Spencer locked in the HOH room – Pandora’s Box? Andy says I hope it’s something bad for Spencer!

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV Sept 7th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Sept 9th
HOH Winner: Spencer Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations: McCrae and Ginamarie
Current Nominations: Ginamarie and Judd
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn, Amanda, Elissa
Have Nots


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11:55am – 12:15pm Judd and Spencer are in the kitchen talking about it being weird that the luggage is already in the storage room. Judd wonders if he is supposed to pack now or what? He says they haven’t even shown the veto meeting episode yet. Judd wonders if he should go ask if he is supposed to pack now or what? Spencer says it would be a good idea to ask. Spencer heads up to the HOH room. Judd goes to the diary room to ask if they should pack. When he comes out he heads into the rainbow room. Ginamarie asks Judd what they said. Judd says they didn’t know and said they would let us know later.


12:20pm Spencer is called to the diary room and when she comes out instead of going back up to bed in the HOH room he gets into his old bed downstairs. Spencer gets called to the diary room again. Judd shoot out of bed and says something’s up! Big Brother cuts the feeds.


12:40pm – 12:55pm When the feeds come back – The house guests are on an indoor lock down and Spencer is locked up in the HOH room. Judd comes into the rainbow room and jumps on Andy’s bed. Judd jumps straight into Andy’s knees and hurts himself. Judd sits on his bed and talks to Andy about the votes. Judd says that he knows McCrae won’t vote for him but that if Andy does then Spencer can break the tie. Judd says we can get out McCrae next and keep most of the exterminators together. Judd leaves. Andy goes and asks McCrae what’s going on? They called Spencer up to the HOH room and now they are locking us inside. Andy asks if he should go check to see if he can get into the HOH room. McCrae says yeah go check. Andy checks and comes back saying he couldn’t get into the HOH room. They wonder if Spencer is getting Pandora’s Box. McCare says yeah or its the video messages from home. They both hope its something bad for Spencer. Ginamarie and Andy wonder why they’re locked inside. Ginamarie says maybe it’s because someones coming into the house.

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1:10pm – 1:40pmAndy jokes that the arrows at the front door are now going the other way. Andy, Judd and Ginamarie sit on the living room couches and wait for something to happen. Judd asks what if it’s Talla (Big Brother Canada). Andy comments that today is day 81. It really is a huge accomplishment that we have all lasted this long. Judd asks what if he is just doing his stupid a$$ blog?! Gina says if that was the case they would have called him to the diary room for the camera first. Andy says no that’s after. McCrae says watch he gets to spend time with David Grohl (Foo Fighters – singer) and we get Elissa back. Judd wonders if they will have a live show tomorrow night. Andy asks on a Tuesday? Andy says it could be a luxury comp or something fun.


1:50pm Andy goes up to the HOH room door and knocks. Andy asks Spencer what are you doing? Spencer says I’m in here with Rachel Reilly. Big Brother says Andy KNOCK IT OFF! Andy heads back down stairs. He tells Judd that Spencer said he was in there with Rachel Reilly. Judd asks was he kidding? Andy says I think so, I don’t know.


1:55pm In the HOH room Spencer is heard “I heard it, I’m going to blow my nose and walk down.” In the kitchen – Gina comments from down stairs that she is going to throw something at Spencer when he comes out. Spencer comes out and says he was just doing his blog. Is that normal on a Sunday? They tell him no, usually its on a Tuesday. Spencer heads straight to the Diary room. Andy, Judd and Ginamarie comment on how they think Spencer was lying. Spencer then comes out of the dairy room with the camera. Gina says oh damn it was the blog then. They start taking photos. Spencer asks you all want to take our f**k Elissa photos now? Spencer, Ginamarie, Andy and Judd all take their photos in front of Elissa’s memory wall photo fingering her. They head up to the HOH room and take more photos. Gina then heads downstairs to pack.


2:10pm – 2:20pm Judd asks so you guys have my back right? Spencer and Andy tell Judd they’ve got his back. Judd says I am just so worried, I don’t want to be surprised? Judd asks is there any possibility? Spencer says no not where my head is at right now. Judd asks Andy says I’m exactly were Spencer is at. Judd says I just don’t want to go to jury with all those girls. Spencer says you could have a f**k fest with Jessie and Aaryn. Judd says no likely more like the claws will come out. Big Brother cuts the feeds and when they come back – Judd questions Andy about not saying final four. Andy says sorry final four, that’s what I mean. Judd says sorry I am going to be on edge until tomorrow. I will try and amp it down.
CBS Interactive Inc.


2:30pm – 3pm Out in the backyard – Judd asks Andy if he is going to give Gina the heads up or not. Andy says that he isn’t sure. I don’t even want to think about it right now. Judd says so you’re just going to surprise her? Andy says no. Judd says I would want to know if it was me. I will kill me to not know and be surprised. Judd tells Andy if we could just get to final two it would be such a toss up ..I don’t know who would win. Judd says we have both won 1 HOH and 1 POV … same comp wins. Judd and Andy reminisce about past events of the house. Judd talks about the vote and says I am just not going to worry about it, Spencer can break the damn tie. Judd and Andy head inside.

3pm – 3:10pm In the storage room – Gina asks Spencer what Judd thinks? Spencer says he think he’s staying. Big Brother cuts the feeds. When the feeds come back – Andy comments that they said tomorrow is an eviction episode, they didn’t say it’s live. Andy, Spencer, Ginamarie and Judd all head up to the HOH room. They talk about how they were told they couldn’t pack the ducks. Judd comments how McCrae is pissed at him now. Gina says she doesn’t understand why because McCrae cried like a b***h when you went home the first time. I don’t understand it. Judd says I am still going to be nice to him, if we hang out tonight. I am not going to be like screw you. Spencer says I don’t think McCrae is going to be an a$$hole to you.


