so disrespectful of others, and so insensitive but that is something that she can change, and after she reads some of the posts online, hopefully she will learn from it and strive to be a better person.

            For you to attack her for her physical appearance means that you are no better than her, b/c it is the same as judging someone about the color of their skin.

          3. I’m totally disgusted by the cast this season but your nasty attacks on GM’s level of intelligence puts you in the same category as these making fun of peoples’ learning disabilities is the number one cause for bullying in our schools!!!! (Difficulties with reading is the classic indicator)…Bulimia isn’t just a way of dealing with insecurities pertaining to one’s looks either….I don’t claim to be an expert in field of study…I just have seen so much of this behavior /treatment in our schools …you don’t outgrow learning disabilities. If you are fortunate you are able to graduate with your self.-esteem intact. All too often that is not the case and you become a bully yourself!!

            1. I am not a gm fan I hate some of the things she says about other people. I agree with some of the things people say on here. gm should know what it feels like to be mad fun of so one would think that she would not do that to someone else. my daughter has a learning disablilty she was made fun of and till this day struggles with it it is her second year in college and is maintaining her “B” GPA it is hard for her she would never make fun of someone she knows what it feels like so I don’t feel sorry for gm for what people are saying about her she is asking for it. My mom always said do on to others as you would want them to do on to you and I have always taught my daughters that. I will say I some what blame all their parents for they did not install the right values in their kids. I would die if one of my daughters acted like that on or off tv.

      3. “GM says Nick better like her because she will give him the world.”

        My guess is that all she will give him is an STD.

      4. GM: “Elissa wouldn’t sit next to us. Did we stink or some shit?”

        Yes, GM. You reaked of an odor more foul than can be described. It’s called idiocy, racism, narcissism, white trash, and probably you did smell like shit since that’s all that came out of your ugly mouth. Seriously, I would rather sit next to a big pile of horse shit than you. And it would look 100 times better too, you pathetic skank.

        1. GM apparently gets rid of anything she eats, and someone said her breath always smelled like vomit. I can see why no one would want to sit next to her. Or Stinky McCrae who doesn’t seem to bath.

      5. I like the way Gina finds a man. She just goes out and latches onto one and brings them home. If they don’t come then they sleep with the fishes. That’s how they do it in Brooklyn.

    4. I’m so sick of all of them saying the only reason Elissa will win AFH is because of the Brenchel army. I was NOT a fan of either of them and I like Elissa and will vote for her. She actually had some human decency, and I dislike the remaining house-guests so much that I would like to just stick it to them. Their fixation on her is ridiculous. I so hope next year has a better cast and back to the old BB. 3 hours of my life every week all summer that I’ll never get back!

      1. BB15boooooo…. OMG! Only 3 hours?
        Dumb a$$ that I am….. got hooked on BBAD,too!
        The 5 (4) Stooges in the house – are boring as he!!
        I had to finally quit watching…bbad!!
        Spencer the NUTCRACKER (makes my skin crawl!)
        Andy is…WUSSY!
        JU DD IS…LOST!
        GinaMarie is…BONKERS!
        McPussy is…SCARED!
        FINALE HURRY – UP!!

      2. Elissa was the most arrogant person in the house – she wouldn’t even sit next to certain people. How she deserves AFP is beyond me – she put with nothing compared to Candice. E was also at times just completely nuts.

    5. i want to think McCrae still has a chance but I’m not sure he is smart enough to get it done after he got rid of Elissa who would of helped him. Even if he can win this next HOH he needs to nominate Andy and Spencer or they will save each other since there will only be one vote in the final foue eviction.

    6. I agree that the houseguests are underestimating McCrae. He didn’t do much when Amanda was in the house but he has stepped up and started playing the game after she left. I think he is a force to be reckoned with.

      1. Stepped up? A force to be reckoned with? This musty ragdoll is winning now because there’s no competition. Ginamarie is all but a corpse, spencer’s body is about as well toned as a sack of rotting potatos, Judd is a mumbling hayseed who insists on playing “BB deja vu,” and andy scraped by this season by being nothing more than a glorified messenger pigeon for the Mcrandas. McCrea literally is guaranteed to win any comp going forward as long as he can maintain a pulse…merely existing is not a commendable accomplishment.

    1. There goes my hero
      Watch him as he goes
      There goes my hero
      He’s ordinary

      There goes my hero
      Watch him as he goes
      There goes my hero
      He’s ordinary


    1. agree COMPLETELY, but I just think it’s funny how spencer keeps talking about how hot Jessie was like it’s a universal given. I understand some people out there may think she’s cute, and some (but far less) might think she is hot (different strokes), but he’s the only person in the house who thought that!! and Marilyn is not really cute at all (though she is WAY out of his league). it’s this same kind of delusional grandeur that makes him think he is being portrayed as “the funny one”.

          1. Something tells me that Spencer will be using his wrist muscles a lot since Marilyn has probably already entered the witness re-location program.All of Spencers earnings will go into sock purchases and dryer filters.

            1. There you go again saying something stupid and using my name again. I thought we talked about this stupidity of yours for inserting your foot in your mouth. You would fit right in as a house guest of BB15.

      1. No the greatest president is Richard Nixon He showed what it means to be a true Republican. Cheat at any cost. Arrange office break ins. Intimidate political adversaries. Leave office as a defeated man. Yes Richard Nixon was the greatest.

      1. Obama is the greatest….at spending money, playing golf and ignoring the constitution.. He also was the first to leave American soldiers in harms way at Benghazi. Quack Quack Lame Duck. I can see why Andy is such a fan.

        1. Yes, we have our winner for who gets their news from FOX FAKE NEWS. Don’t forget tomorrow is 9/11 which happen on W’s watch. What about those weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Good old W. Loved taking those vacatons and playing golf. How many soilders died under his watch. For what? Were,you complaining about the trillions he spent. Oh no, couldn’t do that because he was a good old whiite boy. Put in a black man and all hell breaks loose. So the racist GOP plan was to do nothing and make the American people suffer and make sure the 1 percent get their tax breaks. Who goes to war without paying for it. Don’t forget shooter Cheney whose company Halliburton made Billions. Most of these HG’s must have voted for this dummy. This message was brought to you by a white man. Just in case you were thinking there goes a angry black person. Keep on drinking that Kool-Aide FOX NEWS spits out.

          1. Actually tomorrow is the one year anniversary where Obama let 4 Americans die and a year later has still not brought a single person to justice. Just one more epic fail. The truth hurts doesn’t it? Feel free to turn into MSNBC (Pravda) and get a thrill up your leg.

    1. Captain, my Captain. Andy is not only going to stay, he will win the next HOH and MC will be packing when Spencer wins the Veto. It will be Spencer and Andy at the end and Andy wins an unanimous vote and $500,000. Then it is a quick flight with Josh to colect are winnings, then a month long vacation to Aruba. Wish we could take you my friend. Somehow, I got to get hold of my Jewish Queen and my man Howard to see if they would want to tag along paid my Josh and me. I hope they say yes.

      1. @BuffaloBill, you’re dumb as I thought. When are you going to learn that Andy will not win big brother? He sucks and always be a floater. McCrae is a beast. You will always be a three time loser. Everyone and including me agreed that Andy will not win big brother. Face it, just give up already and save your embarrassment.

        1. Captain, my Captain. Josh just reminded me you thought my Rainbow Warrior Andy was leaving last week, then you thought the Rainbow Warrior was going to leave this week. Please Captain don’t let your anger cloud your judgement like my love for my Jewish Queen clouded my judgement. Josh has been spot on since day one when he said that cute man Andy was going to win. The Rainbow Warrior has been a warrior throughout the game. He was responsible for getting rid of every strong player and will go down in BB history as the best player. Follow me and admit when you are wrong. As Julie Chen stated watch out for Spencer going to the F2 and who is Spencer’s best friend, my Rainbow Warrior Andy. No one will vote for Spencer and everyone will vote for Josh’s future lover. Keep well my friend.

            1. Ah! You do know that this is a reality show? I think you desiring that he be tortured and his arms stripped off is a little to graphic and I hope you are just joking.

          1. dudes… mccrae is acting like a major hollywood rewrite of samson and delilah in that he has become
            a competition beastie now that the sweet adorable psychic vampire who was draining him of energy
            and bodily fliuds is now we presume happily in the JURY house and campaigning on his behalf hourly.

    2. We can only hope Captain! Fingers crossed. I am OK with Judd and Mc final 2, don’t like it, but OK with it. This cast is just so awful you can’t even look forward to the finale. First time ever for me that I can not begin to like anyone for the win. In past seasons my favorite might have been evicted early but there was still someone else left to be excited about for the win. My favorite part of the season is the final 3 battle. I am always screaming for my favorite. This year if Andy is still there I won’t be screaming for my favorite but screaming for the other 2 to get him out.

    3. If it is the questions about the dates Andy has it in the bag. CBS needs to mix it up and have a competion that they do not all know is coming.
      CBS needs to go out side the box and shock Ratboy!

    4. I want McCrea to win HOH and put up GM for putting Amanda up (excellent decision BTW) and Andy for lying about voting out Amanda and I want McCrea to call Andy out on it during the Nom speech!!! Then I want McCrea to win VETO and take down GM and put up Spencer. Poetic justice!!!

    5. I don’t think McCrae putting Andy up is going to happen. If in doubt, always trust the gay guy. So it will be Spencer and Gina that go up. The problem being that HOH really means very little. Its the last remaining houseguest that gets to vote that really has all the power to determine who stays and goes home. Winning the HOH comp guarantees you are in the final three. Having the only vote is where the deals will be made.

    1. LMAO…BingoBob!! What did one redneck truck driver say to the other redneck truck driver? That Andy sure do got a pretty mouth!!

      1. So this is your MO now, you are going to keep repeating the truck stop joke. At least get new material or is this all you got. A one joke wonder.

        1. While agree new truck stop material is better than repeating the same drivel, the HGs have nothing new to say either. Shut up Judd especially. It’s you or nellie McC heading out the door baring any sudden light going off in the dull bulbs left playing.

          1. I found Andy on and I’m Glad I did. Check out his profile on there. In that big, red wig he looks just like Katy from the B52s. Hot Stuff.

            1. I found the love of my life, Spencer, on and he’s a perfect match for me. He loves it when I dress up like a prison guard. Fun, Fun, Fun! Check out NeoNazi Mingle, You might get lucky…Like me.

            2. I found your mom at that same truck stop. The things she can do with a pole and no teeth. She is good and it only cost me five dollars.

    2. I can only hope that McCrea wins HoH….if not then PoV and removes that he is free of Amanda, he is finally sizing up to seem to be a OK dude. I’d rather he win over any of the other trash mouth dimwits. Andy leaving would give me great pleasure!!! Actually, it would probably be better for MC to win the PoV as he would come off and have the sole vote for who goes and the final 3…..only if Andy doesn’t win the HoH. Maybe GM will win it if not MC and we will see Andy…Get to Stepping!!!

    3. Bingo Bob sounds like a sexual predator. Did I ever see you on one of those NBC’s episodes “To Catch a Predator”? Seems like you are back to your old ways.

  2. Thanks for the updates. I’m no longer watching the show. I can’t stand any of the people left……well maybe McRae. But it seems the deck is stacked against him. The last person I want to win is Andy!

    1. To late now, might as well finish the deal and watch the remainder of the show. Don’t be a Dudd and can’t finish. Don’t be a Spencer and be jerk. Don’t be a McCrae and don’t deliver. Hang in there Shock, the best part is coming up. The love reunion between Nick and Gina. Its going to be great.

  3. I can’t wait till these delusional, vile, racist pigs leave the house. They are in for a big dose of reality and are going to find out what America really thinks of them and it isn’t good….how great would it be to have Nick be there with a female saying it’s his girlfriend….fatal attraction GM will have a meltdown….

    karma is a bitch……

      1. I’m not sure about that. It seems like he’s trying to make a name for himself and may be worried about bad publicity. But then again, any publicity is good publicity. Another thing though, he was holding hands and hanging out a lot with one of the girls from bb Canada on his fb page.

