UNCONFIRMED Rumored SPOILER RESULTS of the Special Eviction Episode!


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Although the Special Eviction episode is set to air Wednesday September 11th – there are already unconfirmed spoilers leaking out about what happened during the episode.

As everyone who has been following our live feed updates and watching the feeds the last few days knows that JUDD’s fate was pretty much sealed. His attempts to save himself came off more desperate and annoying to the other house guests. Most of Judd’s time was spent badgering the other house guests repeatedly for assurance that he was safe to the point that Spencer, McCrae, and Andy tried to avoid him. As a last ditch effort Judd said a speech during the Veto Ceremony in a fake attempt to get McCrae mad at him so that Andy and Spencer would want to keep Judd in the house as a bigger target. It was a failed attempt that didn’t work and only made Judd look more desperate. Both Spencer and Andy lied to Judd telling him he was 100% safe, when in reality they knew they wanted him gone over Ginamarie. Andy planned to break the news right before the show or during the first commercial break that Judd was being evicted.

Take the following rumored spoilers with a grain of salt as they are unconfirmed.

JUDD WAS EVICTED by a vote of 2 – 0

  • Both Andy and McCrae voted to evict Judd
  • As there wasn’t a tie vote – Spencer did not have to break the tie.
  • FINAL 4 House Guests: Spencer, McCrae, Andy, Ginamarie


ANDY WON Head of HouseHold

  • As Andy won HOH he is automatically in the Final 3 
  • Whoever wins the Veto will also be in the Final 3 and get to choose who to evict.


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539 thoughts on “UNCONFIRMED Rumored SPOILER RESULTS of the Special Eviction Episode!

    1. When Spencer didn’t put Andy up as McCrae’s replacement, he sealed all of their fates. Spencer’s only chance to win this game would be to go F2 against Dudd. But he’s either stupid to the bone or he’s just happy with second place. Andy’s odds get better as each jerk gets evicted. Weeks ago I said he was even money to win, then last week I thought he was a 75% favorite, now I’d say he’s got a 90% chance to win. He only has McCrae in his way. Now he’s HOH and if he gets McCrae out it’s over, Spencer is useless, and GM is so beat up physically, she only can win a mental comp, not her best suit, to take out Andy. The only way Andy loses this game is if I root for him, it seems everyone I root for gets sent packing. But I just can even pretend to like the scab. Waiting for next year.

      1. Well what are you waiting for start rooting for Andy. I don’t like him and how he played the game. For one I understand look how far it got him on the game. I don’t like how he would tell people they are safe just for the sake of lying to them. I felt it was unnecessary. He also was never loyal to anyone except for it seems spencer and I think he pretty dumb to bring spencer because regardless if he was like in the house there will be people that don’t vote on game play they vote personal.

        1. These are the most pathetic houseguests EVER. All the remaining houseguests are total scrubs I hate Andy with a passion i freakin hate that ratface. What pisses me off the most is that andy SWEARSS he is playing a “meticulous” game and that hes a good bb player and he truly believes that he wasnt a floater and that hes made big moves this season. Omg thats what pisses me off the most how delusional andy is, I also think andy actually thinks america likes him. The only satisfaction i will get from this season is when andy realizes america hates his guts and when andy realizes his nickname is the rat. I seriously wish nothing but bad things for the remaining houseguests they are all just delusional and i cant wait to see their reactions to americas opinion about them when they come back into the real world. When the season is over and ratface bastard wins this we need to trend on twitter how much of a rat andy is and how bb15 was possibly if not THE worst season of big brother EVER

          1. Julie Chen just announced that she had plastic surgery to look less Chinese before she made it big in broadcasting. Shucks! I knew it was to good to be true. An Asian woman with all that back is rare, and now I find out its probably all fake. Come on man!

      2. This pretty much sums up Spencer: Just because you squeezed out 2 kids out of your v*gina doesn’t make you a good person. (Yes, his words)

        1. So true, Spencer is very wise. Was Spencer jerking off with his right or left hand as he said that comment? Because now that we know Marilyn is actually a dog, I know all women share a sigh of relief.

      3. I disagree. I think Spencer will win it if he takes Andy to final two. Andy has lied to and played everyone in the Jury house. I don’t see them voting him the winner. On the other hand he would loose against any of the others in final two because the things he let come out of his mouth were far worse than anything any of the others have said. He is the bigger pig.

      4. I think the pervert would win against Rat turd in a final two match-up. Actually I think anybody would win. Rat turd broke so many bonds of trust with the jurors he eventually voted out that they won’t forgive him for it. It’s one thing to beat a person fairly and then say I’m voting you out bc it’s the best move for my game. It’s quite different to tell a person all week they are safe and then vote them out. Just look at past seasons. That player rarely wins. I think that will happen this year if Rat turd somehow makes it to final two.

        1. To ( Rat boy won`t win ) i would say , any other year i would agree with you. But you are forgetting this years intelligence. Thay are all as about as smart as a box of rocks. Andy has been feeding them crap all year , and thay just keep eating it up and beleaving every thing he says. Just because thay were evicted does not make them smarter, at lest it did not work for judd. as soon as he came back in the house , he ran right back to the rat.

      5. R V , as bad as i hate to to think it i would say you are right. Andy will most likely win. I like the guy who said he hopes G M wins just so C B S will ” TWINGE IN EMBARASSMENT” with her winning. at this pont i really do not care who wins. if there ever was anyone to hope for , thay are long gone. When i come on this page , i always see the ad to try Big Brother Live Feeds for free. This year i would not have watched them if thay were free all year. I have always watched Big Brother sence season one. Have always loved the show, some better than others, but there was always some one to hope wins until this year. I am not going to cry about it and say i will not watch next year , because i will. Because i am a Big Brother fan. I just hope thay do a better job of casting and next year is better.

      6. Spencer just grosses me out! Now that it is down to just a few players he is getting more air time & he just makes me cringe when I see him. He is a nasty person inside & out! And oh my gawd, please quit wearing Razorback & Conway t-shirts!!! For the love of God!!!

      7. How do you all think Amanda ,Aaryn,and Gina Marie would have treated Monica who was in the house on 911 with Dr. Will ? The one who cousin died in the twin tower ? And isnt it weird how things are now and back then it seemed there was less hatred that year . Now you have cases like the 2 black boys Murdering the white superstar baseball player from Australia or the case in Mississippi where the 2 white boys murdered James Craig Anderson there in Jackson,Ms .

          1. What if I say I’m not like the others?
            What if I say I’m not just another one of your plays?
            You’re the pretender
            What if I say I will never surrender?


                1. Good morning. Sorry you’re not feeling well this morning. Come on out to the truck stop, and I’ll buy some oatmeal. You’ll feel better.

                  1. Thanks for the offer. Please let me know what truck stop and the date and time. Would gladly like to meet the guy whose making all these homo jokes.

                    1. It’s the chicken-fried steak. You can’t say chicken-fried steak. I think it must be a code word or something.

                1. Same reason why your Dad hangs out at Truck Stops. Ask you mom if you are confused. Sounds like they have kept the family secret away from you long enough.

                2. Not sure why Andy might hang at truck stops, but I know why Berta might. You can always find a used garden tool like Berta at a truck stop.

      1. BBAD was pre-recorded from earlier today…. before the eviction ceremony.

        Simon/Dawg, how did you become aware of the unconfirmed reports of who left and who is HOH?

      2. If Andy Wins, someone should borrow one of those giant inflatable RATS that the unions use,put it on a flatbed truck with a sign: ANDY HERREN on it and enter the Chicago Gay Pride parade.

    2. I could care less which player wins. Next year everyone is going to have a hard time remembering the winner of BB15. I would rather they just show the jury house over the next week, at least they would be entertaining! They should just redo the entire season during the winter with a new cast so CBS can try to save this show from cancellation!! Or as a last ditch effort, have the jury vote a jury member back in ASAP!…….I know keep dreaming right! At least the finale should be interesting with the whole cast answering to Julie!

      1. Joker’s has reported that season 16 has been picked up. Simon, Dawg, any word on that? (Also, am I the only Big Brother die hard that DOESN’T want an All Stars season? I want my shot gosh darnit!!!)

    3. Captain, My Captain. Now I want you to be calm today. No angry remarks today., but Yesssssssssssssssssssssss, my Rainbow Warrior is in the F3. Josh and I tried to tell you and you just didn’t want to listen. Well, you seem to be a good luck charm. So keep on saying Andy is leaving. He is the best BB 15 player ever. I only have one thing to say, Josh and I are in the Money, Life is so Sunny. Aruba here we come. Go Rainbow Warrior Andy win that $500,000.

      1. Buffalo, going for the trifecta? You lost with Amanda. You lost with Elissa. Now you will lose with Andy. Chasing after bad money is never a good way to gamble. You are about to become a three time loser!!!

        1. Hi everyone just want to let you know, I’ve only bet on my Jewish Queen Amanda and my Rainbow Warrior Andy. Yes, I admit I lost $100,000 on Amanda, but broke even on two business deals that same week. Now my best friend Josh who is a great Gay man has had Andy from the beginning and will make a fortune when Andy wins. I myself, from the advice of Josh will make a small fortune, about as much as most people make in a lifetime of work. Then Josh and I are off to Aruba for a month enjoying the white sand, clear blue water and drinking Pina Colada’s. I feel bad that most people have to get up Monday through Friday and work at jobs they hate. I wish everyone could have the party lifes Josh and I have. We neveer bet on Elissa even though we both love her. She has nothing to worry about because she is part of our wealthy club and we all stick together. Take care and a big shout out to our friend, The Captain.

    4. Funny how Judd trashed Elissa, if he only stayed with her and saved her using the veto he would not be back in the jury. Andy would’ve been up, eliminated and a bigger target (Elissa) than him would still be in the game. I still can’t believe i am rooting for the racist GM but I despise the rat andy and the foul mouthed spencer. Mc Crae winning would not be bad but he has been a favorite from the start so I just can’t join the bandwagon.

    5. ;Gina Marie is a racist pig hateful person, and Amanda was the only one that was worse than Gina Marie; Spencer is a pig who praised Hitler’s treatment of Jews, made comments in regard to being a pedophile, and said ugly, vulgar things against women, and Andy is just such a pig, rat and a weasel who is one nasty human being! None of these three deserve to win for being so despicable. Hope Karma comes back to all three of them for being the nasty people that they are. McCrae has been better since Amanda left the house, but his actions and comments while she was there makes him also undeserving to win. Give the money to Charity where it will benefit those deserving and not the filth left in the house.

      1. I don’t believe GM is racist. I think it’s ignorance of acceptability. Knowing your audience is huge in bb and I don’t think her or Aaron knew how to handle themselves. To close friends some of the comments made off hand would be accepted and taken as they were meant to be A JOKE. It’s the stereotyping that people do that we allow ourselves to be offended when we shouldn’t. As a Canadian I get called a Canuck or told I am weak or that I say ‘eh’ but instead of taking offence we laugh. We know our stereo type and make fun of it. Why is it okay for a black comedian to make a ‘n****’ reference and not a white person. Most of these people haven’t experienced dealing with people that get easily offended and are nieve to the world outside their circle and how people interperate there actions or words. We don’t know the house guests so don’t judge them. I was really disgusted the way Julie handled Aaron’s eviction and thought she was tasteless with no class. Julie attacked Aaron and blindsided her without Aaron being able to see her actions and make a personal revelation on the things she said or did and how they may look to others. Andy is a ‘floater’ but that’s part of the game. Floaters are a part of all these games and a strategy that is widely discredited. Spencer has had no game cuz he was always on the block. Had he been aggressive he would have gone home. He was backed into a corner with his game and had no other choice. McRae hid behind Amanda and Judd was to honest for his own good.

      2. Spencer did not praise hitters actions against the Jewish people he simply said hitler was smart, which he was. Only a bright man can make an entire army (and country’s) believe something wrong is right. Does spencer praise his actions? No. Was he right to say he was smart? yes. What hitler did was wrong, we all know that, but he was a diplomat and to his people he was brilliant. He was smart in what he did but what he did was wrong. Also, last time I checked ‘Jew’ was a racial slur might want to watch your language when ranting about someone being a ‘racist pig’.

    6. EVERY season people say the same thing about the player who has been doing the best social game,,, and the best social game is infact andy. People said the same thing about Dan, and now everyone loves him, people said even the same thing about Racheal and look how many fans she has. every season people bash the player who has lied the most, been a rat, but in the end OBV it is good game play becasue he is going to end up winning. You are all going to watch the season next season and then say the same thing about the person who is lying, scamming, being a “rat” when it comes to making it towards the end. You dont remeber when dan swore on the bible and on his wifes life???? THIS IS A GAME, i was always rooting for Elissa just because i liked that she had class…and i do not like andy, but for real big brother fans we know that this is “good game play”. At least he was not a bully like Amanda or Evel dick, he just scammer, liar, whatever it takes to win!!

      P.S i am rooting for Gina Marie, i think she has also played a good social game and i think she is an okay competitor,better then who is left, but i do think Andy will end up winning.

      1. andy is playing a good social game (obviously, he has been on the block once as a pawn to boot despite his backstabbing and betraying his alliance) but he is just an unlikeable human being – so that’s why people don’t want to see him win.

        1. yes i get that but every season there is someone that people bash and say should not win, there a bad person, example Dan and Racheal and Evel Dick, people hated on them, and now they have many fans.
          Dan i use mostly as an example because his social game was equally as ‘rat” like as Andys. He barley won ANY comps, and just scammed his way to the final, exactly what andy is doing.
          Evel Dick and Amanda were real bullys, at least Andy is not a bully!!! He is just being hated on for being a rat..BUT THATS HOW YOU PLAY BIG BROTHER

          1. well, all I can say to that is that I didn’t hate dan or Rachel or evel dick – while they were playing or after. I thought they deserved their wins (I actually think dan deserved to win over ian – but I liked both of them). they had their style of game, however good or bad, but I actually just flat out do not like andy and do not think he deserves to win bc I don’t think he’s a likeable person.

        2. Give me a break! andy was on the block ONCE and he cried like a baby because of it, there was no consoling him, the only way they were able to pacify him afterwards was NOT to nominate him!! He IS a rat, the biggest rat since BB started and he’s even worse than Ronnnie, who held the record prior to andy. I hope GM wins this season. If andy or mccusty wins, it is officially the worst season for me! and I’ll be semi happy that the won, IF they do, that they won when it was during the worst ever season since BB8.

    7. F2 matchups!

      These are only my thoughts based on what I think the jury might do. Not my own choices.

      Andy versus McCrae- I think this is Andy but the vote could be 6-3 or even 5-4 either way. Andy has been pretty effective about covering his tracks. What we know is not necessarily what the jury knows. This is one of 2 senarios I find tough to call.

      Andy versus Spence/GM- Think this is easy in either case. I will say this GM has a couple garunteed votes against because of her behaviour. Even though I think she has played her backside off Andy wins pretty comfortably 8-1 or 7-2. Spence has no chance. He says he’s playing for second. If F2 he gets 50K.

      McCrae versus Spence/GM- I think McCrae wins comfortably versus either. I give GM zero chance here but unlike versus Andy we could get a Spence surprise. The issue is MC hiding behind Amanda most of the season. If that is seen as good game play and he makes it to the end he beats Spence easily. If the strategy is a liability Spendy has a chance but I’d put it around 5%. Almost need a bitter jury. MC was likeable so it’s unlikely.

      Spence versus GM- That’s right folks one of these two can win 500K if they find away to take each other. The problem is Andy is rumoured top 3. So 1st thing is MC must go out 4th. That’s possible but no Garuntee. GM wins endurance(f3 part 1) and Andy and Spence play for the second slot in part 3 which we presume is 7 questions. If Andy gets this far he wins 7 questions and literally has just to wait the rest of the 2 hours to get the check. If Spence wins the the issue is does Spence take Andy or go for 500K and take GM. See I think GM beats Spence 6-3 though could be 5-4 either way as I’m pretty sure GM’s speech will be a train wreck. This to me is the best F2 match up in a season were none of these sheeple earned anything!!!

      1. either you r being naive or i am.
        The best Andy is gonna get is 2nd place.
        Anyone up against Andy will win.

        Everyone in the jury house but candy personally trusted Andy and begged him for his support in vain.
        1.Remember Jessie when she trusted him and what then happened(and don’t forget his goodbye message to her)
        2.Then came Helen and Elissa both asked work with him and he pulled up some threatening stance and running to Amanda for protection(and don’t forget his goodbye message to Helen)
        3. Aryn was on the block with him and the 3am chose to save him(and more than likely he may be up against GM so that vote is out).
        4.Amanda totally trusted him and Andy did her in for his new alliance exterminators(he should not have said a thing in the good bye message and he would have had Amanda and Mcpussy votes)
        5.Elissa I dont have to say to much here
        6.Judd might be his only vote so far.
        7.mcpussy once he joins up with Amanda that vote is lost.
        8.Candice is probably the only other sure vote and that’s if he is f2 with GM

        Andy might win if he gets there with mcpussy the jury house will feel like giving it to mcpussy is like giving it to Amanda. but anyone of the others he is 2nd best. what a waste for someone every single hgs loved to work with.