3:20pm – 3:30pm Andy and McCrae are in the rainbow room. Andy says I don’t know if he was trying to get me and Spencer to try and keep him. Andy asks so where’s your head at? Andy says I want to get you and Spencer alone so we can talk but both of them (Gina and Judd) are on my nuts! McCrae agrees. Andy says can you believe Chris (production)saying “Who’s ready to win $10,000.. just kidding tomorrows an eviction episode.” McCrae heads outside to smoke.


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Kinda late for Pandoras box but……wtf, why not?
Lets see some action!

Pinocchio Obama

I hope Spencer does get a Pandora’s box that prevents him from playing in the next veto competition and gives Andy the chance to read all the posts about him on this site.


I am so upset at the Elissa bashing. Why didn’t the HG come together against other HG who deserved it? Like Aaryn, Jeremy, or Amanda? I could understand why they would be so hateful to those HG. Didn’t Elissa give haircuts? Cook dinner? Clean the kitchen? Elissa played a game of eviction with Andy and candy. Elissa was the first HG Judd hugged when he came into the house. Leave her alone.

Elissa is #1!!!

If you noticed, Elissa was the only person that was happy when they said an evicted HG would be coming back to the house. She is a very nice person. I never watched BB 13 so I didn’t even know who Rachel Reilly was. I like Elissa because of who she is, not because who she is related to. These houseguests have said horrible things about her and her family, hopefully they’ll realize that what they did was completely wrong. They’ll see how bad they were once they get out of the house.
Elissa is #1 and she will win America’s vote.

Todd Crane

If I were in the BB house I think I would have aligned myself with Elissa, Helen, and Howard. They seemed to be the nicest and I could work with them. The rest I really didn’t like. But I felt the 3 I mentioned were people with a heart and they really cared about others and had respect and dignity. I hope the three of them have a wonderful life ahead of them. They truly deserve it.

Pandoras Box

open it bitches


I sure do like K POP! That Miu of the Waveya dance crew is one cute mortal.

Randy Travis

Get thee behind me!! Nurse!! Nurse!! More Demerol! Go Judd!

Just Saying

Have any of these people ever watch Big Brother???? First rule of the game is “Don’t trust ANYONE”!!!! It amazes me how much these people trust the same that are going to backstab them. To my surprise McCrae (at least )shows some degree of distrust, meanwhile Judd (oh Dear)… fool me once,,, we all know how that goes, he should know as well.


BIG BROTHER 15 HOUSE is the dirtiest house of any Big Brother they never keep stuff clean .


I’m not going to lie, I’m kind of a slob……. but OMG, the picture made me grimace. You would think that they would clean up a little for lack of anything else to do…


Do they destroy OR donate – the bb house stuff?
YUCK! ( bed bugs, ants, cockroaches and mold )


Dirty house with dirtier people. The photo attack on Elissa’s is just disgusting and immature, I feel too used to saying that about this bunch. I think Pandora’s box should be Spencer has to choose a box and one of them contains an immediate switch with all of the Jury members. And the final 5 are now jury.

I would rather have Aaryn back in because even though she made a few inappropriate comments and flipped a bed because she was immature never went as far as completely degrading someone out loud on an hourly basis with a group of people.

These final five deserve to be sacked. All of them.


OMG, that is the best twist idea I’ve ever heard! Switch the jury with the house. It would be so unfair, but it would seriously be awesome!! I would be interested in BB again. I haven’t even watched Sun’s epsoide yet. Why bother. These people left in the house are sick, gross and disgusting. I dont want a single one of them to win. I dont even want to watch them anymore.


It’s as easy as ABC though see I got it down – I know I’m at the point where I can’t wait for the darn season to be over. Weird the only thing I will be watching the finale for is to see:

A. The applaud and boo factor when the re-introduce everyone
B. The houseguests evicted that did not make Jury’s opinion’s on EVERYTHING
C. Elissa win America’s favorite

Fuck you final five. 🙂

Elissa for the Win

OMG–who’s sleeping in that bed with all his/her junk on the floor? McDirty? How embarrassing!


I wouldn’t say any of the houseguests are – well, let me put it nicely – slow (except maybe David might not have been very bright), but I can’t figure out how everybody has kept Andy in the game this far? He is so detestable to the viewers so I can’t imagine the houseguests liking him, yet he doesn’t really get assaulted like they’ve done to Candice, Jessie and Elissa. What gives? I know people have been saying he’s playing a great game but really? I hope this isn’t my fear that Amanda gets to come back in with the Pandora’s Box. Maybe I gave to much credence to the rumour about her being the pre-chosen winner. I’m kind of hoping McCrae gets to final 2 now because he finally woke up and showed what he’s made of and he’s kind of the underdog at this point. We’ll see..


At this point I actually wish Amanda and Elissa were in a Pandora’s box and come back in the game to slap some game sense into people….


Haha so true!


i dont want to see amanda on my tv set again or ill smash it with a baseball bat

and i dont want to have to buy a new tv

Raid bug spray

Same here about bustin’ up my TV!


