Andy says if Ginamarie walks out here I am going to lose my s**t! I can’t get a minute alone with you!

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV ?
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Sept 9th
HOH Winner: Spencer Next HOH: Sept 11th*
Original Nominations: Gm and McCrae
Current Nominations: JUDD and GM
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn, Amanda, Elissa
Have Nots


3:30pm Up in the HOH room – Judd asks Ginamarie do you know if its me or you? Gina says I don’t know dude because I am not putting anybody on the spot. I just asked if they would let me know so that I can put a dress on if I am going out. Although with my scar I will probably just wear pants. Gina comments how she has been looking at the fish food to figure out the finale is on the 18th because that’s when it runs out. Gina says tomorrow there’s an eviction and then probably an HOH right after that. So basically there is only one more week.

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3:35pm – 4pm Out in the backyard – Andy and McCrae are talking. McCrae says that Judd told him if he was in the jury he would vote for Spencer to win because of what he’s gone through. McCrae comments that it is pretty amazing that Spencer has survived so many times on the block. Judd joins them and tells McCrae that he is sorry. I could have handled that differently. McCrae says it’s okay it just took him off guard. They discuss the HOH competition being a simple set up one like the step up / step down one since they are still allowed outside. Judd asks do you think we will get alcohol tonight. Andy says I don’t know, they said they were getting us up really early tomorrow. Spencer joins them and they talk about movies. Judd jokes that the brenchel army is coming out with a movie soon – Zombie Army, just kidding.. Andy says Brenchel Army do not vote for me! I only want clear minded individuals voting for me for America’s favorite! Spencer says f**k the brenchel army – I hope they all commit mass suicide. McCrae heads inside. Judd asks Andy so is McCrae voting me out? Andy says yes! Judd asks really? Andy says yes, what did you expect. McCrae said what you did made it real easy. Judd asks but you’re not? Andy says no. Judd says okay good. Judd tells Spencer that he apologized to McCrae already. Andy heads inside. Judd tells Spencer he is going to be the tie breaker. Spencer tells Judd he is good. They fist bump. Judd gets called to the diary room. Andy says if Ginamarie walks out here I am going to lose my shit because I can not get a minute alone with you! Andy says I love Judd to death but I think we really need to get rid of him because if we don’t McCrae will be like what the f**k. Spencer agrees. Ginamarie joins them. (lol)


4:10pm – 4:30pm Spencer and Judd are alone on the backyard couches. Judd asks what is Ginamarie saying? Spencer says she’s just doing sweet stuff like cooking and cleaning. I think she is just talking to Andy and McCrae because she knows I can’t vote. Judd says but you can vote, you’ll break a tie. Spencer says yeah but you know what I mean. Judd comments that McCrae making it to the final three, he would win the comps especially that endurance one where they throw you against a wall. I feel like they always do that one. Judd asks do you think we will have an HOH tomorrow? Spencer says yeah maybe not right after but.. Judd says Ginamarie deserves a live audience though (Being evicted). Spencer says he still thinks it will have an audience just not live. Judd asks do you think Ginamarie has offended a lot of people? Spencer says yeah probably. Judd says she doesn’t mean it though. When she says stuff some times I am like oh god! Andy joins them and is upset. He comments how he was doing his goodbye messages and its hard because its come down to two people he cares about. They discuss the upcoming HOH. Spencer says I am going to be in a knot not being able to play it. Ginamarie brings them sandwiches.


4:40pm – 5pm Spencer says it’s funny how Ginamarie doesn’t realize the things she says are slurs or racist. Judd and Andy agree. Andy laughs at how Ginamarie said she was going to make her play dough Helen figure yellow. Andy and Spencer head inside. McCrae comes outside. Judd asks we good, we good, we good??? McCrae says yeah. Judd says they (Andy and Spencer) said they are voting to keep me. Judd says I am going to avoid you for the rest of the night, okay? No offense. McCrae says yeah. Judd heads inside. Spencer and Andy come outside to join McCrae. Spencer laughs and asks can I ask you how you are voting? McCrae laughs and says yeah it makes it a lot easier (To vote out Judd). Gina joins them. Andy says these are the four people that I could not be more happy to be here with. Judd heads inside to take a nap. The other discuss past events of the house and laugh at how Andy didn’t win much money in his reward. Gina says she wanted him to win the whole thing and says she wanted one of the pigs.


Out in the backyard – Ginamarie and McCrae talk about Elissa being crazy most of the time and how some time they were also able to have good conversations with her. Ginamarie brings up Judd’s outburst / fight with McCrae during the veto ceremony. She comments on how shocked she was because normally no one talks or says anything during it.

CBS Interactive Inc.

5:20pm – 5:40pm Up in the HOH room – Andy and Spencer discuss voting out Judd. Spencer asks Andy if he talked to McCrae. Andy says yeah he is voting out Judd. Andy says essentially you can keep your hands clean because I will be the one to vote him out. Yet another bitter Jury member that I am sending out. Andy says I can tell Judd that I have been with Ginamarie longer because I cant tell him its because I don’t trust him as much. Andy says why did McCrae have to win that veto. Spencer says let me be honest with you. There is a part of me that worries about how you say that you trust Ginamarie more because if it comes down to a final 3 decision. I worry about you taking her over me. Andy tells Spencer I have told you everything about Ginamarie and I. Spencer says if it came down to it and I had to make the decision I would pick you. Andy says I would too. I have not made a final two with Ginamarie at all, I will shake your hand right now. Spencer says yeah I just don’t want to send Judd home and then you take Ginamarie to the end. Andy says I won’t do that. Andy says ugh I don’t want to tell Judd but I know I have to out of respect to him. I hate that I have to keep lying to him. Spencer says I know it’s going to be hard to do bro. Andy says I just need to man up and do it. Spencer says do it tomorrow. Andy says I hate that I have to choose. Spencer says I don’t want you to think that I am questioning you, because I trust you. I know you can beat me in the end. Andy says I just don’t want McCrae to make it to the final 3. Andy asks Spencer if he wants to be there when he tell Judd. Spencer says I don’t want to be there but feel like that would be the pu$$y thing to do. Andy and Spencer discuss how Judd’s speech during the Veto ceremony was a mistake. Spencer asks what are the pros to keeping Judd. Andy says he would go after McCrae but then so will Gina. I just think that Judd would weasel his way to getting McCrae to keep him next week.