        1. Nick came to see me at the hospital. Seems like a nice feller. He asked me to sing “Three Wooden Crosses,” but I had a breathing tube down my throat. So I couldn’t do it.

    1. If only we could see any of the aftermath. The finale goes by so quick and people don’t have that much time to talk. Julie may ask Nick about GM but he’ll probably just give some glossed over answer like ‘we’ll see’ and that will be that. Big Brother really needs to do some sort of reunion show, kind of like Survivor, when everyone has had a chance to watch the feeds and experience the aftermath. Then it would be cool to see what they say. But since Big Brother has all of the live shows, a reunion would have to be a while after the finale so everyone would have time to watch back all of the shows. By that time not many of us would still care. lol

    2. Some boys dis me, Nick refuses to kiss me
      Bro, that ain’t Okay–no way!
      Cause’ we are soul-mates, meant to be
      And I won’t let him get away-yay….

      He can beg and he can plead
      I think it’s cute when he “complains”….
      Restraining orders, no-contact borders
      THAT’S what I call “foreplay”……

      Cause’ I am living in my own little world
      And I am a delusional girl!
      You know, that I am living in my own little world
      And I am a delusional girl!

      Some HG’s played for finance,
      Some HG’s started a “showmance”
      But Nick Euhaus, you are my fate–I’ll wait!
      If I cant make you see the light,
      I’ll sit in front of your house and way-ait!

      Some boys cry,
      “Please, I don’t wanna DIE!”
      They try hard to make me see–they plead!
      But I decide when we’re in love
      And I’ll NEVER set you free-ee

      Cause I am living in my own little world
      And I am a delusional girl,
      You know, that I am living in my own little world
      And I am a delusional girl!

      When the “crazy” comes, then the “sanity” goes
      I even vomit so that I won’t get fat…
      But there ain’t no crime in building a shrine,
      Or sleeping with Nick’s haa-aat!

      Someday soon, I’ll say goodbye to these rooms
      And go straight to where you work or reside…
      It ain’t a race so quit runnin’, if you don’t you’ll be bummin’,
      I’ll find you wherever you try to hi-ide!

      Cause now your living in my own little world
      And I am your delusional girl,
      They know that we are living in my own little world
      And I am your delusional girl….

      A delusional, a delusional, a delusional

    3. What is funny is that these people all think they are coming out of the house as reality television stars. They are in for a huge shock and some serious backlash.

      1. e f obama The players for BB15, were picked from thousands of contestants. Curious, about the others, that didn’t make the cut? How much worse – could they have been….than the filthy morons….this season?

  4. Come on MC, use your noodle and vote to evict GM. We need some excitement and some game play. Your goose will be cooked if you don’t win HOH or POV so at least make a freaking move.

    1. That makes no sense. GM has one jury vote, while Judd is well-liked even by his enemies. Do you recall the waterworks from those who plotted and executed his eviction?

      Andy is the one who is stupid not keeping Judd. Judd is likely the only HG comfortable sitting next to Andy at the end and once he goes, Andy will be in a must win scenario. Everybody is going to realize that Andy has Candice, Jessie, Helen, Elissa locked down against any of the other 3, which means he just needs one more vote to win. As much as Spencer and GM like Andy, they know they can’t beat him, while McCrea knows he has the same jury constituency as Andy, so getting him out likely gets him Andy’s voters.

      There’s no reason for anybody else to want to keep Judd in the game.

      1. Well, I’d like to see it for game play and entertainment. Make Spencer cast the vote to send Judd to jury. After all, Judd is leaving regardless. So I say make Spencer vote. MC stands zero chance of staying if he doesn’t win HOH or POV the rest of the game so I say go for it MC, make a freaking move. And who knows what the jury is thinking.

    2. Yes, I want McCrea to vote out GM so it will force Spencer to break the tie. Then McCrea should blame Andy for lying about the vote because McCrea voted out Judd!!! Oh how I can wish!

      1. I’m hoping it goes even further!

        Andy believes Mc will vote for Judd.
        Andy changes his vote to GM so Spencer publicly votes out Judd and loses his jury vote.
        Andy will also blame Mc and secure Judd’s jury vote.

        BUT Mc changes his vote to GM and she goes bye bye!
        Then Andy revealed to be the rat.

        1. No matter how you play the consequences – the only game move left is MC voting out GM. If that doesn’t happen, it’s easy sailing for Baby Huey and Rat Fink.

  5. i thought when there is less people in the house thats when one start to scam and make deal… i do not see no types gaming on GM’s part,,, she is just chilling and all of them are just pooop

  6. if CBS wants a reset button on the series, why not carefully structure a BB ALL STARS around
    HOWARD, CANDICE, HELEN and JESSIE or NICK??? why not bring back the better players who
    might have gotten near the end~zone had things gone differently who were not as censurable
    as this sad group, and then pit them against 12 players who had gotten to the halfway point of
    the game in any of the previous 14 seasons?? I’m trying to highlight the people Amanda evicted.
    Hitting this group of Final Five with the realization that much of what they did is not praiseworthy
    could possibly send a message concerning sportsmanship to any and all future contenders. It is
    a way to do a degree of damage control by having a more fair and level playing field for the ones
    who were hazed and harassed by the group during various phases of the game during Season 15.
    I think CBS has to set a high standard or this series is cancelled. Would giving several of the nicer BB
    contenders a 2nd chance at the prize money be enough to erase the tone set during the BB live feeds?

    1. …or just have an “ALL Floater” season where people just roam around bumping into each other not knowing what to do because nobody wants to be the one to make a big game move, upset anyone, or win anything. Oh wait…

      1. This is the All Floater Season!!! I have a feeling thanks to this cast, this will be the LAST Big Brother. I remember Helen kept saying they are part of a “special cast”. Little did we know then how unfortunately true that statement was. ELISSA FOR AMERICA’S FAVORITE!

        1. if Elissa gets the America’s Favorite $25,ooo is CBS going to wisely relent & bring both
          Rachel & Elissa back for a very special ALL*STARS season that won’t at all disappoint?
          i hope they don’t leave us with withdrawal spasms if they abruptly pull the plug on BB!

        2. Are you kidding? Like it or not this season of BB has had the highest ratings it’s seen in the past few years. BBAD and the live feeds have had more viewers as well. Ever since the racism hit the news in week 1 or 2 the viewership went up greatly and then stayed up because of all the drama. Big Brother is in no danger of going anywhere, at least until we see how next season’s ratings go.

          1. lmao at all the people giving you thumbs down for saying this season has gotten higher ratings that some of the past few seasons. IT’S TRUE! DEAL WITH IT! Funnier still is that people are all on here talking about how much they hate it but they’re actually contributing to all of the buzz this season has received. What’s with people’s aversion to facts these days? smh

      2. precisely my point… why not bring back people who weren’t floaters and place them next
        to people whose BB game was loused up by one or two wrong decisions at the midpoint
        of a previous season. if Andy is brought back, its too soon, all the superfans KNOW that he
        his way thru 99.9% of this season, you’d expect that he’d need a new strategy the next time.
        Amanda + Aaryn are way too controversial, you need three years for people to forget all the
        awful things they said and did. Also… i’d rather bring back Howard & Candice because of the
        rampant raging racism inside this season just to give them another try at the big money, and if
        i’m bringing back Candice, i might as well add Jessie to the mix. Nick & Helen could have played
        a way better game, actually, and if one EVEN toys with letting Andy return, why not have them,
        too? I feel it would be more delectable to see Amanda & McCrae roughing it on Survivor inside
        their very own lean-to that they built themselves or also even getting extremely lost in the Denver
        airport on Amazing Race and thusly loosing out on the prize money. CBS needs a make-over i feel!

        1. name Your comments about Andy, are so true!
          BTW To me he is a “blow hard”! He talks, talks, talks…..wanting anyone to agree, with him!
          He is going to have no one , but himself, when this
          is over!! He’s in for a huge letdown…from the negative
          backlash! Andy will freak, if he doesn’t win!
          Yes, I dislike him – for being a fuc**n—–R A T!

    2. It is a nice idea Gonzo, but HOWARD, CANDICE, HELEN and JESSIE or NICK. for the most part were yes
      very nice people but HOWARD, CANDICE, and JESSIE did not know how to play the game at all.

    3. “why not carefully structure a BB ALL STARS around
      HOWARD, CANDICE, HELEN and JESSIE or NICK???” -gonzo me

      sorry, but this is just dumb as hell, those people (other than Jessie) were boring as hell, they made moronic moves, or didn’t at inopportune times. let this complete batch of loser fade into oblivion.

    1. Why do you people even watch the show if all you gonna do is bitch? I mean, its not just this year.. it is every year! You guys are filled with hate just like them and because of it I have no interest in reading these feeds ever again. I thought we were supposed to be here to talk to each other about things and speculate and yes of course point out the bad things. But it has gotten to a point where everyone is just defending their freedom of speech now and saying nastier things than the houseguests. Its a shame you let them affect your lives so much. Simon and Dawg hardly ever comment anymore because I doubt they have time for HG drama and your drama. I bid you all farewell.. I love this site… no more chatroom for me. I don’t dwell on negativity.

      1. I KNEW they didn’t send Elissa to jury!!

        Ha! Sorry, couldn’t resist. Seirously though, I’ve never understood the need of some people to “announce” they’re never coming back to a particular site. What satisfaction does someone get from that? I mean…you don’t know anyone here and couldn’t care less about whether or not anyone else ever came back, so why would you think that the reverse isn’t true? Just kind of bizarre to me.

        1. o.m.g thank you so much for writing that! I wrote that about 7 weeks ago and got destroyed on here by a bunch of small minded cat people… we don’t care if you’re leaving we don’t care if you’re not going to watch anymore. good! Great! Awesome! Don’t watch anymore but don’t get down and lose your freaking mind on the ugly words to come out of house guest mouths, if you are also going to be just as ugly if not worse.
          the sad part about this year is not going to really be the legacy of how ugly and crass the house guests were, but I really feel it’s going to be how hypocritical and maniacal the fanbase was with social media and these types of sites.

          this was the year that showed everybody, hey its okay for me to call someones job in put pressure on them to get them fired, hey its okay for me to call and send death threats to someone’s house, hey its okay for me to send out petitions to try to get big brother cancelled or to try to get some sort of uprising over some dumb stuff some blond headed twit said in the Big Brother house.

          and again for the 108th time, I’m sure someone’s going to read this and think that I condone racism and hate speech …I do not but I will say this…the reactions that the general public has exhibited do not help the situation and will never make it better.

        2. SORRY! Who would want to get tortured, in jury, with Amanda?!? She is the sex-maniac – demented – monster!
          Good for Elissa! She told the others, she would NOT
          go – to jury!

      2. I totally agree, Glass Box. This place is basically just another playground for all the people who get their rocks off by being horrible people on the Internet. You can’t visit any site and/or article’s comment section without reading vile comments. There are a handful of people here who do act maturely and talk about the game, but most of the comments are just insults and people trying to one up each other by coming up with the most degrading one. And even when people talk about the game, many don’t even seem to understand how it works. Somebody is a liar and plays different people? What a horrible person! (sarcasm)

        Things said here over the course of this season are far more vile than anything any of the houseguests have ever said. I come here to read the spoilers…most of the time I don’t read the comments because I know what they’ll contain. But sometimes I get curious, like today, and read the comments and it’s just ridiculous. The people making these comments and those who approve will never change, though. It doesn’t matter what you say. They’ll just give you thumbs down and comment on how the people in the house deserve all of the insults. It’s never ending….as long as there is the Internet there will be people venting their frustrations through disgusting and uncivilized behavior.

        1. I agree with glass box spot on I also agree with your observation about people not even really knowing the game …hell there were so many people here this year that had to have the power of veto rules explained to them. I look at that as a byproduct of people like Elyssa bein cast on the show. that plus the new fad of Amanda hating brought in a brand new audience of people that really don’t even know Big Brother and were just piling on

    2. Andy looks like he wears a brand of clothing I bought my kids when they were little it was called Garanimals. Each piece of clothing had a tag inside that coordinated it with another piece of clothing. I can’t stand that vile, disgusting women hating RAT. MCcrea wake up snd send the RAT packing.

