They find a picture of Elissa on a piece of Cake “put it in the toilet we’ll pi$$ and sh!t on it”

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV ?
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 9th
HOH Winner: Spencer Next HOH: Sept 11th*
Original Nominations: Gm and McCrae
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn, Amanda, Elissa
Have Nots


7:10pm Everyone but JUDD Kitchen
Spencer holds up a steak to the camera says he’s going to devour that Mother F**** later this evening.
Andy says he’s going to have veggie chicken nuggets
Spencer – “They might as well be called gay energy tablets”
Andy GM Laugh
Andy wishes he could go back into the Diary room and redo his superhero sound bites.
Spencer – “They asked me what kinda superhero I was .. I said I was a pu$$y crusher.. thats not what I said really.. ”

Gm about Elissa photo – “Can we just cover it up”
Spencer says they should put up a vail over Elissa picture so they don’t have to look at her creepy a$$.
Andy wishes they could get the paint from the ducks and draw a joint coming out of her mouth, blackout a tooth, give her a unibrow, goatee and horns

Andy tells them the time he accidentally spilled guacamole all over ELissa’s memory wall photo.
Andy says he was panicking, he wanted to clean it up before she say it because it would enrage her.
Spencer – ‘She would have taken that as a direct attack’

McCrae mentions that Elissa photo was the only one with a defect (? not sure but something was wrong with it) When McCrae goes down to look at the photo he finds out it’s gone. Spencer thinks she made production fix it.
Spencer – ‘you know the things I hated about her.. Her b!tch attitude her b!tch lifestyle and her b!tch face’
McCrae- “ya”

They all agree ELissa is open target to bad mouth even if she’s not in the house. Andy – “Because we weren’t able to do it when she was here”
Andy – “there was so much seething hatred flowing through all us to her.. I’m surprised she didn’t explode.. I’m surprised it didn’t channel to her like a energy force”
Andy says when Elissa would enter a room he would be sad. McCrae would always try and blow her head up with his mind.
Spencer says he feels like in the movies when dead people are around and the rooms get cold.

They start joking that Elissa was really a ghost.


7:35pm Living Room McCrae and Spencer
McCrae says he spoke with JUDD and he’s pissed off because they have a final 4 and he thinks the reason GM is so happy is because she’s staying.
MC – “Thats what he’s pissed off about”
MC adds that JUDD thinks Spencer gave him the drill sergeant punishment to wear out before the power of veto competition.

MC thought that JUDD, Spencer and Andy had a final 3 but JUDD said they didn’t.
S – did you really think that
MC – kinda
McCrae explains he thought they didn’t have a final 3 he just thought they all had a final something, “Ohh sh!t I’m on the bottom of the totem pole”
Spencer – “No no no.. I told you i wanted us to play down our relationship”
Spencer tells him even if MC didn’t win VETO MC was safe.
MC – ‘Oh of course”
Spencer – ‘he’s begging me to put Andy up… well i’m just not going to do it”
MC – “No”
Spencer – ‘if we were considering getting rid of GM then yes.. but since it’s up in the air i’m going to put him up so we have the option”

Spencer adds that a benefit of putting Andy up is he won’t freak out like JUDD is doing. Spencer – “I told him dude you do not need to freak out.. it’s the worst thing you can do”
Spencer – “he’s taking aggression naps”

Spencer say with JUDD it might be better to handle him in small groups. He mentions how Andy is in the cockpit with JUDD right now and if both of them went in there it would give JUDD anxiety.
Spencer- “If you get everyone in there he’ll feel like the odd man out.. when you are on the block you feel like you have the scarlet letter”

Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here


8:10pm Everyone Living Room
Ian had told them there was no vegas reality bash this year. Apparently Ian told them they couldn’t get the funding.

8:14pm Kitchen

GM pulls a cake they had with pictures of all their faces. She asks them what they should do with Elissa’s face. Spencer – “put it in the toilet we’ll pi$$ and sh!t on it” They also have Aaryn, McCrae and Amanda.

GM cuts away all the cake leaving just the icing part and proceeds to go to the toilet. Andy tells them to stop says it’s in the rules that they can only put toilet paper in the toilet. They decide to wait for McCrae and JUDD to finish their smokes before they agree on who to deface Elissa cake face.


8:46pm Living room everyone

JUDD thinks Dan’s the best player not Will. McCrae seems to disagree.

JUDD – ‘GM is the only girl that doesn’t fart in here’
Andy says Helen would always fart in front of him she would lift her leg up.
Specner- “Did she really do that”
Andy – “NOOOO”
They all agree that Helen had the worst case of HOHitus.

JUDD points out that Elissa was pretty decent during her HOH. GM – “Thats because she was locked up in her room the entire time”

Andy says he’s really confused about what Elissa was trying the days before she was evicted. Andy thinks all her scheming was supposed to frame him and screw him over going into the next week. Andy jokes asks them if someone else is trying to frame him.
JUDD = “McCrae put a vodoo doll in your bed”

JUDD was surprised that Elissa was so happy to see him when he came back into the house.


9:20pm Andy teasing McCrae having a temper tantrum about Amanda making chicken not halibut.
9:37pm SPecner and Andy tell McCrae that it’s nice they now get a chance to talk to him.

Andy says Amanda was usually on the ball with people except for Howard she got him totally wrong.


Talking about the brenchel army. JUDD had never heard of them before coming into the house. Spencer is amazed there is a group of people like that.

Andy -’It’s been a long ridiculous journey”
Spencer – “Y a”
MC – “It seems like it just started”

Andy doesn’t want to knock Aaryn but a lot of the things she won were not difficult tasks, ‘Was she that amazing.. don’t get me wrong she did beat me”
GM walks in “No they were all f***ing luck.. didn’t have to break a sweat once”
MC gets called into the diary room.

Spencer – ‘Did you all think her big t!ts fit too low on her torso’
GM and Andy both agree.
Spencer- She had mid torso t!ts”
Andy – ‘MTTs’
Production over speakers – Spencer you are not allowed to talk about
Andy – Amanda’s mid torso t!ts.”
Productions over speakers “productions”

Andy tells them the exterminators were responsible for the biggest move in the game and he’s really proud of it.

GM and Spencer both agree that Jeremy had some cool tattoos. Andy says JUDD is the last tattooed guy in the game.

They talk about how dirty McCrae is. Spencer tells them McCrae lives in a rats nest with a bunch of friends, mentions they pay only a 100 each a month rent. Spencer says rents cheap in Arkansa. GM says the rent in New York is so high you need two people working full tilt to pay for it. Spencer Thinks there must be some perks about living in New York otherwise everyone would live in Arkansas.
They start chatting about gas prices in their home towns. Spencer calls Obama a F*** head he wonders what he is up to.



They start doing shout outs to random people. JUDD gives a shout out to Britney Haynes. Andy says Elissa hated Britney she claimed to not know her at first when Andy talked about her.

GM is struggling with the the Origami McCrae does it for her. Andy says the Origami instructions are really confusing.

Spencer comes out of the Diary room- “OK everybody.. who is ready for a luxury competition…. Meet me upstairs in your underwear”



A piece of cake with Elissa’s face on it. They are taking turns say things about Elissa before they smash the cake face up.
MC – Elissa All i can say about you is good riddance to bad rubbish
GM – ELissa ummm. thank you for doing my hair but also thank you not for being so crazy in the house.
Andy – Whatever
Spencer – I don’t even think about you.. Elissa I couldn’t imagine living with a bigger lunatic in this house It was insane living with you and I hated every second of it.

11:32pm HOH Everyone but GM

Spencer says he tried one time to j$rk 0ff but it never really worked out he’s too paranoid to get caught on camera. Andy says he almost did last night but figured he’s lasted 80 days the last thing he wants to do is have a j$rk 0ff video now all over the internets.

McCrae says he’s super worried about the stuff out there.
McCrae leaves
JUDD tells them he got a little paranoid earlier today thinking they were trying to tire him out last night. Spencer says production told them to do that.


11:37pm cockpit GM and McCrae

GM says she thinks JUDD is going up. She doesn’t know what the boys have planned. SHe says she’s not going to bug him out trying to get his vote at this point he’s gotta vote what’s best for his game.
Gm just doesn’t want McCrae to lie to her about his vote. McCrae say there is still a lots of time and he won’t lie to her.
MC mentions how he cannot believe JUDD quit the competition. GM is pissed that he did that, she points out that JUDD smokes and he gets easily frustrated. GM knows MC smokes too and he won the competition.
MC “I smoke way more than he does”
MC wonders if JUDD is acting this way because he wants them to think he’s weak. MC doesn’t know thinks it would be a really risky scheme.

GM – ‘I just don’t like him quitting.”
GM _-“He’s going to put up JUDD.. if it’s a tie breaker Spencer will have to make break it “
GM says he’s worried about her knee. MC thinks the competitions will be less physical and more mental.


12:00am flying paper airplanes

12:10AM no booze yet. Spencer suspect something is going on tonight. McCrae say the person he talked to said something is going to happen tonight. (not sure if he’s serious there was some laughing and feeds cut)
Andy comes up from Diary room tells them there is no Alcohol tonight.


12:20AM Everyone in the HOH

JUDD and GM doing crafts, Andy munching on chips and Specner/MC talking about Nirvana nevermind.

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Such a vile final 5!