5:40pm – 6pm Spencer tells Andy if I can’t win the half million, I want you to win it. McCrae has put me in harm’s way so many times and Ginamarie hasn’t really done anything for me. Spencer says we almost talked McCrae into using the veto on Ginamarie but it was a fine line of showing our cards and pressuring him. Andy says oh my god day 77 happened so perfectly – F**K YOU ELISSA! Spencer comments how Ginamarie has been kissing my on the cheeks a lot lately. Andy says I wish I could have kissed Nick on the lips. Spencer says you know what’s weird is that the blue hat didn’t make an appearance during the veto ceremony today. They talk about Judd. Andy says 90% of the time he is nice and 10% of the time he is an irritable di*k. Andy says I will tell just pretty close to the vote like a couple hours before. Spencer says or during the first commercial break. Andy says yeah I will probably do it then to minimize his reaction as much as possible. Andy heads downstairs.



6:10pm – 6:30pm Andy heads outside and talks to McCrae. McCrae says I am just worried about tomorrow. Andy says about what, oh about the HOH. Andy says I am going to tell him tomorrow. McCrae says I would like to be there too. Andy says I would rather do it alone because I will tell him that I’ve had a deal with Ginamarie since the beginning. McCrae says he will talk to him after. Andy says we can beat Ginamarie. Andy says we are both on the same page .. we are both going for Judd tomorrow because I don’t want Spencer to break the tie. McCrae says yes 100%. Andy says Judd was tearing up today and telling me I was one of his best friends. Gina joins them. McCrae says that was crazy this morning Judd’s speech. Andy says Judd’s voice was cracking and his hand was shaking. McCrae says I am nostalgic about being here. I am going to miss it. Andy asks what if we got out and found out it was the lowest rated and most hated season. McCrae says I wouldn’t care I will watch it and love it. Andy agrees. They agree it’s been an honor to be here. Andy and McCrae discuss how Judd is a nice guy.


6:40pm – 7:15pm Andy and McCrae continue talking. McCrae comments that he missed Amanda for about a day and then was excited to see his position in the game. Andy, Judd, Ginamarie and McCrae are out on the backyard couch talking about random things. Andy heads inside. Judd heads inside. Gina asks McCrae if Judd apologized to him? McCrae says he just said it was just game and that we would be friends outside of here. Andy, Spencer and Judd come back out to join them. Spencer proposes that they make a big dinner together tonight. The others agree.

7:30pm McCrae heads inside. Judd talks about wanting to ask McCrae for a cigarette but is scared to ask. Judd says I was going to get Andy to ask for me but that’s stupid. McCrae comes back out and after a couple minutes Judd asks him if he can bum a cigarette off him. McCrae says yeah sure. Judd says you sure you don’t care. McCrae says no and gives him one. Andy asks McCrae can I have a few so that I can smoke in front of Judd when he doesn’t have any more. Andy laughs.


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Don't Worry Andy

No one is voting you for America’s Favorite. You are hated by EVERYONE!

Bingo Bob

All us drlvers out here at the truck stop are voting for Andy.

Andy sucks

LMAO!! You are wrong for this one…!!

Andy the deluded

So Rat boy suddenly has a conscience? He wants to tell Judd before the vote because he’s a loyal guy? What about not telling Amanda or Elissa before the vote to evict them? And he’s crying in the DR in his goodbye messages because now he’s at the point of voting out the only people he cares about? Really? Helen wasn’t your friend? Or Amanda? You disgust me you hypocritical little rat turd. I laughed so hard when you whined that GM won’t allow you to be alone with anyone so you can talk game. Now you know what the HGs and viewing audience thought about you all season you rat turd. And you wonder if ratings will be down this season and if the HGs will be hated? You have no idea. Piece of shit asshole.



Anti Bingo Bob

>All us drivers out here at the truck stop are voting for Andy.

Yes, all the truck drivers wearing assless chaps…

Truck Stop Rat

Aint you heard that song TRUCK STOP RAT by Kenny Chesney? It’s about Andy.


So all the racists and bigots are not just in the BB house. I couldn’t care less about Andy’s sexuality. I don’t like his game because he mislead many of the players I was pulling for to win. However, its their fault that Howard, Candice, Jessie, Elissa, and Helen couldn’t detect a lie. They would tell Andy something and it would get back to Amanda, but they never could figure out who was doing the backstabbing. Andy might of been the perpetrator, but placing all their faith in Andy is all on them. Its like they never seen BB before and we find out that is exactly the case.

The same way last season Dan was misleading all the players. Andy is this season. I don’t like his game, but I have to give him his credit. His game got him this far.

andy the racist

It will be funny when all the woman vote for Andy considering how much he hates woman.

andy the racist

Hordes of incomprehensible rat-eaters with a peculiar political philosophy and a dangerous penchant for narcotic drugs. No one can possibly know what dark and grotesque things pass through the minds of this hydraheaded racial anomaly which is, after all, more like a monstrous colony of flesh-crazed carpenter ants than a nation of rational men. Only a fool would deal with two-legged insects ..such as these. Our only hope is that the farsighted leaders of our own land Will join with those of at least nominally Caucasian Soviet Russia and that together they will treat us to the welcome spectacle of a thermonuclear obliteration of this gay menace.


Um…no…actually not EVERYONE does…and who appointed u as the representative of EVERYONE?


Ok, really, Spencer? Mass Suicide? Is that comment even necessary? And if Andy thinks that ANYONE is voting for him for America’s favorite, he is delusional. You have to be kidding me. These so called “men” keep proving my point over and over again that they are absolutely the scum of the earth when it comes to human beings.

House Ghost

There hasn’t been gentleman in the house all season, not one!


I thought Howard came across as a gentleman.


I agree, Dee. Howard was the most gentleman-like of them all.


Hey dude, what about me? I’m like a gentleman for sure,dude. Okay? What? So yeah serious right? Vote for me uh David. Easy, I’m out!


I loved it when he physically removed Candice from her fight in the bedroom by lifting her up and taking her out the door. I can’t imagine him in the house with the dregs of humanity that are left and being subject to the knuckle dragging, mouth breathing lowlife drivel that passes for conversation. He’d probably get my third place vote for favorite because he had some class.


Yeah, especially when he told Candice he couldn’t even kiss her because it made him get hard. Such a gentleman.

Jealous Much

And your point being what? No one said he was a monk.


Aaryn did.


I’ve heard you say much worse. If only we thought about the things we say, before we judge them. Howard is probably better than most of us.

Big Sister

That is one reason why I am encouraging all to vote for him for America’s Favorite–to show that we don’t appreciate the scummy behavior. I would vote for Elissa, but won’t because she doesn’t need the money like Howard does. Still don’t get the positive feelings people have for Judd. Usually I have withdrawal symptoms when BBAD is over, but last night it was so easy to go to sleepand not watch. There is nothing these 5 can do to get me to change my opinion of them. BB15 has been one big disappointment from start to finish.


