POV Ceremony Results “Dude makes me sick .. I wanted final 4 exterminators”

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV ?
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Sept 9th
HOH Winner: Spencer Next HOH: Sept 11th*
Original Nominations: Gm and McCrae
Current Nominations: JUDD and GM
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn, Amanda, Elissa
Have Nots


9:40am HOH JUDD and Spencer
Spencer says there is no difference between putting JUDD or Andy up because they will both vote for each other.

JUDD says they need him to beat McCrae because MC is a monster in competition, “I’ll hold his a$$ down let you guys win HOH”
Spencer says JUDD and him have always been close in the game from the get go. IF andy was wavering about not keeping JUDD in the game spencer would put his a$$ up instead of JUDD.

JUDD says after he came back he made it his mission to take out McCrae and AManda because MCCrae was his friend and backstabbed him. JUDD adds it was his personal mission to get them out. It makes JUDD sick that MC is staying. JUDD knows MC won the veto fair and square.

Spencer – “I know dude makes me sick too I wanted final 4 exterminators but GM has to go this week.. I know how dedicated you are to us to getting them out thats why I need you here with us”

JUDD explains that MC was his number one ally before he was evicted. MC never once told him all these were after him. People that MC was close to so he had to have known, “He never said hey JUDD go make nice with Helen she is super mad.. nothing”.
JUDD says he holds a bigger grudge against what McCrae did to him, He’s thought about spitting out a hateful speech to MC but thinks that will hurt him more than help him.

Spencer says Andy is voting to keep JUDD so spencer doesn’t think there is anything else JUDD can do he’s good.

JUDD tells him if MC gets to final 2 he’s going to win, “I would vote for him because he’ll beat 4 people that are after his a$$.. I probably wouldn’t but other people would”

Spencer Agree. JUDD says he’s proud of the exterminators he adds that GM and JUDD are both good at different competitions. JUDD asks if Spencer has a final 2 with Andy and Spencer Says no. Spencer says all he has is the exterminators final 4, final 3, final 2.
JUDD reminds Spencer that the exterminators were originally Spencer, JUDD and Andy.
Spencer again says Andy is voting to keep him so not to worry.
JUDD – “I trust you.. if something changes let me know I don’t want to look like a fool.. i’m not going to raise hell”

CBS Interactive Inc.


10:21am Backyard Spencer and GM

Spencer says he’s worried about next week because he can’t play in the HOH. GM says if she wins HOH he’s good with her.

Spencer- “There’s the veto to worry about”
GM -“ya I know”
JUDD joins them..
JUDD – “I hate it comes down to this.. we had our shot with veto”
GM – “I know”
Spencer – “Yaup.. f**** sucks”


10:53am HOH JUDD and Spencer

S – “How close is Andy and GM’
JUDD – I dunno.. close I guess.. ”
GM comes in “Nice Speech JUDD Jesus Christ”
JUDD – “I’m not campaigning against you but that is pretty much my pitch
Andy comes in JUDD apologizes for making Andy feel uncomfortable
JUDD – “safe to say no more cigarettes for me”
Andy – “that was a good speech”
Spencer – “It’s a unfortunate scenario”
Andy – “You never said nothing mean you just said what was done”
JUDD says McCrae has screwed him over a lot in this game. Spencer doesn’t think JUDD looks like a d!ck at all.
GM didn’t know JUDD and MC were not getting along.
JUDD explains to them that McCrae and him were friends and allies and McCrae knew all these people were after him and he never gave him a heads up.
JUDD – ‘on a game level he’s my nemesis”
JUDD again apologies making people feel uncomfortable.
Spencer thinks what JUDD said was admirable, didn’t make him look like a sore loser made him look scrappy.
JUDD – “I’m not going to fight with him or argue.. it’s tough to see someone that has lied to your face so many damn times and not say something about it”

JUDD tells them again the speech he just gave was the only campaigning he plans on doing.. He wanted everyone to know where he stands.
JUDD gets called into the diary room.
JUDD – “Ugh I don’t want to go to the DR right now.. If you see me alone with him comes site beside me I don’t want him twisting my words to make me look bad”

JUDD leaves
Andy – “I hate that McCrae won that F** veto”
Spencer – “Me to”
GM – “He f*** quit so.. not everyone gets a second chance” (JUDD)
Spencer – “Ya I agree”
Andy – “It sucks because I want him to stay so much more than McCrae”
Spencer – “Ya”
Andy thought for sure JUDD was going to pull a Diamond power of veto out of his pocket.

Andy – “I don’t think McCrae will be voting for JUDD.. ”
Spencer- ‘Probably not”


11:14AM HOH Andy, Spencer and GM Andy says JUDD still worries him a little bit because part of him thinks the speech was to try and get Spencer and Andy to keep him so he can team up with McCrae.
Andy leaves.
Spencer tells GM he’s got her back there is nothing to worry about.

GM tells Spencer that nobody will beat Andy in the final 2. GM adds that McCrae will probably win the game as well.
Spencer – “the jury might say f*** McCrae he hid behind Amanda’s t!ts the entire game”.
Spencer adds that McCrae has won 3 vetos and 2 HOH’s and he’s played a hell of a game.
Spencer- “After Andy nobody can beat McCrae”

GM and Spencer shake on taking each other to the end they feel their only chance to win is against each other. (Image below)
JUDD joins them.



11:25am JUDD and Spencer
JUDD says Andy will win the mental competition he has all the dates memorized. JUDD says he’s going to make nice with McCrae do there is no awkwardness or fights, “I don’t want to make tension in the house”
Spencer- “There won’t be any fights.. McCrae isn’t much of a fighter”
JUDD – “That’s all I had to say to him .. I’ve been holding it in since I’ve been back”

11:36AM JUDD and GM
GM says their luggage is in the storage room. JUDD says that means they are having an eviction sooner than Thursday, “Maybe tomorrow night! ”
GM – “no the eviction is Thursday”
JUDD – “Near the end they do things differently”

JUDD goes to wake up Andy to tell him the luggage is in the storage. He’s thinking the eviction is early.
JUDD – “Sorry for waking you up i’m just freaked out”
Andy says it’s unfair if they do a early eviction and not tell them.



Most players sleeping. JUDD says he’s going to pace around a bit before he takes a nap. JUDD is pretty worried that the eviction is tomorrow.

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Wow, how did Andy avoid the block? At this point I’m rooting for Andy. He may be the rat but this dude has managed to get away with it. He knows exactly what lie to tell and exactly when to tell it.


