McCrae says no way he will use the veto on GM “I dunno.. I’m thinking F*** that”

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV ?
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 9th
HOH Winner: Spencer Next HOH: Sept 11th*
Original Nominations: Gm and McCrae
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn, Amanda, Elissa
Have Nots


1:13am HOH Andy, Spencer and MC

Andy wishes there was a way they could guarantee GM not win the HO. Andy is certain that GM would vote out JUDD.
Andy – “I feel like it could either day a awesome move or a ohhh sh!t move..”

MC – “I dunno I trust you guys .. Any time you don’t use the veto on your self it’s the dumbest move ever’
Andy says the only thing is andy and GM are very loyal people, “If we can 100% guarantee we go to the final 3”
Specner- “Ya”
Andy – “I all honestly JUDD is more of a wild card he pissed and you for going up and winning the veto .. He’s pissed at me for not going up”

MC – ‘He’ll be double pissed on me if I use it on GM’
Andy – “So much with GM fascinates me.. She was all like I don’t know what to do with all my makeup.. after the show is over.. her makeup and NIck are the two things you can use to get her on your side.’

Andy leaves to go talk to GM.
Spencer – “What are you thinking”
MC – “I’m thinking F*** that.. .”
Spencer laughs – “That is what I’m thinking to”
MC – ‘To me it doesn’t make sense.. if McCrae did that it would be the perfect opportunity to get him out.. see you later”
Spencer – “Especially after our past conversation I don’t want you to go anywhere”
MC – ‘to me it just seems super weird”
Spencer – ‘thats a ginamarie deal.. if it was me I would take my chances with GM trying”
MC – “exactly… it’s 2 outta 3.. thats not too bad at all.. thats how I feel it doesn’t benefit me as much as it benefits you and Andy ”
S – “What do yo mean”
MC – “well you could take a shot at me but JUDD will be more pissed at me .. theres no way I can come out of this looking better”

Spencer understands. MC wants to stick with the plan and doesn’t want to use the veto on GM.
Spencer – “This is the think I would put Andy up if we wanted to get GM out.. I just don’t want JUDD to pull out a bizarre power”
Spencer says he feels better to know that MCCrae will pick him over Andy.
MC doesn’t want this to go out to Andy because he doesn’t want to lose Andy’s trust but MC doesn’t think he can beat Andy in the end.

Spencer ios worried that Andy and GM are tight. MC says he gets the feeling that Andy is trying to make a move right now.
Spencer- “No I don’t think it’s Andy’s style.. “
Andy comes back up after talking to GM about throwing the next HOH if they use the veto on her.
MC says he doesn’t think he can trust GM, “There’s no f*** way I would do it for little bit better odds”
MC says this is the craziest move he’s ever heard it would make or break his game.
Spencer agree says it’s a crazy move he understands MC’s fear.
Andy says he’s in the same boat just wanted to lay out all the options, ‘She really hates JUDD she liked I don’t care if that quitter goes home”

Spencer – “I can’t believe how much shit she would talk about Amanda To ya when you were handcuffed. .. No offense bro that b!tch is total looney toons’
Andy – “I really think she likes McCrae when she says .. Amanda is a STD filled wh*re but your cool McCrae”

Spencer in his GM voice – “That b!tchs pu$$y is like a hatchet wound.. sorry i’m teasing”

McCrae says he will be using the veto on himself not on GM. Andy – “You are staying do what you are going to do”

Spencer – “you never know it might be a tough competition to throw.. like rolling a ball”
MC “I dunno it could be one of those things (GM voice) I went for the opposite and I got it right”
Andy in GM voice – “my bad bro I tried to throw it”
Andy – “If we lose with GM trying to throw it we don’t deserve to be final 3”
MC again says he will use the veto on himself.. using it on GM is just crazy.. if it went bad it would be the stupidest move.

Andy – “I know it’s such a gamble but I will vote to keep you and so will Spencer it ensures we win… but still I will not be mad at you it you don’t do it”

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using the flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


1:42am HOH Spencer and Andy

Specner says that MC had suggested to him that Andy was trying to make a power move so Andy better squash that quick.
Spencer – “I trust MC more than I trust JUDD now”
Andy – “same”
Andy went downstairs to talk to GM about what they were trying tot get MC to do he[‘s worried that she is going to f** something up. Spencer suggests Andy goes downstairs and chaperone their conversation.

Andy – ‘he very perceptive about seeing it could be me making a power move.. little does he know I’ve already made my power move and got AManda and Elissa out”
Spencer says he wanted to try whatever he could to save the exterminators.
Andy – ‘can we all agree that we vote JUDD home.. even if McCrae tries to sway us I want JUDD outta here’
Spencer- “I do to.. i’m fearful that GM is closer to yo than me and JUDD is a bit more in the middle..”
A – “Did JUDD have a final 2 with you.. cause he did with me”
S – “I’m telling you the truth no.. I would feel better if he did”
S – ‘from my understanding he’s not going to use it’

Spencer says he wants JUDD to go this week not GM.

Spencer says that he is still down with getting out McCrae next week. Andy says MC is the scary one to have going into final 3 final 4 because he’s so strong at competitions. Andy says they have to blindside JUDD just for the sanity in the house. Spencer – “well if that is the plan we’re doing a crappy job of it’

Spencer – “I think JUDD this week and McCrae next week then exterminators final 3”

Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here


1:50am Backyard GM and McCrae
MC and GM talking about him using the veto on her. MC trusts GM but say he doesn’t trust Spencer and Andy. MC adds that he knows he was the target this week before he won the veto.

MC – “this could be the perfect move to get MC out now..” MC knows Andy is trustworthy but on the same note Andy wants to win and will do whatever it takes to win.
MC – “If he has to take me out he’s going to take his opportunity if he can”
GM – “you know what i’m offering.. it’s brought to the table and your choice is yours. whatever you do I will respect it”
MC – I pretty much have to use it.. i’m telling you now”

GM says she got in trouble with production for making a time line bracelet. MC – ‘they called me out for making a calendar to”
GM -‘I’m not great at the questions.. I’m still going to try my best and work hard.. I can’t run I feel gross”
GM – “I’m a wounded bird with a wounded wing ”


4:00AM HOH CHit chat

JUDD – ‘I’m so tired of puzzles sooner or later we’ll have to do a puzzle to go to the bathroom… solve a puzzle to get to the back yard”
JUDD – ‘let talk about how much of a fool I look.. I got in a fight with Amanda in a chicken suit..I’m goign to be America’s most hated houseguest of all time”
Andy – “I do not think so”
JUDD – I would hate me if I was watching”
Spencer is worried how Aaryn will be viewed outside the house. JUDD thinks she redeemed herself a little. Spencer – “I don’t know.. that swarms thing never helped her” (??)

Specner – “I was in the bathroom talking to Candice about the racial stuff and Aaryn”
JUDD thinks Candice is over it.

They start talking about the biggest jury house fights. Specner thinks Candice and Aaryn. JUDD thinks Amanda and Jessie. Andy wishes they had a live feed at the jury house. Specner says that is all they would do.

Andy – ‘The jury house has go tot be more entertaining than the Big Brother house”
MC says Jessie was like a mental patient the night of the returning player HOH. Andy is happy she fell.

Andy thinks Helen programmed Elissa to go after Andy after she left. JUDD – ‘Who knows she was randomly after me after trying to work with me.. one day she wanted to work with me then the next day she hated my a$$”

JUDD says he tried two times to work with Elissa it’s impossible, ‘Like working with one of those fish in there..”