Off Topic But I’ve Been Wondering For Weeks If Anyone Knows What Is The Metallic Square That Mccrae Picks His Teeth With After He Eats? Anyone……


JUDD thinks Dan’s the best player not Will. McCrae seems to disagree.

JUDD’s an idiot.

Amanda's Yeast Infection

That’s Amanda’s cock ring.


You’re just as obsessed with Amanda as the other idiots are with Elissa. You must just be jealous of Amanda to keep insulting her so much….so says the logic of every Elissa fan.


how could anyone support amanda after the last 10 weeks?


Maybe because some of us can see past all of this bullshit?

People said the same thing about Russell Hantz from Survivor, for most of the game people HATED him until they realized that it was really a smart way of playing. Minus the racial stuff and destroying other peoples property, that’s exactly how Amanda was playing and I commend her for it. Plus not worried about being so PC.

I know for me that it certainly doesn’t mean that I support or like what she said or did. But like what she said to Julie, she’s not a Jordan and to be completely honest, that is one of the things I liked MOST about Amanda.

My question is why does EVERYTHING now have to be about having class? I know I don’t have any, nor do I care whether I do.

I’m pulling for McCrae to win this season. He is the only one left that I can see that really deserves it. And I might just vote for him for America’s player, as I refuse to vote for bitch’s sister. God! If any of those people come back (Brenchel, Elissa or Je/Jo) I think that will be a season that I will miss. Piss on that cake for all the Elissa and Brenchel haters too!


ha ha


you mad bro?

amanda is a vile human being and i loathe her



Nah, I’m just really getting tired of the double standard of this show as well as Survivor, is all.

I mean people like Brenchel, Elissa and Je/Jo can do no wrong on this show in these people’s eyes. I honestly think that if any of them had said or done ANY of the things that Amanda or Arryn has this season, no one would have said a damn thing. But because Amanda didn’t fall into that category then she is a vile, disgusting human being who was hand-picked to win this season and has friends in production. I’m not saying she didn’t say or so these things, but people are acting like that this is the first time that they have ever heard this type of language. I’m like really? I hear this shit ALL the time over Xbox Live and far worse things than what has been said this season on big brother, too.

I chose to root for Amanda and McCrae because I can see past all of the shit that she said and did, the same way I was able to overlook how Russell Hantz played Survivor the first time. I don’t have to get bent out of shape every time someone says something like that. Like this Paula Dean shit that happened literally right before this stuff happened on Big Brother, I couldn’t have cared less about it, I’m actually not surprised she’s said it before.

And before anyone suggests it, no I’m not a racist or homophobic or anything else, nor am I related to Amanda or on anyone’s payroll, I hate everyone equally, :D, I just don’t live in constant fear over what someone else says or does. It’s not that big of a deal like everyone and their brother and sister seems to do these days. I live a much, much more friendly and relaxed life because of it.



Amanda and Elissa fan

I agree. I mean Amanda never fought or talked about Andy or Judd and yet they are going way over the top in insulting her. Look in the mirrors, assholes, you are doing the same thing about everybody. As for Spencer and GM they got whatever they deserved from Amanda. Poor Elissa. I didn’t like her at all until she became an ally of Amanda. Now in retrospect I can’t say enough good things about her. I want to apologize again to her (if she ever reads this after the show) for all the times I called her names (Botox duck lips, joker face, good digger, etc) or made fun of her eating or for being who she is. I was/am a huge Amanda fan and was just channeling my frustrations on Elissa because she was Amanda’s main competition. Now that Amanda is gone, I’ve seen the light. Sorry Elissa. You are 100 times more classy than any of these assholes, and 1000 times more beautiful. Bring back the only three people who played the game this year: Aaryn, Elissa, and Amanda!




The Metallic square is what the nicotine patch sticks to. Amanda was wearing them when she ran out of smokes.


I can’t wait til these a55holes get back in the real world. they are in for the biggest surprise of their lives.


Yeah…when people will care about what happened on BB for about a month then everyone moves on with their lives.


incorrect – someone like amanda is going to be in for a world of hurt – im not saying this should happen, but very well could happen – but if she had used her brains and not offended so many people, she wouldnt have to worry…but now, it seems she will be constantly looking over her shoulder, as there will be so many that recognise her in public – when there is a petition of 16 thousand people wanting you removed from a tv show, you know it is going to be a cause for concern

What planet are you from

You wish. Nobody cares other than you and a couple other politically correct haters. And even if they did care, nobody is going to remember after a month what was said in the house. Amanda is a smart, beautiful woman with an outgoing personality. I would hire her in a minute (if I were an employer). Just like I would Aaryn. They were unfairly attacked and looking at many of the comments of the people on this blog who allegedly were appalled these people are hypocrites. So keep dreaming and hoping the worse happens to Amanda/Aaryn. They will go far and be millionaires very soon I’m predicting because there will be people with balls out there who won’t give a damn what the haters want and will hire them and make them far more famous than CBS ever could.


i never said i hope something bad happens to amanda – i said it is likely

this is a realistic mindset based on how many different groups of people she has offended, and she has nobody to blame but herself

you are welcome to your views on her as am i

i agree she has an outgoing personality, but this is ruined by her bullying, racism and threats…i dont agree about her being beautiful, each to their own…and in terms of her being smart, she may be smart in some areas, but clearly not in other areas, because why would you behave and make the comments she has over the last 10 weeks when you know you are being broadcast 24/7? not very smart in my opinion, but thats me


may have a few problems first month but people posting seem to think everyone in the u.s. watches big brother I started watching last year and less than 2 percent of the population in u.s watch bb


thats still many millions of people!

7 to 8 million in usa, plus canada watching on global(with after dark on slice)

plus alot of people watch on the internet from many countries all around the world

Name is a math wiz

Nobody will care about Amanda in a month. BTW, 2% of 7 to 8 million is NOT millions. It’s between 70,000 to 80,000


no 7 to 8 million americans watch big brother

the usa population is around 313 million


As a gay man, i am disgusted by Andy’s constant bashing of Elissa. Doesn’t he realize the people left in the house are the one’s that would never be his friend “in the real world”??!! But i bet Elissa would. I hope i never see him in a gay bar cause i’d give him trouble.


BB15 Arkansas Methlab White Trash Edition


They all agree ELissa is open target to bad mouth even if she’s not in the house. Andy – “Because we weren’t able to do it when she was here”

You are correct MORRISSEY. Andy has zero class and to think of him teaching a class is really scary.


Morrissey…… yup, Andy’s such a fine spokesperson for the gay community. [/sarcasm]


Morrissey Luv you are so right a person like Ellissa and My self (( side note- because she is a lot like myself))) we love our self a good Judy and I thought for sure he was going to be in my top 3 of the people I would like to see win how sadly mistaken was I ok Him Amanda, GM was who I thought would go far and do this season proud. Well that feeling been left now I cant fucking stand Andy GM Amanda and I thought Aayrin was a cute girl like the next girl door type of cute but I never thought she was beautiful because she is not but now that bitch is so fucking ugly to me both inside in out I thought GM was a pretty girl now all I see is the wicked witch from the old sleeping beauty and it fits her personality the same jealousy is a very bad character trait to have and it seeps out of GM pores but flows freely from her mouth with her words. Spencer for me I thought he was going to be a middle of the rd person just based on his looks then from where is from also with his age I thought his was going to be don’t judge a book by its cover well what done it with Spencer for me the J-off to little kids and all the other shit has said the last 3weeks. Judd at 1st I did like him but the week b4 he got the boot he showed he is not a nice dude and playing that stupid roll shit ant cute especially when he ass haves book smart but no damn common sense also if won the money he would just let Aayrin come in take it everybody talking about not voting for McCrea because Amanda would have her hands on it but I really do think he is smarter then Judd would be


is the next eviction on monday night(airs wednesday night)? then hoh monday night, noms and veto tuesday, veto meeting wednesday, with eviction thursday?

mcccrae cannot win this game, it would be brutal

because if he does, amanda will find a way to con him out of most or all of it, keep the money for herself, then dump him, as thats the kind of person she is

i dont care who wins the money, but just not mccrae – if he wins, then amanda will also win, and i dont want to see that happen(they should all want to evict mccrae at the next opportunity as he has amandas vote and influence in jury, and he has won multiple comps)

the soft julie chen interview with amanda was a disgrace…especially compared to aaryns interview, as amanda was 100 times worse than aaryn in the house

its going to be like bad girls club in jury right now – 6 girls – i hope they have security – i hope jess continues to win the verbal jousting with amanda

for americas player 25k im voting for Jess


Isn’t Karma a bitch! It will be well deserved for all of them. If Mcpussy loses all his money to Amanda, his karma. She loses her lic# to sell homes and people treat her like she has plague, her karma. Spencer loses his job and is in vestegated for being a child perv, his karma. Andy never being able to teach again and is excamunnicated in the gay community, his karma. GM can never teach dance to kids, parents won’t have it, her karma. Aaryn has to stay hidden on the farm, Judd stabing friends in back in house, his friends will return the favor. ect. Thats how karma works.


Well if Judd wins the 25,000 50,000 or the 500,000 Aayrin will get her hands on it and Amanda Aayrin and GM is all the same person and if Spencer win any of it you know he is just going to be spending it on some child so can do some shit to it I hope Cbs knows that they will be helping to rape a child by given him money

#TeamExterminators #TeamSpandy

JUDD thinks Dan’s the best player not Will. McCrae seems to disagree.