    8. Agreed! What a sad excuse of a season. Instead of wanting the best player to win we are forced to root for the least vulgar houseguest. Ridiculous! At this point I’m rooting for that filth, McCrae. But just the thought of him winning makes me puke because Amanda will also enjoy that luxury. I hope he goes back to Minnesota and watches the show and can see how crazy that bitch is decides to change his number. I’ll tell you how she fell for that 24 year old pizza boy. Every normal individual that has ever encountered her has most likely run for their life and is on medications. How could someone be around a bully who just knows how to dish it but cant take it? Can you not see how every bully is the most insecure unsatisfied person ever! She was so jealous of Elissa and it enraged her that Elissa paid her no attention..that just hit her insecurities even more. Please oh please McCrae SAVE YOUR POOR SELF. She wants to pray on someone that is vulnerable and wants to torture them with her lunatic ways. On a more infested note. How ironic, that these people call themselves exterminators. That cockroach(GM), that rat (Andy) and that maggot (Spencer) need to exterminate themselves. I can’t stand that rat andy that jumps ship every time an alliance has sunk. Why couldn’t he have been the one on the block each week, love how he squirms like a dying rat. Why does he find it his business to wander the house to spot for conversations and add himself to them. I don’t get how the houseguest weren’t annoyed by that. Judd was good until he came back. He started acting like that rat andy. Finding himself in everybody’s face and begging for votes..how pathetic he had a lot more potential before his first eviction. And Spencer! oh that pedophile maggot. He is the most useless house guest..he knows this himself so much that he is satisfied with second place. GM, that staten island cockroach who is more worried about her fried extensions and her imaginary relationship. I hope Nick doesn’t forget to bring that restraining order and some bug spray for that cockroach. And Nick if you have a girlfriend please bring her to the audience, that illiterate bitch needs to see her front and centre but even that wont be convincing enough for her. I hope the audience can all bring some bug spray for these disgusting racist bugs.

      1. Name have you watched the videos of Assad’s victims? That is NOT a funny joke. We may not like the house guests but to wish that they would be gassed? Those people may not be likable but they are still somebody’s son/daughter/sister/brother and they are still our fellow citizens. For you to say that, you are worse than all BB house guests put together. Urgh!

        1. Lexi you are an idiot.
          Only you and the other Americans who let mainstream media think for you believe his garbage. The rest of the world knows POTUS is lying, wish you and your fellow dip shits would put this much effort educating yourselves. Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than open your mouth and remove all doubt.

    1. Seriously…this is Big Brother. Since when has being a rat a bad strategy to win $500k? The guy has been on everyone’s good side. Everyone likes him, he was working with pretty much everyone but was secretly only loyal to McCranda until it was time to get Amanda out…big move since the ‘exterminators’ could have pounced as soon as he flipped against his alliance. People comment on how he’ll win, but they never put him up. He’s been on the block but he has NEVER been anyone’s real target. He’s won some comps and got the least blood on his hands with his HoH.

      It doesn’t matter if you don’t like his personality or the fact that he hates Saint Elissa….this guy has put in the most amount of work via social game than anyone left in that house, and he was working people from day one. Between his fake alliances and his real ones he was always the one to go between them and lean someone towards one decision or another and learn useful information.

      People have every right to hate him and/or his gameplay, but there’s no denying that he HAS been playing the game pretty damn hard on the social level. Any true BB fan should be able to recognize this. And out of what’s left, his game is the most deserving of the win. Last year’s winner Ian stated that if Andy makes it to the final two, he’ll go down as one of the best social game players in BB history. I don’t know if I’d go that far, but there’s something to be said for doing so much ‘rat work’ and never getting on anyone’s radar, and it’s not just because the other houseguests were stupid either.

      1. As a long time BB fan I disagree with your assessment of RAT BASTARD because he did NOT honor his alliance to the end… historically a person who aligns with another individual or group takes them to the end…. this rat jumped ship on his alliance and I do not credit him with an excellent social game. He trashed everyone as soon as they left his sight. Sorry, disagree totally.

        1. So what if he talked trash about people after they were voted out? And so what if he flipped on his alliance because he was with a COUPLE and Amanda would have beaten him in final two? Andy would have been a moron to stick with McCranda to the final three. He took a risk and it worked to his advantage perfectly. In a perfect world would the final two be people who have been aligned from the start, but it rarely works that way. Andy had to cut Amanda before her and McCrae cut him. That’s good gameplay dear.

          1. Andy switched sides when his alliance of 4 became an alliance of 3. He only switched sides because his big game moves consist of sucking up to whoever has the power in the house. After his 3AM alliance became a 2AM alliance is the point where GinaMarie became HOH. Andy followed the power. I don’t think Amanda and McCrae had any plans to betray him whatsoever until the end game. If his 2AM alliance, formerly 3AM, had won HOH instead of GM, Andy would have gone nowhere because there would have been no need. How is it such a brilliant game move to suck up to power and back stab your alliance when they have no intention of evicting you? If Amanda and MC had wanted to evict Andy, they would have kept Aaryn and sent him packing. Andy is just not that brilliant. He’s rat shit personified. Anybody but Andy for the win. I would have been singing Andy’s praises if he had stayed with his original alliance when the power shifted when Aaryn was voted out, but playing all sides of the house and backstabbing and trash talking everyone behind their backs and when they are evicted is just not that impressive to me. It’s how a coward plays. It’s so Benedict Arnold. A coward who changes sides because he thinks his fortunes will be better with the opponent and who is willing to stab them all in the back and sell them out for his own personal gain.

          2. andy is so hated because he is delusional and self-centered and arrogant…..none of these are likeable qualities in anyone. it’s not even his gameplay or flip-flopping so much, no one wants to see a person like this win anything.

        1. If it wasn’t a fact that a lot of people don’t like Andy for the reason that he backstabbed Elissa and talked horribly about her you may have had a point. There were sooo many Elissa fans that liked Andy until his real feelings about Elissa came out. And as we ALL should know by now, if you say one bad word about Elissa her fans (actually Rachel’s fans) will hate you. There’s this whole subset of people who absolutely refuse to admit Elissa has one bad flaw. I think that’s where the saint Elissa came from.

          1. Wrong. I am not a fan of either Rachel OR Elissa. Yet, I despise Andy. Why? Because of how nauseating it is to listen to him whine and behave so smugly. Even if I wanted to root for a villain, instead of embracing that this is a game and nothing is personal, he proceeded to whine non-stop and cry when put on the block. He doesn’t accept that other people are ALSO playing a game and can potentially target him. It’s ok for him to lie and viciously gossip behind other people’s backs but he can’t take it when it’s done to him. Just like Amanda, he can dish it out but can’t take it. I have zero respect for him. If they had not cast a bunch of illiterate sheep this season, Andy would not have gone this far. I believe that he will end up winning this season although I would prefer the money be given to charity. A charity set up in GM’s name that promotes literacy and awareness of eating disorders.

            1. amen!!! it has nothing to do with elissa. I started disliking andy when he started saying things like “I have controlled every major move in this house” when he did less than nothing but hide behind big bad Amanda and mccrae, let everyone else do his dirty work and then not win a thing. if that is your gameplay, fine, but be aware of it and OWN it. then he starts talking about oh I hope they are not portraying me this way or that way, or complaining about every dame houseguest…and why is this annoying to me (and I bet many others)? bc it should the lack of self awareness and insight and understanding he has of himself, his environment and the people around him. this is the type of guy who you will be nice to at work and then he is bad mouthing you to coworkers bc he thinks you took credit for a project you did but he THINKS he did. please.

          2. There are many of us who are perfectly aware that Elissa has faults just as anyone does. Many of us as well do not have any particular fondness for her sister Rachel. The difference is that Elissa has been subject to endless displays of venom, both to her face and behind her back. Even after she left the house, this bunch cannot seem to refrain from spewing their continued hostility. In addition, Elissa has not been the only victim. They constantly rehash events and bash people left and right. It’s not the lying that bothers me…it IS Big Brother. But it’s this unrestrained I’ll-just-say-whatever-nasty-thing-pops-into-my-head mentality that I think most of us find appalling. I don’t recall any previous season where it was on such constant display.

      2. Andy has played the game to a certain degree, but if the jury members are watching the feeds right now, they will see a different side that goes against his social game and could very well hurt him. Some of the jury members will not like his behavior after they left the competition. They may not like what he says about them, and I don’t just mean Elissa. A social game is not just about how you play while your competitors are still on the show, what matters is how you played the entire game all the way through. Some may be able to see past it, but some will not.

        1. Jury members can’t watch feeds…they can’t even watch other houseguests DR sessions. They have to go by what they know first hand and by what others tell them. And that is why they have to plead their case and point out things they’ve done game wise to jury members before they vote.

          Seriously, it’s no wonder why a lot of people here can’t see good game moves for what they are….a bunch of you don’t even know how the game works.

          1. I believe What evs said IF they were watching the feeds. Are you so insecure that you take shots at someone’s take on the game just to build your own limited knowledge?

      3. Who had the best comeback in Big Brother History?

        Who is the best player is BB History? Why?

        If you could run into one BB player for this season who would it be, and what would you do?

        Alot people don’t like Dan, but the “funeral of Dan” was pretty bad ass.

        I like Ian, because he used a planned strategy and executed flawlessly, and of cause Crazy Dave.

        As far as the BB15, being a guy, I personally like Jessie, had the girl next door look. A little whiny yet spoke her mind.

        1. Best BB player, ‘ol Jerry for sure! Well…because he was just bad ass and 75 flippin years old (pulling some Evil Dick screaming matches too)! lol (OK joking but Jerry was pretty cool in my book)

          I am a big Dan fan, but best player is def (and obviously) Dr. Will or Mike Boogie…awesome game strategists, Mike Boogie wasn’t bitter and salty; he took his hat off to Ian Terry’s big game move and neither of these guys PLAYED the game personally and emotionally (which is what Big Brother SHOULD be about) but best of all they brought undefeated comedy to every episode they were on..

          Id be curious if anyone had a “best player” answer that wasn’t Will, Boogie, Dan or Janelle though??

      4. I think it is because they are that stupid. One does not have to be an expert in human behavior or have advanced degrees to be able to see through Andy. Anyone with common sense can tell that someone like Andy who runs his mouth constantly and insinuates himself into every conversation, or grills people for information if he misses a conversation is a red flag. On a strategy based game like BB where no one should fully trust anyone, Andy’s so called strategy is a HUGE red flag.

        Yet, no one has been able to see how transparent he is. The few house guests who have are in jury house now (with the exception of McCrae). McCrae is aware of Andy’s so called strategy and still gives him information. If that is not stupidity, I don’t know what is.

        These house guests behave like crackheads. No thought is given to how they will be perceived by jury members (who ultimately decide who wins 500K and who wins 50K), nor is any thought given to the fact that there vile behavior is on display 24/7, and that there are consequences for their behavior. This is 2013, and racism, homophobia, bullying, and every other type of vile behavior displayed on the show are not acceptable like they were in 1960. Those things are now bad for business, and no one wants to be associated with people like that because of the current social standards in this country. The vast majority of the house guests don’t even understand that.

        The same way the house guests have fueled a lot of BB fans to vote Elissa as America’s favorite (whether they are fans of hers or not), the house guests inability to see what was staring them in the face the entire season may result in Andy winning 500K or 25K. Regardless of whether he makes it to final 2 or not, he has no strategy other than crackish ways… Any cast with any shred of actual strategy would have voted him out prior to the jury house evictions.

        Even if Andy makes it to final 2, off the top of my head, I can think of 5 of the 9 jurors who have reason to not vote for him to win the 500K, especially if Elissa and Amanda went into the jury house and filled the other guests in. Then if this spoiler forum is accurate and Judd is in jury house, he is most likely to bitter about being evicted twice. Although, as I have said many times, this is the crackhead edition of BB, and if Andy is in final 2, he may very well be able to receive the 5 votes to win the 500K simply because the jurors may concede that they were unable to see through him.

        1. The rat saying I won’t vote you are or you 100% are not my target is what will at the end not vote for you to win. Here’s how I see the votes:

          Amanda: Would’ve voted for the rat to win if only he didn’t lead her on and was completely blindsided. The sheer fact that the rat wanted everyone to be upfront about their votes while he was on the block and the hypocripsy of his actions, just brutal. If I was your closest ally and you decided to jump the ship then at least give me a heads up. That move is a wussy move. Nope, the rat does not get my vote.

          Helen: The rat had a final 2; said he won’t vote her out but did and the only reason she knew beforehand was because Aaryn said not to trust the rat. Amanda was upfront and said she’s voting her out. I would not like it but definitely appreciate it. The rat does not get my vote.

          Elissa: Amanda will tell everyone everything and how the rat framed her. Just his deplorable behavior during the eviction, no way does the rat get her vote.

          Candice: Maybe Candice should’ve listen to Helen when Candice was saying to keep Howard that Helen could get the rat’s vote and Helen said “Andy hates Howard!” and Candice said “Andy doesn’t hate Howard” and got mad at Helen for lying when in reality, Amanda, Andy, McCrae, and Judd were the ones who spearheaded the “Howard swore on the bible; Howard’s a shady f*ck!” Candice will see the rat as the two-faced lying sheep that he is and the way Elissa was treated. Nope, the rat does not get her vote.

          Jessie: Amanda will tell Jessie that she was the target all along and the rat made everyone tell Jessie that she was the pawn. Nope, she will not vote for the rat.

          Aaryn: She will give the rat her vote.

          Judd: He probably will give rat the vote if he is with Spencer. If the rat is with GM, the rat will not get his vote. If the rat is with McCrae, maybe, because Judd wants one of his alliance member of 2 weeks to win.

      5. My only comment is how disappointed in Julie Chan and the producers of CBS I am. They have allowed big brother to turn into a low class, trashy program. It has shown how this generation has no morals, no self respect of themselves let alone their families. The producers had the opportunity to set examples of good sportsmanship, high morals and the ability to impress Americans on how to learn to live together knowing your every move is being watched and scrutinized. It could have shown it didn’t matter what race you are we are only one. But instead it has shown how there is still hatred among the races and being intimate is no longer something that is between two people. We will no longer meet around the water cooler and laugh about the funny things that took place. (this year there wan’t anything funny). I think big brother has run it’s course, time to retire.

        1. I completely disagree. What kind of show would it be if all the contestants were told at the outset they couldn’t be themselves or that they had to leave their “dark side” at the door? It would be a really boring show. This is a REALITY tv show, not a season of Little House on the Prairie. Isn’t this still America? Has the First Amendment’s right to free speech been abolished? My feeling is to each his own. HGs should have absolutely no restrictions on what they can say or do in the house, so long of course nobody’s physical safety is put at risk. If you are so offended, don’t watch! There are plenty of other programs on. But to limit what the HGs can say in the house would defeat the very premise of the game: to live unrestricted with a house full of strangers and pick one of their members off each week based on social game, skill, and good old fashioned scheming. I was a frequent vocal opponent of Chen’s public declarations of how ‘appalled’ she was at some of the comments made by HGs. She can have her opinions, sure, but it was not her place to appoint herself the politically correct maven and then interrogate HGs who offended her (like Aaryn) and coddle and sympathize with those she felt were victimized (Howard and Candice). I as the viewer should make my own decisions as to how I should feel about each HG and how they played their game. I thought Chen was way over the line in trying to manipulate me, the viewer, on how I should feel. Or her representing ‘me’ when admonishing Aaryn. Chen doesn’t speak for me, or anybody else for that matter. If there are consequences for the HGs after they leave the show with their employers or friends then so be it. But it not for CBS to act as judge, jury, and executioner for each HG who played a game that they didn’t like. If that’s the case then cancel the show. Otherwise shut up and let the contestants be who they want to be. Again, nobody is forcing you to watch.

          1. Good points. Alot of the people whine on here about the downfall of CBS, etc. They can’t replace all the houseguests midway through the season. Just because their player didn’t win or because somebody they don’t like is winning, they whine about it. Your right, why are they watching then? Because they can’t resist.

            These people are the type that probably whines to a track coach, because their child didn’t get an 8th place ribbon in a race.

          2. The First Amendment right to Free Speech is concerning the government suppressing speech which they are allowed to do for television especially during Prime Time.

            1. Jackie, prime time is 8-11 pm. Whenever the show airs during prime time, there isn’t ANY swearing that is heard. It’s either edited out or there’s a pause. So nobody is being exposed to any swearing or vulgar behavior. Even on BBAD there is a censor that bleeps out the swear words. So your argument rings hollow. Quite frankly, unless you have the live feeds or read these great updates, you’d never know that any of the HGs are racists, perverts, homophobes, whores, etc. Which supports the earlier point made that HGs should be able to say and do as they want without fear of being ambushed and inquisitioned by Dictator Chen. The only way for most people to get their info about the HGs is here and on similar forums, and judging from the comments made on these posts, they are way more vile and offensive than anything being said in the BB house. Where is the call to censor these posts? It’s absurd. And it’s equally absurd to expect any less from those playing the game.

          3. It amazes me that people are under the delusion that Julie Chen makes the decisions about what to say and who to confront while on the show. She’s the host. They tell her “Ok, we want you to go say this to Aaryn”, and she does it. All this blame being put on her is baffling – you guys DO know this is a TV show, right?