I was thinking the same thing. Andy has everyone covering his back and no one covering theirs. He deserves to win because everyone else is being played and they don’t see it. I feel bad for Judd but you made your bed now lay in it. You should have stuck with Elissa that was your downfall.

Judd the poor loser

Judd, you are an asshole. Just shut the fuck up and go out (again) with a little dignity. Such a cry baby. I can’t believe you are blaming McCrae for your blindside but not Andy and GM? They voted your ass out, too. Because you are a shady piece of shit. And McCrae was the only one who cried. Which you saw on the screen with Chen. You are such a pathetic arrogant ass. So stupid. I’m so glad that you are going out at the hands of your nemesis. Again. Ha ha ha ha. Must really suck. Asshole.

Andy's Drool

But don’t you think that winning fair and square is not just about doing whatever you can to stay in the game but also about a certain degree of integrity? For example, that last dude who won last season did lie eventually but he didn’t come off as being obnoxious and a rat like Andy. He deserved to win in all respects.


michelle they somewhat know but when it comes to final 3 you have to win hoh or a veto and andy is the best to up against im sure that’s the thought they don’t want him in finals just a ticket for them to get there


Andy and Spencer have been tight for a while now. Spencer has been a better liar than Andy.


i think at this point in the game andy is playing for 2nd place. i dont think he has much of a chance at winning.


I think 2nd place is the only spot Andy is assured of NOT getting. Either he’ll go out 4th or 3rd, or he’ll beat whoever he’s sitting next to in the final 2. Contrary to popular belief, I think there’s a really good chance Andy gets cut 4th or 3rd – since all remaining houseguests realize he’ll be tough to beat in the jury vote.

Season 15

Andy’s playing for a spot on the block. No one should take him to final 2.

The Fist of Goodness


House Ghost

September 9, 2013 at 10:44 am
I think Andy may have made his dumbest move in his goodbye message to Amanda when he gleefully gushed that he voted her out, that may very well cost him if he makes it to F2 ..but his HUGE ego just had to boast on his incredibly smart gameplay…I hope he loses by one vote…Amanda’s !

Elissa's Ass

I wish they’d show us what’s happening in jury instead of that crappy BB house of rejects.


All of the houseguest missed chances to butter up the departing player with a kind goodbye message. Doesn’t cost anything, and might get you a vote.

Andy's Drool

Maybe he is a professor of Liology 😀 Thank God McCrae didn’t use the veto on GM. Now he just has to win another HOH or VETO. does anyone know if McCrae is a sound techician? His Facebook page says he works in production and another site said he was a sound technician. Maybe he just got fired and took a job as a pizza boy???

bb is a house full of crazy

From what I have read and what MC has said on the feeds, he went to school to be a film tech of some sort and he works locally once and a while…even worked on a PBS shoot but needs a day job to help ends meet, hence the pizza job.


he avoided the block bc spencer is so tight with him basically since week 2 and hopes that andy will bring him to final 2, which andy definitely will. if mccrae wins HOH or veto next week, andy is at GREAT risk of going since they all have their eyes open for how risky it would be to bring andy to final 3 or final 2 as he would win. i bet andy is out this thursday if he does not win hoh!


We are in an endzone totally?
JUDD now follows Elissa?
Spencer just lied to him?
Andy just lied to him, too?
Or do they all turn on poor GM?


Helen could have spared CANDICE and gotten Spencer out the door after or before Howard.
Has JUDD gone as far as he could have in the BigBro game given the mighty EGOs involved?
I expected that McCrae knew he’d have to be a better competition beastie than lil Ms. Aaryn.

Aaryn's Ex

McCrae a better comp beastie then Aaryn, in your dreams. Aaryn won four HOH’s that Amanda literally rode Aaryn’s back on. I can understand Aaryn’s first HOH move to remain loyal to Helen. However, the second and third only advanced Amanda’s game. Therefore, Aaryn got all the blood on her hands and Amanda remained the secret power. Just like in life, people only have power over you, if you give them that power over you. Aaryn just didn’t understand that she should be the power broker and Amanda should be doing the errands. Where was this this beast, McCrae, when Aaryn was winning all these comps? He was either under Amanda or behind Amanda, but usually under Amanda.

McCrae a comp beast, in your dreams.


WTF happened??


McCrae took himself off the block and Judd went up? Spencer gave some speech about why he chose Judd…..just speculating I don’t know.


I wonder what his speech was. Hmmm…I really hope Andy and Spencer don’t win anything. So annoying…

McRazE WaY

Pack your bags J U Double D, You’re B Y E BYE


More like JU Double Douche. He was likable, now he’s a total douche bag. Eww to all of them

Judd's therapist

I never liked Judd because
1) he’s stupid,
2) he is shady,
3) he talks like a hillbilly,
4) he has the face only a mother can love,
5) he tried to make deals with everybody during his first tour (just like Andy, only Judd got caught),
6) he’s cocky and feels entitled,
7) he’s always laying on his back eating snacks while saying how much he deserves to win, and
8) he’s a piece of shit asshole.

Judd's therapist

Plus he had his shot and got voted out fair and square. He should not have been allowed to come back into the game. And now that he’s back, he thinks he deserves to win? For continuing to be shady, for sucking at comps, for bitching about everything, for spewing nothing but poison about the evicted HGs, for laying around like a lazy ass saying how great he is, and for otherwise shitty game play? He’s a dickhead for those reasons, too.


You also forgot to mention that Judd is a woman hater, he’s quick on the trigger or in other words….a little bit premature on the release., he has a small one according to Jessie, and can’t finish the deal according to Aaryn. Other then that, Judd is every woman’s dream!

andy's ears make me vomit

for the love of god, don’t let andy win.
these morons probably will though.


Vote for me as America’s Favorite, because I keep it real in Candyland, Boo! And I have the nicest ASS in the house,being a NFL cheerleader and all that. OKAY? peace.

Yoga Instructor

Candace’s squeaky baby talk voice annoyed me to no end. It made me cringe every time she said “Howie.”


Agreed! And if I heard her say one more time “well, it is what it is…”, I was going to throw my TV out the window!

Roisin Dubh

Does Spencer even know what he’s talking about at this point? I think Howard rubbed off on him.

Double D

Judd says Jessie and Aaryn were not his type and that’s why he was never really into them. He only has one true love, Sandy, and it would been like cheating if he had relations with either Jessie or Arryn. Judd goes on to say that he misses that goat every night.