Well there is no question now. Andy is the greatest Big Brother player of all time. Deal with it.


possible upcoming events?(let me know if im incorrect)…

monday 9 – veto meeting
tuesday 10 – eviction and final 4 hoh(airs wednesday 11 show)
wednesday 11 – noms, veto(airs thursday 12 live show)
thursday 12 – live show airs wednesday noms and veto, along with jury house footage and thursday veto meeting, vote, eviction, and start of final 3 part one endurance of 3 part hoh)
saturday 14 – final 3 part two physical/mental of 3 part hoh
sunday 15 – cbs airs end of part one endurance, and part two physical/mental
wednesday 18 – cbs live finale final 3 part three quiz of 3 part hoh, eviction, jury house footage, then final 2 questions from jury, and jury vote, winner and americas player announced


with an eviction this tuesday night, i wonder if they show a non live pre recorded after dark with footage from tuesday afternoon, before the tuesday eviction happens, to hide who has been evicted until the cbs wednesday 11 sept episode?

live finale is 9:30 – 11 pm et wednesday 18 sept


Wednesday and Thursday night are both live eviction nights. That leaves 3 HGs left. Next week will be the 3-part competitions with the last eviction on finale night, who immediately joins the jury on stage. Then the jury will question the final 2 and vote.


i read the midweek eviction happens this tuesday night to be aired tape delayed on wednesday night…then another live eviction thursday as normal…theyve done this instead of a double on thursday

Cindy Curry

Spencer is disgusting, Andy makes me sick! What a two-faced person? I hope his students are watching! I hope whoever goes to jury next passes on what they have been saying!


Such a vile final 5!


ok…..what is wrong with these people?

I mean really, what did elisa do to them? I have had people I HATED in my life, and have never EVER thought of doing something like that. never crossed my mind

they would be considered immature if they were still all 12 years old

I just don’t understand it at all. Was Elisa a bit elitist about her standing? sure. but does that = the type of flat out hatred and disgusting acts? no.

I wish we could do something about this, I honestly wish they would just take the prize money away from these people and tell them to enjoy their stipend.


I think that they are not goal oriented a**holes. I I think Elissa should have came in and pretended to be average, because people that lives suck love to talk crap about other people. They talk about her like she is public enemy #1. Anything worth having is worth working hard for.The way they spoke about her, and her children was shameful. I think GM want her life. The rest wish they could get someone that look like her and make money like her Husband. Andy just suck period… I could write a book on these misfits. These a classless people…Very contradicting bunch.


Elissa is not an elitist, she just has enough class not to join in with the kind of “enjoyable conversational topics” these jerks engage in. Elissa has been on the outs with these pigs since day 1.


Elissa wasn’t an elitist? What show were you watching? Do we have to break out the log of Elissa quotes regarding how she was better than everyone else in that house? How she said (not as a joke) that she should have been paid for being on the show because she was Rachel’s sister and the other houseguests were nobodies? How she said she would walk from jury if she was evicted because she didn’t want to just sit in the jury house with the other people for so long? The list goes on and on. There is a reason why every single person in the house has commented on her attitude, including Helen. Elissa may not mean to come across the way that she does, but she was absolutely pretentious in that house. You’re not going to have such a diverse group of strangers all making the same comments on your personality without it being true. Some people just found Elissa’s personality more tolerable than others. Guaranteed if there was none of the racism, fighting and all of the other drama stealing the spotlight this season, blogs like this would have been lit up with many more people talking about how annoying Elissa was and how they wished she would go home. Instead some people turned her into a victim of bullying and a hero because she called some mean and/or racist people disgusting behind their backs. smh

The Final Five Suck!!!

I am voting for Elissa to win America’s vote! She has had to endure more bashing and nastiness than anyone in BB history!! She took it all so gracefully too! When Judd got evicted the first time, he was so rude, but when he came back in and she won HOH, he was all up her butt being nice. Then when she’s on the block he turns on her for some racist bitch! She went out with class and I think she is a great person!!


elissa has more than enough money

im voting for jess


Like I said on a previous board, it’s not called “which houseguest needs money the most.” That’s not the point of this game. I like Jessie, but she didn’t have to endure near as much bs as Elissa. Also a bonus that Elissa will donate to charity, which means at least SOMETHING decent came out of this horrible season.


people are free to vote for their favorite for any reasons

while it may not specifically be a vote for who needs the money, that is a factor im definately considering, as many others will

jess is unemployed and in debt, and i would like to see her rewarded for her efforts this season, and the money would be of significant benefit to her

jess is the only person i truly liked this season

you mention elissa put up with more bs but i could say should the vote be decided on who put up with the most bs? its supposed to be americas favorite…and in my opinion jess, howard and candice put up with more bs than elissa did, from so many different people

for being the most vocal in going against amanda week after week when she wasnt even in power, and for putting amanda and helen in their place, and defending herself against all 5 mean girls plus jeremy and judd at various stages, jess won my respect – she gets my vote


So let’s get this straight from your standers Elissia and Jessie both had to endure more hurt and pain then Candice Howard and Helen to when she see’s all that was said about her but Candice had to live it but Jessie and Elssia went thro so much is that’s how your trying to justify your thinking


my thinking is Jessie was the only house guest i liked alot…thats my main reason for voting for her…i also thought howard was a good guy

i also found her entertaining, and a nice person, with good heart and spirit

another reason is she would really benefit greatly from the money as she is currently unemployed, and in debt, and would be deserving of the money if she won the 25k in my opinion

she also was the most vocal against amanda(my and most peoples least favourite house guest for several obvious reasons)…and went through alot of crap from all 5 mean girls, jeremy, judd for alot of the season…and i respect people with fight that stand up for themselves, which she did tremendously on multiple occasions, against the 3 original mean girls plus jeremy…then with amanda for weeks, when nobody else had the courage to…then with judd and helen…that monday night when she was listening at doors was awesome, she was americas player, doing and saying everything a majority of fans wanted to see and hear

i think for all these reasons my vote is well thought through, and i will vote for jess


I think it’s safe to say it’s not about the money anymore but who was the least disgusting and most deserving to win. Elissa is the only one that deserves the money – at least she is charitable.
These people are jealous, vicious and I can’t wait until the finale when all of the houseguests watching at home give their opinions on all of those assholes.
Elissa will get all of my 10 votes for America’s favorite.


its easy to be charitable when you are very wealthy though

the act of big-noting yourself by publicly boasting about giving money to charity and announcing it to everyone is not something i respect – if you are going to give to charity, do it privately, rather than trying to impress people, and in doing so promote yourself

if elissa is so wealthy and doesnt want the americas favorite dollars she should decline the prizemoney to allow another player who really could do with the money and is deserving, to win it – im thinking jess, howard or candice – and then elissa is free to give money to charity seperately in her own time whenever she likes


I live paycheck to paycheck and I’m charitable. Not about having money.


So there’s a right way and wrong to donate money. How big of you to decide what is the right way and the wrong way.

I’m sure that organizations that need that money don’t care as much as you do.


EXACTLY. How are you going to put down someone that wants to donate to charity? Does it matter if they are wealthy? So if they’re wealthy it doesn’t mean as much? Seriously, that’s ridiculous logic. I’m certain the charity receiving the donation could care less, they’re just happy to get the donation. Also, if you’re on a show that involves winning money, and you let people know you will be donating it, HOW is that wrong? LOL What about shows like Jeopardy, when celebs go on there to play and donate their winnings, is that wrong as well? Or let me guess, it doesn’t mean as much? Wow.


if the donation is so important to elissa – do it privately in her own time, without a fuss, rather than make sure everyone knows about it via a tv show

there is no need to publicly do it, other than for selfish reasons to promote herself

she wants the popularity, notoriety and praise from the public, in return for doing a good deed, rather than doing it solely to benefit others, with nothing in return


I disagree. I don’t think it’s making a fuss to say you would donate your winnings to charity. But to each his own! Vote for whoever you want, I really don’t care as long as Andy and Spencer don’t win. I just can’t wait to see the looks on their faces at the finale, that’s the only glimmer of hope left out of this dismal season. I still don’t think Jessie has enough fans to get America’s Favorite, but better her than rat boy.


everyone has their opinion

the fuss is that she has made sure people are aware of the potential donation via the tv show

and yeah for me there is a right way to go about donating to charity

you do it privately, purely to help others, not to have people tell you how great you are that you have donated, or to gain public attention and popularity…it should be a selfless act


Mine too Monica. She’ll actually get a total of 70 from my family:) Mainly because I know she’ll do some good with it AND, as a side benefit, it will tick off Andy and Spencer. That’s a win/win in my book.


another benefit of voting for jess for americas favourite – it will majorly piss off amanda – so all amanda haters should vote for jess


Ehh, I’m over Amanda now. She got what she deserved by being sent to Jury, and she got a little “bullied” herself in that last veto comp., a taste of her own medicine. At this point, my dislike is much stronger for Andy and Spencer. The things they say make Amanda look like not so bad. Yesterday, Ragan Fox tweeted “Theres currently a dude in the house who said he would RAPE Elissa, another who said he’d cum on her bed.” I’m sorry but they are making Amanda look like a saint….