Its a game…whether or not the need the money shouldn’t even be a part of the equation.


whether or not @they

There were no gentlemen this year

Howard was not a gentleman. He presented himself as a man of God who read his bible and lived that message. Then he swore on it – twice – and lied both times. To say nothing of his sexual talks with Candice. Or the disgusting thing he whispered in Amanda’s ear. (While the exact words are in dispute Howard did admit in an interview after his eviction that that the gist of what Amanda said was correct. He just denies being so graphic). Howard was no gentleman.


Most of them are extremely bad, Howard was a pretty good guy though wasn’t he? I mean no one is perfect but he seemed ok.


That’s my person Howie! He’s a real gentleman, if you know what I mean. Just keep it real!


I’m voting for Howard just because he threw all of that spoiled milk at Aaryn’s face on purpose rather than participate in her yelling match…The remaining HGs are terrible!


Andy really is an awful little man. When he talks I can’t help but be reminded of a rodent.

Did he come into the house with some delusions of grandeur thinking that he was just so uber adorable that he would win the hearts of North America? Wow… I almost pity him for the giant wakeup call he is going to have when he comes out and finds out how despised he is – and that he never EVER had a chance in hell of winning America’s Favorite.

Everytime I hear him babble about winning America’s Favorite I cringe and want to smack him. He’s literally campaigning in front of the viewers and thinks nothing of it?

Stupid little rat. All across the US there will be a giant, echoing “POP” when he finally has his head forcibly removed from his a$$.


And how does he campaign? He trash talks Elissa. Does he seriously think this will endure him to America?


I think he does the whole “Don’t vote for me” thing to save face. He KNOWS he’s not going to get it. That will be his excuse.


True – and then he’ll spin his reality to say it was because of the army being pissed that “He” got Elissa out of the house.

Judd is deluded

Elissa has nothing to do with it. I don’t care who was in the house this season. The reason why Judd would never win America’s favorite is because he is an ignorant, lazy asshole. (And by ignorant I mean STUPID). Plus he’s a shady piece of shit. So don’t kid yourself dud. You weren’t going to be getting any votes anyway. Asshole.


Andy knows he won’t win AF, he has more important things to do like winning big brother. Geez, you have no sense of humour whatsoever.


Omg! You hit the nail on the head with your post, Dee! Lol! It annoys me to the fullest to watch him talk too. There’s no way he’d ever win AF, so no worries!

The main thing that I don’t respect about Andy (and many others this season) is the way he talks SO much trash about Elissa, yet he never had the balls to say those hateful things to her face, when she was in the game. At this point, I’m 250% positive that he’s completely obsessed with her, the same way that GM is obsessed with Nick– only Andy wants to literally BE Elissa, which is why he can’t seem to keep her name out of his mouth. He’s running around trying to play favorites with everyone, yet the jabs he throws are so personal that it’s sickening to watch! Talking game is one thing, but criticizing family members (especially children) is just evil and ruthless!

He should be focusing his energy on figuring out how he’s going to explain his lies to the jury members, seeing as how he’s personally screwed them all over. Can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction! Lol!


Did you read Andy’s HOH Blog? He gives his take on all of the house guests, but when he gets to Elissa he says he is “Obsessed” with her.


I have never in my life heard anyone talk like this group. They are the most disgusting individuals ever. They make me nauseous. I will be happy if they don’t get anymore rewards or gifts. They do not deserve a single thing. I just wish BB15 was over. I no longer watch it on tv, never had the feeds. The things that come out of their mouth show they are like this in real life too. No way can they not be. People do not act like this if they are not like this. I wish they would’t even award the prize money and just give it to charity. Sorry for my venting, I just had to let this out after the last comments about mass suicide and ratboy thinking anyone would want him as America’s Favorite. They are an embarrassment to humanity.
Again, Simon and Dawg Thank You for all the updates. I did donate, you guys deserve it, wish it was more.


I completely agree with you, Sparkles! AMEN


Just because I am so over this season:

Let’s begin a thread of Season’s bests…….I’ll start:

Aaryn: Best Paula Deen Impersonation

Andy: Best performance of an impersonation of Pinocchio except, instead of his nose, his ears grow (I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself)

Amanda: Best performance by Charlie Sheen’s female twin

Judd: Best performance by a cousin of the Duck Dynasty crew

Spencer: Best performance by a future Chris Hanson’s “To Catch a Predator” star

McCrae: Best impersonation of a woman.

Judd's Granny

Best Chicken Thief: Slopballs Best Pimp: Richard


Thanks Granny… It’s nice to be appreciated. I got tickets to the tractor pull on Friday. You interested? You got to drive, I got 5 DUI and got no license.


Most clueless?? Can’t decided between David and Elissa

Amy N

No way, that’s insulting to Duck Dynasty!

Duck Dynasty!

Duck Dynasty has a great crew! Do not belittle them by comparing them to Judd! His remarks, behavior, and overall attitude make him disgusting!




Isnt that Rachael and Elissa new reality show! My bad, that ones called Duck Face Dynasty


I think you’ll be surprised at home many people vote for Andy for America’s favorite.

Most people on this website don’t like Andy, but a big majority of America love big gameplayers and Andy is one of them.

andy the racist

Andy will win America’s favorite because the majority of Americans are racists. That’s why everyone is opposing Obama right now in his decision to attack Syria. They hate that a black man is the President


I disagree. The majority of America are not racist.

The fact that the majority of America voted Mr. Obama into office 2 straight terms proves that. The Syria issue is political, not racial. This isn’t a political message board.

Andy played the house and has a great shot at winning!

This Season Blows

And he’s so cute! xoxoxoxo




He won’t win Big Brother. He is dumbest floater ever.

Shiny Happy People

LOL, he has a 1 in 4 chance of winning. From here on out it’s more or less a crap shoot, but he very well could.

Personally I hope he does. It’s not healthy for people to get so aggressively angry towards a television show. Maybe if he does and you all are forced to deal with the reality of it, you’ll learn how to channel your emotions in a more meaningful way. You know, other than sounding like a bitter broken record on an internet forum.


No he won’t win big brother. He will be evicted.


Baaahlissa! Baaaaahlissa!


Shiny, you say that you hope Andy wins and that “It’s not healthy for people to get so aggressively angry towards a television show.”