            1. You’re kidding, right? Chen is married to Moonves – the guy who runs CBS. So I’m pretty sure she has a lot of latitude in how she conducts her exit interviews. And to illustrate how you are wrong, Chen went on a rant about Aaryn the day after her fight with Candice on Chen’s CBS morning talk show. And she went on Letterman continuing to air her ‘outrage.’ Plus other instances where she couldn’t help herself. I agree she is entitled to her opinion (as am I and every other viewer) but her PERSONAL views have NO place in a BB exit interview. She doesn’t speak for the viewers! I don’t care if CBS has to appease the politically correct crowd or not but there are a lot of viewers who don’t want to be told how they should feel about what a HG said. That’s between the HG and people they have to deal with in the outside world. I’m amused that in the 21st century that any American has to be lectured what is proper and improper discourse. If you don’t like what you hear get over it. Or don’t watch the show. But for those who produce it and host the eviction night show, stick to talking about game strategy and interactions with HGs… and leave the judging to the viewers. Or to God.

              1. That’s nonsense. That’s like saying that sports interviewers should never ask players about drug scandals or any other non-strategy things when interviewing sports figures. And if you rewatch the actual exit interview, all Julie said is “Here is what you said, what do you have to say about it?” She never attacked, never insulted, never judged, she just presented the facts and asked for a response.

                1. But who is Chen to pick ANY statement and throw it back to the evicted HG? By singling out THOSE statements, she’s making a judgment! And the message is that these comments are unacceptable. And to that I say, maybe they are to you, Julie, but not everybody. Or maybe some people who normally would be offended aren’t in this instance bc it’s a reality tv show where people are competing for a half million dollar prize and will pretty much do or saying anything to get it. The broader problem I have is that every HG has said something that was offensive, including Elissa and Candice. But Chen will never in a million years put them on the spot about it. What about Howard’s statement to Amanda about drilling her after the show like a bull in heat? I don’t remember Chen asking him about that. Instead she soothed his ego and told him he was a victim. Please. The guy lied twice after swearing on a Bible. And he said sexual things to Candice that somehow didn’t manage to offend the pc crowd. I’m just sick and tired of the hypocrisy. And for telling someone what they can and can’t say. It’s unAmerican. And Aaryn may have said some controversial things but that was nothing compared to the blindside Chen did to her with the inquisition in front of a national audience and without any warning to Aaryn. That was shameful. Chen should just keep her opinions to herself and do that interview like she had done every single time before -and after. Just keeping it real, boo.

                2. And you say Chen never judged? What do you call telling Aaryn that once she goes home and watches the tapes she [Chen] hopes Aaryn will have a new perspective on life going forward? WTF? Wrong on so many levels. Chen is not Aaryn’s mother. Or God. She was the self-appointed judger of all things politically correct. MYOB lady! Aaryn should’ve walked off the set and found a lawyer to sue CBS for intentional /negligent infliction of emotional distress. Seriously, Aaryn did nothing illegal. She broke no rules of the game. To be treated so shabbily, and particularly when no one else has ever been singled out for such am ambush in an exit interview, CBS better have some good lawyers.

            2. Agreed. Julie Chen does get some special CBS perks (to be sure) but she’s still JUST an employee of that show (Big Brother) and CBS. She has people to answer to under the BB umbrella and even more people still, further up the chain, at CBS. She was asked to hit Aaryn hard. She did! She apparently was told to not question Amanda nearly as boldly. She did not. I don’t agree with all of that either, but I certainly can’t blame Julie alone, if any at all, to be perfectly honest.

              Julie doesn’t have any say or choice in any decisions regarding the BB Game much less on how or what to question Aaryn or Amanda or any houseguest for that matter. Her job was to carry out the directives of those higher up the Big Brother / CBS pay scale. And if she wants to keep her job… she always will. And both nights, she did!


          4. Bravo. Well said. PEOPLE DO want to see this turn into a Little House on th Prairie. But I also think a big part of th problem with S15 BEING so disliked is the lack of diversity, both age and race. That alienated a lot of folks, too. I also saw so many posts at th beginning of the season, “I tried out, I didn’t get cast and THIS IS WHAT THEY CASTED? This season sucks!”

          5. they should take their time and cast better people, and I mean not more interesting personalities but good, upstanding people who want to play a game and have morals and character. love or hate them but people like Helen, elissa, Candice, judd, even mccrae (we are not asking for saints, just normal people). instead, they cast people like Kaitlin, Jeremy, aaryn, GM purely bc they are young and attractive but if they worked harder, they could find young, attractive people who aren’t vapid, superficial, racist homophobes.

            1. oh and how could I leave out the worst of the worst of the worst people cast – AMANDA. I have less issues with the way Amanda played the game, than the fact that way she played it is a reflection of the low, vile, disgusting type of person about which I am speaking.

            2. That is impossible to do. There have been many people who everyone thought had good, upstanding morals and characters, but they turn out to exactly the opposite. Unless CBS spends time with a house full of BB wannabes for at least a month they wont know jack

              1. why?? they found six decent people, then it stands to reason that they can find six or seven more. get people who have real jobs, working toward real life goal, don’t go trolling for bartenders wearing booty shorts and hire them on the spot (like the way they found Kaitlin). They have pretty models before who were nicer people and seemed to want to play the game, remember Laura from season 11? I am sure there are many others. Stop picking GMs and JoJos because they want a Jersey Shore factor. One serious hard-hitting interview with Aaryn would reveal she was a dim-witted superficial bigot. How did they miss that? What was their vetting process like? She is not smart enough (clearly) to conceal her true self bc the girl obviously doesn’t even know what is wrong with herself. Casting either knew how she was and put her on the show anyway bc they are irresponsible and thought it would bring ratings or because they did a bad, hasty job interviewing and researching these people.

              2. Hey, this is a game for a $500,000 prize. You have to do whatever it takes, including lying, scheming, swearing, and yes, sometimes perhaps saying politically incorrect things if it’s going to help your gameplay and engratiate yourself to a person(a) who will keep you and advance your game. So tired of all the whining on this blog and elsewhere every time somebody says something that offended somebody. Where do you draw the line? I mean I’m not excusing the way Candice was treated, but she was no saint either. And she said things that should have been offensive to all the pc haters but probably wasn’t, because she is black. All I’m saying is not everything is offensive to all. CBS and Chen should stay out of it. Let the HGs determine for themselves who to keep and who to evict. And let the viewers at home make their own determinations about a HG. I really don’t think that you would have a Little House on the Prairie season even if you put in a house full of ‘honorable, decent people.’ The way the game is designed people’s worst are brought out because of the greed of wanting to win a half million dollars. You see it every season. So keep living in Fantasy Land if you think next year or the year after will be any different. It bears repeating again, if you don’t like what you hear or see then don’t watch. Nobody is forcing you too.

          6. Well you obviously don’t realize exactly how much heavy handed editing goes into BB. If CBS was forthcoming they should have shown what those HG say but they didn’t, instead they chose to put some flimsy disclaimer and edit away anyway. Anyone who didn’t watch the feeds and only the show would have come away with a different perception like they did with Amanda, orchestrating her edit as this puppetmaster then showing her being a bully late in the series when they realized she wasn’t about to change and choosing to ignore the racist drivel she spouted as well as her unhinged behavior. If it wasn’t for the diligence of some viewers of the live feeds to let others know about the HG true behavior, none of this wouldn’t have seen the light of day, so to think that BB (and CBS) is WYSIWYG about the behavior of the HG and having the chips fall where they may is rather naive.

        2. I REALLY lost respect for Julie Chen today when she stated on The Talk that she had plastic surgery to appear less Asian and to better her chances of getting an anchor job. Julie grilled Aaryn about her remarks and all the while she is running from her own heritage and culture. Check out her before and after pictures on the internet—-she had a nose job and eye work done……….hypocrite!

          1. Big time, hypocrite. She couldn’t stop herself from showing her “outrage” and saying how “appalled” she was at Aaryn’s comments. But isn’t she just as bad, or worse, by wanting to hide her ethnicity? She has some gall going off on Aaryn. What a hypocrite!

      6. LOL Andy a good player LOL. he,s not even a good actor. As I said before it was the same with Cochran in Survivor could see it coming a mile away. All the edits on broadcast show was the same (poor little ugly boy is so smart and wins) . Just wish they would change the formula, Makes it so boring and Andy is not even as good as Cochran. Shows that they really think people are stupid and they can sell them the same sh*t again. Wonder what next year fade will be Im thinking a fat desperate woman ( Hey maybe Amanda will be back after all). LOL

        1. It’s funny how a bunch of people keep bashing Amanda for being fat. Ok, hate her for her gameplay or personality, but to bash her because she’s fat?

          Yeah, she isn’t a super skinny person, but she’s definitely not above average (compared to American women). Everytime somebody bashes Amanda because she’s fat…………….we’ll I guess your bashing 60-75% of the female population in America, because that’s about how many are larger than Amanda.

          I’d like to see some of these people sitting behind their computers just spewing out hatred against some of these people for numerous things.

          Before this show the word vile was used very little, but I bet it’s been typed 100,000 times on this message board. What’s the obsession with this word.

          1. I COMPLETELY agree, Richard! I tell you, its a FAD, is what it is! The wild pack of wolves mentality took over the bb fan world this year where everyone just piled on the same three or four people and bashed away with such hate.

            And I promise you, especially if you look on the facebook comments, the majority of Amandas haters were older, unattractive women or really super young girls. Women, for the most part, HATED Amanda. I loved her and think shes an attractive girl. Not super skinny and def NOT FAT.

            She is real! Real women walk around th house in their pajamas with hair messed up and no makeup. Was her mouth a little much? Yeah. Was her sense of humor a little too dark? Definitely. Did her actress history/tendencies and over th top nature cost her th game? YES! And of course, not being completely lovey dovey and supportive of the Brenchel Army’s Chosen One for all 77 days she was in the house, certainly didn’t help her popularity rating either!

            But I think people on th outside are always jealous if ANYONE’S getting their sexual/physical needs fulfilled in th bb house. It goes against th spirit of the game, they feel. You are supposed to locked away, DEPRIVED of things, you supposed to suffer somewhat. Getting laid, on th reg is NOT COOL with the 39-66 female demographic, I can assure you.

            1. Real women, carry themselves with respect. They show respect for others. They do not emasculate the men they “love.” I had no problem with Amanda’s looks. I had a problem with her mouth, her lack of hygiene, her disrespect for herself and others. I had a problem with her crybaby attitude. A real woman owns her actions and there consequences. I had a problem with her systematic emasculazation of Mccrae. No jealousy here. Just discust.

            2. what are you talking about? are these comments for real? noone really cares that amanda is unattractive or fat, but she has nerve to bash the physical appearance of other houseguests (elissa’s face, judd being fat, etc) then she has even more nerve to say she is one of the hottest girls in the house, as if she is better than anyone. normal people dont like amanda, just like normal people dont think they are in love with 24 year old pizza boys after knowing them 2 weeks just bc they won an HOH. seriously. normal people dont have sex on camera with someone they barely know or someone they know well for that matter. this is not about repressed female sexuality, this is about common decency. please let me not even go on. people bashing amanda for her weight is the nicest insult they can give her. and FYI, i am in my early 30s married and very attractive. and so is my husband. i relate more to elissa’s life than anyone else in the house, so no jealousy, just disgust, but interpret this how you will.

            3. lol. you sure got it in for the older female demographic. yeah right lets blame it on the women. calling amanda fat is ridiculous, but most comments about houseguests appearances are, and its mostly male viewers (or spencer) feeling entitled to judge every females looks and body. jordan wasnt super skinny and has fake boobs too, wonder why she never got nasty comments? i don’t.

          2. have you ever heard of nuance? sometimes a certain word provides the aptest subtlety in describing a person or thing, as in the case of the word vile with amanda. i don’t expect you to make that connection as you are slow enough to even question why this word is being used with regard to amanda and her behavior in the first place. here’s another word that fits amanda but you may recognzie: troglodyte. surely you’ve been referred to as one before?

          3. Good point, Richard. I think Amanda is very attractive. And she was more physically appealing to me than most of the women in the house this year. (I like Aaryn and Kaitlyn’s bodies more). Amanda has nothing to be ashamed about. And, no, haters, I am not a 400 pound guy. I am physically fit (like Jeremy) and have a wife who has a body like Jessie (average). A body like Amanda’s would make most guys content. It’s just the haters who are dumping on her. Probably because they or their female partners look like cows and are jealous.

            1. amanda said she thinks judd looks fat on tv. mccrae asked her why she even says things like that. according to your logic amanda is probably dumping on judd because she is jealous and her man looks like a cow? the fact that most people think amanda is a very unattractive woman has actually nothing to do with her looks. hope your wife doesnt know you call her average…

          4. I’m not saying Amanda is fat. I’m telling you though, she was way too big for the clothing she wore. A big girl shouldn’t dress the way she does/did. Looking at her cellulite (and most girls have it eventually, yes. But we cover it up) wasn’t a pleasant part of my evening. If she had covered that up, we wouldn’t be talking about how “fat” she is, maybe. Fat, no. Too big for skinny girls’ clothes, YES. She is a lot bigger than she realizes.

        2. Andy is a Nazi stooge – he’s the person that would turn in all his friends and relatives when the Nazi’s came knocking on their door.

          The mistake Andy made was in the Diary Room – he needed to get America to buy in to his strategy by explaining what he was doing and why. But when you don’t do that, and when you sincerely tell one houseguest after another that they are your best friend and he will always be loyal to them, that is disgusting and turns America against you.

          He will be shocked at the hate he gets once out of the house and he won’t handle it well at all.

      7. Agree. People have tried his strategy in the past. It usually led to them being called out and evicted. He may have played a “dirty” game, but at least he’s played the game.

      8. So here we go again with this “true Big Brother fan” crap and “it doesn’t matter if you don’t like his personality” additional crap and Ian Terry says Andy will be one of the best social players, blah, blah, blah. The viewers decide who are the best players, not the freaking past winners! If Rachel Reilly said that Elissa was one of the best social players ever to play the game, would that make it true? Uh, not only no, hell no. I’m not trying to bash Elissa, I’m just using her as an example as to why your “Ian said Andy is great” argument that I keep hearing over and over and over on this board is absolutely bat shit crazy. Viewers decide who are the greatest players.

        IMO, Andy is nothing more than a back-stabbing, foul mouthed rat and a duck floater. He gravitates to the power every week because he really has none. If he has actually won HOH this week, then good for him, as that will finally be Andy doing something that might be worth a mention. IMO, Andy is about one ginger hair away from a psychotic break. He is the instigator of most of the hate speech in the house with his psychotic fascination with Elissa and relentless and constant bashing of her. She did put him on the block and she did suspect he was playing both sides of the house. Did you see him freak out on the block? What a freaking sissy and head case he was. I’m supposed to think Andy is such a great player when he exhibits that kind of psychotic nut job behavior? No, he’s not a great player, he’s a candidate for the psych ward who is fixated on bashing other players and who never misses an opportunity to instigate his hate speech rantings or egg other people on to do it to others. You can’t blame it on game play at this point, it’s gone way past that.

        The last person I want to see win this thing is Andy. If he does win it, well good for him. I hope he will be happy with his money because I don’t think he’s going to be happy with what the viewers think about him. But he earned it because he crossed a line with his trashy mouth that he can’t uncross at this point. Saying he was just playing the game is not going to work for him or Aaryn or GM or Spencer, take your pick. Andy will always be nothing more than a despicable little creepy psychotic rat duck floater to me whether he wins the game or not.

        1. And here you are saying the same crap as all the other rat haters. So original. Do you even know what a floater is? I’ll tell you what it’s NOT. It’s not a person who is in good with everyone in the house. It’s not a person with multiple alliances. It’s not a person who is loyal to one alliance for most of the show then turns when the time is right because he is the third wheel.

          Floaters actually…float to people they weren’t previously aligned with just when they get power. Andy didn’t do that because most people thought he was on their side. He got in good with people BEFORE they got in power and was NEVER anyone’s real target. That takes effort whether you like it or not.

          1. You think Andy is brilliant. Good for you. I think Andy played his game exactly how you are saying he didn’t. He gravitated to power and sucked up to it every chance he got. He actually had a tag team with Amanda to terrorize Elissa and then console her. Sucking up to power with an actual plan to suck up to power and manipulate it. When that plan didn’t work and his alliance became smaller and the power shifted in the house all at the same time, he stabbed his alliance in the back and followed the power. He’s a coward, smile to your face, stab you in the back and keep stabbing and stabbing and stabbing long after your dead body has become a corpse. His mouth has gone way beyond game play the way he’s trashing house guests that are long gone and evicted. He’s attacked house guests, their families, their children, and viewers. Even if he wins, he’s proven the kind of person he really is by his mouth going way beyond any game. He’s psychotic and ugly and a piece of rat shit the way he has played this game and trashed the players, their families, etc. You think he’s brilliant, and I think he’s played the game like a coward Benedict Arnold back stabbing, bridge burning, back stabbing bastard.

            1. One week we saw 3AM lobbying Elissa relentlessly and the Andy/Amanda tag team of psychotic manipulation followed by consoling her to manipulate her. All this because 3AM wanted Elissa to put GM on the block when Amanda removed McCrae with the POV. So 3AM were throwing GM under the bus, but Elissa refused to do it. She put up Andy instead. So the facts are one week Andy is lobbying hard and tag teaming Elissa with Amanda to get GM on the block so they could vote GM out. So that doesn’t work, the power shifts to none other that the same GM that they threw under the bus, and then and only then does Andy start sucking up to GM in order to back stab his alliance. That is the definition of floating, and Andy is the duck floater. He wasn’t working with GM, he was working to try to get her evicted. When she survived and one of their 3AM alliance was sent packing (unfortunately not Andy), then and only then did the Exterminators alliance come into existence when Andy (with Spencer in tow) gravitated to the person with power that only a few days later they were lobbying to send packing. Looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, must be a floating duck, rat, back stabbing bastard. Brilliant game move or floating to power? Float, float, rat turd, float, bastard, float to the person I was not working with before whom I was actually trying to send home. He’s not brilliant. He’s a floating rat turd, Benedict Arnold, psychotic, foul mouthed steaming pile of coward.