Hmmmm “name”, considering your “logic” regarding who people should vote for then what about Candice, or Howard? Why the big push for Jessie? Are you related to her or something? I really don’t care who people vote for, they should vote for their favorite, but you’re being a little over the top about Jessie, just saying.


floaters r us: in response to your question about my vote for jess…yep i agree, any of candice, howard or jess would be a good choice for americas favourite, in my opinion, but i will be voting for jess


NO STUPID!!!! It wouldn’t because Amanda was so over Jessie until Jessie came back to play for a chance to get back inside the house and said eff you Amanda now I think its safe to say Amanda can get her back now that they are and the jury house together Amanda haves other things to think about making sure Andy doesn’t win and have a big shit talking fight on GM I don’t like Amanda at all but I mean come on this Amanda we are talking about Jessie is child play for Amanda so Amanda haters don’t waste your vote Jess I say vote for Candice Helen and Howard just for the bat treatment they got from the house guest and cbs that would be the best way to get back at the majority of people that didn’t see anything wrong with the worst case of bullying done in the game this season


actually in terms of the winner of americas favourite – there is no question amanda would be most annoyed if jessie won, way more than any other player – so if you want to piss amanda off majorly, vote for jess

Does There Have To Be A Winner?

I would vote for Jessie because she was my favorite but I know she does not have a chance to win so I am going to vote for Elissa just so the cash does not go to one of the bully’s or racists.


vote for your favourite – vote for jess


Please tell me why people are talking about voting Elissia for AFP I to like Elssia but she haves money and she is not the only person that has been talked about like a dog on this show this season Candice was treaded very unfairly and was racially taunted she was there go to girl to talk shit about and they still do now they added Elissia to that list also Helen I did like her but I don’t hate her either but why not vote for her for AFP lucky for her she was taunted with the racist comment to her face the way Candice was but I like My girl Jessie to but why her over Helen also what about Howard or it that most of yall would like to pull a Emmitt Till on Howard because miss White Jew slut Amanda said that’s what Howard told her im sorry but how can people over look what happen to those 3 Candice Helen and Howard and say I want to vote for Elissia that makes no sense




Name i think you have it all twisted in your mind. Elissa may have said certain things, EVERY house guest did but no one has to endure what Elissa has had to in that house. Everyone has said 100 times worse things than Elissa but Elissa is the only one that everyone continues to bash. Just cause in their option she came across a little stuck up she deserves to be treated like garbage?? The stuff these house guests are saying and doing is truly unbelievable to me, I’m in shock and close to tears at the stuff they are saying about her. Elissa behavior isn’t even close to deserving of what they are saying about her. Maybe she didn’t want to go to the jury house because she had good reason. Would you want to go live with people that constantly bullied and tortured you? of course not. Amanda took her hate for Elissa to a different level as are the remaining house guests. There is nothing Elissa did in that house that makes it ok for them to say lets put her picture in the toilet so we can shit and piss on it. Like OMFG what is wrong with these disgusting people. They are all just jealous of what Elissa has and they don’t.


howard, jess and candice endured more than elissa over the duration in my opinion

I issac

Because your a fucking saint right your a D!ck


No, far from being a saint. To attack someone because of their lifestyle or their game on the show is crazy. To start speaking of someone’s family or race because of any reason is so out of pocket It’s wrong. Everyone comes into the BB house with their own game, but to then to talk about their children & the person after they leave is STUPID.Tell the person how you feel while they are there.If you are feeling some type of way about someone tell them. You have the balls to talk when they can’t defend themselves. The men are gossiping worse than women


Elissa talked about Aaryn CONSTANTLY after she was evicted-bashing her relentlessly!!!

You Eliisa supporters are the biggest bunch of hypocrites ive seen in a loooooooong time!!

Shame on you.

DR Hacker

Aaryn deserved every bit of it and more!


You are a das, pathetic, lonely, hypocrite!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aaryn is a much, much, nicer person than Elissa ever hoped to be. Thats why Ellissa is so obbsessed with her. ELISSA IS/WAS JEALOUS OF AARYN!

Get a Clue

I seriously don’t remember Elissa relentlessly and constantly bashing Aaryn after her eviction, and I watch the live feeds. Please give me dates and times so I can go back and hear what you claim to be relentless and constant Aaryn-bashing. I do remember Elissa bad-mouthing Amanda, but honestly, who can blame her after Amanda’s over-the-top attacks during the previous week. I have not been an Elissa supporter, but all of this Elissa bashing in the house right now seems absolutely ridiculous. This behind-the-back attacking reminds me of middle school; I used to teach 6th, 7th, and 8th graders, and often, this is how middle schoolers act when they are insecure. Elissa is gone. Grow up and move on, people!


Elissa did mention Aaryn a lot, but it’s a far cry to call it “bashing” like the rest of the HGs are doing. And even Elissa’s Amanda bashing, while harsh, lasted about a flash in the pan (and really, who could blame her at that point?)


None so blind as those that will not see.


Actually the worst day of the Aaryn bashing by Ellisa, was before Aaryn was evicted. It went on for 8-10 hrs on August 20th. It was impossible to watch the feeds that days, as it went on for hours and hours and hours. Helen, who was about to be voted out, was a saint for patiently listening to her never ending Aaryn obsession, and trying to get through to her on how to best move forward in the game. If you truly feel that the nicest, classiest person deserves your vote then Helen should receive it hands down!

Worst BB Ever!

You are delusional! Elissa talking about Aaryn is not even close to the same thing as what these 5 are doing,
It is not even in the same league!
These remaining HG’s are done if the biggest POS’s I have ever seen!!!
I will tell you this, these posts by Simon and Dawg just cover a portion of what is said in the house.
Elisa called these people disgusting and she was 100% right!
I am still pretty ticked that I got robbed from BB this year!
I supported Elissa and she isn’t even close to the type of gamer I like, but compared to the trash in the house there was no choice but to root for the only decent person in the house!


I don’t get the constant Elissa bashing either. If it wasn’t for Elissa Judd wouldn’t be there right now. She was nice to GM by giving her some advice and doing her hair. For McCrae she tried to flip the house by voting to keep Amanda which cost her the game.


“No good deed goes unpunished”… This is a favorite quote of mine, I even embroidered it on a pillow. I also like ” When you’re up to your ass in alligators, it’s difficult to remember that your initial objective was to drain the swamp”. Elissa has learned those two painful lessons on Thursday evening. RIP Elissa!


Elissa has a conscience and the remaining hg’s don’t have one… her presence in the house made them feel bad about themselves. Just by her being there challenged them to look at themselves and they didn’t want to. I have seen this happen in the world….it enraged them….they want to be free to think well of themselves…so underneath it all is a level of shame, guilt etc and they don’t want to deal with it. They want to be in a group that is vile and not have it exposed….they want to think they are okay….Elissa’s presence upsets their view of themselves. These are not people that want to be better people and they don’t want to feel bad about it.


I applaud this comment!


Excellent comment.


The comment by name articulating why these last five players hate Elissa so much is perhaps the best comment I have read on this whole blog this summer. The people on here who bash Elissa must be in the exact same category as these final five. So they speak the same language. Elissa was the one house guest from day one that I could relate to. She has a conscience.

GM for instance feels like it is ok to talk about living with her parents. Those are the only stories she can share. Then she begrudges Elissa when she talks about her hockey rink. Those are the only stories Elissa can share. Duh! Why is it ok for them to share their pizza boy stories and they don’t afford Elissa the same ability to share? What a double standard! She just did not have any poverty stories to share. And she does not smoke like a chimney. And she does not curse like a sailor of call people names. Just says they are disgusting and we all agree. And she is clean, showers and used to clean the house. All these things they do she could not bond with them because she does not do them. So they hate her. Well, that is ok. We love her.

The light in Elissa was exposing the darkness in them. Darkness hates light and will try to extinguish it. But light usually shines through.
I have seen this happen lots and lots of times in real life. It is amazing to watch people like these. It is so sad to be like these five. My sympathies… sigh

Elissa is a Stepford Wife

Come on, Name.
Elissa would take ANY conversation she chose and confuse it (in her robot mind) to making the other person attacking her.
She would not answer the most simple questions.
She’s definitely has a vacuous mind.
She was definitely unlikable.
Even you dithering “brenchals” should see that.

Worst BB Ever!

Wow by the sounds of it you should have been apart of this cast 🙁

Worst BB Ever!

They all hate Elissa bc none of them have a pot to piss in outside of the house!
She also did what she wanted to and all the people left did what everyone wanted them to do!
She also had standards and morals and this bunch do not have a thread of common decency.
They are glad she is gone bc now they can be as awful ad they wanted to, at least Amanda didn’t hide her feelings. These people are cowards and horrible human beings!! Obviously they were not raised to treat people with respect and decency.
GM said she wanted to put on a strap on and screw Elissa in the arse.
Spencer at one point said he would threaten to kill her children if she won HOH.
Spencer also said last night if something bad happened to her he would laugh!
They have all called her the most horrible things they could think of and they think America agrees with them!
I still can’t believe BB allows them to continue with this!!! It is appalling!!!!!