I’d say the same but about Andy, it is not healthy for him to get so stressed and be so vile towards a woman that has done nothing to harm him (Elissa). I think some people like you are blind to the situation that has been going on with Andy and the other “men” in the house.


He won’t win!!! He is a biggest floater.


I know there was a lot of racism in the show, and CBS made Aaryn the scapegoat, and gave a free pass to Amanda and will give one to GM.

But CBS will not bring up the women hating vitriol spewed out of the men’s mouths. And women make more than 50% of the earth’s population. It seems we don’t matter to them. I haven’t seen any comments by anyone in CBS about it.

It’s sad to me how the people that only watch the 3 hours of the show on CBS get an edited show with positive spins on bad people, and we the ones who watch live feeds, come here, and watch BBAD see these people for who they really are.

What's the Definition of Delusional?

Oh goody. This poster thinks that Andy winning Big Brother will somehow change hearts and minds all across America and somehow teach us all a lesson. So apparently, here we go again being called somehow flawed because we don’t agree with their assessment of Andy’s floating duck season being so impressive. Somehow for reasons I can’t fathom, you guys just can’t shake the idea that if a person doesn’t want Andy to win that it does not mean they have some kind of character flaw like jealousy or homophobia or whatever label you decide is our “problem.” Maybe, just maybe, a majority of people don’t want Andy to win because they do not respect his game play and level of prowess he has shown on the field of competition during the HOH and POV competitions (not much). Please review the footage of Andy in a tutu spinning around in circles and report back about his stunning abilities. Andy was throwing that POV? ……………. yeah, exactly right. I am supposed to respect that because………??????

The only thing I could learn from Andy winning would be that sometimes the biggest, most deceitful floating duck rat turd in the house with no skills can still rise to the top of the bottom of the heap to claim first place and absolutely nothing more.

Now, about America’s Favorite Player, thanks goes out to Andy for letting me off the hook on that one. I was all lined up with the rest of the country to cast my vote for the lying rat duck floater of the season when he let me off the hook. I am now free to vote for Elissa. Dodged a bullet there. *sarcasm*


The next HOH is going to be huge Cap.

I’m disappointed that they havn’t showed much of the Jury this year. I remember when they would give them a DVD to take back and watch a couple minutes. There have been so many arguments and people hating on each other, it may end up being the moods of the jurors the day they pick the winner.

I do think that nobody will be able to beat Andy though (McCrae would be the closest). I just think the last couple power moves (Amanda, Elissa, now Judd) he’s made is going to wrap it up for him.

Amanda, Elissa, and Judd

You have just listed 3 jury members that will probably NOT vote for Andy. How do you suppose he is going to win without their vote? You think Amanda will give him the money for lying and ruining her game? You think Elissa will give him the money for lying and ruining her game? If he had not turned on Helen to Amanda, Helen thinks she would still be in the house. If he had not turned on Amanda by flipping the house, Amanda thinks she would have been in the house. Elissa, ditto. Andy honors his alliance, and she thinks she’s probably still in the game. You think Judd is going to be all excited about Andy when he compares notes with Helen and Amanda?

I guess you are counting on Andy’s superior athletic skills and puzzle solving prowess to get him to final 2? He went out first on the last POV puzzle.


WHAT !!! Our president is black!!! I truly believe only racist hear what they think are racist remarks. I’ m not saying I like some of the remarks or conversation i hear on the the live feeds, I just consider the sources and move without another thought.


WTF! Our president is black? Or, is it an hawaiian tropic tan?


Where are you getting your information about America’s love of Andy? If you check other boards, the posts are all anti-Andy as well.

Andy vs. Judd FINAL 2!!!

I like Andy!


On Twitter too. “STFU Andy” is trending.


stop the presses everyone! It’s trending on Twitter!

Are you one of those people that also claims it’s not official until it’s, “facebook official?”

Excuse me, I need to take some aspirin. Your comment made me roll my eyes so hard it hurt.


Spencer still doesnt realize that he is VERY expendable on Andy’s list and that him going up for a record 6? times as a pawn was just a way for Andy use him (Spencer) as a decoy. Spencer has always carried a big stick in this game (no pun intended..the guy is gross) and always had a dont F** with me attitude. However the man can’t put his money where his mouth is bc he has no confidence in himself as a social/physical competitor so he would rather ride Andy’s cottails rather than have a the blood of a big kill (Andy) on his hands. Spencer is just a more disgusting version Bacon Adam (season 13) and has no redemable qualities. Players this year a playing out of fear and mentaility of scarcity rather than big moves and gainful opportunities.


You haven’t watched this year. Spencer made a play early and if there is no MVP or if McCrea had come to play rather than get married, the Moving Company would have made a run. After the floaters were gathered by Helen and controlled by Amanda, Spencer was dead. They wanted Jeremy/Howard, then Spencer. Spencer rebuilt his friendship after Andy cried like a broad and used it to get in Amanda’s good graces. Pretending pawns are safe is absurd. Spencer could have easily gone home any of the record number of times he was on the block…but he stayed cool, never freaked out or panicked, never tossed out idle threats. Spencer kept his head and has been competitive in most games ( by the way pretending BB games require skill or somehow mean anything is dumb. Will is the greatest player ever and he never even tried to win any comps other than food or luxury).

If the final 4 is Spencer, Andy , McCrea, and GM, Spencer is more deserving than any of them. Andy floated in his alliance and never made a big move other than float away from Amanda when she was cooked. McCrea just hid under Amanda’s giant fake boobs all summer and decided to be a battered spouse rather than play the game. GM is a floater with a big mouth and is a bigger racist than Aaryn, but BB protected her. Spencer was dead after week 2 and he scrambled and tried his best to save Howard ( who let Candice kill all Spencer’s work ) and when he failed, he found not only a way to survive, but he made Andy his Memphis, letting him be out front scrambling. And thanks to his social game, it looks like everybody wants him in final 3…and he looked dead in the water after the Superfriends truth and reconciliation witch hunt.

Spencer deserves to win more than anybody left in the game.


Spencer wasn’t the backbone of the MCompany-Nick was. He will always be looked at one of the weakest players to the MC bc he was so fast to confess everything to Helen when the MC ship started to sink. He has made no bold moves bc he is doesn’t work out and can’t win any HG comp unless it requires memory/puzzles which aren’t hard to win. The MC boat sank bc of Jeremey’s personality and Spencer would never admit that bc he hates women and would rather have Amanda take the blame for the MC debacle rather take personal accountability. The reason what Spencer has made it through the eliminations is bc ppl look at him as easy person to beat in HOH comp and in front of jury. He knows this and handled it in a smart way so Ill give him that. He has no PERSUASION skills, RAPPORT skills and is very weak HOH competitor. After kissing Helen’s butt he stuck his brown nosing face into Amanda’s butt to stay alive. After bashing women he happily got down on all fours for the women and finally Andy.