              1. It would help if you actually understood the timeline.

                Andy proposed the exterminators alliance (Andy, Spencer, GM, Judd) before Elissa put him up as the renom and while he was working Elissa (at Amanda’s behest, to save 3AM) to stay off the block.

                Either way (on or off the block), it was a good strategic move. He had already decided to turn on Amanda/McCrae at that point, and would have blindsided them by voting out Poopy. Knowing that it would be 4-2 going into the next HOH either way — Exterminators vs. Amanda/McCrae, with Elissa on the sidelines.

                1. Six of one, half a dozen of the other. If this is indeed the timeline, then Andy was trying to throw his Exterminators alliance member GM under the bus to keep his other alliance 3AM intact? Whomever wins the power the following week is where the rat floats to regardless. If the 2AM formerly 3AM alliance wins the HOH rather than GM, you would have seen Andy ratting out the Exterminators to the wolves of 2AM, most likely the same rat move he did to Helen when he ratted her out and put the target on her back. He’s a damn rat floater either way, and not brilliant at all IMO.

                2. It would really help if you understood the timeline. The Exterminators were formed AFTER Andy was already put on the block by Elissa. Just another instance of Andy selling out his alliance member and taking the target off his back and placing it firmly on Aaryn’s. If 2AM wins the next HOH, Andy gravitates to them and back stabs the Exterminators. If the Exterminators win, which GM did, then he back stabs the other group. That’s rat floating 101. He was set up to screw his mates and float one way or the other.

                  1. If you are going to call me out, please be right.

                    The Exterminators were formed seven hours before Elissa put Andy up as the renom. It really isn’t hard to find on this site.

                    And the groundwork was for the alliance was laid the night before (Saturday night around midnight) first with a convo between Andy and Judd — that it was time to make a move on Amanda and McCrae) and next with Andy telling Spencer that he wants to get out Amanda/McCrae and do it with Judd and Elissa (who was replaced the next night).

                    As I’ve said, I’m not a fan of Andy, but he has lied and manipulated his way through the game better than anyone else. Fact is, people in the house like him and want to trust him, even as he’s knifing them.

                    1. I think, but am not totally 100% sure, that the problem people are having with the timeline is that although this Exterminators alliance was formed *before* Andy was actually put on the block, when CBS showed it on television it appeared to have been formed *after* Andy was put on the block. What we know for sure is that Andy was upset with Elissa because he was fairly certain he was the replacement nominee. She pretty much had told them all she would NOT be putting up GM like they all were lobbying for on psychotic tag team day. GM knew this and later referred to this as “Elissa did me a solid.” Andy became a basket case and was very upset and talking about how when Elissa made up her mind to do something she did not change it and that he was the replacement. Andy was upset with Elissa because he said all he ever did was be Elissa’s friend and she repayed him by doing “this.” It was only at this point that Andy formed this group that very night because he was certain he was the nominee. Regardless of the timeline, Andy was upset that Elissa would not be putting up GM like he lobbied for and putting him up instead. GM even made the comment that it was a good thing she wandered out there to vent. She stumbled into the birth of the Exterminators alliance. But for sure, the Exterminators were created out of Andy’s need to shift the target from his back firmly to Aaryn’s to secure the votes he knew he would be needing and to set him up in order to be able to float one way or the other no matter what happened. It’s still Floater 101…………… Any way the wind blows.

                3. Can you believe the Exterminators were formed to punish the so-called bad behavior they were witnessing? This group of misfits didn’t like how Amanda was treating people. The Exterminators were formed only *after* Andy was put on the block and he already saw the handwriting on the wall. Andy put a target on Aaryn’s back and took it off his. Believe it or not, Andy explained to his new alliance and in the Diary Room also, that the way Amanda was treating Elissa was horrible and that it needed to stop. The rat floater was set up. Whoever won HOH is where he would float to and sell out the other side. It was pretty comical to think back and realize that Andy had said he did not want to be aligned with such a despicable person. After he got rid of Amanda, Andy and his group of Exterminators who wanted to punish Amanda for her treatment of Elissa have pretty much taken on Amanda’s role. It really is a page right out of the movie Psycho.

            2. Totally Agree. Excellent synopsis. Too many contestants with too much luggage, damaged goods, toxic personalities: either lacking in basic human decency, with eating disorders, disgusting perversions, drug dependant, unable to speak basic English without swearing every three words, filthy living habits, lazy sleep craving sloths, racists, homophobic, misogynistic, mean spirited, petty jealousies, etc.

              Big Brother 15 was a social experiment gone wrong. CBS further exacerbated the dumbing down of this franchise with a sad, badly overproduced version of what should be a great show.

          2. Andy was not really a target for most of the game until Elissa put him on the block. That is because he was the rat bastard that was sucking up to whomever was in power and floating from side to side and painting a bigger target on one of his “friends” backs week after week after week. Throw GinaMarie under the bus one week and suck her d*ck and encourage her to put up what is left of your alliance the next week. That is the walking, talking, quacking personification of a floater. Andy’s not only a floater, he’s a super duper rat duck floater.

          3. Zingbot knows a floater when he sees one. You? Not so much.

            Zingbot says Andy is a floater, and Zingbot don’t lie!

        2. And not to mention utterly incapable of choosing flattering clothes or looking hot.

          Next year please let the token gay guy be hot as heck. Better yet make it a whole house full of guys, then you will see some drama.

          1. I like the idea of having all male/female season. Something to switch it up. I like all males personally since this season all the male eye candies were removed early and we were left with … um …bottom feeders.

      9. Andy has been the most active at playing both sides. However, all the remaining houseguests will claim they played a good social game, and they are probably right. They didn’t win many comps, but did survive to the end without making many enemies. Andy can point to his role in eliminating Amanda as a big move, where the others really haven’t done anything surprising. I could see mccrae, gm, or andy winning. Whoever wins will go down as historically one of if not the worst player to win BB, but the check will still cash. Just a very strange season where the floaters were unified in eliminating competitors from the start….thanks to a big assist from the disasterous mvp twist.

        1. Andy can point to his role in getting rid of Amanda as a big move? I think GM would disagree with you there. Andy wasn’t the HOH on that, he was merely the rat that gravitated to the power (as usual) and buddied up to GM to do his back stabbing Benedict Arnold routine. The floating rat turd was actually working against GM a few days earlier to get her evicted and keep his 3AM alliance intact. Andy’s a floating turd that way, and it sure would be just like him to take credit for what GM accomplished when she was HOH.

      10. What did Elissa do that was so terrible? Did she wipe someone hat between her butt cheeks while everyone else laughed? Did she talk about people’s families, the way the others have talked about hers? Did she fart in front of people? Belch? Not shower so others had to smell her body odor all day? Did she say racist things? How about graphically sexual things? Did she threaten rub her body parts on someone’s picture on the memory wall or deface it in any way? Did she threaten to soil someone’s sheets or bedding?

        Elissa said a few things like these people are so disgusting I would not associate with them outside this house. She commented on Aaryn’s racism saying it was unacceptable behavior. At least she said it while they were there and not after they left like the cowards in the house now.

        1. Elissa was socially awkward, that’s all. She was an easy target; the HGs had a bully mentality.

          I guess with this group you make it pretty far spewing hatred and being disgusting human beings because they found it entertaining and engaging.

        2. Amen! So what if she came off a little “elitist”. Half the prison population would have as well compared to some of these vile houseguests!

        3. Wait a minute. Let’s be fair. While Elissa’s behavior was more acceptable in comparison to some of the other houseguests, she definitely was not a saint. Elissa brought Amanda to tears by mocking her for wearing one-piece bathing suits and taking advantage of Amanda’s body image insecurities. That is cruel and unnecessary. She tried to make people in the house feel that they were inferior to her (lesser human beings) by refusing to sit next to them (was she going to catch a disease?) and ignoring them when they tried to engage her in friendly conversation. Elissa showed no sensitivity to anyone by throwing stories of her wealth, multiple homes, and lavish vacations in the face of others who are less fortunate. It’s fine that she shared this information, but you don’t do so in a way that is meant to make the listener feel inferior for having a smaller bank account. It is very hurtful when someone talks down to you and tries to make you feel that you have less value as a human being. This is what destroyed her BB social game and led to her eviction. All of these variables are at the core of why the houseguests have such a negative view of Elissa. I get that most of this cast is character deprived, morally bankrupt, and vulgar. In reading these posts I get the feeling that many are praising Elissa simply because on the surface she appears to be less offensive than the others.

      11. I agree with you on his game play. What I don’t like about Andy is his treatment of others and gossiping about their children and his vulgar mouth. That for me is unacceptable. All that is not needed to get to the end and win.

      12. Exactly, least blood on his hands, but cries and moans about his game plan. His game was to attach himself to as many people being “nice” as possible. Not bad plan but he’s shitty at pretending he’s nice. If he had really got to know people and remained kind he would have been tolerable but he thinks ya gotta be an ass He is this year Shelly is hardly accurate as she was actually nice and regretted being two faced. Ragan bull!! he was a minor character in running and blabbing from everyone to everyone most liked is a bullshit, by whom? yuck yuck phtooie!! He’s a really bad image of a gay person probly has done more to personally cause people to dislike gay’s than any house guest yet He’s meally and small minded he calls them people I was close to. He misses helen and bad mouths her in next sentence wow wish they could here the crap he’s spouting. He is useless as a houseguest unless your gathering info then you have to de andify it and check your facts discreetly. Needless to justify my distaste, most here obiously agree I just had to vent I have a couple of gay freinds and they all feel he is a piss poor representative of the way they think and conduct themselves. shame on Andy for being a giddy rat asshole. Too bad ragan would rather pass on such a well enough names Ive said what I felt I needed to thanks for the year guys good luck next year

      13. EVERY season people say the same thing about the player who has been doing the best social game,,, and the best social game is infact andy. People said the same thing about Dan, and now everyone loves him, people said even the same thing about Racheal and look how many fans she has. every season people bash the player who has lied the most, been a rat, but in the end OBV it is good game play becasue he is going to end up winning. You are all going to watch the season next season and then say the same thing about the person who is lying, scamming, being a “rat” when it comes to making it towards the end. You dont remeber when dan swore on the bible and on his wifes life???? THIS IS A GAME, i was always rooting for Elissa just because i liked that she had class…and i do not like andy, but for real big brother fans we know that this is “good game play”. At least he was not a bully like Amanda or Evel dick, he just scammer, liar, whatever it takes to win!!

  1. Oh no …the worst two are going to win..Spencer and Andy….well the poetic justice will be that they will be scrutinized when they get back to reality..perhaps lose their jobs/be investigated?

    1. Spencer is so gross. They cast him hoping to have another Adam from BB14. Adam was a big teddy bear. Spencer is gross and disgusting.

      1. FOR BEING SO ANNOYING!!What A letdown this show! I said he would win HOH and he did really doesn’t matter can’t wait to hear him when the other houseguess talk to him, he may win the money but will go down as the nastiest person to do it, not because of his game because of all the nasty things he said about other player when they were already gone, thats not part of the game at all!! I wish him and Spencer both luck when they leave that house!

      2. Andy claims to be a teacher..haven’t you seen/heard his remarks about cheating in classes to become a teacher as well as his ridicule of his students with learning difficulties?

        1. Well with teachers like ANDY in the classroom now we know where some of the house guests got their beliefs on how they thought. Andy should of been held to the highest degree, and yet he is probably the scummiest of the bunch not including Spencer. Teachers should mold and not be the disgusting person that Andy is that praises cheating and his comments about the mentally challenged sickened me. HE SHOULD BE THE ONE THAT SHOULD BE FIRED AS IN HIS JOB HE ACTUALLY SHOULD HAVE MORALS AND HE DOES NOT. He is the one that people should be writing CBS and complaining about for his comments. Yes, the others made comments but teachers are or should be held to a higher morality. ANDY IS A DISGUSTING EXAMPLE OF THE TEACHING PROFESSION. Forgive Aaryn, GM and even Amanda for stupidity and even their ignorance but at least they are not teaching or influencing their bigotry and hate to others! ANDY IS TEACHING HIS BIGOTRY TO HIS STUDENTS!!!!

      3. Because people don’t like him, so he should be severely attacked by them. I’m really starting to think that the hatred on this board is worse than the hatred inside the BB house. That’s scary.

        1. I cant believe some of these comments on here. Some of these comments are a hell of lot worse than any of the HGs comments. If you hate BB this much just change the damn channel!

      4. Andy investigated for perhaps plagerism on paper? or Grade shaving on students or perhaps his admitted cheating on tests and some papers.. hmm love andy much or just refuse to believe it doesnt matter he can call it game play and it did get him to three but Icertainly wouldn’t want his freindship or his classes.

    1. Judd last in poll. I have a feeling he would be at top if in the past week, he didn’t crap all over the one person who had his back and put all his faith into someone he KNEW had been playing two sides before his first eviction. I’m not even a huge Elissa fan and the way he threw her aside after she refused to nominate him was horrible and moronic.

      1. That is the only thing I liked about J – U – Double DUDD, the way he showed Princess that you don’t always get what you want. Gave Princess a reality check that although CBS / BB thought she was so special those around her knew she was a sanitized Amanda clone.

  2. Well I guess that means goodbye for McCrae unless he wins the veto. To be honest at this point I couldn’t care less who actually wins. I’m not particularly fond of anyone left in the house. This is the worst final 4 ever! I hope CBS can breathe new life into BB next season. I hope this wont be the last season for it. At least go to 20 seasons. I actually would like to see what’s going on in the jury house more so than the BB house.

    1. That would be good riddance to the filthiest, laziest piece of human waste. Don’t let the door hit you on the ass when leaving McStinky.

    1. By Andy winning HOH it deprives us of the small pleasure we get in watching Andy chew his nails, cry and whine. He really was priceless on the block. I loved seeing that little rat squirm. Damn, this season gets worse and worse… at this point it might be Spencer for the win!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…

      1. The way this season is and Andy winning HOH is disturbing. It would be funny sending Spencer out on his HOH. At this point Spencer and Gm final 2. CBS will have a tuff sell with the winner. A child perv and GM loosing her job! How can you promote that? Judd you should have learned from your first eviction.

  3. Well that nails it. I can use the “hate” word just as much as Andy. I hate hate hate Andy soooooooo much. I can just see his rat face all happy and gloating now. This just makes me so mad. Please do not let him go to F2. This is awful. My heart just sank. Yes, that’s how I really feel.

    1. This show is rigged for Andy to win! How else could a rat win the game? (I say this because everyone thought the show was rigged for Amanda to win or Elissa, and they were both evicted. Maybe saying the show is rigged for Andy to win will bring him the same fate.)

    2. These people are too stupid. They are just playing for second place. They have pretty much decided Andy is going to win anyway. So they are just content to battle for second. What a bunch of idiots. The only satisfaction I will have is seeing Andy’s face when he finds out he’s not America’s favorite player. Omg i Hate the rat!

      1. The only name I need on a poll is Dawg! I always vote for Dawg!! And all those votes for “No one” should be counted as Dawg too! :)

      2. You could have left him off, hell, you could have left them all off as none of them are worthy of winning 500k. CBS should take all money they were going to award as prizes and pile in the backyard of the BB house then set it ablaze. This would be the same as handing it to these dregs.

        1. CBS should tell guests due to this years racial slurs and fights that the money was unanimously cut in half from the original amount by the viewers votes in this years last twist.and the viewers have decided half should go to “racial equity in america” a non profit group. the ramaining monies will be divided to the sites like this one with dawg recieving a substancial share. A mere $1000 will be divided between the two finalists whomever they may be. HAH HA HA HA AHA I would love to see their faces when they are told. it would be worth watching their faces as they heard this. I would feel like I almost had those hours of watching back. Priceless

    1. BB FANS
      Unfortunately – the winner of BB15, is likely – a gay RAT ?
      Or, could it be the – filthy mouth ——– PERVERT?
      WTF? BOTH…..ARE…..LOSERS!!
      FINALE NIGHT ….. WILL BE ….. A LONG ….. 2 HOURS!

  4. I guess MC did not force Spencer to vote – what an idiot. He’s toast unless he wins POV – and HOH after that. Do I really care – nope – just wanted a player to do the unexpected – silly me, what was I thinking?

    1. ‘Pretty stupid of McCrae not to force some blood on Spencer’s hands… he might have secured a vote for the win from Judd if he made it to final two. These people don’t even know how to play this game!

      1. If Mcrae would have ‘forced Spencer to break the tie, he’d further alienate himself and put a bigger target on his back p’ing the remaining 3 off. Plus, he believes he has a F2deal with Spencer, so why risk ticking him off by making him break a tie. He was smarter to vote with the rest of them if Judd was going home regardless. He made a smart move.

        1. What are you talking about? They’re down to four players, they ALL have a target on their back anyways. Not to mention Mccrea already knows Andy and spencer are targeting him. He has absolutely nothing to lose by forcing spencer to vote. However he could have gained a potential jury vote by keeping Judd.