For those people who were saying that a certain site was saying amanda was 38 (she is definitely 28
.. Just in case you believed that) .. That website has been taken down .. Last I saw was some cease and desist letter and just now noticed the website is gone … Those bloggers were incredibly irresponsible putting up the innocent person addy/email/ phone number/ family members etc all because she shared the same name as amanda on BB .. Derp.


wow thats weird, she looks 38, maybe they were onto something

In my opinion

Hopefully it’s nothing. The red-haired turd aleady won $10k and a trip to the Bahamas. It’s just wrong if any of those assholes win any prizes at this point. Plus I don’t want to see any of those shitballs winning a diamond power of veto and putting McCrae up right before eviction.


I hope it’s something bad for Andy!


What if spencer was locked in a room full of rats? Oh wait he is already used to that with Andy!


Spencer is probably writing his HOH blog since there’s an eviction tomorrow.


I can’t blame them or the viewers for wanting SOMETHING to happen! I’ll have a disappointed face too if its just him writing a dumb blog. Lol


Awwww he said he was just writing his blog. Boooooooo :/


Spencer locked the door because production gave him a giant coffee-table picture book called Goat-wives of Khazakstan.

The Cheese

Andy is always staring at me.

Andy sucks



Best line all summer long.


I hope pandora’s box makes spencer shave his beard! Then, while he is locked in his room, Rachel comes into the house and unleashes her fury on the remaining houseguests.

Raid bug spray

Red beard is the nastiest fuc*~n…….beard – EVER!
Lazy a$$ hillbilly! He can’t find ANY damn TIME to groom that wooly thing? Keep your fat a$$ out of bed!!
You are the definition of SLOP!! Maybe if he wins some $
he can afford a barber?


I hope Rachel is coming to big brother house to make Andy’s life more miserable.


I heard the house guess coming back is Ian .. what a waist … would of been a lot of fun watching Rachel come in the house and give them 24 hrs of pure HELL … lol .. one can wish ..

They All Are Jealous of Elissa

They can’t talk about anything but Elissa because they are all so envious of her life.

Only Dr. Will Can Save Us Now

I would find it impossible to envy someone who lives in Regina, Saskatchewan.

proud canadian

And I would like to say that I would find it impossible to envy anyone living in the US but I won’t. Canadians have way too much class.


I like that comment .. so true .. we Canadian show a lot more class. and may I add that those who played BB Canada proves it .. I have never in all the BB shows I have watch including the live feeds seen or heard such a bunch of low lives and fowl mouths and envious people in my life .. totally discusted with this bunch…

Pinocchio Obama

I wonder if Canada has any WMD? Why did we go all the way over to Iraq looking for WMD when we could of just crossed the border and invaded Canada. Well not all of Canada, well maybe none of Canada, they would just want government handouts after we invade and the French Canadians or the worst, its almost as if they refuse to speak the same language as the rest of Canada. Oh wait…they don’t. It almost as if the eastern provinces want to break away from Canada and join America. Oh wait they do. Its almost as if the native Indians in Canada don’t want anything to do with Canada. Oh wait they don’t. Oh well, the Canadians can rely on all that class to keep it together.

Pinocchio Obama

@ Fake Pinocchio Obama

Didn’t we discuss this? I said it is ok to use my screen name as long as you don’t post something stupid (see above). And for the record I don’t know a single American who does not like and appreciate our Canadian neighbors.

Pinocchio Obama

So you are apologizing now for all your hate filled posts. You never could compete with the real thing you faker. Now you are such a coward, you are hiding behind my name. Canada is a great country. Don’t try to hide behind my name, you Amanda wanna be!


Doesn’t sound like you get out much. I like Canadians but like every nationality there’s good and bad. You saying you can’t find a single American that don’t appreciate our Canadian neighbors. You are really stretching that point. For the most part Canada is our best and only true friend. We share a lot of culture together. However, there are a lot of areas that we compete head on and there is a huge financial impact to communities as people lose jobs. Come up to Detroit sometime. I can show you quite a few people that might not share such an enthusiastic opinion of our neighbors to the north. Yep, USA and Canada’s bond is strong and benefits both countries. But lets not get it twisted and believe that there is no pain that comes with it.


Real Pinnochio Obama: When I first read the message with your name I thought it didn’t sound like you at all. Well all I can tell you is that the HGs are envious of Elissa and see how they vilify her. The fake P.O. is probably envious of you. So don’t worry, everytime we see something horrible with your name on it we’ll know it’s the fake P.O.
Elissa #1!

Pinocchio Obama

So Sorry!

I apologize for my comment regarding Canada. I thought Marianne had started this nonsense about living in USA vs Canada and which one had more class. She was only defending Canada after Dr. Will’s post made such a derogatory comment. I guess I should of read all the posts before I jumped in and made a comment. Hey I was wrong, and I love Canada, been to Windsor and Toronto several times. My comment was stupid, please ignore it.


You make me embarrassed to be American-We are so in-debt that we have to borrow billions from China(Canada didn’t),we seem to only take time out from fighting with each other to fight with everyone else on the planet (Canada doesn’t) and Canadians can go to any country and not feel ashamed to say who they are.I am sick of people like you making life difficult for me when I have to travel and I am hated because they think I am an American like you-Why don’t you say you are from another country. I apologize to the Canadians on here- this loser is some in-bred- We are not all like that

Keep It Real

I am tired of Americans like you, who are not proud to be an American. I might not agree with what these battling Obama’s say but I definitely don’t agree with you. We have the largest military and protect Western values around the world. That allows other countries like Canada and Europe to maintain a very small military. You understand what I am saying, the rest of the western world is able to save their money because they hide behind our military.