5:13AM McCrae and Spencer
McCrae tells Spencer that everyone wants to take him to final 2 because they think they can beat him. MC thinks Andy doesn’t want to bring him over Spencer.
MC – “You are set up like perfectly setup”
MC – “I’m worried GM winning HOH and Andy winning veto or Andy winning HOH and Andy winning Veto”
Specner says he’s worried to. MC tells him not to be he’s going to final 2.

MC is wondering if he should make a deal with GM tomorrow in return for his vote. MC is thinking he’ll offer GM his vote if she will let him influence her decision if she won veto next week.

Spencer- “If you are not afraid of Andy at this point you are f** stupid”
MC – “I will keep you safe always.. i’m down 100% moving forward”
Spencer- “I think you are good with And final 3.. ”


6:17AM sleeping


8:56pm Lights on WAKE UP!!

Only JUDD is walking around on the feeds. Spencer and McCrae were up until at least 6




9:07pm GM is up

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Viktor Kwok

I will be furious if Andy win the next HOH or POV. Time to send him packing


Check 2ne1 on youtube. They make good rice


K POP haters suck.

Buh bye Judd the annoying asshole

So glad the shady asshole is going this week. I don’t think I can take seeing his lazy stupid ass slouching everywhere he goes anymore. Not to mention listening to his slurred drawl. Adios for the second time this season you pretentious piece of shit. Too bad you can’t take Rat turd and GM with you. Hopefully they will be going next with final 2 being Spencer and McCrae.

The Joke is on YOU

Let me get this straight… you claim Judd is lazy. A guy who has been doing push ups and sit ups for days… but you are ok with Spencer and McStinky?

Yea, you are not too bias.

Typical Rachelissa fan..

Keep hating


I would hardly call those push ups…


I knew Spencer was a beast at comps – he won an HOH as he was able to beat out 3 weakest players. Since Spencer was nominated 7 times, exactly how many POVs have he played in? His percentage of comps: wins suck!

McCrae has won 2 HOHs and 3 POVs (one HOH and POV was from first week so he beat out the best o the best) and McCrae has played in the fewest POV comps out of the remaining players.


LMFAO Spenser a beast ???? The BLOB simply put a puzzle
together!!! LOL
WOW! “H A R D” COMP! 🙂
Beast NOT! Wussy YES!!


Mctinkpot I still the most disgusting, filthy, nasty, unwashed son of bitch left in the game. He talks about JUDD and GINAMARIE not deserving of still being in the house……as if he does…….this shit sack hid behind Amanda two thirds of the game. Too damn afraid to pop his head from behind her bloomers for fear of being a “target”. I would rather see any one of the other four win first and second before giving this walking fecal matter one thin dime.


I think Spencer is basically playing for second at this point. He knows he is not likely to win against anyone. He probably realizes that Andy will be the toughest for him to beat, but Andy is the only one he trusts. At this point, he’s playing it safe by sticking with someone he trusts who will likely take him to final, rather than taking a chance on a wild card like Judd or McCrae, or even GM who might not be loyal for a final 2.


at this point, i do not see a way how spencer will not make it to final 2. andy and mccrae are for sure taking him to final 2, and i believe gm and judd will too as he is easily beatable (i was worried about gm taking andy, but i think spencer demonstrated that taking him over andy would be better). no matter who wins hoh on thursday, i doubt they would even put spencer up, it’ll be a combination of mccrae up with judd/gm (whoever is left after wednesday) or andy, or if mccrae wins, it’ll be andy and judd/gm (whoever is left). even if spencer is up as a replacement nom, everyone would keep him as they want spencer with them in the end. i dont want spencer in final 2 but it’s basically inevitable, so at this point i am just hoping that mccrae or even judd are beside him in final 2. i think after judd or gm leave on wednesday, the targets will be whoever is left over and mccrae, but if they were smart, they would all target andy next as he has the most final 2/final 3 deals and the most jury votes.

House Ghost

Only a loser like Specter would say “I’m playing for second place” you’re in final 4 you idiot !


Hate him or love him if you been watching the entire BB15 season, Andy has outplayed everyone and is going to win. Now they just announced the players for BB16, they are George Zimmerman, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, Michelle Malkin, Juan Williams, Megyn Kelly, Roger Ailes, The Koch Brothers, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Mike Huckabee, Greta Van Susteren, Neil Cavuto and Sarah Palin. Now talk about an exciting season. With all these people the racism and lying should be great. Sorry Juan you will be voted out first and for the safety of all the contestants there shouldn’t be any sharp instruments, unless the BB house is moved to Florida, then Stand Your Ground can be used.

ANDY makes me CRINGE

LMAO!! Now this is the best comment I’ve read in a while! Thanks. You just made my day!!


Pretty insightful. Quite funny actually.


I honestly don’t think Andy will win this season. I don’t think any of them can beat McCrae in competitons. I think he will win the next HOH and make a huge move. I think he will put Spencer and Andy up. One of them will end up going to Jury house. I think that Spencer will have a chance to win Veto but Andy has no chance of it. If Spencer wins it then Andy will be leaving the house. If someone else wins it then it won’t be used and it is a toss up which one they will choose to evict. The power would be in McCrae and Ginas or Judds ( which ever one stays) corner. They could turn the whole game around and I think they will


GEEZ o Peete Really OK MC dufus your right using veto on anyone but self while on block is dumb!!! ok It really is a shame we cant make them hear us through th live feed like maybe one voice each nite picked by random of live feeders to give one and only one player a heads up it would be more interactive more fun less predictable and a wild nite or early happening each day just one guest one line of advice for game make it smart and likely to either befuddle or wise up someone but only once a day from live feeders only.. ANYONE??? Cmon CBS better than you messing up the game and it would be spontaneous

King Farouk

I think Andy may have made his dumbest move in his goodbye message to Amanda when he gleefully gushed that he voted her out, that may very well cost him if he makes it to F2 ..but his HUGE ego just had to boast on his incredibly smart gameplay…I hope he loses by one vote…Amanda’s !


Loses by Amanda’s vote who then goes screaming and flailing her arem towards him, grabs him by the turkey neck (no, not that one) and strangles the disgusting prick in front of millions of viewers.


Rat Dog says he’s afraid to go to the jury house because it’s full of women he f*ked over. Who does he think votes for the winner? A bitter jury will cost you everything. How stupid can this creature be?


OMG that would be even funnier if it weren’t also true !!!


There wouldn’t be much drama with that cast. It would be a lovefest.


If they want REAL racists just get obama, holder, jarrett, rev wright, and the rest of his minions. Terrible racists all!!!!!!!

Raid bug spray

You wasted time and space, on this dumb a$$ post! WTF?

Andy's Drool

Do you think Andy drooled when he was little? I hate the way he talks out of all of them, especially in the DR. I want to hang him by his 2 ears. Doesn’t he realize that winning BB is not just about strategizing and lying but also about being likeable. Do you think his students will hate him and not come to his classes anymore and he will have no job? I am rooting for McCrazy and I don’t want any of them to win second place, but I guess Spencer, although I hate that he uses bitches and fucking all the time. I want Elissa to win America’s Favorite although she probably doesn’t need the money. Maybe she can share it with some of the others.


Could someone who watches the feeds answer a question?