Name when you obviously can’t read the writing on the wall- SPENCER, at best, is a very smart pawn but nothing more. If you’re blind Name, then I can send this to in Braille.


You make a compelling argument for spencer to win. (as an aside because of the reasons you mentioned I believe ultimately andy will choose gm to take to the end) I still think andy has played a better game, despite everyone’s emotional take on him. Love him or hate him he has kept tabs on everything and everyone. Nothing happened in that house without andy being aware of it and having some hand in it. He has played, imo, the best social game as well. Remember, there were literally a billion (ok not really) alliances in that house and andy was in them all…save one. One I might add, he played a pretty key role in breaking up. Sure I may not like that type of person in real life, but BB ain’t real life. As you mentioned it is not all about winning competitions. Though andy better win the one to pick who goes to f2 or he gone! Just my opinion based on game play not any personal opinions I may have regarding hg’s.


lol that has to be the best summary I’ve read yet 🙂 great job

Todd Crane

Elissa deserves to win America’s player. I want to see Andy and Spencer’s faces when she wins; it will be wonderful!

Shiny Happy People

Why does Elissa deserve it?

Candice and Howard were subjected to way more hatred from the houseguests.

Helen and Amanda were far better strategists.

Aaryn and McCrae have the best competition record this season.

Answer? She’s Rachel’s sister.

Freaking. Sheep.


Baaahlissa! Baaahlissa!


I think she’s just the most palatable option. Aaryn might have won lots of competitions but she was a fool who allowed herself to be AmanDUH’s puppet and never made her own moves. Helen is my second choice next to Elissa but she did get obnoxiously loud sometimes and a bit too fake when someone we knew she didn’t like won. The thing about Elissa is that she can’t lie to save her life and there is something endearing about that which will appeal to voters.

Shiny Happy People

No offense to you, but if that’s where the majority of America’s head is at, that’s very sad.

1. Lying is necessary in the game of Big Brother. Even Jordan lied to Russell, Natalie, and Kevin toward the end.

2. Elissa did lie, she was just really bad at it.
-she lied about being related to a supermodel early season
-she lied about her contract guaranteeing her 3rd place.
-she lied about production putting her back in the game if she’d been evicted too early (if this isn’t a lie, it’s still morally reprehensible that she’d agree to such terms).
-she lied about not knowing about the plan to evict Judd (and ifs he didn’t who cares-she would have done it because Helen told her to)
-one of the fights between her and Aaryn, she lied to Aaryn’s face, so blatantly that Helen had to call her out on it.

People need to take the blinders off. Some of these players are not the demons they are being made out to be, and none of them are saints.


Baaahlissa! Baaahlissa! Baaahlissa!


But this isn’t about who lied the best or who played the best game – it’s “who is my favorite?”

Whoever runs the best game on their other houseguests will be rewarded with the money at the end. Completely separate issues and reasons for the rewards.

Shiny Happy People

Fair enough, I don’t want you to think I’m attacking your opinion, just trying to understand it. Unfortunately, I still don’t. All I’m really hearing from you and other Elissa fans is, “I’m voting for her because I want to. That’s all.”

I mean, your original argument was that she’s endearing because she doesn’t lie, but I pointed out five times in which she either lied, or did something morally reprehensible.

I’m sorry, I’m not trying to be rude, because I genuinely appreciate your respectful response, but I still believe if Elissa weren’t Rachel’s sister and therefore the “gimmick” of the season, no one would be voting for her over Candice, Howard, Jessie, etc.

In that regard, I dislike Elissa even more, because she went on the show knowing she’d likely win America’s Favorite, knowing she didn’t need the money, and knowing she’d likely beat out someone who did. All because of the legacy her sister built. It’s just wrong.


I’m not an Elissa fan. Her speech mannerisms irritate me – I find grown women trying to sound cute extremely irritating and I’m not a fan of so much work done on such a young face.

I’m trying to understand why she will be voted favorite as well. I personally liked Helen, Candice and Howard the best out of all. But Elissa had a target on her back very early and people like an underdog. And Elissa did suck at lying. I said she couldn’t do it to save her life – not that she didn’t try 😉

Shiny Happy People

I apologize for not reading closer. Good call, she was not a strong liar for sure.

I think you make a valid point, people love an underdog. Ian, Jeff/Jordan, even Gary from BBCanada.

I would still argue that she was only an underdog because of the terrible legacy Rachel left behind-but it is what it is. The house guests should have seen this coming and played a little more subtle in the beginning.

I still sincerely hope that Candice, Howard, or Helen wins over her though, and I’m fairly certain I will cast my vote for one of them.


Baahlissa! Baaahlissa! Baaahlissa! Baaahlissa!!


I think Elissa deserves it because she is the only one that was brave enough to work at breaking the 3AM alliance. Everyone else was afraid to go against Amanda. It would have been smarter for Elissa to put up Amanda and McCrae, but at least she put up Aaryn and McCrae, and when McCrae won POV, she put up Andy (his one and only time and which he forgets about how much he cried the whole week). I think if Elissa had not made that move then Amanda would still be in power and Andy would still be suckling on Amanda. Elissa is also the only one to vote against the house in along time when she voted to keep Helen.

Yes, Elissa locked herself in HOH when Amanda was attacking her, but I think Elissa was more afraid of physical violence from Amanda then of Amanda’s words.

I have to laugh at the Exterminators saying how they are all for themselves at this point but keep voting as one – they cant even live up to their own goals.


It is true that you have to lie in Big Brother just like you do in Survivor, however you do not have to disrespect people the way this group does. I am appalled by this group of young people. Especially the group that is left. I think Big Brother should get tougher rules in place to curb this lack of respect for human beings. You can disagree with each other but the hatred of these people have is unhealthy. Their parents should be so proud. Putting a picture of Elissa in the toilet??? Are you kidding me? How old are you guys? Not one of these disgusting people deserve to win. One of the worst seasons ever! Jeremy, Aaryn, and Kaitlin started the hate patrol. Amanda took it to a new level! GM showed her true colors, and Andy, Spencer, and even Judd have taken up the torch and look to finish in classless style. Disgusted!


Gee….. I thought it was MVP not MPP.


Nah…. The ‘haters’ made us do it!!


Wow. I hate this site. That is not what I tried to do at all…. L8r.