Judd's therapist

That’s hilarious Double D. LOL!!! And he is full of it if Jesse and Aaryn aren’t his type. He would never score with a girl built like them in a million years. So if those girls weren’t his type then he’s either into boys or sheep. Judging from his speech, smarts (and I use that term liberally), and looks Id say its the latter. Haha.

Yeah Right

That explains why he couldn’t close the deal with Jessie and Aaryn. They weren’t the right species.

Roisin Dubh

IF MC wins HOH, Andy’s toast.


if MC is to be the next HoH his most aggressive move is to put Spencer and Andy up.
Whether JUDD or GM remains, MC then needs the PoV win after the HoH win to get
either one into the JURY house. MC is not buying into their collective “horse manure”!

Exactly Right

MC needs to put up Spencer and Andy is exactly right. Unless Andy wins POV, then GM will vote to evict Andy. She wants to be sitting next to Spencer at the end or she loses. Spencer’s only way to win this, IMO, is to be sitting next to GM at the end.

Okay, then. It looks like there are now going to be 3 players left who each need Andy out.

I like that scenario. Get the little ginger rat out of there. Please make sure he does not see it coming.

Asshole Andy

As he should be. The rat turd should be evicted right before final 2. And it is only fitting that it be at the hands of McCrae. Such an arrogant piece of shit. Ratboy thinks he’s so smart. Want to see him evicted!!!


I wasn’t a fan of Amanda for reasons we all know, but some people won’t admit. I also thought Elissa was extremely condescending, superficial, and degrading, but in a “high-class” way. However, the only reason I continued watching this show was to see Amanda get voted out. Once Elissa conveniently jumped to her side, I was ready to see her go. Now, I only read the feeds to see who won what. I’m no longer invested. This season was more a story of the little people overthrowing a tyrant than a hero vs villain. The little people just don’t do it for me anymore. I guess what I’m saying is I wouldn’t blame CBS for “guiding” this season. I would have stopped watching week 4 had Amanda gone home.


I was upset when Jeremy got evicted. He was the strongest player in the house. It was hilarious when he went against his own alliance (the moving company). The men in the house looked like deers in headlight including Howard, when he told them how to vote. He also drunk all wine from the have-nots, and nobody said a word about it. I wished Jeremy and Amanda teamed up as the most hated players in BB history. I prefer them in the final 4 over Spencer and Andy.


Why don’t they just tell Judd that he’s going? Why all the games? MC is already onto it all. It’s stupid and childish. I wish it was the rat leaving!


it was inevitable from the moment they banded together that they would turn on each other and cannibalize each other,
initially i thought Andy entered into the “E” pact so as to betray the trio to A + M at his sweet, reet and laid back leisure…

They Are All Floaters!

To put it simply, they won’t tell Judd because they are cowards. It is fine to sit around as a group and trash talk everyone who is no longer in the house, but none of them have the strength of character to just be honest with Judd. They don’t want to become the target of Judd’s potential wrath, and each one is protecting their own interests. Each has had individual conversations with Judd where those not present were talked about. Therefore, they band together in not just being honest with him so they don’t have to back peddle and overcome any damage Judd may do to “their game”.


Andy has played one of the best games ever, I dont understand all the hate

if he wins, he will be one of the best winners to date!


I completely agree Wolfy.

I’ve been saying this for weeks, only to have 95% of the people to disagree. The only thing I can think is that they do not like good gameplay, because that’s what’s happening before their eyes. I think Andy is rated top 3 all time in BB history. Ian said 4th if he wins. That’s coming from a BB guru.

I think people on this board are extremely jealous. Andy is very intelligent. He speaks well and everybody loves him. I think it hurts him, because he’s a homosexual, but after watching so much hate this season, I guess reading it on this message board shouldn’t surprise me.

If you don’t root for Andy (when the others havn’t played the game), you are not a BB fan.

You Are So Full of Horse Poopy

Oh, well, never miss an opportunity, Richard, to lump us all into one category and call us names because we don’t want Andy to win and you do. First he called us homophobes, then vile and racist, and now we are all “jealous” of Andy. Whatever. I can’t speak for other people, but I am so NOT jealous of Andy, that it hurts my sides sitting here laughing at the thought of being jealous of Andy. Richard, we know you think Andy is intelligent, but we just don’t. What kind of intelligent person would ask McCrae to use the POV on GM with absolutely nothing to gain for it? Even if Andy ends up winning, that was a bonehead move. There was nothing to gain from that, and I mean NOTHING, except confirming to McCrae what he was about 99% certain of to begin with. Andy thinks he is so good at this that he could get McCrae to use the POV on GinaMarie when he wouldn’t even use it on Amanda? That is intelligent thinking. I am so jealous I am not that intelligent, because if I was Andy I would have kept my mouth shut on that one. There was nothing to gain and everything to lose, IMO.

Jealous of Andy?

Uh, not remotely, pal, but you keep lumping us all up into categories, okay, just because we don’t see how wonderful Andy is………….. according to your world view. And while you’re busy at categorizing people, try not to take it personal when they do it right back at you, m’kay?

You see it in everybody else, but you don’t see it in yourself. That’s using your noodle, Richard. Accuse people of


Thanks, I basically told him the same thing a few threads ago. Now I skip over his remarks – he doesn’t use logic – he just spews nastiness.


Omg, Andy is the most hated houseguest there is…. He a creepy little rat boy…. Now we have to listen to his ” omg I hate Ellisa” , I just pray that Gina Marie wins it all….I can’t wait for him to read these blogs and know he is the most hated…. At this point I want McRae beat him. Ugh

You Are So Full of Horse Poopy

Well, I got cut off there. Richard in the end of your post, you accuse everyone who does not root for Andy as not being a Big Brother fan because the other players have not played the game?……………………………… Oh. Well why didn’t you just say that in the first place? Oh, my gosh. You are so intelligent. I suddenly realize I am not the fan that you are. I am a jealous, vile, racist homophobe. You got me with your intelligence. You and Andy both. I’m going to now root for Andy because he’s the only one who played the game, and I sure don’t want to lose my Big Brother card. *sarcasm*

I will just say this. You never know who you are talking to, do you? Who are you to decide the other players have not been playing the game? And I have been rooting for Andy the ginger rat duck floater who floated on the stronger players for week after week after week and then flipped sides and started taking out his own alliance. There’s lots of us rooting for him, and just because we’ve been rooting for him to fail does not mean you should lump us into little categories.