I’m curious what Spencer would want to have happen, in an ideal world. He seems so close to Andy, but he must know that he would lose to Andy in the final 2. Right now Andy has the best chance to win going up against anyone else. So what is Spencer’s end game? Does he just plan on being the 2nd place winner, or does he have a first place plan?


I think Spencer’s plan is for second place. The only person I believe he can win against is Judd. Only since Judd never won much, and he was already evicted once and most think that was not fair. But, Spencer is ready to get rid of Judd, so his game plan must be for 2nd place.

Me Myself and I

@Curious – Spencer has made remarks to the effect that he’d be content with second place, along the lines of he’s a “grown-ass man” and $50,000 would solve any financial problems he might have.


Why would Spencer be his shadow, all this time?
Why be okay with the 50k, not the 500k?
Spencer is king rat!
The others are going to be in for a shocker!
Pandy Andy is not going to like – the backdoor job
from the king!!


Spencer said he wants to go to final 2 with GM, which I believe. I really don’t see the rat winning against anyone because of the way he played. I understand there’s lying to a point but what is this shit about blindsiding people? Seriously, the way he played, how can you respect that? The rat has said countless times when Elissa put him on the block that he doesn’t want to be blindsided, that if you’re voting him out tell him or you won’t get his vote and he will be a bitter jury member. He calls people a liar and he’s the biggest pathological liar I’ve seen in my 3 seasons of BB. He is a petty, lying, backstabbing hypocrite.

Viktor Kwok

Spencer is going to evict either Andy/Mccrae if he gets a chance in final 4 but not this week in my opinion.

If Andy/Mccrae are on the block tgt, it will be a very difficult decision for him.(Final 3 with Andy?Will Mccrae take him over GM in final 3?)

But if Either of them is on the block with GM,Spencer will evict either of them in a heartbeat.Spencer isn’t stupid

The only dangerous situation for Spencer next week is the case He is on the block with GM.But in my opinion ,both Mccrae and Andy will vote for him.

If final 3 is Andy/Spencer/Mccrae ,I don’t think Spencer can win over any of them.

Andy is a master manipulator who really runs this game from the beginning with Amanda and Helen,hiding under their shadow;

Mccrae is only under Amanda’s shadow.He beats 3 exterminators to be in Final 2 which will be very impressive to the jury.As long as Amanda can maintain a good relationship with the other jurors(some might think it equals Amanda’s victory), Mccrae can win over Spencer in a landslide vote.Andy or Mccrae will be this season’s winner

Personally,Spencer has to find a way to make into Final 2 with GM to win this whole thing.Similar for GM.That is why He had told GM no one can beat Andy in Final 2,showing he is ready to get rid of Andy in final 4 or final 3.

Let me put it this way.If both Andy/Mccrae make it to final 3 ,either of them will win.


Victor, If Spencer was going to evict Andy, now would be the time as he is HOH and he decides who goes up. He may not have another win another HOH. If Spencer were to put Andy on the block, instead of Judd, that would be a big power move for Spencer and will be able to use that with the jury as to why he should be the winner. That and the fact that he was on the block 7 times and managed to survive to the very end. (I don’t like any of the remaining players on the game so I am not biased.)

Andy's an obnoxious rat bastard

Spencer is SAYING he wants final two and would be happy with second place but of course he really hopes he will win (using as his main argument that he survived being on the block 7 times). I really don’t think Andy will win, no matter who he is up against. He may have had the best game of anybody remaining but he betrayed so many jury members that they won’t reward him with $500k. Just look at seasons 2, 3, and 13. The final two consisted of a lying rat and a floater (Danielle and Lisa, Allison and Jun, and Natalie and Jordan) with the floater winning. I think this season’s jury will be as unforgiving with Andy. And I can’t say that it would upset me to see Rat boy lose. Everybody remaining is a worthless piece of shit. So hard to really want to see any of them win any prize money.


This whole time it has seemed to me that Spencer was only playing to stay in the game, not really to win. If he goes to final 2 it’s b/c everyone is sure they can beat him since he hasn’t really done anything in the game. Sure, he’s been on the block many times, but he didn’t really have any strategy or gameplay. He’s won one competition, more by a fluke or luck than anything, so he can’t be called a good competitor either. Spencer said early that he just wanted to make it to jury, which he has done, but even now I don’t really think that he believes he can actually win, so he’s just doing the best he can to stay in the game b/c even if he comes second it’s more money than ending in jury.


Spencer has said to Andy that he is paying for number 2. If he is serious, then he won’t waver from sticking by Andy. But if he is lying to him, then I am not sure why he is staying with him. Maybe because he believes Andy is the only one who would take Spencer to the end. McCrea and GM need to promise to take him to final two so he can weigh his options.


Sorry, “playing for number 2”


Andy will be piss if McCrae wins HoH and puts up two exterminators members on the block.

Backpedal Obama

If McCrae wins HOH can he nominate Andy twice? Draw the red line and step on that rat!


What a bunch of idiots.

Andy's Stupidity

Andy has convinced himself he’s such a great player that he can talk Mccrae into making this idiotic move. How would it benefit Mccrae at all to use the veto on GM? It does nothing but confirm to Mccrae what a backstabber Andy is because it’s so obvious what Spencer and Andy are up to, even an idiot could see through their plan. Andy does’nt realize that Mccrae know’s he voted out Amanda. I believe Mccrae is waiting for his first opportunity to get rid of that Red Rat.

Hail Mary Pass

Agree, but that will only happen if MC wins HOH or POV.


The rat also thinks America loves him because, afterall, he’s DR sessions are quite charming. (Yes, he really said this.)

Backpedal Obama

For McCrae to help us with a rat extermination he is going to have to win the next HOH and the following Veto. The one thing in his favor is that there really isn’t a competition beast left. GinaMarie is probably the best but she is injured. Can you imagine what lows the Red Rat will go to once he is on the block? I would ask if you can wear his cat shirt and then send him “packing”. Pun intended.

Candice is an idiot.



McCrae, use your veto to save GM. Dumbest suggestion ever!


But if it somehow worked, Andy could add it to his list of big moves.

Dirty Harry Reid

He needs to save his big moves for Spencer once they are out of the house.

Rat Boy

He will do it because that’s what the House wants and Amanda is not there to tell him what to do.


Andy and Spencer are dumber than I thought to even try such a stupid move. It just showed Mccrea, Andy’s cards. Go MC win HOH and put up Howdy Doody!


Ok, that was funny. MC use the veto on GM??!! He didn’t even use it on Amanda, so why in the world would he use it on her?? MC is kicking himself now not putting Andy up when he won HOH…..These 5 are insane!!

This Proves Andy Is Not As Smart as He Thinks

Dumb move Andy. You just confirmed what McCrae was already thinking. Pretty effing stupid. McCrae didn’t use the veto on Amanda, but you thought you could somehow get him to use it on GinaMarie? Andy really does think he’s that good, and all he has actually done is made a poor game move. Good move, guys. You are making this easier for GinaMarie without even realizing it.

Andy and Spencer. with absolutely nothing to gain from it, confirm to McCrae that they are working together 100%.

You better win the HOH Andy and/or the POV. I wouldn’t count on Spencer, he’s kinda proven he’s useless. You said yourself that Gina is wounded.

Oh goody, goody. Now Andy is doing stupid stuff. I have to say I love to see it and hope he pays for it dearly.


