Andy says you, me and Spencer all f**ked over someone in this house by blatantly lying to them.

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV Sept 7th
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 9th
HOH Winner: Spencer Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations: McCrae and Ginamarie
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn, Amanda, Elissa
Have Nots


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2:20pm Judd finishes his lunch, folds more laundry, shaves and treats his wounds with Purell. Judd then heads up to the HOH room door again and knock but gets no answer so he goes back downstairs. Judd goes back to pacing around the house. Judd then grabs his blanket and a few pillows and makes it look like he is sleeping in the hammock. He then goes back inside and grabs his hat and a vase for a head. He then adds shoes. Judd the heads back inside and talks to Andy who is now up. Judd looks out side and wonders if it’s Spencer outside. Andy says wait that’s Spencer. Judd says yeah he was doing laundry a minute ago.

Andy and Judd discuss what the jury house guests are doing. Helen is working out. Jessie is sleeping. Candice is pu$$y popping. Amanda is screaming at Jessie while she sleeps. Elissa is doing yoga. Never mind she probably isn’t even at the jury house.


2:45pm – 3pm They head outside and Andy says that is not Spencer. Andy goes over and checks out the fake Spencer. They fix it to make it look more real. Judd and Andy sit on the couch. Judd says oh my god I am nervous about tomorrow. Andy says don’t be. Judd says if I wasn’t sitting on the block with another exterminator I wouldn’t be worried. Andy says we have a much better shot at beating McCrae with you here. They discuss Elissa. Andy says Elissa was such a source of anxiety while she was here. I am so glad we got GM over Elissa. Judd says we need to start getting ready for next week. We need to start running. Andy agrees and says he will start running every night. Judd says we need to study the days too. McCrae doesn’t know the days as well as he says he does. Judd asks Andy to quiz him on the days. Judd comments that Candice said that this was the most traumatic experience of her life. Andy says you, me and Spencer all f**ked over someone in this house by blatantly lying to them. I f**ked over Elissa, you f**ked over Kaitlin and Spencer f**ked over Candice. Judd and Andy discuss the past events of the house. Judd says I wish we would have gotten Amanda out earlier. Andy says no I think we got him out at the right time. Judd says no we didn’t I went out the next week. Andy says but you came back, it all worked out. Judd asks so what should we do run, workout. Andy says break McCrae’s knee caps, push him down the stairs.. Judd comments the only reason I complained so much yesterday about my knee was because McCrae won the veto. Andy tells Judd you screamed “F**K” when he won. Judd asks did I?! Judd comments on how annoyed he was at Ian because he was cheering McCrae on. Andy says he doesn’t think McCrae has played a very good game. Judd tells Andy that if Aaryn tells Jessie and Candice in the jury house that I kissed her.. there is no way I will get either of their votes.

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Is the Wednesday eviction episode live or taped?


I’ve read that it’s taped.


seems like it will be a tuesday eviction, shown on wednesday…then the usual live thursday eviction

Kiren Dar

I’ve read that its taped on Tuesday.

Pinocchio Obama


Could you please verify something for me? Unless the above picture was photo shopped it seems you have a visual evidence of a house guest actually standing up. Not sleeping, not in bed, but an actual shot of a house guest in a vertical position. Could this actually be true?

Jeremy's Boat

I definitely think Spandy should keep Judd over GM. If McCrae pulled out another veto win, he would definitely take out Judd over Spencer/Andy. GM, who knows?

Judd is a first class Asswipe

I think Andy and McCrae should vote the shady asshole out, then GM should go, then Andy. Final two Spencer and McCrae. Those are the only two I can stomach winning anything at this point. Judd is an obnoxious asshole who already had his chance. Go back home already. GM is such a soulless turd, be gone with you, too. The Rat turd Andy because nothing would be sweeter then seeing the look on that ugly redhead’s face knowing he made it all the way to the end only to have his knees clipped from under him. God, what a bunch of disgusting losers. Judd is the biggest dickhead now with his constant whining and sense of entitlement. That ugly fucker needs to go on Wednesday. And to get retake grade school en route to the jury house. Lazy dumb ass.


It is quite evident that most of the people on this website are like some of the houseguests. It’s clear that Elissa hated Andy because he is gay. She preached all season long and acted like a Saint. Now, most posters on this board are doing the same thing. Calling him a Rat and making fun of his sexual orientation. Your just as bad as Amanda. Poor Howard, Candace and Andy. These 3 have been trashed this year and it’s wrong.

Andy has played a flawless game and is controlling it and all you people can do is hate on him. Yes, he was (a little) overboard on the Elissa hate………however, he didn’t go that far. People have their breaking point and he had his, though he is playing this game with class.

Go Andy. People always hate winners and that’s what you are!!!!!

Bring Back The GLASS BOX

Exactly Richard… it seems like almost every comment is just trashing everyone… okay… we have heard it. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT THOUGH and that is what people keep forgetting. Its cool to not like someone but you gotta respect the Andy’s of the world, he is a freakin winner…

Bring on the hating.. this is just virtual world and we are all entitled to our opinions.


Great Post Glass!! At least there are a few of us on here with some class and common sense.


I’m rooting for Andy. He’ s played the best game, and no one besides his friends and family can attest to what he’s like outside the house. People need to get over themeselves.



We all don’t know Aryn, Amanda or GM outside the house either. But our opinion of them and Andy has to do with their disgusting behavior in the house, separate from the game. If you think it’s cool to participate in bullying and racism because you like Andy’s game, it says a lot about you.


Never said I condoned bullying…I said andy has played a great game, and that we can’t know for certain what he’s like outside the game.

Thanks for trying to put words in my mouth though. I know what you’re doing, and you can back off now.


Part of his “GAME PLAY” was condoning Amanda in “BULLYING” Elissa.
Have you missed that part from the “LIFE FEED” and from the CBS broadcast?
Therefore, from your own words and reasoning, that’s who he is.
Plus a coward. who incessantly talks behind others.


if I had to choose it would be andy 5th mccrae 4th spencer 3rd and winner gm or judd but 1 is going this week oh well

Put Down the Pipe

” At least there are a few of us on here with some class and common sense.”

Don’t you two need to be at your Westboro Baptist picket line?

Andy sucks

They are the same person. He just writes comments under different names where “they” affirm each other.