So now Syria who has used chemical weapons on its people. Except for France, none of these high and mighty countries that you are so proud of, including Canada are willing to come to the aid of these oppressed Syrians. Its going to be the good old USA that will go it alone. These other countries are quietly saying we support the USA but publicly denouncing us. I hate Americans like you going around and apologizing as if we did something wrong.

Whatever the Congress and President decide, I fully support, and if its decided to kick some Syrian butt over killing their own people. I fully support our government.


See you are proving my point. You don;t even listen. I am proud of me not you – you are embarrassing my country that is what I don’t like – who do you think you are telling anyone how to feel . I am more proud and respectful of my country than people like you are . Everything you just said proved my right. You think war is always right, there are always better ways to help, but people like you can;t even think for yourself to realize that Don’t you ever tell me how to represent my country. That is exactly what I am talking about. You are a robotic little spoiled brat who has no identity except to hide behind the military who do all the work and then you take credit – I hate that. I am sick of non-American brainless spoiled big mouths like you – proving me right that all we seem to do is Fight Fight fight- with each other and everyone else- go back to your mommy


Now there’s an idea. Let’s have a geographical version of BB. Continents or countries can faceoff against each other and vote to evict the country/continent with the worst gameplay. Oh wait, we kind of have that now, I guess. Nevermind.


As a Canadian to you what a moron you are.


directed at this false SOB .. I have only one thing to say to you … get some education before you write something like this down .. saying what you said only shows that you are an uneducated, bias, racist, GOOF .. grab a dictionary you are going to need it …. LOL @ this idiot


So sad but true. I LOVE AMERICA! This is what happens to people who are brainwashed by politicians that we should hate anyone that works hard and has more than we do. If you can get people to hate others, give them food stamps, welfare, a place to live, you have them TOTALLY dependent on government and thus a society that is jealous of anyone who is strong enough to have a brain and think for themself( good example of Andy’s hatred for Alissa).


Canada the 51ststate of the United States.

Yeah Right

You Canadians have a lot of class. LOL! Oh please do me a favor and stay on that side of the border. I go to Las Vegas and its filled with drunk Canadians. I go to LA and its filled with drunk Canadians. I listen to the radio and the airwaves are filled with Canadians trying to sound American. You have all your oil, but you want to run a pipeline down through the USA to be exported, as if you have a right to do it. Now you are watching some make believed reality show and want to cast a broad brush and say typical Americans. LOL! Ok, please stay on that side of the border with all that class.


As an American – you do sound like a typical American – I know what people think of us from traveling- grow up and stop bashing Canadians who are some of the only people that can still remotely stand us American- it is so embarrassing


You sound like an American that has a problem with America. That’s what make this country so great. Because those that hate our way of life we still protect and allow them to come to this country and flourish. So hate on if that what makes you feel better. However, I travel a lot and am proud to be an American.


Anther spoiled little shit who hides behind the military. I doubt you have ever protected anyone in your life – you wouldn’t protect anyone – just the mindless repeated crap you have been brainwashed with. I am more American than you will ever be – so don’t pretend you protect anyone. You don’t make this country great – people like I do- and I have had too many family members lose their life for this country I am not going to be talked like that do by anyone


Simon, Dawg and some of the old regulars are Canadian. Can we just talk about the game and leave uninformed world politics and non game related insults out of it? Is it too much to ask that? Simon and Dawg do a lot so we don’t have to watch the feeds all summer long, show some respect. Looking forward to BBCA season 2, keep up the great work, Simon and Dawg. Most of us do appreciate you guys a lot.


Lets just say that there are fools in every country and leave it at that.


I’m Canadian too but I must admit that I’d never ever wanna live in Regina, SK.

Randy Travis

Anyone who ever waited tables knows about Canadians. the cheap bastards never tip.


as an American I have been in a foreign country and the only person in the restaurant being rude and loud and making a seen was another American. I threw down my money and ran out. We have to tip to make up for people like you embarrassing us and acting like jack-asses


We Canadians keep our money save in investments for raining days that is why our economy is blooming and not yours.


I am a Canadian that grew up in a border city and waitressed thru college; and although US$ was worth more than Canadian$ at the time, NONE of us ever wanted to wait on them; not only bcuz they were the worst tippers but the were also the rudest and most demanding customers that thought they were so mych better than everyone else. – not all of them acted like this but most did.

proud canadian

FYI, when I dine out I leave a minimum 20% tip, even if a tip is already included in the bill. When 9/11occurred, I gave immediately without even thinking. When tornadoes destroy your country, I send money to the Red Cross. I am an OAP and have to consider every cent I spend but if my contribution will help my neighbours to the south, I am willing to forego a treat or two that I might enjoy. I don’t take potshots at the USA, I respect Americans and am always brought to tears when tragedy strikes your country. I am also full of pride to see how Americans come together in times of tragedy. I don’t knock your country and I ask that you show the same respect. Simples!!!!!!!

Andy is a F@@KING Snake

Actually Dr Will you would be envious, it is quite beautiful — I’m an American who lives in Key West and I have many Canadian friends from this part of Canada…,so to any Canadians reading this, our apologies — most of us are not like Dr Will 🙂


I read something that confused me on one of the live feeds, McCrae said he had to go to DR to talk about the live feeds….then, all last night they weren’t bashing…do you think they were tipped off that we were pissed about their trash talk? If so, again, more evidence that production is interfering!!


hearing about elissa =


but thats me


They talk poorly about Elissa bc I’m quite certain they aren’t intelligent enough to make any other kind of conversation. All the cussing and crass remarks? Same thing! These people are not smart, witty or complex. They’re straight up boring!!! I’m not an Elissa fan but she had much more couth than these bozos.