        2. If MC thinks he has a final 2 deal with Spencer then he’s dumber than I thought. Pretty clear that Spencer and Andy have a deal. And, MC knows that Andy threw Amanda under the bus. MC blew it big time by not forcing Spencer to vote.

  5. Normally after the season ends I get withdawls for a few days. This year not only will i be happy its over , but I wont miss it one iota.

      1. Hey Buddhist girl, after the niners whoop those seabirds who can’t fly, you’ll be so shocked that you’ll change your sign-in handle to MUSLIMBOY911!

    1. I feel the exact same way. I am usually missing using my Online BB phone app for updates. Takes me about a month. Then I just look forward to next year. Not the same now. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS SEASON TO END. SCUZZIEST MEN and Meanest women I have ever seen. I exclude, Elissa, Candice, David, Howard and Helen from this (even though Helen really got on my nerves).

  6. Worst fear has come true. He’ll nominate McCrae and GM. If McCrae doesn’t win POV he’s gone. If McCrae does manage to win he comes off, Spencer goes up and McCrae votes to evtct???????

    1. I’d rather McCrae win over any of the other remaining houseguests. I think he is finally realizing that it was a mistake to lay in bed all day with Amanda. If he does not win the POV, he is gone and Andy will probably win it unless the jury is too bitter.

  7. As if this Rat deserves to be in this game still, of all weeks for him to win HOH….. **puke** Fucking hate those 2 red headed weasels, such pigs.

      1. Andys ears: OMG! YOU ARE SO CORRECT!!
        His EARS are disturbing…but, his FACE – is ghastly!
        He looks like Dr. SPOCK!
        He looks like a GOAT!
        He looks like a TURTLE – out of its shell!
        He should enter “the ugliest gay” contest!!
        He would win 1st place!
        FUC**N FUGLY FREAK !!
        Yes, I am a hater of this rat!

  8. Well…MC has to win veto. If he does GM is definitely next out.

    If MC doesn’t, doesn’t matter who wins it. MC is bye bye.

    My prediction MC wins veto. GM voted out. Final 3…Rat, MC, Spencer.

  9. If this is true I’m pretty sure that McCrae will win the POV – I sure hope so & then I’d get rid of Spencer & take GutterMouth to final 3 with the rat. Just to blow Spencer out of the water & I think he stands a better chance with Andy & GM. Then McCrae will win the last HOH & take GM to the end.

    1. He’s too dumb he will take Andy with him. What a moron. They know what the right move is, but they keep buying into Andy’s bullshit. Good thing it’s almost over. Too bad it’s like a wreck that I can’t take my eyes off of. Ugh!

  10. I’d rather see McCrae in the final two than Andy. Yes, McCrae is disgusting,lazy and is involved in the WORST showmance of BB History. You have to admit he DID play the game and he played it a hell a lot better than Andy who just kissed ass to get to the final 3. I REALLY wish there was some way for the jurors to see the tapes and Andy is exposed as the rat that he is but unfortunately, if he gets to the F2 he could win the game and it absolutely sickens me. Hopefully Amanda does some dirty work at the jury house and convinces everyone that Andy is unfaithful and is sleazy spineless douche bag.

    1. McCrae reallly hid behind the massive shadow Amanda cast in the house. He aligned himself with a dominating mouth, voted out all of her imaginary enemies, stayed off the block til the end, and needs to win the rest of the comps to get the 500K. I would drag Spencer along to the end… who the hell is going to vote him a winner.

    2. Usually contestants who truly respect the game give props to the people who played them the best. If Andy is in the final two without McCrae, Amanda will give her vote to Andy because he completely had her fooled. It’s all part of the game.

    3. And McStinky isn’t a sleazy, spineless douchebag? Why he is the definition of a sleazy, spineless douchebag. Look it up in the dictionary and you will see a picture of that nasty haired unwashed son of a bitch with that gross smile staring back at you.

    4. Agreed! What a sad excuse of a season. Instead of wanting the best player to win we are forced to root for the least vulgar houseguest. Ridiculous! At this point I’m rooting for that filth, McCrae. But just the thought of him winning makes me puke because Amanda will also enjoy that luxury. I hope he goes back to Minnesota and watches the show and can see how crazy that bitch is decides to change his number. I’ll tell you how she fell for that 24 year old pizza boy. Every normal individual that has ever encountered her has most likely run for their life and is on medications. How could someone be around a bully who just knows how to dish it but cant take it? Can you not see how every bully is the most insecure unsatisfied person ever! She was so jealous of Elissa and it enraged her that Elissa paid her no attention..that just hit her insecurities even more. Please oh please McCrae SAVE YOUR POOR SELF. She wants to pray on someone that is vulnerable and wants to torture them with her lunatic ways. On a more infested note. How ironic, that these people call themselves exterminators. That cockroach(GM), that rat (Andy) and that maggot (Spencer) need to exterminate themselves. I can’t stand that rat andy that jumps ship every time an alliance has sunk. Why couldn’t he have been the one on the block each week, love how he squirms like a dying rat. Why does he find it his business to wander the house to spot for conversations and add himself to them. I don’t get how the houseguest weren’t annoyed by that. Judd was good until he came back. He started acting like that rat andy. Finding himself in everybody’s face and begging for votes..how pathetic he had a lot more potential before his first eviction. And Spencer! oh that pedophile maggot. He is the most useless house guest..he knows this himself so much that he is satisfied with second place. GM, that staten island cockroach who is more worried about her fried extensions and her imaginary relationship. I hope Nick doesn’t forget to bring that restraining order and some bug spray for that cockroach. And Nick if you have a girlfriend please bring her to the audience, that illiterate bitch needs to see her front and centre but even that wont be convincing enough for her. I hope the audience can all bring some bug spray for these disgusting racist bugs.

  11. Of course Andy will win. The next best person to spin this to make news is Andy. Can’t you just hear the headlines…First gay man to win Big Brother. I am sure they are hoping so at least because they need something to make the mainstream news.

      1. Elissaforthewin: Myself, I am saying Ian Terry is gay!
        No proof – other than personal observations, but I
        vote YES! He is overwhelmingly nerdy/geeky…..for
        most girls! IMO! I may be wrong, but doubt it!?!

        BTW In watching bbad, I can’t believe how fuc~*n
        Spencer ….. and his nasty a$$ beard – truly ARE!!!
        OMG! That fuc*~n — overgrown, ugly, red beard
        of his – is so PUTRID!! I would love to see it – go up
        in FLAMES ….. and, TAKE HIS FACE OFF!!
        He is even more pathetic, than Andy!! Both suck!

  12. ugh….worst case scenario out of th dregs that are still left. SIGH* what a pile of shi* season this has been …thank God it’s almost over.

    1. BBAD will confirm the rats win… he will have a hoard of cheese in front of him! …. and he’ll be acting like the second coming of Christ! And he’ll be in some catastrophic outfit in pastel colors. And his face and ears will be bright red.

      1. Aren’t Buddhists supposed to be kind and peaceful? You’re consumed with hatred for a guy on TV. In nearly every post you make insults toward this guy like you’re obsessed. Calm down and meditate.

        1. There is no HATE in my heart, but I do expect human beings who have a National platform to behave in a kind way towards others. I am mirroring what Andy gives out… he is probably someone I would not trust in real life. His behavior and Spencers and GM< all disgust me, so if my comments offend you, keep it moving and know in a week from now we will ALL go to our happy place for another 9 months. Peace and Love xoxo

  13. How can anyone want McCrae to win? He is just as disgusting as the rest of them. He hasn’t done anything with his life. 24 yrs old and all he can do is part time pizza delivery boy. The key word is “boy”

    1. Considering all of the hate towards Spencer and Andy and how GinaMarie has made lots of insensitive comments, I guess McCrae would be the better option out of the four. Easily.

    2. This guy may be worst of all. I find it hard to believe that any self respecting woman would want anything to do with this unwashed loser, even if he had 500k to throw around. I would vote this guy the most overrated house guest of all time. I can not fathom why any one would like this guy, I would root for Spencer or even the RatBastard over this turd.

    3. It’s not that we like him, it’s that we hate him the least. He’s only good when compared to the evil that is Spencer, GM, and Andy.

    4. Actually he does podcasts, has written a graphic novel, and worked in production on commercials (he went to a technical school for that). He even has an entry on IMDB.

      He is very young, and immature, but he isn’t a racist, and isn’t a terrible guy at all.

    1. That’s because Spencer is his gaymate, first gay sex in BB house and BB Production has it planned from the beginning to have the first gay to win. Why do you think that DR told Elissa to switch to voting for Amanda. They at the same time told Andy to vote against Amanda and lie about it. Production is pulling the strings.

      (over the PA system) “HG, you are not allowed to talk about Production.”

  14. 100,ooo thanx, DAWG! you got my vote in the poll!!!
    i think JUDD is in the JURY house, indeedy yes. Andy
    winning HoH is quite likely. the rumor sounds solid,
    even down to McCrae having to win the PoV so that
    Spencer goes up. If McCrae votes out Spencer…next…

  15. Sort of checked out on bb15. Started watching bb Canada. Loving it! Can’t pick a favorite. I have to many! Just saw episode 7. WOW. That is how an inappropriate comment is handled. Can not help but imagine how different this season could have been had any of these hg had the courage to speak up.

    A hg was called an F****** redneck. Every hg had a visible reaction. With several immediately speaking up, stating how unacceptable that language was. Also reminding them that it is on tv. Shortly after the hg apologized for the offending comments. This episode is worth watching for yourself.

    It is so refreshing to see a house that recognized there is a line and calling out those who crossed it. Can not wait to see the rest of the season….

    1. Canada is a culturally diverse country and the racial slurs don’t fly there. You go to school with people from around the world and while they may be children of immigrants, they try to assimilate as best as they can. Canada is a country that needs immigration to maintain its population. I can believe they called someone on that slur…. as a disclaimer I am Canadian, immigrated to U.S at age 2, married a Canadian, moved back to U.S when he died. Go BB Canada/1

  16. I am so over this show. It could not have been a worse year. The sad thing is there is no redeeming the season in any way. I am just looking forward to the aftermath when all these fools get out of the house. That will be the real entertainment factor.

  17. Andy may be a rat bastard, but without his “ratting” McCranda wouldn’t have lasted as long as they did. Let’s not forget that obvious fact.

    He’s earned a place in the final 2 for that alone. McPussy and the Rat F2.. Who gives a fuck who wins… Season 15 was garbage.

    1. What is the difference between a “rat bastard” and a successful BB player? Virtually anyone who has ever won has lied and been two faced.

      1. Don’t apply for BBCanada… what would we do without you both!? Is the prize 500K in Canada too? Guess I could look that up…

          1. It’s the Canadian television industry. All our prizes are lower. We should be thankful that it’s not a washer/dryer and a $20 Tim’s card, eh?

          2. Thank You for the information… I’m not sure the idea of a 12 week lockdown is worth that kind of cash, especially after taxes. I am trying to catch up on your season.

  18. Oh. My. God. At least tomorrow is Wednesday, so we won’t have to wait much longer to find out if this is really what happened.

    I think it is safe to say that if any of these house guests write books about BB game strategy they won’t sell any copies.

    BB15: Crackhead Edition! 8 Days remaining!

  19. If Andy and Spencer are the F2 then Amanda really has some choice: the rat she trusted and blindsided her or the pig that she didn’t trust. Geez Amanda your protected Andy and used Spencer. Now your little puppy will have to save himself, again.

  20. Well J-U-DOUBLE-D, wish you had Elissa now! And McStinky, you could have had Elissa for an ally but guess you were too stupid and jealous to see that. Hope you join damanda in the Jury House too! As for the red rat bastard and the wooly pervert and the idiot bigot, I don’t really care who goes to the F2. Just hope anyone sitting next to the red rat bastard wins the 500K. ELISSA FOR AMERICA’S FAVORITE!!!!!!

    1. And to what advantage would it be to have Duckie on your side? Helen carried Duckie through most of the game and she did absolutely NOTHING!!! Duckie’s one HOH win was only a personal triumph for her rather than a big game move. She evicted Aryan before Demanda gave approval or Aryan to eject the Duck Billed Platypus. No J – U – Double DUDD nor McStinks-A-Lot is missing anything not having Duckie on their side. And they do not miss her self-privileged, snobby-assed attitude.

    2. Elissa should make them guess a number between 1-10, closest gets her vote, just so they know how much she doesn’t care!

      1. And who is going to explain that concept to her? Production can’t help her, she’s out of the house. Maybe Helen will walk her through it.

  21. Considering the live feeds haven’t shown a thing I would love to know if this leak has any merit, we know Judd is going and I even see that it says Andy won HOH, that’s a big leak

  22. I was hoping McCrae would win it and send Andy to jury but oh well. McCrae is done if he doesn’t win POV. None of them want McCrae in the finals because they don’t think they can beat him. The finale is going to be so disappointing whatever happens, a fitting end to the worst season ever. If McCrae goes out, I want Gina to win. It will be easier for her to deal with her ruined life outside the house if she can at least say, yeah, but I won the whole f*#king thing.

    I think I will step out early this year, don’t know if I want to read the Andy hate and Elissa worship until Thursday. Thanks for your hard work, Simon and Dawg! You guys rock, as usual! See you for BBCA 2!!


  23. Ugh! I am going to be so bummed if the rumor is true that Andy won HOH.
    I understand it is still a rumor at this point, and I’m sure Simon and Dawg will keep us posted if they learn more. I trust this spoilers site over any other!

  24. Ha, ha, they are talking about BBAD coming on and us expecting 5 houseguests…. they are painting crap again. Only see McCrae, Spencer and Rat bastard… shit, GM is GON#E!!!!!! Judd is there!

    1. From what I gather, past players and Julie Chen were in the house together, GM and Julie Chen got into it and GM (according to Spencer) put Julie in her place! ??????? Also, according to McCrae, Amanda has a lawyer in Boca Raton who is filing a defamation of character lawsuit against CBS and he also said that Amanda will never work for CBS again! Whoa,…. lots of info flowing tonight!

      1. Sorry, last comment, slow on the uptake I guess… BBAD says this show is previously recorded in my time zone PST. So, info on JUdd leaving is probable, and rat bastard has done no gloating, so I guess comp was played shortly after this was recorded. Gonna try to see the clock on the wall.

        1. Ha, ha, 49ers will be here to take their beating from the Seahawks in a few days… incidentally I have family in San Francisco and actually like the 49ers. I love your quarterback, Colin K, too! He’s no Russell Wilson, but……. he is a cutie and scrappy too! I was extremely distracted while posting last night…. only gave BBAD a glance now and again and missed alot of what was onscreen. Ha, ha, the bb finale should make me lose what is left of my mind though….Go Seahawks!!!!!

      2. haha! I promise you none of that stuff has happened or will happen in the future …good grief..stop. your posts make my eyeballs hurt but then again, they pretty much always have.

  25. well i guess the chesse will be mcrea this week final three ginamire andy spencer
    first hoh goes to ginamire
    second goes to andy
    third on a luck goes to ginamire

    she take spencer to the end with her
    in win big brother 15

    i hated it but its my predictions

  26. Rightful candidates for America’s Favorite(If Production stays the fuck out of it)

    Amanda(Hate to say it, even threw up in my mouth a lil, but she dominated this season, SHE made us watch this shit stain of a season)
    McPussy(I think he kept Amanda from stabbing someone LOL)
    Andy(RAT kept McCrandas in power delivering them all the info to take out their targets)
    Helen(influence over the house that kept McCranda safe)
    Aaryn(dominated in comps to keep McCranda safe)

    America’s Favorite should go to one of the players that DID something all season to make it entertaining, and that”s for goddamn sure isn’t the person who followed orders all season long, and whined and threatened to walk when they couldn’t get their way, no hate, just facts.

    1. Is it America’s favorite or best player? Or maybe best move of season? I’m guessing America’s favorite means which player America likes the most and it sure isn’t any of those HGs you mentioned by name

      1. Best player would be Amanda, she was good player till she was caught, America’s favorite would be (in my opinion) Howard because although he was not a good player, he was the most decent person in the house and considering what happened in the house, he handled himself with alot of dignity.

  27. Watching BBAD now, it was recorded this morning. Well Judd you’re back in the jury house with the ladies. I’m so sad that Andy won HOH. The best finale would be McCrae and GM. But the best thing for anyone of them is to be with Spencer in final 2. I think anyone could win over him.
    Elissa #1!

      1. BBAD is on right now but it was recorded this morning because if it were live, we would know already who got evicted today (probably Judd) and who won HOH (unofficially Andy). So this morning they were doing all this crafty things you’re looking at now, like painting the ducks and using the sand with the colors.

  28. I would love to punch Andy in the mouth!!! He is a f$cking rat!!!!! He deserve to get his a$$ kick! I know he gay but he is a scumbag!!!!

  29. People who are so shallow to attack a person for their physical appearance have problems of their own. What gives any one of you the right to ridicule a man for the way he was born?? So Andy isn’t the handsomest. or the best dressed. But he has definitely played the game well enough to be in the final 4. Shame on you for being so outright rude and ignorant to a person’ personal look. shame shame

  30. I just turned on BB after dark. How come Judd is still there if he was evicted? I thought the eviction and new HOH was going to be on Wed. this week. What is going on here?

    1. Today’s show is not live, it was recorded this morning. I guess we won’t know anything for sure until tomorrow night’s episode where Judd is evicted (recorded today).

  31. Big Brother’s houseguests next year should be:

    Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, John Mayer, Harry Styles, Lady Gaga, Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato & James Franco. Imagine the fighting, backstabbing, showmances, and just overall trainwrecks involved with all of these people locked in a house together!!!