In our opinion

Poor Candace, Howard, and Andy? Yeah. Those three have been living saints. They are no better or worse than the ‘normal’ house guests (since you, Richard, have decided to single them out based on their skin color and sexual identity). Please! Howard was a pathetic asshole with no game. He thought he was King Midas when he was part of the Moving Co. but he got humbled real quick when that alliance evaporated. Like a rat in a sinking ship he became desperate and tried to flip the house on those whose game was solid. Awww. Poor Howard. I bet you think that the face he lied – twice – on the bible didmt matter to those he lied to. Then there was Candy who had to ‘keep it real’ all the time with her big mouth. Talk about a loose canon. She could dish it out and the apologists like you say that’s ok. But don’t give it back to her otherwise you are a racist. I call bullshit on that. Candice, like Howard, got what they deserved because of shitty game play. And finally Andy. I haven’t seen ANY homophobic comments on here. Andy has been dumped on because he is a tattle tale and back stabber. Now, yes, everybody in the house has been that to some extent, but Andy has perfected that art. And he turned on his alliances without cause whereas nobody else did. And Andy has lied up and down to his allies faces only to betray them in the anonymity of the DR vote. That’s shady and sneaky. And his 100% repeating of anything he hears to everyone else has earned him the title of Rat Turd and Ratboy. His being gay has nothing to do with it. So keep making excuses for the aforementioned three, Richard. But you are deluded to say they didn’t deserve the treatment and subsequent comments they got or that it was because of their race or sexual orientation.


Really easy for you to dismiss what Howard and Candice went through in that house and say it is just bad game playing.


Great comment! I agree 100%. I don’t see colors, I just see a house full of people. Some I like more than others, and others I don’t like. But it’s a game. A lot of people that post take it too seriously. I don’t want to see anyone’s life destroyed over things that happened in a game. What I don’t get is everyone’s indignation about the “hard to see Candace in the dark” comment, but it was ok for the zing bot to say Andy is pasty white. If the fish in the tank had been blue and yellow instead of black and white, would Aaryn noticing that one color was a bottom of the tank kind of fish and the other color preferred the top, it wouldn’t have been worth reporting. I really don’t get it. I guess you can say what you want about a white person, but anything negative you say about a minority is racist. Even when you are just making a comment. I have to say that with the exception of Suzette, the BBCA cast was very diverse and race wasn’t an issue, they even joked about their ethnicity with each other without offending.

Amanda's Yeast Infection

OMG go back under your rock til the season ENDS!!!! Cry Baby!!!!!!


Just because we don’t like Andy doesn’t mean we are anti gay. It means we think he is a rat bastard with absolutely no class. Has nothing to do with him being gay. I am gay and no one I know likes Andy.

Amandas cootch smells like onions

Exactly. The rat bastard also thinks he is Americas favorite and one of the best BB players of all time. He is SO full of himself, he thinks he’s adorable, gag me


When Andy was introduced on the first BB15 show he said that he could look a person in the face and lie to them and they would never know it. Well it seems he had to perfect this technique somewhere and it wasn’t in the BB House.


Seriously? Andy has class? Not in the world I live in. Just a reminder..he has said many vile hateful things. And maybe you forgot that his buddy Spencer talked about having sex with 3 and 4 year olds in a dark basement to Andy. Andy found it humorous and said absolutely nothing…humm class..he’s a coward. There’s no hate here, just because we find their behavior horrific!


Paulina THX for your post, & bc U R so honest !


Richard, Andy was never discriminated by Elissa. He’s plain and simple a RAT+++.
Elissa, Helen and Howard were the nicest and most respectable people in the house.
His been gay has nothing to do with him being a Rat. There are gay Rats and straight Rats. But you like throwing the gay card because it’s all you have.
Thousands of comments have been made about Andy being a Rat and how disgusting he is when he talks about Elissa, so it has nothing to do with being gay, but I know you want to make an issue about it.
Stop crying and grow a pair if you can and come back with another excuse.


Name. I totally disagree. There have been many players in BB that have played the game similar to Andy. These people weren’t trashed in this way. In todays America (as we’ve seen all season), if you are different, you are an outcast. Howard – nice guy, was trashed. Candice – nice women, trashed.

Everybody likes Andy. The houseguests are always saying it. He dosn’t have an enemy for a reason……..he has a good heart and is liked. So if he is so popular in the BB house, why is he hated on this board? Because he is gay. Because alot of people on this board are not ok with his sexual orientation. The house loved him, but this board hates him. There is a reason and the only reason is that he is a smart, intelligent, gay male.


It has nothing to do with him being gay. It has to do with his being rude!! He IS good at pretending to be a nice person, but he isn’t a nice person. It doesn’t matter if he’s gay or not!!

Shiny Happy People

Methinks your opposition doth protest too much Richard…

Also, I’d by psyched if Andy won.

Ewww Just Ewww

Me thinks Andy’s relatives just found this site.


Andy with his a**hole filthy mouth – is RAUNCHY!
Doesn’t matter….. if as a man, you are GAY or NOT!!
The person to pay for this – will be Andy!!


Okay, I was with you on Andy being liked by some of the HG’s, and, while I don’t like Andy nor do I want him to win, I will agree he played with the strategy that he was best suited for – call it social game, floater, rat, or whatever the choice phrase is, but “he has a good heart”? Where did you get that from? It would be like saying any of these other HG’s “has a good heart”. Andy is capable of continuing to be well liked by the whose left in the house without bashing evicted HG’s (especially Elissa, but she isn’t the only one he’s trashed). He threw his good heart away with this behavior. I will agree if he makes it to F2 he will win, but I hope one of these “people” grows a brain and gets rid of him before that happens. Not sure who I want to win, but I don’t want it to be Andy.


Name. There is no doubt that everybody has said things they will regret when this game is over. Some more than others. When Andy and Elissa started butting heads, it was obvious that it could get bad. Elissa (I loved RACHEL – she was my favorite), but Elissa seemed to really play with the snotting, better than you attitude and it rubbed alot of people the wrong way. Andy has said some stuff he’ll regret, but he also used it to solidify his loyalty to the exterminators. The way he talks is to keep any suspicion away from him.

I hope Spencer gets seriously investigated for his comments. Because those comments are not a joke. I’m sure Andy was just smiling and acting like he found it funny so he wouldn’t get Spencer Paranoid.

GM will most likely get an exit like Aaryn (or I would hope). He attacks were about people personally (kids, race, etc.)

Judd……I’ve went back and forth liking him, then not liking him. I’d like to see him go, because he already left once and he seems so wishy washy and just mean. I don’t want to hear the nicotine excuse from him. He “planned” his cigarette supply like he plays the game…….not smart. If you smoke 1 pack a day and the game could go 80 days, then pack 90-100 packs of cigarettes. He cleary didn’t think.