Especially dumb of Andy to try talking McCrae into using the veto on GM, when you consider that Spencer used McCrae’ suspicions about Andy to his advantage to make himself look like he’s on McCrae’ side. Except that Andy’s not dumb, he’s gotten ridiculously cocky. He thinks he can better work his own magic on McCrae, rather than realizing he should at least cover himself by having Spencer alongside to approach McCrae about that insane veto plan.

Natural Born Liar

Kudos to the rat for kicking Elissa when she’s down by telling GM “Don’t worry girl I got your back, you’re not going anywhere” during veto ceremony. The rat’s behavior and passive-aggressivity is abhorent. The rat alliance, especially the rat, wants to take credit for taking out Aaryn, Amanda, and Elissa … What? You floaters made a final-4 rat alliance when there were 7 people left! How the heck is that a big move or for that matter, a noteworthy alliance? Last night’s episode was so lame: bug spraying? Really? I see that catching on. It’ll be the new “Harlem Shuffle”.

These 5 are so horrible but anyone but the rat in the final 2.

Spencer + rat = Flinston and Wilma.


I am seriously not a violent person, but I have never wanted to punch someone in their face as bad as I wanted to punch that rat when he did that. Uggghhhh I despise him!


i want to see ronda rousey snap off amandas arm in a ufc encounter with a first round arm bar


“Swarms” is when Aaryn said that there were “swarms of them” – when asked about were there black people in Texas.

She is so young & LOST.

in name only>

At least that was better than saying “hordes” or “hives” of “them”. “Swarms” is a Texasism meaning ‘a lot’.
She is young and has “swarms” to learn about life yet…at least she is in college and is being exposed to many different cultures
and people in the world from this experience alone.

Is it me?.......

Am I the only one that feels like an ass for missing the not-so-long-ago days of Arryn and Amanda? I found both of them vomit inducing, but I had fun hating on them; these fools, not so much. It’s like, hating people for their feelings of self-importance or their general stupidity leaves ME feeling stupid. There’s no challenge in it, like beating a one legged man in a race. It’s more sad than anything else. Besides which, the others had a plethora of hate-worthy characteristics and they were always switching them up, thus making our collective dislike for them interesting or at least not boring. I’ve just noticed the more the people left in the house appear to be turning into even bigger loads, the more we start bringing up past evictees….I don’t know; I just want this season to be over. It seems that no matter who wins, it will be anti-clamactic.


dont worry just over a week of this sad and sorry season to go


Better get that RAT out now……….he will win BB, without ever winning any HOH, and POV’s.


I am not a Andy fan, but he did win one HOH. Same as Spencer.


Yeah Ratandy won HOH and POV the same week and made the lamest safest move ever. That’s probably why you don’t remember it.


how does andy NOT know he’s a definition floater? what side has he ever picked, who is he claiming he’s been loyal to? he backstabbed kaitlin, judd, helen, elissa and amanda (and mccrae through his vote against amanda). i think the only person he’s been loyal to is spencer (which is questionable as he did put him up) and the “exterminators” but they are an alliance formed at the very end, basically a floaters alliance (and he’s already backstabbed judd, part of the exterminators so ya, andy has 0 loyalties). this whole game, he has been floating, 100%. he’s not only a definition social floater, he’s also a comp floater. he did win an hoh and then pov, but he made the safest nominations, basically nominating 2 other floaters, jessie and spencer. i usually have a hard time calling a player who has won POV a floater as they fought to stay, but in andy’s case, he won the POV not to save himself, but to keep his floater nominations the same, basically just enforcing his floater status. i just don’t get in andy’s brain how he thinks of himself as a loyal, non-floater. he claims he made big moves with his vote.. but everyone has a vote and he just used it to backstab major players in his own alliance, thus allowing him to “float” to the end.


Andy really really really wants to win, so Andy really really really needs to be evicted on Thurs.

jizz brothers

who thinks Andy and Spencer will hook up when they leave the BB house?
thumbs up for yes
thumbs down for no

Judd's granny

And they will tie Marilyn up and make her watch. They will call her Elissa.


Morning Ethel…. you are looking mighty purty today. Heard you might be getting some new chickens.

Judd's granny

Hey, Slop. You sure seemed angry yesterday.


Somebody stole my chickens…. Karma is a bitch. Thinking about herding goats… do you have Marilyn’s address?

Judd's granny

Marilyn says she’s not a goat. I don’t know what to think anymore.


Yesterday only? The guy is always a Douche


Yeah and then his bj’s won’t lead to sex (since we all know he said he hates when they do), instead they’ll lead to him on his knees giving them. Sounds like ideal Karma.


Andy, if Jeff was here. He will make your life more miserable.

Technotronics Aka Where was the Clown Shoe

Please If Jeff was there he would have believed all of Andy lies like he did on his season when they lied to him and made him turn on his strong alliance member Russell.

That was not a strong alliance, Russell’s move the very next week was to backdoor Jeff, he had already told Michelle his plan.


this really has to be the worst season of big brother ever. The racism, amanda running the game, the terrible mvp twist, and now we are left with 5 floaters one of which was already evicted. Like the 5 players left are the 5 players who have done the least this season.


It would be rediculous for mccrae to use the veto on gm and not himself at this point in the game. … who do they think they’re fooling? Mccrae has been super paranoid this entire game, he may have hid behind amanda but he’s no fool.

Judd's granny

niknik niknik Duck at Nite?


New drinking game: every time you get bored from these remaining houseguests, drink. Surefire way to get super drunk, super fast.


I don’t get it. What is it with this group of morons with their manoeuvring and so called gamesmanship? If Mcrae does not use that veto on himself, then he deserves to get booted. The only thing you can guarantee is they will fuck it up in the end!

What a Cast Characters

We’re left with – Jughead, McFly, Baby Huey, Mrs. McGoo and Rat Fink.


Actually, McCrae may very well be on his way to final 2 with this strategy. Elissa is not a reliable alliance member, and McCrae was right when he said that she was not good for his game. He had to get rid of her and then find some way to work himself back in with the houseguests. He suspects, but does not know for certain about the exterminators. For someone in his position, it’s not a bad idea to try to infiltrate, play off any weaknesses in the hidden alliances. If that doesn’t work, he knows he can also pull all the stops during the remaining competitions. There aren’t that many comps left, and no solid competitors at this point. He knows the game comps even better than Judd, who is the only other superfan in the house, so he is in the best position to know how to approach each comp. He already won this week’s veto. He has two comp opportunities to make it to final 3 – either HOH or veto. After that, he’s got a great chance of winning the final 2 endurance, and very solid chance after that for the mental component.


MC is dumb he should have kept Elissa it is better to have 2 person alliance then be by yourself -_-…He could have gotten Andy out or some other member of the “floater 5” and it would have been 2 against 3. Those are way better odds and most likely somebody like Judd would have flipped sides and he didn’t then who cares Elissa and MC would have dominated the HOH and Veto competitions. Its a shame oh well…

Then I Guess You're All Stupid

Spencer- “If you are not afraid of Andy at this point you are f** stupid.”

Right Spencer. So put Andy up and get him out. He’ll never see it coming. Instead you will trust Andy and get rid of Judd. Not the best move for your game, IMO. McCrae will win HOH and if not HOH, he will win veto next week. Then you, Spencer, will most likely be up on the block again. Good luck with that one. You already know you can’t trust Andy.

Hey Spencer, I like McCrae’s chances for winning 1 out of 2. What is left of the Exterminators’ chances of winning 2 out of 2 are not so good since it’s you and Andy and GM. You said yourself that GM is hurt. You counting on GM for the win or Andy with his track record or you with yours?