Personally I feel Elissa, Howrd, and Candice were all subject to abuse. However, I would vote for Elissa. Not because she is Rachel sister. She played a Better game and last longer. She also won HOH’s and POV’s. can’t remember but did Howard nd Candice win any? If so it’s not memorable. That’s my reason for Elissa America Choice.


I don’t like elissa but we all knew Americas player was a lock from day one don’t even know why people talk about im sure cbs told her that from day 1 as an incentive


F(*k you, Andy, you lying ginger rat bastard!!! I hope McCrae win HOH, put you and Spencer up, win POV, keep noms the same, and GM vote out Andy!! Be very afraid, Andy…Amanda and Elissa is waiting for your ugly skinny ass!!!!

Just Saying

Apparently Spencer was heard saying: “Alright let me blow my nose and I will go downstairs”, during the HOH lockdown… if that is true there is a possibility he got some bad news regarding his competition chances… fingers crossed!


someone must have misunderstood SPERVERT saying he would blow his nose. When has anyone ever seen SPERVERT blow his nose. He only picks it!!!!!!!!!!


Ok, really Spencer? Mass suicide? Is that comment really necessary? And if Andy thinks that he is getting any votes from America, he is highly disillusioned. These so called “men” continue to prove my point that they are the lowest of scum when it comes to humanity. I have completely stopped watching the feeds after 3 months of devotion, b/c of this ridiculousness and obscenity. However, I do want thank Dawg and Simon once again for all of their wonderful work over the years keeping our BB community informed. It is such a shame that this season is the most disgraceful of them all. HANDS DOWN.


Seriously? Am I being punked here? I don’t believe these people are real. Is the ellisa army just one crazy troll with thousands of pseudonyms/emails? Is the entire content of the site being populated by that Pinocchio troll who likes to talk to himself?


Judd your going home. Andy wants Gm to stay so the rest of the rats just follow!

andy's ears make me vomit

i am ready for survivor.

House Ghost

What happened between Judd and Mcrae,?


I have completely stopped watching the feeds after 3 months of devotion, b/c of this ridiculousness and obscenity. However, I do want thank Dawg and Simon once again for all of their wonderful work over the years keeping our BB community informed. It is such a shame that this season is the most disgraceful of them all. HANDS DOWN.

Season 15

Andy – so you have trouble with GM coming into your conversations? What have you been doing this whole season?? Also, somewhere in your mind you think you’re going to get America’s favorite. No. You. Aren’t.

Andy is just a wanna-be cool kid and is Judd, Spencer & GM.

The sad thing about Andy is that he thinks he’s this major mastermind but he doesn’t need to be so vengeful. Actually, all of them don’t need to be so vengeful. It just shows what is inside themselves (except for McCrae). In fact, after this is done, they’re going to say that they were just playing a strategy and that it was the editing or that the house made them be that way. The reality is … they are innately that way.

jane's here

Okay you guys, keeping GM because she’s all banged up…..Well never underestimate the power of a woman….JUST SAYING!!!!

my head hurts



So I just started watching the feeds, and the black fish were swimming with the white fish, all the fish were getting along with much joy. Then the feeds switch to these people sitting on a couch bashing some girl. WTH, put the fish back on.

Brencher Army Toy

Brendon: Pleaes Rachel- you need to start shaving down there and stop referring it to your as your “red, bigfoot cooter”.

Rachel: Whats wrong with that Brendon? The world loves my cooter. Don’t make me remind me of you all the empty contraception boxes that I left in my Las Vegas Apartment after crazy, tequila-ridden nights of partying with reject celebrities like Coolio.

Elissa: Nothing turns a old rich fart on more than burning rubber!!

(Name: God I wish I could have their autographs if I wasnt so busy defending them on pointless BB threads. )

Dan Gheesling's Bible



Sorry guys, my comments were repeating. I thought they weren’t posting. My apologies.

Season 15

McCrae — huge props for maintaining his cool around such buffoons. Without being HOH, Andy has a major case of HOH-itis. So you’re not going to get mad at McCrae if he doesn’t use the POV on GM??

I’m really impressed that McCrae hasn’t been laughing in their faces. He knows he has to be subtle and not campaign too heavily. Now he’s in a pretty good position. (Just win HOH and put up Andy & Spencer.) He actually might get their votes when he does pull the trigger on Judd/Andy/Spencer. In fact, Mc might take GM to final just for that reason. The boys alliance will prevail on the jury votes. None of those three will want to admit they were beat by GM so they’ll have to give props to Mc.

I wish tho, that McCrae would stop telling people the timing of events and what comps will be played, etc. He’s helping them when he shouldn’t. So called Fans, Andy & Judd, admit they haven’t watched the feeds.

Her dutchness

Mc could intentionally be trying to mislead them … Spouting the wrong dates to certain house activities.

Season 15

I’m so hoping this is the case! I’ve noticed that he does seem to not be practicing with them anymore. 🙂


Judd is going to be blindsided again. McCray and Judd will go down as two of the dumbest men to play BB. Spencer, Andy, McCray Judd, and GM will go down in BB history, as the most vile, foul-mouth, disgusting people to ever play BB. This season will be considered the worst and will probably be the end of BB.
The pathetic part, if you listen to any of their conversations, {which is like getting a root canal} you know not one of them knows how to play the game.. McCray is supposed to be a BB fan, baloney, no fan would make the mistakes he has made, and that goes double for Judd!!


Bun-bye Judd! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!! This is why you’re idiotic self got blindsided in the first place, should’ve just used that veto on elissa when you had the chance 😉


Yea he should of used the veto on someone who voted to keep amanda in the house his #1 target. Good one


blahblahblah I honestly believe that if Andy was straight and looked like Jeremy, instead of gay and looking like Howdy Doody (those of you under 50 may want to google that) people would be calling him one of the best players in BB history. He’s outplayed everyone to get where he is and you people just can’t stand it because Botox O’Reilly got bounced on her yoga-firm tokhes. She didn’t do anything but stand behind Helen and do whatever Helen told her to do. Every game move she got after that came straight from the DR, but she, not being anywhere in her sisters league in brains or social skills couldn’t even survive with productions help and now you’re going to give that loser 25K.

Dan Gheesling's Bible

Yeah Rachaels social skills are one in a million..

Brenchel Army Toy

Has anyone seen the BB youtube shows where ex BB’ers come back on comment on the game weekly? The one with Rachel was gross-she was screaming into the camera, saying nasty things, cutting Brendon off and just being the same old sick bag of shees she’s always been. Man her family must be a trainwreck- were they sexually abused or something>>?? Rachel and Elissa are so gross….