McCrae. Seems like an innocent, stoner type kid. I wouldn’t be mad to see him win, I think amanda hurt his game.

I am me

Andy is liked by everyone in the house bc he is a lying rat bastard. (and they don’t know it…)
EG: Andy says Elissa is a INSERT HORRIBLE COMMENT HERE to Spencer

then Elissa says Andy I heard you told Spencer I was …

Andy OH NO Spencer is a fat disgusting liar…

Andy back to Spencer I just said yada yada to Elissa so we can control her Spencer you know I love you…

WHERAS out here we know the real Andy

Take your anti gay BS and go stick it up the rat… I don’t need to finish that you will call me a homophobe

Name says some people here are delusional

Richard this is Name again. You say that the people in the house love Andy and can’t understand why the people outside the house don’t. There’s just 4 people in the house that love Andy. There are hundreds of thousands that watch the show that don’t like Andy. The people in the house have just heard what Andy told them. We have heard that plus everything else. I guess we know more about Andy than the people in the house. Plus Elissa never bashed Andy. It was him and others that have called her a c*nt, f*ck, disgusting, said he hated her, said he wanted to kill her, etc. There’s proof of all the Elissa bashing all the time. There’s no proof of Andy bashing anywhere in those videos. But how would it look if they said: Andy is a c*nt, f*ckface, I hate him, can’t stand him, sh*teater, I hope he dies, I want to kill him, his parents are so dumb, his husband is a rich bitch, he is a bitch, his son is stupid, I want to poop on stage if he wins MVP, I want to die if he wins MVP, he’s so disgusting, I want to slap my d*ck on his picture everyday, etc., well you get the point, that’s what has been said about Elissa. So Richard, go and live in Fantasyland because you know how they say in BB, you are delusional.

Andy vs. Judd FINAL 2!!!

I’m sorry to sound juvenile…but it’s REALLY FUNNY watching how angry you people get over one guy admitting he respects Andy’s gameplay.


Take it easy on Richard, he just graduated from cartoons. This is his first venture into Adult television.


he is a slim bucket who obviously has an issue of the green eyed monster when it comes to Elissa, he is the one who usually starts all hating on her even when she is not there. even when told to knock it off. He just can not let it go. He is not an Ian. And if he can only be friends with potty mouth ,uncouthful people with no class, well what can you expect from low life. Sorry I Know lots of gay people and they want nothing to do with him. I am not saying Elissa is perfect but I wish they would turn Rachel lose in the house for just 1 week. Then they really might appreciate the difference.


Does Andy not get information that’s supposed to be secret and relay it to his alliance members all season long??

That’s what a Tattle-Tale is a.k.a RAT

Has nothing to do with him being gay. Well, I’ve never posted anything against him being gay anyway.

I do agree 100% he is playing the greatest game out of all 16 players. If it wasn’t for Andy and Helen Mccranda would’ve been gone weeks ago.


When the HGs see the real Andy, as they watch the footage, I doubt they will like him anymore. His strategy has gotten him this far, but he could have played the game without trashing all the other house guests. There is nothing intelligent about his language or attacks on the others. He bashed them in a cruel way, at every turn. His behavior has been beyond disrespectful. There is nothing classy about it.


It is not because he is gay!! You are forgetting something here…. we see Andy’s DR sessions… we see Andy back stab and lie – the house guests do NOT! Of course they would think he was a doll with no knowledge of his true self. My gosh, for you to say ppl don’t like him because he is gay is just silly.


I don’t like Andy, not because he’s gay, because he has red hair and looks like a woodpecker.


Richard, Lets take a look at Andys behavior and game play on the show shall we? Andy’s game has been about laying low and ratting on his alliances. He chose to go with the flow of what the others were saying that could be considered offensive, which is totally unnecessary. He played behind two strong women on the show, never taking a lead role. Once these women in power were threatened, he ran to another group to hide behind. He has NEVER stepped up to be a leader, or a decision maker, never shown his strength, and while he hates being called a floater, he is just that. All his game play consists of is ratting on people…Wow!

How about the time where he said that Elissa threatened him and he got upset over it. What kind of game play is that? I call that being a Wuss because others such as Amanda did the same thing but to the house guests, but not to him. He took credit for the Exterminators ousting Amanda, but he did not form the alliance, he was approached and thereby thought it was time to bail from his previous leader. He could have easily made attempts to change the subject when Elissa’s name came up but instead, he was right in there bashing her with everyone else even after she was gone. What is the value in bashing a player who has already left the competition?

Andy feels he should be entitled to win the grand prize because he needs the money and Elissa doesn’t. He asked Elissa to cut his hair and then talks smack behind her back in the worst way. It doesn’t matter what your sexual preference is, a coward is a coward and he has plays the most cowardly game in every way possible. It doesn’t impress me and that is my choice. He was liked because he was in agreement with the others until he back stabbed them, so his social game could destroy him, so I wouldn’t say he deserves to win for it.

People complain about every house guest on this show for various reasons, and they are all justified to some extent, therefor you can’t expect Andy’s behavior to be an exception.

First They Call Him Gay, Now Everyone Loves Andy?

How do you reconcile this everybody in the house likes and respects Andy argument with your other argument that Elissa does not like Andy because he is gay and therefore it is okay for Andy to relentlessly bash Elissa because she deserves it because she is homophobic? Elissa consoled Andy when he was crying because some of the other house guests had called him names? You know, all those other house guests that all loved Andy and respected him so much that they were calling him names?

You seem to have argued both sides. How convenient for you and how deliciously and shamelessly shifty of you. I see why you like Andy. You’re both playing the same game.


Are we watching the same game? I’m not a fan fan of Elissa but I thought she liked Andy
Until she saw he was playin Helen and his true alliance was with Amanda. I don’t have the feeds
And read everything from this website and never read her saying something about his sexual preferance, however
I did read a lot about Andy disliking her and talking crap about her. To say he went “a little” overboard with the Elissa hate
Shows how dilusional you are. He is just as nasty as everyone left in the house. I will give him credit because he is fooling all the idiots left and got
To the finals following Amanda’s orders.


Its called the Judd affect. You are not allowed to play your own game. Hence Jessie had to go in Judd’s eyes, because she wasn’t listening to his BS about waiting until the Amanda/McCrae/Helen/Andy were ready to evict her. Therefore the blowup with Jessie and calling her out. Andy who had lied to everyone and had multiple alliances couldn’t stand the fact that Elissa didn’t trust him. Hence she had to go, Elissa wasn’t listening to his BS and must be a robot. Only a robot would be able to resist Andy with his puppy dog eyes. Judd, ever the gentleman was so threaten by an independent minded woman playing her own game, had to show his contempt by telling Elissa to STFU. Yes what you are watching is called the Judd affect and some good drugs on his part.