Elissa was the only cast member that was appraoched to do the show so yes maybe she should have been paid…as for her comments about the others, they were all true. She is the only one in that house of cretons that had a soul or a slight if conscience. When Elissa would appear to ‘snub’ someone, It looked to me as if she was both a little threatened by them and disgusted at the time so she would take the high road and simply walk away.
These final five are like the remnants of he// looking across the great divide and cursing and threatening the only one that would give them one drop of water.
To me this group of five should all be arrested for their threats of vile violence against a person that did nothing to them.
She was only a better human being than them.
Their small minds cannot comprehend that maybe that is the REASON her life is so much better than theirs. They are not capable of such logic.


remember when rosie went CRAZY on boogie for how he treated Erica. and mind you, this was just COMMENTS IN THE DR!!!!!

they need to have her sit down and watch every insane comment like the one for this page, then talk to the entire cast. to be that upset at boogie, I think she would start physically slapping all of them


For those that have read my comments, I am a big Amanda fan. Naturally that means I wasn’t a big Elissa fan at all, I mean AT ALL:). But these pathetic people left in the house who are still attacking her? Scum they are. Notice McCrae though is the most civil. He goes along sometimes and says something kinda unkind. But the others are just brutally disgusting. 2 of them have either already been fired or are being investigated for horrible statements about children (spencer). Spencer also is in trouble with his job supposedly, but might be ok because of his union. Then you have Judd. I think Judd is a good person. But something has been wrong with him for the past week. He is now turning into a slimeball with his comments. Andy is someone I thought was a great player and a good person for a long time. But I have now noticed he will agree with the nasty comments and almost even prods more to come. He is turning into a jerk in front of our eyes and he won’t live it down when this game is over. I like his game play, but the funny thing is, he had the likeable factor, the houseguests even loved him. But as the season went along, we have seen what a jerk he has turned into. Out of the 5, I have to want McCrae to win. YES, it does have to do with me thinking Amanda was the best player BY FAR. But also because I think he is the best person left. Judd would be my second pick. If anyone else wins, it is a sad day for BB. Just my opinion.


Ditto, Go Mccrae!!!


i dont want to see mccrae win

because if mccrae wins, amanda also wins, and that is something i do not want to see(mccrae is such a submissive wimp she would get at least half the money)

Crystal Ball

I agree with you, Brian. Whether or not you were a fan of Elissa’s, to watch the way the remaining HG’s are continuing to talk about her obsessively and act out against anything associated with her is extremely immature and repulsive. I was especially disgusted with the way Spencer kicked her suitcase when they were asked to pack it for her and the way Andy’s nasty side is always on the forefront now.

I am so sick of them deriving such joy out of beating her up behind her back. I wish they would all get a punishment everytime someone utters the word “elissa.”

I do not support or root for anyone in this final five. Judd, for me, is the least objectionable with McCrae a close second. But I would be satisfied if anyone except Andy won.


Come on guys. Production is behind the Elissa bashing. It’s. clear they have lead them to believe Elissa is hated by America. That they are becoming popular with Amercia, which hey are but in a bad way. They are on overkill now that’s why it’s hard o believe. They are trying to out do each other.

When they are bashing it keeps their mind off game play ( mostly Judd, McCrack). These two need to talk he most, yet they sitting around bashing Elissa instead of focusing on Andy and the fact Spencer does not wan o put him up.

Elissa is a distraction.

Plus as I have said before I feel these hate Elissa conversations, leads everyone to vote Elissa. America Choice. All of the “I will kill myself”. Bashing Rachel’s Army, knowing they will come out full force to vote for her while gaining others to vote for her. I really want to vote for Elissa, but my gut tells me I am being manipulated by production and the houseguest to do it. So my vote will not go o Elissa. It will go to ?


Actually Andy and Judd have both said that DR has told them to STOP.

Go Bitches!!

Brian, good post. I too am an Amanda fan. What bothers me is all the people who want GMm Judd, Spencer to win. GM is way worse with her comments than Amanda was, from using the “N” word, to things she said about Elissa’s son, and all the trash she’s been spewing out this week. Yes, Amanda did go after Elissa when Elissa was HOH, but unlike any of the other HGs (GM Spencer, Judd, Andy, Aaryn, Kaitlin etc) Amanda realized what she did was wrong and apologized. I just think the Amanda Haterst jumped on the bandwagon and refuse to get off. No matter how despicable the other HGs are, people still choose them over Amanda. I don’t get it. As for Amanda and MCs sexual escapades, GM would have done the same w Nick given the chance. And look at Kaitlen and Jeremy. I think Amanda really does love MC. What about Rachel…Elissa called Amanda disgusting, but what about Rachel leaving cum stains on the sheets. But people think she’s an angel. I think it’s time for people to look at all the HGs and give credit and criticism where it is due. I don’t agree w some of the things Amanda did, but I believe she has compassion for others, and showed it, and she has a conscience and apologizes when she has hurt someone, which none of the others have. Plus, she played a strategic game, which is more than most of the others. And yes,you are right, MC is not trashing Elissa like these other horrors are. So no, I don’t want GM, Judd, Andy or Spencer to win. MC is the best of that bunch. Plus, those voting for Judd….he Quit the competition! He’s acting like a spoiled brat and his trash talking also is way worse than Amanda or MC.


I also agree with you and Brian I have always defended Amanda’s gameplay even if I have not defended some of the stupid s*** that has come out of her mouth. in the early days of the season I rooted for Amanda strictly because everyone else on this board hatedo her so much but she played an all around good game…and I will say this, I only wish that now McRae really knew how the Amanda of vote went down.


if you are going on who played the better game, andy has played a better game than amanda, and he turned against her and got her out

if you are going on who deserves to win, its andy in my opinion, no matter if you hate him or like him – yes he is a rat, but that is his game

i really dont care who wins, but it will be great if mccrae doesnt win, then amanda wont get 250k, half his prizemoney


With how devious Amanda is she would want 50% of the winning before taxes. McC being the dolt he is would agree.


exactly when she says jump he says how high

in their relationship she will be in total control of everything – that includes the bank account


Brian, I have read your posts and agree about the Elissa bashing. This group of degenerate floaters have no one left for me to root to get the $500K. Which by the way would allow them to leave a little “Elissa Lifestyle” if they would invest the money rather than waste it. Unfortunately for the BB fans we have subjected to a cast of people that really did not know how to play the game without personally attacking a person on any and all levels. I was not an Ian fan last year, but I was glad he got the money after Dan’s huge lie. These five plus Aaryn and Amanda will find out that they need to live their lives with integrity and not threatening violence at every turn. I still hope that Elissa husband, Brenden and Rachel get into each of their faces after the finale and makes them painfully aware how they feel about how they talked about her, her family and the children.

I have noticed on the live feeds that lately McCrae and Spencer are reading their bibles. It’s never to late to repent for their behavior and their words, but they need to start with apologies to Elissa and Candice for the things the vile things they have said about them.

Elissa is a Stepford Wife!!

Amanda is a Sociopath.

CBS should be ashamed for putting both she and Elissa on BB.

NONE of their apologies were sincere!!

GM's Dirty Knee Mouth

Well said!


Amanda also apologized to Jessie, I was just reminded of that from the Spoiler photo on the right. I hope Amanda haters will take a good look at all the HGs and see that there are worse than Amanda. And no one trashed Candice when Candice got Howie’s rocks off! I’m not a fan of Elissa, but this final group is going way too far. Brian, I agree, MC isn’t comfortable w all the Elissa bashing. I think he throws in a comment here or there because he’s like a kid on the playground surrounded by bullies. I’m starting to feel somewhat bad for Aaryn, she made national news for her behaviour but the rest of these idiots are seemingly getting away with their behaviour. I hope Andy and exterminators get outed for causing MC to think Elissa voted Amanda out so that MC can get rid of Andy.Go MC!!


sorry the amanda apology to jess was fake, they cannot stand each other

there is nobody this season or in any season worse than amanda

everyone has bad mouthed everyone, pretty much, but remember amanda has openly discussed killing and raping jess, and killing candice and elissa…why the f–k was someone like that allowed to remain for so long on a television show that millions watch, including children, and being paid to be there, still in with the shot of winning so much money?

julie chen let amanda off the hook in the interview on thursday, even joking and laughing with her, as amanda is productions/grodners/cbs’ little darling…no racist/homophobic/threatening quotes mentioned at all – absolutely ridiculous

amanda got a little preview of what is to come for her with the boos she got on thursday – she seemed shocked by the boos, which is bizarre – but it wont be until after jury that she discovers she is greatly disliked by tens of thousands of people in multiple countries who watch the show – the reality of the situation she has put herself in could mean she will need 24/7 security anywhere she goes, as she has offended and disgusted so many different groups of people


I think Spencer will still be fired. The way I took it, the union just protects him from being fired while on unpaid leave, probably so that a person can’t get fired FOR being on unpaid leave. Once Spencer returns, though, I don’t know that the union protects him for being fired for the things he’s done and said.


Your Union is their to protect you from unjust treatment by your employer. A union wants its members to be honorable workers. His Union may no longer want to represent him. We shall see.


Andy OUT!! What is it with him about Elissa? GTFU already. Andy thinks he’s )* THE Player*. News Flash:

He’s the Rat of all time. Crawling through cracks..creeping throught the walls. Like ooze.

Judd : J**Double Ugh*


“Here drink this energy booster darling you’re going to need it” said my new gay personal trainer.

“What are we doing today?” I asked as I downed the drink.

“Well I think that fat bum needs some work”he said.

And that’s all I can remember before passing out.


Elissa is the women Andy dreams of being. He jealous.


Im sure Elissa could hook andy up with her team of cosmetic surgeons- Im sure they could make him look just like her.