Okay I get it…not a Rachael or Elissa fan…nor am I at all….but really?…… I think your just as gross for making comments about people being sexually abused…sounds like you would fit right in with the rest of the cast, maybe you should try out next year? Classy……

....what's cooking

Most people are not that shallow thinking – but apparently you are. Looks have nothing to do with not liking Andy – it’s his obnoxious, mean-spirited personality that is a turn off.


Howdy Doody! That’s awesome. I knew he reminded me of some older character, but thats it! He totally does!


Actually part of the reason I have not been able to stand Andy is how he always ran back to AmanDUH to tell her every detail of his conversations with other house guests.

But the BIGGEST reason is his constant, constant babbling about being voted America’s Favorite. That drives me nuts.

Col. Reb

Could Andy BE any more dramatic… how many times has he said he’s gonna kill himself if (insert event) happens… now he’s gonna lose his shit???

Should he make it to final 2 I hope they grill his boney ass and make him cry!

Raid bug spray



They are all in for a rude awakening when they get out. None of them are well liked!


AWEEEE Andy wants to be alone with Spencer and GM keeps getting in the way, what a whiny little rat baby!!!!


Wait why is Andy telling Judd that MC is voting him out? Did MC say that? Why is Andy lying ? Well if Judd gets voted out he’ll be more mad at Andy and Spencer for lying to him.


Andy says “If GM walks out here, I am going to lose my shit, because I can not get a minute alone with you.” I will ignore the lose my shit, comment because that is too easy. Andy is upset because people are walking in on his conversations. Here is a guy who spent 9 weeks walking in on conversations, and now he thinks that is an impolite thing to do. You would think and alleged college professor could see the irony in that statement.


Seriously! Hahaha Everytime Andy would walk in “what are you guys talking about” Everytime someone walked away “where are you going” everytime someone was with someone else..”what were they telling you”

Never ending questions with Andy, if I was in that house I would pick up on that behavior. As well as following him around.


LMFAO!!!! Fuck the Brenchel Army!!! The Should all commit a mass suicide!!! -Spencer


Sad part is, some of them might actually do it one day to prove their allegiance to Boy George and Joker Face.


It’s so funny because it’s true! How big of a loser do you have to be to be in the Brenchel Army???

Sewer Rat

Andy,s so fake with his emotions…acting all butt hurt about his goodbye messages. It’s all bulls!!t like his whole game has been. He’s a vile disgusting Sewer Rat.

Andy isn't going to win America's Player...

LOL, he might be a rat, but he’s about to be a very rich one after he wins this game!

Warehouse Rat

You can have him, Sewer Rat.


i think mccrae has actually play a good game thus far he stuck with amanda knowing she would do all the dirty work so people were always targeting her,and you can tell mccrae has thrown 1 or 2 comps to not have any people thinking he is a strong player,and when he was for sure going home if he didnt win pov or hoh he has step up and won it , i think out of these 5 mccrae deserves to win it the most and mccrae doesnt trash talk as much as spencer ,andy,and judd all he those is says ya yup when he listens to them talk trash about other house guests


I could not have said it better! McCrae has been one of the very few to say anything about the racist talk, etc. He’s proving that he doesn’t need Amanda (whom I believe he’ll dump) and can win when he needs too. It’s unfortunate that people decide whether he is “worthy” based on how many showers he’s taken. He’s a 24 yr old kid…my brothers room smelled (as did he) until he got married! Don’t decide who you want to win based on that or them not doing what YOU think they should. We don’t live in that cage for 24/7 with no way to get away from the dingbats!! IMO, he’s played a great game 🙂

Sewer Rat

Ahahahaaaaa Spencer says GM doesn’t realize what she says are racial slurs….ahahaaaaaa What a jackass fool! hey Spencer! You’re just as bad even worse with your Child Pronography….a Pediphile hiding in BB house. Just wait till he sees what’s waiting for him outside the house. Lawyer up Spencer!

Dan Gheesling's Bible

Minimum Requirements to be in Brencher Army:

-5 PLUS yrs of therapy (Elissa) OR in complete denial about problems (Rachel)
-Big stinker personality everywhere you go-ppl dont just dislike you but they abhor you
-Marry/date ppl like Bredon who are just as mentally daunted as you are
-Dysfunctional in most areas of life but good at at getting on reality TV shows
-Plastic surgery (atleast a few thousand min)
-Have annyoing ways of communicating-1)loud and obnoxious or 2) slow w/out making any sense
-Severely socially handicapped

Andy isn't going to win America's Player...

Because he’s going to win half a million dollars.



I bet you dollars to donuts that Andy wins HOH, that’s about the way the whole season has gone, That kid is in for a rude awaking, when he leaves that house, he is so hated by all! and Spencer is just trash!! for him to say something about suicide like that is just wrong, and GM as far as I’m concerned doesn’t deserve shit! I say drop that crazy ass bitch! racist, bigot, off in South Central LA and let her find her way home, she is a hateful person! as for the other two McCrea and Judd, they aren’t much better, but they are a better choice that the latter! I can’t even bring myself to say Good Luck to anyone of them! So I won’t!


Who even cares who wins at this point? WORST BB SEASON EVER!

And btw, I freaking can’t stand RAT Andy and the fact that these people are SO stupid to buy his lies! I’d say Ginger Rat deserves to win because of his game play but he’s too much of a weasel to deserve it – plus I’d throw up in my mouth if I did utter those words!


Andy is no Gary

I feel like after Gary’s success on BBCAN Andy thinks that North America will love him. He is wrong. Gary Glitter was a great competitor who stood up against the bullies in the house, and for the most part kept it classy. Andy has all but encouraged all the bullying in this house! I hate that Andy just assumes that everyone loves him. Just get evicted already!


For Andy to think that he’s America’s Favorite is a big fat joke!! I SOOOOO wish I could see the look on his face (and all the other rude, vile, disgusting, racist, sorry-excuse-for-human) houseguests when they see the truth about each other AND what we really think of them! Like the fact that America put up Amanda over and over and how vile Spencer is and how dirty gross McCrap is and what a rat weasel Andy is. Professor my ass!!
Ugh! This is the first year I’ve ever actually been totally disgusted with the whole season! It can’t end soon enough.

Judd's Mouth Full of Marbles

Hope Julie Chen has an honorary rat tail for Alfred E. Neumann aka Professor Andy come finale night…….hope the federal marshal has handcuffs for Spencer….hope Ding Dong Marie is served a restraining order….hope Judd says a coherent sentence..