Think, Spencer, think.

The Tin Man

Any decent BB player would have picked up on that and used it. MC needs to work on Spencer but I fear it’s a lost cause – I actually think Spencer is afraid of Andy – it’s all just so sad.

Jeremy's Boat

Spencer will need Andy’s vote to have even a slightest shot in the jury.

House Fairy

Judd??? No Way!

Put Andy up!

SPENCER, PUT ANDY UP !!! (yes, I know I’m yelling).

Andy's sis

I’ll bet Spencer is considered a catch in Arkansas. The other 49 states and rest of the world, not so much.

Judd's granny

I don’t think they film “To catch a predator” in Arkansas. Probably should.

Spencer's grandad

sOrRy! Here In Arkansas……….WE “CATCH” FISH!!
Spencer…..NeVeR wassa catch fir the girls!


Just imagine….Spencer finally wakes up at the veto ceremony and nomimates…..ANDY! He explains that Andy has admitted to 1- Being in an alliance with A/Mc and Aaryn. 2- Being resposible for squashing any possibilities of evicting people. 3- Talks about his power moves. 4- Went batshit crazy when he was on the block before which shows he can dish it out and can’t take it. 5- Has basically lied to everyone in the house, so who really knows where his head is out……..and many many more reasons. Spencer says while I was happy to just continue to be in the game, now I really want to win. And you Andy are in my way…You are on the block. (It’ll never happen because Spencer has no brain, and he has become Andy’s puppet)


Poor MC. They are all so scared he will win the next HOH they are all kissing his a$$. I think it is funny that both Andy and Spencer are throwing the other under the bus to MC when the other isn’t around. But I hope he isn’t fooled. If he doesn’t get the power (HOH, Veto) then the seemingly friendly pool he is currently wading in will turn into piranha infested blood bath. I hope that Andy suggesting that MC use the veto on GM is the fatal error in his game. The arrogance!! MC knows he lied and flipped and now he is trying to play him for a fool. Clearly Andy is out to get him so we can hope that Andy will be his #1 target. But after watching these idiots all summer I don’t think any of them would know a good game move if it bit them in the a$$. He might go all dorky “Andy is my friend all summer so of course I can’t target him. He makes me think of gooey cheese pizzas :)”.


Andy….you’re not going to get America Favorite Houseguest!!!!!! America including Brenchel Army and JeJordo love Elissa!!!

This Season Blows

Brenchel drones and cat ladies are pretty much the only ones who can stand her, and they’re the only ones who actually spend their time voting for shit like MVP and America’s Favorite.

Elissa might be the Brenchels’ Favorite, but America’s true favorite is really someone like Jessie or Judd.


past bb players may influence/rig the vote in you know who’s favor rendering it a non contest

but americas true favorite in my opinion is jessie

B. Dylan

Sorry, you’re blowing in the wind…


Jessie is my favorite!


Jeff is a homophobic jerk that got a more gracious edit than Amanda. Yeah, I said it, and I stand by it, because while they occasionally showed Amanda’s bad side this season, Jeff was (and remains) made out to look like a saint. He would have fit right in with this season though-especially with no Jordan to keep him level-headed (ie on a leash).

Jordan was a sweet, sweet girl, who did absolutely nothing to win the game besides winning the final HoH. She never should have won over the jury…I can’t believe that big bunch of sore-loser babies turned on Natalie for lying about her age-something at least one houseguest seems to do EVERY SEASON. That being said, I won’t lie, I was still happy for her that she won-I just can’t bring myself to say she earned it. It’s a lie, and I know it.

Brendon-Huge crybaby who could never make a decision in the game without Rachel. You want to make fun of Andy for crying a couple times? Brendon cried without end once Rachel left (and he’d only known her for about a month, keep in mind). He also talked to himself in between sobs…go look up some of Simon and Dawg’s old BB12 coverage on Brendon-the guy bordered on Gina Marie unstable. I guess we all just overlook that though. Oh yeah, and everyone’s so up on their soap boxes this season about morality? Anybody want to google Brendon’s infidelity incident when he cheated on Rachel? Be forewarned…some of the pics that pop up probably aren’t safe for work.

Rachel-Over rated player in BB12-1st member of the jury, and was lucky to get there. BB13 was rigged at least on two occasions to assure her victory when she returned. Once when production clearly influenced lawon’s eviction and brendon’s return to the house. A second time when they brought the duos twist back with only six players left, in order to protect both Rachel and Jordan from the block. That was so beyond stupid, as it forced two players on the block, effectively nullifying the HoH that week.

Brenchel and JeJo fans wear some serious blinders if you believe people like Jeff and Brendon are “good people” and if you believe Rachel and Jordan are among the best to play the game. The cold truth is that in terms of gameplay and class, Jeff, Rachel, and Brendon all fall below average, and Jordan is the only one of the four I can say with a straight face that has any class.

House Fairy

As a gay person, I am very upset that Jeff Schroder has been rewarded by CBS for his viscous homophobic statements on both his seasons on BB, if he is that closed minded about gays I’m sure that he has other equally bigoted opinions, the word around the campfire is that the LGBT community is planning a sponsor boycott if he appears on any more CBS shows. As far as Andy goes, he is a horrible, horrible person, I am not bothered by his game play and I would be rooting for him to win it all, but to call Elissa such vile names as c**t, slut, whore, bitch and to laugh and condone the insults to her children and husband , well that goes far beyond gameplay . Of course he will alibi that “I got caught up in the game” no one should accept that excuse. While I’m ranting what’s with Julie giving Amanda a pass during her eviction interview? She was every bit as vile as Aaryn, remember her statements about ” Dirty , smelly Puerto Ricans”? Aaryn deserved all she got from Julie, but to single her out , I think she may have a legal complaint .


Oh and Judd. Instant Karma is a bitch.

Eat My Words

Spencer said that he would not win against any of the remainng Houseguests. He said he knows he is a
second place to whomever he sits next because he has made no big moves and only won Lux comps and
been a pawn the whole time. Bacically, anyone who takes him to Final 2 will wins and He is well aware of it.
Ultimate fat floater.
-Eat My Words


I hope McCrae makes the end game. I liked him before he hooked up with Amanda, and thought she would ruin his game. I was glad to see her leave, though the entertainment left the house when she did, but I wanted to see if MC had game without his shield and protector. Since she left, he won HOH and Veto, plus he won the veto against Amanda before that. It looks like he could kick some butt in the final competitions. Maybe he didn’t start winning after his first HOH until he needed to, which is a smart play. There is no right or wrong way to play this game. At this point though, if Andy gets to the end, he wins, even against McRae or Judd because he was behind all of the evictions this season. He will even get Amanda’s vote unless he is against McCrae. The part I am not looking forward to on finale night is watching Elissa win fan fave. I really don’t get how she is so liked by the viewers. She was chosen, she didn’t apply. She got special treatment (comforter in HN and didn’t have to eat slop like the others, says she is production family and insinuated several times that she gets paid more than the others to be there, and that she would not go to jury like the others, I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see that she is in a hotel while the others are in the JH, and only gets brought in to film the JH scenes). She was mean, she was a nutcase, getting mad over things that only happened in her own botoxed brain. She had zero game of her own, her stuck up attitude would have sent her home week one or two if she didn’t have the MVP to protect her and be used by the others. And she bragged daily about her rich husband. Why give her the money? Why not give it to someone who would think it was a lot of money. She probably has dresses that cost that much. The problem is that who else left in the game could be liked by anyone? Maybe they should just give it to charity. This has been a disappointing season for this super fan. And it has been more the comments outside the game than anything that happened in the game that has ruined the season. It’s a game. People lie and behave in ways that they never would on the outside. It seems that in recent seasons the viewers aren’t familiar with the original premise of the game. They want honesty, loyalty and group hugs. It’s ironic that the fans judging people and hoping for their lives to be destroyed over a game is more Orwellian than anything about the last few seasons of BB game. I would bet that most of Elissa’s fans don’t even know who Orwell was.