Shiny Happy People

I love how Richard’s 2-3 sentences is cause for these angry hateful responses so consistently.

I’ve said it before and I”ll say it again-you all protest too much. It’s one thing to have an opposing view point, but the lot of you crying foul on Richard are so easy to rile up!

I still think he’s on to something. Maybe not all Andy haters are homophobes, but a good chunk of you are and just don’t want to admit it (after being on your pedestals all season with aaryn and amanda).

The rest of you just can’t accept that lying and manipulation are the name of this game.

Go Andy.

Now There's Some Good Logic

And by your logic, people are responding hateful to Richard and that somehow proves his point? Good for you. I read the response. It does not agree with his point of view, but It is not a hateful one. That is a truly dizzying intellect you’ve got there. According to you, Richard must be onto something because he posts a few sentences and calls people who do not agree with him all kinds of names. And you look at the size of the paragraphs like it is di*k measuring contest to decide he is right.

ROTFL. You think somebody might respond on a chat board, since it is, oh, I don’t know………………….. a chat board? And you think measuring the amount of words proves something? Well you’re brilliant. You and Richard both. You both are rooting for Andy, and anyone that doesn’t agree with your assessment of the state of the Big Brother game and Andy the rat has some character flaws, whatever you decide, blah, blah, blah.

Oh wait. I better keep this short. Short paragraphs prove there is nothing wrong with me. ROTFL, and the longer I go on I will be proving the correctness of both Richard and Shiny Happy People (who is probably Richard responding to his own post).

Sorry, but I still think Andy is a rat, and I don’t think he is as intelligent as you two being that all he did was float on stronger player’s coattails. I also don’t get your fascination with Ian Terry. Dan chose to take Ian to the finals. He could have easily chosen among many other players. Dan made Ian, and he could have just as easily made Danielle or Shane or take your pick. IMO, that doesn’t make Ian a “guru,” it makes him the fortunate guy that Dan chose. But I did like Ian as a person and thought he deserved to win because Ian could win his share of competitions and wasn’t a complete floater and was intelligent……………. All the reasons I do like Ian are all the reasons I don’t like Andy.

The Cheese

Andy scares me.


I really hate the facial expressions he does in the diary room sessions and the way he tilts his head to make that creepy smile he always does and when he’s always throwing his hands up in the air and slapping his knees to show he’s pissed off. Bottom line, I think he obviously is playing a good game in terms of doing what it takes to reach the end because he’s sort of like the Amanda 2.0 (he’s played all of them), but that doesn’t mean I have to like him one bit. He’s a rat. He’s annoying. He was part of the downfall of this season. Every time I read the words “Andy joins in.” on OBB posts I want to throw something. It made me so mad. He’s ruined so much of any possible enjoyment this season. He’s so over the top, I could barely look at him the way he was acting last night after Amanda’s eviction and during Elissa’s eviction. Thankfully, McCrae saw through it. I don’t like McCrae either but the only thing left worth watching of this season is watching Andy’s ass walk out that door. I hope McCrae wins HOH and sends him packing. Glad he only got $94.83. That money should be given to the viewers for the pain and suffering we had to endure watching his annoying ass in that house.

Day Yum Yum

Andy is about as smart as that “lisp” of his that comes out as clear as a bell when he speaks, and he should have had speech classes for it years ago! This guy is an English professor and he cannot speak the language properly!? Ay Carumba, give me a break! Get the Rat out next, please!

VA Vet

If I were MC, I’d call a house meeting and throw them all under the bus. He has nothing to lose at this point other than a few jury votes if (and that’s a big if) he survives to F2.

Expose them all, then grab a beer, sit back and watch them scurry to cover their own a$$es.

The Voice of Reason

You can keep your mouth shut and people will think you’re stupid, or you can speak up and remove all doubt……….. like Judd just apparently did. And IMO, McCrae doesn’t need any bigger target on his back than he already has. It doesn’t matter what he says, Andy will just say he made it all up anyway. Just like he did when he threw over 3AM when he lied and voted out Amanda and then Elissa. If I was McCrae, I would keep my mouth shut and lay in wait for the next HOH. If I didn’t win the HOH, I’d get my azz ready for the POV.

Spencer has been on the block, what, 7 times. How many POVs has Spencer won? Zero, I believe. So I wouldn’t count on Spencer unless I was counting on him to lose. GinaMarie is injured so that helps MC a little. Andy has a pretty solid track record also, and by that I mean pretty solidly bad.

IMO, McCrae has nothing to gain by exposing them. Who would he be exposing them to? Each other? He’s the guy with the target on his back. Why make it bigger? He already knows he has to win competitions to stay. Andy has proven he will gravitate to the person with the power. McCrae should work quietly to ensure he is that person. Then watch Andy grovel. Then end Andy’s game.

Comedy Hour

Great idea…call house meeting…haven’t seen a house meeting go so well, since Candice called one!

McCrae calls a meeting and it will accomplish what exactly? You are all liars! Ah but McCrae aren’t you a liar as well and helped to evict your own alliance members…see Helen, Aaryn and Judd. Well they are lying to Judd now. Your point is what exactly? Didn’t you lie to Gina when you agreed to vote for each other to remain in the house? Well Spencer and Andy are saying they want me in the game but they are really lying to me and trying to get me out. Ah, McCrae, something like you did to Elissa when you wanted her vote to keep Amanda in the house then proceeded to place her on the block. Well that was different, those were lies I told, ya’ll are lying to me now and that’s not allowed! LOL!

Yes please call that house meeting, what can go wrong with this plan. LOL!

Onion Blossom Twins

These people want McCrae out so bad, why would they keep GM who is hurt over Judd who could help them get HOH to get McCrae out! This two are the stupidest people around!

Double D

Why would they keep Gina over Double D? Well the next few comps will probably be question oriented. Gina is good at physical stuff but if you have noticed. She’s not so bright and when she has difficulty expressing herself, Gina invents new words. Also Gina is banged up and even if they have a physical comp, she would not be able to win it in her condition. Judd is a wild card, although he pretends to be working with Andy and McCrae, he stills harbors ill will towards them for the first eviction. So take Judd off the board. Gina and Andy vs McCrae in the next HOH, well essentially Andy vs McCrae. The winner of this HOH is very much likely your BB15 season winner.

Where do they find these people?