    1. Wow, now that’s a shit show I might watch. I know the Great Britain BB has done celebrity BB a few times, I wonder why that can’t come together here. We would probably end up with some really D list celebrities…love that kind of dysfunctional behavior on display.

    2. first of all, I love james franco. second, these are the most boring, useless “celebrities”…we just got a season of useless people, I would want to see some real celebrities with talent and skill. people with substance.

    1. It took me the first hour to clue in on that!!!!! I think I am dumb enough to have qualified for a spot in this house this season!!!!!!

  32. I know its a game, but sometimes you just can’t get past the nastiness…….does anyone remember Nasty Natalie from I believe season 11? Never would I have guessed Andy would be a Nasty Andy.

    1. Yeah,Natalie was aka Pig Pen a well deserved title. She was like a dirty frat boy, but engaged and lived with a man! Could not see any man wanting a dirty girl like that near them.

  33. BBAD is sooooooooooooooooooo boring tonight. It has been so bbbbbboooooooooooooring the past few days.

    Really bboooooooooooooooooooooriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnngggggggggggggg!

  34. MC went to court. Judged yelled “order in the court”. MC yelled, “All meat pizza”! He had one hell of a Summer for a Minn. Pizza boy. At worst he goes home with $14K after taxes, in the least and got laid by a really hot girl from day one. And He is only 24. He has video evidence to prove it to his Buds. Maybe he is not so dumb after all. You go Tin man!

    1. Amanda IS HOT IN EVERY MANS WORLD. If you met her and she pushed up on you, you would jump and run to do the deed. Two weeks later you would have to run for cover but she IS hot. Girls are just haters on better looking girls than them. Arayn is an idiot but she has Charlese Theron type facial beauty. Hot is hot.

      1. oh my goodness, you must be average to ugly looking because you are using the unattractive man who never gets hot girls rating scale. first of all, Kaitlin was the only real hot girl in the house. and pretty much everyone says that. she was actually very beautiful. aaryn was pretty/cute, cute figure, unfortunate boobs – but come on charlize theron facial beauty? charlize theron is one of the most beautiful women in the world. how can you just insult her like that by comparing her to a cute co-ed. if ANYTHING kaitlin was closer to charlize theron type beauty and I hate to say that bc that is a severe stretch. Amanda looks like an adolescent boy with long boring hair and an overweight-ish type of body. she bought (as in paid for with money) huge boobs which for average-to sub-average men like you seems to be enough to call a woman hot (I know this bc I myself have large breast implants). other than that. she looks like a young boy but uglier. give me a break here.

        1. Name. You arrogant insulting child out of wedlock. I will send you photos of me and my gorgeous wife who after 31 years of marriage is better looking than all of those on the show. I bet mirrors must feel insulted when you put your piehole covered with cat hair in front of it. See, I can be insulting also. Every man in the house mentioned Amanda and her outer beauty. Kaitlin was too…something for my tastes. Maybe the unibrow, which I bet you felt was really attractive, you cave dwelling knee scratcher you. Arayn IS a model. Check out her internet shots. Boom. You all blowed up and corn and peas are everywhere, you Krazy cat-kisser you.

          1. are you seriously coming at me with child out of wedlock, old man? trust me i am the wrong one, bc my parents have been happily married for 35 years. they are the best parents ever. sorry if you and your probably fat boobless wife had your own set of illegitmiate children but now where i come from. i, unlike you (bc you are freaking old) am young, obviously very attractive (actually i am pretty hot which is why i know it when i see it) which should explain why i am image conscious enough to want to get breast implants myself. yes i have a nice body, but my boobs are for my husband who is the best guy ever!!! he really is, and not for me to flash for the world to see like amanda. maybe you should buy your wife some boobs, get both of you on a diet plan, so you can stop drooling over amanda, and maybe you pay attention to her instead and she’ll pay more attention to you. ohhhhhh what fools these mortals be…..

          2. and OH YES, everyone with internet shots is a model!!! how could i not know? wonder why an old man like you was trolling the internet for a 20 years old pics but i digress (not touching that one but again, maybe pay attention to your wife). you think i never did that stupid kind of promotional modeling when i was in my 20s, come on, any attractive girl i know did, a good way to make money. but i never said aaryn wasnt pretty, she’s no charlize theron. but what do i expect arguing with a small town myopic septegenarian geriatric who pleasures himself to 20 year old big brother contestant and argues with women ona BB blog. keep your nasty pics to yourself, no thank you.

      2. Women tend to hate girls like Amanda in my experience. If you met Amanda in real life you would think she was pretty and funny. About two weeks later you would find out she is incredibly needy and insecure. But then that hardly makes her unique.

  35. Hope that Thursday is double eviction, and jury cast votes and they have the post-game show. I am ready for this lame season to be over with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. On BBAD tonight, McCrae said something like: “mind your own damn business.” I think it was in response to a question asked to him by Andy. LOL! A bit late in the season for someone to say that, but perhaps productions are aware of enough of our comments to “feed” him that line. They are still bashing tonight, but it is in line with last nights actual live episode and not as bad as other episodes. Still a shame that one of these individuals is going to win 500K and another is going to win 50K.

    The vast majority of the cast should have applied to be on Bad Girls Club (yes that includes the majority of the males this season), or on one of the MTV challenges that include random people in addition to former real world/road rules cast mates. Aside from physical altercations each episode, these house guests would fit right in. On second thought, Bad Girls Club casts a lot of women of color, who are also bi-sexual or lesbian, so these house guests would have been jumped in the first episode. And the MTV challenge cast members would also have verbally/physically assaulted these house guests, so that just goes to show how poorly this season was cast.

    In fact, any of the reality TV shows where vile drama unfolds in each episode, would have not tolerated the filth from these house guests. I wonder if Survivor casting directors did a better job than BB casting directors this season? I’ll probably wait for reviews prior to watching survivor this year, and the same goes for BB16 next summer. BB15 is too close to the end to not bother watching now, but I don’t see the point of giving ratings to CBS reality TV game shows if they continue to cast these types of people.

  37. HEY JUDD……… Remember Elissa? Ha ha ha ha ha, should have used your veto on her last week, but hey bro, no one ever said you were smart….. as all rednecks aren’t that bright! Well hope Mexico treats you well this second time around, and one more thing?, you won’t be getting any tongue off either Aaryn or Jessie…. maybe if your lucky Jessie will let you watch her perform her magic finger act!

    1. Poor Rachelissa fans….

      still all but hurt the plastic airhead bimbo is gone.

      Elissa got out smart by Andy… she lied and got caught.

      1. Not if he would have used the veto and taken her off the block. Then he would have had an ally in the house and either maybe Andy would have gone up.

    1. this happens every year! you must be a rookie. glad it took 15 years to pop your cherry!

      they are contractually obligated to provide a set amount of after darks.

      Always buy the feeds early! Because if you only buy the last month. You are the sucker! Nothing happens in the last week you can see! All action is in the beginning! Long before you where born!

  38. Spencer: I like to keep on top of things by creating lists. That way things are easier to remember. For instance I keep a list of speech impediments I’ve tolerated during phone sex. I also have a list of under aged girls I’ve had erection difficulties with.

    GM: I don’t have any lists but maybe I’ll start a list of embarrassing remarks that have been made regarding my genitals warts or the 6 most racist things I’ve yelled out a car window

    Andy: I have a bunch of lists. People I’ve made up AIDS rumors about, in order of how badly it ruined their lives. American League shortstops I want to suck off, in order of batting average. I even have a list of tthe 7 largest objects I’ve ever hidden in my assh*le

    Mc: I have two great lists. Fat girls I’ve stood up on New Year’s Eve. Parasites I’ve caught nesting in my pubic hair

    Judd: I only have one list. Dreams I’ve shattered by driving drunk

    1. Well, I know I shouldn’t laugh, but I am! Thanks for all your great posts this season… your sense of humor is just twisted enough for me to enjoy! many thurmbs up!!!!!!!

  39. I hope this is false, because to be honest I don’t want him to be first gay winner of Big Brother, I’d rather it’d be someone remotely likable and that is not Andy.

      1. No, it’s just that Andy is not the best representation of gays, truly. I don’t have any gay friends like that.

        He actually thinks he has played a great game-he is delusional, Spencer may be gross, but he has managed to stay in the game despite being on the block so much…he didn’t have to vote to evict hardly anyone, and he doesn’t freak out and cry baby like Andy. If it’s those two, hopefully the jury will vote straight up game (no pun intended) and not emotional for their gay guy “girlfriend”, omg Andy will bawl like a miss America being crowned.

        Plus the fact that this whole blog of people have alcohol poisoning after taking a shot eveytime “Andy joins them”.

      2. Ginamarie needs to win to help pay for her loony disorders, especially when she finds out nick is not interested

        1. My gays are appalled at Andy representing them as a community… I am with you. It is definitely not that he is gay, it is the fact that he is hateful even when in a position of power over others. Very disturbing.

        2. even if you’re gay, why does andy have to be a representative of all gay people? why would you even expect or hope for him to be like another gay man you know? every gay person I know is very different from one another, bc this is how human beings are – ALL DIFFERENT FROM EACH OTHER. and I know the reality of our culture is that andy, if he wins, may inadvertently become the day representative for big brother, but come on, we should know better.

          1. Frankly if he wasn’t such a bully to previous house guests for no reason, I would not mind him beig the first gay winner of big brother, but I just don’t like Andy as a person, and I’m not going to root for him just because he is gay. I Want the first gay winner to be a positive representative of the gay communtiy is that such a crime, Andy meanwhile is one of the least like house gusts this season.

            1. it’s just a little narrow-minded is all. I live in Staten Island, GM lives in Staten Island. I am not thinking I hope GM isn’t the first person from staten island to win Big Brother, she would be a bad representative (even though she most definitely would). I don’t feel connected to her even though there is a communal type mentality that comes with being from staten island as well.

    1. Why do people need to go there? I don’t recall any big announcements from Andy about representing the entire gay population. He’s a guy who happens to be gay, just like McCrae happens to be heterosexual. I think that they have all talked trash to different degrees, and I hate the way Andy talks about Elissa, but I would rather see Andy and Spencer in F2 than GM and MC. I think what those two achieved this season is minimal. I do think that this show needs a total rehaul. They need to dump the producers and writers, it’s clear they don’t enjoy their jobs anymore.

  40. I believe in Mccrae to win this freaking Veto even though Andy might be HOH.The exterminators are targetinng him for 3 straight weeks and He still survived
    beated one of them(Judd).There is still hope until tonight!!Exterminators suck!

    1. Spencer and Andy never really believed in The Exterminators. They both are far too bum chummy with McCrae and will vote out GM. They only went along with the whole Exterminators alliance thing to hook Judd and GM into (a) not voting for them, and (b) to focus the attack on Elissa, who Spencer and Andy both knew was more aligned with Judd and GM.

      1. McCrae is a beast in comps, and GM’s leg is all but broken. Spandy would be stupid to willingly take him to the F3. Make no mistake, unless McCrae wins pov, he is gone.

  41. As I watch BBAD tonight, I realize that I would have to throw out my furniture if any of those guys were in my home. There’s just not telling what kind of filth, diseases and infestations lurk in those “houseguests”. Totally gross!

  42. ‘Whoever wins the Veto will also be in the Final 3 and get to choose who to evict.’

    Not true. If Andy wins the veto, he might not use it and person not nominated chooses who to evict.

    1. Andy is not going to final 3!!!! No one will not vote or him becaus he is the rat!!! For now, I will go for McCrae to win this whole thing. He have impressive of 2 HoH & 3 PoV. That’s 5 winning comp for him. He is the beast. Not like Andy, he cries like a b$tch!!!!

  43. I have a quick question. On BBAD (even though it was filmed earlier in the day) MC was talking about how Amanda will never work for CBS again and that she will be filing a suit against them and Spencer asked him a question and he MC answered by saying “well, after what Julie said to Amanda in her interview she will definitely never work for them again and blah, blah, blah”. How the hell does he know anything about the eviction interview and know what Amanda has said regarding it? He talked as if he had spoken to Amanda about it and like he had seen the interview. It seems pretty suspicious he knew so much about it. Just another notch to add to a long list of bs regarding these ogres.

  44. I’m not an Elissa fan but she has more class and morals in her pinkie than the remaining house guests will ever have in their entire life. So sad, I wish they would all be fined for their behavior and the winnings go to charity.

  45. There are a lot of things I did not get about this season, to name a few,
    1. Where the heck they found these people
    2. Why CBS let the racist remarks go on for so long, and did not expel them early on to mAke an example of them.
    3. Why people like Elissa so much. No one has been able to give anyone a good explanation of why they like her so much. What is so special? What makes her a good game player? I mean, to us viewers, after the Amanda rant, she looked amazing because of all the other scum, but I think there’s something to be said when Everyone who lived in that house hated her. If it was just a couple of people who disliked her, I could see, but the whole darn house? They say you don’t know someone until you live with them so…

    1. I can respond to #3. I was not happy about Elissa being in the house at the beginning. Wasn’t a “Brenchel” fan and thought the nepotism plant was bogus. However, after seeing the other house guests begin to personally attack her and her family just because they found out she was Rachel’s sister instantly put her in a likeable underdog position. Had they just commented, “…not fair that Rachel’s sister gets to play.”, I would have agreed and been glad to see her go first or second. But from the get go they attacked her looks, her family, not for game play or strategy, but out of sheer meanness. Sure she may have gone on too much about her lifestyle, but would also add how grateful and Blessed she was. That’s the only reason I can see they don’t like her. She has the lifestyle they want, and they weren’t able to control her (i.e. get her to make THEIR moves for them), and deemed her “irrational” and unable to work with her.

      She really turned the corner for me when I would see her on the feeds praying with Howard and Candice, encouraging them to stay strong in the face of blatant racism.

      Sure she said the other house guests were disgusting…they are!!! I wouldn’t want to sit next to them either. I can barely stomach the last week of these vile people and their criminal comments on the feeds. BB editors on overtime this week!

      Good game player, no, not really, she trusted the wrong people and tried to make moves too late. My “favorite”? Absolutely! Besides she said she would give any money she won to charity, which is where ALL the money from this season should go!

    2. I hate her because she is so damn fake. When she stepped in and told everyone that she had a built in fan base because of her cunt sister Rachal Reilly. She said this in a DR session. She told Jeremy that her sister was a super model on camera, then lied about it in the HOH room. She is a liar (not game related), a self important, nauseating, self righteous, gold-digging cunt. You can’t believe anything she says……I do not believe her husband owns five homes and a hockey rink (not without proof). I do not believe that she loves anyone other than herself. She is just a watered down Amana clone.

    3. The moment the racism surfaced they should have been gone. Candice and Howard were put in impossible situations.

      I have no idea why people like E either.

  46. Why are some people surprised/bothered that Andy and Spencer seem to have genuine friendship, genuine likeness for each other?? They can’t have that as two men who live differently and it NOT be a sexual thing?? really?. So what if Andy is like “Little Buddy” to Spencers “Skipper”. The small feminine gay male befriending the big burly Arkansas boy and vice versa. It may look strange to some but not me.

    I found myself as a small white guy becoming friendly with a big 350lbs(est) black man that had his troubles with law, spent some time locked up and I never judged him(he worked for me and he had a family) I was his “little buddy” and he even called me that and we joked that he was ” my bodyguard”. This guy would’ve squashed anyone that F’d with me. There wasn’t anything strange going on between us, just two dudes that developed a friendship and a genuine likeness for one another…..We knew others looked at us as “how are those two friends”. Odd couple? maybe. genuine friendship? absolutely.

    I think the same can be said for Andy & Spencer, they’re just two guys who became friends. Nothing more, nothing twisted.

    This idea that people should only be friendly or associate with people like them is pathetic! Whether it’s race, sexual preference, financial status, etc . No need for these ideas. I click with someone who someone else deems as an odd pairing, TOO F’ING BAD!

  47. I can agree that Andy is a good player, I think I despise him because he is such a whiner. “oooooohhhhhhhhhh i haaaaaaaaate Eliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissa, boo hoo!!” So annoying. I’d prefer MC to win.

  48. What’s the deal with a previous post when Mcrae said Amanda wouldn’t work with CBS again & something about a defamation of character suit when she got back to Boca?

  49. I don’t understand the hate for Spencer. Of the five people still in there, I think only Andy might have played a better game then him. Spencer was dealt sh*t hand (MC breaking down) after sh*t hand (Howard being a shady dud) and was on the outside for most of the game, while Andy and Judd were safe and snug with the super friends, GM hid behind Aaryn and her four HOH’s, and of course McPussy hid behind his ultimate femme fatale. Spencer knew that the reason he was being targeted was because everyone saw him as a shady liar, so, he put a pause button on major gaming until he saw his opening with the exterminators.

    All-star? No, but I think Spencer played a really good game with the circumstances dealt to him.

  50. NOOOOOoooooooo!!!!! I don’t want Andy to be HOH. I can’t stand any of the people left, but I’m rooting for McCrae because he’s the odd man out. Win POV mcCrae!

  51. Just the fact that this board is still going strong demonstrates there is still strong interest in the final weeks of the show.

    I just wish there was a BB winter show.

    I liked the HG’s reminiscing about Jeremey’s stories on BBAD. Most excellent!

    – How he threw a rock in the air and accidently killed a bald eagle. Then all native americans were mad at him.