  7. Wakey, Wakey, hands off snakey’s!! Ohh, wait you lazy turds don’t rise till around 1:00 pm or later! Bless your lil’ cotton socks, life must be tough about now!

    BTW for GM, hate to break the news sweetie, Nick took asylum in Russia with his boyfriend to escape from you stalking him…..he wanted us to tell you….. GOTCHYA!!

  8. White Trash is going to win BB15 !!!

    Will it be loud mouth, average looking GM, the beauty bitch? Will it be ball scratching, dope smoking RR working Spencer? Will it be slurrrring, cigarette and booze dependent J U Double Dingbat? Will it be non-testicular units, party pizza boy slacker? or…Will it be Iill suck any dick or clit Professor Weasel?

    Either way, white trash will win!!!

  9. Hate to break the news to you Dudd, but you will be talking to a whole bunch of them a lot sooner than you think because Andy got you not once but twice. In your rush to blame Amanda, you forgot about Andy’s role. McCrae wanted to keep you. Dumb, dumb J-U double dudd.

    The person you’re hating on could have sent you packing and never did anything, not one thing, to hurt your game. The fact that you blame Elissa and not Andy for it just shows how stupid you really are. Bye dudd.

    1. Personally ,I don’t like how Amanda treated some ppl in the BB house.

      But strategically,the fact is when JUDD forming the real grasshopper alliance,He told Howard Amanda is pushing him to backdoor Howard.Consequently,it makes Amanda a fatal target for Candice/Howard.Judd was in goof troop alliance with Amanda while he formed the grasshoppers.So when JUDD said that staying loyal is the biggest downfall for his first life in BB house,I can’t stop laughing.

      If Amanda is not that aggressive and pushy,Judd is less shady and told the goof troop members all his plans(e.g lying about kaitlyn),Goof troop stands high chance of being final 4,being one of the best F4 alliance in bb history.

      1. Nick skipping the finale only means that his stalker would catch him on a dark street one day. Nope, its better that it happens out in the open. Its not Nick’s fault, he didn’t do anything to lead her on. However, I do think Gina will not handle rejection very well. So all this passion that she has for Nick will turn to hate once he rejects her at the finale. I can see Gina coming to his home confronting Nick, but that’s what stalker do. CBS needs to give this girl mental help. However, its not going to be before the finale. They want to see her mental breakdown for the ratings.

  10. For once, it’s impossible to tell how things are going to shake down after eviction today. It all comes down to POV and HOH. Any one of them could go home, and then it’s game on. I am left feeling sad for the show that used to be my summer obsession, the Orwellian has been removed from the game and political correctness has ruined it. The BB game should not be on network tv, because the audience doesn’t understand what makes it a great game, they just want pretty people, hasbeens and their siblings, showmances and nice people that wouldn’t lie, cheat or backstab, and if they do, the viewing audience wants to persecute them, ruin their lives and vilify them with comments that are worse than anything said in the house. If the show was on Showtime or and independent station without the constraints of prime time network tv, it might get back to what it was before the Grodbeast sunk her hooks into the show and destroyed it. There are rumors on the net that she won’t be producer after this season. I hope it’s true and that it isn’t too late to rescue the show and restore it to how it was before. I want a season like seasons 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 even season 8 was ok. After that it has been all downhill, it has stopped being about lying and backstabbing and seeing what happens when you put a group of strangers from all walks of life, all ages, shapes and backgrounds, now it’s all about crowning new “reality tv personalities” that they can use on Amazing Race and Survivor. I don’t get how people can hate so badly on people for playing the game. If you go to Vegas and play poker, are you a vile person for bluffing or lying to win? Geez! I am actually starting to hope that GM or Spencer win because the fans have and will continue to push for their lives to be destroyed for things they said while playing a freaking game. How sick is that?

    1. We know that backstabbing and lying are part of the game. Overt racism? Not. Saying you want to physically hurt or kill another HG? Not. Attacking another HGs children? Not.

      In the early years that you mentioned there were rules and people were removed for their behavior. They didn’t have a house full of prescription drug addicts and they didn’t get booze. They had to get out of bed at wake up call and had to clean the house.

      People behave as you allow them to behave and these people have shown the how vile people can be.

    2. It’s not about the game play, no one who is a true BB fan criticizes the backstabbing , lying or manipulation- we all love a good blindside or strategic power moves. The problem with these hgs is they are not playing the game ( Andy is to a point, at least much more than the rest of them) they are making racist comments and personal attacks on hg families. Their foul mouths, and their obsession with their hatred is what is ruining this season.

    3. Do u honestly believe gm joking with hgs about Asian americans doing nails, cooking rice and giving “happy endings ” is bb game play? Or the brown skin comment she made about elissa’s kid or her Candice comments? Sorry thats not gameplay, thats racism.

    4. ” If you go to Vegas and play poker, are you a vile person for bluffing or lying to win? ”

      No, of course not. But you are a vile person for calling the woman playing to your left a c*nt every two seconds, calling the homosexual player to your right “f**itty Andy”, telling your asian dealer that she looks like she would make good rice, and then hitting the African American staff member and then putting on your best “ghetto” voice to say “What’cha gonna do, boy? What’cha gonna do?”

      Now, if folks can’t see the difference here, then something is very, very wrong with our society.

      1. Jack Bauer I completely agree and that is a perfect way to explain it. There is good and surprising and unexpected gamesmanship and then there is just plain lazy uneducated hate. I know a lot of players deceive and lie and break alliances but I can’t imagine any of them going around obsessively calling girls C*&&s and on and on about how they HATE everyone want to kill them and urinate on them. These poeple talk about it for hours everyday!! Who says that in front of thousands and thousands of poeple? This is the first year I have watched the feeds and I can’t figure out what the remaining house guests are talking about. None of this hate is warranted I WATCHED them live do they not understand that? I am now realizing they don’t know we can see them. Except for McCrae he has had the feeds before and he doesn’t say much but yup and umm when they start bashing all the ex houseguests the ones that actually TRIED to play a good strategic game and didn’t just float, hang on to others and get to the end by sheer luck. I will NOT pay for feeds next year until I know what kind of people there are in the house.

      2. I agree with you 100%, but the way you said it, I’d like to see a situation play out in the exact same way, just to see that guy get the holy shit beat outta him.

  11. Andy was definatelly right to think this group is hated by all of us/America/Canada but I am curious how this seasson rated compared to past seasons if anybobody knows. And as far as GM and Nick, pretty sure he is more terrified of her than attracted !

    1. I saw that the viewer numbers have been dropping every week. America’s Got Talent and one other show beat out BB15 last Sunday. Right after the racist remarks started, the numbers went up for a short time. America is smarter than CBS thinks.

      1. As it always does, BB wins in the summer, but fades when Football starts. It won its slot on Weds and Thursday. It lost on Sunday to Football, but the ratings were the highest in terms of viewers of the year. This year BB started low – the racist stuff may have hurt in the beginning, but it recovered to about where it always was.

    2. Do you think something was said to them about how bad and disgusting their hate talk is? It seems to have calmed down a lot. Like they turned a switch from ON to OFF

  12. I have to give him credit because i noticed that when the “exterminators” start bashing a evicted house guest, he seems to get up and walk away. There has been sometimes when hes had a input but nothing to the extreme these guys are going. Since Amanda left, i think McCrae has had his head in the game and he is just doing his own thing instead of joining the crowd and bashing everyone.

  13. @GM
    A guy isn’t going to like you if you act desperate or threaten to kick his manhood. Sorry sweetie but Nick is going to run as far away from you as possible.

    1. Gina Marie’s over the top theatrics when Nick left were confusing. I didn’t see ANY chemistry between the two of them – OR him and anyone else. I didn’t see anything but “buddies”. How is it that she suddenly deluded herself into thinking there was more to it than that?

      I’d be VERY afraid if I were Nick. And he has to be a bit embarrassed that this is all happening on national television.

      She looks like such a trainwreck :/ Can’t help but pity someone so self-deluded because when she gets out of that house she will be spending the rest of her life living down her actions and words.

    2. at least GM’s obsession/crush on Nick could be viewed as sweet, misguided crush, even pathetic.
      Amanda/Mcrae on the other hand were just disgusting.
      always felt like i needed to go clean something after watching them. If they ever hook up in RL, will prolly
      see them next on “Hoarders”

  14. I hope these remaining houseguests realize it’s not JUST the Brenchel Army that doesn’t like them. Plenty of us “clear-minded individuals” dislike them too!

    1. You’re so right RHI – I’m a proud member of the NBA: Non Brenchel Army…. And, I also like your name – CMI – Clear-Minded Individuals..

    2. Exactly! So if you don’t care about the Brenchel Army why do you keep bringing it up? Sadly your reality will change when you realize that it just isn’t the Brenchel Army. I am not a part of that Army so you care what I think? You won’t like what I have to say. We are no army but the milita! We side with honor and integrity. You can play this game without making it personal. Keeping blaming the Brenchel Army when really it is the milita you should be worried about!

  15. GM’s obsession with Nick is soooooo creepy! She barely got a chance to know him, since he was in the house for all of 3 days (being sarcastic), yet she continues to speak about him as if they dated for years and years. I’m honestly scared for him when the show is over. Once she finds out that she’s tainted her reputation, lost her job and, on top of that, her “imaginary relationship” with Nick is complete no-go, she is going to go BONKERS!!! I’m talking complete MELTDOWN!

    I wonder if she believes in karma? Lol!

    1. Yeah. Can you believe that gutter trash racist GinaMarie had the audacity to admonish McCrae and tell him that he shouldn’t have hooked up with Amanda so early in the game and it was mistake? Meanwhile she was all over Nick like a biotch in heat and stalking him all around the house with her tongue wagging.

      What a freaking tramp. She also called Amanda a whore, like GM wouldn’t have been all over Nick if he hadn’t been sent packing so early. When he left, I thought her “relationship” with Nick’s hat went rather well. OMG who took Nick, I mean, Nick’s hat. It’s my sleeping buddy. She’s freakin’ psycho. Just like Andy and his fixation with everything Elissa. Now we find out that Double Dudd and Spencer decided Amanda and Elissa were attractive “at first.” Isn’t that sweet. You guys are so transparent.

      Nick, buddy, GM wants a kiss or she’ll kick your balls. Now who could resist such charm?

    1. Not a McCrea fan but prefer him to win over the other slimeballs. For him to get to final 2 would be quite a feat and he would deserve the win.

    2. I so agree w/you name. I want McCrae to win. Out of whose left he’s the only one I can at least say was least racist. I may be wrong but I never remembered him joining in w/the vile racism and bigotry. If anything he tried to put a leash and muzzle on his bed partner.

      1. JMR….McPussy IS TOO LATE! He should have been
        in the game – not playing house, with Amanda!! Bad move!
        Now, he is trying to play…..catch-up. He is scared-of what is
        next! Damn….dumb a$$!! He threw away his chance,at BB!
        He was not the worst player, to use filthy names or make
        remarks…..but he too, did his fair share-of bashing the others!
        Too bad, that he got side-tracked – with the sex-maniac!
        He was not in the game 100%, and it possibly, will cost him
        the $500K ?!?
        (change a game for sex – doubt it – was worth the $$$ ?)

  16. I previously stated on the last post that if Andy gets F2 I guess he deserves it but I like how nervous he seems to be. His rat radar might blow up. Oh my God!! a conversation is being had without Me!! His mask is slipping but no one will notice. He is so close he is already spending the money. GM and MC are the last ones with a chance to get him out. Let the games begin.
    ***** JESSIE AM FAV!! ***** They have talked as much sh*t about her as Elissa and I think she was smart and brave to go against Helen and Amanda. She could not hide behind Helen like Elissa did and Elissa wasn’t smart enough to put MC and Amanda up together. They could of gotten Amanda out sooner if Helen hadn’t thrown Jessie under the bus. Even Judd’s game could have been saved. Elissa in her HOH flip flopped on the target and yeah she got out Aaryn but I think that was based more on personal dislike of Aaryn than a game strategy. If you want to use Am FAV as a chance to give Andy and the gang the middle finger then VOTE JESSIE!!!!