I love how the exterminators are all complaining how they “missed their chance” to evict McC by not winning POV. They had a foolproof way to get rid of him and they totally missed it! Here’s how it should have gone down…

Spencer gives the friendship bracelet to two exterminators and gives McCrae the drill sergeant. This provides them with time to meet as exterminators and plan. Spencer nominates Andy and Judd. Spencer goes to McCrae and tells him they want to create an all boys final four and their plan is to backdoor GM. Spencer, Andy and Judd make McCrae feel ultra safe and tell him to throw the POV competition to either Andy or Judd. McCrae says “Ya okay good.” McCrae doesn’t try at all during the POV, one of the exterminators wins POV, and McCrae is the replacement nominee. Done.

Such an easy way to insure McCrae’s eviction and they totally missed it. Dumb asses…..


No, MC knew he was in trouble ………. nothing anyone said was going to make him feel otherwise.


exactly marie at this point you control your own faith win hoh then the next week win veto your in finals or win veto then hoh your in you are only going up against 2 people during the hoh and 3 in the veto


Your plan to evict McCrae was a long shot because McCrae was not going to take any chances this week given that he was on the block last week with Amanda. McCrae said so himself.


Andy isn’t where he is because of any strategy. He sucked up to the all powerful Amanda and betrayed anyone who tried to change the status quo. When someone else was able to take away some of Amanda’s power (Aaryn), he jumped ship and changed loyalties. I just can’t respect that kind of game.


Andy is there because he is productions “token gay”. It is almost obvious that the HG’s were told to trust him during their “summer camp”
and he would coach them through the game.
It is as if he has been given a pass by CBS to never be voted out.
Public Speech Professor my arse! He is an adjunct teaching assistant…NOT professor! He is NOT old enough to even apply for tenure or title.
One must work for a university or college in a fulltime teaching capacity for at least ten years to even apply for the title of professor. I know from experience!
He is a little errand boy that administers tests, and monitors classes when the real teacher has to be somewhere else!
He said himself (in a DR clip) that the 10K prize in a previous competition was “like a half a years salary”, for heavens sake!
What ‘Professor’ in Chicago makes less than 20K per year? No professor ANYWHERE in America makes less than 20K per year!!!
Part-time or consulting teachers make more than that.
What a joke, that little rat is. He is only a legend in his own mind is all that I can say.

Stella Crosby

Spencer and Andy can lIe right to Judd’s face and seem sincere. If I knew them, I would have a hard time believing
anything they say. Let’s all hope that McCrae wins HOH and puts Spencer and Andy on the block! Then wins POV and sends
a rat to the Jury house!

Yay, Andy!

I know Andy personally, and he’s a wonderful guy – a dedicated friend and teacher, and totally trustworthy. 🙂 All the haters can keep giving him crap for it, but I think he’s playing a fantastic game. Believe me, for half a mil, I’d be able to lie with a straight face, too! Haha.

Andy vs. Judd Final 2!!!

I hope he wins!

Ian Terry did an interview recently where he stated that if Andy wins, he’d place Andy in the top 5 best players of all time.

This coming from a self-proclaimed, “super fan,” and from someone who beat Dan Gheesling last year, arguably THE BEST Big Brother player ever.


Great posts and responses.

With the season coming to a close I see a ton of BB fans are finally coming to this message board. It’s going to be a few great shows!

They Are All Floaters!

Of course Ian would say that….he was a floater too!


iam only beat Dan becahse of a butt hurt jury. game wise dan played 10 times the game ian did.

Shiny Happy People

If Ian’s jury was “butt hurt,” then Jordan Lloyd’s jury had their butts outright ravaged, because she never should have won over Natalie.

Fact is, Ian won.

Fact is, Ian beat Dan Gheesling.

Fact is, Dan, along with Dr. Will, is considered one of the best to ever play the game.

Therefore, Ian has credibility.


who cares about jordan, im saying Dan shoulda won last season.

i guess you think lisa deserved to win over danielle to right

Andy what?

I guess the wonderful guy’s lies has you fooled too! Nice people don’t talk so nasty about people on TV for everyone to see.


I think of the rest of this crew, Andy deserves to win the most. I don’t think that this is a win to be particularly proud of, but, the half mil will go a long way to helping him forget. He’ll probably publish an academic paper like Ragan did, about his experience as a gay contestant. LOL.

Judd's granny

You work at the truck stop?


I think that the hate has been contagious this year. I agree with you. While at first I did not agree with his strategy, I have completely come around, and now am rooting for him (Andy). If you watch his Preseason interview, he is following his strategy and doing a good job at it. We all should just chill on the l judgments and enjoy the entertainment. Lying is the core of the big brother franchise and I don’t think we should fault Andy for doing it well.


Yea you know the Rat Andy, however as a professional teacher you should know better when you see bullying, racism. pervert and calling women cunt, insulting a child is wrong. I get it a game but you shouldn’t lower your standards cause even in the end if he does win the money and he looks back he will really feel like a piece of shit he is. Advice to you as a friend one day he will rat on you too.

Rocco From waste management

What makes Andy unlike able is his anger that anyone would dare put him up, it unleashes his hate . He has cowardly behind her back called Elissa a C**t, slut, whore, insulted her children , flipped her off when she wasn’t looking. If you call that gameplay you are as bad as he is. He is a hysterical little boy, I certainly wouldn’t want my food served by him, I’m afraid if I complained about my order he would take it back, spit in it and bring it back to me.


Lol, I wouldn’t trust him with my food either and may as well add Spencer at the top of the list but for different and obvious reasons. If Andy would have kept it at simply cunning backstabbing game play it would be one thing. But he is just as disgusting and self-entitled as the rest of them this season. He took it way too far with his toxic attitude and the way she tries to bait conversations so he can bash certain ones that he is jealous of. If he was a woman he wouldn’t have gotten so far with some of the men in the house especially someone like Spencer. He would have been labeled catty , overly emotional, among other things. This season has been trashy and gutter and Andy is at the top of the list.


I just hope that McCrae wins the next HOH and puts Andy and Spencer on the block. That duo needs to be broken up. I want to see Andy leave next. I personally hope they send Ginamarie packing this round and we have a Judd/McCrae fnal two. That would be as optimal as this season can get.

J-U Double Dudd

Well, aren’t you something, Judd? The one person who might have kept you in the game and maybe done something to work with you, and you go burn your bridges with him. There’s still time to wake up and play some game, Dudd, but I doubt you will. You’ll spend from now until live Thursday night trying to prove your loyalty to the jerks who are ready to send you packing. Way to git ‘er done, bud.