I have stopped watching – these slime balls are disgusting. If SlimeAndyslime wins I think I wl nt wtc bb ever again. The others rl. Slime too (Judd surprised me so) I say give it to GM only be s she is the closest thing to a girl in there. SlimeAndy what can of worms (sorry worms) did he crawl out of. Yuck , yuck and yuck.


Why is Andy lying – he has done nothing else the shit bucket.

Andy vs. Judd FINAL 2!!!

The Andy hate didn’t really get going until Amanda and Elissa left. It’s not hard to figure out why.

Bitter viewers that live vicariously through a game show. Sad.

The Cheese

Andy scares me.


People have been hating andy for a lot longer than just those 2 leaving, just go back and read the comments all summer to see.


Yeah, and I was one of them, until I saw how good Andy is at this game.

I think the above poster’s point is that the hateful, despicable comments about andy’s orientation and the like, didn’t start until Andy got out everyone else’s favorite players. That is very true.

Long Timer

Welcome Nick, Guess you’re new to this site.


Been here since BB11, but thanks for the warm greeting. 😉

Tune in

Nope – Andy’s been on the sh.. list for a long time. And rightfully so.

Sorry, not sorry.

Have to disagree with you – the Andy hate has been going on for quite some time. There was even a drinking game/joke every time he walked into a room, and that was way back before Judd left the first time. But with Helen and Amanda still in the house, the hate comments for them rose above the Andy ones. Now that they’re gone, the focus is more on Andy, simply because he’s one of the last ones left to talk about.

I never hated Elissa but I could honestly care less that she’s gone. I hated Amanda with a passion, but I also hate Andy and it’s not based on either of those other two people or the fact they’re gone. It’s based entirely on Andy as a person and player. If/when he leaves, I will rejoice in the fact he’s gone, but then turn my focus on the others left. My hate for them will not have changed either, but the their names will come up more because Andy would be gone.

And unlike these worthless house guests, I don’t need to sit around and bash players that are no longer in the house anymore.


If anyone wins America’s Favorite, it’s obviously going to be someone that didn’t deserve it like Elissa, who didn’t so shit all season but whine threaten to walk if she didn’t get her way, get favors from production like a “comforter as a Have Not”, and a twist designed for her, as well as get a bigger stipend becasue she’s Rachel’s sister, ect, put people down saying she’s better than everyone, and of course follow orders from McCranda, Helen or Production, I don’t have to lie, the facts are there.

McCranda controlled the game with the help of Andy and Helen, so if Andy,Amanda,McCrae, or Helen don’t win, it will be a clear robbery.

And I don’t like either of them, but I’m not going to be blind to think they didn’t impact the game better than every other HGs.


So true. Wish I could thumb this up 100 times.


I expected Brenchel Drones to downvote, most delusional fans in the history of BB, in there minds Rachel and Elissa could do no wrong. Video evidence, just doesn’t apply to them.


Only people worse are the cat ladies that handed Jeff America’s Player -twice- refusing to believe he was a hot-headed and abusive homophobe.


Too factual. That douche bag wasn’t even a good player..


I was just reminded SlimeAndyslime always says he is going to kill himself, I WISH HE WLD.


I think the feeds may be cut for a while sometime early tomorrow and not come back until after Thursday’s show — unless Wednesday is live — Doubt that.

I’m not sure when and how much, but I think our feeds are about to be cut off for an extended period of time just like every year close to the end of the season.

Hope not though.


So, if the plan is for Andy and McCrea to vote out Judd, I would love to see McCrea vote for GM and frame Andy for it. It would be so poetic.

It would be also be pretty hilarious to see Andy flip out as the framee.

Not saying I think this would happen, just would be great if it did. 🙂

To Catch a Rat

That’s what’s going to happen – MC is setting Andy up.


Yup I think that is exactly what will happen. What would be sweeter is if McCrea pulls an Andy and blames him for the ties as Andy did in the Amanda eviction. Sweet karma!!


Yup, Flip flop Andy does want you Spencer that is until tmw when someone else wins HOH then he will just the lines to someone else “trust you more, I’ve always sided with you, final two we can do this” hahaha his brown nosing is just so hilarious.

Judd you poor fool, if you woulda saved Elissa she woulda worked with you and Macrae. You guys would be having Andy, spencer, and GM shaking. You get what you deserve for trusting the same people that lied to your face the first time around.

Jessie was so right this house was so scared of playing the game. They try to blindside every single eviction, instead of being up front! Of course I realized they did this because they are cowards and are scared the people on the block can actually play the game, and turn some votes around. That’s what made this season so boring…the unanimous voting.


McCrae should vote out GinaMarie regardless of who he actually wants out. It’ll be a tie and McCrae can guarantee Judd’s jury vote when Spencer votes to evict him, knowing that he’s attached to Andy. McCrae really has nothing to lose and he probably doesn’t believe their final 3 proposal anyway.


we think Andy has a crush on Spencer.

Judd's Granny

You got that one backwards, Jennie.


Andy is good at playing Big Brother, for one reason.
He can back stab, lie to your face, make an alliance of convenience and still be seen as a Non-Threat.

Shiny Happy People

Depending on how you meant to punctuate that sentence, that’s actually 3 or 4 things.


Baaaahlissa! Baaaahlissa!


Mc is visiting San Francisco, and walks into a small store in Chinatown.

Mc notices a small bronze statue of a rat like creature that looks like Andy

Mc asks the owner “how much”, and the owner replies “$50 for the bronze rat Andy, and $1000 for the story behind it.”

Mc says, “forget the story”, and buys the rat Andy.

As he’s walking down the street he notices two live rats following him. As he continues to walk, more rats start following him.

Mc starts to get a little concerned, and heads for the waterfront. By the time he gets there there are thousands and thousands of rats following him.

Mc walks up to the end of the pier and throws the bronze rat Andy into the bay, and the rats all follow and leap off of the pier and drown.

Mc rushes back to the store and walks in. The owner says, “Ah!, so your back for the story”.

Mc says, “No, I was wondering if you have any bronze liberals?”


naughty naughty naughty
Lurker001’s post is bad!!!!!

Shiny Happy People

Why do people come to a Big Brother page to discuss political ideology?

It just shows how bitter you are towards your government, if not in general, that you can’t release those comments in an appropriate venue.


Baaahlissa! Baaaahlissa!


if GM was smart she make a final 2 deal with mccrae and tell him all about the exterminators ,cause she already know andy and spencer wont take her to final 2,so the only way of getting to the finals is teaming up with mccrae and surely mccrae and GM can win a comp over spencer and andy any day off the weak but that would require to much thinking for GM so probably not gonna happen