mccrae needs to go, then the ultimate c amanda doesnt get big dollars


Andy needs to be sent to the jury house this guy thinks he has been running the show, when he has been a floater all summer. Spencer willing to trust Andy and settle for 2nd place what a stupid move. I hope they both end up in the jury house. None of these 5 deserve to win.


was anyone else disgusted w/ the lies that Andy told last night to mccrae about the vote….he was like “are you kidding me” all forceful like he was telling the truth….he sucks


yeah but almost all of the 16 suck this season

people continue to seem shocked, but at this point its their normal behaviour…the shock/surprise was over weeks/months ago


I’m hoping with Spencer’s comment to McCrae, “If you are not afraid of Andy at this point you are f** stupid”, that he indeed has a brain and will put Andy up as the replacement nom instead of Judd. Hopefully all this talk with Andy and Spencer to F2 has been just to keep Andy from geeking out. Now that would be a great game move and something Spencer could use in his speech on why he is more deserving to win.


quick question about jury footage on the cbs shows…

is it likely they will show at least 5 minutes of highlights of jury in each of the remaining cbs episodes? or only the remaining live shows – thursday 12th(showing amanda and elissa arriving at jury) and wednesday 18th(finale – showing the 2 evicted from this week arriving at jury)?


Name – I hope they show a few minutes of the jury house. There is so little happening in the BB house (it’s already pretty boring) and most of the interesting players are in the jury house. Maybe we’ll luck out and get to hear some of the comments made by Helen, Amanda and Elissa – which should be pretty interesting when they learn just how big a rat Andy was/is.


i just wanna see candice/aaryn or elissa/aaryn or elissa/amanda or jess/helen or jess/amanda go at it with some apesh!t fights


I feel like its Mcrae’s game to lose. He has won 2 HOH comps has 2 vetos under his belt and has been on the block 3 times but never voted out. He has proven himself as a real choice to win by performing after Amanda like he has and he did a lot with her as well. I only see Mcrae losing if he makes it to the end by people voting against him because of Amanda and they just like the other person better. Game play wise Mcrae is the best one left.


but he is the biggest threat and target and most likely to win comps – so if given the chance he will get voted out at final 4 or 3 – it would be dumb to keep him in with all his comp wins, and likely votes in his favor in jury – its only his game to win if he keeps winning – if he doesnt hes gone


the way spenperv is talking i think he will put andy up….surely he’s not that stupid, perverse yeah, stupid i don’t know :/

No Brainer

Nope, he’s really that stupid.


Lets hope not


I don’t think it’s fair to call Andy a floater. I don’t really like him, but I give him his due. He has the uncanny ability to insert himself into every conversation that happened since the beginning. I think he had a big part in every eviction except the first one, but he was down with that one too. He worked to get Nick, he worked to get Candace, Howard, Jessie, Jeremy, Nick, Helen, Amanda, Elissa and Judd out of the house. The only eviction that didn’t go how he personally wanted was Kaitlin. That’s pretty impressive. He is the one that took out Amanda, who was the most dominating force in the house from day 1. He picked a side week 2 and he stayed with it until last week by getting Amanda out. If he wanted to get to the end, that was exactly what he had to do.

I also think that Spencer has game, just the circumstances forced him to lay low for most of the season. He aligned with the wrong people week one. He didn’t count on Howard being a dud, or Nick going out so soon, or Jeremy being such a douchebag. If he had gone with Amanda, McCrae and Andy, the MC would have cruised to the end. He had to lie low because he was always on the block. He had to stay as much apart from the Candace and Howard drama as possible, and to make it worse for him, Candace didn’t get that she should be working with him to keep Howard safe. Instead, she threw Spencer under the bus. Since he can’t even win competitions, it’s impressive that he is still there. I think the only way he could win is against Gina, and I will be so depressed if they are final 2.

The two most deserving are Andy and McCrae. If it is them at the end, it could go either way, depending on whether the jury votes on game played or personal.


Well said Chloe…. I agree 100%. Now be prepared to be assaulted by the the misfit army of Andy haters and Elissa (queen of Canada) lovers.


Elissa is not our queen. I doubt she could find Saskatchewan with a GPS.

Judd's granny

Chloe, Slopballs makes good chicken fried rice. Give him a call.


Call me stupid, but is that supposed to be funny? Sarcastic? An insult? Against me? Against Slopball? Both of us? Can you not discuss the game without behaving like the players you hate so much. Bring on the thumbs down, for daring to try to stay objective about the game.

Judd's granny

Just trying to be helpful to 2 of my favorites.


Andy can lie really well I hope he apologise to Ellisa.


Judd’s Granny is a good old gal. A couple of us on here like to lighten it up once and a while on the slow days. Then there are the “others”. The ones that get butthurt if you don’t thumbs up everything that drools out of their mouths. This is all just a fun distraction, or it should be.


Don’t knock Ellisa she loves Canadian and Canada she said it many times.

The Glider

I don’t think Andy has played a poor game – he’s been more like a hovercraft than a floater. I just think his – in your face arrogance – is repulsive.


Honestly, I don’t get why Elissa’s having money before coming to BB is relevant. I’m reading your post and you make me think of these coworkers who hate on someone because the person has better negociating skills and hence gets a better pay. Boohoo, preferential treatment! Elissa’s game was lousy but hating on her because she didn’t apply? She isn’t the only one who didn’t: Howard was scouted and didn’t know shit about the game. What’s her botoxed face has to do with her game? Aren’t Amanda’s boobs fake and what about the Blondetourage’s hair extensions? Instead of hating on people because they live a life, apparently you won’t hesitate to kill for (with your words), why don’t you do something to get rid of that chip on your shoulder? Btw, I’m not part of the Brenchel Army, I was team Dani Donato in BB13. I like Elissa because she stood up for ppl when times called for it. She didn’t hide under the cowards’ slogan “this is a game of lies and deception”. If you ppl can’t make the difference between deception and decency, well thank God, the rest of the US and Canada can.


Anna, good post!

The Joke is on YOU

Obviously Dr. Will had money but unlike Elissa he didnt rub it in to everyone.

I dont ever think he said he owned his own Hockey Arena. Didnt talk about flying on Private jets to go places and such. You wonder why these people hate Elissa so much.. its because she married a sugar daddy and boasts about everything she has. The rest of them are talking about winning 5,000-10,000 and it meaning something. 5,000-10,000 to Elissa aint nothing daddy’s pockets are deep.

You go live in a house with someone who constantly talks about how much better their life is then yours. Are you going to tell me you wont grown to despise them give me a break. Then add into that Production helping Elissa who half the house talked about..

No wonder she is not popular.