I think a major part of the problem is that none of them give a darn about any of the others lives. They’re not interested enough to even ask about each others likes, dislikes, interests, etc. The conversation last night (early morning) when they were trying to warn McC about Amanda was one of the more viewable segments from the entire last week. They actually sounded almost normal.


Andy would be shocked that McCrae won his third HoH so he will cry like a b$tch. Too bad for him because he will be going home this Thursday.

Andy is a F@@king Snake

Oh good andy, don’t contain your glee! We hope it’s something bad too, something that will take your sorry ass out of the game.

Andy needs to GO!

How can we get an I Hate Andy Website going so that when he leaves he can see how many people just HATE the game he played. I can’t say I hate him personally, I don’t know him, but the game he has played and the way he acts in the house, PLEASE, he needs a bit*c slap from one of the other players. I hope people nail him on finale night if he makes it to Final 2. Hopefully he doesn’t make it that far, but if he does, get him Amanda, expose him to all of the all people for the RAT he is.


I agree he is such a RAT! I HATE ANDY!


A site and or video of his hate moments should be aired. He is spewing just as much or more of hateful vile comments than the others. just in his cowardly way. He sits back and encourages the fowl behavior. In the videos and articles online they mention Spencer, Aaryn GM and Amanda but NEVER anything about Andy. His hate towards Elissa is horrific. He needs to be exposed and pay the price when he gets out. It will be disgusting if him and Spencer win.


You could sell I hate Andy t-shirts and coffee mugs with his picture with the red circle with the line through it. How about an I hate Andy video with all his lies and cries. The possibilities for marketing items are endless.


Back in the 90’s there was a CD released and fan club called “I Hate Brenda” in honor of 90210’s Shannen Doherty. I think Andy needs one too. 🙂 Shannen is cool in my book.


Simple. Go to petition.org ,start a petitiion stating why Andy needs to be reminded of his BB behavior/attitude and rally enough peeps to sign it.


At this point, I would rather McCrae win because none of the Exterminators deserve it. If McCrae does win, hopefully his parents and friends can discourage him from wasting the money on Amanda.


I agree! One thing that GM said was true that Amanda took Mccrea’s fire from him. Her leaving has been the best thing for his game, he could have been a strong player this whole summer. The only thing is if that would have happened the floaters would have gotten rid of him like they did all the other strong players this summer. So, maybe this has worked in his favor. If he does make it to the final two, Amanda will have him spending up all his money on her especially when she finds out she doesn’t have a job now!!! He will be broke again and still leaving in his parent’s basement!!! The best thing that man can do is run like hell as fast and as far as he can to get away from her!!! Hopefully he is seeing that now that she is gone!!!


I said the same thing earlier. If he hadn’t been laying with Amanda this whole time, he would already be out. Maybe it worked to his favor after all.


dont count on mccrae trying to break free of demonanda

she will continue to drain his spirit and if he wins she will drain his bank account

and he will be cool with it

this is why its critical he does not win as she will get a big cash payout from it

Asshole Andy

What a surprise Andy has his cat shirt on again. I hope Spencer gets a Pandora’s Box that includes Andy being covered in honey and tied spread eagle in the back yard so Jesse Godderz can lick the honey off of him. On second thought he would enjoy that so lets have Amanda do it.


Maybe its the FBI interrogating Spencer.

jeremy "boat" sales!!!!???

Gm needs the money for therapy. Go Gm !


I believe you made that remark in jest but I don’t think you are far off the mark. I know that GM is responsible for her downfall — no job and definitely no Nick —
but for some reason I am concerned what will happen to her after the show. I think she has limited job and social skills and will find that employers will not be lining up to hire her and one time friends may shun her. Her mental stability is questionable and I fear that she will become a sad statistic of BB15. Hope I am wrong but…………….


She will be fine…. she’ll get a job at that “T” shirt store from Jersey Shore.

Randy Travis

I’ll hire her. I need help!


I really don’t get GM, she suppose to be a role model to young model kids she always wishing everyone good luck!! but on the flip side she doesn’t talk like a lady, it’s dude this, bro that, I mean what young lady with social skills talks like that, she acts like one of the guys. is she going to be a little blonde Ameanda ruling her man, I just don’t get it. I don’t like that in women. Sometimes, yes, when you’re kidding around but all the time NO.


Spencer will need the money for legal fees when he’s charged with Child Poronography.

CBS Save The Season

I have an idea: Give Spencer a Pandora’s Box– if he opens it, the five houseguests inside the BB house will immediately be replaced with five people in the jury. I’ll take Eliisa, Hellen, Candice, Jessie and CrapManda any day over the people in the BB house.


I Got a good Pandora’s Box he opens the box and out pops Ellisa holding $10 thousand dollars, if he takes the money he takes Ellisa and she is back in the game what an Asskicker that would be, I know it won’t happen but man that would be great!! Man they would all be pissed and that would make me happy! and I think many people would be happy!


It’s defineatly pandora’s box….hope it does something to Andy or Spencer kick them out the door!


I hope it’s Niknikniknikniknikniknik niknikniknikniknik nikniknikniknikniknikniknik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


@ Diana…Or maybe they can tell him the importance of hygene. So there isn’t any excuse now that you don’t have the money to buy personal products and staying groom in a reasonable manner. I can deal with the long hair but comb it back in put in a pony tail, do something than what u r already doing. I truly hope he has some type of mentor that will discourage him in moving to Florida. I’d rather see him move to Cali. Atleast he has a plan to adventure out and possibly doing his passion of filming or whatever he said a few weeks ago to Amanda.