  17. Come on! Do they really think that they can win HOH and keep control of the house with:

    Andy the Rat & GinaMarie vs McCrae
    rather than
    Andy the Rat & Judd vs McCrae

  18. Isn’t the wrap up party in the backyard?….Are family members, etc. allowed in?… I hope so. The Press will be there too?…. oh I cannot wait to see fireworks when Spencer, Andy, Judd, Amanda, GM all get to be face to face with the family members of people they have slaughtered with their comments. Spencer’s “Brenchel Army should commit suicide” will go over really well with Brendon and Firecracker Rachel, doncha think?…… Rat Andy, your 10,000 “I hate Elissa” comments were counted by those who count….keep your back to the wall. ANY wall. Judd, you will be faced with your vile comments as well. Oh Amanda, that terrorizing of Elissa was NOT a good idea. These last 5 idiots and Amanda in the JH apparently forgot all of their comments and actions were on live TV,and just wait til Amanda gets a load of the multiple videos of her racial rants all on YouTube. So much fun, hope we viewers get to see all of this. GM, maybe Candace’s mothers will face you and tell you Candace IS loved. And I think I want to see most of all that some of their family members have fled and do not want to be part of this. Spencer, Amanda, Andy, Judd, GM, I believe you have embarrassed your family beyond belief.

    1. Rachel is co-hosting the finale party at a place called Eleven the next day. They say some of the BB15 HGs will be invited. Brendon let it be known that any HG who trash talked his nephews will be talking to him–gloves off and he invited anyone to film it. The current HGs know there won’t be a Vegas Bash so I think they are finally beginning to see this is not going to be the exit they expected.

    2. Okay since we are about to go to blackout until after Wednesday’s show why don’t we start discussing what we would like Julie to talk about at the finale? Aaryn already got called out on some of her behavior but not the others. Demanda’s exit interview was so easy on her I couldn’t believe it.

      Since BB/CBS reads the blogs and comments now is the time for the fans to let them know what we want to see at the finale. But lets be reasonable and not be trolls about it. I’ll start.

      I would like Julie to read the dates and the verbatim press releases of the firings (Aaryn, GM) and the press release from Union Pacific regarding Spencer. I think we have a right to see their faces.

      I would like Julie to question Andy about his being and educator and how he chose to align with the racists and bullies.

      Any other REASONABLE thoughts?

      1. I also would like Julie to draw attention to all the racist, homophobic and threatening remarks made but I do not think it is her place to let them know they have been fired or investigated by police. Don’t misunderstand, I would love to see their faces when they find out but it is up to the employer to give the official notice of termination ( even though it has been in papers and blogs). I would also like 4 random audience members given a chance to question the F2 BEFORE voting to give a little more insight to the jury. Would also like random audience members be given right to ask questions of each hg although that might provoke a free for all which CBS does not want to happen. CBS must be very worried at what might happen on finale night and will be trying to do damage control in every way possible. As Julie hosts The Talk, it would have been fun for the hg contact to include that they can/will be interviewed on Julie’s show the next day. The Talk panel would have a field day with this group. What I definitely do not wish to see is GM or any other hg confronted about their remarks and then making apologies. If one is backed into a corner and feels the need to apologise, that apology is not sincere. Game or no game, GM’s remarks to Candance re adoption and remarks made about Elissa’s son were below the belt and a forced apology is a waste of time.
        An after show follow up would be fun to see if only for the entertainment value to see “how the mighty have fallen”. Maybe TMZ will get on this.
        Finally, as I mentioned in a previous post, I would like to know how one gets tickets to the finale. I realise it is too late for this year but SIMON and DAWG deserve to attend next year. If everyone who contacted CBS/Fly On The Wall, etc re complaints would email or phone, maybe we can get them invited. If not for BB US, then perhaps BB Canada. These two have worked their backsides off keeping us up to date and entertained and would love to see them rewarded. If anyone on this forum has the contacts, please see what can be done.

    3. Amanda had given Elissa a apology that I believe was quite honest and heartfelt. Amanda was already beginning to have remorse on her behavior, {thanks to production} but when GM and her had their fight she had a “eureka moment”, and mentioned several times this must feel the way I made Elissa feel, and she was embarrassed, and ashamed of her behavior.
      Amanda let the power go to her head and she acted out in the most vile manner!! But at least she realized how vile she was before she went to the JH, I don’t believe the others will, they make excuses for their bad behavior.

  19. spencer, andy, judd should not win this game they did not do nothing to make them win all they did is talk about people
    ginamire she won some compertections more then one
    mcrea one more then one
    i belive mcrea vr ginamire final two sholud be that way with mcrea winning big brother 15

    he get candice vote
    spencer vote
    andy vote
    amanda vote
    elssia vote

    she get
    helen vote
    aryan vote
    judd vote

    mcrea wins 5-4 votes
    jesse vote

  20. Judd always makes bad game moves and picking the wrong side to be on only to get blind sided again.
    Andy is a Lair, Rat, snake, crybaby you can never trust. No one should vote for him to win. They were all so stupid to trust him popping in on every conversation.
    Spencer needs to wake up and realize his best move is to get rid of GM right now.
    MCPuss is till a Puss for knowing Andy is lying but didn’t get him out when he had the chance.

  21. The only exciting thing left to see is Judd walking into the jury house to face all those women. Including Jessie and Aaryn. Too bad we haven’t actually seen any of the jury house yet. I think that would be a lot more interesting to watch.

    1. She may not have Nick, but she can always cherish the time she spent with his hat.

      Gutter trash, racist, freaking nut case.

  22. The houseguests keep talking about who’s going to win America’s favorite. I think it’d be great if CBS axes it this year. I don’t think any of them deserve the title of “America’s favorite.” Just have the finale, have the wrap party, and then turn out the lights and everybody go home til next year.

    1. They can’t turn out the lights until the Hazmet crew has finished. It would probably be cheaper to tear it down and build a new one.

  23. On BBAD Last night…Spencer was frantically trying to pack his pedophile statements. They’re talking about movies…and he mentions child murederers are bad..but child molesters are the worst.

    HOWEVER……..while mentioning child molesters..he’s pawing his privates !!! My blood ran cold.

    1. That doesn’t really mean much – he’s ALWAYS pawing his privates. They could be talking about the weather and he be all over himself.

  24. I dont think that McCrae wants Amanda, and he should not. He wanted to break free of her for awhile. I want him to win. From day one, yes, she was overwhelming his game and he let her. But since she has gone, he has played to win. He has not blashed anyone, not his style.

    Andy is a pig, no words for that little man.

    GM just plain stupid and screwed up in the air head of hers

    Spencer is a prevent.

    Judd did like him, but he is so insecure.

    Come on McCrae win, left Amanda and be free

    1. Actually McCrea hasn’t said some pretty bad things in the past few days. He’s not completely innocent. Although he’s not as bad as Andy and Spencer.

  25. Production give GM a book “He is Just Not that into You” or take Nicks blue hat back.

    My god that house is a box of worms. Spencer and Andy can not man up and tell Judd he is the one being evicted.
    Just tell him. It is final 4.. who is going to come after you for telling him? who? Just do it. You know he is going home,
    even if McCrae votes to evict GM, Andy votes to evict Judd.. Spencer you are the tie breaker. Just put him out of his misery.
    Blindsides at this point are not strategic.. they are just weak and spineless.

    1. I seem to remember Andy crying when he was on the block and begging everyone to not blind side him, just tell him if he was going home. Hypocritical little lying rat who takes great glee in backstabbing others and complains that he cannot have a private conversation with Spencer. I believe he was the one running around making sure that no one had an opportunity to have a private conversation EVER! I have NO respect for the mean-spirited manner in which Andy has been playing this game.

  26. Fans are repulsed for good reason this year. Please- no lectures on how they are just playing the game. This season has been a non stop extravaganza of women hating, bigotry, and plain vile behavior. And getting a history lesson from Spencer about Hitler’s good qualities (?). – these people are just imbeciles. Worse, not one of them has ever made a stand for civility, with the exception of Elissa. Thank God they are not representative of where most people are at these days, and that is what these folks are going to find out when they leave the BB house. I really do not care who wins. Let them fester in their hatred and slime.

  27. I’m thinking here that Andy may end up winning this thing. Here’s my reasoning. He’s a Communications professor which means he has at least a Masters if not a Doctorate ( which he could have kept secret). In communications, you don’t just do speeches, you study other kinds of communication such as interpersonsonal communications and intrapersonal communitions. As a teacher myself of communications, I have watched the players and caught Andy studying the others body language. ( that’s important because you can say anything but your true feelings come out in your body language). Point here is although Andy is studying others and portrayed himself as innocent,he’s a player. he does a lot of things to gain trust…..he mimics ( mirroring) what someone’s body language is…he has body space down to a science and he knows each of other players triggers. The one thing Andy is not realizing is although he is using his training to read the others, he comes off as frightened and shut off. Note how much he crosses his legs and arms ( perfect example in the group shot by the pool). Although he speaks as though things are cool, you can see his fidgets, and his excessive use of his hands near his face which is defense. Combined with crossed legs and arms, Andy is telling us that he’s becoming increasingly uncomfortable. Check out the others body language as well….if you look closely you’ll see all too easily how their body language shows their feelings to others. I’ll stop now but keep an eye on them and speaking of eyes….if someone looks up yo the left while speaking, it’s most likely an untruth…left=lie, and if they look rights it’s because the are “right”. Think about it and check out others pics and even positions on the couch……they tell volumes!

    1. Rat Dog may have his degrees in communications but if he gets to the F2 he will be facing a bitter jury. He also can’t deal with face to face confrontation which is not a good thing for a communications professional. He will be looking into 7-9 angry faces and I’m sure he will take his “front of the class” stance and talk about how it was just game play and not personal. But this has been the most personal season I have seen and he doesn’t seem to have remembered that in his goodbye messages. He’s been snide and smirky and this group will remember that. I would really be surprised if Rat Dog walks away with a win.

    2. He is an adjunct instructor at a community college, I am quite sure that at best Andy has a Master’s degree. In reality he probably only has a Bachelor’s degree. He tries to play himself up as something that he clearly is not. He is not clever or funny, he is small minded and mean. The way he acts and dresses it is clear that he is a sad little man with a pathetic back story.

      1. Even as an adjunct professor you must have a masters degree. In fact, with the overflow of masters degrees being churned out, most schools can expect and get, higher quality professors. I do agree with Suz tho, Spencer has grossed people out and GinaMarie has angered most of the HGs. It may now be at the point of choosing the least repulsive of them all.

    3. The problem with relying on reading body language is the same as relying on lie detector results or hand writing analysis: stereotyped patterns are generalized to everyone on the planet without any concern for individual difference.

      Sometimes the simplest answer is the correct answer. For example: some people sit with their legs cross simply because they like to sit with their legs crossed, not because they are uncomfortable or subliminally giving an unequivocal sex invite. There are too many reasons to list as to why someone may move their eyes around while interacting with others.

      Another example. If Judd were to take a lie detector test, he would fail even if he was telling the truth. His nerves are all over the place, and the results are based on changes in heart rate etc.

      Andy may make it to final 2, but not because he a master at reading body language, but because he runs his mouth constantly and inserts himself into everything that happens in the house, which means he always has all of the information about everything. To me he is transparent,but to these house guests not so much. Elissa figured it out, but couldn’t do anything about it and is in jury house now. McCrae figured it out, but didn’t do anything about it because he didn’t want to upset the other house guests by not nominating Elissa.

      1. i’m perhaps twice Andy’s age but in the first half of the current season he came across like the new kid at
        a school who carefully studies the kids in the groups on the playground before cutting across the same…
        he looked pensive and defensive, as to anticipate all bullies who’d dump his books. he is almost schizoid in
        that the entity he is as a gamer is almost the opposite of who he is as he socializes. he’s hoping that people
        are either extremely forgetful and disorganized or very forgiving of him. i feel he has burnt too many bridges.