Go ahead Richard….Cheer that Rat bastard Andy. Let see how he will get evicted this Thursday. Who laughing now? Andy will get evicted this Thursday so he will cry at the jury house. By the way, I have gay friends but I don’t like Andy at all.


Cap. You seem like a reasonable person and it’s good to hear that you do not hate on others because of their beliefs, etc.

I guess we’ll both disagree with the game itself. I always root for the good game players and that’s why I gravitated to Andy. With each passing week it’s gets more interesting. I spit out some of my wine when Elissa sat there and told Julie she thought McCrae voted Amanda out. At that point, I knew Andy was the best player left and was heading toward that “instant classic of BB15”. Yeah he lied, but that’s the game he’s playing. That’s what it’s about. Others don’t like the way he’s playing. They would prefer another method. Me……I just like the great gameplay.

Take care. Good Talking!!


Andy vs. Judd FINAL 2!!!

You’re giving the captain quite a bit of credit appealing to his sense of reason. But who am i to tell you how to waste your time?

No offense to captain, but you care about gameplay…the captain cares strictly about personality. If any player plays the game other than how Jordan Lloyd played it, they are deemed immoral and unworthy of winning. It’s a controversial philosophy I adamantly oppose…but to each their own.


Like many other people I’ve been reading this website all season.

MY GOD SIMON AND DAWG (UNBELIEVABLE JOB). I don’t have time to watch the feeds because of work, but I read this site when I get a chance at work and it’s awesome.

I’ve read Caps stuff all year and he/she seems like a nice, sensible person. I know alot of people on this board are not going to agree with me, but I’m not on here to hate on others, just give my input.

My thoughts if I can just give my opinion and make some people think (about the hate, racism, anti-gay stuff) then that makes the world a better place. Nobody is perfect, but everybody is capable of respecting others and not being hateful.


Sadly, a lot of the people on this board suffer from confirmation bias effect. If you aren’t saying what they already want to hear, they immediately discount your evidence, and then because they are just so classy, name call you and belittle you.

Good luck though, keep up the good fight-you got my attention. Then again…you are saying what I’m already thinking. Oh dear…now I’M guilty of confirmation bias!


Richard, I am not going to lie….I loathe Andy…I think he should have had genuine loyalty to SOMEONE at SOME POINT in the game but he played on people’s strengths and weaknesses (whoever was in power or at the bottom of the totem pole) as well as their emotions. And he will not let his hateful obsession with Elissa go. It’s disturbing as all get out. But your post here is diplomatic and written with class and for that, I have to applaud you – you may be my nemesis per the game, but thankfully you are able to articulate your perspective on the game with dignity (this is a rare trait, lol). Thank you for that! 🙂

Get The Feeds

Richard, I suggest you watch the feeds before your rant about why people ‘feel’ the way they do about certain house guests.


Well said Richard, but Andy HAS been hateful. And it is hard to appreciate his game when it includes horrible behavior.

You Don't See It, Do You?

On back-to-back updates, you have stated that the people on these boards that called Andy a rat are calling him a rat because they are anti-gay and homophobes. You have also posted that it is clear that Elissa didn’t like Andy because he was gay. You keep stating this like it is a fact and that somehow Andy is justified to keep bashing away at Elissa because she clearly was a homophobe (just like, you say, all the rest of the people on this board who call Andy a rat). The only problem with your theory is that Elissa never said a single word against Andy being gay and actually was the one who consoled him when the other house guests were doing exactly that.

Andy lied about Elissa and his 3AM alliance. He did this because she was on to him playing both sides of the house. Everyone else trusted Andy. Elissa did not. He knew she did not and knew he had to get her out of the game. It had nothing to do with his sexual orientation. She wanted to work with McCrae and Amanda and Andy to further her game. Amanda, McCrae, Elissa never lied about Andy or ever once did or said anything that was the least homophobic and quite the opposite actually. How is it Elissa’s fault if Andy throws over his 3AM alliance and looks them all straight in the eye and lies to them saying they had his vote?

It’s an easy answer: It’s not.

How does that somehow make everyone who thinks Andy is a rat somehow homophobic? Another easy answer: It doesn’t.

I don’t happen to think Andy is the best player in the game, and I do think he is a rat. I guess I am a homophobe because you lumped me into that category, and I guess I am a homo because society lumped me into that one. I try not to lump people into categories for kind of obvious reasons, you know, the whole “do unto others” philosophy.

People like Richard see it in other people and call it deplorable and reprehensible, but they don’t see it in themselves.


Richard, its great he played the game. And it is obvious that Elissa liked and trusted him for the most part but come on it is also obvious that Andy has an issue of hate for her or why carry on. She is no longer a threat to him, Spencer, Judd, Mcrea, or GM. Give it a break for heavens ake. she very well could be there tie breaker in the final. They all have gone way beyond game play. Surelly you see this or are you blind!

Delilah Jones

There is no doubt, Andy has played a fairly decent game. He was actually one of my picks to win early in the season. The problem I have with him is the total arrogance he has picked up over the past week. When Zing Bot referred to him as a “floater”, Andy became arrogant and aggressive, It goes beyond the Elissa bashing, as some pretty violent crap has been spewed from his mouth. I do not hate him by any means, and I certainly do not wish for him to lose his job, I would however like to see him calm down on the hate.


Andy was up on the block once and cried like a 2 year old the whole time. Then became even more vile than he was before. I mean “How dare someone put me on the block?” What game did he think he was playing? What makes him so special that he shouldn’t ever be on the block? Why does he get to say vile things and personal things about Elissa’s son without negative responses?

We don’t like Andy because he could have used his skills to form a strong alliance of those being attack and bullied. But he became the yappy ankle biting rat dog of the most vile in the house and now he has taken over her role.

Welcome to the Hates Motel

Exactly. Norman Andy Bates killed mommy and has now become her. His obsession with bashing the ladies, especially Elissa, is borderline psychotic. I think he is jealous because they are what he would love to be, which is female. They have what he wants to have, which are vaginas.

hater in the house

“Go Andy. People always hate winners and that’s what you are!!!!!” -Richard

Richard are you a winner?
because I’m hating you right now!


I’ve never claimed to be a winner or anything like that. Go back and look at any comment.