Eat my Words

McPuss waste his money? Him and Amanda are already signed up for the next season of Amazing Race. These bottom dwellers are going reality show hoping like Brenchel and Jeff/Jordan. CBS and Allison have Amanda ready to take there show on the road after the finals.

Just Worn Out

I read an article, not betting it is true, but supposedly A & MC are going to be on Amazing Race, (there’s another show ruined for me, gonna have to cut CBS , home of Carol Burnett, loose. But for the good OLD days. Sorry, I digress) Anyway, says because so many people were so unhappy with her and the rumors of her being pre selected as winner, they paid her off, hence she was evicted by production. If this story is true, she was rewarded for despicable behavior. Imagine. sorry commentary on this society.


I could see McCrae going on Amazing Race, but never Amanda. She’s just not cut out to win the comps, like eating strange food or any of the physical stuff. And could you imagine what she might say to or about the people in the foreign countries she’d have to go to?


Let Spencer win. It’ll be a smack in the face to all the exterminators.


This is wishful thinking Spencer gets Pandora’s Box – remove your replacement nominee and replace him with the remaining houseguest:)

Andy is a F@@king Snake

Oh puleez, let spencer be telling the truth for once === please, please, please let Rachel be back in the house!!!!!


Thank God Andy gave that organ shirt to AmanDUH for collateral. I thought it was the only shirt he brought to the house and was beyond sick of seeing it. Hopefully they will be reunited soon.


Oh to be that fly on the wall that shows Amanda and Andy reuniting – I would actually side with Amanda on that one.


they are both major scumbags


Yes I agree but oddly enough, I think Amanda would’ve stopped after Elissa was evicted. I still think she has some serious issues but Andy just keeps Elissa bashing and bashing and bashing – with NOTHING to gain from it.


but over the 10 week duration…

amanda has been far worse overall


Who wants to see Andy punch his mouth???


How many times does Andy say “I feel like”. How many times does Spencer pidk his nose? How many times does McCrae bite his nails and sit with his right leg up? How many times does GinaMarie say “yea, no ?


Don’t think it is a pandoras box. They are just getting ready for tomorrows eviction (to be aired wednesday). It is as simple as that.

This Season Blows

Gotta love Brenchel drones. One minute they’re whining about how “everyone talks trash about Elissa all the time because they’re jealous,” the next minute they’re obsessively posting about how much they hate Andy on every single thread. The hypocrisy is mind-numbing.


Amen to that brother….

Randy Travis

I think I speak for all nekkid, bath-salt smokin zombies who are strapped down in hospital beds, when I say GO JUDD!! Can I get an Amen, brother?


And when did Elissa say anything as close to disgusting about Rat Dog that he says about her 50 times a day? He’s not up 15 minutes before he starts yelling obscenities about Elissa. He even join in the personal attacks on her kids.

Elissa didn’t trust him but he has a psycho obsession with bashing her.

Italian Princess

I’m no big fan of Elissa — I just think Andy is a disgusting little twerp who spends waaaaaaaaaaaay too much time harping on how much he hates Elissa. Give it a rest, Bozo! She’s gone and you’re still there (unfortunately). I would not want him teaching my kids, that’s for sure! And I sure as he** do not want him to win this thing. I’m still hoping McCrae gets some kind of power and has the opportunity to put Andy’s a$$ in the hot seat. It would give me such joy to watch the little bi%ch cry and whimper like a baby! He and Spencer both disgust me. Okay — I feel better now. 🙂


For Pandora’s Box = Elissa will return in her before plastic enhancements state and nobody will recognizer her


They act like a bunch of high school girls hating on Elissa for no apparent reason! I don’t see anyone saying sh*t about Aaryn for her nasty behavior or Amanda for hers….Just Elissa. Because she looked at them and smiled when people were nasty. How dare her!?

This Season Blows

Plenty was said about Aaryn during her time in the house – Elissa couldn’t even carry on a single conversation without bashing Aaryn. And they’re probably holding off on the Demanda smack talk out of respect for McCrae.

People forget, but every year, houseguests talk shit about each other all year. It’s impossible for them to not get on each other’s nerves in the BB environment, to be honest.


Oh,what a let down! Drats!

Bored Viewer

CBS/BB production have the potential to make history with this crackhead season. For the first time in the history or reality TV game shows, none of the finalist are eligible for the cash prizes…

The 500K can be added onto whatever amount the BB16 1st place winner receives. The 50K can be added onto whatever amount the BB16 2nd place winner receives. AND, Elissa still wins the 25K as America’s Favorite.

What was Judd talking about when he said he had a trick up his sleeve? Was that the brilliant idea to give a “speech” to McCrae in order to make the other crackheads think he still wants McCrae out? For a moment, I thought he might have a DPOV, but then he wouldn’t have needed to pace around the house whining, so yeah, that must have been the trick. Not so much brilliant as it is crackish… it’s been done several times this season.

Andy and Spencer trying to get McCrae to use the veto on GM was so crackish that I don’t even need to elaborate. At least Andy isn’t wearing a tank top this afternoon.


Oh I see everyone gets nothing but Elissa..


Let me guess in BB16 will be Rachelissa other sister or cousin.. and if they dont win carrv over the winnings until one of the Reilly family wins it

This Season Blows

Brenchel drones might as well admit that they’d like the show to be rigged for a Reilly every year and just have the money be handed to them. They clearly don’t actually like the game considering how they melt down whenever anyone lies or strategizes, even though it’s part of the game.