        1. I think he has burnt to many bridges as well, but we will find out soon enough. Had he played the game without being hateful and degrading to others, people may have forgiven him simply because he is so transparent and they were too oblivious to see until Elissa and Amanda arrived at the jury house to fill them in.

  28. Just watched Sundays show, who did rat boy pleasure to get that much DR air time? He looks like a cartoon character come to life, incredibly annoying! Also Elissa was so pathetic with her save me McRae pleads, she should have said F*** OFF ANDY!!! and kicked him in his balls…

  29. There should be a poll for the Nick/GM meeting at the finale: A. he won’t be there. B. he’s there with a girlfriend. C. he’s there with a boyfriend. D. he has a bodyguard and a restraining order. E. he’s alone and throws up on her when she tries to kiss him.

    1. Nick is a publicity ho and is already trying to sell off a “date” with him and GM. He’ll use her as much as he can then drop her because that’s what kind of guy he is.

  30. Ya gotta know they crapped in their own cereal when they don’t even get Pandora’s box. Tell the bunch of them there will be no more comps and it has been declared a draw. Give them 6 bucks each and the rest to charity.

  31. McCrae should vote to evict GM. That way Judd will know that Andy and Spencer voted to evict him, and McCrae will gain a vote if he is final 2.

    1. Two homeless men are standing around bragging about their day. Mc says “Today i found $20, and was able to buy a nice hot meal. It was my luckiest day ever!”.
      to which the Spencer replies: “oh yeah, my day was way better! I was at the train yard, and found a woman tied to the train tracks. After I untied her, we f*cked all day”
      “Did you get a blow job?”
      “Naw, I couldnt find her head”

    1. I’m enough of a science fiction fan so that I’m wondering about the alternative dimension to this one
      in another universe that is almost exactly like this one but it has Howard, Candice, Nick, Jessie and
      Helen being the Final Five. had things been slightly different, we’d have had a totally different season!

      1. I remember liking everyone at one time or another.. Howard was horrible at the game I liked him at the time because he was going after Amanda’s crew which ran the house for most of the game.

        1. it looks like poor JUDD is going out the door again
          and poor lil ole GM is going to get a few more cuts
          and bruises in pursuit of the prize money. i must
          admit the only thing i’d like to wager big on is the
          size of the tidy turd Spencer wants to deposit on
          CBS’s stage. SMALL, MEDIUM + LARGE let alone
          perhaps even VERY RUNNY if he boozes it up are
          hypothetical ways to bet, if he tries to keep his word.
          even if he drops his pants a tad before security jumps
          him, i’d think him less full of hot air, it gives the finale an
          edge. Andy and McCrae may end up as the final two…

        2. Howard was a boring housemate from the start. He hardly said anything in general house conversations. When he did open his mouth he hardly made any sense. He constantly lied. He was incredibly sanctimonious. He stuck up for that chronically annoying women Candice – accusing anyone who dared criticize her as being a racist.

          Elissa is the only person leaving BB15 with credibility. But I bet an All Stars 2 will feature at least four of these numbskulls.

        3. I don’t think we ever got to see Howard’s game. From day 1 the racism started and he was not only dealing with his reaction to it but was also keeping an eye on Candice and trying to calm her down. Having to hold in all that anger 24/7 with no where to just get away didn’t allow him to really have a game. Unless you are a person of color in that situation, we can’t even imagine what it was like.

      1. Come on folks! Isn’t anyone going to stick up for Simon in general and specifically for his right to his own opinion– especially ON HIS OWN WEBSITE!!! Many people here have posted who they wanted for final five, four , three, two, one. Whether you agree with him or not is not the point. I respect His and Dawgs opinion over anyones on this forum–even tho I disagree about the final 5. I’d be interested to read more about why this 5 and any other thoughts Simon and Dawg have about this season or any other season..
        I also appreciate that they allow us so much leeway in our comments/opinions. They are far less restrictive with some of the comments posted than I would be in moderating this site. Some of the posts that have made it thru are as vile as the HGs spew!. But again, I respect everyones right to their own opinion, as long as the hate in our words stays on the page and does not result in anyone being physically harmed–IMO. Love you Simon and Dawg! Thanks so much for all you do for us!

    2. Compare this f5 to last year

      We had Dan – if you think Andy is a rat then you must have hated Dan
      Michelle – every bit as crazy as GM, though not as mean
      Shane – kind of a light weight – better looking than Spencer I guess
      Ian – reminds me a lot of MC – except MC got the girl and Ian didn’t – which is why I think Ian likes MC
      Joe reminds me of Judd a little

      No truly epic player like Dan – but the rest are pretty similar. Andy is playing the game – which seems to annoy people to no end.

      BB13 had Jordan (who is impossible to dislike, hotter than hell, and not the sharpest knife in the drawer which could make her pretty funny) – no one similar
      Rachel – couldn’t stand her, but better than GM
      Porsche – hotter than hell, but no better a player than any of the remaining ones this year and came off as a spoiled brat
      Adam – reminds me a lot of Spencer
      Kalia – in a strange way reminds me of Andy

      BB13 had one person who was a likable as they come on BB in the f5, and they were better to look at than this group. But are they better players? I don’t really think so.

    3. I know I wasn’t crazy Simon. What is up with all these haters on this board.

      I think this has been a really good season of game playing, especially from Andy. I wouldn’t have a problem with McCrae winning, had he started playing the game earlier.

  32. I throw my hands up. I apologize for my tirade in advance. So the winner will be (1) Spencer: Fresh-out-of-rehab-Spencer: A misogynist in every sense of the word; who goes into vivid description of his disgusting sexual fantasies (ie: “butterscotch p****”); A person who describes every woman as a c*** or bitch; who makes vile, perverted “jokes” about children that led to him being investigated by the police while in the BB house; who spends the days with one hand down his pants and the other picking his nose; who thinks there is good evidence that 911 was a conspiracy; who never moves his body and is as lazy as the day is long; who uses the word “hate” as frequently as most people use the word “the;” who likely lost his job due to his behavior in the BB house; Spencer is a pig. (2) GM: An illiterate, sad excuse for a 33 year-old woman. GM, who cannot pronounce a word with more than 2 syllables; who uses vile, hateful language against other races; who said she does not date “outside of her species”; who believes the Sandy Hook massacre AND 911 were conspiracies; who curses like a sailor; who cannot spell the word “Chicago”; who did not know San Francisco is in CA; who is quite literally obsessed with a young man she knew for a few days and seems to think they are getting married; who also uses the word “hate” in just about every sentence; who has what sounds like a pretty serious eating disorder; who farts and burps leaving her stench everywhere she goes; who lost her job due to her behavior in the BB house. GM is truly pathetic. (3) MC: Who came in with so much promise but found a “mommy” then spent more than 70 days sucking on her teats and doing absolutely nothing else but lying down, biting his nails, picking his feet or sleeping; who exemplifies the word “lazy”; who is physically filthy; who stands by while others harass, bully and degrade others (which is just as bad as participating); who sadly is also is a hater. MC did not really have much of a job to loose, so we’ll see. Who has made somewhat of a turnaround since his “mommy” left, but let’s not forget the first 70 some days. MC is a specter of a man. (4) Andy: Where does one begin with Andy? Andy may be the worst because he supposedly is an educator, the most honorable profession there is and yet he is the antithesis of anything honorable; who is filled with rage and hatred; who stands by and insidiously derives pleasure from watching others being bullied and attacked; Andy, who is so full of glee at the expense of others being hurt; who brags about cheating in school; who lies and backstabs with such immense pleasure and ease; who is in love with his own adorableness and dresses like a 5 year old; who likely will not be working as an educator in the future. Andy is an ugly human being. So there are your final four. These are the folks who will be rewarded with a prize. So deserving….Again, I apologize for the rant but I used to love this show. It was fun. It literally sickens me now.

    1. CARL — wonderful statement. You have eloquently and concisely summed up what 95% of this forum ( and probably North America) feels about the FIRKIN FOUR.

  33. Would love to see a “Where are they now” on these BB houseguests. Give them about 6-8 weeks back in the real world and then follow up on them so we all know what direction their lives took after the show. I would be willing to bet their lives will go in much different directions than they are thinking.

  34. Did anyone catch Spencer comment last night on BBAD? He was talking about a business partner who was a rapper. He pretended to be smoking a joint. Maybe the Conway police department and Union Pacific railroad need to check him out for drug use. You think I would be cheering for me him since I live in Arkansas. He gives us a bad name for the following reasons- 1. picks his nose 2. plays with his balls 3. racist comments and 4. gay remarks. GO MCCrea

    1. Margie if you live in Arkansas you should be more concerned that Spenc the Perv also talked about smoking pot while at work. I know that a variety of things are transported by rail through Arkansas and I’m sure you remember the train crash that wiped out an entire town earlier this year.

      And lets not forget the Gentleman Spenc the Perv. On top of all the vile things he’s said about women such as he doesn’t mind them screaming when being raped because everyone knows that No means they really want it, he has from day 1 called women c**ts, etc. GM had a broken foot and had just come out from having 9 stitches in her other leg and he laughed right to her face. Then GM was the one who had to make dinner and she cut herself. This brought more laughter and she was the one who had to wash the dinner dishes!! The type of man every woman dreams of…

  35. I really want to know how bad of a personality they claim Elissa had. I saw the feeds and never heard or saw her mistreating others for no reason. At one point she did stand up for herself because they’re was constant attacking her. She was the bigger person in many of these events. She was kind to others the only one she couldn’t handle was Aryan and in the end that’s what messed up her game she got caught up in retaliations instead of figuring out some moves.

    Hope she doesn’t vote for Andy or Spencer in the finale.

  36. I really don’t understand why so many people want Elissa to win AF. I get the Brenchal army pushing that agenda but for those that aren’t part of that army, why? I felt bad for her on Sunday nights episode and when Amanda was bullying her) but she wasn’t that well liked. She didn’t play a great game, she didn’t have to overcome a lot of obstacles in the house (maybe 1st week but then people used her for MVP) and it wasn’t as though she was a sweetheart or eye candy. I’m curious. Why should Elissa get AF? I agree with previous poster. No America’s Fav this year would be best.

    1. Why is it unclear? Elissa said nothing racist or homophobic, and when bullied relentlessly by Amanda for several days she was the bigger person and turned the other cheek and even eventually came to a point of being forgiving towards her attacker. I was not a Rachel or Brenchel or whatever fan and I was pretty indifferent to Elissa when she came in this season, but those reasons alone made me like her more than anybody currently left in the house. Plus she stated many times that she was planning to use any winnings for charitable purposes, since (as many here keep pointing out) she didn’t need the money herself. Great game player, heck no. Decent human being, absolutely. And for many people here, that’s what counts.

      That said, I’m actually voting Jessie, for similar but not identical reasons.

    2. It’s called America’s FAVORITE, not best PLAYER…when will people get that straight??? It’s not who played the best game, it’s who we live the best. Yes, Elissa was snobby at times, but look at who she was dealing with. She is better than every HG on the show this year!!! It’s not about who NEEDS the money the most and it upsets me when I hear HGs and people on here say that she doesn’t deserve it because she already has enough. Most of you keep saying CBS should give it to charity-well, that’s probably what Elissa will do WHEN she receives it. Go Elissa!!!

  37. Some people think Andy will not have his contract renewed but I’m not sure. There will probably be some curiosity and people signing up just to see what he is like or give him their opinion of BB15. Heck! I am even considering signing up for a class even though I have no need to take it. I’d love to do a speech on how abhorant BB15 was this season and how disgusting the people are! Lol! I’d probably fail the class but I don’t care…

  38. You know the cast sucked when people are actually seeing McCrae as a good game player and person. He’s a 12 year old kid and acted like one wrapped in his meat shield. The only reason people (including myself) to win is only to see Andy go out the door. Even then I’d want Spenser to win and as much as GM offends me she played a better game too.