Wow….does it ever end with the Elissa bashing? Really, what did she do to any of them that warrants their Elissa bashing rants? Quite honestly, it’s annoying already IMO.

Bunch of snobs

When you act like your shit don’t stink then you better expect a backlash.

Kelli Jo

Funny to imagine Helen lifting her leg to fart lol!

Too Tall

I can imagine Spencer lifting his leg to think.


Can’t wait to hear what the Elissa fans say about this one…..

The Fan Club

From what I’ve read on other blogs – no one is happy with this particular discussion. Seems that the fans of BB know when to callout bad behavior.


I wish there was a mute button on Spencer and Andy! They make me want to puke. Nothing good ever comes out of their mouths!


Wow what nasty people left in that house shame on them, I guess they hated Ellisa because of who she is, they must have no self-esteem at all the bunch of them, that one person could make them feel that way, she seems like such a nice person, I watched the show and never really saw her do anything that was that bad, and now she is gone whats up with that shit! don’t they know they are on TV and she will see all that shit. they should bring her back just to do it, all a bunch of losers! I hope Ellisa wins America’s favorite just to piss them off!!! and those of you that are hating on her, People you don’t know her at all people are never what they seem on TV, shame on you also. I would give almost anything to see Andy and Spencer go! can’t we just flush them down the old john with the cake!

Snob hater

Of course you’re going to make that sort of comment, you’re watching the edited clips of what bb production wants you to believe. Subscribe to the live feed and you would have seen how obnoxious Ellisa really was. Good riddens!


I do, and I didn’t.


Bullish!t, I watched the live feed and Elissa didn’t do anything to warrant this level of hatred. Andy’s just such a little bitch he can’t fathom someone going after him. He’s just pissed Elissa had his number. But in the end Elissa wins because all he’s doing is making people like her more and handing her America’s favorite on a silver platter.


“People you don’t know her at all people are never what they seem on TV”

Well if that’s true then all the others must not actually be assholes then. Yes, Elissa was pretentious and made all of the other houseguests feel as if she thought she was better than them (whether that was her intention or not). And yes, the others are acting like assholes just like Aaryn was a racist etc. etc. This is how all of these people really are to some degree. Putting people in a stressful fishbowl with clashing personalities will definitely amplify any negative traits they have. But this season’s cast seems to be the most negative, at least to my memory. Though I can see why the remaining houseguests are venting so much about Elissa, but I do agree that enough is enough and they need to stop being so vile and immature. They’ve definitely gone too far in my opinion.

And for the record, to all the people saying those who bash Elissa are just jealous….that’s hardly the case for most people who dislike her. They can’t stand her attitude, period. I mean, a lot of people hated Boogie too, were they ‘just jealous’? That excuse is just something people tell themselves so they won’t have to admit they might have something about themselves that others don’t like. Why doesn’t everyone like me? I’m perfect! Oh, they’re just jealous. smh. Everyone will have something about themselves that somebody else will hate. That’s just a fact of life…jealousy has nothing to do with it.


“…people are never what they seem on TV, shame on you also.” If that is true then everyone, yourself included, should stop declaring with such certainty that anyone on this TV show is the worst person in the world, or similar. It’s so over the top, but I’m not going to try and get anyone on the comments board fired or wish any harm on them whatsoever. It is just interesting to see the amount of group think and selective retention occuring with ‘fans’. The lack of empathy for someone they’ve decided to dislike is astounding, when compared to mental gymnastics done to support their favourite. If anyone is really interested in trying to make fair and thoughtful judgements, please take a minute and read about re-inforcement theory. It’s isn’t complicated and discusses the huge blind spots we all have when we assess information. I don’t think I’ve learned anything more useful in recent memory, or seen such an obvious example of it since the last US election.


All the guys left SUCK plain and simple


I’m not a huge Elissa fan but you know it kind of makes sense she’d want to distance herself from most of these people. The obscenity is way over the top. I’m just speechless and totally turned off. I tried to like Spencer but his comments are just beyond disgusting and wrong. Andy and GM aren’t too far behind.




RE: “So Gina Marie messed up her back, broke a toe, got 9 stitches in her knee, and now cut her finger while cooking.”

That’s just your average day in Brooklyn.
That hard workin’ girl deserves a place at the table.

F-2 GM & MC

MC did work his $ss off,,,, in every room in the house. Didn’t even have time for showers.
After all that he started playing the game. Doin’ OK too.


work his ass off


All that fornicating makes one very tired…… and that’s why he slept to build up the strength for the next round of ” hide the salami “.

Roisin Dubh

I for one love the nastiness. They’re pushing CBS into an all star season. Keep up the good work guys.

Roisin Dubh

Look at it this way guys, because of these people, BB is going back to their roots. They’ve put the show in danger with their antics. We’re gonna get people who have a life outside this game and not jokers like these people looking for parlaying BB for fame. It’s obvious these guys aren’t going to stop, so complaining about it isn’t gonna do jack. CBS knows these guys screwed the pooch and their little experiment in edginess bit them on the butt. We get real players from now on, not butt-hurt entitled children.

Roisin Dubh

I gotta give Spencer props, he said a while ago that if Aaryan wasn’t a racist and had a pair of t@ts, she’d be worth a F*ck. Classic.


Spencer invites you to his pervert recovery group.


What kind of person, could say they love the nastiness?
R U a vile, racist, bigoted, filthy-mouth pig, same as Spencer, Andy, GinaMarie & Judd?


WTF is wrong with this final five? All they do is bitch and moan about the evicted HGs. I’d think I was watching the jury for as bitter and sour grapes as these five ‘winners’ are. They may have made it to the end, but they sure do act like losers.


I Think It Would Be Wonderful If The Jury Could Watch The Live Feeds Or At Least Bbad.

Crystal Ball

Agreed. It’s boring to watch them sit there and repeatedly bash HG’s that have already been evicted. It’s so pointless and all they do is repeat the same old insults and managing to get cruder and ruder as time progresses. On the bright side, they are all killing their chances of winning america’s favorite, even Judd. People who are not Elissa fans may vote for her to get America’s favorite after all just to spite these assholes.


Yeah, I Was A Judd Fan Until About 5Days Ago. Mccrae Has Spewed The Least Venom To Date, So Go Mccrae, Shrugging Shoulders, Pff

Bored Viewer

This is indeed a sorry final 5. However, my pick for final 2 was Judd and McCrae (for the simple fact that 2 of the remaining 5 have to be final 2, and they have been the least vile, even though they all suck). Judd has been losing his mind these past few days though. He has no one to blame but himself… he received a second chance in the game, and was still incapable of making strategic moves to align with people who would have furthered his game.

When/If he is evicted this week, I guess McCrae, Spencer, GM, and Andy in that order. SMH. Maybe there is some final twist in store where none of them can win any of the cash prizes. Blah.


This is Obama’s Amerika. We all piss and moan about others and how well off they are while lying flat on our ass while the dishes pile up and the bathroom draws flies. No wonder why Rome fell.


Hey, I have an idea! If you’re really serious about not wanting to hear the HGs talk trash about the evicted folks-STOP BITCHING ABOUT IT! Evidently productuion (who trolls these sites), have come up with a way to make these miscreants interesting in a revolting kind of way! Talk trash about Elissa! Maybe if everyone ignored that part of the feeds it will go away. I’m afraid that with this continued outrage, we’ll see more of this stupidity in the future, don’t buy into it.


Andy’s cattiness concerming Elissa sounds like a jealous, little girl angry because the other girl looks better and has more. Andy,
when you continue to go on and on about Elissa it says more about you than it does her.


Elissa talked about Aaryn CONSTANTLY after she was evicted-bashing her relentlessly!!!

You Eliisa supporters are the biggest bunch of hypocrites ive seen in a loooooooong time!!

Shame on you.


Actually, I seem to recall Elissa saying NICE things about Aaron after she was evicted.
These people are obsessed w Elissa, and I still don’t understand their hatred for her.


You must not watch the live feeds. Elissa actually said she missed Aaryn after Aaryn was evicted……try again.


She was clearly lying to GM(kissing ass of course) saying that “she missed Aaryn”, as another dig at Skankmanda.


Let’s just say for arguments sake your take on Elissa’s comments are accurate. She STILL wasn’t bashing Aaryn when Aaryn was evicted like the previous commenter stated.


Ugh JUDD or for all that matter, all these people when will they learn how to read body language, tone of voice, and context clues. This people are straight up doofs. They just go from talking about one person to talking about another person and then lying about it to their faces and they are HORRIBLE liars. Seriously put two and two together. GM and Judd you guys are cut asap. So much for thinking you guys are tight.

Elissa never verbalized hatered like they have been doing to her. She was no saint, did have enemies but it wasn’t anything remotely close to this. They need to be called out ASAP.

Jeez i dunno Judd maybe Elissa was happy because she actually DIDN’T know you were leaving. You came back and wasted your own presence because you aligned yourself with the wrong people. JUDD you shoulda just blindsided the exterminatiors by keeping Amanda voting for Spencer and then that would have set up Andy. People would have been suspicious of Andy. Andy would have fit into neither alliance to be trusted. You and Elissa could have also worked together, you woulda kept yourself close to the exterminatiors and their plans and then she woulda kept herself close to Macradna. Exchange information to each other so you know what the next move is. Making an alliance of two in a house that only only believes there is two big ones woulda put you guys out of the limelight into the final 4.