I have to say it, Judd, you deserve what Spencer and Andy are doing to you because you’re an idiot. You’ve done everything to help them, and now they’re sending you packing, buddy. Andy and Amanda and Helen already got Aaryn to blindside you once, and now they’re gone, and you’re right back to trusting Andy again. What a complete waste of a second chance, man.


What speech?

Rocco From waste management

What makes Andy unlike able is his anger that anyone would dare put him up, it unleashes his hate . He has cowardly behind her back called Elissa a C**t, slut, whore, insulted her children , flipped her off when she wasn’t looking. If you call that gameplay you are as bad as he is. He is a hysterical little boy, I certainly wouldn’t want my food served by him, I’m afraid if I complained about my order he would take it back, spit in it and bring it back to me.

The Cheese

Gettysburg Address


simon, when did judd talk to mccrae about his speech? it sounds like from what he explains to the exterminators above that he was saying he couldn’t trust mccrae as mccrae didn’t warn him about ppl coming after him during the first DE? if that’s true, why wouldn’t he also be mad at andy? andy knew and did not warn him and andy was also in goof troupe with him… and why would judd say anything about this during his speech today, doesn’t he want mccrae’s vote to stay?? how will this make spencer and andy want to keep him by badmouthing mccrae? i don’t get it. the only person he should be badmouthing is gm, who is on the block next to him, am i right?? im confused about what his speech was and why he did it.


Judd is trying to make himself the best option next week for spencer and andy and prove his loyalty to them by openly calling out mcrea and drawing the line in the sand. He must now play his game with spencer and andy now as he has attacked mcrae. However, he actually told mcrea before hand he was going to do it, so it just depends if they buy it or not, and they don’t.

Jim 64

I hope they vote out Judd once you are voted out
Of the house you should stay out of the house.
Ginamarie been ther since day one . Goodbye. JUDD

Joker Lips

Let me guess you are a Rachelissa fan and was ok with Brendon coming back though.


I just hope he gets voted out not because he was brought back because he’s proven to be a simple minded dumb ass. What a waste to bring him back in. He never seemed to stop and think why everyone( including Andy) went with the house and voted him not just 2 or 3 people.


I hope McCrae gives Judd a smoke or two…. sounds like it’s about to get really ugly in there.

Judd's granny

Your girlfriend, Chloe is mad at me. No good deed goes unpunished, huh?


I tried to smooth it over….. but you know those Canadians…. they’re prickly, of course with good reason. There are some pricks on this board.

Ding Dong

I hope Mccrae does not make final 2. He wasted the whole summer in bed with Amanda and not playing the game.
He’s a big floater and only started swimming after she was kicked out. In addition, Amanda will be campaigning and
bullying for Mccrae votes if he gets to final 2, it’s the only way she can get her stinky hands on prize money. ugh. Enough
already. The BB Amanda reign of terror needs to be OVER.


mccrae has been in a solid alliance with amanda and andy since week 1 basically. and he has won HOH twice and POV, what 3 times now, including twice to save himself. so by definition, he is not a social floater or a competition floater… if you are in an alliance most of the game and have won POV to save yourself, you are by definition, NOT a floater.

Ding Dong

sorry. mcrae is a floater in my book. he may have won 2 HOH, BUT
#1 was the season’s first HOH competition.
#2 was the first one right after Amanda got kicked out.
Everything between the first day and a few days ago, he did nothing but, sleep, smoke, eat,
lay around and get screwed by Amanda.
just cause he’s splashing around now all of a sudden, doesn’t mean he’s not a floater.
He never even played the game till a few days ago.


so those 3 POVs he’s won, you are just going to ignore those? people use the term “floater” way to easily. mccrae did not “float” between any people, he had a solid alliance with goof troop and then 3AM and he did not “float” his way through the game as he did win a POV to save his life last week then and an HOH to save himself again. he may sleep a lot but this still doesn’t make him a floater.


I bet if mccrae makes final 2 he will lose some votes just for the fact he was with Amanda they hate her so much and just the chance Amanda might get her hands on some of that money they wont let it happen I hope fans and future house guest read this weel the women there are 6 people in the jury all women if you guys would cut the catfights out and use you heads instead of emotion you are killing yourselves that’s why only 5 of 14 winners were women soon to be 5 of 15 and that goes for the way women vote also gm is the only one left you think chandice Amanda elissa Helen or Jessie will vote for gm aaryn will but that’s it the women are just for entertainment drama wise until they understand this fact the guys already know it like one of guys already said game is geared for men women are to emotional said by one of remaining guess its common sense to me well just a thought


Why do so many of you want stinkbomb Lazy McCrae to win??? He’s such a wimp, he’ll just hand the money over to aMANda………”yup.”


Why do so many of you want stinkbomb Lazy McCrae to win??? He’s such a wimp, he’ll just hand the money over to aMANda………”yup.”

andy's ears make me vomit

andy says, “bring on the bukkake, boys.”


Well i guess spenperv is that stupid! Write Andy a check cuz the rat is gonna win this game….dumbasses!! I’ve never seen such dumb hg!

Bob barker

At some point I’ve heard each of the remaining houseguest say that they can’t beat Andy in the final 2 which is true therefore why aren’t the nominating him??? I’m beginning to think he’s productions plant. It really makes zero sense to keep him knowing they can’t beat him!! Personally I’m fine not seeing anyone left winning the money!

Joker Lips

Andy is no real threat to win any competitions and im sure they think gives them all a better chance at winning HoH


This Thursday, Andy better save yourself because McCrae will come after you.


andy’s a floater and a rat too – he doesn’t deserve anything!!!
All andy did was follow the power of hellen, elissa, and amanda and their minions (aaryn and gm).

Too Tall

I want Judd to go because he turned his back on the only true ally that could help him, Elissa. Then he goes talking smack about her and when she leaves the BB house, he yells out, “I love you, Elissa”. Just a few minutes after that and up to now he continues degrading her saying awful things about her and her family. He’s a cowardly hypocrite that hides behind a shell of a “nice guy”.

Next, I want McCrae to go because he also turned his back, due to cowardess, on the only ally he would have had in the house, Elissa. He also degrades her and says vile things about her, when she was the only one left in the house that supported him and Amanda. What a spineless Bitch! I hope Amanda spends any of your winning and stipend and then throws you out like a soiled feminine napkin.