Though people dont agree with me, I havn’t attacked anybody and I will continue that trend. Say what you want about me, because I don’t know you and you don’t know me. I love the BB game and because the person I root for isn’t yours and you don’t agree with me, you have to try and poke me. Go ahead and have fun with that, because you wont get a bad response from me.

If you hate me, that’s your choice, but I havn’t done anything to you to give you that thought.

Richard's Conscience

Not exactly a true statement, Richard, when you posted: “Go back and look at any comment. Though people dont agree with me, I havn’t attacked anybody and I will continue that trend.”

I decided to do exactly that, and here is what I see. On the prior update to this one you accuse the posters who think Andy is a rat as being homophobes by saying: “these homophobes on this board call him a rat and hate him because he is a homosexual.” In that same post, you go on further to say: “My guess from all the thumbs up for Elissa is that the Brenchel fans on this board are mostly racist and vile people.” So you lump people who think Andy is a rat into one category, and then you lump people who like Brendon and Rachel into another category. Then in the following update (this one), you inform us that you like Rachel. If I follow your logic, I assume you are a racist and vile or maybe both?

You have labelled lots of people (apparently even including yourself) we discover now by going back and looking at your comments as suggested by none other than yourself.

Based on this update versus the other one, I now see you trying to backpeddle and act like a good guy about the whole thing. Good for you. It’s the right move at this point. And whether he wins or loses on BB15, I expect to see about the same behavior from Andy in the coming weeks. The only problem is that he’s already said too much and he’s not even done by a long shot……… and it’s all there where anyone who takes the time to review it can see it. I do realize that someone can post under your name, and if that is the case, I digress. Andy will not have that luxury when he starts backpeddling.

The Looking Glass

This is BB – nothing is clear.


Andy being gay is a non-issue. The fact that he acts like he’s your best friend then stab you in the back makes him a rat. Anyone gay or straight that plays such an underhanded sneaky game is a rat. Anyone that thinks Andy is hated for being gay probably has issues with their own sexuality.


Actually the psychological principle you’re describing is projection, and you have it backwards.

People hating on Andy might have issues with their own sexuality and are therefore projecting their insecurities onto him, just as some of the people who were over-the-top with their Aaryn comments were likely compensating for some of their racist tendencies that they aren’t exactly proud of. knocking people like aaryn and andy down a peg (albeit only on a internet forum), makes certain kinds of people feel better about themselves.

Not sure where you’re getting that people who like andy and fear he’s being discriminated against have sexuality issues of their own…not in any research i’ve done.


what a load of BS. Im sorry, but it is.

how about people can just be outraged by something without it having some underlying hidden projection

get a grip.

we don’t like racism, we don’t like andy and how arrogant he is, the guy thinks he is Dr Will good. he is not. it rubs me the wrong way. I had a gay roommate in college, I have no issues whatsoever with sexuality, I think its absolutely ridiculous to suggest that because I dislike andy, I must have these underlying issues.

what a freaking joke.


I think you misunderstood me…and are also very prone to anger, so let me try this again.

Projection is a psychological term for people imprinting their own issues on someone else. I’m not saying everyone against Andy is doing that…I’m just saying some are, just as some did with Aaryn. Also, I was trying to point out that your “belief” that people defending andy aren’t necessarily doing so based on their own sexual insecurities, as that isn’t founded on any research I’ve read, where as projection is practically scientific fact. That’s all. No need to get your undies in a twist.

Dr. Who

Gosh, I hope you don’t have a degree in psychology – if so, you deserve a refund.


Not sure if your referring to me, but I have no issues with my sexuality. I’m a gay male and have been happy with my life partner for 17 years. We have adopted 3 kids and have raised them to love everybody. We have a wonderful home and I couldn’t have asked for anything else.


Congratulations, Richard. That is really great and commendable. I don’t have to agree with your posts to respect you. I guess I would just like Andy, as well as the other house guests to refrain from their vile behavior and character bashing, which appears to be targeted against the evicted female house guests, especially Elissa. I think Andy is really one of the worst because unlike GM, Spencer and Judd, he has a good education and is a teacher. They all should know better, but Andy should especially so, considering his profession. I have zero respect for him. He is the antithesis of what a teacher should represent IMHO.


Andy is a rat. Dr. Will would have never betrayed Boogie and Dan would have never betrayed Memphis. Andy is a sociopath that has no human connection with anyone. He was friends with MC and now he’s talking about pushing him down the stairs. He has played a horrible game. It’s really easy to pretend to be someones friend and lie to their face. It’s a lot harder to stay loyal to a friend and still get to the end.

Nothing to do with his sexuality.

Delilah Jones

Andy talking about pushing McCrae down the stairs is definitely an example of how his behavior has changed as of late. The aggressive / abusive behavior is the main reason why I can no longer root for him. That, and the fact that he turned on his alliance because a robot called him a floater. His alliance remained loyal, and McCrae continues to be loyal to him.

It’s sad, because I really liked Andy, and he was one of my favorites.


Oh come on. Andy, whether straight or gay, is a lowlife scumbag hater. And he’s PROUD of how he’s screwed people who trusted him. AND he thinks he is eligible to become America’s Favorite Player. Not only is he a sad excuse for a human being, but his narcissism and blatant campaigning are nauseating. I’d hate to step on something like that – it would take forever to scrape it off my shoe.


People don’t hate Andy it is his behaviour that everyone thinks is vile.


It may have been clear to you (that Elissa had gay issues) but not to me. I think her biggest issue was how to remain dignified among such a crass, ignorant, foul mouthed bunch. That she remained as calm as she did living 24/7 with that group (and Amanda and Aaryn) speaks a lot to her moral fortitude. And that is exactly why they couldn’t stand her – they could not bring her down to their level. However she was also no angel – she did stir the pot by letting know she thought they were not at her level. So she was not perfect – who is? At least she did not assimilate herself to the Borg mentality like the rest of them. Come to think of it, that would make them the robots and not her – as they often referred to her. However, the Borg was the fate of GinaMarie, She has so low self esteem that she feels the need to spout ever worse language/thoughts because she thinks (rightly so) that the remaining group likes or approves of it. When there are no boundaries…

As for the complaining that Elissa had a leg up – well now, queen Amanda had that going for her too didn’t she? But in the long run, it doesn’t matter. It’s how you play the game. Elissa had no sway and she did not try to socialize in a way that others would want to be around her. So for her, it was win comps or go packing.


The same people who don’t like my posts are the same crazy loons who said mixing crack, meth, prescription drugs, cough medicine, alcohol, cocaine, and male enhancements tablets are a bad idea. Idiots.