Elissa looks better and better the more you see what she dealt with:). By the way, as much as you all hate Amanda, think about it. She was actually loyal. She told Helen she was leaving when others said you are safe Helen. She told Aaryn she was leaving because Andy was with them longer. I think when the game is over, people will realize she was a great BB player. She will be in an all star BB season if they have one IMO. I also think out of this cast, Aaryn will get an invite too. I am sure people will think Andy will get an invite. But BB producers know he would be voted out first week because everyone has seen he is the biggest weasel in the history of the game save Ronnie from a few years back. They know he would have no shot and wouldn’t invite him.

Bored Viewer

I wouldn’t mind seeing Amanda in an all-stars season, but I do not think production would invite Aaryn back. In tonights BBAD, when the house guests were not bashing Elissa and Candice, they talked about Aaryn’s racism. Even GM claimed to be shocked by some of the things Aaryn said…

I think production wants people to watch the future seasons of BB, and inviting almost anyone from this season may very well cause BB fans not to watch.


i cant see anybody coming back from this season

there are plenty of other seasons to choose returning players



Ronnie is no where near the rat Andy is. I’m not being disagreeable or being mean here. Just fans talking game. 🙂

Ronnie was (pretty much) known about within the first two weeks — almost the whole house KNEW he was working both sides. Andy (Final 4 now) has still not been completely known about — IF really outted at all. He’s played the roll of (RAT) almost (almost) flawlessly this entire season. I wouldn’t be surprised if Andy (winning BB or not), at some point, credits Ronnie with the original strategy, BUT then goes on to say he (Andy) tweaked the rat strategy, made it tons better, and then absolutely owned it.

I truly am not an Andy fan, but Ronnie is not even in the same universe as Andy in terms of RAT… in my humble opinion. Andy owns the “rat strategy” now. 🙂

P.S. McCrae was my guy I picked Night One of the season (our family always makes our season’s pick on the first night) — I’m sticking with McCrae. He looked like a player that night to me I guess. lol! I ain’t bragging either, ’cause this would be the first time in 15 seasons I’ve gotten someone through final 7–rofl.



Ronnie is no where near the rat Andy is. I’m not being disagreeable or being mean here. Just fans talking game. 🙂

Ronnie was (pretty much) known about within the first two weeks — almost the whole house KNEW he was working both sides. Andy (Final 4 now) has still not been completely known about — IF really outted at all. He’s played the roll of (RAT) almost (almost) flawlessly this entire season. I wouldn’t be surprised if Andy (winning BB or not), at some point, credits Ronnie with the original strategy, BUT then goes on to say he (Andy) tweaked the rat strategy, made it tons better, and then absolutely owned it.

I truly am not an Andy fan, but Ronnie is not even in the same universe as Andy in terms of RAT… in my humble opinion. Andy owns the “rat strategy” now. 🙂

P.S. McCrae was my guy I picked Night One of the season (our family always makes our season’s pick on the first night) — I’m sticking with McCrae. He looked like a player that night to me I guess. lol! I ain’t bragging either, ’cause this would be the first time in 15 seasons I’ve gotten someone through final 7–rofl.


Sorry for Double Comment. Please delete “Name” comment Simon or Dawg. Ty.


Amanda is very intelligent, I can never take that away from her, but a she was an average game player at best, she had an unfair twist and sheep to hide behind… Once the twist and the sheep(numbers) was gone she crumbled and played the victim. A GREAT GAME player, would’ve been able to regroup and change the dynamic of their game to move with the changes in the game, but she didn’t do that, she kept playing the same game and all she did was dug a grave and took a nap in it.

Her loyalty was only to 2 of her sheep McCrae and Andy she wasn’t loyal to anyone else, just using them, and she screwed over too many people in her own alliance, which made the others think twice before keeping McCranda around. She couldn’t even float her game was THAT bad.

Andy did what he had to do, because he was smart enough to know that no way would he be able to win with a couple, he wasn’t playing for 3rd place, only an idiot would’ve stayed with the dead ship.

If there is an All-Stars 2(which I doubt after this terrible season’s cast), Andy and Amanda would be gone, because they’re both equally tainted.

Give It a Rest

This obsessive compulsive behavior towards Elissa isn’t normal – and it’s really getting old and out of control. I was not a big Elissa supporter – but these people are showing an unhealthy and ugly side – and it’s not entertaining or the least bit pertinent to their endgame. It’s like watching a room full of out of control children with no parental supervision. I’d like to wash their mouths out with soap.


Lowest of the low class left in the house. What is really sad is this vile conduct is being read and watched by other countries and truly reflects poorly on Americans. Someone from production should pull these clowns into a room and tell them to cleanup their act or they will be disqualified. Every show has rules, guidelines except this one it seems. Truly sad situation and embarrassment.


After watching this season, can honestly anyone say they feel good after watching any of these episodes? It like inviting moral decay into your home. I’m done with this. I won’t be back.


IMO I think they should bring back the jury members they have been bashing so hard and replace them with the current houseguests. CBS…latest twist since America is so disgusted by the behavior in the house they are switching the five remaining houseguests with the five jury members bashed the most.

Disgusted Fan

I have never been witness to so many scumbags in one place. The sad part is one of these rejects will win a huge sum of money. Not one of them has any social graces. There is not a shred of sophistication in any of them. The gutter level of their conversations is beyond belief. They are still bashing Ellisa because it was she who has made them all realize how little worth they really have. Real life has a big surprise for them in the very near future.


Is it just me or can Andy not get over Elissa? He is always bringing her up. If you hate someone that much, you would think you wouldn’t want to talk about them non-stop like he does. He seriously needs to stfu and get past it. I mean hell Andy –SHUT UP ALREADY!!! She is gone, really I promise she is so again SHUT UP!


They are a bunch of nasty, vile, disgusting, ugly, and immature asshole and I hope to God they pick a better bunch of HGs for next season; and hope they go through intense screening!!

Cat Farm USA

I agree with you Kenny! I think that it’s likely that CBS will even “over correct” when choosing the cast for next year. There are likely to be some well behaved PTA moms, computer geniuses, and a few Amish for good measure 🙂 It would be a welcome change too.


Then it would be boring as hell and ratings would drop. I don’t know what CBS might do with next season, but like it or not this season has gotten BB the highest ratings it’s had in years. Some people may stop watching if things like what we’ve seen continue, but if it does there will be a new batch of people watching to compensate. Some people love watching a train wreck. And I have to admit, I’m one of them. I’ve watched BB since it started, but got bored with it and stopped watching as regularly. I watched last season (loved Ian) but never watched the live feeds or BBAD. It was the same with this season, but once the racism drama got in the news I started watching live feeds and BBAD again. Even though I think the behavior is terrible, I can’t stop watching. I think that’s the case with a lot of people whether they care to admit it or not.


I don’t get it. Are ppl really this evil,low, shallow, ignorant and as this is the first time I ever followed online is there any recurcuptions for any of this vile, disgusting behavior ? Grown men talking about women with such hate is shocking. He cannot keep is job as a prof – what parent would pay tuition for that pece of hateed


They better not ever invite any of this filth to play in a All Star.

Bored Viewer

Hopefully, production will “shelve” this season of BB, and we will never have to see or hear from these house guests again on any BB related show. We may very well see some of them on Dr. Phil, Celebrity Rehab, Jerry Springer, Maury Povich, or TMZ (when they return to the real world and are in shock that BB fans are disgusted by them).


The funny thing is that if they did get to be on TMZ, Jerry Springer, Celebrity Rehab or whatever, they’re twisted egos would be over the top! They’d think it was awesome to get that kind of notoriety!

They are all the second string leftovers who don’t even realize how bad their behavior is to the viewers. A waste of $500,000. for sure.


Andy is like an outsider trying desperately to gain acceptance from whomever he perceives to be the cool kids. If they don’t like someone, then he has to up the ante and say he “hates” that person. If they hate the person,then he has to be disgusted by, as well as hate the person. And so on, and so on until he gets into his special name-calling zone.

The sad/pitiful thing is there are no cool kids to impress and he isn’t even getting points for raging.


Doesn’t Andy remind you of Jerry from Tom and Jerry and how he escapes being eaten but in this case evicted.


He reminds me of Pee Wee Herman/Richard Simmons/Napoleon DynamiteMaster Splinter from TMNT.


Andy has to do something with all of that energy that he use to burn up running from room to room to listen to all the conversations now that there are so few people to rat on. Worthless bunch bitches about people who are gone more than ever heard on BB ever!


These people are so vile, disgusting and pathetic. I think it is funny that there will be no party in Vegas. CBS can’t come up with the money, who believes that rubbish? I think the former players don’t want to have anything to do with this vile group.
I am glad that Elissa will win the money for her charity to help wounded soldiers, too bad CBS doesn’t give the top prize to that organization as well!!
Chances are none of these people are going to have a job to go back too, and I wager they will all wonder why, what did I do what did I say.
If BB gets cancelled because of these vile foul-mouthed punks I am going to be furious. If there should be any changes it should be to Allison Grodener {or whatever her name is} the producers and directors and whoever chose this loser cast!!!!! They are the ones that should be cancelled!!!


Ladybug, I am with you on everything you said… all they needed in the house this season was 1 person who refused to listen to this garbage spewing group. It is hilarious how nobody shut this down this year… heads need to roll for letting this crap go out live 24/7. I tell my mother and sister what’s going on behind the scenes and they go on the internet not believing what I am telling them, only to find it is real!!!! My sister started petitions online… oh well, it’s over soon and it will be like a horrible memory.