    – How he came upon school kids walking across the street, couldn’t stop, so simply gave a big jerk on the steering wheel and made the car hop over them!

    – How he could have swam down to fix the BP leak in the Gulf of Mexico with one big gulp of air, and repair the twisted metal with one hand.

  52. Next year’s Big Brother cast should be:

    Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen, Lady Gaga, John Mayer, Taylor Swift, Christina Aguilera, Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Harry Styles & James Franco.

    Can you imagine the fighting, showmances & general overall trainwreck that cast would give us? It would be the most watched season of all time!

  53. Look at where following those bitches Helen and Amanda got everyone! Nobody else deserves to win after Andy made it so far. I am amazed that he actually won something, I’d love to see the look on all their faces watching the playback and seeing Andy being the conniving little shit that he is!

  54. Andy will win, it’s pc. and so far he deserves to win, good strategies, ,good communication skills, he’s smart while the others are airheads. A good education and working in an academic environment can be used effectively and pay off.

  55. With a confirmed reputation as a liar and all-around classless human being, I wonder how many students Andy will have in his classes or even continue to ‘look up’ to him as a ‘role model’. As a parent I would not pay for one class taught by this a$$ even if it was a required course. I would find another way for my child to get those credits.

    Yes this is BB, but Andy played this game with absolutely no integrity. His tears, whining and temper tantrums just made me angry. His confessions of ‘love’ for the evicted were even more disgusting the minute he started trashing them behind their backs. I wonder what his friends and family are thinking about him. I wonder if they are questioning his profession of love and loyalty. Do they still trust him? In my family and with my friends that behavior would have everlasting consequences. Now his family and friends must decide who is the real Andy?

    And yes you can substitute GM, Aaryn, Spencer, Amanda, Judd and even Helen in this scenario because all of them will have to answer for their behavior.

    1. For me Rat Dog represents the worst of humanity because he stood by and let other attack on the basis of race alone. Then when the bullying expanded again he said nothing. In fact he made it easier for them to bully. Then he became a racist bully himself.

      This person came into the house as an educator and is leaving as nothing more than the dredges humanity.

      “The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing” in BB15 and Rat Dog we have proof

  56. Damn it !! I wanted GM to win HOH, McCrae to win pov so he would send that piece of shit home (Andy). Only hope is the rumor mill got it wrong this time, but the way this season has gone so far it is true.

  57. Andy won’t have the votes to win it all. Spencer might, only if jury members are impresses with his pawn streak. Mcrae might have the votes, but if GM is final 2 she will win for sure. She’s never ruffled feathers, she wins comps, and several have made comments in the past about her needing the money most. If the boys were smart they’d have kept Judd. Jury thinks he’s shady enough.

  58. Thanks to Dawg and Simon. I might have been disappointed in bb this season, but not Dawg and Simon. I have been a fan of this site for years and made a donation as a token of my thanks to a job well done!

  59. O well we all new Andy will win in a couple of months we will get over it. Think about it CBS can’t give it to GM cause of her racist comments, Spencer cause he is a Pervert and love Hitler, McCrea cause he fuck on tv only left Andy the rat.

  60. If this is TRUE, I want to shot my TV. I can not stand this guy. I liked him at first then he is not a nice person, he bashs people behind their back, I would love to see him say what he says to their faces before the vote if he is in the F2 (which I pray he is not). Then he would lose HAHAHA.

    I want McCrae to win so bad. GO McCRAE, and believe me – Amanda will not be getting any of that money. Her boytoy has waken up, and he does not like what he sees.

  61. Jury won’t vote for Andy, no way man, he floated all the way. Never saw a floater win bb, especially a rat like Andy lmao. GM might have a chance
    if Spencer and McCrae want to win they’ll have to get rid of GM.

    1. Why was Elissa that worst BB player? Is it because she tried (and failed) to play with integrity. For 15 seasons I have waited to see a player win by telling the truth. I guess that just can’t happen.

      1. You forget Dr. Will told the truth. Remember he told every HG that they shouldn’t believe him because he was going to lie to them. And as the game went on–he lied and they believed all of his lies. That’s what made him a master game player.

  62. Is anyone really surprised? If you follow the feeds and this site, we knew JU Double D was out. We also knew that Andy-the-Rat was poised to win the HOH. They all seemed to know in advance that the challenge would be a “mental” (oh, please), which suited Andy-the-Rat to a rat-t. Again, if you watch, he had every day and every event memorized perfectly. He was extremely quick on his little rat feet to recall all the dates, etc. The problem with this show (amongst a zillion other things) is that they appear to know the challenges in advance. I never noticed that prior to this season. Anyway, the next one should be physical and suited to MC’s abilities since GM is in bad shape. MC will win HOH and if he has any active brain cells working, will put up Andy and Spencer and get GM to vote out Andy.

    1. Sadly, that won’t work. By the next HOH, one of them will be gone (eviction on Thur). They will then go into the three-part final HOH, which hopefully Andy will not win! (he is eligible to play since it’s the final HOH)

  63. If MC is smart (which we know he isn’t) and Andy is truly HOH then he needs to start working on his insecurities about jury votes. He should just tell him outright that he doesn’t want MC to go to the jury house next. He already controls two votes and Amanda has had some time to mend some friendships. I feel like Helen may hold a grudge and convince Elissa who Andy was behind getting out. Not to mention if Amanda has explained the whole consoling thing was just an act. MC has a lot of dirt on Andy. It is worth a shot.

  64. People just it give up. If MC wins veto he will take Andy because he is just that stupid. It will be close on the jury votes. If MC doesn’t get veto bye bye MC. Then it will be a question of who GM? or Andy? takes Spencer to the F2. Done and done. I still like Carl’s rant from yesterday summing up the final four of this years loser season finalists the best. He was spot on.. I apologize for the negativity but I too really like this show and hate (even I have started to use the word hate!) to see it come to this. Soooooo sad :(.

  65. Somebody needs to photoshop the final four into a poster for the Wizard of Oz, with Spencer (if I only had the noyve) as the Cowardly Lion, McCrae as the Scarecrow (Use your BRAIN! Stay away from that WITCH!), Andy as the Tin Man (Cold as ice, no heart) and Gina Marie as Dorothy (Dancing until she gets a flying monkey injury)

  66. I could have gotten behind Spencer for the win if he had put up Andy instead of Gina. He knows he can’t beat Andy, he knows nobody except maybe McCrae can beat him, so why give him a free pass to the finals? A move like that would have given him something to take to the jury. Now all he has is that almost never got a chance to vote anyone out because he was always on the block.

    I could have gotten behind McCrae if he had voted to keep Judd and forced Spencer to get some blood on his hands. It would have earned him Judd’s trust and jury vote, and he could have lied and accused Andy of flipping, and knowing how Andy lies, because that was his job all season long, he could out Andy for it and not make himself the prime target. But he didn’t, and now Judd is gone and Andy is HOH.

    So it just leaves Andy, who did play a good game, he stuck with his alliance until it was time to jump ship. Whether you like him as a person or not, he got to this point without ever being a target. Maybe it’s more because the cast is stupid than because he is that smart, but I guess over the remaining guests he deserves it the most. Sad ending to a really terrible season.

    Gina at least got blood on her hands, she took out Amanda, she is where she is because of her own decisions and her HOH wins. Nobody carried her. Her life is going to be tough when she gets out. All of the haters looking for reasons to be offended will not stop until she is unemployable, miserable and destroyed. And Nick won’t be there for her either. At least if she wins the money, she might not totally self destruct when it’s all over. And it would be the worst case scenario for production, to have the “racist” win the game. Maybe they will be smarter about casting in the future.

    BBCA was great because the cast was so diverse (7 were non whites) and race was never an issue, except for Suzette, who couldn’t grasp that people didn’t like her, not because she is native, but because she is an annoying person. I guess that is the difference between my country and the US. Overall, we are very tolerant and look beyond the surface. Here it is acceptable to not like a person because they are not likeable, you can even joke around about our differences and nobody is going to accuse you of being a racist for it, like happened to me the first time I commented here that I thought Candace was a whiny brat. I got told off because I supposedly hate black people. I was offended by Julie’s interview with Aaryn, especially after seeing how she was with Candace and Howard. If you are going to call people out, call them all out. Don’t single one out for public humiliation and give the others a free pass. I lost a lot of respect for Julie this season. Hopefully the rumors are true and the Grodbeast is leaving. That is the only hope we have that this show can recover what used to make it great.

  67. Can we please go ahead and schedule the Dr Phil or Maury Povich follow-up show, “BB15…Where are they now?”, to see how these vile people got slapped in the face with some REAL reality when they got home??

  68. I hope McCrae wins the veto. Andy in the final three is bad news because he probably has the best chance to get to the final two since he has dates and events memorized.

    1. Yeah, I was wondering why Andy confessed in his DR and farewell to Amanda why he voted her out… the nail on the coffin comes if they get together with McCrae and figure out what the RatBastard has done since them leaving the house….Spencer is really fuelling the fire of Elissa hate between the two of them.

  69. I hope this is not TRUE, but if it is let the jury see what Andy has been saying about them and he will not win, he will not win anyway

  70. It’s a given, Andy will win. They won’t give the money to drugies, perverts or overt racists.that leaves out MC. Spenser and GM

  71. Wow. It’s becoming comical. There truly in no one to root for. The little rat tattletale will take Spencer to the end, me fears…

  72. Psyched that Andy got HoH!

    Would like final 3 to be Gm, McCrae, and Andy, but I’m thinking most likely McCrae is getting cut.

  73. The only interest I have in BB now are these posts. This group – SlimeAndyslime is in a class by himself , there is no name bad enough to describe IT/him the lowest form of beings that I have ever had the misfortune to encounter. Judd is the biggest disappointment to me I thought better of him (more fool. me). Elissa was the only decent one there and Judd the moose help to push her out as for SlimeAndyslime – there are no words. Yuck yuck yuck. Mcman go soak in disinfectant for 2 years and then every day after that. Aaryn was bad but I blame her a lot for letting herself be used by mcman. I don’t plan on watching the rest of be, and I am going to miss reading your comments and having my small say. Be back soon. If anyone of you keep watching, pls do not gag too much while doing so.

  74. I’m just worn out from doing the happy dance………..not that I wanted Andy to win, not at all, just because it makes all of you who are going to give that loser Elissa 25K heads explode. HAPPY DANCE!!!

  75. These creatures are so vile. What is the point of all the profanity laced rants against past house guests? The ones left did play a better game than the ones in the jury. They are still there. In much the same way a swarm of wasps plays a better game than a single ant. There were more of the vile, filthy mouth breathers in the house than decent people. It doesn’t mean they made ‘”big moves.” I haven’t had any player to root for this season. The only reason I wanted Elissa to go farther was she is the lest objectionable. I have been watching BB Austarlia, they play just as hard, but are polite. And there are people who I dislike on that show, but, I don’t loathe them. And they don’t make me feel as if my mind needs to be washed. I feel as if BB USA has sunk to a new low in sleeze. It’s not just gameplay, it is a total lack of empathy, a total lack of moral compass, and frankly a total lack of intellect. Some of these people fairly revel in their ignorance. They KNOW they are filthy, they Know the aren’t educated, they Know they should behave better, they just don’t care. They have decried Elissa for her arrogance, but remain blissfully ignorant and uncaring of their own. It is one thing if you are ignorant of proper behavior and are willing to improve.
    But, if you know you are being that way, and actively encouraging others to sink into filthy, vile actions (RatAndy) , then I honestly see no hope for your humanity. For many years, I have looked forward to BB. Now, I am afraid I will not be able to enjoy it. I am afraid that this cast marks a change, that this is BB’s new normal. I have never understood those who “threaten” not to watch. I am terribly saddened to think I may not be able to watch anymore. I will not watch tonight, I have already erased BB from my dvr. If I have nothing better to do on Thursday, I may watch the finally. I just am saddened by this season.

    1. Someone posted that he never saw the word “vile” used so much as on this site. I agree. It’s the only word I can pull up that describes these houseguests left (mustn’t forget one in the Jury House though…Amanda..!!)…. If someone can come up with a better word than Vile, I would use that as well.
      I thank Simon and Dawg for their hard work, and having to write down for us all of the….vile….things that have been said and done.

      1. I’ve used that word since the 1st week and the only other word I can think of is disgusting. Elissa used this word often and she is correct but I prefer vile because it seems to encompass all the swear words I will not use–unlike the HGs.

    2. I agree with you 100%. I don’t even like the feelings I have about this show or the cast. I abhor the word “hate” even in general. This show is a new low and brings out the worst in people.

  76. OK…… just say the red RAT were to win the HOH…..

    Nominates: McCrea & GM
    Veto: McCrea wins
    Nominations: Spencer aka (pedo bear) & GM
    McCrea sends pedo bear packing!

    Then the red RAT has a melt down when he loses his cuddle bear….will be epic TV!

  77. The problem with the casting of this season, from the start, was that they were all about the same age. Toss in the obligatory homosexual and a couple of visible minorities and call it a day. Unfortunately this formula is bland and boring. Mix it up a little! Quit trying to cast the next “America’s Sweetheart” by looking for Aaryn types. Get some real people with real experiences! Have some diversity in AGE so that we get more variety in the “conversations”. The thing that is obvious to me is the matchmaking that was done during he casting process. Sorry but we all saw how that turned out! Two houseguests in bed all season long! BORING!! I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that Nick was cast in hopes of him hooking up with Andy. He obviously had no interest in any of the women.

    Next season they need to fix that 20-something only mindset and cast older, wiser people who won’t be bullied by a foul mouthed skank or a redneck railway worker.

    1. I completely agree DEE, I talk this show with my niece and I said “where are the forty+ & fifty+ players in this house”(i’m 42) . Pathetic! Was Helen the oldest -37? Then GM – 33, Spencer -31……………….Everyone else in their 20’s? Awful! Diversity in age is absolutey needed. Older and wiser would have ended the vile behavior from the get go.

    2. And let’s not forget rules. Yes RULES! They need to clean that house every day. With all those people in there can you imagine how dirty it gets? I don’t even want to think about using the bathroom. And the guys should have equal KP duty as well–cooking and cleaning.

      I think they need to just bulldoze the house and build a new one and get rid of those HoH stairs because they are dangerous.

  78. Well, now that Andy has won HoH and going to final 3, my only hope is that McCrae wins veto as I’m sure Ratboy’s noms will be GM and MC. I have disliked Andy and his ratty game and whiney cheese eating attitude. I had to give him some credit however, for if that’s how he chose to play his game….so be it. I didn’t have to like it as many of us didn’t!! I was prepared to give him credit until Elissa was evicted and game or no game…the way he treated her and calling her a liar in his cowardly way made me loose ALL respect for Andy …game or no game!! I detest a coward and even if Andy played a good social game by lying and playing both sides, he is still a coward!! The jury decides if he is worthy of the 500k not me, but I sure hope MC wins the PoV, removes himself and forces Andy to put up Spencer and MC voting Spencer out. Hopefully MC will win the 3 part HoH and choose Gm to go F2 and ratty Andy goes bye bye. That’s a perfect scenerio for catching the rat in the trap!!

  79. New drinking game for this board:

    Somebody says they don’t care who wins: sip
    Somebody says they’re no longer watching: sip
    Somebody says they can’t wait for next season: sip
    Somebody insults a houseguest’s body or appearance: sip
    The word “vile” appears: sip
    Somebody asks why CBS let something happen: sip
    Somebody feels the show is rigged for Amanda/Elissa/Andy/Whoever: Sip
    Somebody makes a statement that shows they don’t know the rules of the game: sip
    Somebody posts as one of Amanda’s body parts or diseases: sip
    Somebody mentions Big Brother Canada: sip
    Somebody feels that the only way you either like Elissa or dislike another houseguest is that you are a Brenchel Army member: sip
    Somebody says “I don’t get how anybody could have liked Elissa”: sip
    Somebody posts correcting a spelling/grammar issue and gets attacked or told to lighten up: sip
    Andy walks in: Chug

    What did I miss?

    1. Excellent Post.

      I bet the word vile has been said at least 100,000x on this board. A word that nobody really uses. One person used it and it just caught on. Many people on this board are taking this so personal. They come on here and it seems their blood pressure is through the roof and they are just mad. I don’t get it.

      And for as many people that keep saying they aren’t watching anymore…………it seems like the amount of people on here complaining just keep going up. I don’t get that either.

      Theres a week left people! Just let it play out and see what happens. Next week you wont have any more bb to watch. Somebody mentioned earlier (and it had more thumbs ups, than thumbs down), that alot of people on here don’t even know the basic rules (how the veto works and thinking the jury get to watch the game and stuff), so if you don’t know how exactly the veto works or that the jury is “sequestered”, maybe you shouldn’t be commenting, like your an expert.

      Simon said last night (and he probably has more knowledge than 99% here) that he dosn’t mind the houseguests. So why are 95% of the people on this board talking how “vile” these people are, then they start calling these people worse names that are used in the house? I don’t get it. If your going to take the high road, fine, but your mouth spills worse garbage on this site than has been said in the bb house and everybody is ok with it. People are outraged that Spencer said the brenchel army should commit mass suicide (I think he’s an idiot for saying that), but people will talk about dropping bombs on the house, etc. and 95% of the people will give it a thumbs up.

      1. oh yeeesss!!!! thank you very much for saying all these things! Spot on with all of your points!!