Your Brain on Drugs

Amanda, is that you?

Spencer caca

Why are they still talking crap about Elissa? Oh I forgot, they are very disgusting people.
Since Elissa left, for the past three nights on BBAD I have turned off the TV a few minutes after the show starts. All I hear is Elisa bashing, Spencer picking his nose and his private parts, and more Elissa bashing. That makes for boring TV. I hope Elissa wins MVP and Spencer gets to do some doo doo on the stage as he promised he would do if Elissa won MVP.


Are you kidding! I love all the Elissa bashing. These guys are funny as hell. I cant stop laughing and i agree with them 100%. Too bad they couldnt flush the cake with her face on it!


What a moron you are.


agreed and come on what maturity to want to take a frosting picture of Elissa and put it in the toilet to in there words, “piss on every day”. Really mature. Lets draw a joint from her mouth and horns and a mustash, ect, on her wall picture. What have we here, second graders! sickening!


Does anyone think that production does not care if they sleep all day, then they don’t have to listen to their vile remarks???? I remember in past season they would really get on the players about sleeping.


Ladybug — I think the producers would prefer that they sleep rather than have them making all their crude, disgusting jokes/threats. I am sure that CBS has been inundated with complaints so it is easier to have a snooze fest than have us watch SPERVERT play with himself, Dudd have temper tantrums, GM spew filth, Andy cry and McCrusty chewing his fingers and toenails. I do hope producers will realise how this season has been brought down and will make attempts to revamp next season, including less sleeping, more housekeeping, less use of threats physical threats. BB was once a very good show. Hoping producers take a long, hard look at this season.


Good point, Taylor. You are probably right!

Al Goreon Rhymes With Moron

I bet they crank the AC up too.

You So Funny

If I was one of those guys I’d try and get with GM, there’s not a lot going on, might as well spend all day grinding one out.

Raid bug spray

Youso OMG! You are more disgusting, than the 4 pukes!!


Houseguest waking up, let me guess what they are going to do


Isa, it’s the only thing they can do because they are low lifes. Their parents should be so proud!


It started in less than 15 minutes from the time both Judd and Andy got up.

Raid bug spray

What a sad day, when nothing nice or positive,
can be said, about – these 5 players. They are pitiful!
Not one of them DESERVES the $500K!

Bring Back The GLASS BOX

blah blah blah… insert how much we hate these people yet we don’t ever stop watching and/or reading and commenting about how much the show sucks this year… blah blah blah…

Shiny Happy People

Seriously, just when I think it’s sad that I spend so much time on these boards…I remind myself that I at least I still am rooting for a couple contestants left in the house. At least I’m not just coming here and ranting like a poor sport or a lunatic!


Andy is the hate whisperer. Judd: talk about MC. GM: Bring up Candice. And let’s not forget! Everyone’s all time favorite CANT’ FAIL!! MVP OF ALL TIME………(DRUM ROLL)…………….ELISSA!!!! Now he can slither his way into fooling you that you are not being SCREWED.

Hotty Toddy Gosh Amighty

This is in response to Richard’s “Go Andy, Hail Andy” rant:

There are many reasons to dislike Andy and sexual preference is the least of which to dislike the little C*ckSu#$er,


And your vile comment Todd and the fact that 95% of the people put thumbs up, proves me right. Most of you are just as bad as the houseguests (In most cases…..worse). You all talk about class, but you don’t show it.

Can’t we just talk about the great gameplay as the season is coming to an end, instead of all the hate speech?


I’ve been asking people since way before Aaryn was evicted to can the personal talk and get back to the game. Sadly, too few care to come here and do anything but whine when things don’t go our way, and shamelessly trash the houseguests for personal reasons (and then pretend to be better than the houseguests when they do the same thing to each other).

Your instincts are more correct than people are willing to admit Richard. I’d advise you not to waste too much time trying to sway the majority. Stick with those of us that talk game, and leave the rest to their bloodlust.

Daffy Duck

Get over yourself Nick. Your take on people that comment on this site is ridiculous. While every blog has it’s loony tunes, the majority of people here don’t fit that category.

Hotty Toddy Gosh Amighty

After all the things Andy has said about other houseguests, especially Elissa, you have the audacity to call me out for what I said? At least there was truth to my calling him a c*cksu**er. He just spews shit out talking about others whether it’s true or not.

Oh and the name isn’t Todd! It’s Ole Miss, By Damn! (google it)


@ Richard

Do you go by Dick by any chance?

Andy Needs To GO

The only thing Andy would win at is a nob gobbling contest.. red headed pee weee hearman


Or Howdy Doody look alike!


He looks like a grown up Opie Taylor… from the Andy Griffith show.

No harm intended. I can just see in my minds eye the possible, future resemblance. 🙂

Andy Needs To GO

Spencer is the most disgusting and vile person ever to be on big brother.. I really hope Macrae wins despite him letting amanda run the game for him… Noone else even comes close to deserving it… Spence needs to go ont hursday.. i dont want that fat hair disgusting pedophile to win any money He is the perfect reason why unions are bad.. He needs to lose his job.. but he will be protected by the union


you had me until you talked smack about unions.


Richard are you serious. Andy has a very foul mouth for being a teacher. He is a hater. Elssa is gone stop bringing her up, she is gone.


Aliphas, it’s a game. They are trying to win 500K. He’s doing it the best way he can and guess what? He’s almost there. What should he have done, played it differently and been voted out 5 weeks ago? He’s going for the win.

People talk about children seeing it, but BB is a game that alot of times isn’t meant for children to watch. Maybe some parents should be parents and not let their children watch it (especially this season). But the fact that people keep saying, what about the children watching means their kids are probably still watching. What does that say.

This season has been different from others, but it dosn’t change that Andy is the best gameplayer left. He has a great social game and he has manipulated them all.


But i mean, who cares if he’s playing a game for a ridiculous amount of money that could change his and his family’s lives forever? He doesn’t like Elissa. Therefore, he is evil. If you disagree, you are evil.



Nick, I have to disagree. Lying and backstabbing to get yourself further is part of the game and Andy is exceptional at it. In terms of social game, Andy has played well. But the constant bashing of Elissa and other house guests is not game play and certainly not good game play. Elissa is by no means my favorite player but the hatred shown her is disproportionate to her offences. To talk about after she is evicted, to speak poorly of her child and husband, to speak of physically hurting her is offensive to many of us, not because we love Elissa but because she is not there to defend herself or her family. You don’t have to like Elissa, Candy, Howard, Helen, etc. to know they were treated badly throughout their stay in the BB house and to feel badly for them. Game or not, there is some behavior such as mocking people for their race, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs etc. that is just not acceptable. Of course, posters reactions and calling hg they don’t like names is no better than those spewing such hate on the show.