Next I want Andy to be evicted, in NO WAY do I want that sissy rat to win. How can he have any respect from his students??? I hope that he is not tenured at the College where he teaches so that he can easily be fired. Andy has no moral or ethics!

I want GM or Spencer to win out of this sorry bunch, but that in no way means that they deserve it. It just means that the other are bigger A$$HOLEs than them.

Joker Lips

really? Judd turned his back on Elissa? Elissa turned her back on Judd. First by voting him out with Helen who pushed for it the first double eviction. Then she joined a alliance with Amanda who Judd wanted out of the house.

Take off you rose colored glasses Rachelissa fan


Okay. You’re half right. Amanda and Andy along with Helen were the ones pushing to get Judd out. Amanda wanted him out because she thought he was the MVP who put him on the block 2 times in a row. Andy was playing both sides of the house (as usual) and got Helen on board. McCrae did not want it and Elissa didn’t know about it until after it was already decided. Remember they voted week after week after week “with the house.” It was a double eviction and wasn’t exactly planned way, way in advance. So Amanda thought Judd was the MVP that put her on the block, and Judd got blamed for America’s vote. When Judd came back in, Elissa kept him safe and made a deal with him. Still trying to figure out how Elissa turned on Judd. Andy turned on 3AM and gravitated to the power in the house (which is what he always does). So Andy flipped the house that Elissa keeps getting blamed for trying to flip. Judd jumped on board with the Exterminators that Andy jumped on board with when he stabbed his alliance in the back, proving that he did, in fact, have their backs. Then Judd and Andy and their little crew framed Elissa for what Andy actually did, and Judd for some stupid, I can’t fathom reason, never made the connection that Andy was the common denominator in all this. Judd was on board for Andy screwing his alliance over. Now he’s the victim of what he should have seen coming. He sat there and helped Andy stab them all in the back one by one, and I guess it never crossed his little mind that he would suffer their fate. I’m not sure why Judd expected anything different from Andy than he gave his original alliance, but nevertheless Judd did.

Still trying to figure out how Elissa abandoned Judd in all this.

I think Judd knows he’s out of there at this point. If Judd didn’t know it, I don’t believe he would keep asking them over and over and over if they had his back.

Yes, Judd, they have your back, hun, don’t you feel the knives in it?


I know it is popular to call him “rat”, & I don’t necessarily respect his role as Superfloater, but in my opinion Andy has outplayed the rest of the bunch. He rode the McRanda train until just the right time and switched sides while still making everyone in the house feel like he is their best friend. Even now he has avoided the block again and is not even a target.


Absolutely agree. If I am any of the other four, I would want Andy out. But he didn’t go on the block. Hats off to him. He isn’t my favorite player, but I give him his due as a player. He is in trouble though if he doesn’t win HOH or POV next week, but I guess all of them are in the same boat. Anything could happen.


This is the most I’ve heard McCrea speak this entire game. I really don’t remember him engaging in any conversation while Amanda was in there except for his usual “yup yup” comments. As for him and Amanda lasting outside the house… highly unlikely! I’m not a fan of Amanda’s but she is going to kick his lazy bones to the curb UNLESS he happens to win and I still don’t see it lasting.

As for Andy, I hope he doesn’t win. I have to fast forward or mute him every time he shows up, talks, or eats and that is a lot of fast forwarding. I really think he is going to have a hard time when he is back in the real life. He thinks he is the best and most cleaver player ever and it’s going to rock his world for him to find out what a rat America thinks he is….

As for GM, hell I have no idea what her games or strategy is because every other word is BLEEPED out. I do not subscribe to the live feeds so I am only watching BBAD and CBS but it’s a lost cause to figure out what she says… she is just one continuous BLEEP.

As for Spencer, I can’t believe some of the nasty things that comes out his mouth. I have a son and I would be so hurt and upset if he was saying half the things that Spencer says. I either feel really sorry for his mother or I just in shock to how he was raised.

As for McCrea, I just think there is no hope for him. He doesn’t have any ambition what so ever and is nothing but a SLOTH. I think even if he did win, his life would be exactly the same just $500,000 richer.

I guess I like Judd the best. Out of all the ones left he is in my opinion the most decent one of all but maybe its just that I can’t understand what he is saying half the time. I think he would make a lot of money being a Ventriloquist…he’s got the down perfect!

Anyway, thanks again Simon for another year. You do a great job keeping all of us updated. I will make my donations!


Elissa's Botox

Judd should have known he is at the bottom of this alliance and should have used the veto on Elissa to leave a bigger target in the house

The dumb hick deserves this


Judd’s gone for sure, as for McCrae if he doesn’t win HOH or veto he’s gone but if he does he has a good chance of winning the game. I think McCrae getting to the final 2 is gonna be tough he literally has to win all competitions left. I think McCrae should take Spencer tho if he does he will have the best shot against him GM or Andy could win the game both have a lot of friends in jury. It’s a scary end game here where people that don’t really matter have made it to the end even tho I hate Andy i think Spencer out of them all does not deserve to make it to the end of this game.


None of the ones left really deserves the money. I was pulling for Judd but that was not meant to be. I guess I have to root for Andy at this point as even though he’s been a snake in the grass throughout, he’s played the game well. Spencer does not deserve to win especially after all the racist comments he made in the beginning, GM perhaps should get the $50,000 second place as she’s been able to hang in there and once she finds out she no longer has a job, she will probably need the money. McRae should have been gone long ago with his nasty self – 5 fries short of a happy meal! I hope next season we get a better set of contestants – this group was not the best in all the seasons of BB.


Adiós Judd the Dudd. Nice knowing you. Total waste of a return player(whole season is a total waste as far as that goes). Heck, Helen you know you know would have been a more exciting player than Judd even though it’s not the right time to evict Amanda


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! KARMA is a b*tch he should of saved Elissa!!!


The Exterminators are the most incomptent alliance ever. If 4 of them cannot win a VETO vs. 1, then all of them deserve to go home. Simple.

Joker Lips

Since CBS ditched it’s previous arrangement for Amanda to win because it was a hot buzz on the internet. They went to plan B. McCrae win and Amanda gets her money


I love that Spencer and Andy don’t think they are floaters!! I’ve seen the season and WHAT HAVE THEY DONE NOTHING!!!!

andy the racist

When Andy was asked if he would ever go out with a black man he said, Ewwwwww I would never date a black man. Gays are claiming that Andy isn’t a racist and that is just who he would date. But the fact is that he hides his racism behind his gayness. That is the worst form of racism. He is really saying to the world I’m not racist but I don’t want to associate with them. He also hates all woman and orientals. In fact Andy only likes whites.