Ladybug, I wonder if they’re not having the Vegas after party is because production/CBS is afraid of what might ensue – the houseguests getting out of control drunk, saying obnoxious things to everyone around them, or others in the crowd trying to attack the houseguests for what they’ve said on the show. It might be a reality brawl that CBS doesn’t want to chance, so it’s easier to just say there was no money for the party.

The After Party

Good one Ladybug. I wish CBS would tell these knuckleheads that the party is in Reno – send them there and let the other BB alum enjoy Vegas.


It’s pretty sad that you can’t watch BBAD b/c they have to censor every other word out of their mouths. The only reason I have it on is b/c they don’t go to fish or to a commercial when the feeds get fish.

Unreal. I think I can probably not bother with the feeds now until the POV meeting is adjourned – LOL!


The final five is such a joke. I was rooting for Judd but he’s true character is showing the longer he’s stays in the house.


I think the nasty, vile ick is just rubbing off on Judd. I really don’t think he’s like the rest of them. I could be wrong. That “house” will need an exorcism after they are all gone. It’s dripping with evil.


“They all agree Elissa is open target to bad mouth even if she’s not in the house.”

Yeah, they would agree to this, since they are all a bunch of COWARDS. Especially since NONE of them, except for maybe GM, would dare say this vile crap to Elissa’s face.

I am by no means an Elissa fan (she got on my nerves in the same way Rachel did) but bloody hell they are beyond obsessed with the girl. I actually want her to win America’s Choice JUST to see the sour puss look on their faces.


my favorite houseguests of all time and my all stars would be elissa Rachel Britney jordan Janelle jo jo cara cassie angie season 10 my backups would be Porsche laura Crosby michelle noonan dani donato Chelsea season nine and Danielle murphee people might not like her but made thing interesting plus she was a good competitor and keesha season 10 I would also not mind seeing kaitlyn again think she would be a fierce competitor wouldn’t mind seeing aaryn renew herself like Britney did

my guys would be frank shane jeff brendon casey russel ian matt season 12 cant think of many others


Good list, I left mine on the last post.


I’m just glad that the bug control 4 now know that they can’t talk shit about being the greatest alliance to be created ever. I actually stopped watching BBAD and stopped checking into OBB b/c I didn’t feel like hearing the same people scheming about what to lie to McCrea about and how awesome they all thought they were…where’s that stupid pumping and spraying for bugs motion they do now? Oh yeah, one of those craptastic people are gone. I hope McCrea kills all comps going forward, then Amanda asks McCrea in final 2 jury questions about if he knew about the final 4 alliance with gm judd Spence and andy, he says nope and then Amanda says good job boo you exterminated the exterminators and went on a killer roll. Get gm out now please so that reduces the chance of a Spencer/gm final 2, by far the worst ever


Back to game play here. First off this most perfectly timed alliance in BB history. I really loved the exterminator dance and how everything just fell perfectly for them on Thursday. It was actually pretty funny watching them do the exterminator dance as they walked to the diary to make their vote. They got Amanda and Elissa out in one night and got the guaranteed HOH at the same time. Now McCrae throws a wrench into the plan by winning POV. I think this works perfectly into Andy and Spencer, now they get out Judd and get the final 3 with McCrae and have a 66% chance of getting both of them into the final two. At this point I think Andy deserves to win. I know everybody hates him for some reason, but he needs to be the first gay winner at this point, he’s played the perfect game.


What is wrong with ppl and this need of having someone who can represent them? ” He needs to be the first gay winner”? What does that even mean? Aren’t there any other semi-famous gay person to root for on TV? Geez! Andy’s the worst caricature of a gay person with his cattiness. He channels every stupid stereotype about gay people having a vicious tongue and being worse gossip-mongers than women. Andy needs to win because some ppl with bad self-esteem need him as the 1st gay winner of BB to have someone to be proud of? Wow!


I don’t think he should win because he is gay, I think he should win because he’s played the best game, therefore he should be the first gay winner of big brother.


Sorry, what did he win and who did he get out with his HOH??? Oh yeah, nevermind!


Ok, you dumb moron. Will is the best BB player ever and he never won an HOH. You don’t have to be the HOH to get somebody out. Andy was the key to getting Amanda and Helen out, and without him there never would have been an Exterminators alliance. He pulled the whole thing together and he’s played the perfect game this season. He deserves to win.

Bored Viewer

If talking actual game play was a factor here, we would have to discuss a previous season of BB.

Andy being gay, and there not ever being a gay house guest to win BB is not a reason for him to win. He may very well make it to final 2 (since no one can see through him except Elissa and she is in jury house), and who knows what the jury would do at that point since everyone seems to be hypnotized.

The only thing Andy has done is make a complete jackass of himself on national television, and state the first and last name of his roommate on national television. I can only imagine the look on his roommates face when he finds out that he is officially associated with Andy for the rest of his life.


I’m not saying he should win because he is gay. I’m saying he should win because in this house he’s played the best game, and therefore should be the first gay bb houseguest to ever win the game. You can’t deny he played both sides of the house, got every jury member to be his friend and has since made it to a position where he should be in the final two. He’s played a great game.


Spencer thinks a benefit of putting Andy up is that he wouldn’t freak out about it? Oh please, try it and see what happens.


For them not liking Elissa they suure do talk about her ALOT! I hate Spencer hes so disgusting and filthy!!!


They all think, “Elissa thinks she’s better than all of us in this house.” GUESS WHAT? She is. People left in the house are lame. Look how many people had to leave the game for Spencer to finally win. This season was beyond lame.


O m g..

What a crazy season! Though all the bashing and insults were somewhat entertaining atsome level, its getting way too far!!!! I miss Amanda and Melissa already. What a bunch of disgusting human beings! Man, these peoples, as Julie states, ” will get a rude awakening” after in the outside world 🙂


who’s Melissa?


Sorry you bitter fools, but Andy to win, he’s played a perfect game. First gay winner in BB history, go Andy.


Sexual preference should have NOTHING to do with it!!!!!


“Spencer – “put it in the toilet we’ll pi$$ and sh!t on it” ” And Spencer accused Andy of being downright mean when Andy wondered if this would be called the season of biggots!!!!! OMG Wake up man.

From Wiki: Bigotry is the state of mind of a bigot: someone who, as a result of their prejudices, treats other people with fear, distrust, hatred, contempt, or intolerance on the basis of a person’s ethnicity, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, socioeconomic status, or other characteristics.

Hate crime: (also known as bias-motivated crimes, or race hate) occur when a perpetrator targets a victim because of his or her perceived membership in a certain social group.


Oh shut the hell up.


I’d like to see current rules. The 2009 rules said they could not do shout outs, they could not acknowledge cameras, they could not bully, intimidate or actually even tell others who to put up. They’ve broken all these rules so I am just wondering if they threw the rules out the window.


These rules have been being broken since season1 you fool.


Spencer doesn’t like Obama so he must be a racist! And he is wondering what Obama is up to insinuating that he is doing something unethical.


So I guess half the country is racist. Shut the fuck up asshole.


I don’t like Obama either, and I am no where near being a racist. Just because someone doesn’t like or agree with a president and their policies does not, in any way, equate to them being racist. That’s just silly.


Spencer is right about Obama No one likes Obama anymore you got 500 Black Americans murdered in Chicago over last 16 months from black on black crime . You got 10,000 Black Americans murdered from black on black crime since Obama first became president .Obama spends every day and hour now talking about gay rights and gay issues . One problem he forgot about all the Black Americans who are being murdered from black on black crime . And i know there are some of you who say F#UCK Black Americans . But would Jesus say that ?


If this was Candice’s picture they were talking about pooping and pissing on everyone would be screaming racism – sometimes ignorant people just hate people no matter what the reason. When it was Candice or Howard no one would shut up about it being a black thing. So now what is it a white girl hate thing? People who were screaming so loud about all the racial stuff weeks ago have nothing to say about this ugliness now. Just saying hate is hate. Candice wasn’t exactly likeable anyway but I don’t get all this hostility towards Elissa.


If a non black person makes racist comments about a black person you have to be an idiot not to see it is a black thing. Same goes for any other race.
And you wrote that Candice wasn’t exactly likeable. Well I am sure that she was more likeable than most of the HG.


So if you had your way .You would hurt or harm Howard and Candace ?


andy is a faggot bottom. typical attitude.


Gay basing at its best.

just wondering

what exactly is gay basing? I know in certain sports people do base jumping but is gay basing a sport started by gays?


If gays could resist drawing attention to their sexual preference their sexuality wouldn’t even be an issue. We don’t care what you choose to do in the bedroom! We really don’t! Don’t make it part of your game play. It’s ridiculous to do so. Tired of all of it. It’s like a gay-self-entitlement thing they do.


notice the kitchen is a mess now that Elissa’s and the other girls aren’t there to keep it up. Pigs.


Who tells other people they have to poop?!!!! Representatives from Arkansas apparently.


Is everyone here that much of a prude?


Spencer finally made me laugh


What these idiots don’t seem to realize is that with all this venom being spewed at Elissa, her votes as America’s favourite are increasing exponentially.


She had America’s vote before the season even started, so I don’t think they even give a damn.