Give me a Dr. Will, a Dan, a Mike Boogie, a Jeff/Jordan, a Britney or my personal fave, Janelle any day. They played the game without resorting to name calling/ overly personal bashing. None were perfect but all were leagues above this current group of house guests.

There is a reason Jun is disliked to this day. She played the game with a mean spirited manner that offended viewers. Andy is doing the same thing and I fear he will also be counted as one of the least liked players in BB history, as will Amanda, Aaryn, GM and a few others.

It’s been a terrible season and there is no one really to root for anymore. Andy’s behavior is offensive. Spencer’s behavior is offensive. Ginamarie’s behavior is offensive. Judd’s behavior is sometimes offensive. McCrae’s choice of showmance and apparently his hygiene is offensive, but generally, he isn’t nearly as offensive as the others.

Still, all that are left are presenting with behavior that is extremely offensive to the majority of viewers. So, no one to root for, only those to root against. So, I’m rooting against Andy, Spencer and GM but I am not rooting for McCrae or Judd.


Are you Andy’s relative? I think he play an excellent game because BB is about lying etc. What I find about Andy he is very rude and obnoxious and with the profession he should no better.




Everyone of the remaining people have played this game as a floater, so even if were to look at him as a player as opposed to a person (as we would outside of the game) he should win because he was the best floater. Is that what you are saying makes for great game play? A lot of people on this site are not happy that the only players remaining are floaters, and yet they have the nerve to insult and disrespect the players who are no longer in the game. They do this not just for their game play but in a personal nature and this is the reason people are unhappy with them. The remaining house guests (and Andy plays a really big role in this) are attacking people on a personal level which has left them open to ridicule in the outside world. (Many of the people here and I am one of them, finds this behavior appalling as the evicted players can not defend themselves after they are gone and it shows how weak some of these people are to slam them once they are gone. If they speak about their competitors with respect, differences and all, and you would see a big change in what people post on this site.


Who wants to see Elissa on Survivor!!!! I’m so bored, I’m just thinking ahead.


Hi Name, it’s Me. I like Elissa but I think she said something about not being able to live under those conditions. I wouldn’t either. The best way to prepare would be to do a tryout for at least two weeks where you can catch your own food, etc. But I hope she could try for the Amazing race like Rachel did. Maybe Rachel and her could do it together.


Really Elissa on Survivor. How would she put on her eyelashes. She couldn’t survive a day in a campground.


Happy to watch Elissa on Survivor!


I’ll bet the folks who designed, built, painted and decorated those rooms are so disappointed to see how trashed out the place is. There are plenty of empty drawers now, and yet there are mounds of dirty? clean? clothes piled on top, to say nothing of that filthy kitchen. If GM gets out of there without an infection, it’ll be a miracle.

Spencer is VILE

Andy Makes me CRINGE!! CBS really dropped the ball. Ohhh and Judd is dumber than doorknob…..

GM's Dirty Knee Mouth

He reminds me of a puffer fish whose reactive nerves are stimulated every time he tries to speak. His eyes bulge and his hands open and close. I believe that must be a natural instinct to scare away predators or something.


I can’t stand that rat Andy. I know he gay but he is annoyed.


Maybe next season they will cast some male eye candy for us women. these men were gross. Atleast Shane Meanie was fun to look at, not much upstairs,and he wasn’t rude and vile. Bring back some good, nice looking guys! Please!


Like you don’t have a major Spencer fetish.


I think Howard, Nick, and David were meant to be the eye candy. I still think McCrae is a pretty handsome man though his lack of hygiene has kind of ruined it.


I used to be okay with Andy in the beginning but now I’m really starting to dislike him. I understand they must be bored in the house is there really nothing else to do or talk about than bashing Elissa and the other evicted houseguests? He brings up how much he hates Elissa randomly in conversations and they weren’t even talking about her in the first place…Judd asks Andy if they should workout or something and Andy says break McCrae’s kneecaps and push him down the stairs?? I’m hoping he meant that as a joke, but really? That’s all he could think of to do in the house?? He hates McCrae that much too? I really wanted to root for any of the ones left but in every post now they say something disgusting and it’s just…dissapointing :/


Anyone see the commercial for big brother where spencer says “it’s up to the big brother gods as to what happens”…. Meaning production!

Seriously though. I wonder it that’s big brothers subliminal jab to everyone


My predication is McCrea will win this game by default Why? It is simple. Andy, Spencer, and Judd have not and cannot win competitions. It doesn’t matter about strategy at this point. It is all about winning, and the three exterminators will exterminate themselves because they are so pathetic at competitions. Andy has won nothing since his HOH and Spencer won HOH because the other competitors suck so bad at these comps. So, I predict easy sailing for McCrea. He will win the next HOH by default and there probably the VETO followed by the last HOH. It is that simple. No one here seems to see that these guys (excluding McCrea) cannot win anything to bring their plans to completion. Their poor comp play will now have GM leave.


wow Andy thinks hes some sort of mastermind. All he really did was play both sides of the house, vote with the side that has power and be a rat. He’s been playing with a house full of floaters, if he wins he will be among the worst winners in BB history.


Richard I do believe that Howard and Candice (nice people) were trashed by Andy. Shady is a word I think he used for Howard.


I agree smt. Andy did trash Howard and Candice, and when he wasn’t doing that he was encouraging others to. He continues to say vile hateful things about ellisa too. To nick and Richard, what does that have to do with his game? Nothing. He is despicable, and it is hard for me to admire his “game” when he behaves like that. I guess for you, anything goes as long as you like his game.

GM's Dirty Knee Mouth

I am so sick of hearing these losers go on and on about the same thing day after day and being the pukes that they are. I hope they suffer severely in their personal lives when this is over with.


Exterminators, Really, Its doesn’t count as an alliance as it was made up when only 7 ppl left andr 2 were on the block and a double eviction week. LOL was 4 against 1 or 2 at the most if u count Elissa :p . Please don’t compare it to any real alliance its just the leftovers trying to look good lol


The Exterminators only lasted for two evictions on the same day, hardly an alliance!


What a bunch of losers are left!!!

With that said here’s who I think should win the game in order:

1) McCrae
2) GM
3) Dudd
4) Rat
5) Pervert


McCrae might have a hard time winning if Amanda is busy pissing everybody off in the jury house…. I’m thinking Andy just might win this thing. They might hate Andy on the boards but the rest of the HG’s seen to genuinely like him….