I hate Rachel I hate Brendan they are the most annoying people ever. That being said what did Elissa ever do? She is completely different from her sister. Sure she has the same type of annoying laugh and looks like her but she is her own person. She carried herself with a lot more class than Rachel but more importantly was much classier than ANY of the house guests left. Just because she didn’t get in the gutter and jump on the trash talking wagon does not mean she though she was better than any one ( just to be clear though I thought she was better than them) I’m not sure why there is so much distain for Elissa or why people are calling her rachellissa???

Bored Viewer

Since America casts the votes for America’s favorite, why not award the 25K to someone if that have the votes. If the poll on this site is any indication of how the actual results will turn out, then Elissa would win the 25K.

I have no idea what Brenchel is… You shouldn’t take my post so seriously, CBS is going to award the 500K and the 50K, and it remains to be seen if Elissa will win the 25K. I will be voting for her though 🙂

BB15: Crackhead Edition will be soon come to an end!

Rigged for the Reillys

Of course Rachelissa will win Americas favorite. Rachel is already pushing for it on twitter.

They should just remove the America’s favorite vote.

Have a award for whoever made the biggest moves then you would have less people floating.


I’m confused. Was Judd’s speech so that Andy will vote to evict GM thinking that
mccrae will vote out Judd (but will vote out GM instead)?
Then there will be two votes to evict GM? Is that at all a possibility?


Maybe so that Andy can force Spencer to get his hands dirty???
Maybe a possibility?

Bored Viewer

That’s sounds about right. I’m not sure that Judd has verbalized it that far yet though. If I remember correctly, Judd said something about making them think he hates McCrae in order to boost his chances… he told McCrae that he was going to do something and McCrae said something like “fine, just don’t get me in trouble.”

It is confusing to keep up with all the crackish attempts at strategy this season.

House Ghost

There should be a moral turpitude clause in their contracts forbidding attack king HGs children, family members or any body that is not in the game.


I love how these assholes think that the BB Vegas trip was cancelled because CBS can’t afford it. I’m sure it’s because CBS doesn’t want to pay for massive security to keep these pieces of shit safe and for crowd control. I can’t believe how delusional they are thinking how well liked they are by us! LOL!!! If they only knew…oh wait, they will know soon enough! If Andy or Spencer win, they should spend the money on lots of plastic surgery and a new identity! I’ve noticed that some people have commented that Andy is not a rat, he’s playing a good game. Andy is a rat bastard turd. Dan Gheesling played an excellent game and was and is well liked. You can play this game with class and be popular with fans. Andy is just a piece of dog shit. Spencer is a disgusting excuse for a human being. Have a nice life you two…NOT!

This Season Blows

LOL at Dan Gheesling “playing the game with class.” His first time on the show, maybe, but by the end of his second season, he had turned into a cocky asshole who alienated the entire jury. Still would have been a far more deserving winner than Ian, but let’s not revise history here.

Jody H.

You cannot compare this lot to Dan Gheesling. He absolutely lied and manipulated his way through big brother. But everything was done with purpose to get him further in the game. These people are just despicable and vile for the sake of being malicious people. I expect the machinations and enjoy those. But this is just ridiculous.

I just think there is a line and they very deliberately crossed it.


I heard they couldn’t find a sponsor that wanted their company associated with this season.

Randy Travis

I’ll pay for the party. Can I come in my hospital bed? Go Judd!


If F2 is GM v McCrae, who will win?
– Candice: McCrae
– Judd: depends if he’s PMSing or not
– Jessie: probably GM because she hates Amanda
– Helen: McCrae
– Amanda: Duh
– Poopy: GM, I think
– Elissa: definitely the wild card
– Spencer: GM
– Andy: McCrae because Amanda’d have cracked his nuts in jury house

Jim 64

This goes out to joker lips
I am not a fan of Brendan once you are voted out you should be
Out that includes Amy from season 3 Kayser from season 6
Brendan from 13 and Judd from 15 fan of Rachel & Elissa
Are you crazy

You should be glad

… you don’t have the live feeds because it’s BORING there now!

This website is way more fun because of all the crazy COMMENTS while in the house the sloths sleep, waiting, waiting, waiting.


Ranking the Remains

Assuming that Judd goes next.

1. McDoobie Spicoli- To me the least offensive of our options. He is going to need to win the next HOH and make a deal with GinaMarie since only one person will vote in the next eviction to evict Andy.

2. GinaFoot In Mouth- My second choice and I would have to hold my nose to root for her but she has proven to be a factor lately in competitions.

3. Pedophile Spence- What does it say about this season that he isn’t ranked last? I hope Conway dumps him so he can masterbate full time. A total pervert.

4. Rodent Obama- Everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. A bully and a coward should spend the rest of his life with Amanda. They deserve each other.

Does There Have To Be A Winner?

^ Ranking

You make a good point about McCrae making a deal and taking GinaMarie. She is the only person left in the house who will actually keep their word. She may be messed up but she is loyal.


One thing that baffles me is how little concern these houseguests have for editing themselves when talking about people who are now in jury. They don’t seem to be care about jury votes. This is so weird and just plain dumb on their part. There’s been so many verbal attacks on people this season. Maybe I’m mistaken though; when they attack people, are they doing it because they know that during those particular times the tapes won’t be gong to the jury? I know that the jury members won’t see every thing but are they being selective about when to say things so that it won’t affect their votes? Anyone know? Thanks. 🙂


Forgot my name above. 🙂

A Question for Judd

How does someone ‘amp it down?’