Joker Lips

Just because a White Gay guy is not attracted to a Black Gay man that dont mean he is racist.


You really are reaching.

If a Straight white man got hit on by a gay black man does that make him racist?

If a guy who prefers blondes gets hit on by a Asian and is not interested does that make him a racist?


I remember Andy telling Candice he wouldn’t date a black guy, simply because he hasn’t been attracted to one before.

Candice’s response was that it was understandable. She got it, you can’t help what you’re attracted to. Black, white, gay, straight-it is what it is. I suppose it’s asking too much to give Andy the benefit of the doubt-that he’s not racist, he just hasn’t met a black guy he was attracted to yet. I know if there was a black gay guy on Big Brother who said he’s never been attracted to a white guy before, I wouldn’t take offense as a gay man. I certainly wouldn’t be pulling the racist card…which by the way, has been bent to all hell after being played so much this season.

People are so eager to paint Andy as a villain (in real life…of course he’s a villain in the game-and a GREAT one). But they are simply trying to paint him out as a bad person because he’s the real reason Amanda and Elissa are out of the game now. In a word…


andy the racist

So all you are saying is that you are a racist too

Red Rat Bastard

I think Andy gave Spence the pedro a nice hummer and pretended to be a little boy or something. Sick bastards. How would Andy stay off the block?

Off the block on the cock. That is his motto?

Joker Lips

Poor Rachelissa fans.. you whine that the current house guests are trash but you aint any better

Andy vs. Judd FINAL 2!!!

I wonder what Princess Elissa would think if she knew her fans talked this way about people…

She’d probably have nothing to do with most of them. She’d regard them as trash-just as she did most of the house guests.


Judd you are complaining about McCrea screwing you over and not telling you about the plan to back door you. Yet you sat back and watched them do the same thing to McCrea. Seems like you are even now. Get over it. McCrea probably didn’t know about it until the last second either. Andy was also in the same alliance and voted you out also but you trust him, why? McCrea you know they are all full of crap yet you put Elissa up still not sure why. Have you noticed Spencer hasn’t told Andy about his final two with GM and McCrea. It will be hilarious if he keeps one of them over you thinking he can beat them.

Red Rat Bastard

I think the last competition, if Rat Bastard makes it to the end, is he has to eat GMs hardware pierced box. Come on Andy you game? 500K?


I find it amazing Judd, Spencer and Andy have hardly won anything and they are in the final 5. GM and McCrea should team up to get the dead weight out. Hope McCrea sends all your a$$es packing since you all think you are so smart and have it figured out. Dumbest alliance ever.


Big Brother fanatics. They talk about how much they love the game and consider themselves gurus, yet they don’t put Andy up knowing he’ll win in a f2. Elissa saw through Andy’s shit and they think she is unworthy to even be let in the house. GM is clearly the only one with balls. I loathe her hate filled comments, but at least she has her own mind. She would have put Andy up in a second.


Well I think The So-Called Exterminators need to be Exterminated by themselves, the 4 of them are CaCaRoaches, yea! CaCa like shit! I know its a game and all and these people I pray are not as bad as they seem, but something tells me they are, GM is such a bigot and a racist to the bone I don’t know how she will go on in the real world after this, Spencer is just a nasty person, I want to say dog or pig, but I love dogs and pigs so I won’t say that, he is just a loser to me, shame on him for all the nasty things he has said about women, Judd is just Judd, I like the guy but he played a stupid game and trusted the wrong people, as far as McCrae goes he is just a loser altogether, getting with Amanda was his downfall and still is. Lastly some of the things they have said about the other House guests are so bad,, the hate they have for Ellisa is beyond hate, that is such a bad thing to say I Hate someone!! wait till she goes and see the show and hears all the nasty things they said, just wrong and I don’t blame production at all these are adults so to speak. OK enough ranting about Big Brother, I have never miss Big Brother have always watch and this is just me but for sure this is the worst Big Brother Ever! and really don’t care who wins, not watching After Dark at all! what a shame because I did so enjoy the After Dark show. Thank You Simon and Dawg for all your hard work. See you all next season!!!


I want to see Andy go more than anyone. I truly can’t stand his slimy tactic! It’s the most pathetic of all the houseguests!! I think he’s not to be trusted in general! I’m certain his character is the same in the real world!! He has made a name for himself he will never be able run away from! He’s been branded!! An he had himself to blame for it by his own words an actions!! There wasn’t any just cause for him to bash, degrade, judge an attack other houseguests it’s only showing his true colors!! I would never want to be associated with such scum! I hope he goes to jury next week! He’s very undeserving to even have been on big brother!! To be a teacher he sure is some example!!


I hope the vote is a tie and make spencer do the tie breaker vote and get some blood on his hands. Mcpuss you going to have to keep winning to make it to the end and Andy I don’t like you at all but if you make it to the end without winning any HOH the 500,000 should be yours .

McPussy for the win

I’m rooting for McCrae to win. No one in the “exterminators” deserves to win. Andy said at that they are one of the best alliances in bb history, which pissed me off. They were made maybe two weeks ago. The Brigade was made in the beginning of the game and almost all of them made it all the way! The exterminators are a pathetic excuse for an alliance. McCrae played smart in my opinion he played low until he didnt have to anymore. And out of all the people in the house he’s the only one left who deserves to win!


Andy – “It sucks because I want him to stay so much more than McCrae”


Actually Andy, it’ll suck to be you outside the house. The only thing that could save you, but it would only be temporarily, is if you win $500K. After it’s gone so will those hanging around you.


I don’t like Andy because he’s the worst kind of person. He pretends to be your friend and then attacks you as soon as your back is turned to someone else. There is a difference between lying to advance your game and being a two-faced rat. Amanda, GM, and Aaryn may have been mean girls but they talked their s**t to your face. I would rather any of those three win over any of the guys left. I wouldn’t even care if they gave Elussa and Amanda a pass back into the game. The other 4 got a second chance. In fact they should have an all out brawl for the final two. Something like at wrestlemania with the last two standing being votes on lol.


Well, well ! These bitches say women aren’t cut out for BB because they’re too emotional, play personal. Guess what? Judd is a woman since he has been playing personal this whole time. I have no problem with being vindictive but covering it by pettine? Wow! The only real man among the exterminators is GM.