Another Liberal Loser

Exactly why they need to exterminate this rat.


Trying really hard to find someone to root for. I originally picked McCrae to root for and win the game, but he got involved with the wicked witch of the east, Amanda. Glad she’s gone. Judd is a dudd and Andy is a rat. Spencer is perverted. This leaves GinaMarie. I would love to root for her on the principle alone that she got rid of Amanda. However, she is a disgusting, low class,gutter rat trash racist. So, I’m left with no one


Welcome to BB15

Andy vs. Judd FINAL 2!!!

I think people just hate that Andy outsmarted Amanda and Elissa.


No if you think that then you are just as dumb as Judd. People just dislike his behaviour and vile shit that come out of his mouth.


DAWG … thank you for the link to the contact. Wow — 36 pages. I would be amazed if any of the remaining hgs actually read it in its entirety and comprehended same. Basically CBS, Fly On The Wall, Grodner Productions and everyone else and his brother own your soul in perpetuity. It was also interesting to read where hgs must follow all instructions//directions given to them by producers. Failure to do so can result in removal from house and forfeiture of stipends, prizes, etc. The release for the family members is also very intimidating. Can’t imagine why anyone would apply for this show.


ooops “CONTRACT” not contact

Amy N

Tennis is running too long and I’m not missing Dexter (too many recorded shows) anyone know where I can view the show at airtime?


It’s plain and simple. Andy is hated because of his underhanded game play. Who cares if he’s gay. Again I repeat. It’s.a.non-issue.that.he’ No one cares that he’s gay. If you keep saying someone is gay, then you have an issue with gayness.


Don’t think this has been mentioned already:
Andy most likely made a very stupid game move by outing the Exterminator’s Alliance in his good-gye message to Amanda. Amanda will now be able to clue Elissa in on what really happened during her eviction that segued into the double eviction of Elissa. Over zealous bastard! I’m sincerely hoping this will weigh heavily with what could be a very emotional voting based jury which will secure his LOSS if he makes it to final 2!!!


These people are who they are. I don’t care who wins. Any anger I feel about this season is directed toward Julie Chen, Allison Grodner and CBS. They are the arrogant bastards who created this pile.


I don’t think that Julie Chen had any say so in picking the HG’S. The lady name Robin Kasting actually picks the contestants and Alison Grodner approves them


I miss Amanda. Without her these house guests are boring and do nothing but talk smack. At least she told people how it is instead of just waited until they were gone and obsessively talked about them behind their back. At least we know now why no one ever defended Elissa and why they always seemed to be encouraging Amanda to go off on her.

Ted Marie

Could somebody please take an apple and shove it in the Rat’s mouth. I no longer watch BBAD and after reading this last update I think I need to just tune in for the finale. He has made it unbearable. Thanks, big rat a$$–u have officially made me sick of one of my favorite shows. Thank God we have football tonight! People I can root for and not want to literally thump on the noggin. Thanks Simon and Dawg– I donated to your site and appreciate your hard work, but I’m officially done watching these dirt pigs. God Bless!


I think McCrea and GM will make it to the end. They are the only 2 that can win physical competitions. Andy may win a mental competition where he does not have to do much, Spence and Judd are just spinning there wheels.
It would have been nice if the guys would of made GM a sandwich or something after her stitches. She just cooked for them. They are uncaring selfish jerks.
Andy could use some of that pacing energy on the dishes. He just walks by them, back and forth….lol.


A perfect example of Rat Dog’s arrogance: @3:56 McStinky comes outside with Judd, GM and Rat Dog. @4:07 Andy says “GM what girl best exemplified a ho bag”, GM “Jessie’, Andy “no I think it was Amanda”

He does this right in front of McStinky. So that’s it, if McStinky doesn’t realize that it was Rat Dog that betrayed them and lobby to get him on the block and out he doesn’t deserve to win.

I mean does Rat Dog have to write on his forehead “I betrayed you”?


There is a difference from playing the game and just being mean, nasty and ugly. Going from one group to another telling everyones game play is to be expectedfrom the game but, talking so ugly, mean and hateful about other people that is just tacky and disrespectful. All those people in one house and they could not see what andy or anyone else was doing for game play it is hard to believe this big brother I do not where they found most of this people from the bottom of a shit pile I believe there some people that really need to be investigated when they get out of that house for some of the comments that have been maxe


faggot,queer,pansy,fairy,c=cksu#ker,red headed pee wee hearman, this is a small sample of the comments i have read on the board, over and over, in the last several days. people don’t hate Andy because he’s gay and there is no homophobia. right


Andy should not win because his game was just as “genius” as Dan’s last hear. Dan was not allowed to win, neither should Andy. He’s flip flopped so much and lied so much. I dunno- something about his game I don’t like. Should he be final 2? I’d give him 50K for his game, but definitely not his personality. He’s a tool.

GM should not ever win this game because she’s a poor example of any sort of winner. She’s a racist. She spoke so much hate and bad things towards other races and people in this house. And she got fired from her job because of some of it. She really should leave the house without any extra security, knowing she was fired from her job. I want her to feel very, very bad.

Judd- I don’t really care for the guy.

Spencer- I don’t really care for the guy.

McCrae- If it hadn’t been for working with Amanda, the guy would be gone by now. He’s a great competitor, winning when his ass was on the line, and although I question some of his game comments, none were as bad, low, or dirty as any of the idiots up above. Of all the people that are left, I think he should absolutely win. I hope he wins the next HOH, and finds a way to final 2. He will easily beat any of those other meatheads.


I would venture to guess that Andy does not have a real life outside the house. A little power is a dangerous thing. He has become conceited to the point that he thinks he is powerful. In the real world, one would never achieve any success being hateful, arrogant and incapable of keeping up with all the lies. I’m really hoping the jury sees him for what he truly is – a lying loser. I have no love for the rest of them but the gay card will not work on a human being that has no love and respect for anyone but himself.


I don’t think I would want to vote for any one of them!!


I don’t care if Andy wins the whole thing, I will still consider him the biggest Rat Face Loser in BB history. It has nothing to do with his being gay. I hate all the vile things that he has said and he hasn’t played the game with any integrity. Win or lose , he is still a rat face and will always be considered the the biggest Rat of BB15!!!!!!! I am glad that I don’t have to see his face much longer. He better be careful after he gets out of that house though. He hasn’t done anything but breed hate inside that house. The real world is one crazy place.