JUst a quest

Andy is so low, he needs to go and I can not wait until he is gone, what is wrong with spencer OH okay second place is fine with me. I will get women I mean Andy. McCrae will get HOH and out the door Andy and I will be so excited. It will make my day, he thinks he is so smart, he is a mean sprited person. Just Tell Judd he will give them a possible vote if they did.


I want Andy out of the GAME! Not out of a chance to have a job, friends or a good life. Lets not start a Andy Hate website or encourage anybody to mess with him after the show. If you have crossed to that level of dislike you need to stop watching.


Just like the other HGs Rat Dog will have to accept the consequences of his actions/in-actions. He is supposed to be an educator. His field is communications yet he doesn’t even think about all the vile things he says going out on the net–forever. He verbally attacks another HG’s children. He has consistently referred to the women HGs as c**ts.

He truly thinks he’s a mastermind while all the time being nothing more than a small minded bigot himself. No on has to start a Hate Andy website. They just have to plug his name into YouTube and let him speak for himself.

This Season Blows

Andy will you marry me?

This Season Blows

Get a life and stop trying to impersonate me, Brenchel drones.

This Season Blows

Is that a yes?

This Season Blows

Nope, just telling you to grow up and get a life.


By the way – does anyone know what Spencer went to rehab for? Did he talk about what kind of rehab?


Well he said he smoked pot while on the job with the railroad. Maybe he tested positive and they sent him to rehab.

Pinocchio Obama

Obsessive Compulsive Monkey Spanking.

Randy Travis

He went to rehab with me and Kevin Federline. He’s a tweaker- weighed 120 pounds in rehab. Go Judd!

Still crazy after all these weeks

I always DVR BBAD because I never wanted to watch commercials. But now, I am finding that I like watching the commercials more than watching those lunatics. I cannot keep up with who is for or against who. Who’s on first??? Who is in alliance with who. It’s making me crazy. Thank you Simon and Dawg for being the “play by play” guys. I need a scorebook for this.


dvr was perfect for skipping through mccrae/amanda

Andy is a rat

Andy makes me sick. He is a liberal gay who wants people to be tolerant of him and his gay lifestyle. Yet he is NOT tolerant of Elissa and her lifestyle. He is vile, disgusting, a women hater, a racist, a liar and just plain gross. That piece of garbage sat back and laughed when the racist, wanna be hood rat, thug GM made racist remarks about Elissa’s 8 year old son. Andy called Elissa NOTonce but numerous times a c***. As a woman and mother of a daughter I found that offensive, showed his hate for women, he is vile…….and what did CBS do to stop that behavior NOTHING, shame on them…..CBS promoted the bullying, racism, hatred of women and vile, derogatory, disgusting behavior all for money……CBS you should be ashamed….

This Season Blows

But he’s so cute!


I’ve conjured up a theory! I bet production doesn’t like this crew either and they aren’t getting a pandora’s box unless they are all punished! I wouldn’t wish Elissa back in the house with these hurtful people! They are so immature and ridiculous about Elissa. Elissa was always kidding around with Andy! I have no idea why he is so vindictive against her. They are all jealous because her lifestyle is foreign to them and Lord knows they don’t like anyone that is different from them! Andy still puzzles me because I would think as an educator he would have a higher tolerance for differences in people. I hope they are all HAVE NOTS for the rest of the production. Maybe production is speeding it up because this has been so painful.

Dwayne Daughtry

clearly the drama of Big Brother has ended with Amanda and Ellisa gone. In fact the drama was so intense that most of the players are still cursing the names of evicted contestants. Now we are forced to watch a hum-drum finale where little, if any, drama remains. It was a good show for a while the drama lasted. But now, the Big Brother finale is putting its viewers to sleep.

Elissa FTW!

Please America give Elissa America’s player….. now before you start thumbing me down…. hear me out! Picking Elissa for (1) to look at the faces of all the haters Spencer, GM, Judd, MC and yes the worst of them, the red RAT will be epic…. (2) Elissa played a fair game, she never used vulgar language against any other HG and kept it clean. That being said, she deserves the money just as much as anyone does….. being wealthy or not!


no chance will i be voting for her because she is not my favourite


Everyone already knows she will get it, thus just feeding back into their hated of her free ride. Anybody but Elissa is the only way.

Rachel Reilly

Hey Floaters,

Did you really think that I would agree to go into that house with you 5 that are still bashing my sister? I guess I can’t blame you I almost hate her too. Her life is great. She is married to a great guy with a ton of cash who loves her like crazy and her body is insane.

By the way, I know you floaters are going crazy wondering if my sis will win America’s Player and here is a clue…. The answer is 3 letters long, starts with Y, ends with S, and has a E in the middle. (Judd & GM that = YES I know that it’s a hard riddle for you so I figured I would give you the answer before you have an aneurysm). If you are wondering why she is going to win, I’ll tell you that too. Grab your life vests floaters … ready? YOU put that money in her hand. America is so disgusted by your bashing of her (especially when she isn’t even in the house) that they are going to give it to her because they are embarrassed that adult Americans would act so rudely on a network TV show. This isn’t cable we aren’t watch the Bad Girl-Real Housewife marathon.

Have a nice day Floaters. I almost hate to say it but I’m pulling for McCre he may not shower much but at least he doesn’t stink as much as the rest of you.

Love and Kisses,
Rachel Reilly


god im bored

Does There Have To Be A Winner?

^ Rachel Reilly

Now that was some funny shit. How does that taste Elissa haters?


elissa = meh

i just dont care