        I have said pretty much everything you just did for the duration of the entire season, however the fact that the moniker on top of this reads Richard and not bd22 is the reason why it is getting thumbed up!!

      2. I dislike them because of the repeated, unnecessary, vulgar, and yes vile attacks on ousted houseguess, their families, and each other. These things have nothing to do with gameplay and everything to do with character or lack thereof. While floating is a strategy, these attacks are not. They are just distasteful.
        The biggest problem I have with Andy is his encouragement of these activities. GM is obviously ignorant of respectable behavior. Judd is clearly unstable. And
        Spencer revels in his filth. Mccrae is lazy, at best. But, Andy, has repeatedly stated how he doesn’t like it, but it furthers his game by making other houseguest
        dislikable. It doesn’t, it just makes them all, horrid.

      3. Why do you object to the word vile? Any of the following would work as well but I personally prefer vile and have described this group of HGs that way since week one. And the last one I’m sure applies to the shower where flies are breeding.

        1.extremely unpleasant. “he has a vile temper”
        synonyms: foul, nasty, unpleasant, bad, disagreeable, horrid, horrible, dreadful, abominable, atrocious, offensive, obnoxious, odious, unsavory, repulsive, disgusting, distasteful, loathsome, hateful, nauseating, sickening; disgraceful, appalling, shocking, sorry, shabby, shameful, dishonorable, execrable, heinous, abhorrent, deplorable, monstrous, wicked, evil, iniquitous, nefarious, depraved, debased; contemptible, despicable, reprehensible; informalgross, godawful, lowdown, lousy; archaicscurvy
        “a vile smell”

    2. Luis ck does a bit about what a terrible person he is when he driving a car. You could do the same but about people posting on internet boards.

      The silliest is this: “I don’t care I am not watching.”
      -Sorry the ratings are going up, and are better than last year.
      -and why are your posting that you are not watching, when you clearly still ARE watching

      1. Pahaa! I wrote the same thing to that idiot lurker007 WEEKS AGO! When you go out of your way to advertise that you are no longer watching, then clearly you are, or at worst, you still have an emotional investment enough on the season to come here and read the daily play by play and post comments and engage in debate about it all.

        1. In the end what these posts are validating is the casting. The only thing CBS cares about is that people watch – if HG’s get them angry and that keeps them interested CBS is perfectly happy.

          People say they hate them, but despite what the say they still watch them.

        2. so i take a peek at the recent comments after not paying any attention to OBB for quite awhile and what do i find? a douche bag who decides to act like people in the house who talk badly about people not arounf.

          first of all, fuck you bd22. you are no better than the people in the house that go on and on behind people’s backs.

          second, if a person wants to quit watching, quit looking here, or whatever else the original poster said, that is their right. quit trying to act like the internet police regarding where a person can go or what they choose or choose not to watch.

          in short, fuck off

  80. When are we going to know if this is only a ‘rumor’, or if CBS has vomitted yet another “politically correct” and stomach churning event
    turning it into a ‘gay pride’ parade(ANDY)??? H8 it so very much, it makes me ill! I am sick and tired of ‘alternative lifestyles’ being shoved in our faces everytime we turn on the television, and people being rewarded for deviant behaviour (SPENCER THE PERVERSE).
    It makes one wonder just how many drugs that A.G. and the CBS executives really are taking???

  81. i am sorry that you feel that way, but the problem with this year’s bb is not gay pride. it is the characters of all 5 players. thank you for not blaming it only on one but all.

  82. ummm the Andy HOH rumor was just random twitter people trying to get attention, there was another one saying GM won HOH…..

    I haven’t kept up as closely since Elissa was evicted b/c it’s just non stop personal attacks from the Final 5, I am happy that Judd followed Elissa out the door the way he acted the last few weeks was classless

  83. i read that Chicago is going to have a big GAY PRIDE parade. the rumor suggests that HoH Andy is to be top 3, so I have a question,
    namely would he get a prominent place in the parade if he’s 2nd or 3rd or do you think he perhaps needs to ask his fellow Chicagoan
    Helen (despite her GOP connections) to join him for this event once they are completely out and away from the BB game this season?

  84. OK. I can live with andy in the final 3. I cannot live with andy winning the game

    so lets think this out

    can mcrae get enough votes? I personally think Amanda effect comes into play and he is screwed.
    can spencer get enough votes? I honestly think andy made better relationships in the house, wait until they see the season(post vote)
    can GM win? actually, yes. she could. GM is the one andy does not want to get to the final 4, at the same time, she probably doesn’t have the relationships andy did, that said, andy made friends with the same side(Amanda) who would vote for mcrae, so to win, andy needs mcrae in jury

    sadly, it seems andy is the winner of bb15, and I HATE IT

  85. Hope the rumor about Andy is wrong as I can’t stand the Rat… Hopefully McCrae wins the veto, then he wins the first part of the final HOH to not take Andy to the final.

  86. Did McCrae and GM have a final deal? The other day, they had a few words while passing in the hall (McCrae was going to DR) and I think she or she said “we’ll talk later”.

    I’d love to see McCrae win POV, or the final HOH and somehow GET Andy OUT and have GM as second place to McCrae’s win. I’m not a fan of McCrae, but he’s the best of the worst – there aren’t many good choices. GM is foul-mouthed and has made some horrific comments, but overall I’d rather see her get 2nd than anyone else.

    I’d hate to see Spencer the Perv win – he hasn’t done anything but pick his nose and nether regions and always default to sexual or derogatory comments about women.

    Andy may have lied and maneuvered, and some may think that was great gameplay, but his continual VILE, HATEFUL comments did him in. He didn’t do well in comps at all, and I hope he doesn’t win.

    Thanks Simon & Dawg for getting us through this season, which will probably be remembered as one of the worst ever!

    1. GM definately saw McCrae leave the hot seat an’ then JUDD sat in it.
      Andy & Spencer were not too upset. GM is more ignorant than stupid.
      She has been known to quietly drop her “loyalty” when its convenient.

  87. if McCrae after his next PoV win votes Spencer into the JURY then we will see the Exterminators implode in a big way.
    I’m assuming Andy is the HoH and is metaphorically gunning for GM and not Spencer. McCrae could easily come in 2nd.
    The rumor has Andy top three, and I’d rather listen to GM and whoever pleading to the JURY and not Spencer at all ever.

  88. Hey Everyone including Simon/Dawg, I know @BuffaloBill loves to bet on Rainbow Warrior to win big brother. He is really good at social skills, but you guys think Andy will get evicted this Thursday? Can you guys reply why @BuffaloBill is so confidence of betting Rainbow Warrior to win Big Brother? I don’t want Andy to win big brother.

  89. Dawg and Simon………here’s a scoop for ya…………Julie Chen shouldn’t say a damn thing about racism………….I am watching “The Talk”……she just admitted that she had plastic surgery on her eyes and nose by a surgeon in L.A. to look “better”………..you should see the before and after pictures………you’d never know it was her ……..before the surgery…………and she also said…..her career really then took off ! ! ! Sooooo………the way I see it……..looking really Chinese was NOT what she wanted…………….soooooo….. don’t cut other people talking racism…………that’s bullcrap ! ! ! ! Check out “The Talk” that ran today 9-11-13 ……………..No, what she wanted was to look more “caucasian”…………I’d love to hear some comments on this ! ! !

    1. Um, I saw the same show and you’re misrepresenting it…Julie was told by her boss back in 1995 that because of her Chinese eyes she didn’t have a future in broadcast….it was racial discrimination at it’s best and she had to do what she had to do in order to live her dream. The surgery was recommended to her and she had lots of struggles with the decision (family even threatened to disown her).
      Julie was sharing her secret and it was sad that was what she had to do in order to be a tv anchor, she did it because she wouldn’t be accepted the way she was (which is true, racism is still alive and well, as you can see from this season of BB).

    2. THAT IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE! I guess you thought no one else was watching The Talk so you could get on this site and tell a bunch of lies. Well not today.

    3. so an Asian woman cannot have work done to look better?

      I don’t quite understand. my mother had work done on her eyes, it made a big difference for her. the only thing I notice is that she looks younger and happier.

      why can’t an Asian woman do the same? because of the stupid people who talk about slanted eyes?


    4. I watched the talk today and your full of sh!t. It was very emotional for Julie as she told her secret…you would think nowadays people would be more compassionatei regarding this subject. You must think ur the only person here that watches the talk :rolls eyes:

      1. CBS has decided that Aaryn is the poster child for the racist remarks this season – shame on CBS if GM and others aren’t called out. And Julie started the whole racist talk on The Talk… while nasty things had been said in the house, they weren’t impacting the game – Social experiment Mr. Moonves, my ass – ratings Mr. Moonves – you bet.

  90. Well it looks like whining, crying, dress like a 2 year old, I’m so poor so I’ll sell my humanity for money Rat Dog may just take the whole thing. We can’t change that so we need to find something to make us feel better.

    Well we could go back and look at Rat Dog’s eyes bulge when Spenc the Perv told him it is 33% to the Feds for taxes. He was about to pee his pants. Yes boys and girls proof that you can have the title of “Professor” and still be too stupid to realize you have to pay taxes. Also, he will have to pay state taxes so he’ll be losing more than 33%. And I’m sure he has a few student loans out there so they’ll want that money ASAP. After all is said and done I’m sure he’ll have enough to buy a few more sets of Garanimals but lets hope he keeps the tags on these so he can actually match them together instead of dressing like a hot mess.

    On a more personal “what goes around comes back and lands on your head” thought, Rat Dog didn’t just bash Elissa after she left he bashed he children. Of course he waiting until she left because we all know what kind a sniveling coward he is but Rachel is co-hosting the finale party and Brendon has tweeted that any HG who bashed his nephews will be talking directly to him–gloves off and he welcomes people film it. So if Rat Dog does win will he have the guts so show up to the finale party or will he just scurry out of town?

    1. I am so glad to hear that Brenden is going to get in the faces of these cowards and that includes Amanda and GM. I think McCrae will get to see an example of a man protecting his family. As for Andy he will try his best to hide from Brenden and Elissa husband because he is doesn’t have the b$lls or the guts to take his medicine. Here’s hoping that TMZ, Inside Edition, ET and every camera in the place are focused on Brenden so that they can catch every moment.

      1. What the hell has Brendan done that gives him the right to do anything like that? What has he accomplished? He never won. He never came close.

        1. He played the game and knows you don’t trash talk an HGs kids. People keep saying this is a game but those children have no part in it and should have never been mentioned.

          He said he could take whatever was said about brother-in-law and even his wife but kids are off limits and I agree with him. These are his nephews and he stands up for family.

      2. Really though, he should just drop it, he is only going to make himself look as stupid as them, not to mention, he might wind up in jail if he shows his ass on finale night.

    2. Andy is gay and therefore a liberal. Andy being liberal means he’s an Obama supporter. Obama fanboys – and girls – absolutely love paying tax so Andy you’re in for a real treat,

      1. Wow!! You really should go lie down somewhere. You make statements without facts and then come to conclusions based on a bigoted notion that being gay makes you a liberal. All it makes a person is gay. Have you ever heard of Log Cabin Republicans? Ever hear of Independents?

  91. Being that the show is basically over for this season, is it weird that I want to see how their lives play out back in the real world after all of the negative comments. now that’s worth watching..

    1. I’m the same way Name. I’ll google them if I don’t see anything in the news.

      I just hope something really bad dosn’t happen. I know most people hate their guts, but I hope some looney people don’t confront them or try and do serious harm to them. I think alot of them are going to struggle with jobs or just being in society (at least for a while).

      1. Oh its ALREADY BAD, what cha talkin bout?? There are idiots out there sending death threats to people’s families. Its losers like this that give real bb fans like us a bad name.

  92. Waaaaa! Its like watching two of the worst teams make it to the super bowl.
    I wanted Andy to taste the block again. Sniveling and crying like a baby.
    I hate to admit he has played his game very well ( even though I detest his type of game play)
    I also hated his rage against Elissa and her family. It was so unneccesary. He did have a read on everybody very well.
    Somehow everybody felt a need to tell everything. Everybodybut Elissa trusted him almost implicitly.
    He took a child like, innocent stance and nobody was intimidated by him. He was good at his job ( spying for Mcranda)
    On a personal level he makes my skin crawl. But I would bet my first born grandchild that he will win this game
    He is the lesser of the other evils.
    GM= idiot, racist, bulimic stalker
    Spent= Pedophile, Hitler sympathizer, booger picking, ball scratchin goon.
    MC= Man child, Ripvanwinkle, no backbone(litterally) 2 pump chump.( otherwise decent guy who got eaten and vomited out by a succubus)
    Andy= Rat, Spy ect. ect. but the WINNER of Big brother 15.

    CBS please dont dumb down this show. Learn from this year and get a better cast. It makes americans look some disgusting, ignorant and yes VILE!
    -Eat My Words

  93. In the last HOh, the person who wins decides who he is going to take. I hate to say this but if Andy is against McCrae he will probably win because McCrae was in bed with Amanda most of the time instead of getting to know the other houseguest. Andy will probably not take McCrae because he will think he has a better chance with whoever is remaining – GM or Spencer. He does not have the same mentality like Ian did last year. Ian said in order to be the best you have to beat the best.

    1. Don’t forget that Andy did piss off a lot of jury…and when he told Amanda that he voted her out, then they’re probably discussing Andy…also, if Judd did get evicted…then he’ll go back to jury with hate for Andy. If anything, Spencer looking good at winning, because he did nothing to the other house guest and volunteered himself so many times to be put on the block. Either way, Andy will have made many enemies in jury, because they’re all gonna compare their stories.

  94. I wouldn’t mind oversized Opie making to final 2 and even winning over anyone but McCrae at this point.

    He has a put lot more time into the game than anyone but McCrae, even if I detest his final flip.

  95. hey Simon, do you think next year it will be possible for you to fix it to where the top field has to be filled in before someone can leave a comment?

    I get so sick of seeing every other post headed with the word ‘NAME’ its so annoying …obviously it isn’t the same person posting all those comments and replies and it is just dumb.
    I think that 70 percent of us take the time to put a moniker before we comment I don’t understand why the rest of people can’t do the same tthing.

      1. Just goes to show you how important the first HoH is. Had the winner been any other player – Amanda still would have crawled in their bed the first night, but the rest of the game would have been different.

  96. Send psychic requests to the the jury house members to NOT vote for Andy McCheese no matter who sits beside him. EVEN SPENCER DESERVES IT BETTER. I don’t know if Andy played a good social game or not but there HAVE to be points for being a half-decent human being AND HE doesn’t get ANY points for that. So please send your prayers!!!!!

  97. We have seen and heard a whole lot this year, way more than I wanted to see . One of the things I missed though was divided votes for eviction, this year all we had was a bunch of stupid sheep. It took away alot of the game and feel of the game, just the fact that in past seasons that they didn’t care what others thought they voted their own mind and then there would be this big witch hunt trying to figure out who voted what ! I miss the good old days :/

  98. McCrae wins veto can he even put up Andy, oh what a wish come true. Red witch meltdown, he is a sissy

    No balls, and spencer touches his all the time to make sure he still has them.

    GM is just a Macy’s balloon

    McCrae needs to win and like I said Andy will not win PERIOD.

  99. This years BB can be summed up in two words……high school……no planning…no thought or strategy….just follow the herd…if someone is bullying either agree with them or lay low so that you dont get bullied yourself. In the end the person with the ugliest characteristics wins. The only good thing in all of this is when they finish ‘high school’ and have to face the real world reality hits them upside the head. Cant wait for that to happen!

  100. Spencer just grosses me out! Now that it is down to just a few players he is getting more air time & he just makes me cringe when I see him. He is a nasty person inside & out! And oh my gawd, please quit wearing Razorback & Conway t-shirts!!! For the love of God!!!

    1. But you have to admit Simon and Dawg got the best screen shot of the season of Spenc the Perv in his HoH bed–beef jerky in one hand and the other hand–well we all know where that was…

  101. Regardless of who the winner is NO amount of money will change how America looks at them and who they are which is a bunch of racists, bigots, women haters, rauchy, bullying, vile, digusting, white trash….

  102. I just noticed the tweet from Arisa Cox promoting the casting call for BBCan. I had hoped they would have found someone new, she was horrible! I couldn’t stand those 14 second pauses before she reveled who was being evicted. So annoying ..
    Funny clip of Gary tho!

  103. the brenchel army and their supposed power are mentioned a lot in here. they are blamed and credited for a lot of things. wonder how many members this army really has? so if you consider yourself a member of the brenchel army can i get a thumbs up please?

  104. big brother has to change their rules when you get to 3 the 2 winners go to the final 2 if a houseguest cannot win wit 2 chances to do it the do not belong in final 2 the loser of hoh could be more popalur with the winner of hoh in this case spencer cannot win shit and might win the whole thing in the past a women never made it to final 2 becauce the guys are gonna stick together not right lazinees should not get you to final 2 at this point in time I want gm to win it allthey all have problems with the jury but that is the case every year andy you could say lied to much to get this far an he did your trying to win that is why their all their 500,000 dollars will make you do that no one wanted to vote him out shame on them no one was the worst then dan what he did to that girl I don’t know her name at this time but she was from Alabama I felt bad for her but she did something you cannot do on bb she trusted him he knew it your not their to make friends your are there to win 500,000 dollars you can make friends after the season is over that is what he did I think JEFF is the right person for cbs for what he does for bb I wonder if he works full time for cbs or just when bb is on any one know that please share that information

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