Negotiating skills? That’s funny! She had Rachel and Brendon to put on the negotiating table. Nobody else had a BB sibling with a fan base and the love of production to bargain with. Most of them just wanted to be there and make jury.


honestly im bored of hearing about elissa

the season is grinding to a very slow conclusion

wed 18th cant come soon enough


Andy did not get Amanda out GM did. Andy just made some lie to make it look like he was still voting for her.


GM put her up. Andy was the deciding vote.

The Joke is on YOU

Andy was the swing vote GM was the deciding vote.


I stand corrected. But if Andy voted to keep Amanda, Gina wouldn’t have gotten to vote.

They Are All Floaters!

Chloe…I didn’t give your comment a thumbs up or down because I agree with the intent your comment, but not your reasoning behind it.
Andy may have “worked” to get those people evicted, but that’s all he did. He was a grunt to the commands of others, and “floated” with the HOH in power and Amanda’s preferences. It wasn’t just people Andy wanted evicted that got evicted, it “was what the house wanted”. You give him too much credit. If we are to really be objective, then Elissa had the most influence with getting the first few people out of the house due to her having the MVP. With Elissa’s MVP, a circle formed (giving this group the numbers needed to evict) with Amanda steering all decision making and Andy simply floating along with her plans. All the HG’s outside this initial circle (including Spencer) could do was wait, watch, and float as best they could to get as far as they could.
Make no mistake (and I’m sure I will get numerous thumbs down for this), I don’t have anything against floaters. The name of the game is to WIN, and if floating gets you to the end, more power to you. At times everyone has to float depending on who is HOH and who wins POV. But, I do disagree that Andy should not be called a floater, because he is. However, I do agree that Spencer had other ideas about how he wanted to play the game, but has done the best he could with the hand that has been dealt to him. Had Helen (inner circle member) not lied to Candice about Spencer, Howard may have stayed longer, thus changing the overall picture of what has played out.
Who do I want to win? Doesn’t matter – it will be a floater! Who deserves to win at this point? Anyone of them. It is now down to winning HOH/POV and who do you think you can beat. While most of us will not really like whoever does eventually win for one reason or another, the simple fact is one of these floaters will walk away with $500,000 and a lost reputation, possibly a lost job, and none will ever be remembered for great game play amongst the BB faithful. I hope BB never brings ANY of these people back.


I can’t disagree with that. Though it was more the MVP twist than Elissa that determined who went home. I could have rooted for her if she played the MVP for herself. I would have loved to see her try to make it look like she didn’t have it, playing down her Rachel connection. She should have gone with “Rachel has fans, but she also has lots of haters”. First week she could have put up Aaryn and Kaitlin and made it look like Jessie was MVP. But she went to HOH and offered to let them use her and brag about the Brenchel army. She would not have lasted without the MVP.

They Are All Floaters!

Chloe…Totally agree with you. The MVP twist threw a monkey wrench into Elissa’s game. Already a target for being Rachel’s sister, it only put a bigger target on her. I think she did the best she could at the time…hindsight is 20/20. However, she did know enough to use the MVP to float with those in power and with the numbers to keep her in the game longer. Without the MVP she would have likely been evicted for simply being Rachel’s sister and no other reason. I liked the MVP twist, hope it comes back, but only if the cast is all new with no returning players and no one with links to any previous player.

The Joke is on YOU

So Elissia MVP twist was a HUGE part in how the game went early on. Given that CBS knew Elissa would be the MVP every week with her Rachel connection. The game was rigged to keep Elissa in the game and give her a edge over everyone else.

They Are All Floaters!

I disagree. I don’t think CBS automatically knew Elissa would get MVP every week – thus, that is why they changed the MVP twist to America selecting the nominee and then stopped the MVP altogether. There are just as many people who don’t like Rachel (me included) as those that are in the Brenchal Army (really hate that phrase!), so it really could have went either way. Remember, Elissa did get nominated when America picked the nom and everyone thought she put herself on the block. What a bunch of fools! I don’t think Elissa had a chance from the start being Rachel’s sister. All returning players and any player linked to a previous player is automatically targeted as one of the first to be evicted on any reality show. Elissa may have appeared snobby, but I liked her way more than Rachel. I would rather America thought of me as being snobby rather than America thinking of me as a racist, a bully, a rat, a slob, a pervert, or a vile disgusting human being.

The Joke is on YOU

The only people who think Andy is a floater are the butt hurt Rachelissa fans


I think MC should just go to bed and enjoy the sent of Amanda and his love making (on the cum soaked sheets). And let the Big Boys make the decisions. I hope he didn’t wash it. Maybe they could sell it on eBay if they don’t win Big Brother.


Why even suggest to McCrae that he use the veto on Gina Marie?? That’s only going to push him out even further. It just makes it sooo obvious that Andy and Spencer are a duo. Now he’s gonna try even harder to team up with Gina Marie to offset Spandy. I hope Gina Marie wakes up and realizes that once Judd is gone, she’s at the bottom of the Exterminators totem pole. I’d like to see them drop all of this boring play-nice and play-dumb bull crap and just go head to head. It should be McGina versus Spandy. Go hard or go home lol. I’m not nuts about GM but as far as comp potential goes, she sure is a step up from Amanda!


Wow, I watched the first 15 mins of last night’s show and
to see Ellisa beg for her life in the game when she was
so loyal to Judd & McCrae was very hard to watch.
Andy made my blood boil
and I really am truly done with this evil nastiness
that CBS has allowed to continue all the way to the end.
If the stories about Grodner being gone and the CEO stepping down
of Edemol then Good Riddance.
They have made allot of people angry, hurt and unhappy this season.
I feel completely bullied and am so disgusted.
The final 5 will go down in history as the most hated
and to be honest
Andy makes Amanda look like Mother Theresa.
Andy you got some karma coming to you!!!

I heard none of the FInal 5 are invited to the finale party!


amanda is no mother theresa – she talked about killing and raping jessie, and killing candice and elissa, plus being the biggest racist in the house, plus all her homophobic comments and major relentless bullying

amanda makes andy look like the pope


There is no Vegas after show party – apparently CBS couldn’t find a sponsor (surprise, surprise). But, I secretly wish there was one and this bunch was told that the party was in Reno.

The Joke is on YOU

Poor Rachelissa fan..

Not happy until it would of been rigged to the end for your airhead plastic Barbie.

MVP was added to help Elissa the first 3 weeks. It was a given Rachel fans would spam to get Elissa the MVP. Elissa got a comforter to sleep on as a have not. Others never did.. she whined she was “allergic to slop”.

Elissa never wanted Judd out? Last I checked she would working with Helen and Helen wanted Judd out. Elissa voted with Helen every time.

The Andy Show...

I don’t know about anyone else, but I couldn’t watch Big Brother last night. Andy had too many spots on the show with the Diary room, I cringed every time he came on screen with that UGLY rat face of his… Sorry to be judgmental, but every time he talks, my hands clench up and I want to punch his sneaky, ugly face. Ok, I may be a little judgmental, but if you say you don’t want to punch him, you are lying. He just makes me nauseous, just listening to him boast about how he thinks he is such a good player.



Andy’s over the top animated faces make me cringe. I hate it when he puts his hands on the sides of his face like that Scream painting. He’s more arrogant than ever now. He’s glorified his part time/adjunct teaching position at the community college, when his mainstay job is a server at a bar. I’m sure he’ll get that job back – it would be a novelty to have him work there, until the rest of the servers get sick of him and vote his a$$ out.