  39. Wow! Carl that was impressive. I personally am so confused over why I am feeling so much anger (more so than any other season) that I questioned if I am confusing game play over what I truly believe is a flagrant display of some of the worst of human behavior.

  40. If MC were smart…he would have kept Elissa giving him a shot at HOH and a bigger target and two playing for POV before F4. If she stayed then 50/50 and 66 2/3 to final two with E. still in house. Get her out at final 3 and he wins 500k.
    NOW, if he gets Ratman to tell him who to vote for and goes the other way….Spenister has to send one to jury…MC gets that vote as he can claim that was who he wanted to stay. Just go sad when Spinister sends one packing. Easy-peasy duckie-squeezy.

    1. He’s been asleep 95% of the season, plus he thought Elissa voted Amanda out, since he didn’t totally trust the deal. He just woke up and started playing the game, once his “Lover/Meat Shield” went out the door, remember he’s still got the lazy mind of a pizza boy/pothead, so can’t expect much outta him.

  41. Have any of you followed Dan’s or Ian’s (Stats and Heart) twitter feeds? I like to read them because those 2 have been there and have a pretty good idea about it all. They’re pretty much saying the same things as posters here are. Ian said he watched live feeds for 2 min but Spencer’s foul mouth made him turn it off again.

  42. lol I don’t know why, but even though GM is amazingly annoying, she has her moments where you can’t help but laugh at/with her.

    honestly….I have her as my fav of the group, simply because the rest are SO AWFUL

    Andy- is the worst….maybe ever. I prefer Ronnie the rat

    spencer- LOL

    mcrae- mcpizza…cmon man

      1. and you make it very evident that you cannot read. at all. or if you can, you lack comprehension

        I said that AT TIMES, you can like GM. you then make it about me liking her racist comments, which unless she makes 100 percent of the time, has nothing to do with my comment

        stop the freaking witch hunt, the racist comments are not funny, but she does have moments where she isn’t spouting off racist BS

  43. I am sick over who is left in the house to win this game. I just want to slap those in the jury house for being so stupid and following Amanda and her side kick. If they had played their own game instead of voting the way they wanted it may have all turned out so different. I want to slap Helen twice for being completely stupid as to what was happening right undernearth her nose. Who ever had the job of casting this years house guests should be fired. We’re all not perfect and I know there are some of those that cuss or say/do hurtful things but this group takes the cake. I miss those like Janelle, Howie, Will, Boogie, Chicken George, Diane, Jordan, Jeff, Britney, & Dan, this has got to be the worst cast ever. Worst than the nerd herd!!! CBS better get it together before next season or I may not be watching the next train wreck.

    1. seriously… if you want to cast for another “NERD HERD” season, you go to a very large Science Fiction convention,
      set up a booth in the hucksters room and sign up the more adventuresome and charismatic nerds who often are in
      full regalia. you might even do a cosmic mix of uber-nerd supefans and returning BB contestants from other seasons!

      1. I think what good grief is saying is that this cast is worst than season 6 nerd herd. Not sure if you thought maybe they were implying CBS needed to cast another nerd herd?

        1. it would take the intense nerds a while to open up and socialize,
          even if their opinions about the universe are as abysmal as the
          sixteen BB 15 contestants. any bigotry or racism would take a
          while to be articulated out. CBS then is spared half the grief!!!!!!

  44. “McCrae says Amanda never work with CBS again.
    Spencer – “I heard when she goes back to Bocca she’s going to have a defamation of character lawsuit”
    McCrae – “SHe threatened that a lot of times but I think this time she means it””

    Wait,What? must be a joke, the live feeds caught Amanda’s personality 110%, they didn’t miss anything.

    1. I’d love to be in that deposition. So Ms. Zuckerman you are saying that BB/CBS portrayed you in a negative manner, is that correct? Yes it is!! Okay let’s role live feed tape #2098 and can you tell us Ms. Zuckerman is this you saying you wanted to slit the throat of another HG so they couldn’t scream when they were raped? Well…ummm…well…it was just a joke!

  45. good lord, spencer with all the Marilyn talk….talking about Jessie can’t hold a candle to Marilyn. NOBODY can hold a candle to Marilyn. Hasn’t he heard that plastic blow up dolls melt??!

  46. CBS and BB should really “re-think” the whole rule book and BB game for that matter. THIS GAME IS OUT OF HAND. Just putting a disclaimer on TV before airing the episode is NOT GOOD ENOUGH. The creators of “The Glass House” have a much better concept. America gets to choose who leaves and who stays every week! You work as a team…you go on the block by votes from your peers…and then America decides. Also, scheming and lying is of course part of the game…but attacking housemates verbally to the point of what would constitute a harassment order, racial comments, bigotry, and attacking the houseguests family members is completely off limits and would warrant a one time only warning and then automatic eviction after that. ZERO TOLERANCE.

    I was not a “Brenchel Army” member…but I will be voting for Elissa for America’s Favorite. She showed WAY more class and than anyone in there when she was under attack from MANY different sources. (And to this day is still under attack) It’s ridiculous the way these grown people are acting. I’ve seen middle school kids act more mature! GM…you need to get a grip sister…you’ve lost your everlovin’ mind if you think Nick is going to give you the time of day after you leave that house. He should be signing a restraining order to be presented to you by Julie Chen at the time of your eviction!!

  47. Have you all forgotten, that is McCrea wins, so does Amanda, he is going to go move in with her and since he listens to her she will be in control of that money, I can’t even put my head around this, There isn’t anyway that I want Amanda to get her hands on that money

    1. If McCrae wins, there’s no way he’ll stick with Demanda. He didn’t mourn her eviction for a hot minute. They had to ask him to cry in DR for his goodbye message and he couldnt do it. He didn’t even cry afterwards. Who cries after evicting J-U-D-D but not after someone they’ve been shagging for 77 days? He has talked about still having feelings for a girl back home (Jessica?) so I’m sure he’ll ditch the Amazonian rapist, Amanda, and try his luck back home.

      1. I don’t see Amanda in McCrea’s future. If he wins, she may try, but I think he got a really good look at what she is really like and he didn’t like what he saw, but because of the game, he couldn’t back away from her without being overly noticeable. Of the 5 left, I want McCrea to win with GM in 2nd only because I can’t stand the thought of any money going to Spencer or Andy. At least we know GM NEEDS it so she can move out of her parent’s basement.

  48. Judd is right, not all Christians are like Elissa. I think she was too judgemental of everyone there, as a Christian, I believe she should have shown them all more love and not disgust. Yes, they have all done disgusting things but how many of us have never done anything disgusting in our lives? Regrettably I know I have. I think she blew a huge opportunity to walk along side of them and sadly chose to look down on them. :-(

    Let the thumbs down begin! LOL!

    1. When Elissa was HoH she took GM under her wing. I actually started feeling sorry for GM. And GM actually stop cursing, burping and farting as much. She would even apologize when she did. Elissa talk with her about her eating disorder and was working on a high protein eating plan for her.

      Unfortunately as soon as Elissa’s HoH was over GM went right back to the scumbags.

    2. She turned the other cheek when under attack and even later forgave her attacker. That’s pretty “Christian” is it not?

  49. Do any of you who watch the live feeds know if any of the 5 remaining HG have told McRae that Andy is the person who voted Amanda out? If not, I find it amazing that they are all protecting the “rat”.

    Thumbs up if you know McRae has been told.

    1. He said that he knew Andy voted her out because he could tell he was lying but he still put up Elissa because he thought it was better for his game not to go against the house. It was sad to see Elissa beg Macrae to keep her but she should talked to him and Amanda in case of situations. Instead Elisaa left everything up to Amanda. She failed to cover her bases wih Macrae.

  50. back the bb15 train up…….what’s up with the comments from the live feed on defamation of character and amanda? how can she sue if she
    is the one that is defaming her own character? confused on that one!

    1. Wouldn’t there have been something in Amanda’s contract with CBS/BB15 that covered her “role” as it was described to her, and that CBS/BB15 reserved the right to direct her (or something like that)?

      Usually the networks have fleets of “entertainment law” attorneys who make sure the contracts have enough wiggle room so that they are covered against lawsuits.

      It would also be costly for Amanda to initiate a lawsuit against CBS unless she finds a lawyer who would take it on contingency – if they don’t win, the lawyer doesn’t get paid, unless the lawyer is happy with the notoriety. She might do it for the publicity she’d get.

  51. It is amusing that the 4 remaining “men” in the Big Brother House are all unappealing and homely and they feel entitled enough to make fun of past houseguests looks. Elissa had a banging body and Amanda wasn’t terrible looking, just a very ugly personality. Andy looks like the helicopter hat wearing puppet from Romper Room.

  52. all remaining houseguests have referred to fellow hg’s as c–nt. this is lowest level of male piggery. no wonder andy was given picks to open and paint,,,
    he is such a pig, and hater of women. But they all participated, swept away by each other’s behavior…downward spiral…..for mcrae to end up looking the
    best out of all of them is scary… he does not even pay his own cell phone, his mom pays his cell phone bill for him…he doesnt bathe, and he spent the season in bed,,,,If Mcrae wins the money, he will never work, or learn to support himself, and decades later, be lost. He needs a chance to be creative,
    and support himself. and not be a looser in life. so for this i hope he does not win. plus, amanda wont stay with him if he looses, and that is a good thing.

    1. You can bet his mom will get her hands on that money and put it in an annuity that pays him a monthly amount (living expenses). That way he can go to LA and chase his dream of producing something but Demanda won’t be able to get her hands on it.

      While a Man wouldn’t let his mother do that we all know McStinky is not a Man (can’t even pick his own nose) and he’s embarrassed his family enough that he’ll agree to what ever they say.

  53. We must all be masochists if we’re still watching the show, it’s torture, they all suck. Simon, its like you’re the sadist rubbing salt in our wounds by saying you like The Excretionators, oh sorry i meant The Exterminators., Great job though this season, thanks Simon and Dawg.

    1. Why bother posting something that says everything sucks on the show – on a site dedicated to the show?

      I don’t get that – if it sucks why do you care enough to post?

  54. None of these people this season should ever come back as an all-star. The ones that were likeable were bad players and the ones that you love to hate who won comps. were hard to watch and they let Amanda control the house and their wins. The only game play I saw was who could be the worst in bad mouthing the evicted houseguest. I have never seen a group of men who are just as catty as the women. I think the only pleasure I got was watching Aaryn get evicted and seeing her sweat when Julie confronted her about her actions in the house. Then Julie spoiled it when she didn’t do the same to Amanda. There is not one person in the final five that I think should win. Just a bad season all the way around.

    1. CBS would probably bring back Aaryn. Picture the marketing: “Has Aaryn learned her lesson? Will she be able to get along in this multi-racial house? Or will she revert to her racist ways? Tune in this summer to find out!”

      1. I think CBS is done with this group. I don’t ever expect to see them associated with CBS/BB again. You can be sure legal is on the case.

  55. Really really hope McCrea pulls out an hoh win and gets to participate in the final 3 hoh. That way you get all these bug control asses realizing the master bug was right there for the squishing, and now they be getting squished. Don’t want gm. Don’t want Spencer, don’t want Andy, so since Judd is gone baby gone, hope its McCrea all the way. What?!?!?

  56. Of course Andy will miraculously start winning upcoming HOHs & VETOs. IT’S LIKE BB Murphy’s Law. How else would you explain Amanda & McCrae’s wins just in the nick of time HOH & VETOs? I would really hate to think of any rigging by CBS. ‘Twould make me lose my faith in honesty & fair play.

    I also questioned the timing of Elissa’s change of heart re getting rid of Aaryn. Elissa completely disregarded Helen’s (for once) good advice to put up McCranda and instead focused on her very personal dislike of Aaryn. BUT immediately after a diary room session she called Aaryn to her HOH and laid out a plan to backdoor AM. Too bad Aaryn had to tell GM. Same thing happened with he about-face to support Amanda. Right after a DR. she talked w/Amanda about keeping her. Too bad the suck-sterminators heard of the plan from ever-loyal Andy, who proceeded to run & rat out that plan to his new BFFs.

    Elissa really did alienate the hgs with her disdain for them. She ignored all her sister’s advice: make friends, make alliances and play hard to win. also, don’t play with your heart; play with your head. She didn’t. I am also not a Reilly sisters fan but do think that Elissa deserves the AFP dough. She comported herself the best she could ( I could’ve lived w/o the comments about “those people” with complete disgust in her tone.)

    1. Chrissy, it wont be miraculous when Andy starts winning HOH and comps. It’s his game. He’s been sitting back waiting for this moment. That’s why he has played the best game.

      Though I like McCrae, he hasn’t played the game all Summer. Andy will win HOH and put up McCrae and GM. He will of course tell him he isn’t the target. McCrae will say, yup, yup, yup, yup. If McCrae dosn’t win the POV he’s gone.

      I think it’s going to be Spencer and Andy in the finals with Andy winning in a landslide.

      1. Richard, don’t be so sure. Andy can’t beat McCrae in final 2. Remember Helen & Elissa doesn’t trust Andy because he is a rat. That why McCrae will win big brother. He won 2 HoH and 3 PoV. That’s impressive for McCrae.

        1. I somewhat agree with you Cap. I think it’ll be close vs. McCrae Cap. Anti-Amanda jury member may not vote for McCrae, just because of his association.

          I agree that McCrae has played well, since Amanda left, but I don’t think he should be awarded for a 15 day game, when it lasts almost 90 days.

          But I think Andy is going to get McCrae out this week, just to ensure it.

          1. Don’t be so sure!! McCrae will easily bet Andy!! McCrae is much impressive of winning many comps but Andy can’t win big brother because no one will not trust him. Believe me.

  57. Of course Andy will miraculously start winning upcoming HOHs & VETOs. IT’S LIKE BB Murphy’s Law. How else would you explain Amanda & McCrae’s wins just in the nick of time HOH & VETOs? I would really hate to think of any rigging by CBS. ‘Twould make me lose my faith in honesty & fair play.

    I also question the timing of Elissa’s change of heart re getting rid of Aaryn. Elissa completely disregarded Helen’s (for once) good advice to put up McCranda and instead focused on her very personal dislike of Aaryn. BUT immediately after a diary room session she called Aaryn to her HOH and laid out a plan to backdoor AM. Too bad Aaryn had to tell GM. Same thing happened with her about-face to support Amanda. Right after a DR. she talked w/Amanda about keeping her. Too bad the suck-sterminators heard of the plan from ever-loyal Andy, who proceeded to run & rat out that plan to his new BFFs.

    Elissa really did alienate the hgs with her disdain for them. She ignored all her sister’s advice: make friends, make alliances and play hard to win. Also, don’t play with your heart; play with your head. To be fair, Helen wouldn’t listen to anything but the sound of her own voice. Lest you think otherwise, I liked Helen and Elissa. Helen just got hoist by her own petard by believing in her own infallibility. (Shakespeare)

  58. Before Nick was evicted wasn’t he trying to avoid being in alone with GM? Does anyone remember or is this season so bad my mind is playing tricks on me?

    1. I remember him running from Jessie. I honestly don’t remember much of his interaction with GM. Either way, GM is in for a big letdown when she finds out he has no romantic interest in her.

      He gave a recent interview where he really avoided saying anything bad about GM but it was clear from his responses, he has absolutely no interest in dating her.

  59. I hate to say it but I guess I’m hoping for a McCrae amd Gina final. It sucks but not as bad as Andy or Spencer making it to the end. i would rather see the burnout and Snooki than a bearded Anthony Weiner and a truthfully challenged rodent.

  60. GM reminds me of Snookie for some reason. They are both not very bright, but have spunk and interesting personalities. They both don’t give a shit and live in there own little worlds. Gm gives it her all even though she is injured. She does not back down to anyone. They both have lots of flaws but are likable.

    1. I do not think GM is even truly racist….just ignorant and dumb. When speaking about Elissa’s son, I think it came out wrong but she was calling Elissa a “dirt sht”….for lying and presenting this perfect family image, she was angry that Elissa went behind her back. and was looking for anything negative she could find. She gave her word and kept it, and expected the same back from Elissa. She was angry at Candice, mainly because she thought Candice attacked Erin first. GM seems to “fight dirty” when on the defense, but only seems to strike defensively or if someone she is loyal to is hurt. She just says what she thinks will hurt. I think she is just dumb and does not express herself the right way so she creates a lot of enemies. I loved the video she left for Amanda…that was BB entertainment…lol She really does need a finishing school….the way she communicates…ugg…

      1. GM called that child a “spic”…said he looked like a dirty Puerto Rican…AND said there was no way he was Elissa’s husbands child…among other idiotic things. She (and THEY) were making fun of his artwork that Elissa had from him during her HOH.

        I mean REALLY….there is NO excuse for that kind of behavior. If I were anyone from Elissa’s friends or family…I’d clean her clock!

        You know…calling another grown woman racial things to her face is one thing…WRONG, but that’s one thing….to attack a child and call him names and make fun of him….that’s about as low as it gets. I can’t imagine any mother or father that would be proud of their “little girl” and her antics to win $500,000….her character and integrity is at a ZERO.

  61. I am not a fan of Elissa, Andy or Amanda. I just cringed at his and the others behavior toward Elissa at the DE. Just despicable – no one deserves that kind of hate-filled treatment. So I do support Elissa for AFP. If not, charity.

    Also, am I the only one who thought that Spencer’s Marilyn looked like a low-rent edition of Rachel Reilly? Same pointy face, nose & chin; reddish-brown hair with rather unfortunate hairdo and glasses. I have nothing against bad hairdos, am rocking one myself right now. I also wear glasses.

    Could someone tell me why Spencer says they should all be afraid of Andy right now? Andy has no power except for what those idiots give him.

  62. I’m sorry but why is everyone so upset that Andy lied to get himself where he is now? This is Big Brother! Lying is the entire game!

    1. Great question. I’ve been asking this all year. Other people did it and it was “part of the game”.

      It’s because he’s a homosexual. People get upset when thats said, but facts are facts. Why can’t a man and a man get married in most states? You will be told, because of traditional marriage………who’s traditional marriage? Most people are such hypocrites when faced with these facts. If Andy was a pretty female it wouldn’t be an issue.

    2. Agree about Andy and his rat-ness. I think this is just how he plays the game. Yes, he’s a rat… but playing both sides is his strategy. As a viewer I hate it b/c he rats out all of the blindsides and backstabbing and makes the season boring, but for him as a player… it’s brought him this far, so something’s working. I think he deserves to win more than Judd or McCrae b/c keeping all of the stories straight between different people/groups all season had to be hard.

    3. For me, it’s not the fact that Andy lies so much, it’s that he does so with great relish. No remorse. Then gleefully pats himself on the back in DR. It’s just so….tacky.

  63. I think McCrae is scoping out the lay of the land and laying low. He is keeping a lot inside. Bet it bugs Andy to no end. Would love to see Andy evicted next with everyone telling him that we knew if we kept you we wouldn’t win. That should stoke the little twerp’s ego.

  64. Did everyone else catch Spencer talking about his ‘business partner’ and make a gesture of a joint and winking and giving up his drug dealing partner.. ? yeah he admitted to dealing pot on after dark.. he goes back to work October 1st he said, and I hope they drug test him often after that… business partner my ass….. call him what he is your dealer,, you drive a train…… seriously…….. risking peoples lives,,,, not a joke son, not a joke … time to watch him… police and irs,,,, karma isn’t going to get you , its your own big mouth asshole..

    1. Spenc the Perv also said he smoked pot while on the job. That may be enough (on top of everything else) for his union to say they aren’t going to back his return. Union Pacific has released a statement twice saying because he is on official leave they can’t do/say anything until he applies to return to work due to the collective bargaining agreement. So if he does get his job back, they can blame the union and I don’t think the union wants THAT.

      1. I totally agree. I hope Spencer does get fired but…………………..

        Unions alot of times are a complete joke. It seems like 95% of the time, they are defending the bad employees (because they can’t do their jobs or have other issues). Everybody has equal rights to work, but if you can’t do your job, you shouldn’t be working, but Unions will back anything.

        Example that I’ve recently dealt with in my profession over the last few years. A female correctional officer is having sex with an inmate and bringing contraband inside the correctional facility. This is an easy firing, but the Union is present to fight for that person. It’s a complete and utter joke. She gave up her rights as an employee when she violated the safety and security of the institution.

        Another example………..A man just had his 4th sexual harrassment charge pressed against him. The fact that it’s the 4th time should say it all. These involved touching the private areas of the female. Again, the Union claims that no evidence. Maybe I’m just around a piece of crap union, but it seems like they are a waste.

        1. I am sure many people hope SPERVERT gets fired, including UPR. Fortunately for SPERVERT he has more than a union behind him. He has Daddy Judge and Brother lawyer who will fight tooth and nail to save his job so they do not have to support his sorry backside. I do know that I would not want to be on any trains operated by UPR unless I was given a written 100% assurance that SPERVERT was not on the same train. I do not want a self-admitted druggie operating any type of vehicle.

    2. I agree. Karma has nothing to do with the consequences these people will suffer. These house guests must not be aware of the consequences people who aren’t on TV suffer as a result of things posted on facebook, twitter, and youtube. Then again, these house guests are the kind of people that would post things on social media sites that would get them in trouble with their employers or record themselves committing crimes and post them on youtube.

  65. Julia-I did see an interview online with Nick after he was out of the house where he did say he would take GM out on a date to a Monster Truck Rally. He said he liked her, not loved her. I bet there won’t be a second date if he survives the first…lol

    1. I saw that he is auctioning off a “date” with him and GM. Nick’s just a publicity ho and GM is in for a rude awakening. But if she wins any money, I’m sure he’ll con her out of it before he leaves her flat.

      1. Well said Jackie. I’ve been thinking the same thing all year.

        Usually you sort of forget about the first 4-5 people evicted, but Nicks name has been mentioned thousands of times, pictures of him and everything.

        If I were Nick, I would be a little scared that a person, who I really didn’t know is that attached to me. If he were smart he would try to break it easy, but try to stay away from her. I think GM has some deep issues and I hope he dosn’t act like a fool for more publicity, because who knows what she would be capable of doing.

  66. I’m just saying if we are going to attack Syria and a bomb falls off the plane over the Big Brother house I didn’t see anything.

  67. Did everyone else catch Spencer talking about his ‘business partner’ and make a gesture of a joint and winking and giving up his drug dealing partner.. ? yeah he admitted to dealing pot on after dark.. he goes back to work October 1st he said, and I hope they drug test him often after that… business partner my ass….. call him what he is your dealer,, you drive a train…… seriously…….. risking peoples lives,,,, not a joke son, not a joke … time to watch him… police and irs,,,, karma isn’t going to get you , its your own big mouth asshole.. are you not going to print this.?

  68. Amanda is shopping at a grocery store. She picks up a half gallon of skim milk, 2 loaves of wheat bread, one dozen organic eggs, and some carrots. She goes to the checkout line.
    “You must be single.” the clerk says.
    Amazed at the flattering insight of the clerk, the woman says, “Yes I am. How could you tell?”.
    “Because you’re ugly”.

  69. Hey Simon, did you get the new Cat Choir CD? It’s pretty good~ especially The Impossible Dream, Born Free, and Beethoven’s 5th. I know you love singing cats. Check lt out.

  70. Judd: I like my women how I like my coffee…. In a burlap sack on the back of a donkey.

    Mc: I like my women like I like my fish sticks… … hot and battered.

    Andy: I like my men how I like my coffee……..ground up and in the freezer.

    Spencer: I like my women how I like my scotch……..twelve years old and mixed up with coke.

  71. Really dislike remaining hating hgs. Actually was looking forward to jury house scenes. Doesn’t cbs normally show jury house by now?

  72. Have to say; I’m loving that Andy’s official nickname is “The Rat”, god he’s been awful and I hope the jury make him cry!