Jeremy's Boat

What I don’t get is that McCrae knew that it was Andy that flipped on Amanda, but he still went after Elissa anyway because everyone hated her and he didn’t want to make waves. Dude, you were going to go on the block regardless, might as well try to keep a potential ally in it with you.

Definitely think that Andy fycked up his game this Veto plan. McCrae already knew that Andy was shady, and this batsh*t plan confirmed it. If Andy doesn’t win HOH/Veto, I think his time might be up, especially if Spencer isn’t lying to McC and GM when he says Andy needed to go during F4.


I thought it was Judd who originally came up with this plan.

What A Useless Season

If I have to watch the exterminators do that little gas thing again or hear GM scream “Boom!” I swear I’m going to shoot myself.



the worst possible outcome is mccrae and amanda splitting 500k

i dont care who wins i just dont want that vile individual amanda getting her hands on hundreds of thousands of dollars, so mccraes gotta go, hopefully at final 4 on thursday


McCrae has divulged more information about his personal life recently in an BBAD show than ever before – he talked about his former girlfriend, and even commented that he’d wait about a month to go to Florida to be w/Amanda. He said he’s young and inferred if it didn’t work out he’d move on.

He may be more savvy than we think, and may not let Amanda dictate what he does with any money he wins. I think he has second thoughts about the showmance, since he said he was sorry some of the sex stuff got aired. He also said he thought he’d be tagged as Amanda’s “puppy dog”. Sounds like the Amanda mist has lifted.


i hope for his sake his family and friends help him see the light

Pull The Tail Off The Tat

I must say I have not been an Andy fan but after watching last nights episode I hate him. It is one thing to sneak around and form alliances but him standing up and calling Elissa a liar to everyone shows what a scum bag he really is. I can’t wait for him to be evicted.

It also sucks that I now have to root for McCrae who is so stupid that he nominated the only person left in the game that had his back.

On a bright spot that classy move that GinaMarie pulled by going all around the house pumping her invisible extinguisher will come in handy since I think her new job is going to be a full time peter pumper.


there are very few likeable decent people this season

maybe we get an allstars next season?

The Joke is on YOU

Elissa is a liar she told Aaryn she wanted to work with her. Helen told her she needed to work with Aaryn and she put Aaryn up for eviction if I recall.

She lied and said she was Gisele Bundchen sister in front of Jeremy and when she got called out for being Rachel’s sister she claimed she never said she was Gisele Bundchen’s sister


Was there ever a bigger moron than MC to even consider using the veto on GM. He couldn’t see through Andy and now this. He’s a real jerk. None of them deserve to be named a BB winner. That’s an insult not only to the past winners but to real BB fans.


I can’t believe people are still watching this lame season. I just happened to look on here to see what is going on. Boring. As soon as Elissa left, I was done. I feel so sorry for Dawg and Simon. I should donate out of sympathy for u having to continue to watch.


I agree with This Season Blows. The antics of these rubes along with the Brenchel fans have sealed Am. Fave for Elissa . I like Jessie (she stood up to Amanda when it wasn’t fashionable and I liked her spunk) and I also like Howard though he didn’t make it to jury. I thought he showed extreme grace under pressure and a whole lotta class. Lets not use America’s Fav as a middle finger to a bunch of clowns who are probably gonna get a lot of them anyway in the near future.

This Season Blows

The funniest part is that Brenchel drones really think that by voting her as America’s Favorite, she’ll be remembered for that instead of for finishing in sixth place after the dumbest two weeks of gameplay in BB history.

And if they think the remaining HG’s really care that much about that stupid award, they’re delusional.


I know that if I were a Big Brother player…by the time finale night rolled around, I just wouldn’t care anymore. I’d be so over the cameras, the lack of privacy, etc. All I’d want to do on finale night is grab a drink or two with the other people I played this game with, and really get to know them outside that house. I’d want to know who I can move forward really being friends with, and who I’m good at keeping a safe distance from.

I so wouldn’t care about America’s Favorite (unless, of course, I was the one winning it). I’d be happy for the person for won, and if it was someone I really felt didn’t deserve it, I’d merely chalk it up to the simplest explanation: Most of the voters don’t watch the feeds, and are therefore poorly informed on the house guests true personalities.

There might be some sour grapes when Elissa wins America’s Favorite (Brenchel Army will undoubtedly fix this voting process just as they fixed MVP by voting incessantly and on multiple accounts, so we all may as well deal with it and accept it), but I think most of the house guests couldn’t care less by the time the finale rolls around.

And truthfully, I don’t feel America’s Favorite is usually remembered. I want to say Frank won last year, but I could be wrong, it might have been Brit, who I think won her original season. I know Jeff won both seasons he was on because the cat ladies voted in record numbers. Mostly, however, players are remembered for their gameplay.

They Don't Know the Rules

Or, in the cast of this year – lack there of (game play that is).

You Blow

What will be remembered is the 25K that Elissa will win. Suck on that.


Why would anyone remember that? America’s Favorite is basically an after thought of the finale…it’s literally the last thing announced, and if you’re away from the tv for even a minute you’d miss it.

Elissa fans are seriously bitter.




Timestamp or you’re full of slanderous crap.


Because a heterosexual professor would never have oral sex at a truck stop? OK.


Are Spencer and Andy sleeping in the same bed? That is just weird! I have heard Spencer say a few times that he loves Andy but only likes Judd. Hmmmm….


Andy will not win because he cannot compete in competitions. To get to the final in the last weeks requires that one must win the competitions (HOH and Vetos) to stay in the game. This is and has been Andy’s downfall this season. He cannot win when he as to. Since the double eviction of the two evil queens from the house (Amanda and Elissa), McCrea has won two out of three competitions and the only reason he did not win all three is because he could not compete for Head of Household. In that HOH competition, Andy went out first and lost. McCrea will likely get to the final 2 because he has a statistically higher chance of winning the remaining competitions while Andy does not.


The only thing worse than this cast are the Brenchael fans. Hope you enjoy Big Brechael next season because Big Brother has lost its way to an immature fan base with a singular mentality. Elissa the favorite, Elissa to win, Elissa abused, Elissa too delicate, Elissa doesn’t deserve anything bad said about her, Elissa the wonderful. Gag and puke.

This Season Blows

Brenchel is the worst thing that ever happened to Big Brother.

Shiny Happy People

Total agreement. Worst thing since the Friendship.


Even worse than Jeff and Jordan.

Andy vs. Judd Final 2!!!

Yeah, at least Jordan was nice! Even if she couldn’t play the game.

Will never forget her slack-jawed expression when Jeff used the Coup de Tat either, she had some pretty funny moments!

The Brenchel Army though, is slowly ruining any credibility Big Brother America has left.

Andy's Drool

I don’t get it: Were they trying to convince McCrae to use the veto on GM? what is their point? what does it matter if they are going to vote Judd out anyways, as they say? how did they excuse this plan to McCrae? Do they seriously think they can convince him to do it??? WHAT A BUNCH OF NIT WITS: McCrae and Judd on the block or GM and JUDD on the block. If they say they will vote out Judd what does it matter who is sitting beside him?? what did I miss?


@ Andy’s drool – if this batsh!t crazy idea worked, they all planned to evict MC not Judd. MC is not a complete fool – despite months of evidence to the contrary re: his showmance with the witch – and the whole stupid scheme just makes it more obvious to MC that Andy (and Spencer + GM) are working against him.

Andy's Drool

That’s the point: how did they explain to McCrae that is was a good idea to use Veto on GM?