  73. This game would have been so different if..every time Andy showed up to listen to a conversation, they told him it was private. Is this against BB rules? When someone asks you something why tell them? On top of that Andy would have self destructed long ago not knowing what was going on. I think it would have tortured him. Or why, when Amanda started spouting her demands, they just didnt tell her to shut up. Spencer did one time and i thought he would have learned it was ok, but he never did it again. And if Spencer would have questioned Amanda where she got her information Andy would have outed as a rat early on, as it was almost verbatim what was said.

    1. It’s not against the rules. If I remember correctly, Elissa asked him to come back later during her HOH when he tried to barge in on the conversation she was having. Andy constantly runs his mouth in the house, yet no one thought it might be a good idea to keep him out of their private conversations, and not answer the series of questions he asks them if he manages to miss a conversation. Instead of just saying “nothing worth mentioning,” as he asks for details about every part of every conversation, they just tell him everything. It was also odd to see everyone “voting with the house.” How did everyone voting with the house benefit anyone except Amanda? She is in jury house now, but still.

    2. This game would of been much different also if there was no MVP. Elissa would of been gone in week #2 and Nick would of been around longer.

  74. Ok, I have officially joined the band wagon that Amanda was a plant for CBS !

    1) All the talk about moving to Florida right before the show, and mom working for them and all the other previous accusations.
    2) Very, very kind edits.
    3) Julie totally letting her off the hook when she was evicted.
    4) McCrae said she will never work for CBS again.
    5) McCrae said “she made threats to file defamation a lot” I think in reference to her following their script her and knowing she was going to be hated and not have a job to go back to.
    6) McCrae saying “This time she meant it” Even though she kept telling them it will hurt her career as a Real Estate Broker or afraid she will have rocks thrown at her in the street they insisted she keep doing it for ratings.

    Ok with this being said she still agreed to do it, she still took the money, no one is that good of actress so some of it was real but they def had a hand in it. I bet when it is all over she will either have a huge payday, or show up on one of their shows !!

    1. Actually there is a web site out there claiming the final 5 were told by production to bash Elissa as much as possible. If this was the cause they that means they used up Rachel and the Reilly family as spit them out.

      They claim this is to get Amanda to win America’s favorite. (not sure how this is going to do it) It sort of makes sense in a way because

      1) after elissa aligned with Amanda the Rachelissa army warmed up to Amanda. They saw past everything she did in her past and instead the hate turned to Gina Marie, Andy and Spencer.

      2) The interview with Julie Cheng was very strange considering she pretty much threw Aaryn under the bus. CBS gave Amanda good edits with that the racist and controversial stuff she said. Hell, they went out of their way to show Amanda going to Aaryn and telling her she is being racist. Julie even brought that up in the interview to remind everyone.

      I guess the plan is for Amanda and Mccrae to be on the next amazing race and they need to clean up their image before that.

    2. To add more to this whole controversy Amanda was CBS plant..

      she also said on the live feed that Production feeds her lines to Mccrae. There is a video of it on youtube. right before she says it and right after it’s fishes.

    3. Demanda may have been a plant by AG but it she thinks she can file a defamation suit against BB/CBS and get a payout she’s crazy. A settlement would open a door that CBS doesn’t want opened. And all they have to do is show the live feeds of Demanda talking about slitting throats, killing other HGs, talking about her onion crotch, her coke addiction, etc etc etc.

      They may have feed her DR lines but all that is pure Demanda and I don’t think she wants Nancy Grace covering THAT trial.

  75. Thanks for the updates…donation coming your way, not much but all i can afford these days and times…

    As for bb now we sit and wait hoping we have the rat trapped with no way out of rat trap…hope he begs them to save him and they laugh in his face!!!

  76. A redeeming quality about McCrae is that he is reading The Bible. But I hope he gets to the New Testament because he talks a lot about the killings and horrors in the Old Testament so I guess he’s just reading that part. Hopefully he’ll continue reading the Bible after he leaves the house. I haven’t seen the others, except Howard and Elissa, read the Bible. I think they said Judd and Spencer go to Church and Judd sometimes goes to a Bible study class. But those two don’t act too Christian to me. McCrae has to keep reading that Bible, win BB and run from Amanda. I think that’s good advice.

    1. FYI: Yes it is commendable to read the bible, I suppose. However, MC stated on the feeds that he was going to start reading the bible so that he would start looking better to America.

  77. I’d like to know what’s going on in the house but I know we can’t because of today’s eviction. But anyways I’m 99% sure Judd was evicted today. What I don’t understand is why they are telling the HGs in the morning to act as if it were late at night so they can put that on BBAD. That’s a dumb idea. It’s better if they don’t put anything at all than trying to fool us into thinking that what we are watching is live. Or if not they could have filmed them in the morning and put that on BBAD with a note saying that it’s not live, it’s taped because of today’s eviction. That would be reasonable.

  78. Please stop with the Amanda was a CBS plant conspiracy!! WHO in their right mind would agree to come on BB and spout racist and hate filled slurs and sleep with a pizza punk who is more concerned with cleaning underneath his finger nails with his TEETH than actually brushing them or God forbid taking a shower. THEN because of contract you can’t tell anyone the role was “scripted” so you are seen as a desperate dirty ho-bag bully racist that everyone dislikes. Can you not see the ABSURDITY of this theory??!!!

    1. Yes Indeed! And instead of exploiting the seven deadly sins over and over…
      HOW about a program which champions and rewards the seven virtues.

      Now that would be some nail biting and compelling entertainment.
      Come on Humans. How about BEING BETTER.

        1. If you are looking for people on TV to be examples for your kids you’ve already failed. Jesus, parents are the examples for their kids, period.

    2. First off Amanda was a employee of CBS. Is she still? who knows. The fact she was a employee or former employee should of disqualified her from the show. In fact on the HoH comp where Judd returned she said she knew one of the people throwing balls. So who is to say this person didnt try to help her and threw bad balls to other people because he knew Amanda?

      There are always disclaimers by companies having prize contests and usually you cant work for the company that has the contest.

      So I guess we are supposed to ignore the fact Amanda herself said she was being “feed lines” by production. We must ignore Mcrae admitting she worked for CBS.

      I guess the reason CBS decided to go out of there way to show Aaryn saying racist stuff and not Amanda was what? Then Julie grills Aaryn about racist comments but doesnt say anything to Amanda.. in fact she tries to make it seem Amanda made it aware to Aaryn she was saying racist stuff.

      You say who would go on BB and say racist stuff? Apparently most of the house this year. What you failed to say was how CBS edited all of Amanda’s racist stuff out. If you didnt follow BB on the internet or watched the Live feeds.. then Amanda was just a little controlling thats it.. which was hardly the case

      Try looking at all the facts not just what you want to see and believe. .

  79. We have nothing to say about this years final HG’s so lets hope that next year CBS doesn’t look for pretty people and get more down to earth with regular people who are middle aged and over, average looking, but standout personalities. Put a bunch of them together and you’ll get a great season. Just saying……

    1. I think they should do an all men’s or all women’s BB. Also a BB with people in their 40s, they’re probably not as nasty as this group.

  80. Thanks for all u guys did this summer! It was a disappointing season but Simon and Dawg still fed my BB addiction. I donated (only 5 bucks) but if everyone could just make sure and give a little something back to these guys so we can continue to see this next summer, it would be appreciated by all!

      1. You’re very welcome! I appreciate your site, best bb site on the internet…i will continue to follow you all, and donate when i can. :)

  81. Simon and Dawg, I just donated…sorry it took so long this year. I haven’t commented much this season (first year I haven’t had a favorite all the way through) but I always enjoy your updates. You are amazing!

  82. Andy – “I’m so mad he won that veto I hate it”


    WOW, Andy hates ‘ it ” rather than Elissa. This day will be long remembered !

  83. Regarding AFP there really is no one that is likable as the people who have won it in the past. Brittany was funny, Jeff was a very likable guy, and Frank was kind of funny in a goofy way. None of this group is close. Elissa was so arrogant she wouldn’t sit next to people. Many went crazy at times – Elissa, Helen, Amanda, GM, Jessie. And of course you add in the racist stuff. MC was ok in a kind of slothful way – but he was so tied to Amanda it is hard to see him seperately. Judd was kind of loopy too.

    No one had to deal with more stuff than Candice, but she wasn’t exactly fun either.

    No idea of AF should be.

    1. Amanda purposely played the tyranny strategy which completely ruined this season. McCrae was as much to blame by condoning her actions. If McCrae wins the game or AP then others in future will be encouraged to try this hideous strategy. Both of them need to leave BB15 with NOTHING.

  84. can we just give all the prize money to Nick so he can use it to move far far away and buy a secret house on an island where GinaMarie can never find him

  85. I’ve watched BB since the first season and I absolutely love this show. It’s a guilty pleasure. But I absolutely have to say that this season is the worst season ever! But even though it’s the worst and it’s the first time I haven’t found a favorite to root for, I would be totally ticked if the show was cancelled!!

  86. Thanks to Simon and Dawg for running the best Big Brother site on the web. I visit several of the online BB sites and this is the best one. A special thanks goes out to your outstanding yoga photography coverage.

  87. Ok so does anyone else wonder, if there was a punishment and Andy had to wear a rat costume if anyone in that freaking house would figured that he’s a big rat? Ok, picture it, Ratty Andy in a grey rat suit, little rat ears and a wedge if cheese. He’s got beady, shifty eyes. You can picture it can’t ya. So why do these people need it spelled out for them? Andy=RAT!

  88. I’m planning on letting out the hugest nastiest fart mankind will ever have the displeasure to smell.

    The stench, in the form of a huge swirling cloud of green and blue color, will make those around her vomit violently which will then make the audience do so too. Julie will slip in some of it and fall face first into Spencers vomit which will be filled with corn.

    My owner will win BB15.

    1. 11:03AM Trivia.. (This may be it until Wednesday night)
      5pm TRIVIA on the feeds all day.. The Live Feeds will NOT return until after the Wednesday September 11th Episode.


      Guess I should read all of the blog before commenting. But it’s hard to do considering one may want to comment on a certain statement made by one of the heathens.

  89. Spencer – “What else did Jeremy do”
    GM – “He ji$$ed all over Kaitlin a$$”
    Spencer – ‘Lucky bastard”


    Bet Spencer’s beau Marilyn really loved to hear that coming out of her man’s vulgar mouth.

  90. Agree with you JUDD_GUMP! Have few other items WHY does ELLISA get 10,000.00 a month and the other HG get 1,000.00. (AMANDA never said how much she is getting!!) HOW did ELLISA all of a sudden want to be with AMANDA after she had her HOUR long session with PRODUCTION! PRODUCTION convinced her to stay in the house (who knows if she went to jury house or back home when she got evicted?) I wouldn’t be surprised if PRODUCTION promised her MVP ($25,000.00 if she stayed) especially since WE all know that they DON’T count the VOTES ANYWAY!!! With all the press against CBS/Big Brother there was NO way that they could let AMANDA win! They don’t mind the press but with RATINGS dropping weekly they couldn’t explain her prior employment and being friends with ALLISON! and her EX being a reality lawyer for CBS! TOO many coincidences!!!!

  91. Andy will nominate McCrae and GM. He wants his mate Spencer to control the vote and vote out GM. Andy and Spencer are desperate to float up McCrae’s backside.

  92. DAWG: Just wondering where people get the info re how much hgs receive each week or month? I read somewhere that hgs receive $750.00 p/w for their length of stay. Would like to see something that confirms Elissa receives $10,000.00 p/m. That figure is way too high.

  93. Someone commented earlier that the most used word on these posts appeared to be “vile” and that it would be a good idea to find a different word.I am posting list of synonyms, any of which will accurately describe the F4.

    Synonyms for vile

    As the feeds are down and SIMON and DAWG are hopefully enjoying a much needed rest, I went to the HOH blogs for my reading pleasure. SPERVERT currently has over 1900 posts, with about 10 cheering him on, including Marilyn, who is defending him at every opportunity.
    It was also interesting to note that as Ameanduh never won HOH, no blog. Maybe she really isn’t stupid. After reading comments in other blogs, she probably did not want to do a blog and expose herself to the kind of remarks made to other hgs.

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